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The Lost Bar Oct 4
This is where we have Lounge Meetups!
One Column View--new web version feature--now you can view the web version of the Lounge in one column by selecting the One Column View option on our left drop down menu. This comes in handy for those who sort the Lounge by time. We also   More...
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Love the idea. On Firefox 28.0 it does not change to one column after selecting it. - DLKenCA  1195.0 #97 4-23-14 8:23AM Like  Reply
After looking a bit more, the admin messages are on the left column and the user posts are on the right. So it still looks like 2 columns. Thanks for your help and bringing back the single column. - DLKenCA  1195.0 #97 4-23-14 9:09AM Like  Reply
Yes, you are right, the Sticky post remains on the left, but all other posts are in the center column. Thanks! - Admin  4-23-14 9:27AM
23.3 #5628 DL Qual #6579 7-29-12 6:47PM
Bout to ride the NEW Matterhorn Mountain for the first time! Yay!

If you can, try to ride the left sided coaster. It's much faster and has more falls! - LaBelleParis  638.9 #230 7-29-13 4:13PM Like  Reply
21.6 #5814 DL Qual #1725 3-12-12 3:39PM
Waiting in line till they fix potc ....  Just opened 

582.4 #264 DL Qual #382 2-26-12 4:08PM
Great performance Alohi's Dance Studio!!! From Whittier!!!

0.6 #65351 DL Qual #0 1-20-12 9:49PM
Just looks awsome!!!!!!

It does! - theRealDisneygirlforevr  175.3 #2129 1-22-12 7:36PM Like(1)  Reply
love the bright color  - Cherry91  434.3 #410 1-31-12 12:41PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanked by:   jshrop  
Use this code: MOUSEWAITERS and get 20% off the Juno Labs HUE Plus line!

I used the code Mouse People but it didn't work  - MelodyMouse  2526.3 #36 2-1-14 7:13AM Like(1)  Reply
Using mine today. Love it! - MelodyMouse  2526.3 #36 3-6-14 5:39PM
Love your products and excellent customer service!    - DisneyDavidEMT  1228.1 #93 1-6-14 4:19PM Like  Reply
Thanks for ordering from Juno! - Admin  1-6-14 7:12PM
Does anyone know how these compare to the NewTrents? I like my NewTrent that has the duel chargers...I get a lot of charges out of that.....but u could use another - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 3-25-14 11:11PM Like  Reply
I don't have a new Trent, but I have 2 of Juno's products.  I own the Hue which is very slim and it charges my iPhone fully 2 times, and I own the one shown in the picture above and it charges my iPhone fully about 5 times.  Hope that helps. - DisneyDavidEMT  1228.1 #93 4-4-14 1:47PM
I have this one, also.  I can take it to the parks, and charge my iPhone 4s at least 4 times before I need to recharge the unit itself.  Totally worth the money, IMO. - X-WingNikki  798.7 #171 4-4-14 5:26PM
What type of phones does this work on? Just Iphones or other phones as well? - kilbournfamily  8.6 #9421 4-8-14 5:37PM Like  Reply
It works for all types of phones  - UTDISNEYFAMILY  697.7 #200 4-12-14 11:54AM
Ok lets get right into this 1st announcement, I am very excited to announce a new feature we are adding to MouseWait 3.0 - it is called MyList and it allows you to go through the app and pick your favorite attractions, favorite food, favo  More...
Nice! - ERICKA  491.4 #345 7-12-11 10:03PM Like  Reply
Cool!! - CaliDawn  23.6 #5596 7-12-11 10:03PM Like  Reply
Sounds like a great feature and would love to give it a try but where is it? I see MyFeed and MyMW but no MyList. A little help, please? - NermieMouse  121.3 #2948 10-13-11 11:51AM Like  Reply
Cool!!! - Tinkerbellmom4  397.1 #466 11-17-11 7:27AM Like  Reply
3.1 #33906 DL Qual #0 10-26-11 7:56PM
It's been so long since I've been to Disneyland, I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms!...
Few announcements - we are figuring out the ticket situation for the Birthday Bash on Oct 23 - we sold out in a little over 24 hours and we were not expecting that. I will have more info later in the week on this as we are trying to work   More...
Thanks for working so hard on making this an amazing get together. As amazing as it was to sell out so fast, knowing that you are taking steps to address those that didn't make the 'cut' so to speak, speaks volumes about this community! - Zara  283.3 #869 10-4-11 9:05PM Like(1)  Reply
We will be on the Disney Dream at that time.  and @ same time - justcallmeKP  196.0 #1880 10-4-11 9:11PM Like(1)  Reply
I didn't get a ticket either!!! I was in the hospital and no way to get them...soooooo BUMMED that I won't get to go to this!!!!!! - RoyannaF  376.6 #493 10-6-11 10:43PM Like  Reply
ARE THERE ANY TICKETS LEFT??? - WaltSentMe  321.6 #662 10-11-11 2:41PM Like  Reply
In a minute I am going to post a video that will show you what we have been working on for a long time - I think you will love it because it adds a new dimension to the Lounge - it is a place that Disney fans can call home - a place that   More...
It isn't curiosity that killed this cat... It is the anticipation! - Duchess73  297.2 #788 10-4-11 9:30PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm going to be so tired tomorrow but this is so worth staying up for..eeekkkkkk I can't stand it!! Lol - SillySwings  435.3 #408 10-4-11 9:31PM Like(1)  Reply
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek indeed :) - uscdisneyteacher  6208.6 #7 10-4-11 9:32PM
Ditto... Eeeeeeeeeereeeek!!!! - Duchess73  297.2 #788 10-4-11 9:33PM
Ha ha yesssss just what the Dr. ordered. - Westcoast  121.3 #2949 10-4-11 10:17PM Like  Reply
I think I missed it - RickZaki  204.6 #1760 10-5-11 5:17PM Like  Reply
Welcome to the Lost Bar! This is our designated Lounge Meetup Land - and it is called the Lost Bar because it was the location of the first MouseWait Family Reunion. The Lost Bar no longer exists, so we commemorate that special place here  More...
woo BooEve! You go girl! :) - Nyghtngale  557.9 #280 10-4-11 8:58PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you all so much for the many congrats. I feel so honered honestly I do. Thank You all for voting for my design. To all the other designers i LOVED everyones designs. Such amazing creativity and originality in all the designs I loved it:) I can not wait to get a birthday bash shirt:)! - BooEve123  800.9 #170 10-4-11 9:46PM Like(1)  Reply
Congratulations BooEve123! - Westcoast  121.3 #2949 10-4-11 10:12PM Like  Reply
Congrats Boo! Fantastic design (and I can't get over the amount of products available in the Emporium!). - msdizmaui  566.2 #275 10-5-11 12:19AM Like  Reply
Lets also give a big hand to the 2nd and 3rd place contestants - Jaytasmic and R2Jade2 - GREAT JOB and thank you to   More...
I really liked those entries! Congrats, to 2 awesome peeps! yay! :D - iPoca.  916.8 #144 10-4-11 9:15PM Like(1)  Reply
aww :') - Jaytasmic  373.3 #502 10-4-11 9:41PM
amazing job guys! I loved everyones design so so much - BooEve123  800.9 #170 10-4-11 9:42PM Like(1)  Reply
****** - MadameLeota  1439.4 #78 10-4-11 10:02PM Like  Reply
Congratulations Jaytasmic, R2Jade2 and all the other entrants for their fun, creative entries. - Westcoast  121.3 #2949 10-4-11 10:15PM Like  Reply
And here is the big one - MouseWait Trivia Challenge has always been a big hit in the Lounge, everyone loves it. So I was trying to find a way to implement this into the app and I was running into a lot of obstacles. I always see a lot of  More...
LOOK AT THE DATES FOLKS. - DesperateMousewife  878.0 #152 10-4-11 9:24PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you lol - NeverlandTink  422.1 #427 10-4-11 9:26PM
THAT'S SO AWESOME!!! I can't wait to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - minnieMisty  270.4 #993 7-12-11 10:33PM Like  Reply
******This is AWESOME! And, thank YOU! and to your МW CREW, for all your hardᎷᎪᏩᎥᏨᎪᏞwork! - MadameLeota  1439.4 #78 10-4-11 9:36PM Like  Reply
Sounds so cool. But is there anything in the works that will let you play without Facebook? - pinaycharms  16.0 #6695 10-4-11 9:42PM Like  Reply
I also want to give a shout out to the HoJo - we welcomed them to the family last month and they have been awesome supporters of MouseWait. If you won any of their RAKs please post here - and please remember to consider staying at the HoJ  More...
Thanks Hojo - BCC  4766.2 #14 10-4-11 9:11PM Like(1)  Reply
HoJo is awesome and I was one of the lucky winners of the free night stay. Thanks again!! - BigThunderCharlie  183.0 #2023 10-4-11 9:23PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks for your kindness and generosity! - dhBelle04  279.1 #906 10-4-11 9:25PM Like  Reply
Thanks HoJo! - yfdengineer  11.8 #7870 10-4-11 9:34PM Like  Reply
October 4th 9pm PST - BIG MouseWait Announcement - the Meetup will be here in Lost Bar Land!
Big announcement? There's going to be a RAKs Land?!  - DesperateMousewife  878.0 #152 10-4-11 9:08PM Like(7)  Reply
 - toph  2416.6 #39 10-4-11 9:09PM
oh please oh please oh please oh please... - BLG  1049.5 #124 10-4-11 9:14PM
yay cant wait! - NeverlandTink  422.1 #427 10-3-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
^^^ What she said  - LBChica  1925.5 #57 10-4-11 9:16PM Like  Reply
:) - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.3 #343 10-4-11 9:20PM Like  Reply
Looks like some of my posts from the last meetup are getting bumped! Make sure they say Oct 4 - you can also use our new Sort by Time feature to keep things in order
Nice feature... Thanks Admin! - Duchess73  297.2 #788 10-4-11 9:18PM Like(1)  Reply
Copy that. - BRabbit  440.7 #403 10-4-11 9:16PM Like  Reply
My bad... - pirateprnsess  13.8 #7175 10-4-11 9:19PM Like  Reply
Oops... My bad! I did a bumps by mistake. :-) - JaredMc  222.2 #1534 10-4-11 9:19PM Like  Reply
5.2 #14237 DL Qual #6055 8-12-11 1:15AM
The castle during winter!!! Ahhhh it's so magical lol ;) :D