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3848.4 #32 DL Qual #23 9-24-13 9:14AM
#NEWS Beginning October 3rd, you can make reservations for the Disneyland Resort (including DTD and the hotels) online! If you make a reservation, you will have to supply a credit card number. If you don't cancel the day before, a $10 fee will be charged. Here is the link for the reservations
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took them long enough. WDW has had this for a LONG TIME - Dave   13213.5 #2 9-24-13 10:31AM Like(4)  Reply
I'm really surprised they did the emails first... Kinda seems like a waste of time. But at least they're catching up finally - SPandEvLover  3848.4 #32 9-24-13 11:08AM
I thought WDW did too but I made reservations for this week and next week online and they didn't ask me for a credit card to book.  - Seebritatdland  268.6 #1124 9-24-13 11:32AM
They do ask for Credit Cards for a few of the finer dining places like CA Grill, Citricos, Jiko, and others at the resort so if you dont show up and cancel they charge you 20 buicks - Dave   13213.5 #2 9-24-13 11:53AM
20 buicks?!? That's kinda steep 🚙🚘🚗🚕😂😂😂 - SPandEvLover  3848.4 #32 9-24-13 11:57AM
well if you don't have the decency to call and say your late or you cant make it and flake out on your reservation I think its fair since they are holding a spot for you at a fine dining establishment that usually has  waiting list of people who want to get in and it screws things up so its a way for them to encourage people to be courteous or pay - Dave   13213.5 #2 9-24-13 3:29PM
Omg SPE 😂😂😂 I agree, 20 Buicks is a very costly amount! Dave, 20 bucks isn't bad for what you said. 😉 - BriHizzle  374.8 #571 9-24-13 3:43PM
Yeah... I get the $20, Dave. I was attempting to be funny lol - SPandEvLover  3848.4 #32 9-24-13 4:19PM
well the entrees at those places run from anywhere starting at 38 to 65 a plate so the 20 dollars is still much less than you'd pay for dinner - Dave   13213.5 #2 9-24-13 4:21PM
In the nicer restaurants, if you make a reservation, they hold the table, meaning the server cannot make income off that table, the steward, the busboy, everyone, so maybe the $20 will remind people to not flake out.  I wonder how late they will hold a table though, I have seen people be an hour late and demand to be seated.  I hope this helps the employees out too. - secretagentangel  2196.6 #64 9-24-13 4:27PM
Hahaha, beautifully done with the joke SP ^_^ I see what you did there! - KylaShea  632.7 #298 9-27-13 10:14AM
They'd better make it real simple to cancel, then!  Hopefully done online, as well.  - MeridaFan   3585.2 #37 9-25-13 7:45AM Like(1)  Reply
I think I know that couple. - donnievegas   1132.6 #149 9-27-13 12:41AM Like(1)  Reply
They are both leftys - E-Ticket  1397.8 #110 9-27-13 4:06AM
It kinda looks like they are pasted over another picture - E-Ticket  1397.8 #110 9-27-13 4:08AM
Original article: - SPandEvLover   3848.4 #32 9-24-13 9:15AM Like  Reply
Great minds think alike! I'll delete mine!  - ythdudette   1297.6 #121 9-24-13 9:18AM Like  Reply
Awesome!!! No more calling last minute at the parks for me 😊😊  - chhunkie   307.4 #822 9-24-13 9:26AM Like  Reply
Yay for online!! - MEHlanie_Mouse   1116.0 #151 9-24-13 9:33AM Like  Reply
I was really happy to see this come across my FB feed this morning. Though using the email has been great!  - ythdudette   1297.6 #121 9-24-13 9:38AM Like  Reply
Nice! - SJCSharkie   315.5 #775 9-24-13 11:31AM Like  Reply
Thanks for the info!  - mrandmrstooooodles   37.8 #5094 9-24-13 11:59AM Like  Reply
Oh that reminds me that I still have to make reservations for Blue Bayou for my trip! Thanks for the new info :) - leftmyheartinwonderland   359.9 #606 9-24-13 12:43PM Like  Reply
Finally ;) - ShariRenee   6394.4 #15 9-24-13 12:53PM Like  Reply
It's about time !!!!  I love this. - Ilovedvc   42.0 #4882 9-24-13 2:58PM Like  Reply
This makes me excited!!!!!!!!! Good work DLR... Good work.  - EpicDio   460.2 #444 9-24-13 4:55PM Like  Reply
Awesome! This makes thing' so much easier. - Bibba   409.4 #514 9-24-13 10:55PM Like  Reply
This looks like an ad for Morongo Casino. LMBO Thanks for the info! - MrsSchnooks   3229.7 #40 9-25-13 12:56AM Like  Reply
Lol, totally does!😂 - Nala  375.5 #570 9-25-13 8:42AM
😂 - missariel33  2113.8 #66 9-25-13 10:36PM
😂😂🎲🃏💸 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1206.9 #135 9-25-13 10:44PM
What?  I thought they had been doing this for years, lol 😂 - Spoonful_O_Sugar   601.0 #319 9-25-13 8:34PM Like  Reply
I had always done mine by email because I don't like talking to people. - Lelundrial  581.8 #328 9-26-13 12:47PM
I believe I heard that If you didn't cancel it was 10 per person in the reservation party , not 10 for reservation. So if you don't cancel for a party of six its 60 dollars not 10 :( - Javee714   7.9 #12023 9-27-13 10:25AM Like  Reply