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522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 3-29-16 9:39PM
1385 miles away in Round Rock, TX!  Definitely too far to drive now, will have to fly next time I go to the park!
Without traffic, I can get to the park shorter than it takes the Disneyland Railroad to make the grand circle tour.   - BaseballMickey   7890.2 #11 3-29-16 5:50PM Like(9)  Reply
πŸ™ŒπŸΌ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's pretty darn awesome and close. Wonderful reference, too! - misschurro...  7259.8 #14 3-29-16 5:56PM
Nice.  You have an easy commute to work! - Thumper13  499.0 #446 3-29-16 6:01PM
15 minutes and I know that I am very lucky.😁 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1852.4 #98 3-29-16 4:51PM Like(2)  Reply
😱😱😱😫😫😭😭😭😭 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚yes, you are and I have seen your gratitude😘 - misschurro...  7259.8 #14 3-29-16 4:54PM
Oh how I miss living in Cypress! - Thumper13  499.0 #446 3-29-16 5:59PM
From Visalia (central California) it can take from 3 hours no traffic to 4 hours with traffic. On rare occasions it has taken longer  - DebbyMouse7531   542.2 #17 4-1-16 9:42AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 3-11-16 6:39PM
Please add me for your generous RAK!  Welcome back to CA!
Welcome back :) please add me - itsmyglassslipper   205.6 #1966 3-10-16 10:27AM Like(1)  Reply
! We have missed your QC. No need to add me. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1852.4 #98 3-10-16 1:01PM Like(1)  Reply
! - sunvalgifts   143.1 #2886 3-14-16 4:33PM Like  Reply
Welcome back! - EvilqueenRS   127.9 #3127 3-14-16 4:58PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 3-4-16 8:27PM
Please add me for your generous RAK!  I am 1385 miles away from Disneyland and love ear  hats. It would be wonderful to be able to add these yo my collection. Thanks!
Sweet RAK! Please add me for @@@@@Mauleficent ! Thank you! - luxkitty   4080.5 #38 2-24-16 11:13PM Like(3)  Reply
Wow, Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much) @luxkitty!   - Mauleficent  184.0 #0 2-25-16 9:11AM
Very nice of you.  for @@CentralCoastAuntVon - Quiweez   719.4 #279 2-24-16 8:02PM Like(2)  Reply
 @@Quiweez!! Very  RAK!! Very generous. I was so bummed I missed these by a day!! Thanks again!!  - CentralCoastAuntVon  86.2 #3893 2-24-16 9:44PM
For @@@@pineapple - DarthFairy   476.5 #465 3-8-16 8:21PM Like  Reply
Thanks for adding me!!!!  - pineapple  151.5 #59 3-9-16 3:54AM
Very kind of you, please  - Disneyprincessinmydreams   192.4 #2133 3-8-16 8:29PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-26-15 5:07PM
I had so much fun shopping for you! I'm so glad that you enjoyed completely deserve it!
Very nice! - Nikki3Mous3   89.2 #3835 12-25-15 10:41PM Like  Reply
Love that  - Plumiegirl   10325.2 #8 12-25-15 10:55PM Like  Reply
... - MissAmericaSings   427.9 #530 12-26-15 3:00PM Like  Reply
I had so much fun shopping for you! I'm so glad that you enjoyed completely deserve it! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-26-15 5:07PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-18-15 7:30PM
A true friendship that was made by MW!  You deserve much more, but I wanted you to have some Christmas park things, since I know you can't be here. You are always so generous and kind. I appreciate you! Have a very Merry Christmas!  - snowwannab   759.0 #259 12-18-15 7:40PM Like(2)  Reply
This is so sweet😍 - misschurro...  7259.8 #14 12-19-15 6:26AM
@snowwannab - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-18-15 7:30PM Like  Reply
Aww so sweet!! Happy Holidays!  - KladiaDisneyNinja   292.0 #1001 12-19-15 3:02AM Like  Reply
Nice! And what fun goodies!! - misschurro...   7259.8 #14 12-19-15 6:27AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-18-15 5:48PM
I'm so glad you love it!  I had so much fun shopping for you, and couldn't resist sending you an Xmas doll!  Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Where's Mexican santa? - phillip...   1361.8 #134 12-18-15 5:09PM Like  Reply
If you ever see a Mexican or Asian Santa, you better buy them for me philliprocksπŸ™€ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1471.6 #120 12-18-15 6:32PM
I'm so glad you love it!  I had so much fun shopping for you, and couldn't resist sending you an Xmas doll!  Merry Christmas to you and your family! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-18-15 5:48PM Like  Reply
@SBsnowwhite I adore everything you sent!! But Angel Karen is my favorite part so far...the other three gifts are under the tree for Christmas morning πŸŽ„πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1471.6 #120 12-18-15 6:34PM
I hope you enjoy the other were easy to shop for, and I had so much fun picking out things!  I have some angels like the one I sent you and they are some of my favorite decorations!  Have a Merry Christmas!😘 - SBsnowwhite  522.6 #418 12-18-15 7:11PM
She is beautiful  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1852.4 #98 12-18-15 6:28PM Like  Reply
I just love her!!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1471.6 #120 12-18-15 6:34PM
How sweet. You got some great gifts this year!  - PixiePirateMaid   355.4 #680 12-18-15 7:00PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-15-15 12:35PM
You can use your discount on the Disney Shop Parks app. There is free shipping until Jan 2. 
You can use your discount on the Disney Shop Parks app. There is free shipping until Jan 2.  - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-15-15 12:35PM Like(4)  Reply
πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» - JenGwen323  2041.4 #82 12-15-15 1:05PM
I just logged in and was able to see the replies.  Thank you so much!  Will download the app right now!  :) - MariFICENT  183.1 #2256 12-21-15 10:17AM
That would be great. As far as I know you can't use the discount online. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1852.4 #98 12-15-15 12:12PM Like(1)  Reply
Yeah I wish we could, but in park only. - Lelundrial  711.1 #282 12-15-15 12:34PM
@Lelundrial check out @SBsnowwhite comment. It looks like you can on the app!πŸ˜€πŸ‘†πŸΌ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1852.4 #98 12-15-15 12:42PM
i have never gotten a disc thru  i have my acct linked to ap and profile...... - MsTikiMermadam   1252.2 #142 12-21-15 4:32PM Like  Reply
I got it once many many years ago by faxing a copy of my pass to the park - disneychu   164.2 #2553 12-21-15 4:35PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   LiveLaughLoveDisney  MsTikiMermadam 
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-14-15 5:32PM
You are very welcome!  Merry Christmas!
@SBsnowwhite sent cute cards. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1852.4 #98 12-14-15 4:11PM Like(1)  Reply
You are very welcome!  Merry Christmas! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-14-15 5:32PM Like  Reply
Me too!!! 😘thank you!!!!!! I was having a bad day and bam! A cute Christmas card got me smiling again!!!! - PrincessDaisy_FU2Rcm  350.3 #695 12-14-15 6:18PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-13-15 6:43PM
Please add me for your generous !  I would love to do this with my nieces.   More...
Add me for the present in the back with the white ribbon please. Thanks - phillip...   1361.8 #134 12-13-15 8:56PM Like(2)  Reply
I'm hoping that's a new coffeemaker - I broke mine!! - Jess0  353.5 #686 12-14-15 8:40AM
I'm hoping it's a new tea kettle. Mine quit whistling - phillip...  1361.8 #134 12-14-15 9:10AM
wow!  those irregular edges must be challenging. - MsTikiMermadam   1252.2 #142 12-14-15 2:42AM Like(1)  Reply
 Wow!  Thus is wonderful. Please add me. Thank you. 😁 - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   304.6 #916 12-14-15 6:10AM Like  Reply
Added! 🏝 - Jess0  353.5 #686 12-14-15 8:50AM
Last call for puzzle RAK adds! Deadline is midnight tonight pacific time. I'll randomly draw a winner on Friday afternoon. ✨✨✨ - Jess0   353.5 #686 12-17-15 9:29AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-10-15 11:04PM
You're very welcome...Merry Christmas!
@SBsnowwhite - LaBelleParis   1394.9 #131 12-10-15 8:22PM Like  Reply
I ❀️rs - carminaire   843.9 #223 12-10-15 9:02PM Like  Reply
You're very welcome...Merry Christmas! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-10-15 11:04PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   DarthTinkerbell  SBsnowwhite  MARVELus 
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-9-15 4:21PM
Please add me for your generous !  Thank you and MerryChristmas 
Please add me for @@@SBsnowwhite , thank you!!!! 😊 - KladiaDisneyNinja   292.0 #1001 12-9-15 7:19PM Like(1)  Reply
 @KladiaDisneyNinja!  Merry Christmas.  - SBsnowwhite  522.6 #418 12-9-15 7:31PM
Please add me for @@@SBsnowwhite.  Thank you!!! - snowwannab   759.0 #259 12-10-15 11:08AM Like(1)  Reply
 @@snowwannab!  Merry Christmas! - SBsnowwhite  522.6 #418 12-10-15 12:05PM
Wow so generous please add me  - Disney4life   66.1 #4356 12-12-15 10:13PM Like  Reply
Awesome please add me and thank you - DOPEY13   84.0 #3954 12-13-15 5:09PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 11-26-15 5:52AM
Happy thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving! Special shoutout to @otilegna who serves us in the military. Have a peaceful day Angelito! - jacdanfan   12150.4 #6 11-26-15 4:16AM Like(2)  Reply
Yes, he deserves our thanks and all the military and their  families! 😍 - secretagentangel  6436.1 #20 11-26-15 3:11PM
Happy Thanksgiving! - disneyland4me   250.4 #1384 11-26-15 3:49AM Like(1)  Reply
Love to you! - carminaire   843.9 #223 11-26-15 5:06PM Like  Reply
Happy Thanksgiving!!Beautiful post!! - LorisMickeyEars60   110.4 #3478 11-26-15 6:32PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 11-25-15 6:08AM
Wish I was there for this...I collect the holiday mugs and absolutely love the seven dwarfs!
So cute! I need! - luxkitty   4080.5 #38 11-24-15 10:26PM Like  Reply
How cute! - DarthTinkerbell   886.2 #210 11-24-15 10:26PM Like  Reply
We love these mugs, they last for years and the designs stay nice even if you put em in the dishwasher. - SassafrasDavis   514.5 #430 11-25-15 8:49AM Like  Reply
Thanks for sharing! I love getting these! - brodysmommy   434.6 #519 11-25-15 9:12AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 11-23-15 6:59PM
I have been waiting for this...I am in...either DM or email me at [email protected]
Hi thanks for doing Β this , it's so fun to join in and find cards in your box from people you've "met" on MW. If you're new and never tried this, join in the fun , it's a great way to meet new friends on here. I've been sick the last two Christmas's and it was such a blessing to receive some joy in the mail when you're feeling bad. Anyone who wants to, Please DM me so I can play too! And thanks Β @@@Linzee for doing this, it's always such a sweet thing to do! πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸ‘πŸ‘ - secretagentangel   6436.1 #20 11-23-15 12:53PM Like(3)  Reply
Yay! I've totally been waiting for was lots of fun last year! Count me in and DM me your address! - DarthTinkerbell   886.2 #210 11-23-15 10:28AM Like(1)  Reply
Hi all....I'm really new to using MouseWait, but would really like to participate. I can't DM anyone (low level user), but my email is [email protected] We are fairly new Anaheim residents & annual would love to meet new people. This sounds like fun! Thanks - StepInTimeSimmons   3.0 #46036 12-11-15 3:38PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 11-1-15 5:42PM
I have been waiting for this...I am totally in!
Thank you so much for taking YOUR time to put this together. I know it is not an easy task, but it's wonderful that you do it. And, as you can see by many comments & participants, people really, really do enjoy this and look forward to it. BIG KUDOS to you!!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ - misschurro...   7259.8 #14 11-2-15 8:25AM Like(10)  Reply
I concur with the wise churro lover. (And I like that you emphazied the "YOUR") - phillip...  1361.8 #134 11-2-15 8:35AM
This is such a fun thing to do each year and @@GoofyMom77 does an awesome service to us all for doing this each year. A couple helps, join in if you haven't before, you won't regret it. It's so fun! Get your present ready as early as you can, I've had two sicky years so I had to learn that. Presents should be there by the day she says, but don't stress if you don't get yours till that date. Some people send real early. Some send on time after they find the right gift. And a few of us wait to post what we received to Christmas or the day after as that's when we open them . Make sure you email @@GoofyMom77 you received it but you can open it Christmas day. And don't worry about what to send, she gives you your victims likes and everyone's' happy with presents!Β  - secretagentangel   6436.1 #20 11-1-15 8:30PM Like(5)  Reply
UPDATE (12/15/15):  I just sent out the last batch of victims.  I'm LOVING the gifts so far!!! I'm still getting daily emails about gifts being sent, too, so it's only gonna get better!  The next step?  A couple days after Christmas, I stalk everyone who's participated and make sure they've received their gift.  If for some reason they don't post, I email/DM to verify.  If they don't get one, I start contacting the Santas to find out what happened.  Remember I'm only human and make mistakes sometimes, like forgetting to note that a package was coming in late.  Usually around the middle of January I start calling on my elves to step in with cases involving theft, lost in mail, and trolls.  On average for the last three years, I've only called on two elves. - GoofyMom77   968.1 #198 12-15-15 12:47PM Like  Reply
So glad that you're keeping an eye on this.  I really hope the present I sent gets to my "victim". It's wonderful seeing the gifts that people have sent.  Such a lovely idea:-) - beentoall  861.3 #0 12-15-15 2:25PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 10-31-15 1:22AM
Please add me for your generous rak!  Thanks and happy Halloween!
I would so LOVE to have this! ❀️ - AngiMouse   104.9 #3566 10-30-15 6:21PM Like  Reply
please add me! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! And thank you!! πŸŽƒπŸ‘» - Brucele11   92.8 #3769 10-30-15 8:26PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - jacdanfan   12150.4 #6 11-3-15 6:06AM Like  Reply
Congrats great RAK. 😊 - varela2892   55.5 #4669 11-3-15 6:22AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 10-18-15 6:16AM
Please add me for your generous RAKΒ ! Β I love the Mickey Halloween popcorn buckets, but will not be able to get to the parks this year since I moved to Texas! Β Thanks…have a Happy Halloween!
Please add me to your great RAK for @PixiePrincessPolly Thanks! - keepmovingforward   258.2 #1310 10-17-15 6:58PM Like(1)  Reply
Awww! Thank you!  - PixiePrincessPolly  208.4 #1937 10-18-15 10:01PM
Please add me for @mmddgp . Thank you for this generous RAK.Β  - bearlove   149.3 #2778 10-18-15 11:02PM Like(1)  Reply
Aww thank you so much😘 - mmddgp  1063.2 #7 10-21-15 7:09PM
Last few hours.  Ends tonight!!! - Willierose   2351.3 #70 10-23-15 2:36PM Like  Reply
Good luck everyone! - jacdanfan   12150.4 #6 10-23-15 2:55PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 9-4-15 8:28PM
I believe one is for the 10k and one is for the half.  
I think it's  the fourth/fifth corral, means where you're   placed to start race - secretagentangel   6436.1 #20 9-4-15 7:56PM Like  Reply
@dave - secretagentangel   6436.1 #20 9-4-15 8:07PM Like  Reply
I believe it's D for 10K and E for the half - DisneyLuvinMama   375.9 #620 9-4-15 11:05PM Like  Reply
Yeah thank you guys.  I figured it out. Just dont know why i was placed that far back.   I have never ran that far back in any of the disney races  ohwell haha :/ - oddfellow   0.9 #0 9-5-15 3:39AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   DeadliestPassholder 
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-31-15 2:52PM
Yay...I'm so glad everything worked out! Β If you get a chance, can you take a pic of Daisy and Donald for me?!! Thanks and have fun!
soooooo what characters are going to be there - Dave   13808.4 #4 8-31-15 2:42PM Like  Reply
Chip and Dale in frontierland JAFAR in adventure land Donald and daisy in New Orleans square.   Stitch in tomorrow land and Pinocchio and gepetto in fantasyland  - mickeyat78  2083.5 #77 8-31-15 2:49PM
Also paint the night will show at 11pm and 80z all stars at 930 1130 and 1230 am tomorrow land terrace  - mickeyat78  2083.5 #77 8-31-15 2:51PM
Cute cards! - brodysmommy   434.6 #519 8-31-15 2:45PM Like  Reply
They are! I wonder if sets are different cause I want Mickey lol  - mickeyat78  2083.5 #77 8-31-15 2:50PM
left our cards on a trash can for someone else to enjoy. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - sawman911   2803.8 #50 8-31-15 10:00PM Like  Reply
What! I would have taken them!!! Arrrrgggghh! πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜ - secretagentangel  6436.1 #20 8-31-15 10:25PM
We just didn't want to carry them all day and night. - sawman911  2803.8 #50 8-31-15 10:29PM
nice!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1471.6 #120 8-31-15 10:14PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-3-15 7:25PM
Please add me for your generous RAK! I am so thankful you have come so far in your recovery, and can't wait to see pics of your return home to Disneyland!  My favorite snack are the mickey shaped beignets from the mint julup bar!😘
I am so happy you are here and you are amazing. Your story is an inspiration to others and a testament to the power of prayer. No need to add me. Just wanted to give you a 😘. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1852.4 #98 8-2-15 9:15PM Like(15)  Reply
RS4E, you're cool - phillip...  1361.8 #134 8-2-15 9:33PM
Must defer to this awesome lady. She is cool.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1852.4 #98 8-2-15 9:52PM
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆβœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸ’«βœ¨πŸŽŠ!!! Not enough to celebrate that you are here in our world!! I love you so much lady😘 if we may add for others, can you please add me for @@piratelife4me? She's always so very generous in spirit and gift☺️. My favorite snack at Disneyland this last trip was those mixed slushy drinks..I mixed red and blue and the CM's told me it was called a "spider man"πŸ‘πŸΌ... I had several there the last trip! My favorite Downtown Disney treat is BEIGNETS!!! And my favorite DCA treat is churros... I always find myself waiting for someone to ride screaming, and I have a churro while I waitπŸ˜€. Thank you! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1471.6 #120 8-2-15 10:16PM Like(2)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ - CinderellE-79  1025.5 #191 8-2-15 10:31PM
😍You are such a love for adding me and the kind words! I❀️this print, it's my favorite!! The slushy drink was yummy!πŸ˜‚ Love you girls, thanks for the opportunity for the RAK!!😘😘 - piratelife4me  1069.3 #180 8-3-15 8:28AM
RAK closed ✨ - CinderellE-79   1025.5 #191 8-6-15 9:05PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 7-27-15 8:13PM
Thank you so much!
Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!  How very generous of you to gift so many credits!!  I really do appreciate it!!😘😘😘 - debbiev  1350.1 #136 7-27-15 9:21PM
Thank you so much @DisneyPrincess79!  What a great surprise!  - Mickeylover67  548.9 #390 7-27-15 9:44PM
Thank you again!!!! I can no longer say I never win anything. :D - BAMBAM   692.8 #0 7-27-15 6:21PM Like  Reply
No problem :) - DisneyPrincess79  202.5 #2010 7-27-15 6:38PM
- princessb5   190.9 #2153 7-28-15 3:54PM Like  Reply
Great RAK and congrats to the WINNERSπŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ - MommyandBash   416.1 #553 7-28-15 3:57PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 7-26-15 8:09PM
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
- UTDISNEYFAMILY   2008.9 #85 7-26-15 3:32PM Like  Reply
Happy birthdays - Dizkid   459.5 #492 7-26-15 3:33PM Like  Reply
- thumpur   313.6 #861 7-27-15 12:06AM Like  Reply
 Hope you had a great  - suzieq65   139.8 #2944 7-27-15 12:11AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 7-25-15 5:41AM
Please add me for your generous rak!  It would make a great birthday present since that is my birthday!  Thanks. 
Very nice!  Please add me.  - cinderelli   393.7 #587 7-24-15 6:27PM Like  Reply
Me! Me! Me!   Thank you very much!! - MommyandBash   416.1 #553 7-24-15 6:29PM Like  Reply
please add me! Thank you - catiem_CM   311.2 #878 7-25-15 10:34AM Like  Reply
Please add me. Thank you! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   271.1 #1185 7-25-15 2:47PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 7-27-15 8:47AM
Please add me for your generous RAK!  Thanks. 
Admin liked your post!!! 😍😍😍 - eviljules   1445.3 #122 7-28-15 5:56PM Like(2)  Reply
BUMP for anyone else , Will be closing RAK tonight & picking a winner 😊 - tracsant   1502.5 #2 7-30-15 12:03PM Like(2)  Reply
Those look so cool, could you please add me? It is greatly appreciated, thank you! - hearic   35.1 #5690 7-30-15 12:35PM Like  Reply
- tracsant   1502.5 #2 7-30-15 10:16PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 7-17-15 8:32PM
Please add me for tour generous RAK!  I wanted to be there but since I moved to Austin it is a littletoo far for a day trip!  Thanks!
Please add me for @@Linzee. Hopefully this will help end her hummus binge.  - Darlingwendi   1228.1 #149 7-17-15 3:28PM Like(1)  Reply
Please also add me for @Linzee. Hummus is a good thing to binge on! - debbiev  1350.1 #136 7-17-15 3:51PM
Please add me for @linzee, hummus is a terrible thing to waste  - ShariRenee  10030.2 #9 7-17-15 9:30PM
Did I miss the winner?   - MeridaFan   4244.1 #36 7-26-15 12:59PM Like(1)  Reply
I was just wondering the same thing as well - PixieBelle  237.9 #1543 7-26-15 1:01PM
there was an issue...I left my maps in somebody hotel room so not sure if they still have them..I posted this at the park - Dave   13808.4 #4 7-26-15 2:24PM
I don't see a winner on this, so if it's still open, add me please! - chuswo   420.8 #546 7-29-15 10:55AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 7-17-15 8:36PM
Pleas add me for your generous RAK! Β Thanks.Β 
How generous of you... Add me please, and thank you! - BelieveInMagic   113.2 #3429 7-17-15 5:58AM Like  Reply
Id love to be added please. Thank you so much! - BAMBAM   692.8 #0 7-17-15 6:01AM Like  Reply
Hi folks! Everyone has been added. Good luck To All. πŸ˜„Β  RAK is now Closed 🚧 - HARR_E   5594.0 #24 7-24-15 1:49AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 6-30-15 7:47AM
Please add me for your generous RAK. Thanks!
Please add me for the person who comments my reply. Person must not be able to make it to parks to get it though.  - LuvsTigger   1675.4 #105 6-29-15 2:44PM Like(2)  Reply
 No I won't be able to make it. Very thoughtful RAK.  I do love lots off the smaller size pins.  - suzieq65  139.8 #2944 6-29-15 2:50PM
Good luck @suzieq65! - LuvsTigger  1675.4 #105 6-29-15 3:06PM
Can you please add me for @@Aworldofcheer. A princess can always use more sparkle. Thanks - phillip...   1361.8 #134 6-29-15 2:07PM Like(1)  Reply
I sooooo love to see your love for your fair princess!!!!  Makes my heart happy!  You are a prince and she is lovely! ❀️ - valj84DisneyDeppAddict  304.6 #916 6-29-15 7:45PM
She's pretty, she's super cool and she enjoys DL as much as I do. She makes it pretty easy for me to love her. And thanks valj84DisneyAddict - phillip...  1361.8 #134 6-29-15 10:18PM
Sweet as always, @Willierose! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   690.8 #297 7-5-15 9:44PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 6-25-15 9:39PM
Please add me for your generous RAK.   My favorite character is dopey. Thanks  
Oh my!!! !!! This is an easy one for me-because of course I love Tink-and the image of her lighting fireworks over the castle is ICONIC DISNEYLAND to me! Thanks for the RAK chance David!✨ - TinkerSchelle   2046.1 #81 6-25-15 2:32PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ - DisneyDavidEMT  2764.1 #52 6-25-15 8:47PM
please add me for the next person to comment. my favorite character is the evil queen. thank you! - luxkitty   4080.5 #38 6-23-15 6:51PM Like  Reply
Me?  Please.  - TiggersAndTinks  176.1 #2346 6-23-15 7:57PM
Please add me for @TiggersAndTinks. Thanks! - luxkitty  4080.5 #38 6-23-15 8:38PM
Congrats - Dizkid   459.5 #492 6-27-15 11:45AM Like  Reply
- CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1450.4 #3 6-29-15 8:14PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 6-22-15 6:23AM
Please add me for your generous RAK.  I will use it for the keys to my new house!  Thanks.  
 For @evilemohand   - CoachDisney   302.8 #929 6-20-15 9:38PM Like  Reply
- evilemohand  1184.6 #156 6-21-15 1:24AM
So nice of you please add me, I actually need a new keychain.  - Mommyland714   42.6 #5223 6-20-15 9:42PM Like  Reply
- brodysmommy   434.6 #519 6-26-15 9:31PM Like  Reply
Oh my gosh oh my gosh I'm new here and I've never won anything in my life. In crying right now. I'm sorry I don't know what to do next.  - trulyjo   1.2 #66054 6-26-15 9:34PM Like  Reply
it looks like you may not have enough points to send a dM. You can try and if it doesn't work you'll need to put your email address or something so you can exchange info :) - brodysmommy  434.6 #519 6-26-15 9:36PM
Shoot I can't do it I'm so so sorry my email is @trulyjo[email protected] I didn't know the dm rules I'm sorry thank you so so much I'm freaking out - trulyjo  1.2 #66054 6-26-15 9:39PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 6-17-15 3:33AM
July 26!
The best person on here has a birthday July 22nd. I heard he has a slight obsession with Princess Aurora and pastrami. Oh and I kind of love him too. 😍 - missmimi90   2033.3 #83 6-16-15 4:56PM Like(2)  Reply
Hmmm.... Who EVER could you be talking about?!? πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ - SPandEvLover  4726.5 #29 6-16-15 10:24PM
I've heard of this guy...I though he IS Aurora? I'm so confused πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1471.6 #120 6-17-15 10:57AM
My hubby @@@ Is July 10 I'm July 30 thank you @@@MARK_CM - mandas1989   299.4 #954 6-16-15 7:27PM Like(1)  Reply
My nephew is going to be 18 on July 5th and my mom's is on July 21st - Mypuppluto   15.4 #8716 6-27-15 4:01PM Like  Reply
I'm July 21st :) - coolbeans32   151.2 #2744 7-2-15 10:22PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 6-9-15 8:27PM
Please add me for your generous RAK!  Thanks.  
 for the next person to comment.  - luxkitty   4080.5 #38 6-9-15 7:58PM Like(1)  Reply
Is that me then? I hope. 😁😁😁😁 - valj84DisneyDeppAddict  304.6 #916 6-9-15 8:00PM
please add me for the ever so sweet valj84DisneyAddict thank you! - luxkitty  4080.5 #38 6-9-15 8:09PM
Ohh please add me. Thank you! - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   304.6 #916 6-9-15 8:00PM Like(1)  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 6-6-15 6:25PM
Please add me for your generous RAK!  !  Thank you.  
 3 years goes by quick, mine will be here in a couple of months. I'm glad I've had a few chances to meet with you & your family while in the park - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2008.9 #85 6-6-15 1:57PM Like(1)  Reply
Same here. I have really enjoyed the friendships made through MouseWait. Hope to see you and your family again soon! - turkeylegman  911.4 #207 6-6-15 7:09PM
good luck EVERYONE! I'm new and I can't save credits if it meant my life!! I buy stickers as soon as I earn 5 mw points teehehe - MommyandBash   416.1 #553 6-9-15 10:22PM Like(1)  Reply
tomorrow is my 2 year anniversary on here.  Please add me for this.  Thank you! - girl97217   134.5 #3025 6-12-15 9:36PM Like  Reply
- LorisMickeyEars60   110.4 #3478 6-12-15 9:45PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 5-29-15 9:51PM
Please add me for your generous!  I really appreciate it.    More...
Can you please add me for @Aworldofcheer? (because she's hot) Thanks - phillip...   1361.8 #134 5-29-15 5:48PM Like(1)  Reply
You always say that. Just don't let your wife knowπŸ˜‰ - misschurro...  7259.8 #14 5-31-15 12:41PM
Please add for @mandas1989  - PixiePrincessPolly   208.4 #1937 5-30-15 9:38AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you so much 😘 - mandas1989  299.4 #954 5-30-15 3:01PM
Please add me! This is my first RAK! I'd love to win and then spread the RAK love :-) - drowtung   37.3 #5514 5-30-15 6:39PM Like  Reply
   - Lilogirl1   130.3 #3101 5-31-15 12:38PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 5-8-15 6:10AM
Please add me for nicealex77 for your generous RAK!   Thanks. Have fun!
This is such an awesome RAK no one wants to be 1st  because of the curse lol. Please add me :) - nicealex77   727.6 #277 5-7-15 10:38AM Like  Reply
Β I would of added sooner but had to make sure my wife and I didn't have anything planned that weekend.Β Also had to make sure my parents could watch the kids. - CoachDisney   302.8 #929 5-7-15 10:53AM Like  Reply
Please add me for @@@@@@@nicealex77 for your generous RAK!   Thanks. Have fun! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 5-8-15 6:10AM Like  Reply
Please add me! Thank you for this RAK! - PrincessTiannaBeignet   347.9 #705 5-8-15 5:49PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 4-26-15 10:39PM
Flying ith to Austin on Tuesday to close on my new house!  Hoping to get to Disneyland soon....I'm missing home and want to get in as much time at the parks before I move away!
I'm just hoping to make it through the work week quickly, so we can come down to Disneyland for the weekend!  - cherilynnae   9.7 #11625 4-26-15 10:48PM Like(5)  Reply
I hope you do too'  - secretagentangel  6436.1 #20 4-26-15 11:12PM
How exciting for you @cherilynnae . A quick working week is always good  πŸ˜€ - RapunzelledColey  140.0 #2941 4-27-15 12:39AM
I'm hoping I can get a complete menu together for the big fight night hosted at our house this coming Saturday.  - DarthTinkerbell   886.2 #210 4-26-15 10:07PM Like(2)  Reply
Which fight is it? - secretagentangel  6436.1 #20 4-26-15 10:08PM
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@secretagentangel It's the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao  fight. Apparently it's a big deal to the men in my household. - DarthTinkerbell  886.2 #210 4-26-15 10:11PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 4-14-15 4:54PM
Please add me for our generous RAK!  The most exciting thing for me about the 60th is that I will be able to attend.  I am probably moving soon and this will be the last opportunity for me to visit Disneyland for a long time!
Omg forgot to end this RAK!!!! Congrats @YoPirate Your name has been chosen! Please DM or email me ASAP!Β  - missariel33   2115.6 #76 5-4-15 11:18PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for this! Unfortunately, I don't think im going to be able to attend the parks this year, so I'm most excited to see all of your lovely pictures. Thank you! 😘 - BellesLibrary   418.5 #550 4-14-15 4:53PM Like  Reply
I almost added for myself, but then I saw you were first and I felt sorry for you because first never wins. Please add me for my homie belleslibrary. Thanks - phillip...  1361.8 #134 4-14-15 7:51PM
Lol oh my gosh! Thanks philliprocks You're so kind :)  - BellesLibrary  418.5 #550 4-14-15 8:55PM
Bump! RAK ends tomorrow! - missariel33   2115.6 #76 4-20-15 11:10AM Like  Reply
Please  add me. I am excited  to see all the beautiful  pictures  all the MWers will post. I wish I could  be there in person to celebrate  but the pictures  will help me feel closer to the celebration. - Disneyrockstar   191.4 #2145 5-5-15 3:43AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 2-15-15 8:07PM
Please add me for your generous RAK!  I promise to give the tsum tsum a good home!  Thanks. 
Please add me for your generous RAK!  I promise to give the tsum tsum a good home!  Thanks.  - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 2-15-15 8:07PM Like(1)  Reply
Added - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 2-15-15 8:28PM
Please add me for the ever so generous @SBsnowwhite thank you!  - LuvsTigger  1675.4 #105 2-16-15 12:26AM
 Winner announced in the morning  - grumpyinphx   724.4 #278 2-19-15 9:37PM Like(1)  Reply
. - minniemonika   229.1 #0 2-19-15 6:47PM Like  Reply
Added  - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 2-19-15 7:22PM
Those are so stinking cute!!!! Please add me for this very generous RAK. Thank you  - PixiePirateMaid   355.4 #680 2-19-15 7:39PM Like  Reply
Added - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 2-19-15 7:58PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 2-14-15 3:35PM
Please add me for your generous RAK.  Thanks.  Happy valentines day!
Winner will be picked tonight when I get off work - thumpur   313.6 #861 2-14-15 12:30PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me - jlo1288   233.0 #1615 2-2-15 7:22PM Like  Reply
OMG yeahπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘thank you so much I will DM you now😘 - MinnieMyLove   218.0 #1807 2-16-15 7:46AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 1-23-15 5:48AM glad you got it and liked everything!  
Isn't she the greatest!!😎 - secretagentangel   6436.1 #20 1-22-15 4:23PM Like  Reply
Such a total sweetheart!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1471.6 #120 1-22-15 5:06PM Like  Reply
So awesome😍 - hatgal76   451.9 #504 1-22-15 7:01PM Like  Reply glad you got it and liked everything!   - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 1-23-15 5:48AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-28-14 10:14PM
Please add me for your generous RAK!  I actually have New Year's Eve and New Year's Day off this the plan is to go to Disneyland, as long as my boyfriend gets better before then!
No need to add me but. I'm gonna hang with my grandkids and let my daughter go out.Β Thank you for this generous RAK - grumpyinphx   724.4 #278 12-27-14 2:41PM Like  Reply
awh that's great. I can't wait to have grandkids... Wait I need kids first to have grandkids. But seriously that's wonderful - missmimi90  2033.3 #83 12-27-14 4:59PM
That's awesome! - keepmovingforward  258.2 #1310 12-27-14 9:20PM
Add me for the first to comment below me please☺️ Ken always works, so I let the kids have a NYE party/sleepover with their friends at our house! This year I am thinking of making beignets!!! Thanks!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1471.6 #120 12-27-14 2:45PM Like  Reply
Me and my grandkids coming if you have beignets.... lol - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 12-27-14 2:47PM
@@@grumpyinphx come on over!! Can't guarantee they will be DL/Jazz Kitchen quality, but they will be made with love ☺️ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1471.6 #120 12-27-14 3:16PM
I'll end this tonight  - missmimi90   2033.3 #83 12-29-14 11:16AM Like  Reply
RAK CLOSED winner is @@Alicewhoareyou I gifted you the sticker! Have an awesome New Year everyone! - missmimi90   2033.3 #83 12-29-14 9:12PM Like  Reply
Thank you!πŸ˜ƒ Hip hip hooray!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ - Alicewhoareyou  2705.7 #54 12-29-14 9:59PM
Congratulations  - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 12-29-14 10:07PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-25-14 8:39AM
Merry Christmas!
Merry ChristmasπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ  - SafariSkewerJessica   1588.8 #111 12-25-14 8:37AM Like(1)  Reply
Merry Christmas! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-25-14 8:39AM Like(1)  Reply
Merry Christmas! I know that santa! Serramonte...woot! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   271.1 #1185 12-25-14 10:18PM Like(1)  Reply
We've been going here the last 3 years - BombFrogFormerCM  1031.7 #188 12-26-14 12:07AM
I've been seeing him weekly! Ha ha. He's really good with my littlest mini.  - BibbidiBobbidiMe  271.1 #1185 12-26-14 8:55AM
Merry Christmas! - DarthTinkerbell   886.2 #210 12-25-14 10:28PM Like(1)  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-25-14 8:42AM
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Wishing you a healthy 2015! - jacdanfan   12150.4 #6 12-25-14 6:38AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 12-25-14 11:28AM
Merry Christmas @grumpyinphx & azcupcake!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year too!!! - DisneyPiratePrincess   272.8 #1173 12-25-14 11:33AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you and you and your family also - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 12-25-14 12:37PM
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Thank you - PracticallyPerfectLisa  122.9 #3219 12-26-14 7:46AM
Looks like I missed this one. Merry Christmas to you too. - Winnie111286   17133.2 #2 12-26-14 9:53AM Like  Reply
Wishing you and azcupcake all the best in 2015!!! - PrincessCindy   120.8 #3268 12-26-14 3:56PM Like  Reply
Thank you happy new year - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 12-26-14 3:59PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-24-14 11:04AM
Please add me for your generous RAK.  My favorite holiday tradition is opening or gifts on Christmas Eve as we eat appetizers for dinner!  Santa always came to our house twice growing up....once on Christmas Eve for our gifts an  More...
What a great way to spend your birthday! Please add me. A tradition we started about 5 years ago was putting our boots by the fireplace for Santa, rather than hanging stockings. Turns out that they hold more πŸ˜‰πŸŽ„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks and Merry Christmas! - misschurro...   7259.8 #14 12-24-14 3:26PM Like(3)  Reply
But now you feet stinky gifts, but I guess it won't matter if you put cheese or cheetos in there - phillip...  1361.8 #134 12-24-14 5:00PM
Have not feet - phillip...  1361.8 #134 12-24-14 5:15PM
Happy Birthday ! And what a wonderful way to spend your birthday and to role model for your daughters true humanitarianism . We have a few traditions but I'll keep it semi brief. Every year I volunteer with the local rotary club for the Christmas to remember program, this year over 200 less fortunate kids in our community are able to shop for a new jacket, shirt, pants, underwear , socks and a pair of shoes. I look forward to shopping with the little ones every year. It makes you truly realize how fortunate we are , and that there's more to this season than what we get caught up in. My kids also get to pick a child off the angel tree to ship for. They have a lot of fun doing this, and they are getting really good choosing a balance of clothes and toys πŸ˜‚ On Christmas Eve we bake cookies to leave for Santa to snack on , and we each pick one present to open that night. This is a great post and a fun RAK , thank you for adding me. Merry Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„ - eviljules   1445.3 #122 12-24-14 7:53PM Like(2)  Reply
  - mckelfam   84.9 #3931 12-25-14 9:14PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-24-14 3:04PM
Please add me for your generous RAK.  One thing about me that people don't know is that there is a park named after my family in Hawaii!  Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Β And i will also tell you all something about me. The story the fox and the hound a disney classic cartoon was written about my great grandfather and alot of the characters were real. Thank you and good luck - grumpyinphx   724.4 #278 12-24-14 8:08AM Like  Reply
Very generous   No need to add me. Merry Christmas to you, Lisa and your beautiful family.  - DisneyGrandma   881.3 #212 12-24-14 8:23AM Like  Reply
Merry Christmas  @DisneyGrandma have a wonderful day  - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 12-24-14 8:24AM
Thank you. Everything is ready for the festivities to begin tonight. Sooo excited to spend Christmas with my 4 grandkiddos.  - DisneyGrandma  881.3 #212 12-24-14 8:31AM
Rak will end at 7 tonight all are welcome to enter - grumpyinphx   724.4 #278 12-24-14 4:36PM Like  Reply
Sending to you now @SBsnowwhite - grumpyinphx   724.4 #278 12-24-14 7:37PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   SBsnowwhite 
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-23-14 6:18PM
You are welcome....I saw you enter a RAK for this and thought there was no one that deserved it more than you!  Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Congrats!  Very nice!  Thanks to you for coordinating the Secret Santa!  So much fun! - debbiev   1350.1 #136 12-23-14 5:08PM Like  Reply
You are welcome....I saw you enter a RAK for this and thought there was no one that deserved it more than you!  Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-23-14 6:18PM Like  Reply
How sweet of you to remember!  I collect them, but I'm very particular about it.  I REALLY needed this one, and the candy was tasty, too :) - GoofyMom77  968.1 #198 12-23-14 7:04PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-19-14 6:42AM
grumpyinphx she lives in round rock which is north of Austin.  I'm going to find my maid of honor dress since she is getting married in July!  I'm kind of excited  because I have never been in January before....normally I o  More...
Ooooh! Have fun in Texas!  I really liked it there! - secretagentangel   6436.1 #20 12-18-14 9:36PM Like  Reply
What part of Texas? - grumpyinphx   724.4 #278 12-18-14 9:39PM Like  Reply
@grumpyinphx she lives in round rock which is north of Austin.  I'm going to find my maid of honor dress since she is getting married in July!  I'm kind of excited  because I have never been in January before....normally I only visit in July. This year I will get at last two trips to see her instead of my one yearly trip! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-19-14 6:42AM Like  Reply
Texas is nice in January. I like everything about Texas but the Dallas Cowboys. Have fun and enjoy your vacation. It's a great area - grumpyinphx   724.4 #278 12-19-14 6:56AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   CinderellE-79  thatgirljenn 
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-17-14 5:57PM
I'm glad you liked were easy to ship for and deserve it all!  We definetely need to meet someday soon!
@@@SBsnowwhite you are amazing! You have no idea what this means to me especially since this is the 1st Christmas for me without my Grandmother and it's been really hard for me. You truly warmed my heart!Β Oh and thanks for the candy...york peppermint were my grandma's favorite!!! - luxkitty   4080.5 #38 12-17-14 5:09PM Like(1)  Reply
What a wonderful Secret Santa! Great gifts for a great MWer!!!!! - Boundin   778.2 #251 12-17-14 5:13PM Like(1)  Reply
Yay, @@@SBsnowwhite - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1852.4 #98 12-17-14 8:30PM Like  Reply
SO SWEET!  You deserve it.  Happy Christmas - TinyDancerTay   550.0 #388 12-18-14 12:00AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-14-14 8:57AM
Please add me for snowwannab!  She is a fantastic mom and I would love for her to be able to give it to her daughter!  Thanks.  
Please add me.  My daughter @@@@@@@@@CM_LionGeek was on the living tree.  I would love to give this to her as a keepsake.  It would mean so much to her.  Great holiday RAK, thank you! - snowwannab   759.0 #259 12-11-14 12:22PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for @@snowwannab i know it would mean so much to her and her daughter. Merry Christmas! - MickeyLumboCM  1358.8 #135 12-14-14 9:51AM
please add me for @@@@@@@@@CM_LionGeek . Thanks soo much!! - misschurro...   7259.8 #14 12-11-14 12:34PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you sweet Churro! - snowwannab  759.0 #259 12-11-14 1:46PM
Oh you're very welcome – she is quite deserving - misschurro...  7259.8 #14 12-11-14 3:35PM
- DarthTinkerbell   886.2 #210 12-14-14 10:06PM Like  Reply
Thank you to all of you for adding me for Emily, and thank you for the RAK and pin.  I am beyond grateful for all of you, and this pin to give her.  They have pins the choir can purchase, and she didn't get the form this year and was so disappointed. She will be so thrilled!  Such a nice keepsake since she was in it.  I really appreciate all of you, and thank you @@@@JoshTheJunkyardJamboreer  for entering for her!   - snowwannab   759.0 #259 12-14-14 10:51PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 12-9-14 9:18AM
Have fun....I'm on my way....maybe we will run into each other!
Have fun! πŸ˜„ - Madgesty   728.2 #275 12-9-14 8:56AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - luxkitty  4080.5 #38 12-9-14 8:58AM
Have fun....I'm on my way....maybe we will run into each other! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-9-14 9:18AM Like  Reply
πŸ‘ - luxkitty  4080.5 #38 12-9-14 9:24AM
My favorite time of the day. Have fun. - Winnie111286   17133.2 #2 12-9-14 10:53AM Like  Reply
I have bad anxiety and I'm not good with large crowds so I pretty much HAVE to come @ rope drop! - luxkitty  4080.5 #38 12-9-14 11:41AM
Pretty colors today!! - secretagentangel   6436.1 #20 12-9-14 11:41AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 11-14-14 12:14PM
I got a room at paradise pier for tonight last night! I had a reservation off prep perry but I just really wanted on property!
I once had a wild hair and it was bugging me so I cut it off - Dave   13808.4 #4 11-14-14 11:17AM Like(1)  Reply
I just washed it this week lol - Dave   13808.4 #4 11-14-14 11:33AM
Wild hares are always fantastical.  πŸ° - Alicewhoareyou   2705.7 #54 11-14-14 11:15AM Like  Reply
Yes.. - kimdis  54.4 #4716 11-14-14 11:15AM
Sadly everything is sold out! I totally forgot about the 1/2 marathon this weekend 😩 I think we will try for next weekend! :)  - littleone   246.4 #1434 11-14-14 2:26PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   MsTikiMermadam 
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 11-13-14 9:40PM
I have been waiting for this post...I can't wait to do this!  DM me or email me at [email protected] for my address!
Might I suggest, if you're emailing, please include your MW name!  I've received several emails but I don't know who you are!  Thanks! - IDVandalSkipperCM   2579.8 #58 11-14-14 12:17PM Like(4)  Reply
Good idea. - grumpyinphx  724.4 #278 11-14-14 1:02PM
Yes please  - Linzee  1347.1 #137 11-14-14 3:26PM
Thanks! for posting this. I would love to have my son exchange cards with MWers. It will be fun. - keepmovingforward   258.2 #1310 11-13-14 8:11AM Like(2)  Reply
Mine are going out with all my mail Friday! Β And I forgot to get some addresses so sorry for late Dm's too!!!:) - secretagentangel   6436.1 #20 12-17-14 10:59PM Like  Reply
Me tooooo! lol - Alicewhoareyou  2705.7 #54 12-17-14 11:09PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 11-2-14 12:36PM
Can't wait to participate again!
Im hoping to reach 50 points very soon so I can participate!  This looked sooooo fun last year! - DisneyPrincessT   184.8 #2229 11-2-14 4:02PM Like(6)  Reply
If you can find a ranking MWer to vouch for you, I'll allow it. Believe it or not,  there are some people who troll this site lookink for hand outs and freebies. Not saying you are one, but generally these types of people don't contribute much and have low ranks. Unfortunately,  those bad apples ruined it for the genuine newbies. - GoofyMom77  968.1 #198 11-2-14 4:47PM
Your almost there!  - Bassplayerswife  639.2 #327 11-5-14 1:10PM
Last year was so fun shopping for and seeing everyone's gifts.  Thank you for putting this together again - PracticallyPerfectLisa   122.9 #3219 11-2-14 9:19AM Like(2)  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 11-1-14 4:43PM
Please add me for your generous RAK!  Thank you so much!
😱😱oh goodness! Please add me. Thanks so much! *Goes back and reads over details to make sure I answered everything* ok..  β€’DM enabled βœ”οΈ and I'm just going to toss in that Adventureland is my very favoriteπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro...   7259.8 #14 11-1-14 11:58AM Like(1)  Reply
When will you be attending the land of Disney, kind lady? - phillip...  1361.8 #134 11-1-14 4:37PM
Got my Jack/Jack meet up on Sat 22nd, may stay a few days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ philliprocks - misschurro...  7259.8 #14 11-1-14 5:01PM
Please add me for@Ashley1024. Thanks so much! - keepmovingforward   258.2 #1310 11-1-14 3:58PM Like(1)  Reply
You are SO SWEET!! Thank you so much!!! Xoxo😘 - Ashley1024  27.7 #6415 11-1-14 4:02PM
- keepmovingforward  258.2 #1310 11-1-14 4:50PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 10-22-14 10:10AM
Please add me for your generous RAK.  Thanks!
Nice! Add me please and thank you! - MJmouse   318.7 #834 10-21-14 9:12PM Like  Reply
Add me please! Didnt have credits this time! Thanks - anaggarciam   633.6 #331 10-21-14 9:12PM Like  Reply
Please add me ~ Thanks!  - AmouseMom   284.7 #1058 10-22-14 9:22PM Like  Reply
Please add me I am on vacation and the time zone here is 3 hours behind and I missed sticker night completely. Thank you for being so awesome! - brguest85   237.5 #1547 10-22-14 11:49PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 10-22-14 10:11AM
Please add me for your generous RAK.  I would love the tightrope girl!  Thank you!
Ends today! - RCmom   5235.3 #25 10-22-14 1:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Beautiful. Add me please. Thank you. - iteachdisney   201.6 #2019 10-18-14 8:41AM Like  Reply
For what character/design? - RCmom  5235.3 #25 10-18-14 12:27PM
Please add me for the amazing RAK - i love Ariel!! Thank you so so much!!! - FantasticPoohski   32.8 #5884 10-22-14 10:24AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 10-15-14 10:38PM
Please add me for your generous rak!  I would love the opportunity yo go again!  Thanks. 
I don't think I have enough points but this is so generous of you... - MinnieTinker   652.9 #316 10-15-14 6:19PM Like(4)  Reply
You're getting close! - RCmom  5235.3 #25 10-15-14 7:31PM
You are almost there... ENTEr wait times if you are at the parks"... If not, play some mousewait trivia (the trivilator app). It will make u close to 300 - otilegna  2783.0 #51 10-15-14 9:25PM
Too bad Company D can't have a MouseWait day!!  So many awesome people on here that it would be fun to go with all together! - MeridaFan   4244.1 #36 10-16-14 8:57AM Like(1)  Reply
That would be fabulous!! - RCmom  5235.3 #25 10-16-14 10:21AM
Where do we sign the petition for this wonderful idea?!! - breathe_in_the_happiness  929.3 #202 10-16-14 8:21PM
Please add me- it would be a dream come true! - lovesminnie   704.8 #285 10-18-14 8:46PM Like  Reply
CLOSED - IDVandalSkipperCM   2579.8 #58 10-18-14 9:08PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 9-5-14 11:58PM
May I please have a burning cabin sticker please?!? Thank you!
You are so sweet! - WishIWereThere   302.9 #927 9-6-14 7:48AM Like(1)  Reply
I'm just trying to sweep out my collection closet. ☺️ - DisneyGrandma  881.3 #212 9-6-14 9:29AM
Thank you so much!! - Evilqueenlover   2.2 #0 9-6-14 8:21AM Like(1)  Reply
So nice!  So you still have any lemon cupcakes and/or churros?  I have always wanted those!   - spicy   823.5 #231 9-6-14 9:48AM Like  Reply
All outta cupcakes but I sent you a churro.  - DisneyGrandma  881.3 #212 9-6-14 12:39PM
Thanks!!! 😍 - spicy  823.5 #231 9-6-14 12:41PM
May I have the Tractor Crossing sticker please? Thanks! - TangledMess   14.4 #9087 9-6-14 2:13PM Like  Reply
Enjoy - DisneyGrandma  881.3 #212 9-6-14 5:19PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 9-5-14 5:18PM
Have a great time!
Have a great time! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 9-5-14 5:18PM Like  Reply
- jacdanfan   12150.4 #6 9-5-14 5:38PM Like  Reply
We are about to ride racers. Then have ice cream on route 66.  - LuvsTigger   1675.4 #105 9-5-14 6:04PM Like  Reply
Hope someone finds you!! - poppinspenguin   298.5 #962 9-5-14 6:07PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-30-14 7:05PM
Your daughters are the cutest!  Hopefully this event brought back some of the wonderful memories you had as a family...although he might not have been here physically I now he was there in all of your hearts!😘
Your daughters are the cutest!  Hopefully this event brought back some of the wonderful memories you had as a family...although he might not have been here physically I now he was there in all of your hearts!😘 - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 8-30-14 7:05PM Like  Reply
Such cute little ladies! Glad to see you had a great day! 😊 - BellesLibrary   418.5 #550 8-30-14 7:06PM Like  Reply
Oh wow, big hugs to all of you!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   626.9 #337 8-31-14 8:18AM Like  Reply
This warms my heart so much. It's good to see you on here, your little girls are beautiful. ✨❀️ - FrankenweenieVelinee   3422.3 #44 8-31-14 8:56AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-30-14 5:44PM
Congrats...great both can accomplish anything you out your mind too!
How cute!!! Way to go!!!  - LittlePixie   182.7 #2261 8-30-14 9:32AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - RCmom  5235.3 #25 8-30-14 12:38PM
Congrats! - DLKenCA   2755.6 #53 8-30-14 9:35AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - RCmom  5235.3 #25 8-30-14 5:39PM
Congratulations, I hope to do this some day. - MonLuvsDisney   192.1 #2135 8-31-14 8:58PM Like  Reply
I had the most amazing weekend and I miss you so much already!!  Thanks for inviting me to do this with you...would have never thought I could do this ever!!  So proud of us and so very grateful to have you in my life!! ❀️😘 - MinnieMousewife   916.3 #206 9-2-14 9:55PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-30-14 9:15AM
Great job...I knew you could do it!
...and you are. All you hard work is paying off.  Way to go! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - DisLUVney   636.4 #328 8-30-14 6:52AM Like  Reply
I always knew you had it in you! Doing great  - MarshaMouse   5036.1 #27 8-30-14 7:50AM Like  Reply
Thanks love!😘 - RCmom  5235.3 #25 8-30-14 12:26PM
Congratulations! - keepmovingforward   258.2 #1310 8-30-14 12:39PM Like  Reply
Great job! :) - poohbearandyy   65.5 #4375 8-30-14 12:51PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-29-14 9:05PM
Wonderful meeting you both...I had a blast riding space with you!
Wonderful meeting you both...I had a blast riding space with you! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 8-29-14 9:05PM Like  Reply
I love all your ears!!πŸ’™ - debbiev   1350.1 #136 8-29-14 9:51PM Like  Reply
MW rocks..!!!! - carminaire   843.9 #223 8-30-14 6:13AM Like  Reply
Love the smiles!! - ILuvSleepingBeauty   235.6 #1575 8-30-14 8:40AM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-29-14 2:13PM
Great took me about 3 times that long...of course I started in coral c, walked the whole thing, and waited for mile marker pics!  Have a great time doing the dumbo double dare!
So my real time was 23;40 which is a new new personal best for a 5 kπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸŒ½ - Dave   13808.4 #4 8-29-14 7:56AM Like(7)  Reply
πŸƒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ - Mad_Tea_Party  1363.2 #133 8-29-14 8:03AM
Way to go Dave! That's awesome! - Duchess_SMK  6491.3 #19 8-29-14 8:26AM
Jokingly. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line - E-Ticket   1472.4 #119 8-29-14 2:19PM Like(2)  Reply
My thought too! - debbiev  1350.1 #136 8-29-14 3:36PM
I was thinking of pointing out that faster way to get there, too!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MeridaFan  4244.1 #36 8-29-14 3:44PM
I'm tired looking at that. Lol - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   538.0 #402 8-29-14 11:08PM Like  Reply
Great job Dave! - Dizkid   459.5 #492 8-30-14 4:58PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-14-14 9:51PM
Thank you ToInfinityAndBeyond1997 for the add!  And thank you 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet for the generous RAK!  I will DM you my info!😘
Congrats!! - brodysmommy   434.6 #519 8-14-14 9:41PM Like  Reply
Cute! Congrats! - JenGwen323   2041.4 #82 8-14-14 9:45PM Like  Reply
Soooo cute, congrats!  - piratelife4me   1069.3 #180 8-14-14 9:45PM Like  Reply
Thank you @ToInfinityAndBeyond1997 for the add!  And thank you @2BeignetOrNot2Beignet for the generous RAK!  I will DM you my info!😘 - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 8-14-14 9:51PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-12-14 7:54PM
Thanks for the update. BNT thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.  I'm sending pixie dust for a swift recovery!πŸ™βœ¨
Prayers coming your way too @Plumiegirl!!!! I've been thinking about you too and what you're going through - missariel33   2115.6 #76 8-13-14 4:22PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you, prayer is particularly powerful for me becuase most of my battle is mental. My diagnosis is what it is, but mentally having a outcome goal and praying/working towards the positve is getting me though. Charis has been kind to me with silly MW stickers that meant to world to me (its free fun). She can get through this, the power is time and belief. There is room for stress tears its our relief valve. E hug. - Plumiegirl  10325.2 #8 8-13-14 9:58PM
Plumie look up mark Nepo on Super Soul Sunday on Own network on YouTube. Honestly best, most enduring, loving way a person can go through two terminal cancers and be alive and well 20 years later. His story, as well as Kris Carr, speaking of her experience with her terminal cancer, ten years later. I'm sure it'll bring faith, hope and a strong belief you too can over come this!  - MarshaMouse  5036.1 #27 8-13-14 10:43PM
Here is the site if you would like to keep track of Charis' journey  - missariel33   2115.6 #76 8-12-14 7:34PM Like  Reply
Sending her and her family prayers. Thanks missariel33 for sharing the information. - pinkmonkeys  543.4 #396 8-13-14 3:59AM
that is excellent news, more prayers coming her way - Plumiegirl   10325.2 #8 8-13-14 2:09PM Like  Reply
Thanks so much for the update!! I've been thinking about her and so happy to hear this amazing news!  We're still praying for her as a family.  πŸ™ - MinnieMousewife   916.3 #206 8-13-14 9:59PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-11-14 9:53PM
Please add me for your generous RAK!   I was unable to get to Disneyland to get the poster and my boyfriend would love it! Thanks so much!
Please add me for @UndefinedEeyore! Thank you so much - 4mouseketeers   131.9 #3071 8-11-14 10:59PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks sweetie! - UndefinedEeyore  201.8 #2016 8-11-14 11:25PM
I love this, Splash Mountain is my favorite ride! Unfortunately, I am not an Annual Passholder (hopefully someday *fingers crossed*). Thank you for your generosity in giving us non-passholders the opportunity for a taste of the good life haha, please add me :) - MallE   164.3 #2552 8-13-14 1:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Bump - goofydad909   1994.3 #87 8-24-14 4:59PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 8-11-14 9:58PM
Please add me for your generous RAK.   Jiminy Cricket always reminds me of my late grandfather.  This thanksgiving it will be ten years since he passed and I would love to give this to my mom. Thanks. 
Please add me for @@Atora. Thanks! Happy early Birthday to him.  - keepmovingforward   258.2 #1310 8-11-14 5:51PM Like(2)  Reply
Awww! Thank you! - Atora  2702.2 #55 8-11-14 5:54PM
Added for Atora, thank you. - Goofygirlie  212.5 #1889 8-12-14 9:21AM
Please add me for your generous RAK.   Jiminy Cricket always reminds me of my late grandfather.  This thanksgiving it will be ten years since he passed and I would love to give this to my mom. Thanks.  - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 8-11-14 9:58PM Like(1)  Reply
Added, good luck. - Goofygirlie  212.5 #1889 8-12-14 9:22AM
This is a awesome RAK! Please add me :) - BabyMine   290.7 #1006 8-14-14 2:35PM Like  Reply
Thank you, added. - Goofygirlie  212.5 #1889 8-14-14 6:54PM
Please add me. This is awesome! Thank you :) - minniel0verβ„’   214.6 #1857 8-14-14 6:18PM Like  Reply
Added, thank you. - Goofygirlie  212.5 #1889 8-14-14 6:54PM
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 7-29-14 2:55AM
βœ¨πŸ€Pixie dust and good luck on spending your birthday in Disneyland with Jack!  Please add me for your generous RAK....I would love this!  ThanksπŸ€βœ¨
Sending u pixie dust good vibes all good thoughts hoping u make it down for ur birthday!! Please add me for @@@@SBsnowwhite please and thanks hope to see ya soon!  - mickeyat78   2083.5 #77 7-27-14 6:12AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks for the add @mickeyat78!😘 - SBsnowwhite  522.6 #418 7-27-14 4:13PM
Please add me for @@@@SBsnowwhite !! I hope your wish will come true! Positive, almost magical, birthday wishes heading your way!! :) - ToInfinityAndBeyond1997   210.5 #1913 7-27-14 1:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks for the add @ToInfinityAndBeyond1997!😘 - SBsnowwhite  522.6 #418 7-27-14 4:14PM
Please add me! Hoping you get to go to the parks for your bday, because nothing beats a Disney birthday!πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ - MelodyTime   313.6 #859 8-12-14 7:49PM Like  Reply
Thanks! Added☺️ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1471.6 #120 8-14-14 1:08PM
RAK is closed. Winner announced today. ☺️ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1471.6 #120 8-14-14 1:11PM Like  Reply
522.6 #418 DL Qual #419 7-26-14 6:43PM
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!😘
Happy Birthday! - ElectricMayhemMom   1571.8 #113 7-26-14 1:02PM Like