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1457.3 #89 DL Qual #41 10-31-14 4:50PM
It's the Halloween Pumpkin Pirate. He's holding a Trick or Treat Pumpkin. Be careful he doesn't take your candy.
Thanked by:   evilemohand  
8010.0 #3 DL Qual #8 10-29-14 6:27PM
A nod to the Voodoo juju
Such a gem when it's quiet back there which isn't too often  - MarshaMouse   4072.0 #24 10-29-14 8:04PM Like  Reply
Can you hear her chanting? - 2ears   162.3 #2389 10-31-14 4:46PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   sawman911   goducksgo   MarshaMouse   leopardditz2000   joxua  
823.0 #189 DL Qual #128 10-31-14 1:38PM
Happy Halloween! Do not take treats from strangers
Not from that one for sure. - keepmovingforward   109.5 #3245 10-31-14 2:22PM Like  Reply
She's so creepy!  Is that a Tangled one over her shoulder?  Iid love to see that one closer up πŸ˜»πŸŽƒ - spicy   402.5 #478 10-31-14 4:17PM Like  Reply
🍎🚫 - WishIWereThere   251.2 #1210 10-31-14 4:23PM Like  Reply
Cool to see the results of this. I saw when the guy was beginning to carve it.  - CherryTreeLane   460.0 #402 10-31-14 4:46PM Like  Reply
1457.3 #89 DL Qual #41 10-31-14 2:20PM
Happy Halloween. Guess this is your last day.
Wow its so clear I can tell the bottom of those lamps need some cleaning. I may have to take them and clean them up minus the Halloween signs 😁😁😁 - pikarich   2897.2 #35 10-31-14 4:04PM Like(1)  Reply
So helpful - Winnie111286  1457.3 #89 10-31-14 4:42PM
Happy Halloween! - keepmovingforward   109.5 #3245 10-31-14 2:23PM Like  Reply
Happy Halloween!  - 22catsinhats   5.7 #14190 10-31-14 3:49PM Like  Reply
The halloween signs need cleaning too  @@pikarich - evilemohand   267.4 #1063 10-31-14 4:13PM Like  Reply
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1457.3 #89 DL Qual #41 10-31-14 2:48PM
Looks like he's ready to start Christmas shopping at the Parks.
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6108.8 #13 DL Qual #4 10-30-14 3:30PM
New "Frozen" frozen treat. Found at the outdoor vending cart outside of Frontierland
Tagged in: Food  
Gotta hand it to Disney. "Dad I want Olaf ice cream". Ok Honey. "Dad its gross, I don't like it".  But it was $4.50.  It's yucky!!!  (And I eat the gross ice cream πŸ˜” - Disneyfreak111   463.6 #397 10-30-14 4:52PM Like(2)  Reply
That's about right! ;) - ShariRenee  4201.9 #21 10-30-14 4:55PM
That is part of your job. see the manual your child came with. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4107.6 #23 10-30-14 9:31PM
Don't eat yellow snow! - sawman911   661.0 #250 10-30-14 4:24PM Like(1)  Reply
Bummer.  They should make snow cones instead.  Maybe a refund? .  Happy Halloween.  - LVFaye   3.7 #23126 10-31-14 9:28AM Like  Reply
Enjoy your trip to Disneyland :) - CT4625   18.5 #6621 10-31-14 11:45AM Like  Reply
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Purchased the Voyageers book through this link so MW benefits twice  - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1395.7 #95 1-7-14 4:48PM Like(5)  Reply
Spent $490 on it the other day - CVDisneyland   365.9 #547 12-22-13 12:40PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you! - Admin  1-3-14 5:04PM
Is there any way to track users for purchases? I have it bookmarked and use it all the time. Top ten list? - mlatour   328.8 #660 9-1-14 9:09PM Like  Reply
I purchase a lot on amazon, I always use this bookmark, but I always wonder if mousewait gets the credits. - snowgrey   5.1 #15587 10-9-14 3:56PM Like  Reply
8010.0 #3 DL Qual #8 10-31-14 12:16AM
@Itsallabouteeyore the view from your stone, nice location btw. Just click on the picture and it will enlarge with detail so you can see your name stone and everything crystal clear.
Thank you so much!! Love the location.. you are so kind to have taken these photos for us. Can't wait to show my kids..  - Itsallabouteeyore   34.1 #5006 10-31-14 6:28AM Like(1)  Reply
The lady with the black sweater is standing on mine. Tell her to get off my stone 😑 😁 - Bassplayerswife   170.5 #2256 10-31-14 6:56AM Like  Reply
they are meant to be walked on. I have cleaned the gum and oil stains on my stone since it is on the DTD side under the monorail track and it gets heavy foot traffic.Β  - Plumiegirl  8010.0 #3 10-31-14 10:48AM
Haha. I know they are walked on. I was just kidding. I'm sure mine gets heavy traffic since it's at the exit. My 13yr. old always wants to bring a sponge and clean it. Wonder what people would think if I let him.  - Bassplayerswife  170.5 #2256 10-31-14 11:46AM
Guilty of cleaning my stone...and I'm ok with it!:-) - bruinbelle4   12.9 #7988 10-31-14 1:35PM Like  Reply
1457.3 #89 DL Qual #41 10-31-14 4:24PM
Our Beautiful Castle looking out at it from the little window on line at Snow White's Scary Adventure.
- evilemohand   267.4 #1063 10-31-14 4:26PM Like  Reply
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1457.3 #89 DL Qual #41 10-31-14 3:12PM
Isn't Olaf cute. This is his weather, even though he wants summer.
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