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206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-5-14 9:39PM
My sister loves calling me a dork. I have a love for Disney and I was born in 1995. =)
Wednesday848 was taken :( - tuesday737  1235.0 #92 1-5-14 8:15PM Like(3)  Reply
I eat rocks - Philliprocks  647.1 #227 1-5-14 10:09PM Like(3)  Reply
Dork!😽 - PrincessDaisy  238.2 #1325 1-6-14 12:36AM
I thought you just go kick rocks..... - DarthSkellington  6.2 #12174 1-6-14 9:36AM
Mine is the name of engine 1 on the Disneyland Railroad.   - ckholliday  245.9 #1230 1-6-14 10:01AM Like  Reply
My father owned a business manufacturing airplane parts, his name was Carmine.. and this was the first name he used for his company ( it was later changed )  - carminaire  455.6 #379 1-6-14 10:24AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 11-30-13 4:51PM
Purchasing them in person is better in my opinion. 
Purchasing them in person is better in my opinion.  - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 11-30-13 4:51PM Like  Reply
I agree, it also eliminates the worry that the passes might not arrive on time for your trip.  - Donaldfan_532  229.2 #1445 11-30-13 6:43PM
Either way works. - sawman911  578.3 #266 11-30-13 5:57PM Like  Reply
Kiosk, definitely!!! Renewing and purchasing online has always posed problems for me. Even the CMs at the kiosks recommend going there instead of online. Have fun!!! ✨ - sarahnimal  220.4 #1549 11-30-13 6:57PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone! - jnshenry01  9.1 #9124 11-30-13 8:28PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 11-30-13 5:02PM
Please add me. I live 41.2 miles from the Disneyland Resort. I cannot remember the last time I went to the parks. Hopefully I'll be back soon rather than later.  Thanks!
We are 1,060 miles from Disneyland. Our last trip was August 5th but I've never been during the most wonderful time of the year! - MerryUnbirthday  30.1 #5048 11-30-13 10:12AM Like  Reply
Added. Good luck to you.  - antetr95  1238.2 #91 11-30-13 1:59PM
So nice of you! Please add me for the first to respond if that's allowed :) I am lucky enough to go several times a year. Thank you!!! - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor  317.2 #685 11-30-13 4:00PM Like  Reply
Yes it is allowed and still up for grabs.  - antetr95  1238.2 #91 11-30-13 7:56PM
Please add me. I live 41.2 miles from the Disneyland Resort. I cannot remember the last time I went to the parks. Hopefully I'll be back soon rather than later.  Thanks! - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 11-30-13 5:02PM Like  Reply
Added - antetr95  1238.2 #91 11-30-13 10:55PM
Last call for the RAK tonight  - antetr95  1238.2 #91 12-1-13 10:12AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 10-13-13 1:56PM
Please add me for Mike. Thank you! =]
Pretty cool.  Are you using a button, "monkey fist", or buckle?  I've made 6 for autism awareness for fellow MWers and I just ask their wrist size before I start weaving... - BombFrog  566.7 #274 10-12-13 3:16PM Like(2)  Reply
I used a buckle, I think it keeps it more low profile. I was going to contact the winner to get their wrist size before I made it...   - JumbaJookiba  230.3 #1428 10-12-13 3:53PM
I still wear the OD green bracelet I made with a DCU BDU button back in 2007.  I just recently started using buckles myself this year...  - BombFrog  566.7 #274 10-12-13 3:58PM
Oh add me for the Sulley one please!!! Thank you!!! - thatgirljenn  506.6 #327 10-12-13 2:42PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for lohofosho for Minnie thank you these are truly amazing! Very talented! - princessb5  156.3 #2423 10-14-13 2:16PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 10-11-13 11:18PM
101 Dalmations, Fox and the Hound, Sword in the Stone, Aristocats, Fantasia, Dumbo. 
everyone that hasn't seen wreck it ralph needs to drop what they're doing and watch it immediately!  - dethrizu  101.6 #3291 10-12-13 1:15AM Like(1)  Reply
Haven't watched monsters university yet... :( mrtooooodles watced Mulan for the first time a few months ago and his favorite Disney song is from that movie and I'll be honest I watched NBC for the first time the night before the Friday the 13th party. There are so many Great movies on here people have to watch, put aside ideas and watch some amazing stories! What a great post. Good one. Love reading these all. Thanks everyone!  - mrandmrstooooodles  37.8 #4625 10-12-13 10:39PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanked by:   robmurow   girl97217   BaronessVonShush   hatgal76   Goodface  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 9-10-13 10:20AM
I hope there's not too many days until my next trip. 
2days just to buy the HM Pieces of history - SafariSkewerJessica  925.9 #141 9-10-13 9:08AM Like(2)  Reply
Lol I'll be there too!  - missariel33  1101.4 #114 9-10-13 11:22AM
I'll be there also. - missmimi90  1310.8 #85 9-10-13 5:45PM
11 days for us!! I am so excited!!!  - mcramos925  359.1 #532 9-10-13 9:10AM Like(2)  Reply
81 one days here...coming up quickly! We've been counting down since 365!  - DisneyDreamer18  178.2 #2095 9-10-13 9:30PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 9-12-13 2:22PM
Please add me. Thank you so much!!
We will be there the same day! Please add me for the first person to reply, thank you! - Geekery  401.4 #460 9-8-13 3:20PM Like(1)  Reply
I loooovvve Mickey! So cute and such a great RaK. Thank you and please add me.  - breathe_in_the_happiness  387.1 #474 9-8-13 4:39PM
Oh please add me!! I share your enthusiasm for Mickey!!! He's the best!! Thank you!!  - thatgirljenn  506.6 #327 9-8-13 11:24AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 9-2-13 6:02PM
Please add me. This is too cute. Thank you so much! 
I adore this!  Please add me, and thank you for this nostalgic RAK! - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 9-2-13 3:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for DisneyDavidEMT! - BombFrog  566.7 #274 9-2-13 5:08PM
Thank you BF, but I think you can only add for yourself.  Very kind of you though!! (And ps, loving the paracord bracelet!) - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 9-2-13 5:15PM
Great RAK!  Add me please, and thank you! - luvthemouse  130.7 #2798 9-2-13 3:27PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-27-13 7:28PM
You have to have 25 points.
You have to have 25 points. - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 8-27-13 7:28PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-26-13 6:42PM
Congrats!! =D
Yay!! CongratsπŸŽ‰ - CinderellE-79  843.6 #159 8-26-13 9:05AM Like  Reply
Congrats! - AshtonLeigh  303.7 #752 8-26-13 9:17AM Like  Reply
Holy moly!!!! Im beyond excited! Thank you so much!!!! I am going to cherish this so much big big big THANK YOU!!!! I will DM you  - BrinnieMouse182  170.8 #2202 8-27-13 8:00PM Like  Reply
Yay! Your welcome! Sent you a DM backπŸ˜„ - ElectricMayhemMom  633.9 #233 8-27-13 8:15PM
Congrats! - hatgal76  383.8 #482 8-27-13 8:07PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-25-13 12:45PM
Happy Birthday! =D
Happy birthday Jessica!!! - sultan  33.3 #4850 8-25-13 11:34AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday!  I'm not there but Hi and have fun!! - MabelMouse  50.6 #4169 8-25-13 11:35AM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday! - MXPrincess399  627.9 #236 8-26-13 1:28PM Like  Reply
πŸŽ‰Happy b-day! - piratelife4me  650.6 #224 8-26-13 1:32PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-25-13 12:41PM
Please add me. Thank you so much! 
I love Disney Trivia! Please add me....maybe this would help my Trivilator game!  πŸ˜œ - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 8-25-13 3:15PM Like(1)  Reply
See my comment below!  - mickeyat78  1075.7 #118 8-27-13 5:48PM
Wow great RAK! Please add me,i love books like this. Thank. - TrampsLady  1507.3 #73 8-25-13 11:06AM Like  Reply
Please add me for TrampsLady! Thanks - DisneyFreak05  424.5 #424 8-25-13 11:10AM
Add me please and thank you! - PamPam82  29.6 #5074 8-27-13 6:04PM Like  Reply
Please add me thanks - DSNYCheeks3  842.0 #160 8-27-13 9:09PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-24-13 9:04PM
Please add me. I've been wanting to go to D23 for forever! Hopefully I'll get a chance one day. Thank you so much! =D
No need to add just wanted say what a really cool RAK!  - dumbbunny  602.0 #255 8-24-13 7:17PM Like  Reply
Pretty please add me!! My job is getting the way of all my Disney fun so I missed D23 and everything else lately - Deltachiq  1172.5 #99 8-24-13 7:19PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I can sadly say I didn't know what D23 was until after the convention.  - wickedlyraven.  408.2 #451 8-29-13 12:11PM Like  Reply
PLEASE add me for this. I am so extremely disappointed I wasn't able to attend (I work call hours at a hospital and was super duper busy for the duration of the event), and imagine my increased level of disappointment when I learned there was a tribute to my favorite attraction... JOURNEY to IMAGINATION *WITH* Dreamfinder. Please add me so I can take home even just a little bit of the magic of the D23 experience :) - TaraInDisneyland  25.2 #5440 8-29-13 12:17PM Like  Reply
Also, thank you for the opportunity and sharing your beautiful pin with the community!!!! - TaraInDisneyland  25.2 #5440 8-29-13 12:18PM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-26-13 1:55PM
Congrats on making it to 200! Please add me for Monsters University. Thank you so much! 
Please add me for lilmisspixie84 for the Monsters inc. thank you and congrats!!  - princessb5  156.3 #2423 8-23-13 12:41PM Like  Reply
Add me for the Planes. My mini would love it. - DLKenCA  1195.0 #97 8-23-13 12:46PM Like  Reply
Please add me for DLKenCA for his mini for Planes...cute RAK and congrats on 200!!! - goofymom2boys  1372.6 #81 8-23-13 1:03PM
Will end RAK tomm at 2 instead. - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  493.6 #340 8-27-13 11:15AM Like  Reply
Add me for Monsters please. Thank you  - thatgirljenn  506.6 #327 8-27-13 12:07PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-22-13 12:07PM
Please add me. Thank you so much!!
This is my favorite Mickey! Retro themed Disney is the best!! Please add me. Thank you!! - MamaRoo  466.4 #367 8-22-13 11:24AM Like(2)  Reply
Please add me for MamaRoo!  Thank you so much! - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 8-22-13 2:55PM
Please add me for MamaRoo, thank you. - BombFrog  566.7 #274 8-22-13 6:00PM
Please add me for my best friends son who has autism and the train and Mickey are his favorite.  This is best of both worlds.  Thank you so much.  - Tinkerbellmom4  397.1 #466 8-24-13 10:40AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me,thanks!!!! - bonedaddy909  942.5 #139 8-24-13 8:16AM Like  Reply
This RAK is closed...sorry picking the winner will be a little delayed but it will get it done as soon as I can! Thanks for understanding! - ElectricMayhemMom  633.9 #233 8-25-13 12:27PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-16-13 12:39PM
During Gradnite I was the tour guide for a big group of friends haha.
My entire family. Sometimes their eyes just glaze over because it's too much for them. LOL - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 8-16-13 12:14PM Like(4)  Reply
Right!! Haha people give me such weird looks!! And then they see my house...everyone says its like a mini Disneyland!! Haha - GitsieMouse  257.4 #1116 8-16-13 2:41PM
I Call MrsSchnooks My Personal Plaid! Lol....I Would Have Been Lost Without Her! - emilizle  314.4 #702 8-16-13 3:12PM
ALL the time! But I don't mind. I want everyone to have a magical time - eviljules  463.4 #369 8-16-13 12:13PM Like  Reply
Oh I don't mind at all!! I love talking about it haha - GitsieMouse  257.4 #1116 8-16-13 2:42PM
Everyone at school and my family asks me all the time!!! I love it !!! - BubbaLoo  869.2 #154 8-19-13 6:38PM Like  Reply
YES!! And I'm also the person to let them know about events such as the long lost characters for example. I'm the disnerd of the group! AND PROUD! - checkmarkdheart  6.8 #11230 8-19-13 6:59PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   SaVilla   SacTownzSultan   BombFrog-formerCM  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 8-15-13 5:37PM
Tarzan is my favorite Disney guy! And I've always wanted to meet Meg and Hercules. Hopefully I get the chance to see them!
Yay Jiminy Cricket!!!! - missmimi90  1310.8 #85 8-15-13 3:18PM Like(4)  Reply
That's who I want to see! - BombFrog  566.7 #274 8-15-13 3:22PM
Yeah definitely. I have met Hercules already so that's whatever to me lol. Tarzan is interesting and Merlin I feel should still be an in park character. - missmimi90  1310.8 #85 8-15-13 3:26PM
HERCULES AND MEGARA - nicoleface  1746.3 #63 8-15-13 3:32PM Like(3)  Reply
My OTP - rbeezy  699.0 #197 8-15-13 4:13PM
OTP 5eva (dat meen moar den 4eva) - nicoleface  1746.3 #63 8-15-13 4:18PM
MEG! - OhanaPhoto  2912.4 #29 8-16-13 10:27AM Like  Reply
How long does this event last? I'll be in Disneyland in 18 days.... Hoping it will still be going on when we get there... - sparkleally29  8.4 #9635 8-16-13 10:34AM Like  Reply
One week. August 19th through the 25th - RickChavez  3147.9 #25 8-16-13 10:38AM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 4-18-13 2:49PM
It was like this yesterday also! It was great! Haha
Oh hey there's bricks under all those crowds :) - ribidib  816.5 #168 4-18-13 2:52PM Like(4)  Reply
It was like this yesterday also! It was great! Haha - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 4-18-13 2:49PM Like  Reply
Oh how I would love to be there! - BriarBeauty  104.2 #3255 4-18-13 7:48PM Like  Reply
Nice!!! I'll be there Monday and Tuesday!! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1023.8 #128 4-18-13 8:48PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 4-17-13 5:46PM
Please add me. I would LOVE to have Autopia in my backyard! Thank you! =D
Add me for my mini please! And I would like to have the Dole Whip stand in my backyard. - LittleAprilShowers  547.3 #288 4-17-13 6:33PM Like(1)  Reply
Awesome RAK! I would love to have the Jungle Cruise! I could see it now all tropical and cool in AZ. And the cruise ends at Trader Sams for tiki drinks. Think about that meet up. Thank you! - AZDisney  587.0 #262 4-17-13 10:09PM Like(1)  Reply
Buummmppp--RAK ends tomorrow. - BrerRabbit  305.0 #749 4-20-13 11:09PM Like  Reply
Pleasr add me for injoynsorrow. She would love to have this. I would want to have star tours and always go to HOTH. My favorite place in the galaxy. - dmanzo425  314.9 #700 4-20-13 11:22PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 4-9-13 4:51PM
Please add me for The Little Mermaid. Thank you! =D
Add me please for The Little Mermaid. That way I can sing along with it really loud and embarrass my son. Thank you. - aidensmama  340.1 #583 4-9-13 9:42PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for Aidensmama! - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 4-10-13 10:47PM
Thank you, David. :) - aidensmama  340.1 #583 4-11-13 8:42PM
No need to add me but very cool rak! :) - misseeyore  537.9 #294 4-9-13 4:40PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much. I can't wait to listen to it! - SBsnowwhite  486.2 #349 4-12-13 5:04PM Like  Reply
Congrats winners - chadwick  90.8 #3429 4-12-13 5:14PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 4-7-13 10:04AM
Tiana and Naveen!😍 We could sing and dance around the park and eat beignets!
Mickey Mouse! Always wanted pictures with him on matterhorn like in "that thing you do" that would be awesome! - Mickeymouse28  367.1 #515 4-7-13 9:08AM Like(3)  Reply
I would spend my day with Princess Aurora. We would go on all the rides and try to find me my Prince Phillip! - letsrckthis  161.5 #2339 4-7-13 8:05AM Like(1)  Reply
The puppies from 101 Dalmatians...all 101 of them! We'd spend the day frolicking through the park! πŸ˜‰ - GrimGrinningAmanda  448.1 #389 4-7-13 10:07AM Like(1)  Reply
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider! - EmEJohnson  176.7 #2114 4-7-13 10:24AM Like(1)  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 4-4-13 4:43PM
Please add me. My favorite Character is Captain Hook. He's not really a intimidating villan in my opinion, he's more entertaining than frightening. It always cracks me up when he freaks out when that ticking gator comes around. Thank you!  More...
How cute!! Please add me for AvidDisneyThrifter220...she loves Peter Pan. Wendy is my cousin was named after her :) Thank you! :) - MissAmericaSings  341.5 #577 4-4-13 6:34PM Like(1)  Reply
Hehe aww thank you!! - AvidDisneyThrifter220  1265.9 #88 4-4-13 10:22PM
So cute!! add me please, my fav character is Wendy because I always felt special that she had the same name as me, thank you! Great RAK! - wendytink  330.8 #620 4-4-13 4:06PM Like  Reply
Add me for wendytink. I love the movie, my fave character is Smee. Thank you! - evilqueensmistress  285.1 #860 4-4-13 4:18PM
Please also add me for WendyTink - Belleslibrary  341.1 #580 4-4-13 6:35PM
Please add me. My favorite character is the CROCODILE! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1023.8 #128 4-6-13 7:59AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 4-4-13 4:45PM
She looks so fierce!
Tagged in: Characters  
She looks like she needs a juice box and a hug. - MimiMouse  1022.3 #129 4-4-13 2:28PM Like(1)  Reply
that sounds like a job for lilmimi. - vincentchase1  672.6 #216 4-4-13 2:34PM
Apple juice? - bluefairy  642.1 #229 4-4-13 4:17PM
I doubt we will ever see with greeneyes, our resident EVilQueen, unless we serve coffee, and hand out sunflowers. Aw adfhthvhuittyghjliy. If we ever did it would be a cute pic that my boys would love - Villescas8  599.9 #257 4-6-13 9:49PM Like(1)  Reply
That's my girl... Love it!!! 😈 - wicked50  102.2 #3284 4-6-13 9:33PM Like  Reply
Her eye brows are amazing!!!! - Belleslibrary  341.1 #580 4-6-13 9:43PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 4-2-13 3:38PM
Please add me. I don't remember what my first trip was like because I was very young but I went with people who are very dear to my heart for one of their birthdays. I must've had a great time since I've been going to the parks often ever  More...
please add me for evil jules , my first memory i was about 7 yrs and growing up in a poor home so Disneyland was out of reach for our family. My 5th grade teacher Ms.House had a contest in class and three winners would get to go with her to Disneyland. well it was an essay about your favorite cartoon, memory ,and the class voted for the top three and I won, could it be cause I wrote about chip n dales rescue rangers.I had a wonderful time even though it was a short trip and yes it was a different time where people could be trusted a little more but i had a great time - pikarich  1856.1 #60 4-2-13 9:34AM Like(5)  Reply
That was beautiful Pikarich!! Thank you for sharing a sweet memory with me! - PixiePirateMaid  280.6 #893 4-2-13 10:12AM
Thank you Pikarich πŸ˜ƒthat's so thoughtful - eviljules  463.4 #369 4-2-13 11:08AM
What an incredible RAK! Please add me! My earliest memory of Disneyland was when I was seven months old and my mom held me up on King Arthur's carousel. I remember Loving it, and that feeling has stuck with me ever since. Whenever I go to Disneyland I always ride the carousel and think of my mom. Even though she can't always be with me there in person she's always there with me in spirit, and I think that is really what Disney magic is all about! - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 4-2-13 9:31PM Like(5)  Reply
What a beautiful memory!! 😒 I have many very happy memories of trips with my mom too, that I hold on too. - PixiePirateMaid  280.6 #893 4-2-13 11:22PM
Please add me for DisneyDavidEMT. My first memory of Disneyland was trying to figure out what the ticket book was for and then what rides I wanted to use them for. Really did not matter since my father picked which rides we were going on lol. I was about 6 or 7. - friendlymouse  670.7 #218 4-3-13 6:29PM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-28-13 5:36PM
That's just too many people, I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself because people get crazy!
They should just walk it will be much faster. Laziness - HanLostLeia  1096.2 #115 3-28-13 5:35PM Like(1)  Reply
Nooooo. Then again, I'm flying to Memphis tomorrow to ride the riverboat to New Orleans... - ThatDoleWhipKimberly  373.6 #501 3-28-13 5:33PM Like  Reply
Please don't sit on the rails - Chumash28  909.3 #146 3-28-13 7:15PM Like  Reply
Hello Spring Break 2013!! - CourtyAstroBlisters  627.2 #240 3-28-13 7:19PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   ThatKimberly   MrMom626   Admin  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-28-13 5:38PM
Please add me. Thank you! =D
Save me two. Ill be there tomorrow lol. Just kidding. - wickedlyraven.  408.2 #451 3-27-13 7:20PM Like  Reply
Please add me, need the BVB!!! Thanks - VADERonSOARIN  540.4 #291 3-27-13 8:36PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much !!! I am so excited ! My kiddos are excited too ! Thanks BD πŸ˜ƒ Ill DM you my info 😊 - eviljules  463.4 #369 3-31-13 2:44PM Like  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank you so much. I will send you my info. - mamamouse22  26.4 #5309 4-1-13 4:03PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   HBMom   Princess Daisy   DisneyDork95   eviljules  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-26-13 8:22PM
Please add me. I have a huge Disney collection. I sadly haven't been to any major events at Disneyland (I really wanted to go to the park on its 50th birthday but i couldnt make it =) but I love when they transform the parks during diffe  More...
Add me please!!! My favorite was one more disney day! 24 hours straight at Disneyland even with the crowds was awesome. Very very kind of you. - Mickeymouse28  367.1 #515 3-26-13 4:38PM Like  Reply
No need to add me...but wow! that is awesome. I'm sure someone would love these!!! - MrMOMzers  4434.4 #16 3-26-13 4:38PM Like  Reply
I was going to throw them out, so I really hope someone can use them. They are all duplicates of what I have. Thanks! - snowwannab  662.3 #220 3-26-13 4:42PM
RAK closed Sunday. Winner was announced on another post. Congrats to shadowgamer and all of you that entered. - snowwannab  662.3 #220 4-2-13 5:01PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-28-13 5:44PM
Please add me. I love going with my friends to the park; we have such a great time and have made so many awesome memories. We always agree on what to ride and what to do and when to do it. Thank you! =D
Please add me. Nothing better than spending park time with my two incredible daughters. Close second, spent the weekend in the parks with twelve family members. Thanks - sewedna  209.2 #1702 3-26-13 4:23PM Like  Reply
What an adorable bag! No need to add me as I will be in the parks next week! Thank you for such a generous RaK! - MeridaFan  2820.0 #30 3-26-13 4:27PM Like  Reply
Goofy mama and disney dork I'm so sorry this ended in the 27 at 8:00 pm and mom of 2 Pirates won . Sorry 😞 - PINKPIRATEPRINCESS  116.4 #3043 3-29-13 12:57PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Hendizl   princessb5   meridafan   ShariRenee   Witchie77   DisneyDork95  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-26-13 11:02AM
Thats so hard! Part of Your World, Go the Distance and Two Worlds. But I love all the Disney songs.=]
Boyz in the Hood, Regulate, call me maybe. - vincentchase1  672.6 #216 3-26-13 11:01AM Like(1)  Reply
I myself like A few from snoop dog, and Dr Dre - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 3-26-13 12:19PM
Bare Necessities, I wanna be like you, Colonel Hathi's March. - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 3-26-13 10:56AM Like  Reply
Part of your world!! Ariel singing it always gets me to sing along - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 3-26-13 12:20PM Like  Reply
Kim possible theme song and uh....? Haha. I have a lot - Picklez  29.8 #5060 3-26-13 12:21PM Like  Reply
And hawaiian roller coaster ride - Picklez  29.8 #5060 3-26-13 12:32PM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-26-13 10:10PM
Please add me. My favorite character is Charlotte from Princess and the Frog and my favorite color is pink! Thank You! =D
Can I have an h pat - tcmendo  176.9 #2112 3-25-13 10:45PM Like(6)  Reply
took me a second and I figured that out!! It happens! - secretagentangel  1160.4 #100 3-25-13 10:55PM
Omg!!! I'm sorry... I'll fix it right now - sluvsm14  18.9 #6168 3-25-13 11:16PM Like(1)  Reply
This is great work. Thank you for the RAK add me please Mickey is my favorite and Red - QueenBella  157.1 #2409 3-29-13 9:00AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-21-13 8:42PM
Please add me. This is too cute! Thank you! =D
Add me please and thank you! Very cute necklace, and I love this movie! - MousekaNinja  414.7 #442 3-21-13 8:33PM Like  Reply
Add me please! Its beautiful - MrsKeyMe  12.2 #7681 3-21-13 8:34PM Like  Reply
And thanks for all the congrats! The people on this app make me all smiley and get warm fuzzies. 😊 - MousekaNinja  414.7 #442 3-25-13 10:16PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-18-13 3:58PM
Nice to meet you! Haha please add me. Thank you! =D
Great RAK no need to add me just wanted to say cool Pens. - HanLostLeia  1096.2 #115 3-18-13 3:44PM Like  Reply
Nice to meet you! Haha please add me. Thank you! =D - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 3-18-13 3:58PM Like  Reply
Add me!! Those pens are so cool and I am new like you too πŸ˜› - BlackPearl13  32.7 #4879 3-19-13 12:39PM Like  Reply
Add me please thank you - Disney4life  55.6 #4037 3-20-13 1:23AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-17-13 10:05PM
Where is this?
Stitchs feet seem disproportionate to his head! Lol - Picklez  29.8 #5060 3-17-13 8:59PM Like  Reply
So true!!...kinda scary! - GusRichiesMan  111.1 #3142 3-17-13 9:54PM Like  Reply
Where is this? - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 3-17-13 10:05PM Like  Reply
This is at the private meet and greet for Disney visa card holder!!! - GusRichiesMan  111.1 #3142 3-17-13 10:07PM
Thanked by:   meridafan  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-17-13 3:51PM
Congrats on all you March accomplishments! My favorite adventure was trying to find as many hidden Mickeys as I could with my two friends. We got help and advice from other people and shared what we knew also. We were pretty successful an  More...
My favorite adventure was getting to meet a cast member from Big Brother in the park. My lucky number is 11 and would love the zebra print for my mini who is in love with zebras, she cried on the jungle cruise as the lions were watching the zebra "sleep". - BelleLuvr  280.8 #889 3-17-13 12:13PM Like  Reply
Animal print lovers.. One more. - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}  544.4 #289 3-17-13 2:15PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much!!! - BelleLuvr  280.8 #889 3-18-13 6:31PM Like  Reply
Thank you!!!! I will DM you!! How awesome!! - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 3-18-13 6:47PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-16-13 7:46PM
Please add me. Thank you! =]
Add me for that girl that likes monsters please. What's her name? Oh yeah, armenda. Thank you - Philliprocks  647.1 #227 3-16-13 8:39PM Like(1)  Reply
That crazed monster girl. I don't know about her sometimes. 😜 - wickedlyraven.   408.2 #451 3-16-13 8:43PM
LOL!! Thanks WristbandMan! - Armenda  1116.3 #107 3-17-13 11:47AM
******No need to add me, just wanted to say, that this is very nice of you, love these pictures, especially the Monster's University! πŸ€Good luck πŸ€to all that enter! - MadameLeota  1438.8 #78 3-17-13 1:32AM Like(1)  Reply
I have a set of these already, so add me for Armenda, please! Thanks! - JustCantWait  1109.3 #110 3-17-13 10:56PM Like  Reply
Bump. RAK closes tomorrow afternoon :) - lohofosho  777.8 #180 3-20-13 8:04PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-16-13 8:02PM
Please add me. My favorite memory of Disneyland is going with my two sisters and do everything we wanted to do that we hadn't before. I don't know what made that day so special because we go all the time but it was just a smooth, easy, fu  More...
Add me please. My favorite memory of Disneyland is being there for my 12th birthday many years ago. It was also Mardi gras that day and the cm were handing out beads to guests and since i had a birthday pin cm gave me extra beads. I ended up going home with 25 of them and still have them to this day. Thank you. - rachelelizabeth  189.0 #1946 3-16-13 6:09PM Like(1)  Reply
That's awesome! - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 3-16-13 7:56PM
Are you kidding me...what a GREAT RAK! Please add me. My favorite memory of Disneyland is when my son met his BFF Mickey for the 1st time. He was 2.5 years old and it was his first time at Disneyland and his first time meeting Mickey. When it was his turn, he ran up to Mickey and grabbed his nose. They held hands, hugged and my little guy squealed with delight. As he was walking away, he was jumping up and down saying, "That was a nice Mickey" over and over. Luckily, we got it all on video. I was crying watching the pure joy that was on his face. I have been to Disneyland many times and that moment still remains my absolute favorite. Thank you for this amazing and generous RAK! - goofymom2boys  1372.6 #81 3-16-13 6:13PM Like(1)  Reply
awww, got me all teary eyed. Great memory! - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 3-16-13 7:56PM
please add me. I have soo many memories...I do like the first time I ever bought a park pass which was in 1993 and I took my son (age 3). he was just diagnosed with autism and I was going to use Disneyland to help with his speech and social skills. He really liked the fast rides early on and the first time I took him on splash mountian, I actually bought the picture. My little guy was up front between my knees with an ear to ear grin. He did not need to say anything at all. We had a normal moment in spite of the autism. As always, a day at disney is always a great day. - Plumiegirl  6774.6 #3 3-23-13 11:33AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-15-13 5:44PM
Pleas add me. I would bring back Walt Disney. Thank you so much! =]
I would bring back Walt Disney. - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 3-15-13 3:28PM Like(6)  Reply
He was a ride? 😳 Just kidding, I know what you mean...and brilliant idea! - NotNKansasAnymor  204.9 #1757 3-15-13 3:42PM
She did not say ride. But maybe that was implied. - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 3-15-13 4:21PM
Okay, one of the BEST RAK'S ever! Please add me! I would bring back the people-mover...AND I would bring back the politically incorrect pirates chasing the women on POTC! - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 3-15-13 3:32PM Like(4)  Reply
^^Yes! Politically incorrect, but historically accurate! Why do we hide our children from the truth?! LOL πŸ˜‰ - NotNKansasAnymor  204.9 #1757 3-15-13 3:40PM
Haha. I want the pirate changing switched back too πŸ˜‚ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3586.6 #22 3-16-13 11:28PM
Please add me re add the pirate boat in fantasyland I used to have so much fun on it when I was little - sctoaonk75  274.1 #955 3-17-13 10:22PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-15-13 7:10PM
Please add me. My favorite princess is Rapunzel because I'm sort of like her in the sense that I love adventure and there is a whole world out there that I wanna see. I'm waiting for my life to begin. =] Thank you!
Ok, so DisneyDork95 and aidensmama DM me your mailing address and I will send these out! - HarvesterProducts  197.6 #1854 3-18-13 8:21AM Like(1)  Reply
Awesome. Just sent you my info. :) - aidensmama  340.1 #583 3-18-13 8:36AM
Please add me. My favorite princess is Rapunzel because I'm sort of like her in the sense that I love adventure and there is a whole world out there that I wanna see. I'm waiting for my life to begin. =] Thank you! - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 3-15-13 7:10PM Like  Reply
Add me please. My favorite princess is Rapunzel because she is strong and doesn't take any bull. Thank you. - aidensmama  340.1 #583 3-17-13 4:22PM Like  Reply
DisneyDork95 I need your shipping info - please DM me :) - HarvesterProducts  197.6 #1854 3-20-13 1:03AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-13-13 6:13PM
Please add me. My favorite thing about Disneyland is just the overall atmosphere. So many smiles, lots of happiness, friendly people and great CMs (in costume or not). Thank you! =D
Better late than never! Winner is SBsnowhite! Please DM me your info! - GrimGrinningAmanda  448.1 #389 4-7-13 5:34AM Like(2)  Reply
Great RAK please add me for whoever comments below. My favorite part of Disneyland is how much it brings families together - spaceranger916  342.8 #573 3-13-13 10:01AM Like  Reply
Ohhh me please! Thanks - beautyandherbeast  24.9 #5465 3-13-13 10:07AM
Me please!! - PinkMinnie  176.9 #2111 3-13-13 10:08AM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-8-13 6:45PM
Please add me. Thank you so much! =]
Oh please add me. I have yet to make it over to WDW but I'm truly waiting patiently to go. I purposely have the other app just to look at the amazing pictures. :) Thank you kindly - wickedlyraven.  408.2 #451 3-8-13 6:09PM Like  Reply
add me please!!! - ericuhhhh  28.1 #5174 3-8-13 6:20PM Like  Reply
Oh Yay!!! - Witchie77  315.8 #697 3-12-13 6:07PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners. - wickedlyraven.  408.2 #451 3-12-13 6:11PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-5-13 4:46PM
Please add me. Thank you!
Just wanted to say the bow is adorable and you are awesome! - RCmom  4633.0 #15 3-5-13 4:40PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you! Ditto! Pssss...Kynzie is getting her box ready for Rylee. We'll send it out tomorrow. ;) - moomooluvr  291.4 #824 3-5-13 4:47PM
You are soo sweet! She's already asked when they will see each other again. DM me and I'll give you my # so you can let me know what you want on your necklaces. - RCmom  4633.0 #15 3-5-13 4:54PM
This is cute please add me for the first person to respond. Thank you - chipanddalefan  704.9 #196 3-5-13 4:17PM Like  Reply
Me please. - aidensmama  340.1 #583 3-5-13 4:21PM
Thank you. :) - aidensmama  340.1 #583 3-5-13 4:22PM
Bump for any last minute entries. - moomooluvr  291.4 #824 3-8-13 10:48AM Like  Reply
please add me - twistedprincess13  142.9 #2617 3-8-13 10:50AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 3-5-13 7:13PM
I see the Imagineer, Belle and her prince, Peter Pan, Mr. Smee, one of the dwarves, Eugene, the Evil Queen, Geppetto, one of the Italian men from Lady and the Tramp, and I think Gaston.. =]
Crowd lady? - BooEve123  800.9 #170 3-5-13 3:23PM Like(5)  Reply
So that's where she's been hiding lol - spaceranger916  342.8 #573 3-5-13 3:32PM
She's sooo colorful!! - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 3-5-13 3:34PM
Apparently every Disney character. Who do YOU see? - Bambi.  602.2 #254 3-5-13 6:32PM Like(3)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Miss-E-Mouse  1290.5 #87 3-5-13 6:34PM
Mr smee and snow - elidina29  48.0 #4245 3-5-13 9:59PM Like  Reply
Cinderella's Step-Mother? - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 3-5-13 10:23PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 2-13-13 6:43PM
He's not a Prince but John Smith 😍
hmmm Tarzan, two words, lion cloth - BooEve123  800.9 #170 2-13-13 5:01PM Like(7)  Reply
I'm so glad I got pics with Tarzan when he was in the parks. I really need to find those! - LilSterner  4140.9 #19 2-13-13 5:20PM
Although I don't think he's considered a prince so that doesn't really answer the question πŸ˜‚ - LilSterner  4140.9 #19 2-13-13 5:21PM
Either Prince Erick or Eugene from Rapunzel. - SafariSkewerJessica  925.9 #141 2-13-13 5:02PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanked by:   PixiPirateMaid  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 2-9-13 5:51PM
Please add me. Thank you! =D
Tagged in: RAK  
I have this and it's prob my favorite Disney DVD!!! Please add me for MadameLeota!! Thanks!! - caramiapoohAKAface  2708.2 #32 2-9-13 10:19PM Like(2)  Reply
*****Awww, thank you Face!☺ - MadameLeota  1438.8 #78 2-9-13 10:38PM
Add me please and thanks! - iamdugsmaster  878.3 #151 2-9-13 4:52PM Like(1)  Reply
Silly question, how do you tag posts? I've seen Food, Celebrities and now RAK. I did a RAK last week. I want to put it in the right spot - FairyGrandmother  208.0 #1717 2-11-13 3:52PM Like  Reply
Certain people appointed by Admin can tag things. - MEHlanie_Mouse  1113.8 #108 2-11-13 3:58PM
Wow, that is awesome, add me please....thank you! - CVDisneyland  279.3 #901 2-11-13 3:56PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 2-9-13 8:12PM
Please add me. I don't really have a Disney secret but my favorite is about the Smellitzer. I love the different smells of Disneyland. Thank you! =D
Cute. iPhone 3/4/4s or 5?? - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3139.9 #26 2-9-13 1:30PM Like  Reply
Its for an Iphone 4 - lina1990  123.0 #2916 2-9-13 3:31PM
no need to add. such a cute rak!!! good luck everyone! - OhanaPhoto  2912.4 #29 2-9-13 5:32PM Like  Reply
I'm so sorry, I had thought I deleted this post & have been very busy. Anyways, this RAK is still going on, the winner will be announced March 30, 2013 at Midnight. Good luck.😊 - lina1990  123.0 #2916 3-2-13 9:42PM Like  Reply
hi Lina- you can make the RAK end in a few days or a week. I think sometimes when a RAK is date is far out, people may forget. It's very cute :) - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3139.9 #26 3-2-13 9:47PM
I think your right, i might end it in a few days. - lina1990  123.0 #2916 3-3-13 9:36PM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 2-6-13 6:47PM
I sooooo want one of those right now!
yummy wish i could get one - CM_Tinkerbells_Man  2506.1 #38 2-6-13 6:38PM Like(1)  Reply
Maybe she can bibbity bobbity boo one over to us since she's the fairygrandmother! - LilMissPixie84  309.2 #722 2-6-13 6:42PM
Your not being very nice tonight, lol showing is all those treats! How I long for Disneyland treats! πŸ˜‹ - LilMissPixie84  309.2 #722 2-6-13 6:41PM Like(1)  Reply
Mmmmm! These look so good! - DisLUVney  510.6 #322 2-6-13 6:42PM Like  Reply
I sooooo want one of those right now! - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 2-6-13 6:47PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 2-6-13 5:20PM
Yes, it was pretty cool
I would just like to add that not every post needs a picture. I haven't seen the video though! :) - BrerRabbit  305.0 #749 2-6-13 5:21PM Like(3)  Reply
What s the name of the video on you tube? Thanks. I would love to see it. - woofman62  144.4 #2597 2-6-13 6:40PM
I took the picture today and wanted to share, didn't know I was bothering anyone with pics. Thanks for the notice. - rzurborg  9.7 #8765 2-6-13 8:25PM
If anyone wants to see it search MrsStrawberryguy post a while back. Or you can Youtube it, it was a pretty cool video. - mini_MINNIE  852.6 #156 2-6-13 6:26PM Like(1)  Reply
I just watched it and giggled the whole way through. I had headphones on listening to the audio and my family thought I was crazy. - chelebee  297.3 #787 2-7-13 7:51PM Like  Reply
I watched it earlier, I thought it was very creative. Personally, I find Nicki Minaj much scarier than that video. 😁 - nerdgirl  82.4 #3544 2-7-13 8:00PM Like  Reply
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206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 2-3-13 5:55PM
He looks like he can't wait for someone to fall for it xD
That cheesy grin..."huh, what's not mine" - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 2-3-13 5:36PM Like  Reply
Ahahahahaha - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3139.9 #26 2-3-13 5:37PM
Is there a little string he's holding? - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3139.9 #26 2-3-13 5:37PM Like  Reply
I think so and when someone reaches for it, it retracts to him quickly! Lots of laughs!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 2-3-13 5:48PM
Yes and when he lets go of the button it spring in to him. Very fun - rob2240  781.7 #176 2-3-13 5:50PM
How fun! Love that smile! - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 2-3-13 5:49PM Like  Reply
He looks like he can't wait for someone to fall for it xD - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 2-3-13 5:55PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 2-2-13 6:46PM
Please add me for the cars one. I'm not entirely sure when my next trip is but I'm hoping it will be very soon. Thank you so much!
Please add me for the cars one for my little one-it would go great with his cars sheets on his crib. Great RAK! Thanks!! - missyandpaul  268.0 #1020 2-2-13 6:18PM Like  Reply
Oh and my next trip will be in 3 or so years :( - missyandpaul  268.0 #1020 2-2-13 6:50PM
Cute! Please add me for the Tinkerbell one. I am hoping to make a visit to the parks on February 10th! Thank you. - IBelieveInFairies  441.8 #401 2-2-13 6:21PM Like  Reply
I will be ther on the 10th as well - DebbyMouse7531  332.6 #19 2-2-13 6:23PM
I love the tink blanket (got her tat on my shoulder) started saving to go back next christmas! - lorelaismom  13.4 #7314 2-6-13 11:43AM Like  Reply
Add me for either please. I have a four year old daughter and a baby boy on the way in April and I can't decide for which one to enter. We should be visiting the parks next week :) thank you. - ForeverLove  143.1 #2615 2-6-13 1:49PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 2-2-13 3:03PM
My favorite too
others dont seem to share that insight - GodOfWine  484.2 #351 2-2-13 1:58PM Like  Reply
My favorite too - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 2-2-13 3:03PM Like  Reply
Ditto. - Bestsource  10.5 #8373 2-2-13 3:16PM Like  Reply
This is gorgeous but I am biased too. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  499.5 #333 2-2-13 3:19PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-31-13 5:56PM
Please add me! Woody is my favorite Disney character. He's such a reliable toy and is always there for the ones he cares about no matter the circumstances. Thank you!
Please add me. It's hard to choose just one character. I love Stitch, but Kusko and Kronk are pretty cool. If I were to win, I would want just one, and please share with 3 other mw'rs. Thanks so much. Awesome RAK. - Sugarbuzz  112.7 #3108 1-31-13 5:53PM Like(2)  Reply
If you win, I'll let you choose the one you want and I'll RAK the next three to the next person on random generator list - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 1-31-13 6:00PM
Thank you again. - Sugarbuzz  112.7 #3108 1-31-13 8:44PM
I love these!! My favorite characters are Donald and Daisy, but Mickey is close behind!!! Please add me, thank you! - hatgal76  383.8 #482 1-31-13 7:43PM Like(1)  Reply
My favorite character is Princess Aurora. Please add me! - letsrckthis  161.5 #2339 2-3-13 10:13PM Like  Reply
Please add me.... Favorite character is pumba! - Dland_guy123  20.9 #5897 2-3-13 11:38PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-29-13 3:04PM
So no recording at all in the parks????
It would be hard for people to be restricted on video recording since it's a place where families can go to have their memories - and they'd want to capture these memories for themselves. They might have an issue with posting them at places like Youtube, etc... but if the guy who filmed the movie without permission makes money, they should just go after him - instead of everyone at the park. - LaTruce  2100.1 #48 1-29-13 3:07PM Like(7)  Reply
Disney lawyers won't allow that guy to make any money off his film. I also heard the film wasn't that good - BaseballMickey_CM  5345.9 #12 1-29-13 3:09PM
I heard it stunk also. - GarnerPhotography  324.7 #648 1-29-13 3:16PM
Do you have a source that you got this info from? - BaseballMickey_CM  5345.9 #12 1-29-13 2:56PM Like(3)  Reply
I'm wondering the same - ScooterMike  1961.3 #52 1-29-13 3:00PM
There is a huge difference in what this guy did compared to what families do when recording their families adventures. He staked out times, places and blocked the shots so that they could be filmed while Disneyland would have no idea and then brought in actors. THEN took it to Sundance. His whole intention was to sneak behind their backs and make the movie. Families enjoy their vacation together are a completely separate thing. I'm sure Disney will make a smart and wise decision in regards to all of this. - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 1-29-13 7:30PM Like  Reply
What about the people/children that were filmed without their knowledge? I heard that they did interact with guests and CMs that weren't actors they brought in. I'm just curious. - kss4tink  217.7 #1587 1-29-13 8:42PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-29-13 3:17PM
Ahh please add me! I don't really eat in NOS so I don't have a favorite, but the Beignets were pretty good. =] Thank you!
Oh cool! I love the mint Julip from the mint Julip bar behind cafe Orleans! Add me please! This is so generous of you! - PrincessDaisy  238.2 #1325 1-29-13 12:58PM Like  Reply
Please add me. My favorite snack are the beignets.Thank you for this generous RAK - RadiatorSprings4Ever  499.5 #333 1-29-13 1:13PM Like  Reply
one more day to enter - stitchohana  113.2 #3096 2-2-13 6:49PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-28-13 7:07PM
Please add me. This is too cute! Thank you!=D
Omg omg love it please add me my youngest don't leave the house without a bow! - lisaw  103.4 #3266 1-28-13 1:40PM Like  Reply
That's how my girls used to be. :( Now it has to be a special occassion. - moomooluvr  291.4 #824 1-28-13 6:07PM
This is adorable! Please add me! Thank you! - PrincessDaisy  238.2 #1325 1-28-13 1:41PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - moomooluvr  291.4 #824 1-28-13 6:07PM
Congrats that's too cute - Disneydork89  30.4 #5024 2-4-13 3:02PM Like  Reply
Oh my gosh!! Thank you!!! I'm DM-ing you now!!!! - GitsieMouse  257.4 #1116 2-6-13 12:54AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   fvbmermaid   D55CR   DisneyDork95   meridafan   princessb5   pinkmonkeys  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-27-13 4:22PM
Please add me for Cinderella. Thank You so much!
Oh man those are pretty! I would like to be added for sleeping beauty please. Thank you for such a neat RAK! - PrincessDaisy  238.2 #1325 1-27-13 3:16PM Like  Reply
You know Angrydonald would really live the jungle book one too! Could I add him too please! - PrincessDaisy  238.2 #1325 1-29-13 8:46AM
If you both want to be entered (you for Sleeping Beauty and AD for Jungle Book) could you have him comment? Or reply to your comment at least. Just so everyone gets one entry? πŸ‘ - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-29-13 10:51AM
No need to add me, I just wanted to say how nice this is of you. They are beautiful. Where did you get these? - DisneyGrandma  571.8 #272 1-27-13 3:21PM Like  Reply
There is a Kinkade gallery nearby (El Cajon) that has all sorts of artwork. There's a wide variety of postcards but so far these are the only Disney ones I've come across. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-27-13 3:26PM
Thanks for the info. These would be great framed. - DisneyGrandma  571.8 #272 1-27-13 3:38PM
RAK is closed. πŸ˜„ - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-31-13 9:09AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-27-13 12:57PM
Please add me. I don't know if it counts as a "snack" but I'm always up for some Ice Cream! =D Thank you!
Add me please! And it's a toss up between the red truck corn dog or a cream cheese pretzel. Yum! - drmwshhrt  19.6 #6075 1-27-13 12:50PM Like  Reply
Add me please!! My snacks are dole whips and popcorn!! :) - GitsieMouse  257.4 #1116 1-27-13 12:56PM Like  Reply
Please add me for PrincessKristin. My favorite is the Mickey pretzel w/cheese and a dill pickle. Thank you! - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #158 2-15-13 10:37AM Like  Reply
Please add me for Experiment 818. My favorite snack is Corn On The Cob. Thank you! - Tweedle_Deedee  228.2 #1455 2-15-13 10:44AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-27-13 10:13AM
I'm experiencing these symptoms.
Please refer to the rules and FAQ. Google pics are not quality content. Thanks! - PrincessKristin  779.8 #179 1-27-13 6:37AM Like(4)  Reply
Don't hate on people that try to relate to u. This person obviously doesn't mean any harm - JoshnSandy  46.6 #4299 1-27-13 9:35AM
She's not hating, 80% of new users need to be pointed in the right direction, it's no biggie. - Linzee  771.4 #182 1-27-13 9:37AM
Your heart was in the right place. Free pass this time. Don't worry too much, the rules get fudged every now and then.Gives people a reason to refer you to the FAQs and Besides eCard or not THIS is totally relatable! - DumboGal70  122.8 #2919 1-27-13 9:22AM Like(4)  Reply
People are who liking this comment, do not google pics to post of you own. Thanks, thanks again. - Krissy Marissy  411.0 #445 1-27-13 10:17AM
Who said I was going to post a googled picture? I liked it because she was kind with her words. Your welcome :) - Mermaidmommy  32.9 #4871 1-27-13 10:32AM
Good grief. Can we just 450 this please? - LBChica  1925.5 #57 1-27-13 10:36AM Like  Reply
Agreed! - Mermaidmommy  32.9 #4871 1-27-13 10:38AM
Thanked by:   Andrie   Disneymother   foundpluto   gabrimic   619HeatherMouse   mauw-mommy  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-26-13 9:18PM
Ahh! You're so lucky! I've been wanting to meet Tiana for such a long time now. To meet her is number one on my to-do list!
That is so awesome. I hope she appreciated your amazing skirt :) - Linzee  771.4 #182 1-26-13 6:09PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you and she did! She always notices all my diff skirts but this one was made especially for this moment. 😊 - StarWarsLove  403.2 #457 1-27-13 12:01PM
Magical memories! Thanks for sharing them with us. =] - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 1-26-13 6:07PM Like  Reply
What an awesome experience. Great pics! - JRDrummer_CM  875.4 #153 1-28-13 9:28PM Like  Reply
Thank you for the quality content! I love this story! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  525.2 #307 1-28-13 10:10PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-26-13 9:11AM
Please add me! "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney Thank you! =D
Please add me. "This is my family.I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good.Yeah, still good."- Stitch.Thank you. - sallyg  226.4 #1477 1-26-13 7:35AM Like(7)  Reply
Nice! Would love one for my daughter. My favorite quote is from A.A. Milne, β€œIf you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 1-26-13 1:37PM Like(1)  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-23-13 10:22PM
Please add me for Sully. I had won a RAK and there were extra goodies along with it and it was so nice! It made my day! Thank you! =]
Please add me for mightywhitey. - madsdad  1748.0 #62 1-23-13 10:16PM Like(2)  Reply
Lol really? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you have to pick one of the 3 for him - dimplesdanie  1072.4 #120 1-23-13 10:29PM
Where is you fave RAK story too funny guy? - dimplesdanie  1072.4 #120 1-24-13 7:17AM
Add me for Sully for Armenda. Probably the greatest RAK was being invited to Club 33 for my 6th year wedding Anniversary and just getting news I'm going back for my 27th birthday :). Also from Mr. Mousestache. I won the iPhone for Scarf and how he surprised W4DE with extra Lady Gaga tickets. - RickChavez  3147.9 #25 1-23-13 10:34PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you!!! #Club33repeatoffender - Armenda  1116.3 #107 1-24-13 7:13AM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-23-13 6:03PM
Please add me! My favorite place to eat is Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta. The food is great and I love the atmosphere. Thank you! =]
Thank you so much!!!! I will DM you my info right now :) - PaintingTheRosesRed  433.9 #411 1-28-13 11:10AM Like(1)  Reply
Congrats! - ShariRenee  3415.2 #24 1-28-13 11:19AM
Thanks, I'll make sure to post a picture next time I'm in the parks :) - PaintingTheRosesRed  433.9 #411 1-28-13 5:04PM
I love the turkey and provolone sandwhich at hungry bear please add me! - excmdlgurl  265.6 #1036 1-22-13 9:05PM Like  Reply
Congrats - cyndaws  253.8 #1149 1-28-13 8:35PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-22-13 7:47PM
Please add me. Thank you!
Oh add me please! Yes I still have a PS2. Thank you! - yellowtonka  241.2 #1292 1-22-13 4:07PM Like  Reply
I like this game add me please - nirvanaboy  44.5 #4357 1-22-13 4:09PM Like  Reply
Please add me! PS2 is the newest game system my poor kids have. lol - jmgphx  323.1 #654 1-23-13 8:50AM Like  Reply
add me for whoever still owns a Ps2 - PrinceTeaJack  908.6 #147 1-23-13 9:16AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-21-13 7:18PM
I just absolutely love the Enchanted Rose necklace ! I'm a big fan of Beauty and the Beast (and your necklaces). I dont usually add myself in your necklace RAKs because I've already won one; but i am just in LOVE with the Rose one. So if  More...
I'm not lucky so can I just order one from you? I love them. I like the classic Minnie & Mickey one - VampJade  20.2 #5978 1-21-13 6:38PM Like(4)  Reply
Please add me for an Ariel one, and if Ariel is not an option then a Sleeping Beauty castle one would be nice :) - CMallyg92  108.7 #3177 1-21-13 6:37PM Like(1)  Reply
If it's not too late, please add me for my daughter. She would love the Minnie. Thank you. - MonLuvsDisney  177.6 #2101 1-24-13 8:01AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-20-13 8:09PM
Oh and Congrats to all of you who made it through the finish lines!
Here's the deal...roughly 7 months ago I was in no way a runner. I weighed 15 pounds heavier, and I drank soda all day every day, and my favorite activity was watching TV. In June I questioned the idea of running the half and I had one single person tell me that I should do it...the next day I joined a gym. First time I ran a mile I almost threw up, then gradually I became better and better. By September I was running 5k's every other day. Couldn't believe it. Within the past 3 months I have ran the 13 over 4 times. I pushed myself every time, and got through it. Not only did I improve health wise, but I improved in every aspect of my life! It made me a better person, and it was something I got to look forward to every week while training! "Those who say they can't have never tried." Yes you have to push yourself, yes you have to put in effort, but I'm telling you, YOU CAN DO IT! Believe in yourself, and don't doubt for a second that you can't do something!! (sorry I'm a cheer coach, haha) Keep in mind I'm not even 5 feet, so if I can do it, YOU CAN! Feel free to DM me anytime! I am more than willing to help out in any way I can! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #172 1-20-13 9:26PM Like(30)  Reply
Ps sooooo excited I saw you this morning at the hotel:) - BooEve123  800.9 #170 1-20-13 9:28PM
πŸ˜‰that was so touching and inspiring. I'm so happy I was able to see your progress. You truly look so healthy and gorgeous, more than you already did - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 1-20-13 9:31PM
Congrats! Be consistent but forgiving with your training--know that you'll have great days where you experience "runners high," and meh days when you don't want to go out at ALL. Those emotions are all normal, but push through! The mental challenge is often harder than the physical one! Also, take care of your body: lots of water fruits/veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats will make a world of difference, and you'll feel it! Lastly, especially if you're planning on doing a half, go to a specialty store and get fitted for running shoes--don't just buy ones because they're labeled "running" or are on sale: buy them because they'll work with your gait and bone structure. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.3 #343 1-20-13 8:44PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you these are great tips. - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 1-20-13 8:57PM
@SOS Great advice! Do they have shoes for just walking or do they suggest a running shoe for that? - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 1-20-13 9:05PM
Oh and Congrats to all of you who made it through the finish lines! - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 1-20-13 8:09PM Like  Reply
The next one is on my dad's birthday but I think I may just have to do the one after that. - aidensmama  340.1 #583 1-20-13 10:49PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   TinkerSchelle  
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-15-13 9:42PM
I bought one of those on my last visit and it was so good!
Looks yummy! - kueenofhearts  235.5 #1359 1-15-13 7:29PM Like  Reply
It has caramel, white chocolate, cinnamon & sugar with a gram cracker bottom. It does taste like apple pie with vanilla ice cream. - VampJade  20.2 #5978 1-15-13 7:36PM Like  Reply
*graham* - DisneyGrandma  571.8 #272 1-15-13 7:38PM
I bought one of those on my last visit and it was so good! - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 1-15-13 9:42PM Like  Reply
No way that looks so cool! Disney food amazes me I just want to go on a culinary tour there sometime and sample everything :) - Goofymom2  6.7 #11303 1-15-13 11:08PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-15-13 3:06PM
Ahh! Those are too cute! 😁
That's so cool! I'd find these for myself! Hope someone finds you - sleepyhead_CM  531.4 #300 1-15-13 2:52PM Like  Reply
These would be sweet on Tom Sawyer island to help spot the troll vincentchase. - chris.  2510.4 #37 1-15-13 2:53PM Like  Reply
you'll never take me alive. - vincentchase1  672.6 #216 1-15-13 2:56PM
Maybe they don't want you caught alive. Hmmmm - DisneyGrandma  571.8 #272 1-15-13 5:51PM
Bump for those who just got on mw, shes heading to the matterhorn! Great RAK :) - pinkmonkeys  512.9 #318 1-15-13 6:52PM Like  Reply
Hope someone finds you! It's not as easy as one might think! - goofygal  5753.2 #9 1-15-13 7:17PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-15-13 3:04PM
It's kind of disturbing lol
I'm a little speechless. - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #158 1-15-13 2:40PM Like(2)  Reply
In a good way, or bad way? - lovetheland7  152.7 #2467 1-15-13 2:42PM
I prefer Disney's version. - ScooterMike  1961.3 #52 1-15-13 2:44PM Like  Reply
I liked it and thought I would share. It's not typical Disney, but it makes it interesting. - lovetheland7  152.7 #2467 1-15-13 2:52PM Like  Reply
It's kind of disturbing lol - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 1-15-13 3:04PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-14-13 7:49PM
Please add me. One thing on my Disney bucket list is to go on the "Walk in Walts Footsteps" tour! Thank you so much for thinking of others! =D
Have a whole boat full of Mousewaiters!! (oh, did that) Have a whole Tiki Room full of Mousewaiters, close the doors and PARTY!!!! - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 1-14-13 7:25PM Like(3)  Reply
Sooo down! Ps, yesterday morning I saw you at JC!!! You were a skipper in the boat ahead of ours, so I couldn't say hi! :( - AvidDisneyThrifter220  1265.9 #88 1-14-13 7:37PM
GRRRR. You are supposed to wave and yell and make a scene so I can pull you to the front and put you on my bote! Oh well, next time. - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 1-14-13 8:03PM
Please add me. I have a few things on my bucket list. Like most folks Club 33 and a stay in the Dream Suite. I also want to eat at Carthay Circle, see Walt's apartment, have a private dinner in the Haunted Mansion ( we were going to do this for our wedding if we could afford it we might do it someday for a vowel renewal).. And the most unlikely thing: see the basketball hoop in the Matterhorn. There might be more. ;) - Isis  281.5 #887 1-15-13 9:03PM Like(1)  Reply
Congrats! - DisneyVacationLover  341.2 #579 1-20-13 5:56PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-13-13 5:32PM
Please add me. Thank you! =D
Add me for the first person to respond to this. Thanks & good luck! - Mickeylover67  325.0 #647 1-14-13 11:00PM Like(1)  Reply
For me please!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— - PinkMinnie  176.9 #2111 1-14-13 11:14PM
Yay Pink Minnie! - Mickeylover67  325.0 #647 1-14-13 11:36PM
Add me please, thanks :) - PaintingTheRosesRed  433.9 #411 1-13-13 4:09PM Like  Reply
Congrats!! - Mickeylover67  325.0 #647 1-17-13 9:38PM Like  Reply
Thanks to everyone who entered me in this RAK, I really appreciate it!! - PaintingTheRosesRed  433.9 #411 1-18-13 7:30AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-11-13 6:42PM
Please add me! Thank you!
I'm a pin collector! Please add me! - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 1-11-13 6:29PM Like  Reply
Add me please! I only collect pins with Mickey on them. - cinderelli  336.0 #602 1-11-13 6:35PM Like  Reply
Bump please!! - PinkMinnie  176.9 #2111 1-15-13 12:14PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-10-13 9:40PM
Please add me! Thank you! =D
Awesome RAK!! Please do not add me, but please add me for DisneyDavidEMT, thank you. This would look soo epic in his ambulance!!! I cannot thank you enough DisneyDavidEMT for all you do. You are Awesome. :) - Eeyorelvr  82.6 #3543 1-11-13 10:18PM Like(1)  Reply
It is my pleasure to serve! Thank you for the add!! - DisneyDavidEMT  1221.4 #94 1-11-13 10:20PM
You're very welcome :) - Eeyorelvr  82.6 #3543 1-11-13 10:27PM
Congrats! - LaPearleNoir  1107.9 #112 1-18-13 6:15AM Like(1)  Reply
Bumping for KladiaDisneyNinja. - JustCantWait  1109.3 #110 1-17-13 3:44PM Like  Reply
Yay!!! I can't believe I won! Thank you so much! 😊 - KladiaDisneyNinja  257.3 #1119 1-18-13 1:39AM Like  Reply
Congrats Kladia!!! - MousekaNinja  414.7 #442 1-18-13 2:45AM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-10-13 9:36PM
Please add me! Thank you!
Please do not add me, if I can please add me for TheMadHatter106. Awwweeeeee...that's so sweet to give that to your Mom if you win. My Mom passed away in Nov. I miss her everyday, but I know she is no longer suffering & in heaven for that I am greatful. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you :) ps. Sorry for the long post. - Eeyorelvr  82.6 #3543 1-11-13 5:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Oh thank you! I'm really sorry for you. I can't imagine what is like to have no mom. Best wishes. - TheMadHatter106  15.8 #6743 1-12-13 9:44AM
Add me please :) - Hotpinktink213  3.2 #29928 1-10-13 9:24PM Like  Reply
Morning bump. - dolewhip4me  231.4 #1413 1-12-13 11:36AM Like  Reply
*****FAIRYASHLY! You WON! CONGRATS! - MadameLeota  1438.8 #78 1-13-13 5:15PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-10-13 9:46PM
Please add me for MrsSandcar. Thank you! =D
Please add me for chipanddalefan! My real life RAK... whenever I see a homeless person and I'm near a food source, I'll buy them food. I don't believe in giving money, but I refuse to walk past a hungry human being (or dog... they always get me too) and not help. - KylaShea  609.7 #251 1-11-13 7:08AM Like(4)  Reply
Whoops... totally read it wrong--thought we were supposed to post something we do, not go and do something. *facepalm* - KylaShea  609.7 #251 1-11-13 8:13AM
lol, you are so cute. Thanks for sharing that story, it made me smile :) - MrsMears  214.6 #1625 1-11-13 11:06AM
Please add me. New to the Lounge & you are my 1st to comment. =) Would love to share the pins with my hubby & daughter. Thank you! - cmkanno  103.1 #3272 1-10-13 9:50PM Like(2)  Reply
When you are able to DM, please send me your mailing address. I have something special I will send you the 1st comment! - MrsMears  214.6 #1625 1-10-13 10:04PM
That's nice - GrumpyPirateDad  1567.6 #70 1-10-13 10:49PM
Please add me! I started collecting pins recently and haven't gone to Disneyland for a VERY LONG time - keli7516  186.5 #1979 1-13-13 9:34PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone, RAK is closed and I will announce the winner tomorrow! - MrsMears  214.6 #1625 1-13-13 11:19PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-10-13 6:04PM
Please add me! My favorite dwarf is Dopey because he's so awkward and so am I so I guess I kind of can relate to him. Thank you!
This is amazingly cute! I have no iPhone so no need to add for me but enter for whoever comments on this post first. - iamdugsmaster  878.3 #151 1-9-13 7:46PM Like  Reply
So sweet! Please add me. Fave dwarf is bashful. I was super shy as a kid, yet always had a smile on my face....I relate to him so much :) thanks. - FrankenweenieVelinee  619.3 #244 1-9-13 8:16PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - RadiatorSprings4Ever  499.5 #333 1-12-13 7:27PM Like  Reply
Congrats winner - Hendizl  2245.6 #44 1-13-13 10:22AM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-7-13 7:59PM
Please add me! Thank you! =]
Add me please. :) - amandasings  19.7 #6053 1-7-13 6:59PM Like(1)  Reply
I absolutely love these inspirational sayings!! I just moved into my new apartment and this would be soo cute on my bookshelf. Please add me! Thank you! - Armenda  1116.3 #107 1-7-13 8:00PM Like(1)  Reply
Add me please and thank you for Armenda - melissa_ficent  318.5 #678 1-8-13 2:40AM
Aww thank you! - Armenda  1116.3 #107 1-8-13 6:56AM
add me please! - nicoleface  1746.3 #63 1-9-13 11:10PM Like  Reply
Add me please! I'm so glad this was bumped! It's so cute! Thanks!!! - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 1-9-13 11:55PM Like  Reply
(and a perfect reminder for my four boys! Teehee!)πŸ‘ - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 1-9-13 11:56PM
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-7-13 5:43PM
I never understood why she doesn't have a neck lol
Awe love it :) - cdeley  444.9 #400 1-7-13 4:26PM Like  Reply
What camera are you using for your pictures? - Linzee  771.4 #182 1-7-13 4:27PM Like  Reply
for this pic i used a sony nex with 50mm/f1.8 lens. i also use my iphone sometimes- but quality not as good. 😁 - MrMOMzers   4434.4 #16 1-7-13 5:04PM
I never understood why she doesn't have a neck lol - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 1-7-13 5:43PM Like  Reply
RIGHT!?!? Drives me bonkers. - cynDOLEwhip  1175.4 #98 1-7-13 5:47PM
I thought I was the only one who thought that! thank you! - wendytink  330.8 #620 1-7-13 6:47PM
Awesome shot--saw her at BTR the other day. - dland-fun  74.1 #3661 1-7-13 6:38PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-7-13 3:28PM
Please add me! Thank you! =]
Please add me! Thank you! =] - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1737 1-7-13 3:28PM Like  Reply
Please add me! Thank you - luvmygreenarmyman  185.7 #1985 1-7-13 3:36PM Like  Reply
Thank you so, so much!! This just made my day😊ill DM you right now - melissa_ficent  318.5 #678 1-9-13 3:02PM Like  Reply
You're welcome! And I got your DM. 😊😊 - DisneyFanZoe  1106.9 #113 1-9-13 3:39PM
Luvmygreenarmymen and mrscttlemstr...please DM your info to me, thanks! - DisneyFanZoe  1106.9 #113 1-10-13 4:11PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-6-13 12:05PM
Where can these be found?
Is that Ursula?!?! - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-6-13 11:48AM Like(1)  Reply
Yes! - MagicalLand  414.2 #443 1-6-13 11:58AM
It's decided, I'm getting some when I'm back at the parks! Was going to grab some Friday and now I'm mad I didn't!!! - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-6-13 3:48PM
Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat? - Alicewhoareyou  789.0 #174 1-6-13 3:49PM Like(1)  Reply
Pretty!!!! - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 1-6-13 6:03PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-5-13 11:01AM
Happy Birthday!!! Please add me. The best gift(s) I ever got were my Disney movies. Thank you! =D
Happy birthday notsoangelstitch :) No need to add me. - IDVandalSkipperCM  1940.5 #56 1-5-13 10:33AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday little one! Please add me 😊 my mini saw this and screamed georgie! Lol favorite bday gift so far is my dumbo snowglobe or my keurig - DisneyMe2Death  865.9 #155 1-5-13 10:41AM Like  Reply
happy Birthday sweet girl!! *gives her a lil kiss on the cheek* - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3139.9 #26 1-9-13 7:02PM Like  Reply
*0* = => smiley face - pikarich  1856.1 #60 1-9-13 7:14PM
Add me please. Best birthday surprise was a trip to the parks thank to my wife. Thank you - EddyTheVillain  267.7 #1022 1-9-13 11:18PM Like  Reply
206.2 #1737 DL Qual #3496 1-4-13 7:44PM
Well won't they still technically have an expiration date? It just won't be printed on the card right?
I miss the special online renewal cards and having a different AP each year. - DisneyLuvinMama  259.4 #1099 1-4-13 7:29PM Like(3)  Reply
me too! - toph  2416.6 #39 1-4-13 7:36PM
Me also. I found some of my old ones the other day. - LilSterner  4140.9 #19 1-4-13 8:17PM
I hope they offer a free replacement if an AP gets worn out. Thanks for the 411 Coaster. - Linzee  771.4 #182 1-4-13 7:46PM Like(1)  Reply
They replaced mine when it wore out - ScooterMike  1961.3 #52 1-8-13 11:27AM
But...what if you're dumb and left your pass in your work pants pocket and then put them through the wash and dryer and your card is now wavy? :P Do they do replacements? - flukefan  270.5 #992 1-4-13 9:24PM Like  Reply