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MouseWait's 5th Reunion RAFFLE info! Our Raffle is always a big hit because of the incredible generosity of MouseWaiters who donate to it. If you were at the Reunion, and last year's Birthday Bash, you know what I'm   More...
Even if you aren't able to make it,  your donations are appreciated,  to run mw on multiple platforms including apple and android is a lot , plus all the stitckers , upgrades and lifelong friendships are worth every penny if not priceless.  I will be sending something soon but don't know what, and as always thank you admin for everything and can't wait to get the next book too.  - pikarich   2682.3 #36 9-16-14 9:26PM Like(3)  Reply
I've got some Brave things to send.  - MeridaFan   3260.9 #27 9-16-14 9:31PM Like  Reply
That is very Brave of you - pikarich  2682.3 #36 9-16-14 9:38PM
😂 - MadameLeota  1716.0 #73 9-16-14 9:40PM
Excited to donate and hope to make the event, but being we will be there the prior weekend for MHP I'm not so sure 😁.  But in reality who doesn't love Dland 2 weekend in a row?!?! - DisneyPrincessT   36.1 #4859 9-18-14 11:02AM Like  Reply
Only the Grinch!  Or maybe Grumpy?  Scrooge McDuck? - MeridaFan  3260.9 #27 9-18-14 11:48AM
I will be there 2 weekends in a row - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1175.2 #113 9-18-14 1:19PM
I posted a sneak peek of what I am working on for the raffle😊😊 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   3950.4 #23 9-18-14 12:27PM Like  Reply
🏃💨 - MeridaFan  3260.9 #27 9-18-14 12:40PM
👏👏I love it! - missariel33  1443.1 #86 9-18-14 12:41PM
1200.7 #110 DL Qual #49 9-18-14 5:19PM
FYI- the surprise symphony pin was released today. It is Clarabelle
Thank you!! - Willierose   1980.9 #59 9-19-14 3:23AM Like  Reply
That's my girl🐮 - bonedaddy909   1106.7 #130 9-19-14 6:55AM Like  Reply
144.1 #2643 DL Qual #377 9-18-14 10:54PM
"I'm not impressed by your stick"
Mckayla Maroney is not impressed either.  1000 cute pic - sewedna   318.1 #707 9-18-14 11:48PM Like  Reply
Love her! Cute pic.  - BibbidiBobbidiMe   43.8 #4528 9-19-14 6:54AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   TheDroidYouAreLookingFor   DCMAGurl  
36.3 #4842 DL Qual #6374 9-19-14 4:31AM
Final testing
You paused it, hit play - pikarich   2682.3 #36 9-19-14 6:53AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   redsoxcarlos  
6724.3 #7 DL Qual #111 9-19-14 5:44AM
@Duchess_SMK ... one of our visits to Captain EO. My son is now in his 30s. Time to move on, LOL!
Hair "feathered back"... so cool! - MickeyLumboCM   694.3 #226 9-19-14 5:50AM Like  Reply
If I recall from your Mark Twain photo, you rocked this look yourself! - poppinspenguin  235.0 #1399 9-19-14 5:52AM
Thanked by:   MickeyLumboCM   DisneyGrandma   PrincessCindy  
949.2 #155 DL Qual #71 9-18-14 10:44PM
Shadow of a long day at DCA
Beautiful! - webtink   11.5 #8348 9-19-14 1:27AM Like  Reply
Very pretty  - miss_rachel   120.3 #3029 9-19-14 1:40AM Like  Reply
Awesome pic! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   43.8 #4528 9-19-14 6:53AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   ElectricMayhemMom   poppinspenguin  
6768.0 #6 DL Qual #1 9-19-14 12:52AM
Fireworks Friday from one of my favorite places... the old boat dock... and once in a while you get a monorail driving by to add to the show!
Beautiful picture - thumpur   249.5 #1221 9-19-14 12:57AM Like  Reply
That's fantastic! Neat location! - webtink   11.5 #8348 9-19-14 1:13AM Like  Reply
Love this ! - carminaire   531.9 #328 9-19-14 6:23AM Like  Reply
Beautiful😍 - WishIWereThere   247.9 #1243 9-19-14 6:52AM Like  Reply
949.2 #155 DL Qual #71 9-18-14 10:42PM
Just flew over the parks! I'll be down there this afternoon!
Oh that is exciting!  Does this usually happen? (I've only ever flown into lax). - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.4 #335 9-18-14 11:07PM Like  Reply
I've never been this close before. Today was the first time. - RadioMaverick  949.2 #155 9-18-14 11:18PM
What a nice treat right before you land!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.4 #335 9-18-14 11:21PM
Very nice!✈️ - debbiev   788.4 #195 9-19-14 12:09AM Like  Reply
Did you see me wave? Lol - MadameLeota   1716.0 #73 9-19-14 2:13AM Like  Reply
See, I thought was you, but at the angle I was looking down from, there was someone sorta blocking you, so I was 200% positive. - RadioMaverick  949.2 #155 9-19-14 6:14AM
Dude,kick down some of that Pixie Dust,I wanna fly too😎 - bonedaddy909   1106.7 #130 9-19-14 6:51AM Like  Reply
694.3 #226 DL Qual #77 9-19-14 4:46AM
Celebrate You - CM service celebration
Let me share with you what a wonderful message Disneyland gave its Cast Members during the service anniversary celebration:  Remember when you started with Disney? The flurry of excitement you felt when you first stepped into Walt's magnificent dream? Tonight, we invite you to take a step back in time and reflect on the memories you've made since your dream began.  And as you reminisce, remember that your once upon a time with Disney is a memory worth recalling... a story that belongs only to you. And it is your story, the chapters are the memories you've made while living out your dreams with Disney. From the moment you first took the stage as a Disney Cast Member until, well, just yesterday, you've been making memories in the most magical place on Earth.  And, of course, as you whistled while you  worked, you made friends - friends who became family...the very family that surrounds you now.  Oh, there are plenty of memories here, but the remarkable thing is that even the monumental moments of home have been underscored by the magic of Disney.  Children, families, partners, friends - a whole new world of experiences have touched your hearts beyond Disney in a way that Walt only could have imagined.  You see, for all of us the significant moments in our lives have been colored with Walt's paint brush.  Whether you realize it or not, your lives fulfill the dream, Walt's dream. Without you it never would have happened. And because of you the dream lives on.  Finally, like ripples in a pond, one dream begets another. So even now you may begin anew. Take a breath. Hope again. Make a wish! The dream lives on in you. ~~  I am so proud to be a Cast Member. Thank you Disney. Thank you Walt.  Thank you MouseWait. - MickeyLumboCM   694.3 #226 9-19-14 5:07AM Like(6)  Reply
 CMs!!! - jacdanfan   6724.3 #7 9-19-14 5:12AM Like(2)  Reply
949.2 #155 DL Qual #71 9-18-14 10:41PM
Yes! Got to meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit at DCA!
Lucky - pikarich   2682.3 #36 9-18-14 11:24PM Like  Reply
Black & White! Great idea for a shot with Oswald! - webtink   11.5 #8348 9-19-14 1:14AM Like  Reply
It was a tough call. Although he has blue shorts, Oswald is a simple black n white character. :) - RadioMaverick  949.2 #155 9-19-14 6:42AM
Great pic! - DisLUVney   538.2 #320 9-19-14 1:22AM Like  Reply
Nice pic! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   43.8 #4528 9-19-14 6:48AM Like  Reply