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550.2 #445 DL Qual #243 8-4-13 3:22PM
My mini is 15 months and we will be at DLR this week. I'm a little nervous on how he will react on the rides I don't want to ruin anyone else's time. I'm taking him on dumbo and peter pans but my husband wants to also do PoTC an Haunted Mansion. Has anyone ever taken such a young one on these rides? These rides are kind of long too. How did they react?
My oldest loved POTC when she was that age (and still does), however, she has never been on HM when it's not housing Jack Skellington. I don't know how she would react to normal HM. You know your child best: if you think your mini can handle it, I say go for it. If not, try again another time. 😊 - preggoprincess   238.3 #1649 8-4-13 3:28PM Like  Reply
Thank you for your response. I will do the same so hubby doesn't think he can't make any decisions. PoTC but no Haunted Mansion. I think if it was the Halloween I would take him. - sultan  550.2 #445 8-4-13 3:31PM
Oh, LilPrincess ❀❀❀it when it's Nightmare Before Christmased out, but I'm pretty sure regular HM would scare the bejesus out of her!πŸ™€ - preggoprincess  238.3 #1649 8-4-13 3:35PM
Play it by ear, plenty to do with 15 month baby. Alice, Pinocchio, buzz, small world are good as well. Oh and pooh. - dizneedude   1889.9 #108 8-4-13 3:29PM Like  Reply
Thanks! - sultan  550.2 #445 8-4-13 3:37PM
I say go for the HM. Snow White is scarier to me. lol Snow White is just much louder and in your face creepy. He might like all the sights of HM. But, then again, I don't have kids. ::shrugs:: - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 8-4-13 3:39PM Like  Reply
I vote Heimlich! One of my favorites and I'm 45! - Cinderella_Schnooks   3511.8 #53 8-4-13 3:41PM Like  Reply
15 months should be young enough not to be scared of HM Or POTC. Both of ours were just a couple months older than that when they went first time, and we have always all done all rides together, no problem. But if your child startles easily, then it might not be for him. Try it once. The boat ride and music and lights will probably delight him. Small World is another great ride for little ones. Lots for them to look at. Maybe Try that one first. And all the Fantasyland stuff. - MacaronMerida   4743.8 #39 8-4-13 3:43PM Like  Reply
Thanks for everyone's help!! - sultan   550.2 #445 8-4-13 3:45PM Like  Reply
Just don't force them to go. Yesterday I saw a child screaming not to go and his parents forced him. Not good. - JimmythePooh   444.9 #585 8-4-13 3:47PM Like  Reply
I am not a fan of that either! - MacaronMerida  4743.8 #39 8-4-13 3:57PM
That's not cool! Poor kiddo! 😬 - preggoprincess  238.3 #1649 8-4-13 4:01PM
We just had 8 mos old there rode a lot if rides with no crying, he is the best baby in the world - jabs   317.9 #941 8-4-13 4:05PM Like  Reply
Lucky you. Our mini is pretty good but I'm just a little nervous for him. - sultan  550.2 #445 8-4-13 5:43PM
Started my oldest out at 10 months..... It was great but his favorite thing was to hang in his tricked out stroller in New Orleans square and watch the Jazz musicians!! Lol. - selah   3.1 #40251 8-4-13 4:20PM Like  Reply
You never n ow if you don't try them all. We take our kids on every ride each time we go. Brody was never scared on any of them, starting at 3 months old. Brooklyn has acted scared but has never cried. I take her on HM and PoTC so that way she is used to it for each time we go. (About every couple months). If they cry, oh well. It's not like no one head ever heard a baby cry, let alone been in a ride and someone uses their camera flash... Or is making out in front of everyone... Or video taping... At least they can control themselves where your little one can't :) that's how I look at it :) have fun! - brodysmommy   476.7 #531 8-4-13 4:25PM Like  Reply
when i went in april my son was 15 months and we took him on everything we were allowed to. he was even tall enough for autopia. he loved everything. even the teacups - rachelelizabeth   189.5 #2299 8-4-13 4:40PM Like  Reply
My nephew just turned 1 year. I take him on monsters inc he loves the colors and he loves watching the racers pass by in Carlsland he also like dancing to djs music - Hendizl   2956.8 #60 8-4-13 4:43PM Like  Reply
At 15 months ours went on anything he could. Didn't know enough to be scared. I would start with HM. You can ride the elevator back up. If he does ok on that, then try POTC. If not, skip Potc. - DLKenCA   3768.2 #50 8-4-13 5:45PM Like  Reply
πŸ‘† This! I noticed that real young ones tend to just kind of sit there not really caring too much about what's going on with those rides. I notice that IF kids get scared, it's later than 15 months... More like 3 years old when they are more in tune with it all. - missmimi90  2086.8 #96 8-4-13 5:55PM
You can also do rider switch passes if one of you wants to go and then switch without having to wait in line. Works very well on the 40" rides. **Find the Baby Care Centers in either park. They are lifesavers at that age. - DLKenCA   3768.2 #50 8-5-13 12:30AM Like  Reply
I took my then three month old on POtC, Mansion, and Jungle and she loved them! Baby care center on Main Street and next to Ghirardellis are helpful. Make sure to find some quiet places for them to unwind and get away from the stimulation of noises and crowds! - IDVandalSkipperCM   2753.8 #64 8-5-13 1:41AM Like  Reply
I took my twinsies on both POTC and HM from the time they were 10 months old. Your 15 month old should do just fine! - NellTinkerBell   322.8 #913 8-5-13 1:43AM Like  Reply