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Check out this incredible video from the MouseWait LoungeCast Team featuring interviews from the Red Carpet. Thanks to RickChavez and Miss-E-Mouse for doing a phenomenal job on the Red Carpet Press Line -- and thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to our extensive coverage on Saturday, you did a great job!
I also loved how @RickChavez called out "Johnny" and Knoxville didn't even think of looking since Depp was on the red carpet - Admin   6-24-13 1:33PM Like(2)  Reply
That was my favorite part of the whole video! XD - TheNewTrent  748.0 #219 6-24-13 1:47PM
He wouldn't turn so I had to yell Knoxville lol - RickChavez  3321.1 #33 6-24-13 5:58PM
Better than calling him by the show he used to work on. - starwarsmamma  561.6 #321 6-25-13 9:38AM
Don't forget to subscribe to the LoungeCast via iTunes here - the next episode will probably have a lot of cool info about the red carpet - Admin   6-24-13 1:55PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you admin for the opportunity to represent MW on the red carpet. It was a blast! 😁 - I_AM_CROWD_LADY   1421.6 #99 6-24-13 2:21PM Like(2)  Reply
The only person I would call Cal is Cal Worthington and his dog spot. One of baseballs greatest players of all time should be addressed as Mr Ripken.... - Dave   12163.2 #2 6-25-13 4:04PM Like(1)  Reply
Go see Cal, Go see Cal, Go see Cal! - pinkmonkeys  523.3 #352 6-25-13 7:36PM
They did such a great job!! Love it!! 😊👍 - MrsPrinceCharming   6-24-13 1:00PM Like  Reply
You guys did a great job on the interviews! - Admin   6-24-13 1:03PM Like  Reply
Awesome job Rick and Erika!!! I'm sooo glad you put the part when Armie can't figure out how to say Mousewaiters!!!! 😂😂😂 I don't remember you filming us?!! 😳 Such a great day!!!! - caramiapoohAKAface   3460.4 #32 6-24-13 1:08PM Like  Reply
Thanks! You signed the realease form, remember?!😜😁 - I_AM_CROWD_LADY  1421.6 #99 6-24-13 2:07PM
@Miss-E-Mouse talks like a pro on camera! - Admin   6-24-13 1:16PM Like  Reply
Ok, this was AMAZING!!!! You both did an incredible job. Loved Armie's blooper. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID   1035.4 #153 6-24-13 1:25PM Like  Reply
I love his laugh! 😍😍 - I_AM_CROWD_LADY  1421.6 #99 6-24-13 2:05PM
This was awesome! Great Job! - kellyhansen78   142.1 #2730 6-24-13 1:27PM Like  Reply
Awesome video! Great job! China likes turkey legs - who knew?... and I called it before Jason Earles answered what his fave Disney movie is.... as my mama would say about celebrities: ' they're just like us, they put their pants on one leg at a time'. - HalfCaff   425.5 #458 6-24-13 2:06PM Like  Reply
And also don't forget to follow the LoungeCast team on twitter, and like our page on Facebook: @MWLoungeCast. 😁👍 - MEHlanie_Mouse   1114.5 #137 6-24-13 2:17PM Like  Reply
Looks like you all had so much fun!! Great job Miss-E-Mouse and @RickChavez! (Mouse-Maters lol) - aprilinjune4   483.6 #390 6-24-13 2:26PM Like  Reply
Brilliant! I loved watching this. You two did an awesome job, as well as the rest of the podcast. Way to represent MouseWait true Disney style! I wonder if any of these celebs went home to check out MouseWait 😜 Thanks podcast! - mini_MINNIE   1022.6 #158 6-24-13 3:03PM Like  Reply
I loved how this came out. Great job Erika and Rick! - BaseballMickey_CM   6658.2 #11 6-24-13 3:57PM Like  Reply
Miss-E-Mouse and Rick Chavez you guys were so awesome! I enjoyed all of the interviews. Hope to see you guys report again in future red carpet events. Oh and Armie with his MW blooper and all still looked Gorgeous! - Witchie77   319.6 #725 6-24-13 4:01PM Like  Reply
I smiled the whole time watching this! You did a GREAT job...didn't seem nervous at all! Loved it 😍 - a fellow MouseMater 😂 - Darlingwendi   936.2 #170 6-24-13 4:04PM Like  Reply
😍 Whoa! I'm ridiculously impressed! You both did so well! Love that you asked the stars about attractions, snacks and princesses! Stuff I actually can relate to! Awesome! Nice job and THANKS! - Duchess_SMK   5831.9 #14 6-24-13 4:13PM Like  Reply
Rick: "What's your favorite attraction?" Cal: "Rides?" 😂😂😂 I think the rest of the world says rides. And I loved how you asked everyone the typical MW questions. Haha. Great job getting everyone over for shoutouts! 😃👍 - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4142.7 #24 6-24-13 4:15PM Like  Reply
This is awesome! I love how all the questions are Disneyland related (instead of movie related lol) - Jenniferr   506.7 #369 6-24-13 5:12PM Like  Reply
Thanks Admin for allowing me to cover the event for MouseWait. It was so much fun. I have been editing picture and will have a link up sometime tomorrow to view the pictures. Great job on editing the video Miss-E-Mouse! - RickChavez   3321.1 #33 6-24-13 5:57PM Like  Reply
Best part was asking Cal Ripken if he's excited for the little mermaid coming out on blue ray 😂😂😂 - Dave   12163.2 #2 6-24-13 5:59PM Like  Reply
😂😂😂 - Gia  802.0 #200 6-26-13 10:29AM
Excellent coverage, interview questions and wrangling of celebs. - Westcoast   128.0 #2943 6-24-13 6:22PM Like  Reply
So proud of you guys, what an awesome job you did representing MW! Made me smile the whole video, loved it! :) - piratelife4me   908.2 #177 6-24-13 6:28PM Like  Reply
Great jobs guys - Bambi.   604.3 #294 6-24-13 6:30PM Like  Reply
Lots of "Mousematers" love some "Flume action". - LittleAprilShowers   559.5 #322 6-24-13 6:45PM Like  Reply
You guys are amazing!!! Thanks for the live coverage! - annamichelle   234.5 #1445 6-24-13 6:53PM Like  Reply
THAT was awesome! Bravo and nice job, you two!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4972.7 #18 6-24-13 7:04PM Like  Reply
very cool video thank you! - Plumiegirl   8427.5 #3 6-24-13 8:21PM Like  Reply
You both did an incredible job! Thank you for sharing this event with us. - LaPearleNoir   1357.8 #106 6-24-13 8:27PM Like  Reply
That was awesome, great job and thanks!!! 😊😊 - MinnieMousewife   807.4 #199 6-24-13 9:48PM Like  Reply
You guys were amazing! Thank you so much for doing this for us Admin! I love the bloopers! - MrsSchnooks   2981.7 #38 6-24-13 10:01PM Like  Reply
Thanks to everyone that posted live pics! It was lots of fun for is too because of you!!! - adisneyfamily   838.5 #191 6-24-13 11:01PM Like  Reply
Very cool! That was great :) - misseeyore   538.0 #337 6-24-13 11:19PM Like  Reply
Great job you guys! it's so awesome to see MW growing and being able to be a part of a red carpet event. Also giving you guys to do something you guys would have not imagine a few years ago keep up the good work! - LoneRAYnger   4243.4 #23 6-25-13 1:22AM Like  Reply
Very nice - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4972.7 #18 6-25-13 9:50AM
Awesome job guys! The video came out great and you did such a good job quizzing the celebrities. And I LOVE Armie's shout out, especially the bloopers. lol - LBChica   2052.8 #62 6-25-13 9:53AM Like  Reply
You guys rock! This is so great..thank you!!👍👏👊 - FrankenweenieVelinee   1671.7 #83 6-25-13 9:12PM Like  Reply
That was awesome! - ScubaSteve028   835.7 #192 6-26-13 1:11AM Like  Reply
awesome job!!!! - Hendizl   2553.4 #44 6-26-13 6:30AM Like  Reply
Awesome!!! Thank-you for bringing this to all of us, great job! - adisneyfamily   838.5 #191 6-26-13 8:18AM Like  Reply
This is a great video. You all did amazing. - DizPrincess_Sam   307.9 #786 6-26-13 10:08AM Like  Reply
Great video! What a fun experience, thanks for sharing! - Mommadisneyfan   38.8 #4862 6-26-13 2:30PM Like  Reply
Great video, thanks! - jacdanfan   8043.0 #4 6-27-13 5:11AM Like  Reply
That was great - oreolovebug   14.9 #7652 10-29-13 10:18PM Like  Reply