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Get ready for a BIG Sticker Event on Tuesday along with the MouseWait Christmas Party Meetup (more details in the comments). We've been working on the Mystery Sticker reveal (it's going to be animated like last year's) for a few weeks now  More...
Woot woot!  Here's the details on the MOUSEWAIT CHRISTMAS  party at downtown La Brea at 7 on Tuesday, December 23! All are welcome! We will have a cookie/ small dessert exchange so please bring your favorites to share and all extras will be eaten promptly, lol! Please bring an ornament valuing $25 or less to join in the ornament exchange! And the great 2nd annual ugly sweater contest will be judged at 8:30! You can win a gift card and button live or post your photo virtually and win a gift card and button also from home! All photos must be posted no later than 8:30! We will post live pics for those of you at La Brea! We'll be posting live posts and hanging out with Churro's Christmas sticker virtual mixer too!! Then sticker time at 9!!!! Please put any questions below and dm me or any member of the event team to let us know what events you are participating in!  We're going to have so much fun!  Please come join us and hope to see all of you there for a bit of Chtistmas cheer! We'll post an afterparty attraction takeover too! Thanks Admin and hope I can get one of those tri zonal space warpers for sure!!! - secretagentangel   1303.9 #103 12-20-14 2:56PM Like(4)  Reply
Oh and we'll be introducing the new " trivia tuesday sticker nights" for a bit at the party also!  - secretagentangel  1303.9 #103 12-20-14 10:38PM
I'm bringing cupcakes! 😋🎂 - Sonja  6531.0 #11 12-20-14 10:41PM
Fun!! Please wear your ugly Christmas sweater to my Virtual Pre-Party as well! This is gonna be a FuuuuUn night, kids!!! 😃😃 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4463.0 #21 12-21-14 8:35AM Like(3)  Reply
I'm be-dazzling it as we speak! 😂 - adisneyfamily  721.3 #224 12-21-14 8:41AM
Can I just wear my ugly face instead? - philliprocks  903.5 #172 12-21-14 8:47AM
I need to load my new iTunes card to recharge my credits......  - PixiePirateMaid   300.1 #819 12-20-14 7:10PM Like  Reply
How does that work? - DisneyPiratePrincess  125.0 #2971 12-20-14 7:34PM
Happy 300 pts too!  @PixiePirateMaid - DisneyPiratePrincess  125.0 #2971 12-20-14 7:35PM
How does the cookie exchange work? How many do you bring? I tried to DM but my rank is not high enough it said.  - melissameow   4.8 #16940 12-21-14 10:53PM Like  Reply
Bring at least a dozen of dessert  to exchange and if you want to share, bring more!  Last year we exchanged and everyone ate them all afterwards! - secretagentangel  1303.9 #103 12-21-14 11:51PM
Ok thank you! I'd like to come, please count me in! - melissameow  4.8 #16940 12-22-14 1:15AM
8284.8 #3 DL Qual #8 12-22-14 2:12PM
The candy cane😘
Whooooooo!!!  Ooh! Ahhhh! - secretagentangel   1303.9 #103 12-22-14 2:14PM Like(1)  Reply
The CM Tanya was a gem to hand this baby off to me😂👍 - Plumiegirl   8284.8 #3 12-22-14 2:19PM Like  Reply
yay!  Good for you Plumie! - msdizmaui   632.2 #270 12-22-14 3:54PM Like  Reply
I am tired getting up early to get the band, went home, went back and my fit bit logged 5 miles. It was good fun.  - Plumiegirl  8284.8 #3 12-22-14 5:17PM
 Good job Plumie! - PrincessTiannaBeignet   263.5 #1112 12-22-14 5:34PM Like  Reply
8284.8 #3 DL Qual #8 12-22-14 7:56AM
It's too early for this local!
At least your working...ugh - evilemohand   377.2 #533 12-22-14 8:40AM Like  Reply
^^ this - Lelundrial  478.2 #387 12-22-14 9:15AM
At least you're working! 😊 - MelodyMouse  3465.6 #27 12-22-14 10:55AM
good for you! - MelodyMouse   3465.6 #27 12-22-14 10:40AM Like  Reply
8284.8 #3 DL Qual #8 12-22-14 2:20PM
No deer oh dear!
What's funny is that we had these signs on the roads all over where I grew up, but of course, deer don't read, and they don't really cross where the signs are, lol.  They don't care.  So people from out of the area slow down, thinking there's going to be deer only in the marked areas, but in reality they could run across the street at any moment, anywhere.  One of my friends had a deer jump off an embankment and on to the roof of her car in high school!  It was actually really scary.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   550.6 #321 12-22-14 3:15PM Like  Reply
so true, I remember these signs from our camping trips. It's fun to see these in the redwoods/grizzly river rapid area. Folks just walk by but it's the details that make it awesome - Plumiegirl  8284.8 #3 12-22-14 5:15PM
We have signs that say slow down and everyone stops! Drives me crazy! - secretagentangel   1303.9 #103 12-22-14 3:29PM Like  Reply
1028.9 #149 DL Qual #80 12-21-14 8:40PM
Love this guy! I must say that I like the Frozen land better than Mad Tea Party. It allows adults to still drink and have fun while kids can be in the area with their own activities. Fun for the whole family! I hope they keep changing thi  More...
I have liked the pictures so far but until I'm there I'm on the fence about it now - grumpyinphx   181.5 #2112 12-21-14 8:52PM Like  Reply
I definitely recommend checking it out with an open mind. I know some people miss Mad T Party but I've heard lots of good feedback from strangers in the parks. I heard the drinks taste better too! - SpiritOfAdventure  1028.9 #149 12-21-14 10:36PM
Ok. Thank you I will - grumpyinphx  181.5 #2112 12-21-14 10:49PM
I do have a question for you.  In all the pictures there are people standing behind him. What are they doing? Thank you - grumpyinphx   181.5 #2112 12-21-14 9:24PM Like  Reply
He's a puppet, so they are moving his arms.  - Atora  2183.4 #56 12-21-14 9:26PM
Thank you. I thought he just stood like a statue. @Atora - grumpyinphx  181.5 #2112 12-21-14 9:28PM
I went by that area Saturday night for a bit and was pleasantly surprised. The dj was playing such good music, and we enjoyed watching the ice sculptor for a bit! Definitely felt more family friendly and just a nice change  - LittleMermaidLover   286.2 #901 12-22-14 9:23AM Like  Reply
IMO. I do not like mashmellow. I'm sorry those "puppeteers" look so horrible and tacky behind in the picture. I will not be satisfied unless they put them in all white suits. You know like in Charlie's angels where Cameron Diaz wears that white suit to break into the vault. Ya. Something like that or like a huge white curton that some how doesn't move when the puppeteers are moving. Until this happens. I guess I'm not getting a picture with marshmallow.  - mini_MINNIE   1010.8 #156 12-22-14 10:34AM Like  Reply
I think this was supposed to be a soft opening for this area so hopefully they work out the details. I think this is also why they only have him at night. To hide the CMs a little better - SpiritOfAdventure  1028.9 #149 12-22-14 4:19PM
8284.8 #3 DL Qual #8 12-22-14 10:24AM
I'm sure we will see this photo a lot but the "Yoo hoo" is stuck in my head😂
I need to check this out! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   909.9 #170 12-22-14 3:34PM Like(1)  Reply
Yoo hoo big summer blow out.... - grumpyinphx   181.5 #2112 12-22-14 4:02PM Like(1)  Reply

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I'm in the top 10!  - luxkitty   1918.5 #68 12-20-14 3:12PM Like(1)  Reply
I adore Disneyland! - MelodyMouse   3465.6 #27 12-19-14 8:58AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:  luxkitty   Tom  
1984.7 #62 DL Qual #27 12-21-14 12:43PM
Found a last sign of 2014. Was never able to get the clip 2014. Glad I got this one.
Happy for you!  I collect the dated magnets and Christmas ornaments too!  - DisneyPiratePrincess   125.0 #2971 12-21-14 5:35PM Like  Reply
I collect the Magnets. 2014 clip magnet is the only one I'm missing. I tried all year and it never seemed to  be available. - Winnie111286  1984.7 #62 12-22-14 9:21AM
Check ebay Winnie, there are some decent sellers who only put the price up a couple of bucks and  I figure that's for their time to send it to me. I have s couple pin people I use that aren't out to steal all our pennies! Or put a post in the MW trading post and see if someone has one on here! - secretagentangel  1303.9 #103 12-22-14 3:42PM
8284.8 #3 DL Qual #8 12-22-14 10:56AM
The DCA tree does not seem to get as much coverage as the DL tree. Sparkly in the morning sun🎄
8284.8 #3 DL Qual #8 12-22-14 2:22PM
Grizzly river Rapids this really nice afternoon
So pretty!  - MinnieMousewife   771.3 #206 12-22-14 2:25PM Like(1)  Reply
- RadiatorSprings4Ever   909.9 #170 12-22-14 3:23PM Like(1)  Reply