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210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 2-23-14 8:56AM
Please add me my mini loves anything Frozen. thank you :)
Please add me - mouselover79  64.2 #3844 2-21-14 8:07PM Like  Reply
Another great RAK! Please add me thank you!!! - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 2-21-14 8:15PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Goofydad909.  Thanks so much!! - DisneyDavidEMT  1198.5 #96 2-23-14 10:42PM
Thanks David!! - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 2-23-14 11:23PM
Please add me for HMF.  Thank so much. - Sugarbuzz  112.7 #3107 2-24-14 9:13AM Like  Reply
❄️❄️This RAK is now closed.❄️❄️ - poppinspenguin  104.0 #3255 2-24-14 12:12PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-27-13 7:20AM
please add me for the first person who comments under my post. thank you :)
Add me please. I always say I'm going to ask for one of these then I forget. And since I'm not at DL too often then please add me. Thanks  - Philliprocks  617.0 #242 12-26-13 8:17PM Like(2)  Reply
Added! - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 12-26-13 8:35PM
I'd love to frame it and hang it on the wall. Please add me, thank you! - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 12-26-13 6:34PM Like  Reply
Added! - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 12-26-13 6:53PM
Bump! Closing RAK today - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 12-28-13 4:11PM Like  Reply
Is it too late to add me? I love this! Will you share with us where they can be found? Thank you very much! - imjustsayin111  247.1 #1220 12-28-13 5:53PM Like  Reply
I just closed the RAK! But if you DM me tour info I can get one for you next week n send it out from Disneyland! That goes for all who added into this RAK! You can ask a cm after the jungle cruise ride for a map n they will hand you 1:-) - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 12-28-13 5:58PM
Can I hit the "like" button a million times for this? Thank you so much! I am DM'ing right now. Thanks again! - imjustsayin111  247.1 #1220 12-28-13 8:06PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-27-13 7:19AM
please add me for the first person who comments under my post . thank you :)
That movie was AMAZING, wasn't it?!? I loved it! Can you please add me for this generous RAK for goofydad909? Thanks! - SPandEvLover  2295.3 #42 12-26-13 3:47PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you Melissa! Hope you guys had a great Christmas!!! - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 12-26-13 4:32PM
Now I know why I tried so hard for my kids.  - Midasgold  481.8 #353 12-26-13 8:37PM
Please add me, thank you!! Are you coming to the parks? - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 12-26-13 3:15PM Like  Reply
Yes next Thursday , Friday, and Saturday.  - Midasgold  481.8 #353 12-26-13 3:17PM
Add me please :) - NightmareKaren  340.0 #582 12-28-13 2:23AM Like  Reply
Please add me! - Disneyrockstar  158.5 #2387 12-28-13 4:24AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-27-13 7:17AM
please add me for the first person  who comments under my post. thank you :)
Poor jack. I'm scared to think of what these ladies have planned for you. But add me for pinkminnie please. Thanks (sorry jack) - Philliprocks  617.0 #242 12-28-13 8:28AM Like(1)  Reply
Added! He's the ultimate pillow pet! - breathe_in_the_happiness  386.1 #478 12-28-13 6:25PM
hahahahahaha - luxkitty  677.6 #212 12-28-13 7:25PM
Add me please! Thanks so much! - luxkitty  677.6 #212 12-26-13 2:54PM Like  Reply
Please add me for luxkitty:) thanks! - hatgal76  383.8 #482 12-26-13 3:26PM
Thanks hatgal76! 😘 - luxkitty  677.6 #212 12-26-13 4:16PM
Please add me, this would go great in my Disney Room! Thank you awesome RAK! - Sonja  6281.4 #6 12-31-13 8:28PM Like  Reply
Added! - breathe_in_the_happiness  386.1 #478 12-31-13 11:41PM
Please add me for Sonja - cyndaws  253.8 #1149 12-31-13 11:30PM Like  Reply
Got you for Sonja! - breathe_in_the_happiness  386.1 #478 12-31-13 11:42PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-27-13 7:36AM
please add me for the first person who comments under my post. my favorite memory was when I was younger we use to spend the night at my grandmas house wit my cousins and waking up on xmas morning and seeing what Santabrought us. those me  More...
😍😍😍 Please oh PLEASE add me! My favorite memory actually happened before the holiday itself. That was when we went to the parks in early December. Getting to see so many MW'ers actually made me feel like Mom and I have family again. That's a feeling you just can't buy. Thanks a bunch!!! - SPandEvLover  2295.3 #42 12-26-13 1:50PM Like(1)  Reply
You are family, duh. - BeatleMike  481.9 #352 12-26-13 2:24PM
added! - nicoleface  1746.3 #63 12-26-13 3:44PM
Please add me for The Incredible Bulk. My favorite present this year was my new MacBook Pro.Thanks very much. - harleyquinnparis  63.5 #3861 12-26-13 1:42PM Like  Reply
awesome. added! - nicoleface  1746.3 #63 12-26-13 3:44PM
Congratulations & thanks again nicoleface for your generosity!!! - dizneegrl  111.8 #3128 12-30-13 9:40AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-27-13 7:22AM
please add me for the first person who comments under  my post. thank you:)
So close to having enough MW points but just wanted to say what a cool RAK. Good luck everyone.  - WhatTiggersDoBest  128.1 #2833 12-26-13 1:06PM Like(4)  Reply
You're sooo close!!! You have a week to get enough points, so get to posting!!! ☺️☺️☺️ - dizneegrl  111.8 #3128 12-26-13 1:28PM
You have more PTS than the person doing the RAK  - goofydad909  1409.7 #79 12-26-13 2:16PM
Please please pretty please add me!! Thank you!! - PinkMinnie  176.9 #2110 12-26-13 1:08AM Like  Reply
Added. You're welcome!!! - dizneegrl  111.8 #3128 12-26-13 1:31AM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-27-13 7:31AM
hi do you still have the fun wheel??
I'd llove the Golden Gate Bridge. Thank you for your generosity! - Katsza  105.3 #3225 12-23-13 5:55PM Like  Reply
You got it! Sending to you. - debbiev  614.4 #247 12-23-13 6:11PM
Thank you!! - Katsza  105.3 #3225 12-26-13 12:16AM
I would love the poinsettia sticker please and thank you!! - BelleLuvr  280.8 #889 12-23-13 6:10PM Like  Reply
Sending poinsettia sticker to you. Enjoy! - debbiev  614.4 #247 12-23-13 6:14PM
Thank you so much!  Merry Christmas  - BelleLuvr  280.8 #889 12-23-13 8:57PM
You're amazing with your generosity! :D - LaBelleParis  625.2 #240 12-27-13 7:52PM Like  Reply
😽thanks - debbiev  614.4 #247 12-28-13 10:59AM
Do you still have any golden gate bridges? - thumpur  247.9 #1212 12-27-13 8:01PM Like  Reply
No, sorry my extra Golden Gate Bridge is gone. I see that you have a nice collection yourself, with several extras, so maybe someone will make a trade with you for the bridge. Good luck. - debbiev  614.4 #247 12-28-13 11:09AM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-20-13 9:43PM
please add me i love anything peppermint. ice cream or chocolate :)  thank you
I just gained 20 pounds reading all your comments! RAK closed and the winner will be picked tomorrow. I'll announce it on this post so stay tuned! - HoJoAnaheim  260.8 #1086 12-21-13 12:04AM Like(4)  Reply
Oooh so exciting, I've been wanting to stay a night at the famous HoJo. Please add me. My favorite Christmas treat are chocolate crinkle cookies... I can never pass those things up, it's an addiction like Tri Tip Sliders.  - BeatleMike  481.9 #352 12-20-13 8:22PM Like(1)  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-6-13 5:54PM
but she also kinda pass for brittney spears, this is a tricky one lol
Love how you had to zoom in 4x. Ha. Good stalking! - Tiggerific  301.2 #763 12-6-13 6:12PM Like(1)  Reply
Random blond chick with money for a plaid. 😂 - MeridaFan  2819.1 #30 12-6-13 6:30PM Like(1)  Reply
Looks like Britney Spears. Hard to tell for sure but it does look like her. - warchanted  93.5 #3397 12-6-13 9:52PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-3-13 4:29PM
those look good! try some mustard on it yummy :)
 Just kidding!  - debbiev  614.4 #247 12-3-13 4:18PM Like  Reply
those look good! try some mustard on it yummy :) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 12-3-13 4:29PM Like  Reply
😜😝 - Superspacemountainfan  52.1 #4128 12-3-13 4:52PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   SacTownzSultan   minniel0ver™  
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-3-13 4:32PM
Please add me for the first person to comment under my post :) thank you!
New winner. Bump - TrampsLady  1489.6 #74 12-13-13 1:21PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me :) I will not be able to go to the parks this season :( in the process of getting promoted and will not be able to take the time off  - SacTownzSultan  91.9 #3415 12-3-13 4:27PM Like  Reply
You are added, - TrampsLady  1489.6 #74 12-3-13 5:20PM
Please add me for sactownzsultan. Would love for him to have something from the holidays :) Thank you  - mcramos925  359.0 #532 12-5-13 7:33PM
Thank you so much!!!  My minis will be so excited!! - BelleLuvr  280.8 #889 12-13-13 5:02PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-3-13 4:30PM
def agree!
Agree. - BAO1953  10.5 #8346 12-3-13 3:51PM Like  Reply
We love that show! We see it every trip - ibmickeyfan  22.8 #5687 12-3-13 4:28PM Like  Reply
Yes, it is!! Seen it twice& would love to see it a 3rd!! - Superspacemountainfan  52.1 #4128 12-3-13 4:44PM Like  Reply
It's a must Everytime I go! It's so bad that I pretty much know every Aladdin there! lol 😂😂 - pxoxa86  158.9 #2380 12-17-13 10:06AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-3-13 4:27PM
cool :) 
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He Is So Incredibly Awesome. I Will Forever Be Grateful To Him And The Great Human Being He Is. Early September 2012, One Of My Preschool Students Was Diagnosed With Leukemia. She Was Starting Kindergarten. She Was Only At School For About A Week Before She Started Treatments. The Kemo Began And After A Few Months, The Kemo Was Working And She Was In Remission. September Of This Year, The Cancer Came Back Stronger Than Ever And Because She Was So Small, Her Heart Was Too Weak, She Needed A Heart As Well. When She Was Able To Come Home And Spend Days At Home, She And Her Family Would Watch Full House Reruns. Her Wish Was To Meet Uncle Jesse. A Family Friend Went To High School With His Cousin And Was Able To Pull Strings To Get Him To Come And Spend Time With Her In Early October 2013. After Meeting Uncle Jesse, At 5 Years Old My Student Became Heavens Newest Angel On October 25,2013.Sorry For The Long Comment But HadTo Share.... - Tinkerluvr  47.6 #4254 12-3-13 8:41PM Like(10)  Reply
Thank you for sharing that story - missariel33  1093.5 #115 12-3-13 8:51PM
No Prob...As Soon As I Saw This Picture, I Was Compelled To Share Just A Piece Of Kindness And Sincerity That He Shown An The Time He Have With No Restrictions But Fulfilling A Little Girls Wish...But Also Comfort To Those Around Her:) - Tinkerluvr  47.6 #4254 12-3-13 9:10PM
Omgee!! Are your foreheads touching??!!!?? Eeeeeekkkkk!!! 😍💑 - girlcooks  37.1 #4662 12-3-13 2:27PM Like(3)  Reply
I am so sad right now, so so sad.....I want to meet him!!!!😩😩😩😩 - nerdgirl  82.4 #3544 12-3-13 10:26PM Like  Reply
Cute!! - erinten  424.5 #424 12-4-13 12:40AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 12-1-13 6:14PM
*cousins* - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 12-1-13 6:14PM Like  Reply
So sweet! - dawna  290.0 #827 12-1-13 6:42PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   goducksgo   catlikesmouse  
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 10-27-13 9:33PM
please add me. i love the veggies that are made with the turkey. thank you :)
Oh goodness! Will you please add me for this, I'm trying to collect all pins with turkey legs in them. This is such a cute pin. I look forward the Turkey!!! Yum. Thank you. - dumbbunny  601.7 #254 10-26-13 11:02PM Like(1)  Reply
If it's ok, please add me for DB. My favorite as a kid was the cranberry sauce, but now I like the turkey. Thanks - Philliprocks  617.0 #242 10-28-13 10:08AM
If we may add for others, please add me for dumbbunny. My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes and gravy. So good. Thank you!!! - goofymom2boys  1372.6 #81 10-27-13 6:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you! 😘 - dumbbunny  601.7 #254 10-27-13 10:20PM
Closed - CinderellE-79  843.5 #159 11-1-13 9:09PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 10-27-13 9:31PM
This is an awesome rak! please add me :) thank you+
Happy 50th🎉🎉 I just turned 46 on Tuesday! Inline this RAK! I happen to own a fabulous pair of custom NBC Tom's that a very talented MW'er made for me! Please add me for missmimi90😁 thank you for this generous gift! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 10-25-13 9:34PM Like(2)  Reply
You are super awesome lady! Thank you!!! - missmimi90  1306.4 #85 10-26-13 9:07AM
You're welcome😘 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 10-27-13 12:18AM
Please add me for thatgirljenn. Thank you. - warchanted  93.5 #3397 10-25-13 9:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Oh thank you!! - thatgirljenn  505.8 #327 10-25-13 9:39PM
Please Add Me! :) - RichardCM  32.0 #4916 10-30-13 12:33PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-18-13 10:45AM
Thanks everyone :)
Congrats!  - Insane-ASHLEY-  104.6 #3237 9-17-13 5:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Congrats:) - hatgal76  383.8 #482 9-17-13 5:20PM Like(1)  Reply
You are so very welcome:)! If you get a chance I would love to see a photo with your niece and Pooh together.  - Aussysmom  84.2 #3514 9-17-13 7:13PM Like(1)  Reply
oh yes def will post one :) i will see her this weekend :) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 9-18-13 10:44AM
Thanks everyone :) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 9-18-13 10:45AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   MrsSchnooks   Cinderell-E1979  
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-17-13 8:38AM
please add me my daughter would have a blast with them. thank you :)
Oh! Please add me!  My kids are getting Infinity for Christmas! It is hidden in my closet at this very moment! - iteachdisney  184.8 #1998 9-15-13 11:13AM Like(2)  Reply
This had me crackin up becuz I so remember searching for my Xmas gifts when I was little trying to see what I could find haha 😃😃 - SacTownzSultan  91.9 #3415 9-15-13 11:20AM
My husband found out the truth about Santa by finding all his Xmas presents in his mom's closet one year! - duckchub  431.3 #416 9-15-13 3:09PM
Add me for the Nemo or Tangled one please!! Thank you.  - BrerRabbit  305.0 #749 9-15-13 11:12AM Like  Reply
Add Me Por Favor :) - ColtonsDaddy  62.8 #3876 9-19-13 2:25PM Like  Reply
Late bump for last day!! We will draw a number tonight when we get home from our local football game! Good luck and GO WILDCATS!!! - TheBearandtheBow  63.8 #3856 9-20-13 2:51PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-17-13 8:32AM
Too cute! I dont have that phone but Please add me for the first person who comments below :) thank you
Please add me for Anaheimsmom. My favorite season of the year is Christmas time. This will be my first year ever going to DL for Christmas and I am  very excited!! Thank you! - lohofosho  777.8 #180 9-22-13 8:46PM Like(1)  Reply
aww thank you so much!! :) - AnaheimsMom  238.1 #1325 9-22-13 9:26PM
Oh this is too cute!! Please add me for the person who replies to this and has the galaxy S3. I have the S4 😁 thank you for this awesome RAK! - chhunkie  306.3 #740 9-14-13 9:26PM Like  Reply
Me please!  I have the S3.  Thank you! - Ldgsg  98.7 #3331 9-15-13 9:18PM
Added!  - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 9-16-13 10:34AM
Congrats🎉 - hatgal76  383.8 #482 10-9-13 8:30PM Like  Reply
Congratulations! - BombFrog  565.7 #273 10-9-13 9:03PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-17-13 8:34AM
please add me my mini would love this. thank you :)
Please add me!! I would love the lotion!! Thank you - thatgirljenn  505.8 #327 9-12-13 9:39PM Like  Reply
Added! - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 9-13-13 8:41AM
Please add me for missmimi90. I know she has a special little girl that would enjoy these. - DLKenCA  1193.7 #97 9-12-13 10:13PM Like  Reply
Yes this 👆please add me for missmi90!! This would be perfect.. Thank u 😘 - CinderellE-79  843.5 #159 9-12-13 10:43PM
Thank you Ken. She'd love this. - missmimi90  1306.4 #85 9-12-13 10:43PM
I didn't forget. Winner will be picked tonight :) - LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 9-22-13 8:31PM Like  Reply
Please add me for MissMimi90's little one, thank you! - BombFrog  565.7 #273 9-22-13 8:44PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-12-13 7:23AM
Yay I sent you a DM with my address. and how cute she picked my name outta her mickey ears :)
Yay I sent you a DM with my address. and how cute she picked my name outta her mickey ears :) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 9-12-13 7:23AM Like(1)  Reply
my niece is gonna love this :) thanks again - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 9-12-13 7:26AM
Awesome!! Congrats!! And I love those ears!!! ✨ - CinderellE-79  843.5 #159 9-11-13 12:23PM Like  Reply
She is really cute. LOVE her cloudy room. Congrats! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3134.9 #26 9-12-13 7:29AM Like  Reply
congrats!!! - OhanaPhoto  2908.6 #29 9-12-13 9:44AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-10-13 8:49AM
awwww booo I already pre-order it, but thanks i can share with my sister :)
woohoo! Thanks so much for this! - Duchess_SMK  5089.4 #13 9-10-13 8:10AM Like  Reply
As soon as I saw it, I posted it! We all probably own it already on DVD or VHS, so it's nice to save some money when we upgrade! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  525.0 #307 9-10-13 8:46AM
Niiice!!! Ty!!! - missariel33  1093.5 #115 9-10-13 8:22AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-8-13 10:20AM
please add me, my 3 things I take is my ap, water, and baby wipes. i have a 5yr old and they come in handy. thanks for this awesome rak!
This is an AMAZING RAK! Please add me, my daughter would love this:) The 3 musts in my bag for Disneyland are... Motrin, sunscreen, and Chapstick:).  - hatgal76  383.8 #482 9-7-13 5:47PM Like(1)  Reply
And of course thank you!! - hatgal76  383.8 #482 9-7-13 5:48PM
Please add me for hatgal76.  I always carry water, wipes and Benadryl or Epi-pen for Jill in case she eats peanut products.  Thank you. - BombFrog  565.7 #273 9-7-13 6:10PM
Please add me for pinkmonkeys. Water, meds, antibacterial stuff. Phone goes in pocket, pass goes in hubby's wallet. Food and juice go in belly. Thank you so much!  - MrsSchnooks  2563.5 #34 9-7-13 11:03PM Like(1)  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-8-13 10:23AM
please add me i think its ariel. thank you crossing my fingers Im right :)
U can add me for the person who signs below, I don't want it but want to play lol. Ill say flounder - spideymickey  181.1 #2056 9-7-13 12:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Me for mickeyat please? Thank you - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 9-7-13 12:53PM
Ok Mickeyat added by SoA added by spideymickey for flounder - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 9-7-13 1:04PM
Well, Kenedy and I are gonna go with the chaser 😁Thank you for your awesome RAK!!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 9-7-13 2:28PM Like(1)  Reply
One of these days!!! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 9-7-13 3:13PM
Fingers crossed!!!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 9-7-13 4:49PM
CLOSED 🐙🐚🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋 - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 9-14-13 2:03PM Like  Reply
Can't wait to see who it is! - princessb5  156.3 #2422 9-14-13 2:14PM Like  Reply
Me too!  - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 9-14-13 2:43PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-7-13 2:23PM
please add me, this will be an awesome item to add to my collectio and for my daughter to se eit :) thank you 
We could and do watch the classic Mickey cartoons all day long. Portions from Silly Symphonies, Plane Crazy etc etc.... Please add me!! Thank you!!! - MamaRoo  466.4 #367 9-6-13 10:50AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for MamaRoo, thank you! - BombFrog  565.7 #273 9-6-13 11:03AM
Thank you BombFrog! - MamaRoo  466.4 #367 9-6-13 11:10PM
Add me please. My boys haven't seen enough classic Mickey cartoons and its time they learn where it all started. Thanks - Philliprocks  617.0 #242 9-6-13 11:59AM Like(1)  Reply
Add me for philliprocks please! I used to love the old Mickey toons. Thank you! - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 9-6-13 10:21PM
Thanks homie - Philliprocks  617.0 #242 9-8-13 10:41PM
Please add me. My daughter loves these old cartoons! Thank you! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  525.0 #307 9-12-13 9:50AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-4-13 8:43PM
Please  add me. I will give it to my niece who will be 1 in November. she is just started watching dvds of Pooh this would be perfect. And thanks for an awesome RAK , honoring 9/11 :)
I love that you did a rak dedicated to those who lost their lives on 9/11. I lost a few friends and a family member so this touched me. I would love to give this to SpiritOfAdventure because his service should be recognized in a cuddle Pooh Bear form. It kind of symbolizes love in a sometimes cruel world. - missmimi90  1306.4 #85 9-4-13 9:19AM Like(3)  Reply
Thanks missmimi!  - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 9-4-13 12:02PM
I' m so sorry for your loss. That's a very kind gesture. :) - MarathonMinnie  90.5 #3435 9-4-13 2:43PM
This is a very kind RAK 😥9/11 was so tragic.. I remember it like it was yesterday. Please add me for Bombfrog-formerCM for his sacrifice and dedication to our country🇺🇸On a upbeat note-my hubby's birthday is 9/11😀 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 9-4-13 4:51PM Like(2)  Reply
9/11 seems so long ago...SFO was a ghost town after we cleared it, never thought I'd have to chamber a live round in the US other than range time...  I did my first tour in Afghanistan shortly thereafter in February 2002.  When I came home this special woman whose family mine had know since the 50's suggested we get married, now she's Mrs.Frog and dealt with another tour to Afghanistan and 2 tours in Iraq.  I'm lucky, a member of wedding party was not... - BombFrog  565.7 #273 9-4-13 5:09PM
I love reading everyone's input for this RAK. I will have one of my children choose a number on the 11th :) - Aussysmom  84.2 #3514 9-4-13 11:06PM Like  Reply
Please add me for this RAK! I would give it to my best friend who is pregnant with her first baby, due in January. She's a Winnie The Pooh lover and doing a Classic Winnie themed nursery for her baby, so she would love this! Thank you! - duckchub  431.3 #416 9-4-13 11:24PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-8-13 10:21AM
please add me, my fav thing is all the decoration and the music :) thank you!
Please add me for spiritofadventure. This will be his first Halloween experience at the parks. I love pumpkins and Disneyland has a whole lot of them. I love looking at all the jack o lanterns on Main Street.  - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 9-3-13 6:29PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks HMF! I'm soooo excited to finally see Disneyland during the Holidays. Especially Halloween! - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 9-3-13 6:34PM
It's SOA's first Disney Halloween?!?  Please add me for him!  Thank you. - BombFrog  565.7 #273 9-4-13 2:27PM
I'm already enjoying all the Halloween/Jack stuff starting to pop up in the Lounge.  My favorite thing about Halloween is that it's my birthday =)   No need to add me,  just wanted to say ghoulishly cool RAK!! - Witchie77  315.8 #697 9-3-13 4:55PM Like(1)  Reply
How awesome for it to be your birthday that day! Double the fun! - princessb5  156.3 #2422 9-3-13 5:03PM
That's awesome! I was conceived on Halloween! 😱 - X-WingNikki  793.6 #171 9-4-13 2:00AM
The best thing about Halloween is Mickeys Halloween party! Add me pls. Thanks for the cool RAK😀 - 4disneyfans  212.7 #1647 9-9-13 6:26PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-4-13 8:47PM
Please add me, my fav part is where you pass under tink and peter pan flying above you. iys my daughter fav spot and alway points them out :) thank you 
Omg! That's actually NBC stuff I don't already have 😱 lol Please add me! My favorite part of iasw is the hula girls dancing... I get teary eyed, but it reminds me of a special someone we met through MW 💖🌺💖🌺💖 Thank you! - SPandEvLover  2295.3 #42 9-3-13 11:34AM Like(2)  Reply
Good morning Churro, please add me for x-wing nikki. I love the pacific room of iasw especially lilo and stitch on the surf board => and thank you for sharing this rak. - pikarich  1850.6 #60 9-3-13 10:26AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks pikarich!  And no, you still can't have my Stitch backpack! 😜 - X-WingNikki  793.6 #171 9-3-13 10:40AM
Can't watch him 24-7 hehe  - ribidib  816.4 #168 9-3-13 10:50AM
Those socks!!!!! Please add me! My face part of iasw is the jungle part that how's timon pumba and and samba! All tho I also do love the Hawaii part tthat has memo and dori and stitch  - Kitkat-PINcess  246.1 #1227 9-6-13 9:46AM Like  Reply
*****CLOSED***** I will now go see who the winner is :)  *cues Jeopardy music* - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3134.9 #26 9-6-13 10:22AM Like  Reply
Doo doo doo.... - Waites4DodgerEars  948.0 #136 9-6-13 10:24AM
Doo, doo, doo, doooo... - Alicewhoareyou  789.0 #174 9-6-13 10:25AM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-3-13 9:45AM
This ia an awesome RAK please add me. thank you :)
I adore this!  Please add me, and thank you for this nostalgic RAK! - DisneyDavidEMT  1198.5 #96 9-2-13 3:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for DisneyDavidEMT! - BombFrog  565.7 #273 9-2-13 5:08PM
Thank you BF, but I think you can only add for yourself.  Very kind of you though!! (And ps, loving the paracord bracelet!) - DisneyDavidEMT  1198.5 #96 9-2-13 5:15PM
Great RAK!  Add me please, and thank you! - luvthemouse  130.7 #2797 9-2-13 3:27PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-1-13 8:25PM
please add me this is too cute! i love ariel!! thank you :)
OMG!!!! I am soooo happy!! TY!! TY!! I have been looking for this the last few days and couldn't find it. It matches my dress for tomorrow perfectly!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😍😍 - caramiapoohAKAface  2708.2 #32 9-5-13 6:17PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for MissAriel33.  Thank you for all these generous RAKS you are gifting! - Witchie77  315.8 #697 9-1-13 5:33PM Like  Reply
Congratulations :) - pinkmonkeys  512.9 #318 9-5-13 6:24PM Like  Reply
Congrats!! :) - MissAmericaSings  341.5 #576 9-5-13 6:34PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-3-13 9:49AM
please add me for robot Pooh :) thanks for this awesome RAK
Um.. Lets go with, um, well..tough choice!! I'll go with Robot Chaser 😁Yay!!! My favorite RAK!!! Thanks for doing these! I love them 😃 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 8-31-13 8:08PM Like(1)  Reply
Who would have thought you would guess the chaser!!!??? - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 8-31-13 9:17PM
I know!! It was such a tough choice for me😁 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 8-31-13 9:43PM
Lol I don't want to win but I would like to guess, may I please guess the robot alien/little green man? Please add me for the first to reply who meets the rules and who guesses the same. Thanks for another great RAK!! - QueenMiranda  386.3 #477 8-31-13 10:22PM Like(1)  Reply
Me please? Thanks neighbor 😘 - CinderellE-79  843.5 #159 9-1-13 10:36PM
Good luck my dear!! 😘 - QueenMiranda  386.3 #477 9-2-13 9:43AM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 9-1-13 12:55AM
please add me for my daughter. she would love to add Mater to her collection. " look at this stuff isnt it neat" thank you :)
Wow what a generous RAK! Please add me for someone who has the game!! "I am not a weed! I'm a little girl" - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 8-29-13 9:18PM Like  Reply
Me please? Thank u HMF 😘 - CinderellE-79  843.5 #159 8-29-13 9:40PM
faith, trust and a little pixie dust :) - Sleepingbeautysmom  291.5 #823 8-29-13 9:26PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-27-13 5:47PM
please add me. thank you
Please add me! Thank you!! - lassengirl  148.8 #2525 8-27-13 11:37AM Like  Reply
add me please for @Lassengirl . Great RAK! BUMP for more entries! - wendytink  330.8 #619 8-27-13 11:43AM Like  Reply
Oh my! Thank you sooo much! This is super groovy!!! DMing you now. - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor  317.2 #685 9-4-13 6:39AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-27-13 5:47PM
please add me. thank you :)
Please add me for SPandEvLover thank you!  - APirateslifeforme31  139.1 #2690 8-27-13 9:49AM Like(1)  Reply
Eek! Thank you!!! *hugs* - SPandEvLover  2295.3 #42 8-27-13 11:23AM
Please add me for jengwen323.. Thank u!! - FarelMickey  110.6 #3146 8-27-13 9:23PM Like(1)  Reply
RAK is now closed.  I'll pick a winner tonight and post the winner. Thanks everyone! - debbiev  614.4 #247 8-30-13 10:40PM Like  Reply
Excited!! Thanks for the generous RAK!  - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.9 #194 8-30-13 10:45PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-27-13 5:51PM
please add me. my fav is r2d2' thank you
Please add me.. my favorite is/ are ewokes... - jammingjoe  24.3 #5525 8-26-13 9:45PM Like(6)  Reply
Liking ur post in the hopes that you reach 25 points before labor day!! -I have some pull with FarelMickey lol 😉 - missariel33  1093.5 #115 8-26-13 10:29PM
Please add me. I love R2D2 because he knows everything but nobody ever listens to him (especially C3PO). - warchanted  93.5 #3397 8-26-13 9:05PM Like(3)  Reply
R2 is totally the hero if the series. - X-WingNikki  793.6 #171 8-26-13 9:22PM
Please add me for my daughter, Lady_Ashley. We both love R2D2. Thanks! - toniasmith  318.0 #681 8-31-13 6:46PM Like  Reply
Please add me! I love R2D2! Thanks! - Lady_Ashley  103.2 #3267 8-31-13 6:49PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-27-13 5:27PM
This is too cute!! please add me. I love Tink
Thanks for sharing!  No need to add me, just wanted to thank you for your kindness to some soon to be very happy Tinkerbell fan! - DreadPiratesRogers  790.1 #173 8-26-13 10:57AM Like(2)  Reply
I don't normally ask to add for other members of my family, but my wife LOVES Tinkerbell. May I please be added for her? - DisneyDavidEMT  1198.5 #96 8-26-13 11:10AM Like(1)  Reply
Oops..."pixie dust" - DisneyDavidEMT  1198.5 #96 8-26-13 1:14PM
I just saw this! Thank you! DMing now. - MXPrincess399  627.9 #233 8-29-13 12:49PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-27-13 5:19PM
Please add me. This will be a cool thing to have and learn new things. thank you :)
I love Disney Trivia! Please add me....maybe this would help my Trivilator game!  😜 - DisneyDavidEMT  1198.5 #96 8-25-13 3:15PM Like(1)  Reply
See my comment below!  - mickeyat78  1075.6 #118 8-27-13 5:48PM
Wow great RAK! Please add me,i love books like this. Thank. - TrampsLady  1489.6 #74 8-25-13 11:06AM Like  Reply
Please add me for TrampsLady! Thanks - DisneyFreak05  424.5 #423 8-25-13 11:10AM
Add me please and thank you! - PamPam82  29.6 #5071 8-27-13 6:04PM Like  Reply
Please add me thanks - DSNYCheeks3  840.5 #160 8-27-13 9:09PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-24-13 10:26AM
From what I know from last time I went we didnt have to leave. our ap was vaild and we just had to get our wrist bands and didnt have to leave the park. I know if you just purchase a Halloween ticket you have to wait till the entry time o  More...
Hi! You just kind of show up around 4, I think? They give you a wrist band, and everyone else kind of trickles out of the park. It's a blast! I know you guys will have a great time :)  - eli312  4.8 #15244 8-24-13 10:09AM Like  Reply
From what I know from last time I went we didnt have to leave. our ap was vaild and we just had to get our wrist bands and didnt have to leave the park. I know if you just purchase a Halloween ticket you have to wait till the entry time on the ticket. - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 8-24-13 10:26AM Like  Reply
The park hours will close to day guests (those without a wristband and party ticket) at either 6 or 7 depending on the day. Party guests are allowed into the park three hours before that time. If you have an AP, you can be there all day but will have to check in somewhere to get your wristband and map. Once the park closes to day guests, only those with wristbands will be allowed entry into the attractions and lands. CMs will push through each land sending those without wristbands toward the central hub area and then out of the park. Hope that helps! - IDVandalSkipperCM  1895.9 #58 8-24-13 10:38AM Like  Reply
Thanks for the info - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  493.5 #340 8-24-13 11:22AM
Perfect! Thank you! - Francopz  64.2 #3846 8-24-13 1:13PM
All the above info is correct but one major thing was left out...bring your own bigger bag because there is tons of candy. We didn't need to buy any for Halloween to pass out we had so much! - MrsSchnooks  2563.5 #34 8-24-13 1:28PM Like  Reply
Good to know, thanks! We have three little ones going so well bring a BIG bag :) - Francopz  64.2 #3846 8-24-13 3:24PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-27-13 5:35PM
I love Minnie!!! please add me. my favorite moment ever was taking my daughter to the parks for the first time. also when she met Minnie . thank you :)
Hola MW family these last few weeks I have been very grateful to MW. because you have let me know and  share the Disney magic with such amazing people and now thanks to MW I have met a woman who has changed my way of life, she is so beautifu and she fills my life with happiness, she is the woman that I always dreamed about, thank you my love you are so beautiful and amazing to me. I am waiting anxiously for the day that we are together, walking down Main Street holding hands. TE QUIERO AMOR - David09  687.3 #207 8-23-13 8:14PM Like(10)  Reply
😍😛 - PrincessDuckie  696.8 #200 8-24-13 8:37AM
Oh my goodness. This is sweet! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3134.9 #26 8-24-13 12:02PM
Holy cannoli that's a generous RAK! I have had so many special experiences at Disney with the love of my life, my hubby, JungleVIP. It was his idea to first take me to DL a year after we got married. I thought he was crazy. Turns out he's kinda smart. But one of my best memories was this last year. I was in a lot of pain due to some medical issues, but I didn't want to leave the park because I didn't know when we'd be able to come back. When he could tell I wasn't able to stand up anymore (but still didnt want to  leave because I'm crazy) he suggested riding the train around the park a few times. I believe we got cocoa or cider or something, my mini fell asleep, and we just rode around talking about how much we loved Disneyland, why each land was special to us, and how glad we are that our kid(s) will be able to build so many memories here. He rubbed my shoulders for a while, and after too long we were the only people on the train. It sounds kind of corny, but what can I say, I love me some corn. - LittleAprilShowers  547.3 #287 8-23-13 7:37PM Like(4)  Reply
aww what a beautiful memory. 😃  - David09  687.3 #207 8-23-13 8:04PM
😍😍 - PrincessDuckie  696.8 #200 8-24-13 8:37AM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-24-13 10:19AM
Wow awesome RAK. please add me. thank you :)
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Holy wow, this RAK is amazing!! Please add me for missariel33!!! She would scream for this RAK! - LilMissPixie84  309.2 #722 8-21-13 8:59PM Like(2)  Reply
Eeeeekkk!!!! Thanks! - missariel33  1093.5 #115 8-21-13 9:46PM
Your so welcome! - LilMissPixie84  309.2 #722 8-21-13 11:59PM
Please add me for missariel33 thanks - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 8-21-13 9:12PM Like(1)  Reply
Omg thank you so much HMF!!!!! - missariel33  1093.5 #115 8-21-13 9:47PM
Hooray! I made it to a 100! Please adde to your amazing RAK my youngest and I were just looking at all of the Ariel stuff yesterday at Sephora . Thank you! - montanadj  165.5 #2284 8-28-13 7:04AM Like  Reply
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210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-14-13 2:45AM
I haven't been to the park in 2 weeks and this is my 1st time hearing about this. I have a GAC for my daughter with disabilities. If we have one already and get it renewed every 2 months by just showing our aps and my DL. What will change  More...
Those who are against documentation are probably the same people who dont truly need it. I'd show my therapy/psychiatry documentation in a heart beat for my high anxiety and oanic attacks or the doctor documentation for the spinal compression issues I have if it meant ruling out thise who abuse it. Only people who abuse GAC would be pissed about stricter measures. - missmimi90  1306.4 #85 8-13-13 8:24PM Like(7)  Reply
I'd be happy to bring documentation as well. However, I'm not sure if they can legally ask for that. I might just bring it to make sure I can get a GAC for my October trip. - pridegirl  386.8 #475 8-13-13 8:28PM
I'm with you missmimi90! We always bring Jack and Scotchie's documents. HIPPA rules are "different", but a RN or a HMDL Exemptee can ask if they are operating in an official capacity such as it would be to grant a GAC just like a DMV worker would be when issuing a handicap parking placard. - BombFrog  565.7 #273 8-13-13 8:33PM
As healthy as I look even with my recent kidney transplant u would never know I was dead flatlined for 4 1/2 minutes I have a heart condition too I've been looked at in a bad way using my gac card outside of DL I've had ppl yell at me to not park in a disability spot cause I was not disabled u don't know what's going on with me or what I've been tho so don't judge but ya there needs to be some control of abuse of gac cards - mickeyat78  1075.6 #118 8-13-13 9:28PM Like(5)  Reply
Some of the best advice I've been told is to remember that "you don't know everyone's situation." Keeping this in mind prevents me from judging others. I wish more people thought this way. - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #137 8-13-13 10:50PM
Sending you pixie dust from Jack & Jill! We're glad you're back at the parks! - BombFrog  565.7 #273 8-13-13 10:51PM
It's not just for the person who needs it, their whole group gets in as well , and those are the people you see that don't actually "need " the pass - carminaire  453.3 #384 8-15-13 5:44AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-7-13 10:28PM
Please add me my daughter loves Alice. Thank you :)
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Please don't add me, but I felt compelled to share my story. When I was 7yrs old, I wanted to dress up as Alice (with wig and all), but my parents were too poor to afford the material so my mom could make me the dress. At that time, my mom was working for a sweat shop 😔 Seeing this dress made me remember how much I wanted one like it. The only thing I was able to obtain was a pair of black Mary jane shoes my parents bought me at a yard sale for $3. However, today I am grateful that after so many years of seeing my parents work hard to give me a better future, we can now enjoy going to Disneyland, as many time as we want, as a family ☺ This is something I wouldn't change for the world 😃 - LaBelleParis  625.2 #240 8-7-13 10:30PM Like(12)  Reply
Can you believe how things change? Used to be cheaper to make clothes than to buy them. Now it costs almost $20 just for a pattern - GoofyMom77  457.5 #375 8-7-13 10:44PM
Yes, that was life before. Although it wasn't fun to be poor, I think I wouldn't change that in my life, because having gone through such has made me a better person today. Today, I'm grateful to be able to enjoy a much better life, which I owe to my parents. I ❤ my parents! 😊 - LaBelleParis  625.2 #240 8-7-13 10:57PM
Hmmm I'm tiny but not that tiny darn - starwarsmamma  561.5 #275 8-7-13 9:50PM Like(2)  Reply
😂😂😂. It is small! - MeridaFan  2819.1 #30 8-7-13 10:36PM
Lol SWM. U may actually fit this 😂 - missariel33  1093.5 #115 8-8-13 5:09PM
Has the rak ended ? - Disney4life  55.6 #4037 8-15-13 8:39PM Like  Reply
Yayyy congrats PrincessDuckie and thank you MFoB! - QueenMiranda  386.3 #477 8-15-13 10:28PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-6-13 3:03PM
I have a 5yr old and we did Minnie and friends 2 weeks ago and we loved it! Even though I've had my AP for many years now this was the first time we ate there and was so worth it. I was told the characters can change. We saw, Minnie, chip  More...
Goofy's Kitchen for the food, Plaza Inn for the cuddly characters (this does not include Cptn Hook). - Linzee  770.2 #182 8-6-13 9:45AM Like(2)  Reply
I have done both and I agree with this. - keepmovingforward  45.8 #4316 8-6-13 9:50AM
👆👆👍👍 - MeridaFan  2819.1 #30 8-6-13 10:04AM
We've done both several times now over many years. I'm not a fan of Goofys. The characters interactions are MUCH better and more frequent at Minnie's and I think the plaza in the park is just the most perfect and beautiful setting. I don't think we'll ever pay for Goofys again. Only reason I'd be tempted is the PB&J pizza 😄 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3582.6 #22 8-6-13 10:38AM Like(1)  Reply
And mornings in the park are so fun! It's just such a fun way to start the day with breakfast in the park with all your favorite characters! Such a great memory! 😊 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3582.6 #22 8-6-13 10:41AM
Yes. - GrumpyPirateDad  1555.3 #71 8-6-13 3:00PM Like  Reply
I have a 5yr old and we did Minnie and friends 2 weeks ago and we loved it! Even though I've had my AP for many years now this was the first time we ate there and was so worth it. I was told the characters can change. We saw, Minnie, chip n Dale, hook, fairy godmother, perla, rafiki , Winnie the pooh, tigger, eyeore, Pluto. I know there was a couple more I can remember. But the plus is Minnies is inside Dland so it convenient.hope this helps an have fun :) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 8-6-13 3:03PM Like  Reply
Also the characters come so much it's hard to eat lol but that's a good thing. And Def make a rsvp - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 8-6-13 3:05PM
Perla? I felt there was way more interaction at Minnie's then we have ever experienced at Goofy's. - Lelundrial  410.6 #445 8-6-13 3:08PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-30-13 8:43PM
Please add me, my fav couples are belle n beast Ariel and Eric. Thank you
Not eligible to enter but OMG love this shirt! I will have to go get me one ASAP!!! - HakunaMatataJess  18.2 #6276 7-30-13 8:21PM Like(1)  Reply
I added you!! 😊 - valiantpungentreindeerqueen  203.1 #1779 7-30-13 9:53PM
How nice of you!! I have this one! - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 7-30-13 8:35PM Like(1)  Reply
Me too! Love that shirt! - brguest85  105.6 #3221 7-31-13 4:57PM
add me for cyndolewhip please! my favourite couple is belle and the beast, of course. :) - nicoleface  1746.3 #63 8-1-13 9:50PM Like  Reply
Closed - CinderellE-79  843.5 #159 8-1-13 10:02PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-20-13 3:53PM
How's the rain? Is it raining pretty hard? Just wondering if I should head out there thanks in advance.
How's the rain? Is it raining pretty hard? Just wondering if I should head out there thanks in advance. - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 7-20-13 3:53PM Like  Reply
It has stopped now. It was just a light rain. Seems to have helped clear the humidity a little. - SDKimble  139.3 #2685 7-20-13 4:41PM
Oh okay good to hear thanks...going to head out there right now then with my fam...have a great day.. - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 7-20-13 4:52PM Like  Reply
You do the same. The ground is dry and the sun is peeking in and out. Have fun!!! - SDKimble  139.3 #2685 7-20-13 5:47PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-20-13 4:52PM
Oh okay good to hear thanks...going to head out there right now then with my fam...have a great day..
How's the rain? Is it raining pretty hard? Just wondering if I should head out there thanks in advance. - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 7-20-13 3:53PM Like  Reply
It has stopped now. It was just a light rain. Seems to have helped clear the humidity a little. - SDKimble  139.3 #2685 7-20-13 4:41PM
Oh okay good to hear thanks...going to head out there right now then with my fam...have a great day.. - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 7-20-13 4:52PM Like  Reply
You do the same. The ground is dry and the sun is peeking in and out. Have fun!!! - SDKimble  139.3 #2685 7-20-13 5:47PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-20-13 2:50PM
That's cool what do they look like? Can you post a pic, and did they say when there till
That's cool what do they look like? Can you post a pic, and did they say when there till - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 7-20-13 2:50PM Like  Reply
They are here all day. My mini is holding it. It has photo, fingerprints, and emergency info on 2 cards. - pinkmonkeys  512.9 #318 7-20-13 4:00PM
Thanked by:   dumbbunny   QueenMiranda   Paden1127   ShariRenee   GheeButtersnaps  
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-17-13 3:05PM
My mini will be 5 on August 5th! :)
August 30th year of the Thunder Cat, Era of He-Man, Gem and adventures of Gummy Bears. The Good ol'days. - 559MickeyLover  296.6 #792 7-17-13 3:36PM Like(2)  Reply
😂😂😂 - MrsSchnooks  2563.5 #34 7-17-13 3:40PM
Bumpage!!! - SPandEvLover  2295.3 #42 7-19-13 4:22PM Like(2)  Reply
It's not a bumpage I think it's a cool page. 😃😂 - dumbbunny  601.7 #254 7-22-13 9:04PM
dumbbunny you don't make sense. LOL - MrsSchnooks  2563.5 #34 7-22-13 9:56PM
My minni (Morgan) on the 12th we will be in the parks can't wait!!!💚💚💚💚💚💚 - missendisney  19.4 #6097 8-2-13 5:28AM Like  Reply
I just found this post! My birthday is August 26. Thanks! - debbiev  614.4 #247 8-14-13 2:20PM Like  Reply
But she celebrates all month! ;) Woo Hoo!! - MissAmericaSings  341.5 #576 8-14-13 2:25PM
And I also just found her post wishing you a happy birthday on July 31, so Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it. - debbiev  614.4 #247 8-14-13 2:35PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-14-13 11:33AM
These are cool! Please add me for Ariel :) thank you!
Please add me for the stitch for Pikarich, stitchohana even though I'm pretty sure that's what their ultrasound pic will look like 😂 - UTDISNEYFAMILY  696.6 #201 7-14-13 12:25PM Like(4)  Reply
Hahaha - GrumpyPirateDad  1555.3 #71 7-14-13 2:43PM
Awwww. What a cute widdle Stitch it will be! - MeridaFan  2819.1 #30 7-14-13 8:49PM
omg great rak, please enter me for stitch as many know we are a stitch loving family and would treasure this for ages and thank you - pikarich  1850.6 #60 7-14-13 10:45AM Like  Reply
Please add me for Pikarich for the stitch one. Thank you! - princessb5  156.3 #2422 7-14-13 10:59AM
thank you - pikarich  1850.6 #60 7-14-13 11:03AM
Woohoo congrats both of you! So cute! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 7-19-13 11:38AM Like  Reply
thanks you sending you dm info - pikarich  1850.6 #60 7-20-13 12:32PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-10-13 7:31PM
How cute :) did you get those fans at the park?
How adorable!! - PwincessTari  71.2 #3712 7-10-13 12:37PM Like  Reply
So cute! - DSNYCheeks3  840.5 #160 7-10-13 12:38PM Like  Reply
Pretty Princesses! 💜💜💜💜 - LBChica  1923.9 #56 7-10-13 8:21PM Like  Reply
They all look so happy. Looks like you had a good day. - DebbyMouse7531  332.6 #19 7-10-13 8:22PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-6-13 5:55PM
I've never been either. We are going on the 13th. I hear you want to get there on time, or a little before your RSVP. Take a camera, autograph book and a pen. If there is anything different I will def come and post for you :)
We eat at Minnie's every trip, such a wonderful experience. If there is a particular character that did not get to your table ask the CM in charge of the characters if it is possible to have that character visit. They are usually very accommodating. - kskating  529.4 #302 7-6-13 6:47PM Like(1)  Reply
I think the characters go all over so you can sit where you want and try will come to you at some point. If you have an autograph book you want signed take it, take pictures etc have fun I'm hopin we have the money to do it for birthday this year lol - starwarsmamma  561.5 #275 7-6-13 4:13PM Like  Reply
Hopefully your birthday isn't during summer, as I believe they charge "peak prices" during the summer (which is $5 more). But the AP discount helps! - lohofosho  777.8 #180 7-6-13 4:48PM
Very end of July. But I do celebrate my birthday at random times. - starwarsmamma  561.5 #275 7-6-13 5:17PM
No tips, just know you will have a great time! It's our favorite character meal by far. One time Cinderella was visiting. There was a little girl sitting at the table next to us in a specially made Cinderella dress. Apparently she kept missing Cinderella come by her table three times. The family was from out of state and were on their way to the airport. The mom asked me if her little girl could join our table so she could meet Cinderella. Of course we said yes!! The Lil one took a few pics and chatted away with her idol. It was heartwarming. The mom later told me this was a once in a lifetime trip and thanked me for helping her daughters dream come true :-). - PrincessDuckie  696.8 #200 7-6-13 11:52PM Like  Reply
Aww - starwarsmamma  561.5 #275 7-7-13 12:07AM
We have done Goody's Kitchen and Mickey's Surfs Up Breakfast and had a great time at both. The characters go table to table. Take your camera and get an autograph book for your mini(s). Have fun! - CM_Tamstirr  527.0 #306 7-7-13 10:23AM Like  Reply
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210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-5-13 6:58PM
Thank you everyone for the comments :) I'm going to talk to my friend and see what they want to do :)
Plaza Inn. Great food, lots of characters and its in the park. - streetsweeper  511.8 #319 7-5-13 10:06AM Like  Reply
Thank you, and it prob would be a lot easier too. - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 7-5-13 10:07AM
I have done Goofys Kitchen for most of my Disneyland trips! Great food, endless buffet, & awesome characters! - SnowWhitesWishingWell  13.1 #7388 7-5-13 10:06AM Like  Reply
We love Minnie's Breakfast because it is in the Park and there are alot of characters. We usually see about 10 different characters including Eeyore, Tigger and Rafiki. - kskating  529.4 #302 7-5-13 6:50PM Like  Reply
Thank you everyone for the comments :) I'm going to talk to my friend and see what they want to do :) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 7-5-13 6:58PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-4-13 11:48AM
I saw this under Disney on Pinterest so many cute ideas. I love the Mad Hatter cupcake
Oh, those are all adorable!! I especially love the top row! Starfish cookies is so cool. I am going to make those! And the mad hatter cupcakes are adorable! Thanks for the great Pix and recipes, my dear, and you have a fabulous fourth! - MeridaFan  2819.1 #30 7-4-13 10:57AM Like  Reply
You're welcome! And thank you! =) - LBChica  1923.9 #56 7-4-13 11:32AM
These are so cute, happy 4th!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 - MinnieMousewife  714.4 #195 7-4-13 11:13AM Like  Reply
Aw I wish I had mads today, that would have been fun to make! - madsdad  1748.0 #62 7-4-13 2:00PM Like  Reply
Those are great!!!! - PixiePirateMaid  280.3 #893 7-4-13 3:21PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-4-13 2:21AM
Please add me. My mini would love this :)
Add me please! I have plans for this sucker. This movie makes me want to punch bad bears in the face. Thank you - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 7-3-13 10:02PM Like(3)  Reply
Found this comment very funny and a tad disturbing. 😂😂😂 - dumbbunny  601.7 #254 7-3-13 10:08PM
Right?! Lol 😳😂 - missariel33  1093.5 #115 7-3-13 10:26PM
I was going to do the same RAK!! I bet you and I got the same great deal at the Disney Store. Guess I'll give mine to one of my patients at work. :-) - nerdgirl  82.4 #3544 7-3-13 10:56PM Like(1)  Reply
Haha SUCH a great deal, just couldn't pass it up! - lohofosho  777.8 #180 7-4-13 1:05AM
You can still do it. Great way to meet new people on here and spread Disney cheer! I love doing RAKs! - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 7-4-13 12:08PM
Add me please .. hopefully I'm not too late :) Have a wonderful, magical day !! :) - Lyssa2012  182.6 #2026 7-8-13 11:52AM Like  Reply
Will close today at 4pm :) - lohofosho  777.8 #180 7-8-13 12:01PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-4-13 11:42AM
This is cool :) please add me. My fav character is Minnie Mouse, thank you!
Favorite for me is still Micjey Mouse. Thank you for the chance. - Butterlina  1412.0 #78 7-3-13 5:12PM Like  Reply
I didn't know Mickey had a cousin! 😜 - Lelundrial  410.6 #445 7-3-13 5:15PM
As I cannot thumb type, it would seem that I may have been disqualified. [kickin' rocks] - Butterlina  1412.0 #78 7-3-13 5:17PM
Please add me :) Favorite Disney character is aurora Thank you! - mcramos925  359.0 #532 7-3-13 5:13PM Like  Reply
CLOSED - Lelundrial  410.6 #445 7-10-13 3:05PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 8-15-13 1:52AM
Aww that's too cute they are all comfortable :) I def understand what your family is going threw. My daughter has disabilities and everyday is a challenge. But very glad that anyone can enjoy the parks :)
ありがとおございます - Butterlina  1412.0 #78 7-2-13 12:38PM Like(1)  Reply
You should see these two at Sakura matsuri and obon! It's priceless to watch the share spam musubi! - BombFrog  565.7 #273 7-2-13 3:32PM
Translation: "Arigato Gosaimasu" = Thank You - SafariSkewerJessica  925.9 #141 7-2-13 3:37PM
This looks so peaceful. Adorable boy you got there and Scotchie too. ;) - DeadliestPassholder  158.2 #2392 7-2-13 12:43PM Like(1)  Reply
Love this! 👋Jack and Scotchie!! - DisneyDavidEMT  1198.5 #96 8-15-13 11:40AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks, Doc! - BombFrog  565.7 #273 8-15-13 11:46AM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 7-2-13 10:45PM
That's cute! Please add me for the first person to reply to my post :)
Please add me for the first to reply. Thank you! - missariel33  1093.5 #115 7-2-13 12:03PM Like(1)  Reply
Add me for dreadpiratesrogers please thank u! - mickeyat78  1075.6 #118 7-2-13 12:11PM
😄 - missariel33  1093.5 #115 7-2-13 12:13PM
Please add me for dreadpiratesrogers! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 7-2-13 3:53PM Like(1)  Reply
Added! - Belleslibrary  341.0 #579 7-2-13 4:58PM
Thank you HMF! - DreadPiratesRogers  790.1 #173 7-2-13 8:45PM
I'm actually going to pick them tonight! Sorry I'm a bit behind! - Belleslibrary  341.0 #579 7-9-13 7:25PM Like  Reply
Life happens ☺ - starwarsmamma  561.5 #275 7-9-13 7:27PM
It's ok :) just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it :) - brodysmommy  307.5 #731 7-9-13 7:40PM
Congrats DpR!! Missariel33 is a sweetheart 😘😘 - CinderellE-79  843.5 #159 9-1-13 10:40PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-29-13 12:01PM
This is awesome please add me :) thank you!
Wow this is cool thanks! Can u please add me. Thanks again how awesome of u from wdw to rak something here in DL MW! - mickeyat78  1075.6 #118 6-29-13 10:35AM Like(1)  Reply
Oh. My. Gawd!!! Oh please add me! You have no idea how muchly I need this in my life! I still play the numbers in lotto! This is amazing!!! - X-WingNikki  793.6 #171 6-29-13 11:31AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for LittleNikki. Thank you! - JoshTheJunkyardJamboreer  289.9 #829 6-29-13 11:29PM
Gracias Josh! - X-WingNikki  793.6 #171 6-30-13 2:55AM
Sweeeeet! Add me please. :) - marcoab15  3.5 #23373 6-30-13 7:29AM Like  Reply
Bump for last night - tracsant  878.8 #2 7-1-13 5:04PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-29-13 11:53AM
Plaza Inn while eating dinner, I love the chicken there
Behind the castle by the carousel where tink and dumbo almost fly right over you! - april_december  299.3 #773 6-28-13 11:14PM Like(1)  Reply
Yeah that would be cool. I will have to try that next time - FantasmicChris  55.2 #4052 6-28-13 11:17PM
In front of Small World is a great spot. - DizPrincess_Sam  295.0 #801 6-28-13 11:24PM Like(1)  Reply
I always watch Fantasmic before the fireworks so that would be a journey but I'm sure they look good over there too - FantasmicChris  55.2 #4052 6-28-13 11:29PM
Ya trying to get through crowds wouldn't work. lol They do a light show on IASW. It's worth checking out one day. - DizPrincess_Sam  295.0 #801 6-28-13 11:39PM
Nice catch! Fantasyland and Main street are my favorites, but the view from plaza Inn isn't shabby either! - Duchess_SMK  5089.4 #13 6-29-13 11:35AM Like  Reply
Plaza Inn while eating dinner, I love the chicken there - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 6-29-13 11:53AM Like  Reply
The smell of that place always sucks me in - FantasmicChris  55.2 #4052 6-29-13 7:34PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-29-13 12:03PM
Cool RAK Please add me for the 1st person to comment under me :)
Add me for Fritz please! Favorite character, Wizard Mickey! Thanks! - TikiJOSEsWingman  332.4 #611 6-28-13 9:35PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Donald pin! He's my favorite disney character of the fab five!!! Thank you - missmimi90  1306.4 #85 6-28-13 9:37PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Fritz pin! My favorite Disney character is Mary Poppins. Thank you! - CaptainSanya  178.9 #2084 6-30-13 8:17PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Donald. My favorite character, well one of my favorites at the park is Daisy. I really love Kuzco, but I think he is still only animated. If I ever own a llama, he will be named Kuzco. Thank you. - Sugarbuzz  112.7 #3107 6-30-13 8:34PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-29-13 11:57AM
That is super cute! Please add me for the first person who comments under my post. My fav. Spot is by the wishing well. And congrats :)
Please add me! My favorite romantic moment: last trip we overdid it. I was in a lot of physical pain, but didnt know when was the next time I'd get to go to DL, and didnt want to leave. So we decided to get on the sweeper train. My son fell asleep, and Johnny rubbed my shoulders while rolling around the park. We talked about each land and what it meant to us, favorite memories. How glad we were that this would be a part of our kids lives. By the time we got to tomorrowland we had the train to ourselves. So we just sat quietly holding hands and drinking it all in. Couldn't have been any more romantic if John Stamos himself had planned it. - LittleAprilShowers  547.3 #287 6-28-13 4:28PM Like(4)  Reply
Please add me! I don't have a favorite spot but favorite moment for me is when th fireworks are going off my husband (bf @thr time) would hold me from behind. - BriarRose110511  230.0 #1432 6-28-13 4:05PM Like(2)  Reply
ATTN: HiddenMickeyFanatic. Posting 3 pictures of your wedding will not satisfy MWers. Please respond. - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 7-3-13 2:13PM Like  Reply
Wedding! Wedding! Wedding!!! - MrsSchnooks  2563.5 #34 7-3-13 2:20PM
I'm supposed to be getting some more on Friday! Thank you for showing interest guys! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 7-3-13 5:49PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-29-13 12:00PM
Please add me def mine is the Pirates series. I love everything about it! "Drink up me hearties yo ho" :)
Please add me for mickeyat. I know she collects these thingie ma bobs. My fav non animated Disney movie will always be the Goonies. HEY YOU GUYS!!! - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 6-28-13 12:15PM Like(2)  Reply
So sweet SOA! - missariel33  1093.5 #115 6-28-13 12:17PM
Mickeyat is added :) - hatgal76  383.8 #482 6-28-13 12:24PM
How have the Mighty Ducks never been mentioned!?! - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 6-30-13 12:08PM Like(2)  Reply
Awesome rak!! Please add me for Freddyskellington he's a big fan if the movie! And loves vinyls. My favorite movie The Goonies😄thank you 👏 - ReachForTheSky  676.2 #213 6-30-13 12:29PM Like  Reply
Added for Freddyskellington:) - hatgal76  383.8 #482 6-30-13 6:30PM
RAK is closed!! Will post winner tomorrow.. Good Luck :) - hatgal76  383.8 #482 6-30-13 6:31PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-22-13 8:11AM
Hotness lol
Tagged in: Celebrities  
So I was walking by Storybook Land and spotted him. No plaid either BTW. I almost missed the pic because I had to get my phone out. He happened to look at me and then I think he realized that I was taking a pic of him because he looked back at me as he kept walking! Nice way to start my summer!! - LilSterner  4140.9 #19 6-21-13 5:17PM Like(13)  Reply
You are awesome! 😘 - Gia  801.8 #169 6-21-13 5:20PM
He wants you. - MeridaFan  2819.1 #30 6-21-13 7:27PM
Disney should hire him to be Tarzan! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  525.0 #307 6-21-13 7:30PM Like(5)  Reply
This!!! - SPandEvLover  2295.3 #42 6-21-13 8:06PM
Hubba hubba!!!! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  932.9 #140 6-22-13 8:11AM Like  Reply
Oh, how I do love that gorgeous man! Yum. - evilqueensmistress  285.1 #859 6-22-13 8:12AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-20-13 12:43PM
Thanks for the info. I'm going in a few hrs I hope they still have some
Dibs - annamichelle  234.5 #1372 6-20-13 12:42PM Like  Reply
Thanks for the info. I'm going in a few hrs I hope they still have some - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 6-20-13 12:43PM Like  Reply
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210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-19-13 4:21PM
I def agree! Especially when it's hot outside :)
I def agree! Especially when it's hot outside :) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 6-19-13 4:21PM Like  Reply
I love it in there! Nice an cool and a great place to recharge! - breathe_in_the_happiness  386.1 #478 6-19-13 4:22PM Like  Reply
I love the beast's library. Great photos! - BooksandBelle  497.9 #337 6-19-13 4:38PM Like  Reply
What a nice collage. - HalfCaff  361.3 #526 6-19-13 4:40PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-19-13 4:16PM
Awesome Rak please add me for the Chaser. I love all of them! Alice is my daughter's fav Disney movie :) thanks again :)
This is the only time I will do this (when Cheshire Cat is involved) but I'm adding myself for this RAK and I'm guessing the Cheshire Cat!!! My RAK, my rules, right!? Hahahah - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 6-19-13 2:52PM Like(8)  Reply
Nice 👍 - Waites4DodgerEars  948.0 #136 6-19-13 2:53PM
silly girlllllll!:P - secretagentangel  1160.3 #100 6-19-13 2:55PM
Another fun RAK! I'm gonna guess the DoDo bird, cause I don't think anyone else has. So please add me for that, and thank you! Have a wonderful wedding on Saturday!! We go to my niece's wedding on Sunday. And I'm kind of a nervous wreck. You are amazing! I hope everything goes like clockwork for you. I know you will be a beautiful bride! - MeridaFan  2819.1 #30 6-19-13 7:08PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you!!!! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 6-19-13 8:22PM
Please add me Im guessing its...the baby oyster. Poor baby oyster :( thank you :) - annjay07  155.8 #2431 6-25-13 12:02AM Like  Reply
This RAK is now closed!!!!! Winner will be announced shortly! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 6-25-13 9:28AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-19-13 4:20PM
Hi welcome :)
Welcome to MW. I'm looking forward to your posts. - DisneyGrandma  571.5 #270 6-19-13 1:19PM Like  Reply
Welcome to the Ohana! - PrincessMacy  535.5 #296 6-19-13 1:20PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone:) I'm already addicted. - emmanoelle  7.1 #10875 6-19-13 4:19PM Like  Reply
Hi welcome :) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 6-19-13 4:20PM Like  Reply
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210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-22-13 8:09AM
I would say of your in the neighborhood check out. My daughter does therapy next door so for the last 3weeks I've been peaking in to see if they got things that are new. And they didn't. Last week I scored a minnie backpack for $13 plus t  More...
Don't waste your time, unless you're into High School Musical and Hannah Montana merchandise. - susieQzee  527.4 #304 6-18-13 10:43AM Like(1)  Reply
It's really hit or miss. I have gone twice and found some stuff both times. Occasionally, they have pins, but mostly t-shirts and older merchandise. If you are nearby, I say check it out...adventure is out there! - goofymom2boys  1372.6 #81 6-18-13 10:47AM Like(1)  Reply
I agree. You could find that magic item. - MrsSchnooks  2563.5 #34 6-18-13 11:05AM
A magic item like a Tarzan Loincloth Keychain! Lol - dumbbunny  601.7 #254 6-22-13 12:09AM
I would say of your in the neighborhood check out. My daughter does therapy next door so for the last 3weeks I've been peaking in to see if they got things that are new. And they didn't. Last week I scored a minnie backpack for $13 plus they take the Ap pass for discount. The backpack was one I saw at the parks. The girl told me they get the stuff from. Company D, disney store, Disney outlets and other places but it's all the left overs that's why it's outdated. But they do have good stuff it's just a hit or miss. This week I didn't see anything good. (I'm talking about the one off the 91 not in Pomona) - minniel0ver™  210.6 #1683 6-22-13 8:09AM Like  Reply
Not worth it. The Disney Outlet store in Ontario Mills at the corner of the 10 and 15 fwys is well worth it. It is like a regular Disney Store but smaller. They have current items and always things on clearance. Great at Halloween time for costumes for the kids. Just bought 3 new shirts there last weekend. We always buy them here instead of the park much cheaper and have some good sales. Check it out! - antetr95  1205.2 #95 6-22-13 8:11AM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-19-13 4:19PM
Awesome Rak! Please add me :) thAnk you!
I don't have 25 but I'm hoping I get there very soon! I'm alil new to mw but I really love brave and haven't win a RAK! Please add me! - mikefernan  147.4 #2541 6-15-13 9:15AM Like(9)  Reply
If you get 25 and enable DM capabilities by the time it ends I will add you. - sunshinegates  627.0 #236 6-15-13 9:49AM
I've thanked and liked so much of your stuff tryin to help you out😜 - Picklez  29.8 #5058 6-18-13 7:25PM
I will do the same as mickeyat. (So sweet btw) please add for whoever replies to this comment that hasn't yet won a RAK. Thank so much! - missariel33  1093.5 #115 6-15-13 8:52AM Like(1)  Reply
pleade add me - pinkmonkeys  512.9 #318 6-16-13 3:50PM
I meant please add for me :) - pinkmonkeys  512.9 #318 6-16-13 3:50PM
Please add me. Thank you - Goofygirlie  197.3 #1855 6-21-13 7:55PM Like  Reply
Rak closed! I'll announce the winner tomorrow. - sunshinegates  627.0 #236 6-21-13 11:24PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-10-13 3:41AM
That's super thoughtful. Please add me for Alice thank you :)
Tuesday bump!! - nicealex77  445.1 #398 6-18-13 2:40PM Like(1)  Reply
Add me please. My kid would live the books. Probably Choose Alice, then Lady, then Bambi, then Mickey - DLKenCA  1193.7 #97 6-9-13 3:26PM Like  Reply
Please add me for DLKenCA! Thank you! - SpiritOfAdventure  952.6 #135 6-10-13 6:30PM
Wish i could enter for my sis. She LOVES alice. But good luck to those who did. - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  493.5 #340 6-21-13 1:05PM Like  Reply
Please add me for any of them for ILOVELUCYnDISNEY. Thank you! - DisneyDavidEMT  1198.5 #96 6-21-13 2:02PM
Aaaw thanks DDEMT. so nice of u. Cant enter cause of points. But the thought counts for everything. - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  493.5 #340 6-21-13 3:13PM
Please add me and thank you lots what a great RAK for minis - Singh2011  182.9 #2023 6-21-13 3:09PM Like  Reply
Oh please add me for the Alice. Thanks again - Singh2011  182.9 #2023 6-21-13 3:11PM
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 6-7-13 9:18PM
Please add me I think it's Mater
Maybe I will have 100 by then - starwarsmamma  561.5 #275 6-7-13 7:42PM Like(32)  Reply
Please like starwarsmammas post so she can hit 100 to add for this RAK!!! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 6-7-13 7:46PM
Aww thank you lol - starwarsmamma  561.5 #275 6-7-13 7:53PM
Ok this RAK is now closed! I totally got side tracked due to wedding stuff and then celebrating Father's Day early! Gimme a few minutes and ill have a winner! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 6-14-13 9:17PM Like(2)  Reply
👀Sitting here pushing refresh, refresh, refresh.... Jk... But not really. Hahaha. 😂 - sunshinegates  627.0 #236 6-14-13 10:07PM
Nice RAK! Please add me. My guess it's Mater. 👍 - notw12  150.0 #2510 6-14-13 1:39PM Like  Reply
Giving one more hour or so!!! right after I take a lil afternoon snooze - summer school is over and I have one week till the wedding!!! zzzZzzzz - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 6-14-13 2:52PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 5-31-13 4:51PM
Def keeping them in my prayers and for a fast recovery. I love when our MW family pulls 2get her like this :)
This is a perfect example of people who've been here since the beginning, but don't have strong visibility in the Lounge. They've helped behind the scenes with MouseWait since day one, and they've stuck with us throughout the years supporting every app we've launched, every book, they stay at the Hojo because they know it helps MouseWait, and so much more . This is a reminder that just because you don't recognize a username or a face, it doesn't mean they haven't played a huge part in the success of MouseWait. This is one reason why I've never liked the "OG" label because there are so many people like April and Alex who aren't well-known in the Lounge, but they've been there for MouseWait prior to the launch, and have remained loyal ever since. - Admin Like(40)  Reply
Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone for their prayers and well wishes! Alex is doing ok, his pain levels seem to be on a roller coaster along with everything else that's going on. My mom flew in from TX yesterday and that has already been a huge blessing!! Our youngest son (we have 3; 13, 10 & 4) came down with something over the weekend and keeps running a very high fever and I had to take him to the ER (at the same hospital) on Monday nite and they ended up doing a spinal tap to test for meningitis, which turned out to be negative, thankfully!! He's doing ok, but we are alternating tylenol/advil every few hours round the clock cuz otherwise his fever returns as does the pain in his head/eyes/stomach, etc. We will also be following up with his pediatrician if it doesn't clear up in another day or so. It's been an UNREAL ride this past week, but I know for sure that we're being carried through this on the prayers of wonderful people like you and others across the country and world. Alex still needs at least 1-2 more surgeries on his foot, which they have not yet set or fixed as the swelling is still too high. We're also hoping to get him transferred to a hospital that's about 10 mins from our house, instead of where he is now that's over an hour away. After his foot surgery he has rehab to work with him and teach him how to get in and out of his wheelchair and move around, etc. We have a long road ahead and I'm sure we'll hit a lot more bumps, but we are just so thankful that he is HERE and survived, no brain damage, no spine or vital organs damage, so we have MUCH to be thankful for! We definitely appreciate your continued prayers for the duration!!! - BluRayn  71.0 #3718 6-5-13 2:01PM Like(10)  Reply
Thank you for your update! Prayers to you and your entire family during this difficult time! - ShariRenee  3415.1 #24 6-5-13 2:04PM
That is a blessing glad to hear - LoneRAYnger  3971.6 #20 6-5-13 2:04PM
Praying for April and Alex. Thank you for the update. - Mrs.mouse  513.8 #317 6-5-13 10:22PM Like  Reply
Sending prayers to the family🙏 - PrincessLeia  285.3 #857 6-5-13 10:32PM Like  Reply
210.6 #1683 DL Qual #1737 5-28-13 11:05PM
Happy Anniversary! I missed mine. Please add me. This is such a nice gesture! Thank you
Happy Mousewaitiversary !! Yay on 2 years 😃 no need to add me , but I think it's so generous of you to do this ! - eviljules  463.4 #369 5-28-13 10:19PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you! - LostUndertheSea  446.6 #395 5-29-13 7:28AM
Congratulations, and great RaK! Please add me for HiddenMickeyFanatic and her classroom. Thank you! - MeridaFan  2819.1 #30 5-28-13 10:43PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you!!!!!!! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 6-2-13 4:10PM
Ah, please add me for her too! - MissMolly  1144.9 #103 6-2-13 4:35PM