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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-15-14 5:23AM
Cool - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-15-14 5:23AM Like  Reply
°o° 🚒 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   3940.3 #23 9-15-14 6:42AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-14-14 2:12PM
I so agree!
I agree!😿 - debbiev   788.3 #195 9-14-14 1:54PM Like  Reply
Disney blues. The worst! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   37.9 #4771 9-14-14 1:59PM Like  Reply
I was literally depressed for a week after we got home.  But for me, it's because it'll be a year until I get to go back!  - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 9-14-14 3:30PM Like  Reply
Its always a bummer to leave. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-14-14 3:53PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-14-14 11:48AM
Congratulations! I hope everything works out for you.
Congratulations! I hope everything works out for you. - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-14-14 11:48AM Like  Reply
That's wonderful, MDM!  Congratulations!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 9-14-14 1:16PM Like  Reply
Thank you ladies!  The thought of going back to work has me depressed.  It's actually been nice not working the past 5 months, but I knew that it had to end. - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 9-14-14 3:40PM Like  Reply
I understand.  My hubby was out of work for about 9 months, and while it was of course tough financially, it was so nice being able to spend so much time together.  I got so used to him being home when I got off work, and going for runs or to movies or out to dinner all the time--now I come home to an empty house, and its lonely, lol.  He has a really long commute, so he's gone 11-12 hours a day now.  I wish it was possible to work 5-6 hours a day and still be able to make a good living, haha.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 9-14-14 11:29PM
My commute is going to be around 30 min each way and you should hear me grumble about it!  It's not that bad, but there is only one road in/out of that side of the island (Lahaina), so if there's an accident or a brush fire, you're stuck!  Oh well...usually only hapens 2 or 3 x's a year. - msdizmaui  623.0 #272 9-16-14 4:35PM
I'm so excited for you!  When do you start?   - Mrs.mouse   515.8 #345 9-16-14 7:01PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-13-14 9:05AM
Have a great day!
Yey! Congrats. Looking forward to seeing the pictures! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   37.9 #4771 9-13-14 9:01AM Like  Reply
Have a great day! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-13-14 9:05AM Like  Reply
Congrats!! We did that last weekend and it worked out great. - katiesarahmommy   218.9 #1607 9-13-14 9:18AM Like  Reply
Go girl!!! - GiovannaCA   28.2 #5358 9-13-14 9:20AM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-10-14 8:15PM
Beautiful! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-10-14 8:15PM Like  Reply
😍😍😍😍 - CourtyAstroBlisters   661.5 #248 9-10-14 8:16PM Like  Reply
🌙🍥🍥 - Duchess_SMK   5605.5 #14 9-11-14 8:18AM Like  Reply
I'll have two please ;) - Mad_Tea_Party   823.2 #184 9-12-14 9:51AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-10-14 7:45PM
Do it nobody is looking! 
I won't tell - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1175.1 #113 9-10-14 7:02PM Like(1)  Reply
Serene looking  spot - E-Ticket   1078.1 #134 9-10-14 7:00PM Like  Reply
You walked up there today?😳💦👍 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   750.7 #206 9-10-14 7:49PM Like  Reply
The sun was setting so that helped  - MarshaMouse  3935.2 #24 9-10-14 7:50PM
That is still pretty impressive. I just got back from walking the dog and I feel gross😂 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  750.7 #206 9-10-14 7:53PM
I will join you. It would be fun to sit and dangle my feet in the cool water... - Plumiegirl   7817.4 #3 9-10-14 10:06PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-10-14 7:58AM
32 please! Thanks
173 - 1HitchhikingGhost   208.3 #1751 9-10-14 3:45PM Like(1)  Reply
 WINNER WINNER WINNER!!! - jacdanfan  6718.5 #7 9-10-14 5:25PM
Stickers sent! Congrats! - jacdanfan  6718.5 #7 9-10-14 5:34PM
Fun Trivia: The locomotive that Walt is sitting on is named the "Lilly Belle" and the number on the engine in front of the smoke stack is #173! - jacdanfan   6718.5 #7 9-10-14 5:40PM Like(1)  Reply
RAK CLOSED. We have a winner #173 was the correct guess. Congrats 1HitchhikingGhost !! - jacdanfan   6718.5 #7 9-10-14 5:26PM Like  Reply
104 - twinkletwinkle   3.4 #26123 9-10-14 5:26PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-8-14 3:07PM
Have fun! Did you like it
Oh, what a missing letter will do! I am a sissy and won't do Splash Mountain. I would be horrified on Slash Mountain!  Lol! I hope it was fun! - duckymomo   35.5 #4884 9-8-14 4:23PM Like(1)  Reply
Not sure why a missing letter would help. Splash Mountain is a great attraction just look at the queue to see how many people love it - E-Ticket  1078.1 #134 9-8-14 6:08PM
oh lol no p - E-Ticket  1078.1 #134 9-8-14 9:14PM
Have fun! Did you like it - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-8-14 3:07PM Like  Reply
- HauntedMansionDiva   247.3 #1250 9-8-14 6:29PM Like  Reply
is slash mountain have freddie krueger waiting behind the bears, ..ahem...rump????:D - secretagentangel   1242.8 #101 9-8-14 8:29PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-8-14 3:08PM
Love it
Love it - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-8-14 3:08PM Like  Reply
Perfect. - Taunton   120.6 #3016 9-8-14 3:11PM Like  Reply
Pretty much! - wendytink   336.8 #623 9-8-14 3:54PM Like  Reply
This post has been moved to The Hub - MouseWaitOfficialAccount   9-8-14 3:57PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-7-14 1:12PM
Looks great! 
Looks great!  - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-7-14 1:12PM Like  Reply
FYI-slightly spicy chicken w/fresh mozzarella, arugula & a little remoulade. Very tasty! - ShariRenee   4069.9 #22 9-7-14 1:21PM Like  Reply
Now that is my kind of sandwich. Thanks!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3940.3 #23 9-7-14 3:52PM
You are quite welcome.  - ShariRenee  4069.9 #22 9-7-14 4:56PM
Looks yummy!!   - MinnieMousewife   737.3 #212 9-7-14 7:56PM Like  Reply
Looks good. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-7-14 8:13PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-7-14 9:27AM
Enjoy your day!
Have a great day! - DebbyMouse7531   428.7 #15 9-7-14 8:53AM Like  Reply
Have fun!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   3940.3 #23 9-7-14 8:53AM Like  Reply
Have fun! - Ms_SRSformerCM   16.5 #6896 9-7-14 11:21AM Like  Reply
Enjoy your day! - LaPearleNoir   1173.8 #114 9-7-14 11:44AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-7-14 9:26AM
Looks so yummy! I need to try next time
Yumm they have the best pizza - poohbearandyy   38.2 #4741 9-6-14 2:56PM Like  Reply
They do! - ShariRenee  4069.9 #22 9-6-14 3:34PM
Looks amazing!!! - grimgrinninggoof   18.6 #6510 9-6-14 4:48PM Like  Reply
My favorite pizza ever, totally jealous!  - bambirn   107.7 #3256 9-7-14 9:19AM Like  Reply
Looks so yummy! I need to try next time - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-7-14 9:26AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-7-14 9:23AM
Great job on getting back  to your weigh loss. I'm doing well I took a week off after run Disneyland half now time to get back into things need to focus on loosing some weight. Have a great week
Fairly about you?  I've lost 5 of the 8 lbs I gained in my week at DLR (and the week after I got back!).  Almost back at my DLR weight and then on to the last 4 to make my goal once and for all! - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 9-6-14 8:50PM Like  Reply
Great job on getting back  to your weigh loss. I'm doing well I took a week off after run Disneyland half now time to get back into things need to focus on loosing some weight. Have a great week - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 9-7-14 9:23AM Like  Reply
Doing well, thanks!  Just kinda plugging along with life, lol.  Had a cold so I haven't been running much but I've been walking with my dog--it's nice to slow down a little bit and enjoy life. :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 9-10-14 4:50PM Like  Reply
Glad all is well! Are you doing any Disney runs that are coming up? - disneyland4me  240.4 #1338 9-11-14 5:28PM
Hoping for Star Wars and Tink, but not registered yet!  Life and schedules are really up in the air right now.  Sigh... Really hoping to get to DL during Halloweentime, though!  Good news is that I tried on a pencil skirt that I couldn't zip up last spring, and now it fits!  Pretty happy about that.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 9-11-14 8:15PM
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 9-3-14 8:18PM
I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry. Prayers for you and your family.  - Sugarbuzz   134.7 #2794 9-3-14 5:51PM Like(1)  Reply
I am so sorry to hear this. I know she will be with you forever in your heart. And she will watch over you. Again so sorry to hear this - grumpyinphx   57.6 #4106 9-3-14 6:21PM Like(1)  Reply
I will say. Your generosity and kindness have inspired many people on this sight. Your grandma would be proud to know so many people have come to her granddaughter in her time of sorrow.and the reason we all have come together to offer you prayers and pixie dust is because you have shown so much caring and generosity to all of us. We all hope you the best. And want you to heal and not hurt. She will watch over you forever - grumpyinphx  57.6 #4106 9-3-14 8:57PM
So sorry for your loss. We will keep you and your family in our prayers! - luvthemouse   144.3 #2640 9-4-14 1:07PM Like  Reply
so sorry for your loss... - Dave   11260.5 #2 9-4-14 1:14PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-24-14 8:25PM
3 days for me to!!
Have fun! And should anyone else like to know, we have this info here, on mw - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   3940.3 #23 8-24-14 8:33PM Like(2)  Reply
It is a fun thing to do ! But what isn't fun at Disneyland  - fourjoey  47.3 #4399 8-24-14 9:08PM
It used to be that they had you wait in the inside queue for a longer period of time and therefore would have the time to figure it out. Seems we blaze past them bc we are held in the outside queue. @IDVandalSkipperCM any reason why? Safety? - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3940.3 #23 8-24-14 9:19PM
3 days for me to!! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-24-14 8:25PM Like(1)  Reply
We will fly in at 9:30 be in the park by 11:30 !!! Hope you have a great time  - fourjoey  47.3 #4399 8-24-14 9:06PM
Tomorrow morning for us - Goofytom   873.6 #170 8-24-14 10:43PM Like  Reply
Try to sleep tonight have a great time - fourjoey  47.3 #4399 8-24-14 11:38PM
I haven't seen one of those since the 90's. Have fun! - Bassplayerswife   161.1 #2390 8-25-14 12:02AM Like  Reply
Old school lol - fourjoey  47.3 #4399 8-25-14 8:32AM
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-23-14 12:18PM
Don't be disappointed your losing not gaining. 
Don't be disappointed your losing not gaining.  - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-23-14 12:18PM Like  Reply
Exactly...losing anything is better than gaining! - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 9-13-14 10:46PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-18-14 10:13PM
I'm so happy she is doing better!
She looks GREAT! Thanks for sharing this picture! So encouraging! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   750.7 #206 8-18-14 10:04PM Like(2)  Reply
So glad to hear she's doing better!! - Alicewhoareyou   1020.5 #145 8-18-14 10:04PM Like  Reply
My heart is filled with joy to see her beautiful smile! Continued prayers for strength and healing.  - Bassplayerswife   161.1 #2390 8-19-14 8:00AM Like  Reply
So happy for all of you!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 8-19-14 8:13AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-17-14 7:03PM
Yes please!!
Nom nom nom!! Yummy - jamieasada   18.9 #6458 8-17-14 6:47PM Like  Reply
Yes please!! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-17-14 7:03PM Like  Reply
Havent done that yet, thinking about it next trip. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 8-17-14 9:37PM Like  Reply
I'm still in search of a waffle maker that's Mickey shaped - TakeMeToNeverland19   8.4 #10225 8-17-14 10:24PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-16-14 8:19PM
Looks yummy!
Tagged in: Food  
This place has good value with far superior food than most in the the Park. - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   3940.3 #23 8-17-14 1:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Agreed! And it's so tasty too!  - PixiePirateMaid  293.4 #838 8-17-14 11:29PM
Now THAT'S the way to start the day! How did you end it? - webtink   10.2 #8961 8-16-14 8:19PM Like  Reply
At the beach!!! I only lasted until 1:30 Bc it was tooooo hot!!! 😰😰😰😢☀️🌊 - caramiapoohAKAface  2901.6 #33 8-16-14 10:03PM
Where is the Steakhouse 55 located? - Rachelcordill   0.0 #0 8-21-14 9:23AM Like  Reply
In the Disneyland hotel  - happylittlethoughts  5.3 #14952 8-21-14 9:29AM
@Rchelcordill Steakhouse55 is at the Disneyland Hotel, Fantasy Tower, near Goofy's Kitchen.  Offering both breakfast and dinner service, reservations can be made at 714.781.DINE 😄 - MickeyLumboCM   692.6 #228 8-21-14 9:31AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-16-14 6:53PM
Lol!! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-16-14 6:53PM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-16-14 8:10AM
Please add me! I would love to have dinner in club 33.Thank you. P.s Have a wonderful trip
This post just made me even more excited for my WDW trip next month! Please add me! The one thing that I would love to do in the parks is spend the night in the dream suite!  Thank you!  - luxkitty   1314.0 #95 8-15-14 2:05PM Like(2)  Reply
Please add me for @luxkitty I would love to see Mickey and the magical map. - -MizzMadHatter-  110.3 #3212 8-15-14 6:18PM
@-MizzMadHatter- thank you! - luxkitty  1314.0 #95 8-15-14 6:34PM
Yes you may add for other people! Sorry I didn't clarify! - montanadj   220.7 #1585 8-15-14 1:39PM Like(1)  Reply
Added and will choose the winner ASAP today. - montanadj   220.7 #1585 8-23-14 9:32AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-15-14 12:01AM
Hello - sewedna   317.8 #708 8-15-14 12:01AM Like  Reply
Same time Lol - disneyland4me  240.4 #1338 8-15-14 12:01AM
hello  - LoneRAYnger  4192.5 #21 8-15-14 12:04AM
#1 - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-15-14 12:01AM Like  Reply
hello and no lol - LoneRAYnger  4192.5 #21 8-15-14 12:04AM
Hello!! - disneyland4me  240.4 #1338 8-15-14 12:09AM
Meeeeeow???  😽 - SassyKittyMeow   374.2 #523 8-15-14 1:19AM Like  Reply
UUUUUGGHHHHH... insomnia makes me feel like... but I also want a  with   to wash it down....whyyyyy insomnia whyyyy? - evilemohand   205.3 #1794 8-15-14 1:36AM Like  Reply
Mmmmmmm!!!!  Fooooood!   - SassyKittyMeow  374.2 #523 8-15-14 1:37AM
Yikes – insomnia does not sound very nice. mmmm  - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3940.3 #23 8-15-14 9:12AM
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-14-14 4:57PM
Is that a banana? Or are you just happy to see Duffy? - DLKenCA   1510.3 #83 8-14-14 6:40PM Like(3)  Reply
Someone had to say it 😂👍 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 8-14-14 6:44PM
Bananagram! - happiestplace   98.6 #3393 8-14-14 7:00PM Like(1)  Reply
LOL!  LOVE IT!! - DisneyPiratePrincess   66.3 #3905 8-14-14 8:21PM Like  Reply
🍌 - luxkitty   1314.0 #95 8-14-14 8:27PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-13-14 6:36PM
Great RAK! Please add me. Thank you
Good Morning & Happy Friday! Everyone has been added as of this post. Good luck and have a great weekend 😃 - HARR_E   1568.9 #79 8-15-14 9:45AM Like(1)  Reply
RAK is closed🚧 Good luck to all. Will post winner later today, early in the afternoon 😃 - HARR_E   1568.9 #79 8-17-14 1:00AM Like(1)  Reply
Good luck everyone - greeneyedmonstermama   26.5 #0 8-16-14 11:36PM Like  Reply
let it be me....let it be meee.....c'mon - evilemohand   205.3 #1794 8-17-14 6:43AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-13-14 12:12AM
First - brodysmommy   334.6 #627 8-13-14 12:00AM Like(1)  Reply
Woo hoo :) even though there is hardly anyone up at this time of night anymore on here  - brodysmommy  334.6 #627 8-13-14 12:01AM
Up working the night shift.. Keeping Patients alive  - PixiePirateMaid   293.4 #838 8-13-14 2:15AM Like(1)  Reply
👍 - brodysmommy  334.6 #627 8-13-14 3:35AM
watching fight club tonight - draven898   280.0 #922 8-14-14 1:35AM Like  Reply
Hello! - TheRealWildernessExplorer   63.3 #0 8-14-14 1:57AM Like  Reply
hi there! - draven898  280.0 #922 8-14-14 2:06AM
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-12-14 9:51AM
I'm doing the 10 k!!!!
I didn't have the money this time around, but I will probably volunteer! - DisneyOnesie   525.9 #336 8-12-14 9:39AM Like(1)  Reply
Awesome! One of these times I want to volunteer just to see the behind the scenes! - WallSchmee  48.2 #4367 8-12-14 12:43PM
Me either! They should've postponed it a few more months since they moved the race 4 months later. WDW and RunDisney registration in the same week is too much for me. - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  619.6 #274 8-15-14 4:19AM
I'm doing the 10 k!!!! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-12-14 9:51AM Like  Reply
I'm starting small with the 5k but I hope to be ready for the 10k the next time around! - WallSchmee  48.2 #4367 8-12-14 12:44PM
I started out last year Tinkerbell 5k. Now I'm pushing myself and doing Disneyland  half will see how that goes!! - disneyland4me  240.4 #1338 8-15-14 12:06AM
I'm in for the Half. Legacy! - MXPrincess399   639.3 #259 8-14-14 7:47AM Like  Reply
Awesome!! Any insider tips you wanna share to a first time disney runner?? - WallSchmee  48.2 #4367 8-14-14 4:39PM
I'm in!!!! - 33isme   3.8 #21560 8-14-14 4:52PM Like  Reply
For the half marathon? - WallSchmee  48.2 #4367 8-14-14 11:59PM
PDC for me - 33isme  3.8 #21560 8-15-14 12:37PM
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-12-14 9:53AM
Love this!! How much was it?
They need our thoughts esp in NorCal where the threat of t-storms puts everyone on high alert right now  - ThinkTink23   22.9 #5902 8-12-14 12:25AM Like(2)  Reply
@MightyWhitey @dimplesdanie ck this out!  - mickeyat78   1312.2 #96 8-11-14 10:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Almost got this on our last trip but they were only taking pre-orders at the time. - MightyWhitey  1026.7 #142 8-15-14 5:13PM
Awesome! - pamntink   34.2 #4965 8-15-14 6:17PM Like  Reply
Love this my brother is out there fighting fires in not cal right now so it touches my heart  - excmdlgurl   267.8 #1049 9-6-14 9:48PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-13-14 6:33PM
Great job!!!!
That's fantastic!  You have done so well. 40 pounds is amazing.  - Mrs.mouse   515.8 #345 8-12-14 5:15PM Like  Reply
Great job!!!! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-13-14 6:33PM Like  Reply
Already having the conversations with myself on how I'm NOT going to blow it and how I WILL keep it off...I'm hoping to brainwash myself eventually! - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 8-14-14 2:46PM Like  Reply
Back to Jenny!  I gained a total of 8 lbs in the 2 weeks that I was blowing it!!!  I want to be at my "real" goal weight by the end of the year (which is about 5 lbs lower than I was when I went to DL) - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 9-1-14 3:06PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-10-14 1:25PM
So glad  your feeling better!  Congrats on weight loss.
So glad  your feeling better!  Congrats on weight loss. - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-10-14 1:25PM Like  Reply
Stay strong Jackie!  And congrats on the loss (mine is coming in ounces these days...argghhh). - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 8-10-14 4:22PM Like  Reply
That's great!  So glad things are going well 😃 - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 8-11-14 7:53AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-7-14 6:10PM
Great job!I went on a seven mile run the other day and my foot also is hurting but I think it's the shoes I need new ones
Great job!I went on a seven mile run the other day and my foot also is hurting but I think it's the shoes I need new ones - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-7-14 6:10PM Like(1)  Reply
Yay!  Good for you! 💪   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 8-6-14 12:24PM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-7-14 6:09PM
I hope everything is OK!
Yikes, that sounds scary! Hopefully, the storm won't be too severe.  Hang in there,  friend! ((Hugs)) - Fanatic4Disney   267.3 #1054 8-5-14 10:34PM Like  Reply
I saw that on the news!  I lived in Kona for a short while and I was always slightly nervous about the potential of a big storm coming through, so I can understand the feelings of anxiety.  Hoping that these both miss the islands by hundreds of miles and that your meetings go well! And, don't blow it on something like granola bars--totally not worth it after you've worked so hard and been so successful!  Maybe go out and get your emergency supplies, then indulge a craving (so that you don't go overboard later) and get yourself a small treat.  Like one candy bar or a single pastry or something.  You can do this!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 8-5-14 11:38PM Like  Reply
The Big Island is going to get hit hard.  I hope everybody makes it through ok!  Back to back hurricanes is bazaar (although I think the issue of how the storm will impact the eruption and vice versa is fascinating!). - msdizmaui  623.0 #272 8-6-14 11:01PM
Yes, I've been reading the newspaper articles!  So scary!  Stay safe and keep us updated if possible.  I'll be thinking of you all!   My little condo was pretty much right on the water--I hope it's going to be ok. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 8-7-14 7:40AM
I hope everything is OK! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-7-14 6:09PM Like  Reply
How are you?  Are you ok? - Mrs.mouse   515.8 #345 8-10-14 1:10PM Like  Reply
It was a total non-event for us!  Some parts of Maui got hit, but I didn't even get rain!  It was a weird week.  I spent the first half preparing (which gave me a purpose in life) and then when no storm, I just sat around and felt weird.  Hard to explain.  But of course I'm glad that everyone is okay. - msdizmaui  623.0 #272 8-10-14 4:24PM
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-7-14 6:15PM
I'm glad you're ok that's awful! I know how you feel you just have to tell yourself keep going you can do this.
OMG!  I blame it all on the wasp.  I can relate - even though you're light years ahead of me with your double digit runs!  The other morning I got up to walk with the intention of doing 4+ miles.  Just like you, I wasn't feeling it.  I kept changing the music and giving myself pep talks but didn't work.  Went home at 3.  Tomorrow is another day.... - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 8-5-14 4:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Yes, it is--at least we both got out there and did something, even if it wasn't all that we had planned!  Man, I don't think I've ever been stung by a wasp and it's been at least a decade and a half since I've had a bee sting...they HURT!  My leg is sore tonight!  I'm glad I decided to head home because I might have ended up with a swollen leg or some weird reaction if I had tried to run another four miles. What a disaster, lol. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 8-5-14 10:54PM
And, "tomorrow is another day"--for as many personality faults as she had, Scarlett can sure teach all of us a thing or two about perseverance and survival!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 8-11-14 12:25PM
I'm glad you're ok that's awful! I know how you feel you just have to tell yourself keep going you can do this. - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-7-14 6:15PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you!  Yes, all was fine, and I'm very grateful that I'm not allergic!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 8-8-14 5:37PM
I'm sorry you had a bad time. What works for me is to take each mile at a time. So instead of thinking of the whole run in your mind, tell yourself you can do the first mile and focus fully on that mile. Then do the same for each additional mile. It's a mental thing and when I work out and say I can't do it, I stop at that moment.  - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   684.3 #234 8-14-14 11:55AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you!  I agree--the struggle is usually mental, rather than physical.  One mile at a time is great advice (sometimes, I literally have to take it one step at a time, haha!) - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 8-14-14 12:23PM
Update: went out for my 10 miler today, and everything went great--no bees today, lol!  Beat my time goal by 3 minutes, too!    - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 8-11-14 12:23PM Like  Reply
Great job!! - disneyland4me  240.4 #1338 8-11-14 5:55PM
Thanks! 😃 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 8-11-14 7:18PM
Thanked by:   Plumiegirl  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-4-14 9:18PM
We will be the first weekend in October and we are going to the Halloween Party! Now I just need prayer that I will feel well enough by then😁😊 - hatgal76   401.1 #474 8-4-14 10:08PM Like(2)  Reply
I'm praying!!! - secretagentangel  1242.8 #101 8-4-14 10:30PM
Hoping you are feeling all the magic by then!  😘 - MeridaFan  3255.8 #27 8-5-14 6:42AM
48 days!!!!!! I CANNOT wait!! - BrerPam   105.3 #3289 8-4-14 1:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Awesome! - APirateslifeforme31  148.4 #2571 8-4-14 3:17PM
More than I want - Chumash28   966.0 #154 8-7-14 6:28AM Like  Reply
65 days cannot come fast enuf! - sparklyminnie   4.9 #16039 8-7-14 7:14AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-3-14 10:37AM
I hope your week goes fast for you! 
I hope your week goes fast for you!  - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-3-14 10:37AM Like  Reply
Thanks - mrsjlaing  19.0 #6438 8-3-14 10:39AM
Thanked by:   AriellesMom   evilemohand  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-2-14 9:54PM
Looks like fun!
Tagged in: Meetups  
Wow great turnout! - Admin   8-3-14 3:36PM Like(4)  Reply
Thanks! It really was. Poor cm had a tough time taking our pic- she kindly stopped traffic. - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3940.3 #23 8-4-14 7:04AM
Up front, left with my wonderful co-host @@@goofydad909! What a fun meet up! Thanks for comin' y'all! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   3940.3 #23 8-2-14 8:46PM Like(1)  Reply
Love to see all the minis too!! - secretagentangel  1242.8 #101 8-2-14 8:52PM
Thank you churro for co hosting with me! And thank you all for showing up, it was great to see everyone! - goofydad909  1827.3 #66 8-2-14 9:34PM
I'm there! Or was there...or will be there again... - DisneyOnesie   525.9 #336 8-4-14 8:02AM Like  Reply
So nice seeing you! 😘 - Duchess_SMK  5605.5 #14 8-4-14 10:06AM
You too @@@Duchess_SMK!!! Maybe we will hang again sometime! - DisneyOnesie  525.9 #336 8-6-14 4:42PM
I was there :) - CM_DisneyFreak05   446.9 #416 8-4-14 1:25PM Like  Reply
Where - pikarich  2643.1 #37 8-6-14 4:53PM
Holding your daughter next to Ken :p - CM_DisneyFreak05  446.9 #416 8-7-14 2:13PM
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-2-14 5:03PM
Cute! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-2-14 5:03PM Like  Reply
Fondant or icing? - PrincessDaisy   305.1 #771 8-2-14 8:00PM Like  Reply
Fondant - piecesofeight  27.3 #5416 8-2-14 10:47PM
Omg that is awesome!  - brguest85   158.2 #2432 8-2-14 8:04PM Like  Reply
😍😍😍 Finally a cake that has Sven that isn't just the figurine!!! - SPandEvLover   2766.0 #34 8-2-14 11:25PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-2-14 8:21AM
Congrats!! Now go have fun
Congrats!! Now go have fun - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-2-14 8:21AM Like(1)  Reply
Yay! Super cute pic! Have a fun day! - DisneyMom911   22.0 #0 8-2-14 8:38AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks. This weekend trip was totally last minute!  Sooo fun!!! - DisneyGrandma  682.1 #237 8-2-14 9:07AM
Great investment! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   750.7 #206 8-3-14 1:25PM Like  Reply
Enjoy. Great memories to come. - Chumash28   966.0 #154 8-3-14 2:40PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-2-14 2:25AM
Almost 4am!! Have a fun and safe trip!!
Almost 4am!! Have a fun and safe trip!! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-2-14 2:25AM Like  Reply
It happens to me too. We get so excited.  Have a safe trip - Chumash28   966.0 #154 8-2-14 2:59AM Like  Reply
It's 4:30 so 7 1/2 hrs to go. Safe travels - iloveprinceEric   253.4 #1183 8-2-14 4:31AM Like  Reply
Its 5:30 you should be an hour into the trip now.... have a safe trip and a very magical time - evilemohand   205.3 #1794 8-2-14 5:28AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   marisadel   evilemohand  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-1-14 7:36PM
Happy birthday!  Have a great weekend
Looks like the fun has already began - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1175.1 #113 8-1-14 7:35PM Like(1)  Reply
Happy birthday!  Have a great weekend - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-1-14 7:36PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday! - fab5   25.4 #5608 8-1-14 9:02PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday - Chumash28   966.0 #154 8-1-14 9:09PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-1-14 6:57PM
Congrats to theprincessandthedog!
And just in case I dont hear from theprincessandthedog. I will keep everyones names that was on here for this rak and redraw from the original group of mousewaiters. Thank you - grumpyinphx   57.6 #4106 8-1-14 6:54PM Like  Reply
Congrats to theprincessandthedog! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 8-1-14 6:57PM Like  Reply
Congrats - evilemohand   205.3 #1794 8-2-14 2:44PM Like  Reply
Got it. Congratulations again. Will send soon - grumpyinphx   57.6 #4106 8-2-14 5:39PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   evilemohand   SafariSkewerJessica  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-2-14 2:19AM
Great RAK!! Please add me. Thank you
Thanks Atora. You make many people happy with your wonderful RAKs. Please add me for Plumiegirl  - E-Ticket   1078.1 #134 8-2-14 7:24AM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you for the kind words! Added for @@@Plumiegirl! :) - Atora  1986.2 #58 8-2-14 7:30AM
Please add me for @@thatgirljenn!!  I just won her Company D RAK for which I'mso very grateful.  I would love for her to win your amazing and generous RAK, thank you!! - MinnieMousewife   737.3 #212 8-1-14 11:58AM Like(1)  Reply
Oh my goodness! Thank you so much @MinnieMousewife for the add!! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-1-14 12:06PM
Added for @thatgirljenn - Atora  1986.2 #58 8-1-14 12:15PM
Please add me if it is not to late. I love the pins those are so cool thanks - Xochi-FryingPanWhoKnew   71.1 #3804 8-9-14 8:32PM Like  Reply
Please add me if it's not too late - dznyloon28   355.1 #571 8-9-14 11:53PM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 8-1-14 7:42AM
Praying for you and your family. 
I just woke up from a very nasty bit of sleep, nightmares of different people on MW for some reason, when that happens, I know God is asking me to pray for you all. so I did.  Then I came on here and saw your posts.  Father God, I thank You for our friend David, and his awesome family whom he loves very much.  Thank You for letting us come to You when we need anything, and I am asking Your  healing hands upon David's brother, and help the medical team to diagnose and treat him until he is completely well.  I ask Your peace, the peace that is more than any of us could ever understand, fall down around and upon this family, and  all involved and on David as he tries to help here.  Let them all know their brother is in Your hands and You will take care of them all.  Help David to be able to help in any way You want him to, and just please help and heal his brother and family Lord, we need Your help now and always.  We love You Lord, and thank You for helping David and his family and brother.  In Jesus's name, Amen  You know I will keep praying until you tell me to stop so take care, and I know it will all work out soon.  Love ya!!!   - secretagentangel   1242.8 #101 8-1-14 2:26AM Like(16)  Reply
Amen - DisneyDavidEMT  1554.6 #80 8-1-14 3:02AM
Amen - E-Ticket  1078.1 #134 8-1-14 4:08AM
Thank you all for the prayers, pixie dust and positive vibes.  I'm blessed to have such a great support group and I am very happy to call you all my family.  Quick update:  the doctors have ruled out meningitis (which is good news) and are leaning towards Rocky Mountain Fever.  While still not a good thing, it's much more treatable and better prognosis.  It will be 3 miserable days before the test results come back, so the waiting is horrible.  I sincerely wanted to thank you all for being there for me, and know that I truly appreciate it.  My heart is melted by all of your kind words and sentiments and I'm deeply touched.  Thank you!!  - DisneyDavidEMT   1554.6 #80 8-1-14 10:44PM Like(5)  Reply
😘 Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers!   - MeridaFan  3255.8 #27 8-1-14 11:30PM
yes, and though the Rocky Mountain disease is not the greatest, it is an answered prayer to be something treatable.  Hope they are keeping him resting so he can get better soon. - secretagentangel  1242.8 #101 8-2-14 1:25AM
Sending you pixie dust and hope he gets better soon. - Sharkgrrl19   227.9 #1497 8-9-14 4:12PM Like  Reply
Healing pixie dust for you and yours! - Autoalice   157.3 #2448 8-9-14 4:42PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-30-14 9:18PM
Great job!!
Great job!! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-30-14 9:18PM Like  Reply
It is hot hot hot!  I have some vacation time and I'm sleeping in and running later in the day (definitely taking my water with me!).  Boy, it's tough!  Good for you for getting out there!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-31-14 11:44AM Like  Reply
Going to get up super early tomorrow (Thursday) and try to walk before the rain!   - msdizmaui  623.0 #272 8-6-14 11:03PM
That's fantastic!  Good for you.  - Mrs.mouse   515.8 #345 8-6-14 11:46PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-30-14 6:36PM
Hi Vicki. How are you? Are you doing the Disneyland half marathon?
Hi Vicki!  Hope all is well with you :)  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-30-14 4:50PM Like  Reply
Hi!! Things are good. We've been crazy busy but it's all good. I hope things are good for you as well.  - vernswifevickie  399.4 #480 7-30-14 8:05PM
Hi Vicki. How are you? Are you doing the Disneyland half marathon? - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-30-14 6:36PM Like  Reply
Hi!! We aren't doing the Disneyland Half this year, but we're doing the Avengers Half in November. Are you doing it? - vernswifevickie  399.4 #480 7-30-14 8:07PM
I'm doing Disneyland half. I'm also going to sign up for Tinkerbell half.  - disneyland4me  240.4 #1338 7-30-14 9:20PM
Welcome back!   - MXPrincess399   639.3 #259 7-31-14 1:33PM Like  Reply
Hi Vicki💕💕 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   3940.3 #23 8-10-14 6:18PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-29-14 2:42PM
I hope everything is OK! Sending you some pixie dust
Oh I'm so sorry to hear!  Hoping for the best possible outcome for you.  Much love. 💖✨🙏 - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-29-14 1:31PM Like  Reply
Thank u  - lisaw  127.3 #2892 7-29-14 2:30PM
I hope everything is OK! Sending you some pixie dust - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-29-14 2:42PM Like  Reply
I've had my ups and downs but not well yet I just had a set back so I'm back to the doctor to see if we can figure this out,  I just got my AP and can't go back to the parks till I'm better so far they know I have low potassium and I'm anemic but don't know why  - lisaw   127.3 #2892 8-8-14 10:04AM Like  Reply
I have all that, the y think caused by my lupus, fibro, and gallbladder disease.  They are testing me for other things too.  If you have one autoimmune disease everything else in your body including your blood levels get whacky so make sure they check for everything.  - secretagentangel  1242.8 #101 8-8-14 11:10AM
Got labs but I think just iron potassium and CBC they did my thyroid last week and she told me today she has no clue why I'm having these problems lol but we have to figure it out! I can't lay around all day I have kids and school is starting this is just a big pain and hello I want to go back to DL lol - lisaw  127.3 #2892 8-8-14 12:41PM
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-26-14 9:26AM
What a wonderful RAK! Please add me. Thank you.
Very nice of you.  Please add me.  Thank you. - potatohead25   541.8 #316 7-25-14 10:53PM Like  Reply
Thank you for doing this. Please add me. And if you need any more stickers feel free to look through my stickers and  DM me if you like any - philliprocks   826.8 #180 7-25-14 10:54PM Like  Reply
Thank you. But to be honest im doing this as a pay it forward. There were some very generous mousewaiters ( lol that sounds like they brought me dinner) that gave me stickers one night and I want to pay forward in honor of them also. But thank you - grumpyinphx  57.6 #4106 7-25-14 10:59PM
Add me please! - mrsjlaing   19.0 #6438 8-1-14 1:49PM Like  Reply
Ok added.  Rak closed finishing up and drawing name. Annouced shortly - grumpyinphx   57.6 #4106 8-1-14 6:24PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-27-14 4:55PM
Great job on your weight loss! Your puppy is to cute
You had a great month.  How much...almost 10 lbs!?! - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 7-25-14 7:45PM Like  Reply
Hi Mrs. Mouse!  He is just so sweet!  Are your girls having a blast with him?  Glad you recorded a little loss this week :)  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-25-14 8:25PM Like  Reply
We are having a blast with him. He has brought me so much joy.  - Mrs.mouse  515.8 #345 7-27-14 3:51AM
Great job on your weight loss! Your puppy is to cute - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-27-14 4:55PM Like  Reply
Your puppy is adorable  - vernswifevickie   399.4 #480 7-30-14 4:42PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-23-14 2:24PM
Have fun!!
Have fun!! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-23-14 2:24PM Like  Reply
Fun to see Haunted Mansion without the overlay, ride the new Big Thunder, and  went to new pin store on Main Street.( old music store)  - Dizkid   349.7 #587 7-23-14 2:26PM Like  Reply
Don't forget to see the new Alice in Wonderland!👍 - debbiev  788.3 #195 7-23-14 3:47PM
Yes, Don't forget to ride the new Alice in Wonderland.  It's awesome. - potatohead25  541.8 #316 7-23-14 4:00PM
Have a great time!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   3940.3 #23 7-24-14 7:29AM Like  Reply
Fun times. Not used to this heat.  - Dizkid  349.7 #587 7-26-14 5:04PM
Changes to Alice were very cool - Dizkid   349.7 #587 7-24-14 7:34AM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-21-14 12:41PM
Doing well trying to train 5-6 days a week to get ready for the Disneyland half marathon. I haven't lost any weight I'm must be doing something wrong but that's OK. 
I'm okay I guess. Still frustrated by my plateaus!   I'm 8 lbs from my 40# goal and it's torture!  I stepped up the exercise (did 4 mile walks 3x's his week in addition to the elliptical and dog walk) bit still only lost like 3 ozs!  How's everyone else doing? - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 7-21-14 12:07AM Like  Reply
I know it's frustrating but keep going!  - disneyland4me  240.4 #1338 7-21-14 12:42PM
Doing well trying to train 5-6 days a week to get ready for the Disneyland half marathon. I haven't lost any weight I'm must be doing something wrong but that's OK.  - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-21-14 12:41PM Like  Reply
I lost a whole 0.8 last week!  Whoo Hoo!  I've within 8 lbs of my goal weight (4 and I'm back in the 120's!) but it's like pulling teeth at this point....hey...that's an idea.  How much do teeth! - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 7-21-14 8:20PM Like  Reply
Lol, I once grew my hair real long so that I could donate it.  I ended up cutting 15 inches off, and got on the scale the next morning--I had lost a few pounds in 24 hours.  I had no idea how much my hair weighed! It was so funny!  😂   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 7-22-14 8:49AM
My hair is too short.  Too bad that there's not a blood drive in town today! - msdizmaui  623.0 #272 7-22-14 2:48PM
Ran my best 3 mile time in at least 5 years this morning, so I'm feeling encouraged right now.  How is your training going?  I have the same experience with my weight loss stalling--seems like when I start running a lot and for longer distances, I stop losing.  I don't know why, either.  I could eat less, but I'm starving after anything longer than 10k.  Maybe I'm just overeating.   I think several other people have said they have similar experiences, so you're not alone!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-23-14 3:56PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-20-14 2:37PM
Bump for lisaw
Tagged in: Food  
Bump for lisaw - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-20-14 2:37PM Like(1)  Reply
My son is drooling right now. Can't wait for our next visit to taste the cinnamony goodness.  - MoChuck   11.5 #8358 7-20-14 3:57PM Like(1)  Reply
The cinnamon roll yummy! Absolutely perfect.  Enjoy!   - iloveprinceEric   253.4 #1183 7-19-14 11:41PM Like  Reply
Doesn't get much better than this (sigh) - PrincessCindy   78.9 #3661 7-25-14 10:41PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-16-14 6:37PM
He is too cute!! Have fun
He is too cute!! Have fun - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-16-14 6:37PM Like  Reply
Aw, puppy!  Oh he is so sweet and precious!  🐶💖  you will enjoy him so much!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-16-14 7:18PM Like  Reply
I have puppy fever right now, lol.  I was just looking at pics from when my dog was a baby, and now seeing this...I want another puppy!  Haha - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 7-16-14 10:55PM
Hi Fritz!  He's so cute (teach him to bite your sister when she calls him "Dodger" - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 7-17-14 8:12PM Like  Reply
He is adorable, and I love his name, it reminds me of the nutcracker - Thumper13   354.8 #572 7-19-14 9:38AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar   vernswifevickie  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-15-14 5:04PM
That's great! Keep up the good work
That's great! Keep up the good work - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-15-14 5:04PM Like  Reply
And you had me thinking that you had blown it!  9 lbs is amazing!  I've been stuck at that stupid plateau since July 2nd...but I'm thrilled that I finally lost 1.8 lbs!  9're awesome! - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 7-15-14 6:53PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-15-14 5:11PM
I am so with you I live in agricultural community up in Northern California and it's been 100 or more and I'm still trying to train in that kind of weather has been horrible. when it's so hot I only walking three to four miles lord help m  More...
I know!  I keep trying to convince myself that the monsoonal moisture makes it feel "just like running in the morning in Hawaii," but it's really nothing like that 😂 I'm in the midst of overcast agricultural land with 105 for the high today.  It does NOT smell like Hawaii!  🙊 - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-14-14 7:13PM Like  Reply
Your post cracked me up!  I don't even know what hawaii smells like at 5:30! - msdizmaui  623.0 #272 7-21-14 12:08AM
Lol, to be honest, I'm not sure I do either, but it can't be as bad as the CA cow country when it's hot and muggy. I keep thinking I'll get used to it, and I just don't 😂 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 7-21-14 2:42PM
I am so with you I live in agricultural community up in Northern California and it's been 100 or more and I'm still trying to train in that kind of weather has been horrible. when it's so hot I only walking three to four miles lord help me n13.1 miles in 40 days for Disneyland half - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-15-14 5:11PM Like  Reply
Have you ever run a half before?  Maybe you could go to a gym to do a few long runs on a treadmill before the race?  Last year I wasn't able to run outside for two weeks because of smoky conditions from a wildfire, and that's what I did--I did a few short runs and my last long run.  It's not ideal, and it was really boring, but for me I think it was better than not doing a 12 miler before the race because I had never run that much before.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 7-16-14 11:51AM
No I have never ran a half. - disneyland4me  240.4 #1338 7-16-14 6:40PM
I haven't done any long runs since the Tink Half in January.   I hope my 3-4 mile runs during the week will cut it.  - MXPrincess399   639.3 #259 7-16-14 10:35AM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-10-14 1:25PM
Looks yummy!!
Lunch looks yummy! But hope you feel better after a little rest. 😊 - iloveprinceEric   253.4 #1183 7-10-14 1:25PM Like(1)  Reply
Ice, elevate and  ibuprofen. You'll be ready for more Disney fun in no time..... If that does t work...... Rent a scooter.  - NascarDave   279.9 #923 7-10-14 6:07PM Like(1)  Reply
After a couple of days, it's painful to walk. The bottoms of my feet kill me! - minniemonika   75.2 #0 7-10-14 5:59PM Like  Reply
Sometimes it's best to take your time and relax. We rush through the parks when we go and I think we miss a lot of the fun Disney details! - PrincessCindy   78.9 #3661 7-10-14 7:20PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-5-14 9:35PM
Great RAK! Please add me thank you
I rarely enter for RAKs, but I love books!  Please enter me! - Thumper13   354.8 #572 7-5-14 8:15PM Like(1)  Reply
If nobody else enters between now and 11:59 Monday, you automatically win 😄 - HARR_E  1568.9 #79 7-5-14 8:33PM
😂 - Thumper13  354.8 #572 7-5-14 8:36PM
Omg I love books! Especially those! Please please add me! - Xochi-FryingPanWhoKnew   71.1 #3804 7-5-14 9:40PM Like(1)  Reply
List is complete and WOW it's long. Good luck to everybody 😃 - HARR_E   1568.9 #79 7-8-14 7:16AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 7-3-14 7:45AM
He is so cute! 
He is so precious!  Congratulations :) New life helps us heal. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-2-14 11:50AM Like  Reply
That is the cutest face I've ever seen!  And thank you for educating me about the breed.  I thought that they were born with pointy faces!  Sooooo cute! - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 7-2-14 10:55PM Like  Reply
He is so cute!  - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 7-3-14 7:45AM Like  Reply
What a cutie! - LuvsTigger   699.8 #222 7-7-14 6:08PM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-30-14 7:24PM
So much fun!
So much fun! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-30-14 7:24PM Like  Reply
I love that ride too! - lassengirl   149.9 #2552 6-30-14 10:27PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   DarthTinkerbell   PrincessCindy   Boundin  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-30-14 7:26PM
Cute picture
Cute picture - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-30-14 7:26PM Like  Reply
Thank u !  - mickeyat78  1312.2 #96 6-30-14 9:23PM
Cute!!! - Boundin   508.9 #353 6-30-14 9:59PM Like  Reply
Cute!! :) - Stacia   20.7 #6160 7-1-14 10:11AM Like  Reply
Thanks! - mickeyat78  1312.2 #96 7-1-14 8:56PM
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-30-14 7:25PM
Happy birthday
Fun!! Hi ladies - carminaire   531.7 #327 6-30-14 6:09PM Like  Reply
Hello my friend @carminaire 👋 - FrankenweenieVelinee  1279.6 #99 6-30-14 9:34PM
Happy Birthday!🎂 - Boundin   508.9 #353 6-30-14 6:14PM Like  Reply
@mickeyat78 💫 - FrankenweenieVelinee  1279.6 #99 6-30-14 9:35PM
Thank you!! - mickeyat78  1312.2 #96 7-1-14 6:13AM
Great group! Happy Birthday:) - hatgal76   401.1 #474 7-8-14 10:02AM Like  Reply
Hi there! how are you feeling? here are some boons for ya - FrankenweenieVelinee  1279.6 #99 7-8-14 11:08AM
Aww you are so sweet! And I love balloons!! I pushed myself too much this weekend and went toOur families cabin.. I just layed on the beach under multiple umbrellas. Lol. But by sat I was admitted again.. I just got back home last night.. Just keep me in your prayers:) - hatgal76  401.1 #474 7-8-14 11:56AM
✨ᎻäᏢᏢÿ🎉ᏰïrᎢhᎠäÿ ᎪᎷᎽ✨ - MadameLeota   1713.8 #73 7-8-14 11:11AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-30-14 7:24PM
Was it good?
Was it good? - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-30-14 7:24PM Like  Reply
That looks really good... - Luv-Mickey   21.4 #6076 6-30-14 7:26PM Like  Reply
Looks good.  - chads018   49.5 #4324 6-30-14 7:35PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-29-14 2:53PM
Nice!! Have a great day
Not a Giants fan by any means, actually I quite despise them but this is pretty cool! Enjoy!  - MarshaMouse   3935.2 #24 6-29-14 3:02PM Like(2)  Reply
^^^This - Thumper13  354.8 #572 6-29-14 3:14PM
- MissAmericaSings  350.2 #585 6-29-14 3:19PM
Go, Giants!  🔶◾️ - MeridaFan   3255.8 #27 6-29-14 3:16PM Like(2)  Reply
Go Giants! - minniemonika   75.2 #0 6-29-14 5:34PM Like  Reply
Cute!!! - PixiePirateMaid   293.4 #838 6-29-14 7:49PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-29-14 2:05PM
Great news! 
Great news!❤️❤️❤️❤️ - cinderelli   342.7 #605 6-29-14 1:25PM Like  Reply
Hip hip hooray!! I'm so happy to hear you're home!  🎉🎉🎉🎉  Be sure to take it slow to rebuild your strength.  - DisneyGrandma   682.1 #237 6-29-14 1:27PM Like  Reply
Awesome news.  - sewedna   317.8 #708 6-29-14 11:24PM Like  Reply
Glad you are home. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.  - JenGwen323   1116.7 #124 6-30-14 8:13AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-29-14 12:38AM
Hello everyone!
First! Goodnight everyone!!!  - missariel33   1443.0 #86 6-29-14 12:07AM Like  Reply
Hi all?! - lisaw   127.3 #2892 6-29-14 12:07AM Like  Reply
Hi there! Just finished watching Saving Mr. Banks for the first time. What a great movie! - DarthTinkerbell   103.7 #3321 6-29-14 1:42AM Like  Reply
Wasn't it just amazing! - LaPearleNoir  1173.8 #114 6-29-14 8:19AM
Its a great movie. We want to get it on DVD. - keepmovingforward  92.5 #3465 6-29-14 8:48AM
Hi! - luxkitty   1314.0 #95 6-29-14 1:43AM Like  Reply
Hi there - LaPearleNoir  1173.8 #114 6-29-14 8:19AM
Thanked by:   missariel33   kforehand   luxkitty💕   ribidib  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-28-14 11:18PM
Nice! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-28-14 11:18PM Like  Reply
Cool! - missariel33   1443.0 #86 6-29-14 12:08AM Like  Reply
Pretty - LaPearleNoir   1173.8 #114 6-29-14 8:26AM Like  Reply
Great picture. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 6-29-14 8:54AM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-29-14 12:42AM
Yummy my kids love this
I have been tempted by this, but have never tried it. - Thumper13   354.8 #572 6-28-14 5:24PM Like  Reply
Sounded gross but actually looks pretty tasty!  Did you like it?  How much is it? - MabelMouse   101.9 #3348 6-28-14 6:37PM Like  Reply
To my surprise it was actually pretty good. The cheese works with the saltiness of the hot dog, a little in the unhealthy side but I wanted to try it once! It was $7.49 I believe before AP.. I'll double check nxt time 😊 - Mad_Tea_Party  823.2 #184 6-29-14 10:21AM
Looks so delicious. - TheRealWildernessExplorer   63.3 #0 6-29-14 1:45AM Like  Reply
Tums......quick  - polo33   43.1 #4542 6-29-14 5:22AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Thumper13   MarshaMouse   disneyaddict24   chads018   MarcoInTheAz   ribidib  
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-26-14 10:29PM
I'm going to be there! This will be my first half marathon. Your new running shoes look cool. Good luck with your training
Awesome!  Did they come with the wings?  I'm finally back on track - with exercising and eating.  Still waiting for the dramatic results though (my new mantra is "slow and steady wins the race").  If I lived closer I'd definitely be in the 5k... - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 6-26-14 4:30PM Like  Reply
Nope, I added the wings. :-) - MXPrincess399  639.3 #259 6-27-14 10:57AM
I'm going to be there! This will be my first half marathon. Your new running shoes look cool. Good luck with your training - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-26-14 10:29PM Like  Reply
Good luck with your first Half. The 2010 Disneyland Half was my first. This will be my 13th!   - MXPrincess399  639.3 #259 6-27-14 10:58AM
I'm running the Dumbo Double Dare again. I had a baby 6 weeks ago so I just started running again this week. I'm so slow now but I'm hoping to be back at my regular pace by then. I love your shoes! - PirateQueenBriezy   298.1 #807 6-27-14 8:21PM Like  Reply
Hi there!  Wow, Congratulations!  :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 6-28-14 8:19AM
Thank you! 😊 - PirateQueenBriezy  298.1 #807 6-28-14 10:16AM
I'll be there. I'm doing DDD & the 5k.  - NikkiMickey   1683.9 #74 7-4-14 11:10PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-26-14 10:33PM
I'm sorry you're not feeling well I hope you get better soon. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family
Lord we lift our friend Hatgirl to You. She seeks your healing and relief from lupus and MS. We ask for healing upon her and relief from pain and that she can keep meds down and help her vision.  We ask your will be done. In Jesus name we pray. Big Hugs too - E-Ticket   1078.1 #134 6-25-14 8:15AM Like(20)  Reply
Thank you so much!! The one thing we didn't talk about in line for Buzz, our Christianity! I read that prayer out loud and could feel the anointing...I needed it! Thank you again sweet friend 😊 - hatgal76  401.1 #474 6-25-14 8:42AM
AMEN,get well my friend :) - bonedaddy909  1106.6 #130 6-25-14 8:46AM
So much pixie dust and prayers going out to you💜 Lord please be with her through this rough time in her life. Help her to feel some relief from the symptoms and general hospital woes. I pray for healing for her as well as peace of mind for her family that everything is going to be ok. In Your name we pray Amen.  - flowerchild92_CM   84.4 #3583 6-25-14 12:32PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you!! Beautiful prayer💞 - hatgal76  401.1 #474 6-25-14 5:00PM
Continual prayers - E-Ticket   1078.1 #134 6-29-14 12:47PM Like  Reply
Oh no..sorry to hear. Sending prayers & loads of pixie dust for a quick recovery! ✨💫✨💫 - LuvsMimisHouse   486.3 #372 6-29-14 1:01PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-26-14 10:26PM
Doing OK! How is your training going? Mine is so so! Not enough hours in the day for me! 
I know!  What happened to our loyal Chubb 33'ers!  I know that Vicki is on FB a lot - I'll have to try to convince her to come back and join us! I'm back in my diet mode.  20 min on the elliptical and 1,000 reps on my "ButtMaster" every day (not sure it does anything but I figure it can't hurt and I might as well do something when I'm on the computer all day!).  I'll be at the park in a little less than 2 months.  Still have my fingers crossed that I lose the last 10 lbs by then!  Oh, and thank you again for your words about the benefit of regular exercise.  I really took them to heart! - msdizmaui   623.0 #272 6-26-14 4:34PM Like  Reply
Glad you're back in the "zone!"  Is a buttmaster the Suzanne Somers thing?  I'm glad to help!  I got carried away and write a lot, lol!  :).  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 6-26-14 11:02PM
Yep.  I don't know if it works, but what the heck... - msdizmaui  623.0 #272 6-27-14 3:03PM
Doing OK! How is your training going? Mine is so so! Not enough hours in the day for me!  - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-26-14 10:26PM Like  Reply
It's going, lol.  I got derailed for a few days last week with a minor cold--I kept running, but took it very easy and skipped my long run.  Feeling better now, phew!  Yeah, it's really hard to schedule running around life, especially since it's getting hotter.  I have to be careful to go out early and that means I have to get up early!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 6-26-14 11:01PM
Hi i am back to try again. I am using a fitbit with the dashboard app and it is working. I just put in a link in another post about Ghiradelli ice-cream nutrition facts. They did not have any whe I asked there but email to the main corporation came back with that they use dryer's ice-cream so that info is on line. yeah!! - Plumiegirl   7817.4 #3 7-1-14 8:46PM Like  Reply
Hi Plumie! Welcome back :)  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 7-3-14 10:54PM
I am checking in to chub33 for the first time! And it feels weird.  I have always been thin, and never had to worry about my weight.  That was until my son started kindergarten and I gained what I called the "kindergarten 15". I am a stay at home mom so I kind of sat around a bit too much while he was in school. First grade added another 10, and now I need to lose 25 pounds. I barely recognize myself.  I eat healthy, but I don't eat enough- I tend to not eat all day and then have one big meal. I am trying to get better at eating more throughout the day.  I just don't get hungry throughout the day so it is hard. I am hoping that y'all can help with some accountability and help on how to do all this since it is new to me.  Trying to lose weight for the first time at 36 is kind of intimidating. - Thumper13   354.8 #572 7-3-14 6:28PM Like  Reply
Welcome Thumper13!  If you think it's hard at 36, wait until you're my age (50+)!  It's ridiculous!  Are you following a plan? There's a lot of people on Weight Watchers - I'm a Jenny Craig person!  Let us know how you're doing! - msdizmaui  623.0 #272 7-3-14 8:29PM
Thank you! I can't believe you are over 50! You look fabulous!  Food isn't really my issue, it's getting off of my butt and exercising.  It's funny, I love to cook healthy meals, but I never work out. I think I will start with walking. - Thumper13  354.8 #572 7-3-14 8:59PM
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-24-14 12:04AM
Hellllloooooooooo allllll! - SassyKittyMeow   374.2 #523 6-24-14 12:03AM Like  Reply
Hello - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-24-14 12:04AM Like  Reply
Meeeeeeooooow??? - SassyKittyMeow   374.2 #523 6-24-14 12:54AM Like  Reply
Hi - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   445.1 #419 6-24-14 2:54AM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-23-14 9:56PM
I need to go to Napa rose to get some  pizza lol
They had to move it to Pizza Port when the lines at the Little Red Wagon got too long. - susieQzee   546.5 #312 6-23-14 10:14PM Like(1)  Reply
😂😂😂 pizza port here I come! - philliprocks   826.8 #180 6-23-14 9:36PM Like  Reply
"But Dave told meYou serve it here ma'am" - philliprocks  826.8 #180 6-23-14 9:37PM
😂😂😂😂 new menu? 😉 - erinten   464.3 #392 6-23-14 11:07PM Like  Reply
- Eeyorelvr   106.8 #3268 6-23-14 11:14PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-22-14 6:46PM
The red one please!! Lol
The red one please!! Lol - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-22-14 6:46PM Like  Reply
Lol I'll bet on the other red one - missariel33  1443.0 #86 6-22-14 6:55PM
So did the red one win??? - leopardditz2000  356.7 #562 6-22-14 7:15PM
It could be a red one. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 6-22-14 8:20PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-22-14 7:15PM
I sent you a DM & as the winner I would enjoy it more if you would pass this on to @adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED} as she is on a tight budget for her upcoming trip & I know this would help her tremendously. Thanks @@turkeylegman for the add, I hope you don't mind - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1175.1 #113 6-22-14 6:29PM Like(12)  Reply
Amazing people on this app- absolutely amazing - missariel33  1443.0 #86 6-22-14 6:53PM
Cool peeps indeed!!!!congrats adventurerEnDisneylandia!!!! - bonedaddy909  1106.6 #130 6-22-14 6:57PM
This is so crazy!!!! @UTDISNEYFAMILY omg this is so...generous of you to pass this to me. I will defiantly share this with @LaPearleNoir as we embark on a new adventure with our children. Thank you...thank you. Also thanks to everyone who added me for this super awesome RAK. Every little will help. And of course thank you @leopardditz2000 for offering this gift card. - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   684.3 #234 6-22-14 7:27PM Like(2)  Reply
👏👏👏 So happy you get this!  😘 - MeridaFan  3255.8 #27 6-22-14 7:49PM
Tell you what since your doing this trip as 2 families with @LaPearleNoir I will send you another gift card. If one of you will DM me your info I'll pick one up & get it out - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1175.1 #113 6-22-14 7:54PM
woo hoo! congrats! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 6-23-14 12:46PM Like  Reply
240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-21-14 10:56PM
it's a bittersweet moment!
The Force is strong with this one. - Alicewhoareyou   1020.5 #145 6-21-14 10:54PM Like(1)  Reply
it's a bittersweet moment! - disneyland4me   240.4 #1338 6-21-14 10:56PM Like  Reply
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240.4 #1338 DL Qual #2493 6-21-14 10:57PM