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131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-7-13 7:17PM
I had the same lunch box when I was in grade school ... what memories!
I had the same lunch box when I was in grade school ... what memories! - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-7-13 7:17PM Like(1)  Reply
Dibs! - CountryBearTrixie   210.8 #2027 4-7-13 7:17PM Like(1)  Reply
Oh love it, it looks familiar, I think I may have had the same! It looks like it's in great condition! - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1441.5 #151 4-7-13 11:09PM Like  Reply
Lucky - PrincessDuckie   963.5 #237 4-7-13 11:10PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 1-23-13 10:56AM
I've had mime for three years and he only problem I've had is the blue from he handle coming off. My SIL got the same one has mine a few months ago and wears a lot of black and hers has turned black from where it rubs. She sent it back   More...
Mine hasn't-got it in July - TinkerSchelle   2141.6 #92 1-23-13 9:19AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks for your input :) - Andrie  163.3 #2691 1-23-13 9:45AM
I've had mine for almost a year and it's fine. A little dirty and "worn" but not yellow. - iloveprinceEric   286.4 #1148 1-23-13 9:44AM Like(1)  Reply
I love mine! I got it for Christmas and its the best bag I've ever had! - AshleyLynn22   791.2 #291 1-24-13 12:24AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 7-3-12 5:51PM
When we fly in we take a taxi to our hotel, last time when we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel I asked the front desk for a taxi voucher/coupon and they gave me one to use it was a set price to pay for the taxi 's return trip
You can set up super shuttle ahead of time. For us, we budget in the $45 dollar taxi ride and just walk out and hop in. You are there in less than 25 min at the door. Super shuttle could take an hour or more. - mouselaw1076   41.5 #5606 7-3-12 12:22PM Like(1)  Reply
We flew in there once and rented a car to drive to the resort - ladylikesdisney   945.0 #242 7-3-12 12:15PM Like  Reply
Might as well rent a car when you going to DL - mvs198128   8.0 #14447 7-3-12 5:50PM Like  Reply
When we fly in we take a taxi to our hotel, last time when we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel I asked the front desk for a taxi voucher/coupon and they gave me one to use it was a set price to pay for the taxi 's return trip - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 7-3-12 5:51PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 6-17-12 8:40AM
I take it this wait time is for RSR
I take it this wait time is for RSR - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 6-17-12 8:40AM Like  Reply
For rsr - Seanmouse   20.6 #8008 6-17-12 8:40AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-31-12 10:27AM
Got to love prop 65, my husband develops nutritional supplements and has to do all new formulas with the ones that are sold in CA it really makes things fun
Look at it this way: MWers are popping out healthy babies all over the place right now. The baby in my belly has one head, two arms, two legs and seems normal so far and it was conceived on a Disneyland trip... - cynDOLEwhip   1175.7 #187 5-30-12 11:50PM Like(5)  Reply
brown chicken brown cow - misschurro  10082.2 #12 5-31-12 7:10AM
Same here! Just heard the healthy heartbeat for the first time yesterday! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #636 5-31-12 7:39AM
Those signs are everywhere is California. - Ricko19   818.1 #279 5-30-12 11:29PM Like(4)  Reply
Lol! - MXPrincess399  817.4 #280 5-31-12 10:27AM
I guess my days of resting my cheek on the Tomorrowland ball are over. - LaTruce   2370.4 #82 5-31-12 10:51AM Like  Reply
They have the same sign outside my apartment building. - DisneyBride°O°   450.3 #577 5-31-12 11:00AM Like  Reply
They have those signs all over my whole town! - Mrsblue  693.1 #348 5-31-12 11:11AM
When I lived in Long Beach, I saw those signs outside these condos. - EmperorsHandLelundrial  1106.2 #207 5-31-12 11:14AM
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-23-12 5:53AM
We visit in Jan or Feb and avoid Presidents day weekend in Feb. We have also been in the end of Sept first two weeks of Oct and the crowds seems to he very light. I like the shorter hours and the parks seem to be the least crowded.
I also live in Canada and have been 7 times!!!! We always usually go at the same time in march/End of may, you can get on rides very easily, but a good time to go is either January, after the Xmas decor is down, or november, in between Halloween and Xmas decor transition, I got on Indiana jones 8 times in a row!!! I hope I helped and have a wonderful time when ever you go !✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ - Disneylandismylife   139.4 #3082 5-23-12 6:28AM Like(1)  Reply
I've read several places that September typically has the lowest crowd levels. I go nearly every week, and I would have to agree that midweek in September is usually a great time to go. - BrandonEvan   446.7 #582 5-23-12 7:12AM Like(1)  Reply
Also weekdays in September/October - stratdad   291.9 #1110 5-23-12 6:12AM Like  Reply
Mid Jan, Feb or the first of Nov are good. Just remember hours are short, during the week there is no fireworks or Fantasmic. And some rides maybe down for work. And make sure to avoid holiday weekends. Veterans Day, Presidents and Martin Luther King. - PrincessAuroraMomma   607.7 #395 5-23-12 7:46AM Like  Reply
Thanks for your input ! - nativecalgarian  14.0 #10010 5-23-12 11:24AM
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-1-12 2:30PM
Thanks for the pictures. I was wondering if they were going to put in a racing table like they have in Flordia... my newphews spent hours making cars and racing them
Those are all great, thx for posting :) - DisneyDawn   419.1 #621 5-1-12 2:10PM Like  Reply
Rad!! :) - Eeyorelvr   111.4 #3603 5-1-12 2:28PM Like  Reply
OMG!!! I want the Beauty and the Beast one so bad!!! No clue where I'd put it, but I could make room somewhere :) - MrsDisneyMommy29   280.3 #1211 5-1-12 2:35PM Like  Reply
It's huge. - Minnique  667.4 #362 5-1-12 2:42PM
Great pictures. - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #191 5-1-12 2:38PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Eeyorelvr  cat123 
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-24-12 12:36PM
We've done it twice both times we got the chicken to me it was a meal and it was nice to go and get them and est them for lunch. My girls both enjoyed their chicken for the kids meal and it was nice that it came with a light up bracelet   More...
If you have big eaters I recommend buying a loaf of sourdough bread to help fill that hungry tummy. Then antipasto one wasnt a lot of food so definately get something to go with that one. And the viewing spot I recommend getting up against a railing of some sort with a planter area in front of you especially if you are short or have kids that way nobody is standing directly infront of you. - yellowtonka   244.7 #1569 4-25-12 10:29AM Like(1)  Reply
Have you checked in the food section?  We got picnics last time, and they're good, but they're not a big meal.  The kids meals are average, the antipasta one I had was good, but it was a light meal or big snack... - ThatStarWarsKimberly   417.6 #622 4-24-12 12:33PM Like  Reply
Cyndel, I don't think they care.  You're just picking them up, and they have no idea who they're for. - ThatStarWarsKimberly   417.6 #622 4-25-12 9:59AM Like  Reply
True. We'll have to try this next time. When we picked up our picnics we used them as lunch and still snacked a bit after, then hit up pacific warf for dinner before the show. - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #187 4-25-12 10:06AM
My review of them is not a favorable one. My first trip to DL I bought the picnics to get reserved seats and was not pleased with cold chicken.If you have kids I can see the benefit. I would suggest anyone without young kids to get fast passes at Grizzly River Run Fast Pass Stations instead - MrFantasia2000JP   33.6 #6205 4-25-12 10:22AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-9-12 9:18AM
Lucky...have fun!
Lucky...have fun! - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-9-12 9:18AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-6-12 5:53AM
I love DL but DW imo has better food...I cant explain why DL is better but I think it just has to do with what I grew up with ive only been to DW 3 times and DL more times than I can count
WDW since is bigger and has alot more( also thats where i go most of the time) but DL is also nice and it is the original and there is alot in such small space - nodell111   166.4 #57 4-6-12 7:14AM Like(1)  Reply
Never been to WDW so I'm going with DL. - Cherry91   434.2 #595 4-6-12 5:43AM Like  Reply
Same here never been to WDW, so DL is the best :) - DisneyByMarco  1421.8 #153 4-6-12 5:45AM
Apples & Oranges in my opinion. :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 4-6-12 10:42AM Like  Reply
Yup. ;) - BreadAndButterfly  505.4 #495 4-6-12 10:50AM
I like DL and WDW better the Apples and oranges. Although I like them all. - JungleBum  1044.2 #222 4-6-12 10:52AM
Although I have never been to WDW, I think it would be only fair to compare Disneyland to the 2nd Magic Kingdom park only. For me Disneyland is the original and the only one Walt actually walked in and worked on. Disneyland was the original Magic Kingdom until Eisner took that away from us to, along with the MSELP. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 4-6-12 10:58AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 3-29-12 3:17PM
Do the safari first thing in the morning at animal kingdom they are feeding the animals-it also closes at sunset. My younger kids got bored at epcot but had fun at the world show case there are masks at each world that they can colour tha  More...
Well, I went to WDW many years ago.  One thing I recommend (that you really can't experience here in Disneyland) is the Epcot World Showcase 
- MyPark   1298.8 #165 3-29-12 9:50AM Like  Reply
It can. Although to be honest, Epcot itself is not worth spending an entire day on. The World Showcase is exceptional, but there is sooooooo much at WDW. Do a little research before you go. MW is a good start. Also try - MyPark  1298.8 #165 3-29-12 9:56AM
Defnitely agree with MyPark. When we did Epcot we were there for maybe 4 hrs, each time. - EmperorsHandLelundrial  1106.2 #207 3-29-12 11:22AM
I honestly didn't think I'd like Epcot so we went for half a day, but it wasn't enough so we had to go back ;) one day at Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios were enough. 2 days at MK. I know we did not see everything still. I'm so jealous of you!! - PinkElephants   745.7 #324 3-29-12 10:07AM Like  Reply
The Electrical Parade!!! Performs Thursdays and Saturday nights at the MK. - BaseballMickey   9257.8 #14 3-29-12 2:57PM Like  Reply
Do the safari first thing in the morning at animal kingdom they are feeding the animals-it also closes at sunset. My younger kids got bored at epcot but had fun at the world show case there are masks at each world that they can colour than add a paper cut out at all the other lands with a country stamp it keep them entertained. Have fun! - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 3-29-12 3:17PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 3-27-12 4:54PM
They are a meal, we like the American one with the cold chicken
They are a meal, we like the American one with the cold chicken - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 3-27-12 4:54PM Like  Reply
Ok thank you, looking to purchase do my niece and nephew get decent view for WOC. That way they can enjoy the parks and not wait in line for the tix. - miguelg916  59.2 #4808 3-27-12 5:08PM
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 7-31-11 2:21PM
Pete's Dragon hands down!
Rescuers... - ghosthostess15   6.9 #16203 7-31-11 11:23AM Like  Reply
Oooo, I'm gonna have to go with The Rescuers. :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 7-31-11 11:24AM Like  Reply
rescuers!!! - missgoofy   371.6 #719 7-31-11 7:39PM Like  Reply
Pete's Dragon. One of my faves. - angryduck   143.1 #3014 7-31-11 7:42PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 7-19-11 8:18PM
My fav is rockin rollercoaster, everest is fun too. I don't get sick on rides but I did on mission space took me a few hours to fell normal (I wish I went on the sissy side) We also liked test track.
I have, all of them, ESP rockin roller coaster, yes the first year it opened and it made me so sick! - wonderlandgirl   347.6 #790 7-19-11 7:48PM Like  Reply
Missing Space freaked me out. But my fav has to be Epedition Everest!!! - gfylvr   33.1 #6249 7-19-11 7:49PM Like  Reply
I wasn't claustrophobic UNTIL i went on Mission Space. Never doing that again. If you're between 16-35 you might be ok on the faster one. Other than that, you've been warned! - Westcoast   212.8 #1999 7-19-11 9:20PM Like  Reply
I think the warnings on ms are what make it worse. I'm more frightened of Goofys sky school! - 415beachgirl   475.6 #532 7-19-11 9:22PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-29-12 10:18AM
I was born in 1974 first trip 1979. My dad was born in 1950 and his first trip was the day after Disney opened...I thank my garndparents and dad for my love of Disney!
I think I'm the winner so far. Lol, Born in 1951, first trip was 1955 a month after the park opened. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 4-29-12 8:30AM Like(6)  Reply
Our visits were the same year but I was born in 1954. - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #446 4-29-12 8:36AM
Evil has always been. Bwahahahaha. - Evilstitch   338.5 #826 7-14-11 4:49PM Like(2)  Reply
Born in 1950, first trip, Nov. 1957! - DrRoss   16.5 #9099 4-29-12 8:28PM Like  Reply
91 first trip 94 :) - AshleyLynn22   791.2 #291 4-29-12 9:00PM Like  Reply really are my twin!! Lol I was born in 91 and first trip was in 94 too! O_o - AnaheimsMom  244.0 #1580 4-29-12 9:03PM
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 7-1-11 7:47AM
We've had the dvc for three years for Old Key West in WDW and love it, we have used our points to stay at the Grand a few times and even in Mexico. We like the options of being able to do other non-Disney places.
Go for it!!! - Elaine   411.4 #631 6-29-11 3:29PM Like  Reply
Thanks...I am bending that way. :) - jewelsdisney   8.0 #14489 6-29-11 3:32PM Like  Reply
Be sure to email admin. He's a huge fan of DVC! He'd love to tell you all about it! - Duchess_SMK   6634.7 #24 7-1-11 10:39AM Like  Reply
It's a big long term "investment". My sisters family has it and they love it (5 and 8 year old daughters). I have had the pleasure of taking my family with them to WDW and go to stay with them in a villa at Saratoga Springs for a week. Almost made me want to go out and purchase one for my family. BUT you have to consider the other costs that come along with it. The initial cost, monthly fee, plane tickets, park admission (WDW), food plan WDW. So it is an investment and you are committed to it for 50 years. I would say check out what others who actually own one say about it and find out if it right for you. - Disneymba   39.3 #5741 7-1-11 10:58AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 6-29-11 9:19PM
We rented one for my aunt last trip at the park, only problem is she couldn't take the wheel chair past security so we had to make her stay outside security until someone walked to the grand and got a wheelchair for her their to bring bac  More...
Disneyland offers them in city hall for twelve dollars a day. Twenty dollar deposit. - DelilahJo3   178.7 #2437 6-29-11 12:25PM Like  Reply
I think it would be better to rent one for the next whole time rather than just when I'm in the park. - PrincessKristin   780.8 #299 6-29-11 12:50PM Like  Reply
CS you gonna pay for my plane ticket so I can go haha - jon-t   190.5 #2285 7-1-11 10:32PM Like  Reply
I know, right? What better place to be??? - PrincessKristin   780.8 #299 7-1-11 10:35PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 6-17-11 5:30PM
Happy anniversary! You will love watching WOC there, I actually perfered watching from up their instead of below
Awesome pix!!!! - Eddie951   1.3 #69034 6-17-11 5:10PM Like  Reply
Congrats! Happy Anniversary - goofball   475.1 #535 6-17-11 5:12PM Like  Reply
Happy anniversary! And many more - Disneymba   39.3 #5741 6-17-11 5:59PM Like  Reply
Congrats and great pic. Hope u have an great day - lornejr   20.3 #8076 6-17-11 6:05PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 6-14-11 8:46PM
My girls would love to add this to their collection, add me please :) thanks!
Enter me please - harley3076   13.8 #10094 6-14-11 8:41PM Like  Reply
Enter me pretty please - jon-t   190.5 #2285 6-14-11 8:42PM Like  Reply
Enter me please! - mildchyld   20.4 #8054 6-15-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
Me please thanks!!! - Disneyrockstar   201.6 #2133 6-15-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 6-13-11 7:34PM
We've done them all but our fav is storytellers we were full until dinner
Storytellers at the GCH. - Krissy Marissy   411.2 #633 6-13-11 6:40PM Like  Reply
Ok thanks - joctopus   22.5 #7653 6-13-11 6:41PM Like  Reply
We've gone to Minnie & Friends at the Plaza Inn, Storytellers, and most recently to Goofy's Kitchen again. GK had the best Mulan ever and spent over 10 min. talking to my daughter and Pluto also danced with her. She loved it! - MimiMouse   1049.1 #219 6-13-11 7:47PM Like  Reply
At Goofy's kitchen the characters take more time with you, but the food is not that great. - staceeyl   237.2 #1663 6-13-11 8:31PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 6-13-11 7:29PM
We did the Disney dinning plan and it was great when kids begged for a snack we just whipped out the card we were always full, had enough snack points left the last day that the kids bought Mickey rice krispy treats and took home to frien  More...
I don't but you can Check the MW Florida app. - Kenry   1298.8 #166 6-13-11 4:55PM Like  Reply
Yes! Be sure to download the MW Florida version. - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #451 6-13-11 4:56PM Like  Reply
Lion King show in Disney Animal Kingdom is a must see. - Disneyforever   172.8 #2531 6-13-11 7:37PM Like  Reply
Have a magical time! - luvdisney1978   46.9 #5333 6-13-11 7:40PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 6-10-11 4:12PM
Good choice I love mine ... Congrats graduate!
jealous!!! congrats to her! - nicoleface   1753.2 #120 6-10-11 3:59PM Like  Reply
Love it!! Congrats to her  - LBChica   2550.8 #70 6-10-11 4:00PM Like  Reply
Love it! And congrats to your girl - stitches44   26.7 #6962 6-10-11 10:22PM Like  Reply
Wow...congrats! She's got awesome taste. - Emlovessmallworld   71.1 #4426 6-10-11 10:23PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 6-7-11 7:18PM
Colorado Springs, Co
Downey - NightmareKaren   364.6 #737 6-7-11 4:06PM Like  Reply
Coachella Valley - MWer_Lizzie   113.6 #3563 6-7-11 4:06PM Like  Reply
Tulare ca - yvieinwonderland85   16.6 #9050 6-7-11 11:25PM Like  Reply
Kent Washington - garrlusdland   67.6 #4529 6-7-11 11:26PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-29-11 6:24PM
Cute shoes!
Cute shoes! - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 5-29-11 6:24PM Like  Reply
Sooo cool! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-29-11 6:24PM Like  Reply
Those are awesome! My son would love them! :) - MommaSquared   10.3 #12219 5-29-11 7:16PM Like  Reply
Cute! - luvdisney1978   46.9 #5333 5-29-11 7:19PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-22-11 8:52PM
You can use the entrance thru the grand
No I do not believe it does, only the Grand - JimW   1074.1 #215 5-22-11 8:52PM Like  Reply
You can use the entrance thru the grand - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 5-22-11 8:52PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone for the info!!! I think im going to change my reservations! - TheGirlWhoHasEverything   205.5 #2087 5-22-11 9:10PM Like  Reply
They used to have an entrance to paradise pier area before but they took it out - CM_SmS1291   544.6 #449 5-22-11 9:43PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 5:27PM
I was just saying that I needed to get it ... Thanks for the heads up on the price
I was just saying that I needed to get it ... Thanks for the heads up on the price - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 5-15-11 5:27PM Like  Reply
It's a really fun game! Super addicting! :) - TangledNdisneY   324.7 #32 5-15-11 7:37PM Like  Reply
That's an awesome game! Kind of short though! - Trappedinwonderland   201.5 #2134 5-15-11 7:38PM Like  Reply
Ooh thanks for the heads up!! - iheartDumbo   24.3 #7327 5-15-11 7:58PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-14-11 1:16PM
Are they all done updating the rooms if not when will they be done? We booked a stay their the end of October and I'm hoping all the inside stuff will be done
 - patriciajz   334.4 #840 5-14-11 1:00PM Like  Reply
wow - MisFit.Mouse   693.8 #347 5-14-11 1:01PM Like  Reply
Beautiful!  - PrettyPixie   760.3 #312 5-14-11 10:13PM Like  Reply
Very pretty! - teengoofy   3.5 #31411 5-14-11 10:50PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-9-11 8:59PM
We love the storyteller cafe one, we usually eat before the park is open and everyone seems to be so full that no one asks for snacks and we skip lunch. We did do minnies breakfast this year because we forgot to make reservation sooner a  More...
Goofy's kitchen was great for brunch!!! Got a pic with Pluto on the way in, GREAT food, and lots of character interaction. - SpencerPhreak   114.6 #3538 5-9-11 8:56PM Like  Reply
I like the food at Storytellers better but there are more characters at Goofy's Kitchen. - dizluvr   328.4 #880 5-9-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
We loved plaza inn. We had the earliest reservation in the morning at 7:10 and we were one of the firsts, gipeto and rafiki held my daughters hand to the table then danced with her, the other character would come and spend so much time with them it was awesome. Once it got busier the characters didn't spend as much time at each table cause they gotta make their rounds but it was very magical - happilyEVERafter   61.4 #4734 5-9-11 9:07PM Like  Reply
We dud goofy kitchens brunch food was good and there was lots if interaction with the characters a conga line lots of fun - sylviamta   16.1 #9210 5-9-11 9:13PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-4-11 6:17PM
My fav are the Carmel, chocolate, cashews pretzels have one for me
They have some of the best treats there. Love them. - MikeyMouse   207.1 #2068 5-4-11 5:59PM Like  Reply
Heaven on earth :^) - WishingUponAStar   133.2 #3177 5-4-11 6:02PM Like  Reply
Always gotta make a stop at Pooh Corner, yum my fave the choc. coverd pretzel rod. - LAHaPpY13420   43.0 #5522 5-4-11 9:08PM Like  Reply
Yummy.. Wat did u get? - PirateDoll   273.7 #1283 5-4-11 11:09PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-4-11 4:28PM
Makes me miss my English cocker... Love the name bullseyes. Like someone said get ready for ear infections and ours hated little kids :)
I like Baloo  - Heather   262.9 #1380 5-4-11 3:46PM Like  Reply
Bullseye! - ERICKA   491.5 #511 5-4-11 3:46PM Like  Reply
Bullseye. - littlpluto   75.7 #4310 5-5-11 5:27PM Like  Reply
My vote is for Walt. - infamous   277.8 #1234 5-5-11 5:29PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-3-11 8:56PM
My family really liked it ... Might have to see it again
Loved it!! - Keala76   330.4 #868 5-3-11 8:17PM Like  Reply
new one? or the old fantasia segment? - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1028 5-3-11 8:18PM Like  Reply
Finally saw it on Netflix. Better than I was expecting. The ending makes me think this is the Dragonball movie we should have had. - JediStitch   429.7 #602 5-5-11 7:42PM Like  Reply
My family and I enjoyed it. - mommamouse   45.6 #5384 5-5-11 7:43PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 5-3-11 11:24AM
D&B handbags ... Good thing we only go once or twice a year! My girls collect charms and my husband press pennies
Vinyls, pins, pressed pennies, plushs, reusable bags, fps, and pics - TinkTinkTink   330.8 #31 5-3-11 9:00AM Like  Reply
Sweatshirts!, Every time I go, I have to get a new Disneyland sweatshirt. I have tons of other stuff I collect that is Disney too, Snow globes, statues, pictures, pretty much if it has Mickey on it, I will buy it! :0) - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 5-3-11 9:02AM Like  Reply
@Lilly cool I'll have to check it out. I should've gotten some of tiki when i could. I kept my Disney DVD trip planner cuz it has SHAG lol - cesium55   531.8 #467 5-4-11 11:58PM Like  Reply
WDCC and the mainstreet minitures. I'm trying not to get hooked on Vinylmations but I have the feeling when I go in a few weeks I'll buy some - Krismiss   304.9 #1026 5-5-11 12:03AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-28-11 8:36PM
$500.00 to spend at the world of disney store, glad I made the kids wait until the last day to get gifts
Left one time with a $20 bill in my wallet - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #191 4-28-11 4:42PM Like  Reply
I got an ear hat after riding the Matterhorn - CaliCanuck   534.4 #465 4-28-11 4:43PM Like  Reply
I thought YoaMD was kinda lame when it was on-going. It made me feel like such a loser everytime I went home without anything. Looking back, though, it must have been cool for the people who did receive something cool. - xjdempseyx   3.8 #28224 4-28-11 9:11PM Like  Reply
I got to see the Dream Suite that was amazing! And a lanyard thats blue and says Year of A Million Dreams with A Mickey and Donald Pin on it! - Briana   241.0 #1622 4-28-11 10:39PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-26-11 3:40PM
Lucky! - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-26-11 3:40PM Like  Reply
Both are keepers - disneychick   235.8 #1683 4-26-11 3:41PM Like  Reply
So cute!!! Could you have your husband talk to my husband? - clrkcynd   128.6 #3257 4-26-11 9:59PM Like  Reply
What a guy!  - Dreamseeker   527.3 #472 4-26-11 9:59PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-25-11 3:20PM
I heard the Marriott is nice to stay at, sorry not much help we stay at the Grand when we go
If you do a quick search on this topic you will find a lot of information as this has been discussed many times. - gratefull   32.3 #6334 4-25-11 3:01PM Like  Reply
i was just wondering what all the mousewaiters favorite hotels were... - Ihavebeast   9.5 #12884 4-25-11 3:06PM Like  Reply
We stay at the Candy Cane Inn. It's right next door to the park,10 min walk, continental breakfast, clean rooms, beautiful landscape and they have their own shuttle in case you don't want to walk. - Diznimom   225.3 #1823 4-25-11 8:30PM Like  Reply
I usually stay at The Candy Cane as well. You get 10% off with a AAA card too! I've just booked my 4th stay in the last 4 yearsThey've even given me a coupon for $10 off per night the last 3 years - disneychick   235.8 #1683 4-25-11 8:36PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-25-11 2:25PM
Cute shirt! My daughter would love it, enter me please :)
Add me please! Thats super cute! - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 4-25-11 11:24AM Like  Reply
Small? Not even gonna try. But sweet of you to give away! - DesperateMousewife   877.7 #256 4-25-11 11:31AM Like  Reply
Hope everything is okay :) - dennibowles   56.0 #4918 5-11-11 12:01PM Like  Reply
Hope you are ok and everything works out for you. - MinnieMousewife   928.2 #245 5-11-11 12:06PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-24-11 7:39PM
Beautiful pic love the flowers
Beautiful pic love the flowers - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-24-11 7:39PM Like  Reply
Great pic - DLR_Fan   275.0 #1269 4-24-11 7:41PM Like  Reply
Great pic - DLR_Fan   275.0 #1269 4-24-11 7:41PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-24-11 1:21PM
Wish I was there to have some too ... So yummy!
Wish I was there to have some too ... So yummy! - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-24-11 1:21PM Like  Reply
Yes it is - Stephen   284.6 #1171 4-24-11 1:22PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-24-11 1:25PM
I once had a stare down with a storm trooper i told him he was a little short to be a Strom trooper ... My nephew was crying thinking he was going to hurt me ... Loved it!
I've never seen them act like this! I'll have to keep an eye out next time. - cenicienta   323.8 #905 4-24-11 1:06PM Like  Reply
Nice! I wanna be a StormTrooper! - darthsean   84.1 #4127 4-24-11 1:08PM Like  Reply
I read this earlier then took a nap and guess what I dreamed of? Lol stormtroopers  - Momof2princesses   158.2 #2765 4-24-11 5:36PM Like  Reply
Bobofet clone and What number they are. That's what they sign. - shina85   17.9 #8691 4-24-11 5:38PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-24-11 1:28PM
Love it!
Ha that is pretty funny - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-24-11 12:24PM Like  Reply
Love that!!! - LifetimeFan   1.6 #65939 4-24-11 12:26PM Like  Reply
That beast costume must be hard to wear! It's huge! Love the humor of that pic! - LilMermaid7   33.3 #6237 4-24-11 7:39PM Like  Reply
I would love to have a picture of them w/ my family! Very nice! - BeautyandTheBeast   142.7 #3022 4-25-11 1:31AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-23-11 6:40AM
Roger rabbit and duffy ... Saw duffy at the park and asked my girls if they wanted a photo with him they or I didn't know who the heck he was
Donald kinda bugs, now that you mention it. - Zooter   1414.4 #154 4-22-11 9:16PM Like  Reply
Lol I don't like Daisy, she's kinda (trying not to use bad words...) witchy lol - RickeyCalifornia   158.1 #2769 4-22-11 9:17PM Like  Reply
Don't like Sebastian. - OynnhoJ   107.9 #3672 4-23-11 4:17PM Like  Reply
Every single character on The Suite Life on Deck/Zack & Cody. - iRunDisney   75.9 #4306 4-23-11 4:31PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-22-11 7:44PM
My girls could spend all day in there ... Fun place and nice place for me to sit and take a break
My girls could spend all day in there ... Fun place and nice place for me to sit and take a break - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-22-11 7:44PM Like  Reply
Great place to take the kiddies to tire them out. - Candace   1737.8 #121 4-22-11 7:50PM Like  Reply
Great place for the kids to burn off some energy. - Zooter   1414.4 #154 4-22-11 10:02PM Like  Reply
I thought I read somewhere that they're going to revamp RCC and take out the Brother Bear theme. - mnallmn   184.2 #2365 4-22-11 11:02PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-22-11 7:33PM
I love chip & Dale thanks for sharing
I love chip & Dale thanks for sharing - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-22-11 7:33PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-22-11 7:32PM
I wanted to see it but I have two sick kiddos, so that changed my plans. I will have to bring my tissues when we do go
I wanted to see it but I have two sick kiddos, so that changed my plans. I will have to bring my tissues when we do go - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-22-11 7:32PM Like  Reply
I saw it with my daughters. Have to agree with the tissue comment. I still have unresolved Lion King wounds that were opened again today...... - AgentP   113.1 #3573 4-22-11 7:34PM Like  Reply
Can't wait to see it - Disneyforlife   248.5 #1522 4-22-11 7:46PM Like  Reply
@agent you are so correct! I just kept thinking about Nala and Simba!!! - smilinbeckett   134.3 #3162 4-22-11 8:58PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-18-11 12:43PM
It wad nice, food was good and the character spent a lot if time with my kids. We usually eat at storytellers which is the first on my list
Not yet but they do have great food. Let us know how it is - acesmagic   122.7 #3362 4-18-11 8:49AM Like  Reply
We've done it many times and the kids love it. Hope you enjoy! - mom2princessemma   4.4 #23781 4-18-11 8:55AM Like  Reply
This is the only character breakfast we've done and we loved it! - LBChica   2550.8 #70 4-18-11 12:45PM Like  Reply
We've done this one and ariel's grotto breakfast. Ariel's was a lot more fun for our little girl. Lots of time and dancing with the princesses. - Oaklandish   3.7 #29219 4-18-11 12:53PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-17-11 1:47PM
My husband would rather find the pressed penny machines than ride rides. About five years ago he got the list from city hall and things have never been the same since than!
I do!!!! I even have a tinker bell book for them my friend got me! - SnoWiZzLe   11.7 #11227 4-17-11 1:30PM Like  Reply
I do ... (I thought I was the only one who collected these...) I must always stop to do a few where ever I go, but my faves are all from Disneyland! - Tinkerbabe   49.2 #5227 4-17-11 1:34PM Like  Reply
I didn't know there was a list. My friend collects them. I'll have to het her a list for when we go next month. - Krismiss   304.9 #1026 4-18-11 12:19AM Like  Reply
I love collecting pennies, there is so Many different ones! I collect three everyday - harley3076   13.8 #10094 4-18-11 12:19AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-16-11 6:41AM
I loved it! The music and the lights everytime we go back my husband and I talk about it and how we wish they bring it back
Yup... Only ran one summer. Had lots of stage lights on inside, soundtrack by and projections of the red hot chili peppers... Not nearly as much fun with the lights on - kilteddispatcher   338.0 #829 4-16-11 1:22AM Like  Reply
love the song tho! - legoalex   123.9 #3343 4-16-11 1:28AM Like  Reply
Totally remember this! Had the light on inside, definitely a different way to ride Space Mountain haha - bren12   38.1 #5823 4-16-11 10:21AM Like  Reply
I'm sad I didn't get to see it. I was actually there at the parks when it was on but I had to bad luck to be in a car accident right before so I didn't want to risk hurting my neck any more. - TamiPoppins   52.4 #5065 4-16-11 10:22AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-16-11 6:43AM
eBay is a great idea. I have bought a lot of pins there with no problems. Shopping online isn't as bad as you would think, maybe give it a try if it means finding what you want.
Check eBay I am sure they have some. - mrssumr   70.4 #4438 4-15-11 11:52PM Like  Reply
I really don't want to buy stuff off eBay I don't like buying stuff Online period :( - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1306 4-16-11 6:31AM Like  Reply
OMG you are so so sweet I think Im gonna cry - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1306 4-17-11 11:00PM Like  Reply
You're welcome. When I get it I will let you know so I can send it to you; or if you are at the park in the near future I can bring it to you. - Mickey74   3791.6 #49 4-18-11 12:00AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-15-11 4:20PM
So cute!
So cute! - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-15-11 4:20PM Like  Reply
Love that one!! Way to go! - Dreamseeker   527.3 #472 4-15-11 4:21PM Like  Reply
LOL! How funny! Okay, I was standing right there when you were trading with him! I love the Minnie's Dress vinyl! So cute! There's a matching Jr. keychain one too! - LisaKL   748.4 #320 4-15-11 11:24PM Like  Reply
@Lisa haha were you the one in the black laugh. Dance. tank top?! - sweetcakes   2.9 #59663 4-16-11 12:39AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-14-11 10:13PM
Nothing beats a honeymoon to wdw ... We went their for ours 13 years ago. I say leave the kiddos at home and have fun! We go their in feb. Crowds are low and the weather is cool.
I went to WDW in Oct an loved it! Perfect weather and not too humid. I also had my son, 2 at the time, and it was too overwhelming for him. So much to see and he wasnt able to do much. Don't feel bad about leaving them. My son remembers nothing anyways. - minnieMisty   276.9 #1245 4-14-11 8:55PM Like  Reply
Wow! Congrats!  no kids though sorry but I hope you have a great time. I would go in sept. - DisneyVillainLover   258.4 #1419 4-14-11 8:56PM Like  Reply
My parents took me to WDW when I was 3....I don't remember it at all. So, don't feel bad if you leave them behind. I would like to go to WDW now!!! Have fun planning! - MermaidWithShears   1025.8 #229 4-15-11 8:35AM Like  Reply
I went to WDW when I was 10. I was the right height for everything and was old enough to "understand". But now, I barely remember it. Especially since it'd be your first time...leave the kids at home. You want to experience everything as adults and especially as DL annual pass holders. Then when your kiddies are a little older, you can bring them :) - swingingwake   217.9 #1924 4-15-11 11:56AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-14-11 8:31PM
Good thing I paid off that card ... Chase is changing there debt card rewards to so it's not just that Disney rewards think I'm going to look for another bank
What?! I was just thinking about doing this!! I wonder if they're going to start another program or dropping it all together? - Evangeline   292.5 #1105 4-14-11 8:00PM Like  Reply
chase is going downhill. - Disneybaldie   355.8 #766 4-14-11 8:00PM Like  Reply
that's really too bad - BLG   1048.9 #220 4-15-11 10:57PM Like  Reply
I HATE Chase for soooo many reasons!!! - Fantasmic   22.3 #7688 4-15-11 11:09PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-14-11 8:29PM
I don't care for in and out, 5 guys is good ... But smash burger is the best! It's always fun to see what everyone likes/dislikes :)
Be sure to add A1 sauce and tell them Animal Style. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 4-14-11 7:58PM Like  Reply
Does not compare to In N Out!  - yaymegs   9.3 #13029 4-14-11 7:59PM Like  Reply
@leesha. I was reading your post too fast and took out a certain word. Now I'm blushing - JediStitch   429.7 #602 4-15-11 12:00AM Like  Reply
OMG! MW has completely cured my blues tonight! LMBO!  - TandAlly   213.5 #1984 4-15-11 12:00AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-12-11 3:08PM
Loved that year! Once coming off of the Pooh ride a cm asked us to come with him... We sat in the right seat at the right time and won a $500.00 shopping spree at the World of Disney store! It was awesome! They should bring it back
YES! I collect year of a million dreams pins..... i need moooooore - michelledork   696.2 #345 4-12-11 12:52PM Like  Reply
I recieved nothing during that time so I have no idea if I missed out - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #107 4-12-11 12:54PM Like  Reply
On Valentines day during that my entire family of cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents went 19 of us in all, we all were handed passes to stay in the park an hour after it closed! Only 2000 passes were given out, best time ever in DL! They had us all wait in the area behind BTMRR until they cleared out the park. We listen to music and played games while we waited. Then they released us, no lines main street was empty! It was awesome! - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 4-12-11 3:28PM Like  Reply
It's like Disneyland's version of RAKs - michelledork   696.2 #345 4-12-11 3:35PM Like  Reply
@Hesti4EverAP I just checked again. I'm blocked on Saturday. I'm planning on going Monday with the crew (teens).  - Ilovegoofy  541.3 #454 6-16-17 1:54PM
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-11-11 9:29AM
I was getting off the HM and my ankle gave out and I fell ... The stopped the ride to make sure I was ok lucky for me the only people who saw that was the CM and my hubby ... To this day I have a hard time riding that ride in fear it will  More...
Um had a V neck top in and ride Indybwhich is super bumpy! Came off the ride an ppl were staring looked down and realized my boob had popped out the top of my shirt! - Mrsblue   693.1 #348 4-11-11 12:30AM Like  Reply
 mrsblue! Brave of you to share that story. lol - LBChica   2550.8 #70 4-11-11 12:35AM Like  Reply
@goofyjoe Why didn't anyone help you? - Boundin   944.4 #243 4-11-11 8:48PM Like  Reply
When we were there in Jan I was so busy watching the granddaughter dressed as Snow White I walked off the curb in Toon Town on my knees then my face. My husband said one second I was there he blinked I was gone. - sewgirl   342.6 #806 4-11-11 8:54PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-10-11 9:41AM
Those would be so yummy in my tummy :) there goes my diet!
Those are ADORABLE!!! - MommaSquared   10.3 #12219 4-10-11 9:08AM Like  Reply
Depends...are they free? - SoloSiyoNqoba   601.7 #402 4-10-11 9:09AM Like  Reply
A cupcake army...and Disney, that's even better! - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2495 4-10-11 10:34PM Like  Reply
Can they be delivered to Michigan? - Gummy   83.0 #4154 4-10-11 10:35PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-9-11 9:43PM
Great pic!
This is amazing! - MTLott   91.4 #3962 4-9-11 9:39PM Like  Reply
Great pic!! - JediTrance   71.7 #4412 4-9-11 9:39PM Like  Reply
What an awesome picture, I absolutely love it!! - MinnieMousewife   928.2 #245 4-10-11 8:54PM Like  Reply
Great timing what an awesome shot!! - Evangeline   292.5 #1105 4-10-11 8:56PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-9-11 9:13PM
Reminds me of the Nemo ride at Epcot ... Can't wait for it to open!
Thank you that was a great link. I love to learn something new!!! - Boundin   944.4 #243 4-9-11 8:25PM Like  Reply
Nice! - Evangeline   292.5 #1105 4-9-11 8:27PM Like  Reply
Thanks for sharing!!! Can't wait to ride it!!! - LilMermaid7   33.3 #6237 4-9-11 9:17PM Like  Reply
We aregoing in November for my son's first birthday and I can't wait to experience it for the first time for both of us! - DLlovingMommy27   238.0 #1655 4-10-11 10:22AM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-9-11 5:04PM
There is a private viewing area on floor 6 ... We were lucky enough in Feb to stay in the villa right next to the viewing area - beautiful!
Still a great view, enjoy!  - LBChica   2550.8 #70 4-9-11 4:12PM Like  Reply
Hey hey May! Lucky - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 4-9-11 4:13PM Like  Reply
Oooh is there? I'll have to check that out :D - MayBie   1885.6 #109 4-9-11 5:00PM Like  Reply
There is a private viewing area on floor 6 ... We were lucky enough in Feb to stay in the villa right next to the viewing area - beautiful! - Boo-Gus   131.7 #3204 4-9-11 5:04PM Like  Reply
131.7 #3204 DL Qual #0 4-12-11 11:45AM
Wall-E was very boring for me, but my girls loved it
No such thing. - SoloSiyoNqoba   601.7 #402 2-21-11 7:15PM Like  Reply
Cars - just because I haven't seen it yet... - chrissykins   825.5 #275 2-21-11 7:17PM Like  Reply
Definitely Cars!! It's the only one I've had to watch multiple times to get to the end. I thought it was terrible. - Fruitbythefoot   33.4 #6229 4-12-11 1:34PM Like  Reply
I love all the Pixar movies....but I'd have to say A Bug's Life is my least favorite - summergirl3   2.5 #61137 4-12-11 1:45PM Like  Reply