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CAST MEMBER APPRECIATION Sticker Night on Tuesday! This is way overdue. Let's celebrate all of the great CMs past and present who have made a difference in our lives through their service--without them Disneyland wouldn't be what it is to  More...
During the Cars Land preview my wife was riding RSR with our 2 oldest while I waited with our daughter who was not tall enough. I had a rider switch pass but it only allowed me to take one of the kids back on & I had talked to the CM at the front of the queue to see if there was any way I could take them both because I didn't want to choose & he told me sorry but no. Well as I was waiting for them we enjoyed Maters Tractors 8 times in a row & then proceeded to go back to RSR to wait. While waiting I started talking to a CM about all the details that were amazing, we talked for several minutes. As my wife was exiting with the kids I told him I needed to return the rider switch pass as I wasn't going to choose 1 of my kids to ride again & leave the other, he says to me that I could take them both & I told him I had already asked as was told no. He said to me he was head over that park & that I could take them both, he turned to the CM at the front & told him I got to take both my kids & then proceeded to take my wife & youngest back to Maters Tractors & walk them to the front of the line. It has been years since that happened but I will always remember how great that felt. - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1609.2 #90 5-1-15 6:56PM Like(28)  Reply
wow.  love it. - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  462.2 #423 5-1-15 11:05PM
Splash Mountain premium...can't wait! Can we get a double the credits sale again? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š @Admin - luxkitty   2437.8 #47 5-1-15 4:14PM Like(7)  Reply
Yes please, Christmas in May - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1609.2 #90 5-1-15 5:27PM
Like this idea. Need lots of credits for the Premium Stickers. - Winnie111286  3275.8 #37 5-2-15 12:31AM
I've met Oscar twice as a College Programmer. Once he and I met when entering as a CM (below Costuming and bak stage) and another while watching the Ambassador Celebration and Selection.  - keli7516   217.7 #1681 5-2-15 12:21AM Like  Reply
Please oh please a Happy Mother's Day so we can wish  all the moms on here a Happy Mother's Day ! I thought we had one! 😜 - secretagentangel   1450.1 #100 5-2-15 8:29PM Like  Reply
431.1 #460 DL Qual #338 4-28-15 12:15PM
Carne Asada Platter at Rancho Del Zocalo and a drink (refillable) times two - with AP = $32.42. One of our favourite meals in DLR.
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That is my most favorite thing to eat at the park! - MellieKay   158.2 #2492 4-28-15 12:42PM Like(1)  Reply
- conant4   14.0 #8055 4-28-15 1:18PM Like  Reply
Oh my mouth is watering now , looks  - magicalflash   16.6 #7362 4-28-15 6:01PM Like  Reply
This is one my favorites too. I always share with my petite. It's very good and filling.  - LaPearleNoir   1453.3 #99 5-2-15 8:12AM Like  Reply
11.5 #9025 DL Qual #3256 4-26-15 8:16PM
Lobster Pad Thai Imperial Roll at Carthay Lounge. 🐽
My favorite!!! Hope you enjoy it too - carminaire   650.2 #274 4-26-15 8:33PM Like  Reply
- hkpinay   208.3 #1805 4-26-15 9:16PM Like  Reply
1233.6 #121 DL Qual #55 4-25-15 4:39PM
Smoke jumpers grill....1Bacon cheddar burger with fries and a drink. 2 (pictured) chili cheese burger fries and a drink $26.49 after passholders discount Great place to hang out Away from the rain! Food is yummy and warm!
- chads018   216.7 #1690 4-25-15 6:08PM Like  Reply
The onions made a hidden Mickey. πŸ‘πŸ‘ - valj84DisneyAddict   107.8 #3332 4-25-15 6:47PM Like  Reply
I was wondering if anyone would see that..  - Fantasmicfan1  1233.6 #121 4-26-15 11:55AM
- fab5   136.5 #2833 4-25-15 7:27PM Like  Reply
15.2 #7719 DL Qual #0 4-24-15 8:00PM
Starbucks downtown Disney closed.....
whaaaat - therealJackandSally   77.3 #0 4-24-15 8:02PM Like  Reply
They ran out of butter and cream last Sunday! - secretagentangel  1450.1 #100 4-24-15 8:03PM
All cash registers in U.S. And Canada went down today. No joke. - dizneedude   762.8 #219 4-24-15 8:04PM Like  Reply
Wow! What did all the coffee drinkers do today? - secretagentangel  1450.1 #100 4-24-15 8:13PM
They all got free coffee. The stock split earlier this month and  SBUX had another great day today. So at most coffee! - dizneedude   762.8 #219 4-24-15 8:16PM
There was something about a nationwide Starbucks register outage in the paper. - ThinkTink23   27.8 #5682 4-24-15 8:04PM Like  Reply
Must have been sabotaged by Peets - toarrispirate   49.5 #4494 4-24-15 8:17PM Like  Reply
3.4 #29243 DL Qual #0 4-23-15 9:37AM
she was amazed at the size of her cookie (macaroon). first time i had a macaroon ever it was awesome and delicious! I'm so excited to again tomorrow!
 To the  - evilemohand   642.8 #278 4-23-15 9:44AM Like  Reply
Thank you I'm trying still to figure out how to use it but I'm loving it so far!   :-) - Marta4disney  3.4 #29243 4-23-15 12:00PM
When you read the faqs a couple of times and read s few pages of MW for a few days it will make a lot more sense!  - secretagentangel  1450.1 #100 4-23-15 12:06PM
That looks so good ! - palomine96   14.1 #8036 4-23-15 9:46AM Like  Reply
Thank you its awesome ly delish! We're going tomorrow and I'm planning to buy one to go home :-) lol - Marta4disney  3.4 #29243 4-23-15 3:10PM
650.2 #274 DL Qual #165 4-21-15 8:55PM
S - Darlingwendi   1179.4 #131 4-21-15 8:55PM Like  Reply
R - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5214.7 #17 4-21-15 8:56PM Like  Reply
OMG my iPad has a major glitch - carminaire   650.2 #274 4-21-15 8:59PM Like  Reply
Deadliest Cast Member SEASON TWO is here! Find out what really happened on Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. Twenty-four hours or real-time action, authentic Disneyland history, and a finale that you'll never forget. EVENTS OCCUR IN REAL TIME. Download it to any device from Amazon here.
Will there be a Season 3??  Please??? - YoPirate   311.5 #763 4-4-15 8:03PM Like(1)  Reply
I bought the paper copy for myself and 2 copies of season one for christmas gifts!  LOVE THIS BOOK!!! - snitsos   26.8 #5776 11-22-14 5:28PM Like  Reply
Thank you snitsos for your support, glad you liked Season Two! - Admin  1-7-15 12:13AM
Thank you for your support glad you liked Season Two! snitsos - Admin  1-7-15 12:15AM
Ever thought if making a movie of this  - karieh   142.0 #2743 3-31-15 11:11PM Like  Reply
- valj84DisneyAddict   107.8 #3332 5-1-15 11:51AM Like  Reply
296.4 #859 DL Qual #1606 3-26-15 7:13PM
Epcot on 3/13/15 they had Dole whips with Macadamia nut rum. It was so wonderful. I really did enjoy the Flower and Garden festival. glad to be back in Cali though.
- Pooh147856   254.7 #28 3-26-15 8:31PM Like  Reply
- Lilogirl1   80.7 #3752 3-26-15 8:33PM Like  Reply
- grimgrinninggoof   42.2 #4761 3-27-15 11:05AM Like  Reply
- fab5   136.5 #2833 3-27-15 2:48PM Like  Reply
311.5 #763 DL Qual #324 3-25-15 11:39AM
Chicken Mole' meal at Rancho del Zocalo. $13.99 before discounts. Delicious, moist chicken with a flavorful sauce. Selected beans and vegetables (instead of rice) for the sides.
When did they start serving zebra meat? - MelodyMouse   4020.4 #26 3-25-15 2:15PM Like(1)  Reply
Dang it. Just what I was going to say πŸ˜‚ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4388.7 #22 3-25-15 3:35PM
That looks TASTY. πŸ˜‹ - Jess0   247.3 #1297 3-25-15 1:03PM Like  Reply
i didn't know they have Mole! Will have to try on my next visit.  - PrincessLeia   303.1 #818 3-25-15 5:01PM Like  Reply
My boyfriend LOVES Mole! He'll be excited about this😜 - SKELLIGIRL   6.2 #14017 3-25-15 5:44PM Like  Reply
61.7 #4144 DL Qual #789 3-21-15 3:43PM
Really good spaghetti from Paradise Garden in DCA.
Good to know for my son he loves spaghetti. Thanks! - keepmovingforward   192.7 #1989 3-21-15 3:51PM Like  Reply
Yes it's pretty tasty - MinnieMyLove   170.5 #2307 3-21-15 4:01PM Like  Reply
- valj84DisneyAddict   107.8 #3332 3-21-15 4:28PM Like  Reply
Agree!  The meatballs are terrific!  πŸ˜‹ - redsoxcarlos   1571.3 #92 3-21-15 4:37PM Like  Reply