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356.5 #597 DL Qual #4740 9-8-10 8:35PM
I need help! I've been invited to a leadership conference through our union, I've heard that it's lots of fun! It's going to be in my hometown of Oxnard, all expenses will be paid, hotel it is by the beach! Now here's my problem: IT'S THE SAME WEEKEND OF MW BIRTHDAY!!! What do I do?!?!
I don't see the problem??? - Dreamseeker   527.3 #350 9-8-10 8:36PM Like  Reply
hello??? what Dream said! - toph   2416.6 #46 9-8-10 8:36PM Like  Reply
see ya later Oxnard - Gadgetman   288.9 #900 9-8-10 8:37PM Like  Reply
hey hey too - toph   2416.6 #46 9-8-10 8:38PM Like  Reply
I mean hello - Oxnard is the wrong direction!! - Dreamseeker   527.3 #350 9-8-10 8:39PM Like  Reply
I lived in Ventura and it only took me an hour 15 minutes (with no traffic) to get to DL. - RadioMaverick   1065.2 #148 9-8-10 8:39PM Like  Reply
Oh Mav - how things have changed since you left!!! Unless you made your commute at 2am! - Dreamseeker   527.3 #350 9-8-10 8:40PM Like  Reply
Can you just go to the conference for one day and night on Sat. and then go to the meetup on Sun? - MimiMouse   1046.6 #154 9-8-10 8:41PM Like  Reply
This is true. I remember one day it took me 6 hours. I was not happy that day. - RadioMaverick   1065.2 #148 9-8-10 8:43PM Like  Reply
@ Mimi, I already asked and I have to stay the night, even if I went afterwards, I wouldn't get to DL until 4 or 5! I guess I can go to next years conference!  Thanks, everyone, I knew I made the right decision! See you guys on the 17! - Momof4disneyfans   356.5 #597 9-8-10 8:45PM Like  Reply
I told her to forget about it, but she won't listen! Is it the beach or the Mouse. - Mickeyfan4life   1244.5 #117 9-8-10 8:47PM Like  Reply
Did you really think we would steer you wrong?? - Dreamseeker   527.3 #350 9-8-10 8:54PM Like  Reply
WWWS? - toph   2416.6 #46 9-8-10 8:54PM Like  Reply
Show your leadership skills by staying at the beach side accommodations AND going the the MW birthday party! - CantWait   1110.5 #140 9-8-10 8:58PM Like  Reply
Radiomav I wish it took me only an 1:15. It's about 2hrs for me these days. Oh and I say see you later Oxnard - but yeah I have a biased since I live out this way these days. - Smart.tea   205.4 #1835 9-8-10 9:15PM Like  Reply