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348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 6-20-14 1:00AM
Hello everyone
Hi there! - sallyg   234.0 #1435 6-20-14 12:07AM Like  Reply
Congrats on 1st! πŸ‘ - eviljules  1015.0 #153 6-20-14 12:46AM
2 more days now!!! - CVDisneyland   381.9 #520 6-20-14 12:10AM Like  Reply
Hello everyone - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 6-20-14 1:00AM Like  Reply
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348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 6-20-14 12:58AM
AWWW I missed you too! Your kids have grown too much...
I missed you  - pikarich   3115.5 #34 6-19-14 6:17PM Like  Reply
AWWW I missed you too! Your kids have grown too much... - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 6-20-14 12:58AM Like  Reply
I missed you too!  - eviljules   1015.0 #153 6-20-14 10:08AM Like  Reply
So are you planning a trip after the first of the year?  - eviljules  1015.0 #153 6-20-14 10:10AM
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348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 6-19-14 5:56PM
Please add me.. I really need to go more green
Ohh please add me!! I love reusable bags too! They're so much more durable than plastic bags and better for the environment.  Thank you! - thatgirljenn   1059.5 #144 6-18-14 11:59AM Like  Reply
Added and yes once you start using these you will never go back to plastic bags! - ShariRenee  4545.6 #19 6-18-14 12:05PM
Please add me they are great pool bags - mouselover79   186.1 #2048 6-18-14 11:59AM Like  Reply
Added, yes love them for the pool and the beach. - ShariRenee  4545.6 #19 6-18-14 12:26PM
These are wonderful !! Please add me :) Have a magical day !! - Lyssa2012   194.6 #1947 6-25-14 10:57AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 4-16-14 4:49PM
That would make planning easier if it's everyday! 
I'm not sure. I want to say it starts late September. BBM, do you have more info based on past years? - IDVandalSkipperCM   2204.5 #53 4-16-14 12:38PM Like  Reply
They usually offer the tour everyday (I think) and  usually happens twice a day, depending on how many guests have booked it. It lasts from the first day of the Halloween season (this year's date hasn't been announced) to Halloween day.  - BaseballMickey_CM   6340.9 #12 4-16-14 1:16PM Like  Reply
That would make planning easier if it's everyday!  - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 4-16-14 4:49PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 4-9-14 9:37PM
Those are adorable
So cute - AriellesMom   91.8 #3516 4-9-14 9:24PM Like  Reply
* le sigh * - RadiatorSprings4Ever   908.8 #171 4-9-14 9:25PM Like  Reply
I feel ya - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  451.6 #422 4-9-14 9:38PM
Love the tail printed in the t shirt!  Kids sizes?  Those are so cute!  I might need a little Tigger plush on my next trip, too. He is adorable! - MeridaFan   3433.2 #28 4-12-14 7:05AM Like  Reply
Why do I feel like tugging on that little tail? πŸ˜€ - LaPearleNoir   1248.7 #108 4-12-14 8:29AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 4-9-14 9:39PM
Please add me for electrical pirate boat
Please add me for the fried pickles ! I've been after one since they came out lol thank you !  - MermaidLei   299.5 #822 4-9-14 7:25PM Like  Reply
Could you please add me for the ornament valley sticker? Thanks you.  - chads018   211.2 #1743 4-9-14 7:26PM Like  Reply
Please add me or tigger tail and autotopia  - Mariela_ela_ela   104.4 #3343 4-11-14 12:33PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 4-9-14 9:52PM
Please add me for paradise pier ice cream
Please add me for the Briar Patch sticker!!! Thank you!! - thatgirljenn   1059.5 #144 4-9-14 1:05PM Like  Reply
May I please be added for the Mint Julep? Thanks! - LaBelleParis   932.5 #164 4-9-14 1:23PM Like  Reply
Thank you!!!!!!   - Ldgsg   208.0 #1782 4-12-14 2:06PM Like  Reply
You are welcome :) - DisLUVney  553.1 #319 4-12-14 2:40PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-27-14 2:26PM
Awwww who wants to pick one up and send it to me that looks delicious 
I feel guilty just looking. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   908.8 #171 1-27-14 12:27PM Like  Reply
I was thinking the same thing - goofydad909  1927.3 #67 1-27-14 2:05PM
πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  908.8 #171 1-27-14 7:25PM
😳😍😩 - Darlingwendi   897.9 #173 1-27-14 12:42PM Like  Reply
This is my dream apple. - Darlingwendi  897.9 #173 1-27-14 12:43PM
Yum!!   - annamichelle   234.5 #1427 1-27-14 9:31PM Like  Reply
I want that! - momaloho   11.5 #8698 2-6-14 4:45PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-18-14 10:13PM
Good job!! - BeatleMike   564.5 #313 1-18-14 1:26PM Like  Reply
Great job! - shyprincessB   41.2 #4713 1-18-14 1:46PM Like  Reply
πŸ†Awesome jobπŸ‘ - MinnieMyLove   145.5 #2647 1-18-14 10:03PM Like  Reply
Congrats - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 1-18-14 10:13PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-18-14 10:14PM
Yay! Good job
Yaaaay πŸ‘ congrats - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY   734.7 #219 1-18-14 10:52AM Like  Reply
Yay!  Congrats ladies! - IDVandalSkipperCM   2204.5 #53 1-18-14 10:53AM Like  Reply
Yay! Good job - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 1-18-14 10:14PM Like  Reply
Congrats ladies!!! This is such a great pic a you two!! - CuriousAsAlice7   69.7 #3892 1-19-14 8:22AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-17-14 1:18AM
Very nice
Yay!  Congrats!!! So glad you won! - DisneyDavidEMT   1603.0 #83 1-17-14 1:12AM Like  Reply
Thanks again! - luxkitty  1918.4 #68 1-17-14 7:37AM
Very nice - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 1-17-14 1:18AM Like  Reply
That is super cute! Congrats! - missariel33   1603.2 #82 1-17-14 9:30PM Like  Reply
Congratulations!! - ILuvSleepingBeauty   206.4 #1803 1-17-14 9:32PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-17-14 1:36AM
OMG first sticker night I miss in weeks and I miss the coffee.... Uuugggghhhh! No more falling asleep early
I've never seen the MW Rose sticker or the MW Heart Suit Card sticker. When were those in the store? - DisneyGrandma   732.1 #220 1-16-14 8:27PM Like  Reply
Yesterday... - luxkitty  1918.4 #68 1-16-14 9:02PM
@DisneyGrandma whatcha talking about? You got a heart suit card. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ - Duchess_SMK  5778.3 #14 1-16-14 10:00PM
Congratulations WishIWereThere! Ty Luxkitty for such a great RAK!  - Dolewhipped   64.3 #4018 1-16-14 8:36PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - ekwhite   471.2 #393 1-16-14 11:01PM Like  Reply
OMG first sticker night I miss in weeks and I miss the coffee.... Uuugggghhhh! No more falling asleep early - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 1-17-14 1:36AM Like  Reply
sunshinegrl - I sent you a coffee, would you be able to send me a snow globe? I missed out on that one during the holidays:) - Polaris  28.7 #5449 1-17-14 3:10AM
Polaris thank you thank you I sent you a snow globe and a few others! If there are any others you need let me know - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 1-18-14 10:10PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-17-14 1:17AM
Woohoo I think I will be there this year! Yay
I will be there and on my semi best behavior. LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MrsSchnooks   2833.0 #37 1-16-14 6:09AM Like(5)  Reply
"Semi best" leaves a lot of wiggle room. LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MrsSchnooks  2833.0 #37 1-17-14 8:24PM
hopefully this tme it doesnt take 10 photos retakes to get one right this time - pikarich  3115.5 #34 1-18-14 10:44AM
I may be able to convince my hubby to let me go..we'll see. May be pushing it..cross fingers!  - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   701.6 #232 1-19-14 11:52PM Like(1)  Reply
Haha I know what you mean. We are just getting our March trip paid off and I'm already trying to plan for our next trip... Our birthdays are at the end of April and first week of May and I really want to go at some midpoint that we can both celebrate. This date might be a good excuse and reasoning  - apesandmonkeys  7554.5 #4 1-20-14 6:24AM
More info for Sunday so I can plan my flight - E-Ticket   1189.1 #120 3-19-14 6:49PM Like  Reply
Our anniversary is the 18th, so perfect! We'll spend it with all of you! The more the merrier! - debbiev   868.1 #184 3-19-14 6:57PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-9-14 9:13PM
Spam away
Yes! Give it back!! - UndefinedEeyore   195.7 #1937 1-9-14 4:46PM Like(7)  Reply
This - potatohead25  575.6 #306 1-9-14 8:28PM
I agree!!!! - Superspacemountainfan  82.8 #3661 1-9-14 9:04PM
😍😍😍 any electrical parade pictures are ok!!!!  - thatgirljenn   1059.5 #144 1-9-14 4:47PM Like  Reply
Spinning turtle, they still have the bald eagle? any of those are great...please. - MintJulep   235.4 #1410 1-10-14 12:57AM Like  Reply
This is perfect !!! - sewedna   374.0 #543 1-10-14 12:58AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-9-14 2:53PM
I was there it was my 11 bday so my parents took me up not realizing it was the opening.. Haha to them
Tagged in: Disney History  
I was there! In fact, my friend Cris said she still has her watch. I think mine is packed away. We were freshmen at the University of La Verne. We went late Friday and stayed til early morning Saturday. We drove back to campus, slept and went to Videopolis to dance that night.  - ythdudette   1165.0 #126 1-9-14 10:12AM Like(3)  Reply
HS class of 86?! - PrincessDuckie  735.4 #218 1-9-14 4:33PM
I remember Videopolis!  That was so much fun!!! - chorizo11  104.7 #3338 1-9-14 8:33PM
awesome post this is. :) - OhanaPhoto   3277.5 #30 1-9-14 10:40AM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you ma'am! 😘 - Duchess_SMK  5778.3 #14 1-10-14 6:05AM
Memories... I was there the summer after this ride opened. Several hours spend in the queue, for sure! - Diz_Mel   88.5 #3567 1-9-14 9:16PM Like  Reply
That's cool! Wow! Commitment! I think the longest I've waited in a line was 2 hours. 😬 idk if I'd do it again either. πŸ˜‚ - Duchess_SMK  5778.3 #14 1-10-14 6:33AM
I remember when this first opened!!! We were waiting in line with my Dad and we laughed so hard when the worker droid turned around and said "hi Dad!" Perfect timing!  - PixiePirateMaid   300.1 #818 1-10-14 12:09AM Like  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ now that's a cool Star Tours memory! Thanks for sharing that!  - Duchess_SMK  5778.3 #14 1-10-14 6:33AM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-9-14 8:59AM
Happy Birthday little man.. such an amazing RAK could you please add me and if I am to win could you please donate it to your local Children's hospital to brighten up another child
Wishing him a wonderful birthday! - ElectricMayhemMom   913.6 #169 1-8-14 7:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Happy birthday to your little boy! That's the same hospital I was born in almost 45 years ago, I was 9 weeks early at 3 pounds 4 ounces while my mother was getting her Master's degree at Claremont. - BombFrogFormerCM   780.6 #202 1-8-14 9:06PM Like(1)  Reply
Happy birthday kiddo!!!! Thanks for the awesome rak, please add me :) - krazydez   4.7 #17319 1-28-14 7:56PM Like  Reply
Bump  The #RAK is closed. I will be posting the winners tonight.  Good Luck all - Disneyfreak111   488.5 #378 1-29-14 8:07AM Like  Reply
Again it's great to see how well and healthy your son has become!  I was born at the same hospital 45 years ago nine weeks early at 3 pounds 4 ounces and grew up healthy to be 5'10" and 190 pounds and an endurance athlete/hobbiest. - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 1-29-14 8:22AM
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348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-7-14 8:53PM
Hello everyone!
I'm here with cocktails! 🍹🍷🍸🍷🍹🍸🍷🍹🍸 - luxkitty   1918.4 #68 1-7-14 8:19PM Like(2)  Reply
Hello! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 1-7-14 8:19PM
Hi guy's I made it - goofydad909   1927.3 #67 1-7-14 8:49PM Like(1)  Reply
Hey thereπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 1-7-14 8:54PM
******Thanks luxkitty and @DisLuvney😊 - MadameLeota   1833.4 #72 1-7-14 9:35PM Like  Reply
I think it's a combo of the app & smart phones that cannot handle all the Magic 🏰😎 - apesandmonkeys   7554.5 #4 1-7-14 9:40PM Like  Reply
****** too much for the man?πŸ˜‚ - MadameLeota  1833.4 #72 1-7-14 9:44PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 1-6-14 2:03PM
I hated it as a kid.. my parents always took me a grown up and parent now I totally understand why.. now I miss it
I remember when PSA and the Delta Airlines (I think) were the sponsors if this attraction.  The Tomorrowland Attractions office was moved into this building after America Sings closed where the operations office was back in 1986 when I was hired to be a host. - BombFrogFormerCM   780.6 #202 1-6-14 4:52PM Like(1)  Reply
I remember it! My dad loved it and always made us go in there. I thought it was really boring πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - CinderellE-79   909.2 #170 1-6-14 12:49PM Like  Reply
Still great memories though, right? - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}  701.6 #232 1-6-14 1:24PM
Yes now as an adult! But not so much as a kid 😊 - CinderellE-79  909.2 #170 1-6-14 2:18PM
I remember this. It would make me sick.πŸ˜› - catlikesmouse   33.6 #5101 1-6-14 7:34PM Like  Reply
I remember when it was Bell Telephone, America the Beautiful. You would sit in big squares under the State's names and the would ask "Who's from, Alaska?" "Who's from Alabama?" etc. then at the end they would ask... "Who's from the state of confusion?" I would always raise my had, I thought it was so funny! Then we would go in. I would try not to hold on to the railing and try not to fall over!!!! I loved it! - Boundin   534.2 #337 1-6-14 7:35PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-31-13 9:16PM
OMG add me please please please... My guess is the evil queen! (Please be the evilness, please be evilness...haha)
I guess dr. Facilier for lohofosho! Thanks HMF!!! So much fun!! 😘 - missariel33   1603.2 #82 12-31-13 6:24PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks love <3 - lohofosho  784.5 #200 1-4-14 7:45PM
Please add me for lohofosho. For dr. Facilier! Thank u!! - FarelMickey   118.5 #3092 1-2-14 6:55PM Like(2)  Reply
You're awesome! Thanks :)  - lohofosho  784.5 #200 1-4-14 7:45PM
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Congrats!  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   908.8 #171 2-26-14 1:08PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-31-13 9:57PM
Oh my please add me thank you
Wonderful RAK! No need to add me. Happy new year and thank you!!! - missariel33   1603.2 #82 12-31-13 3:57PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for this opportunity. Thanks a bunch.   Good luck to whoever is the recipient - monikeyta1   9.4 #9808 12-31-13 2:43PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-31-13 9:14PM
Met some great MWers.. Found out I am not alone in my Disney addiction!.. Converted the hubby to a somewhat DA! Blessed to of spent 29 days at DLR this year.. Looking forward to 2014
Thank you for posting this Linzee. This yr has been cray cray. I finally met MWers and it's been so much fun getting to know so many of you and building such wonderful friendships. I have many memorable MW/MWers moments. Meeting MrsSchnooks at Churros meet up in June and the most touching moments were all the MWlove and support you gave me before and after my surgery. I'll never forget 2 wks after my surgery going to Churros meet up and the big smile on her face when I seen her, warmed my heart and walking through the line of POTC and so many MWers hugging me and askin how I was, I held in my tears. I've enjoyed all the lounge shanangins, MWWP, LMFCTAO and all the giving of others. MW has come so far as well as us MWers!  - dumbbunny   626.2 #277 12-30-13 4:43PM Like(9)  Reply
🐺🐾 ... πŸ«πŸ‘£... πŸ‘ΆπŸ§βœŒ - dumbbunny  626.2 #277 12-30-13 4:44PM
And, your mini got to see That Girl again!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MeridaFan  3433.2 #28 12-30-13 5:45PM
 I can't reply to anything!!!😑 Hmmm I would like to say how blessed I am to have met some fantastic people here. Top no particular order! dumbbunny!!!!! Ok, that is #1. Close second, crazy girl nights with Emilizle, mini and Rocks of Shame. "What's the pole for?!?!? What?!?!?!" Carrot tossing, crystal shop, SYMC meet up with POTC afterwards. Roger refusing to close out DL with the Tiki Room. The Cove, Pumpkin Duffy, Trader Sam's and my AWESOME action figure!!! Depends, Captain Eo, twerking, hugging Darth Vader and then there was Tarzan! SMH. Goats, horsies and Zombie raspberries. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ - MrsSchnooks   2833.0 #37 12-30-13 9:00PM Like(7)  Reply
That's what comes to mind right now. LOL - MrsSchnooks  2833.0 #37 12-30-13 9:05PM
Oh I have one...Adventures with Mike!!  Hope Tramps Lady chimes in, she's a good sport. - Linzee  896.6 #174 12-30-13 10:00PM
Met some great MWers.. Found out I am not alone in my Disney addiction!.. Converted the hubby to a somewhat DA! Blessed to of spent 29 days at DLR this year.. Looking forward to 2014 - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-31-13 9:14PM Like(1)  Reply
Congrats on the hubby conversion, hope you guys have a great 2014 - Linzee  896.6 #174 1-1-14 8:14AM
πŸŽ‰happy happy new year linzee!πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ - OhanaPhoto   3277.5 #30 1-1-14 9:31AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-31-13 9:09PM
We are now back home in the UK (and already planning our next Disney holiday) but wanted to thank everyone for the news and tips provided xxx - anisah   3.1 #34586 12-30-13 9:35AM Like(2)  Reply
Hope you had a great trip!  Isn't it amazing during the holidays? - MeridaFan  3433.2 #28 12-30-13 10:03AM
Have fun MWers! I'll be braving the crowds tomorrow night at TLT - BaseballMickey_CM   6340.9 #12 12-30-13 11:13PM Like(2)  Reply
Good luck, BBM!!!! I know you'll do great!!  - Superspacemountainfan  82.8 #3661 12-31-13 12:49AM
Admin, I guess I should contact support. My credits aren't fixed, I can't reply, my comments dont post, I can't use my stickers. I know I've not been on much but any insight from anyone would be greatly appreciated. And yes, I deleted it and downloaded it again. Thank you friends! - MrsSchnooks   2833.0 #37 1-1-14 1:20AM Like  Reply
Admin...we need a big thunder sticker! Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee! - luxkitty   1918.4 #68 1-2-14 1:44AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-27-13 12:39PM
My hubby and I will be there at that time too... how do you rent points
If you don't mind me asking what kind of budget are you working with? Are you going super nice hotels or looking at the moderate ones? - lostgirl7988   697.6 #235 12-27-13 11:24AM Like  Reply
I'm on a moderate budget, for the cost of a moderate hotel I can rent points and stay at a deluxe villa hotel studio (some 1 bedrooms). - GoofyMom77  635.0 #267 12-27-13 11:28AM
I see. We'll if you go bay lake towers see if you can go all out and get a room facing the magic kingdom. They pipe in fireworks music at night and I've heard it's amazing. As far as moderate I really love port Orleans French quarter and Coronado springs. Coronado is a little more business-y but the quick service restaurant in there is phenomenal. Caribbean Beach is pretty gorgeous as well.  - lostgirl7988  697.6 #235 12-27-13 11:31AM
I should have been more clear. Which Deluxe Villa Resort Studio or 1 Bedroom would you stay at and why? The cost (via renting points) is the same as booking a moderate Disney hotel. - GoofyMom77   635.0 #267 12-27-13 12:27PM Like  Reply
We stayed at the old key west villas with our DVC. It's a nice hotel, but I do recommend staying at a hotel that is connected to the monorail. We had to wait for the busses and most many times by the time it got to our resort the busses were full. We actually waited 45 min just to get a bus ride to the parks. That was pretty disappointing.  - MrsMinnie   58.5 #4150 12-30-13 10:34PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:  nkushch  
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-26-13 1:13AM
Please add me... I am in love! Thank you for your this generous offer
So close to having enough MW points but just wanted to say what a cool RAK. Good luck everyone.  - WhatTiggersDoBest   324.1 #694 12-26-13 1:06PM Like(4)  Reply
You're sooo close!!! You have a week to get enough points, so get to posting!!! ☺️☺️☺️ - dizneegrl  111.8 #3227 12-26-13 1:28PM
You have more PTS than the person doing the RAK  - goofydad909  1927.3 #67 12-26-13 2:16PM
Please please pretty please add me!! Thank you!! - PinkMinnie   176.9 #2166 12-26-13 1:08AM Like  Reply
Added. You're welcome!!! - dizneegrl  111.8 #3227 12-26-13 1:31AM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-26-13 1:15AM
Hello... I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! 
Good morning!! - CinderellE-79   909.2 #170 12-26-13 12:01AM Like  Reply
Ah ha!! First 😊 - CinderellE-79  909.2 #170 12-26-13 12:02AM
Just CinderellE?!. - Plumiegirl   8254.0 #3 12-26-13 12:04AM Like  Reply
And you πŸ˜‚ hi plumie πŸ‘‹ Merry Christmas πŸŽ„ - CinderellE-79  909.2 #170 12-26-13 12:13AM
Merry Christmas to you too!!! - Plumiegirl  8254.0 #3 12-26-13 12:19AM
My reply abilities are hit and miss too. CE-79 thank you so much. You are the bees knees! - missmimi90   1539.9 #87 12-26-13 1:10AM Like  Reply
Hello... I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-26-13 1:15AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:  CinderellE-79   dizneegrl   robmurow  
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-24-13 2:55PM
Merry Christmas to you and the fam! Will miss you but enjoy that new addition!
Hello Mw Friends and Family want to wish everyone a merry x-mas and a happy new year. I Am temporally taking a loa on mw for a while as my newest addition to our family will be born any day now and help out. I want to say that I love you all and 2013 has been a roller coaster for me mostly work but have some great moments this year. My wife and I were able to attend the mw bday bash and reunion. Eat at club 33 ,attend dapper day,find out we were expecting child #3 , had the best baby shower/bday meetup at the park. I also got to meet many new friends like mw hunter mickeyat and soa , and have great bromances on mw. Many of you have been our friends for a while and have taking care of us and we have a few guarding angels out there. Thank you all for all the memories and keep on meeting you with open arms and all the gifts and love we have gotten. MrS   will keep you  updated on us while on leave although I will still update wait times and my wife will post the new mw nany pic. Lol yes I may be a little crazy and NOT a pro on tot , I do it for my son but the more I ride the easier it gets. God bless and be back soon xoxoxox   - pikarich   3115.5 #34 12-24-13 1:56AM Like(2)  Reply
All i can say is Diaper coupons are your new best friend 😁 jk your family is ok in my book. Thanks for allowing Xavier and I create memories with your family. Merry Cheistmas and i hope the labor is easy. πŸ˜‰ - nicealex77  613.7 #282 12-24-13 2:13AM
Happy holidays to all of you as well. We will miss you stalker!!! We look forward to your return and greeting your newest mini too!!! Congratulations!!! - GrumpyPirateDad  1813.3 #73 12-24-13 2:14AM
Well wishes to your family during this exciting time for you. Congrats on the new baby. Hope to see you back soon.  - sewedna   374.0 #543 12-24-13 2:16AM Like  Reply
Merry Christmas to you and your family! - rbeezy   702.9 #231 12-25-13 1:06AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-22-13 12:25PM
Great secret Santa gift.... 
super jelly!! I've had my eye on those measuring cups - GoofyMom77   635.0 #267 12-21-13 9:34PM Like  Reply
Oh is that what they are? Super cool. And I presume those are oven mitts? - lohofosho  784.5 #200 12-21-13 11:57PM
Yup they're oven mitts.  - DisneyGrandma  732.1 #220 12-22-13 8:24AM
You are very welcome. I hope to meet you and your family in the parks soon. Merry Christmas.  - DisneyGrandma   732.1 #220 12-22-13 8:24AM Like  Reply
Great gift!!!!! - PixiePirateMaid   300.1 #818 12-22-13 10:14AM Like  Reply
Great secret Santa gift....  - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-22-13 12:25PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-22-13 9:26AM
A rebel princess
Closing at 2 or 3 today. I have a photographer friend that should be coming over to take reveal pics for us!  - starwarsmamma   561.6 #314 12-24-13 10:27AM Like(4)  Reply
Rebel Princess.  Congrats!! - AZDisney   599.2 #292 12-21-13 9:07PM Like  Reply
Little Jedi is my guess - DSNYCheeks3   863.2 #185 12-24-13 1:38PM Like  Reply
Closed. Need to add the last few then I will announce and pull a winner. Though if you follow me on IG you know lol XD - starwarsmamma   561.6 #314 12-24-13 6:56PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-22-13 9:28AM
What a great secret Santa you have
You're lucky πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ you got luxkitty as your Secret Santa because she knows how to shop!!! πŸ’°πŸŽπŸ’°πŸŽπŸ’° - dizneegrl   111.8 #3227 12-21-13 10:31PM Like(1)  Reply
lol 😜 - luxkitty  1918.4 #68 12-22-13 1:08AM
πŸ‘†πŸ‘†what dizneegrl said lollol - missariel33  1603.2 #82 12-22-13 2:40PM
bump for Luxkitty :) - KylaShea   629.1 #273 12-21-13 7:44PM Like  Reply
sweet prizes!!! - OhanaPhoto   3277.5 #30 12-22-13 2:47PM Like  Reply
Ooo lots of goodies! - dumbbunny   626.2 #277 12-22-13 3:02PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-21-13 9:53AM
Enter me for Clock Tower... Thank you for another awesome RAK
I don't normally collect vinylmations but that Donald is so cute and just screaming my name! Please add me for Donald guess! Thank you for all the fun RAKs you do HMF. Merry Christmas! - missmimi90   1539.9 #87 12-21-13 8:36AM Like(1)  Reply
It's derpy Donald! So cute. - goofymom2boys  1440.8 #94 12-21-13 11:00AM
Yeah apparently I love derpy characters (says mike about dumbo) - missmimi90  1539.9 #87 12-21-13 2:53PM
Happy Holidays!!! - GrumpyPirateDad   1813.3 #73 12-22-13 8:30PM Like(1)  Reply
Closed - and I have to go to the trusty random number generator to pick a winner! 😁😁😁 - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1135.1 #130 12-28-13 5:46PM Like  Reply
Add me please - philliprocks  903.4 #172 12-28-13 5:52PM
You've been added for 'nothing'!!!! Lol - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1135.1 #130 12-28-13 6:04PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-20-13 9:25AM
It was a lot of fun.. Glad everything made it!
Wow! Sunshinegrl rocks!!  - hatgal76   405.3 #485 12-19-13 9:29PM Like(1)  Reply
Those are sone great treasures!  Great job secret santa :) - DisLUVney   553.1 #319 12-19-13 10:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Very nice!  - ythdudette   1165.0 #126 12-20-13 7:40AM Like  Reply
Your Secret πŸŽ… did great! - sarahnimal   223.6 #1566 12-20-13 8:33AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-20-13 9:33AM
Please add me... I am slowly getting all disney for Christmas and stockings have been last on list.. Hubby made me cut back. :(
Please add me for BombFrog's little Jill! This would go perfect with her super cute new boots! - lassengirl   149.9 #2577 12-20-13 12:50AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you for the add! - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 12-20-13 11:49AM
Please add me for BombFrog's daughter - it seems like she would love this! - DisneyOnesie   573.6 #308 12-20-13 8:29AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you for the add, Jill would love this! - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 12-20-13 11:49AM
Please add me. I love minnieπŸ’•thank you for your sweet RAK. Hope the issue works out in your favor - MinnieMyLove   145.5 #2647 12-21-13 11:31PM Like  Reply
This is adorable! But since I already have a beautiful minnie stocking I bought last year, please add me for my dear friend Hiddenmickeyfanatic. I wish only good things for you and hope all clears up :)  - lohofosho   784.5 #200 12-21-13 11:52PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-25-13 3:52PM
Wow we will be at WDW the same time
Pic is the gingerbread cookie carousel at Beach Club lobby. - GoofyMom77   635.0 #267 12-18-13 10:09AM Like  Reply
Sounds awesome! Don't forget to post lots of pics πŸ˜€ - LaBelleParis   932.5 #164 12-18-13 12:04PM Like  Reply
That's awesome! - CallMeFlower   422.8 #453 1-3-14 5:50AM Like  Reply
woo hoo! - OhanaPhoto   3277.5 #30 1-3-14 9:40AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:  PrincessDuckie  
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-17-13 10:45PM
I have met 3 they are all awesome... Although that MrsSchnooks person gotta watch out for her she likes to dance with poles and throw purses
Might I add.... I have met (and am quite fond of) every single person in this collage - SPandEvLover   3103.3 #36 12-17-13 10:15PM Like(2)  Reply
I have met 5 and agree, all are really great people.  - PixiePirateMaid  300.1 #818 12-17-13 10:24PM
*pouts* I wish I could be there tonight too!!!  - SPandEvLover   3103.3 #36 12-17-13 10:05PM Like  Reply
Me too! *pouting with you*  - QueenEmilizle  378.7 #528 12-17-13 10:15PM
Me three 😞 - PixiePirateMaid  300.1 #818 12-17-13 10:23PM
I have met 3 they are all awesome... Although that MrsSchnooks person gotta watch out for her she likes to dance with poles and throw purses - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-17-13 10:45PM Like  Reply
Thank you for my stickerπŸ˜€ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  908.8 #171 12-17-13 10:48PM
Awesome! - dumbbunny   626.2 #277 12-17-13 11:20PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-17-13 9:11PM
WoohooWoohoo   More...
Hello!!!  Thanks for the Churro!!  Here are some ! - Ldgsg   208.0 #1782 12-17-13 8:16PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 12-17-13 8:23PM
So does this count as fashionably late πŸ’ƒ? - Geekery   401.5 #493 12-17-13 9:27PM Like(1)  Reply
That works! πŸ‘ πŸ‘  - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 12-17-13 9:28PM
I missed it tonight and I missed a platter of Churros?! 😫 - babebahn   207.3 #1793 12-17-13 11:56PM Like  Reply
HOW do I keep missing these? I remembered at 7! Then forgot! - DisneyOnesie   573.6 #308 12-18-13 9:36AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-17-13 1:46AM
Nice to see you got nice weather! I was there last week and froze..haha then came home to cold
Welcome to SoCal πŸ˜€ - WhatTiggersDoBest   324.1 #694 12-16-13 6:06PM Like  Reply
Awwww... Didn't make it there this trip.  - ythdudette   1165.0 #126 12-16-13 6:15PM Like  Reply
This pic reminded me that I never made to see Toon Town all decked out for Christmas!  Thanks for sharing!! I love that tree!! It's adorable!!  - GrumpyCheshire   36.6 #4922 12-16-13 11:37PM Like  Reply
Nice to see you got nice weather! I was there last week and froze..haha then came home to cold - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-17-13 1:46AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-13-13 1:17AM
Please add me I would love to add it to my husbands collection... He is a veteran.. 20yrs Navy
Please add me for MPGonzales1991, you gotta love the K9 guys! Or send it to OneDayAlice so she may present it to him... - BombFrogFormerCM   780.6 #202 12-13-13 7:27AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me! I would love to give this to my own veteran MPGonzales1991. He makes me so proud everyday for all his service and sacrifice. I was so blessed his deployment got cancelled last month and we were able to spend Veterans Day together. Thank you! - OneDayAlice   497.3 #374 12-13-13 1:09AM Like  Reply
Glad to about his deployment being cancelled! - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 12-13-13 7:30AM
*CLOSED* winner will be announced in a minute - missmimi90   1539.9 #87 12-26-13 3:02PM Like  Reply
Oooh!!! Sooo exciting!!! 😁😁😁 - dizneegrl   111.8 #3227 12-26-13 3:23PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-12-13 7:21PM
Oh yay enter me for Janice thank you! Love your mystery RAK
Oh add me! I'm guessing Pepe!! Thanks for a great RAK - TheBearandtheBow   63.8 #4030 12-12-13 7:11PM Like  Reply
That's my husbands favorite --- I'm a prawn, ok!!!? - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1135.1 #130 12-12-13 7:15PM
My favorite as well. "Build a jacuzzi, and they will come, ok" "he built it and we came!" - Sugarbuzz  159.8 #2430 12-12-13 9:45PM
This is always fun.  Thank you for your generosity.  Please add me for ElectricMayhemMom. I'm going to guess Sgt. Floyd Pepper. - MissAmericaSings   357.9 #577 12-12-13 7:18PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - ElectricMayhemMom  913.6 #169 12-13-13 12:45AM
Please add me, thank you! I'm going to guess Scooter. Well, because I like scooters! Beep beep! - SneakyStella   321.9 #707 12-17-13 7:01PM Like  Reply
Ended  - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1135.1 #130 12-17-13 7:26PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-12-13 9:30AM
- sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-12-13 9:30AM Like  Reply
Please add me for the star speeder! Thank you!  - ythdudette   1165.0 #126 12-12-13 10:03AM Like  Reply
Added - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-12-13 3:24PM
 Sent - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-12-13 9:59PM
Please add me for Vintage Blue Skyway . Thanks  - ChristopherRobin661   269.0 #1064 12-12-13 10:13AM Like  Reply
Added - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-12-13 3:24PM
Sent - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-12-13 10:01PM
I would like to be added for the star speeder please! Thank you - PrincessDaisy   307.5 #777 12-12-13 10:19AM Like  Reply
Added - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-12-13 3:24PM
Sent - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-12-13 10:03PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-11-13 1:07PM
I love these!
Those look amazing!!! You are very talented!!! - dizneegrl   111.8 #3227 12-13-13 11:44PM Like(1)  Reply
Nice work.  Look wicked  - ChristopherRobin661   269.0 #1064 12-11-13 11:30AM Like  Reply
That's what I was going for! Thanks! - sarahnimal  223.6 #1566 12-11-13 12:05PM
wow. very nice - MintJulep   235.4 #1410 12-12-13 2:59PM Like  Reply
So kind of you. Thanks - sarahnimal  223.6 #1566 12-13-13 11:23PM
That is amazing!!!!!! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   908.8 #171 12-14-13 12:54AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-10-13 9:40PM
- sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-10-13 9:40PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the snow globe, thank you much! - PrincessDuckie   735.4 #218 12-10-13 9:46PM Like  Reply
Added  - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-10-13 10:37PM
Never mind I have one now! - PrincessDuckie  735.4 #218 12-10-13 10:41PM
If you haven't closed this yet. I would love a yeti thanks - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1135.1 #130 12-11-13 11:05PM Like  Reply
Should say yeti lol - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1135.1 #130 12-11-13 11:06PM
Congrats Yeti has been sent - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-12-13 9:20AM
Please add me for the snow globe or E ticket. Thank YOu - friendlymouse   727.7 #222 12-11-13 11:48PM Like  Reply
Yay! Globe has been sent - sunshinegrl  348.8 #600 12-12-13 9:19AM
Thanked by:  CinderellE-79  
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-10-13 8:34PM
Yay I made it!
- Sonja   6530.0 #11 12-10-13 8:17PM Like(1)  Reply
Arrrgh! Hello! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 12-10-13 8:18PM
******Hi!❄️ happy❄️holidays❄️ everyone!I brought everyone their own bottle of cheers 🍸 to take home! ✨Enjoy✨ - MadameLeota   1833.4 #72 12-10-13 8:21PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ„ I will take a cocoa, please😊😊 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 12-10-13 8:23PM
Hot cocoa sounds really good right now! It's chilly tonight! - debbiev  868.1 #184 12-10-13 8:32PM
Still in store - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY   734.7 #219 12-10-13 9:23PM Like  Reply
at the meet up - robmurow  3113.9 #35 12-10-13 9:46PM
HOW do I keep missing these? I remembered at 7! Then forgot! - DisneyOnesie   573.6 #308 12-18-13 9:37AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-10-13 8:43PM
Now please as everyone makes for the stampede to the store to get their snow globe please don't trample each other
- Sonja   6530.0 #11 12-10-13 8:17PM Like(1)  Reply
Arrrgh! Hello! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 12-10-13 8:18PM
******Hi!❄️ happy❄️holidays❄️ everyone!I brought everyone their own bottle of cheers 🍸 to take home! ✨Enjoy✨ - MadameLeota   1833.4 #72 12-10-13 8:21PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ„ I will take a cocoa, please😊😊 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 12-10-13 8:23PM
Hot cocoa sounds really good right now! It's chilly tonight! - debbiev  868.1 #184 12-10-13 8:32PM
Still in store - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY   734.7 #219 12-10-13 9:23PM Like  Reply
at the meet up - robmurow  3113.9 #35 12-10-13 9:46PM
HOW do I keep missing these? I remembered at 7! Then forgot! - DisneyOnesie   573.6 #308 12-18-13 9:37AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-10-13 8:43PM
That is awesome!
How exciting!! - CinderellE-79   909.2 #170 12-10-13 8:16PM Like(1)  Reply
Thats so cute I wish I was creative like that lol - princessb5   164.3 #2370 12-10-13 8:32PM Like(1)  Reply
A little pixie dust ✨always makes it more exciting! πŸ‘To your secret πŸŽ… - MinnieMyLove   145.5 #2647 12-10-13 8:53PM Like  Reply
so fun! Great way to make you anticipate your gift. - Tiggerific   335.1 #641 12-10-13 8:59PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-10-13 9:47PM
Ohhh please please add me! I am definitely on the naughty list... Haha 
Please add me for dumbbunny.  I'm pretty sure I'm on the nice list but my action figure is on the naughty list!!!! LOL Thank you! - MrsSchnooks   2833.0 #37 12-10-13 7:56PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you love! I think your name is written in pencil too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - dumbbunny  626.2 #277 12-11-13 6:43PM
Please add me for dumbbunny! I know I'm on the nice list! Because I am Santa Approved πŸŽ…πŸ‘ according to my uniform that is  - sleepyhead_CM   596.2 #293 12-11-13 12:41AM Like(1)  Reply
Aw thank you sweetheart. Ps did you have that chat with Santa for me?! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ - dumbbunny  626.2 #277 12-11-13 6:47PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-12-13 3:26PM
Please add me.. Thank you
Aww I love the penguin candy case!! Add me please. Thanks! :) - disneygirl11   36.8 #4916 12-10-13 1:39PM Like  Reply
The case is actually made of chocolate! It's just wrapped in foil. - MJmouse  272.7 #1025 12-10-13 1:45PM
Really?!?  - disneygirl11  36.8 #4916 12-10-13 3:45PM
Please add me for this generous RAK. Thank you! - zbgirl00   64.7 #4007 12-10-13 1:41PM Like  Reply
Added! - MJmouse  272.7 #1025 12-10-13 3:40PM
Please add me, thank you :) - Sapphire   420.0 #459 12-12-13 6:02PM Like  Reply
Oh please add me!!! Awesome RAK!!!  - Deltachiq   1222.6 #114 12-12-13 6:14PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-9-13 10:11PM
Add me please... So generous of you
Ohhhh add me please and thank you 😁 - NascarDave   294.0 #851 12-9-13 9:56PM Like  Reply
You can't use it like a sticker, but I gifted you my extra pin. You can feature it to show up at the top of your posts. Enjoy! - MeridaFan  3433.2 #28 12-16-13 7:13AM
Thank you sooooo much! - NascarDave  294.0 #851 12-16-13 11:46PM
Oh add me please!! I didn't have enough credits to get one. Thank you!! - thatgirljenn   1059.5 #144 12-9-13 9:57PM Like  Reply
I think I may be too late but if not please add me!  Very sweet of you to give these away.  - MinnieMousewife   771.1 #206 12-11-13 8:10PM Like  Reply
I acquired a few more of these. So now you have been surprised!  Enjoy! - MeridaFan  3433.2 #28 12-16-13 7:10AM
Last sticker has been gifted. RAK is now closed.  - MeridaFan   3433.2 #28 12-11-13 8:41PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-9-13 1:50AM
Please add me for 125
Oh soo cool! Please add me for 167. Thank you! And Adventureland is my FAV!!! I know you didn't ask but I try to get the word out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4462.3 #21 12-8-13 8:47AM Like(1)  Reply
Hurry, pick another number! 167 was already taken. - SneakyStella  321.9 #707 12-9-13 10:45AM
What!? I thought I scoured! Thanksie! 😘 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4462.3 #21 12-9-13 3:24PM
I'm going with 50!! I wanted one of these so bad!!!!! Thank you for doing this!! - mrstrmiller   503.3 #366 12-7-13 7:40AM Like  Reply
116 please! Thank you! - rockytuxedo   6.3 #13249 12-9-13 10:57AM Like  Reply
Please add me! I choose 86 ☺️ - SPandEvLover   3103.3 #36 12-9-13 3:35PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-8-13 6:18PM
Hi welcome to mousewaits! Amazing ornaments... Please add me
Welcome!!😘😘😘😘 Hey!!! I LOVE these!!! My advice to you is enjoy the app, if you see something you like or appreciate let the person who posted it know, either by posting a comment, or by pressing the "thank you" tab☺️ Also, if you enter any RAKs always make sure to use your please and thank yousπŸ˜‰  Please add me for Witchie77, I know she would really like these ☺️ Thank you.  - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   945.8 #161 12-6-13 3:44PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks for the add 2BorNot2B those are some awesome ornaments!! - Witchie77  319.6 #716 12-8-13 12:15PM
You are so welcome!! I love them too! Maybe if I'm really nice to her (she has these strange memories of me torturing her as a child😜) she will make me a mini set too😁 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  945.8 #161 12-10-13 8:50AM
Nice rak I would I like to be enteredd for these or if you have a Olaf laying around :) he's my new fav characters Some helpful advice. Buy a notebookk. And start keeping track of all the food being posted on here for you to try next time your in the parks. there so Much good stuff. Thank you - Hendizl   2525.8 #43 12-6-13 7:25PM Like(1)  Reply
Hi Heather! Welcome and darling RAK! ;) please add me-Thanks!!! My advice is to enjoy getting to know people (also next weekend in the parks) and buy a cute Club 33 ornament when you go!!!! I saw one posted on IG and it is TOTES ADORBS! Have fun and take lots of pictures w/your sister and mom!!!✨✨✨✨✨✨ - TinkerSchelle   1200.6 #119 12-10-13 8:51AM Like  Reply
Hi and welcome! - ShariRenee   4545.6 #19 12-10-13 2:27PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-9-13 2:04AM
Anyone interested in a meetup in Western Washington? Maybe Seattle? Tacoma? Olympia? Mr Banks does start Fri in Seattle
Hey Vegas MW'rs! We will be having our very own satellite event here in Vegas on the 20th. Be sure to check out the post in the events tab, the more the merrier! :) - lohofosho   784.5 #200 12-5-13 10:31PM Like(4)  Reply
Sounds fun!  - GrumpyCheshire  36.6 #4922 12-5-13 10:33PM
Wish we could make it. Hope everyone has fun. - mlatour  328.8 #670 12-18-13 8:40PM
FYI, it looks like fandango is posting a 7pm start time for the movie that day (double check....earlier one is close to noon). It is a 2 hr movie, so we are wondering if you will move satellite party back to 9? Just trying to plan our little Bay Area Bash! ✨ - TinkerSchelle   1200.6 #119 12-10-13 8:58AM Like(3)  Reply
I think they will add more showtimes as we get closer to the premiere, however, we will be broadcasting from around 8pm-10pm or later so you should be okay. If you can have someone circle the MW page on Google+ that would be great and let me know which user to add to the live broadcast, thanks! - Admin  12-10-13 2:36PM
New times are up! It will be playing at 1st Street at 3:10, 6:20 and 9:20. Yippee! - LaPearleNoir  1248.7 #108 12-14-13 12:28PM
I am very sad that I cannot make it but I have come down with a very bad head and chest cold. Hope you all have a blast! - TrampsLady   1641.1 #80 12-20-13 1:15PM Like  Reply
Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! *hugs* - SPandEvLover  3103.3 #36 12-20-13 1:36PM
Thank you - TrampsLady  1641.1 #80 12-20-13 3:55PM
If you are hosting a Satellite event tonight and want to be included in the LIVE broadcast, make sure to add MouseWait on Google+ to your Circles and post your username so we can add you. Thanks! - Admin   12-20-13 4:50PM Like  Reply
I'm all signed up... Schelle Cortez in TinkerSchelle's MW Circle!!!! In the theater now...6:20 show! We will see you at 8:30!!!! (Well, virtually!)✨✨ - TinkerSchelle  1200.6 #119 12-20-13 6:31PM
Oops-my reply works now...commented below though on this!!! - TinkerSchelle  1200.6 #119 12-20-13 6:31PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-2-13 7:59PM
It's amazing
We bought some too.  - Mrs.mouse   517.1 #353 12-2-13 8:06PM Like(1)  Reply
My coworker had to bring dessert for a potluck one year. He brought a tub of this ice cream and a box of cookies.  Ice cream cookie sandwiches, yo!  πŸ‘πŸ˜„ - bluefairy   643.3 #261 12-2-13 8:46PM Like(1)  Reply
It's amazing - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-2-13 7:59PM Like  Reply
When I eat it I can pretend that I'm in the park!  I bet it's even better with hot fudge! - msdizmaui   632.1 #270 12-2-13 8:30PM Like  Reply
Put it on a brownie and top it with whipped cream and you are in heaven! - widowtallan  275.6 #987 12-2-13 9:02PM
Thanked by:  DCMAGurl   sarahnimal   TheHubs  
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-2-13 3:53PM
Please add me for SpiritOfAdventure as well... Good luck,, thank you for awesome RAK
Please add me for SpiritOfAdventure so he can take his brother to Disneyland. One requirement though, if he wins, I want to see a pic of both of them sitting on Santa's lap!!! Thank you for such a great RAK! - goofymom2boys   1440.8 #94 12-2-13 1:16PM Like(3)  Reply
Added - SaVilla  31.3 #5245 12-2-13 1:46PM
I second that picture. - DLKenCA  1755.5 #75 12-2-13 2:03PM
Please add me, would love for my momma to be able to experience Christmas at the park. Thankyou so much!! - FrankenweenieVelinee   1560.3 #85 12-2-13 1:13PM Like(2)  Reply
Added - SaVilla  31.3 #5245 12-2-13 1:45PM
Please add me - I'd love for my mom to be able to experience Disneyland for the first time with my son at christmas. We were planning a trip but with the holidays she just can't afford it right now. Thank you! - DisneyLuvinMama   329.1 #666 12-4-13 1:02PM Like  Reply
Added = ) - SaVilla  31.3 #5245 12-4-13 10:51PM
Add me! Thanks for doing this RAK! - Velveteen   35.7 #4975 12-4-13 1:10PM Like  Reply
Added = ) - SaVilla  31.3 #5245 12-4-13 10:52PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-1-13 1:34AM
If you still have an extra Indy or Ornament valley I would be forever great full!
So nice of you to RAK your extra stickers. Β May I have your extra Carnation Plaza Gardens sticker? Β Thank you very much :) - DisLUVney   553.1 #319 11-30-13 11:44PM Like  Reply
You're welcome😁 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  945.8 #161 11-30-13 11:46PM
Thanks you.  Just sent you a sticker you don't have yet :) - DisLUVney  553.1 #319 11-30-13 11:52PM
I would love a toy soldier.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! - DisneyDarcey   8.2 #10804 11-30-13 11:45PM Like  Reply
You're welcome 😺 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  945.8 #161 11-30-13 11:47PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-1-13 12:02AM
We leave in 3 'days too.. And I just messed my toe and foot up... HAVE to wheel chair it Dr orders... We could meet up and have wheelchair races
I just did two days with a sprained ankle - you can do it! Have fun! - DisneyOnesie   573.6 #308 11-30-13 8:33PM Like(1)  Reply
Tape it up... Tape + Disney magic = a great day - BRabbit   530.9 #341 11-30-13 8:51PM Like(1)  Reply
Tape it (comfortably of course) to your neighboring toe, buddy system helps healing toes & fingers. & I hope you feel better soon :) - CarmenINwonderlanD   259.1 #1149 11-30-13 8:57PM Like  Reply
I wore flip flops last week since I was walking around for 4 days 36 weeks prego! My feet were too swollen for shoes and hurt too. And I just walked slow behind the family and double stroller we had. So you can do it! - brodysmommy   371.2 #548 12-1-13 8:40AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 11-30-13 1:19AM
Please add me for the Route 66 tree sticker... Thank you!
Please add me for the Route 66 tree. Thank you so much! - erinten   478.3 #386 11-30-13 1:05AM Like  Reply
Added! - luxkitty  1918.4 #68 11-30-13 9:47AM
The poinsettia sticker please and thank you. - friendlymouse   727.7 #222 11-30-13 1:09AM Like  Reply
Added! - luxkitty  1918.4 #68 11-30-13 9:47AM
Thank You for the sticker - friendlymouse  727.7 #222 11-30-13 10:18PM
**RAK CLOSED** announcing winners soon! - luxkitty   1918.4 #68 11-30-13 5:42PM Like  Reply
Drum roll.........! πŸ˜‰ - girlcooks   37.1 #4905 11-30-13 5:49PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-1-13 12:10AM
I fly.. this time of year the passes are questionable.. right now they are talking snow
We always fly from WA. (19 hours in the car with a baby is too much for me!) I wish I had an answer for you :( - Geekery   401.5 #493 11-30-13 11:44AM Like(1)  Reply
I fly.. this time of year the passes are questionable.. right now they are talking snow - sunshinegrl   348.8 #600 12-1-13 12:10AM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 12-1-13 2:06AM
Add me please for dopey... Thanks for the awesome RAKRAK
I'm going to end this RAK by 5 pm today and reveal the ornaments at that time. Then, I will choose the winners so I can get these mailed so they can get on your trees! - MeridaFan   3433.2 #28 12-1-13 12:24PM Like(1)  Reply
So excited for the reveal!! This is such a great and fun idea! - minnieMisty  274.6 #1001 12-1-13 4:14PM
15 more minutes if you want to be added! - MeridaFan  3433.2 #28 12-1-13 4:46PM
This is an adorable idea !! Thank you for this RAK ! I'd like to guess Dopey ! Please add me 😊 - MermaidLei   299.5 #822 11-29-13 6:06PM Like  Reply
RAK is now closed. Winners announced on my more recent post.  - MeridaFan   3433.2 #28 12-1-13 8:15PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 11-30-13 11:44PM
Please add me for grumpy! THANk you for another awesome. RAK
I just want to be first to comment  - philliprocks   903.4 #172 11-26-13 9:54PM Like(1)  Reply
Which I'm not - philliprocks  903.4 #172 11-26-13 9:54PM
Haha is it u holding up our trivialator game or soa?? I was ready to lose now I'm not so sure lol - mickeyat78  1505.1 #90 11-26-13 9:56PM
Please add me for Stitch! Thank you!! - ythdudette   1165.0 #126 11-26-13 9:52PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 11-30-13 11:37PM
Please add me for the Snow White one... And of course you are awesome sauce!
You are awesome. No need to add. Hope you're feeling better! - missariel33   1603.2 #82 11-26-13 1:09PM Like  Reply
Man I wish. This thing is kicking me butt. I had a cheesecake delivered today from NY and it saddens me cause the thought of eating it makes me wanna hurl lol - missmimi90  1539.9 #87 11-26-13 1:11PM
You are awesome for doing this RAK! Please add me for the veterans pin! I would love to give this to my husband who left the army a year ago. He is my hero and this would be perfect for his collection! Thank you! - MrsGrumpy2002   203.0 #1848 11-26-13 1:13PM Like  Reply
Please thank him for his service and your sacrifice. Added - missmimi90  1539.9 #87 11-26-13 1:16PM
I will do that - MrsGrumpy2002  203.0 #1848 11-26-13 1:18PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 11-5-13 6:07PM
I am in! Had fun with it last yr
Can I be the troll this year? - philliprocks   903.4 #172 11-1-13 11:41AM Like(2)  Reply
I'm really good at it - philliprocks  903.4 #172 11-1-13 11:43AM
Not that good - SpiritOfAdventure  1025.9 #150 11-4-13 8:04AM
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I just finished going through all my emails and updated my spread sheet. Usually I assign victims on Fridays, but due to the holiday I had to delay last weeks batch.  If you sent me a questionnaire, keep an eye on your inbox for the next 24hours. If I can't do it tonight, I'll get it done by tomorrow. So there's still time for this round if you haven't sent me a questionnaire yet. - GoofyMom77   635.0 #267 12-1-13 8:01PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks for doing this again!  - disneyland4me  243.7 #1320 12-1-13 8:16PM
Yes thank you! - missariel33  1603.2 #82 12-1-13 8:40PM
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 10-26-13 8:47PM
ME!!! But I won't be there til Dec 3
Tagged in: Food  
How long is this going to be here and who wants a BTR dessert meet up? - MrsSchnooks   2833.0 #37 10-26-13 3:48PM Like(3)  Reply
Meeeee!!!!! - dumbbunny  626.2 #277 10-26-13 7:59PM
I never been :( - Hendizl  2525.8 #43 10-26-13 8:03PM
looks good, where is it from? - sallyzero13   291.6 #868 10-26-13 2:37PM Like  Reply
I really hope this is still there in 2 more weeks when we go.  - MrsGoodface   58.9 #4137 10-27-13 1:32PM Like  Reply
AMAaaaaaazzziinnng! - MermaidLei   299.5 #822 11-2-13 9:08PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 10-16-13 11:57AM
Many many moons ago when I was a weee person like 2 or 3 my family was at DL I guess I went off on a "mini" adventure of my own.. in the candy shop.. well as story goes I supposidely ran intoCharles bronson and he was kind enough to buy m  More...
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald to name a few - BaseballMickey_CM   6340.9 #12 10-15-13 4:18PM Like(8)  Reply
this^^^^^^     - robmurow  3113.9 #35 10-15-13 4:19PM
Showoff - SpiritOfAdventure  1025.9 #150 10-15-13 4:21PM
Michael Jackson, Tom Hanks, Ronald Regan, Roy Disney, Michael J Fox, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Adam Sandler, Andy Garcia, David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, Ben Harper, Adam Levine, Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison, Nicolas Cage, Randy Johnson, Val Kilmer, Whoopi, Jack Black, Jessica Alba, Kristen Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Zoey Danshcele, Kevin James, and a bunch more just cant remember - Dave   11832.1 #2 10-16-13 12:08PM Like(5)  Reply
Dave wins.  - MrsSchnooks  2833.0 #37 10-16-13 12:17PM
Wow - SpiritOfAdventure  1025.9 #150 10-16-13 12:17PM
I've seen Ian Ziering and Taye Diggs @ DL. Two different times but saw them both with their families in tomorrowland. - luxkitty   1918.4 #68 12-19-13 10:33AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:  BombFrog-formerCM   hatgal76   robmurow   Sfarrell  
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 8-30-13 1:45AM
I recently became a villian lover don"t know why maybe because my inner evil isn't allowed to come oit.. maleficent is my fa v...
Please add me for Atora....My favorite villain is Jafar becuz he is just Jafar also cuz I like Iago he is funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - SacTownzSultan   97.4 #3444 8-29-13 3:28PM Like(3)  Reply
Awwww! Thank you so very much! :) - Atora  2181.4 #56 8-29-13 4:54PM
Please add me! Maleficent is by far my most favorite! She is deliciously evil and so misunderstood. Thank you so much for this amazing RAK!! - Atora   2181.4 #56 8-29-13 3:14PM Like(2)  Reply
Please add me for Atora. My favorite villain is Ursula  but Cruella is also pretty scary. Thank you!! - missariel33  1603.2 #82 8-29-13 4:05PM
Thank you so much! That is so nice of you! :) - Atora  2181.4 #56 8-29-13 4:53PM
Please add me for aurora_2020 my favorite is maleficent cause she is the evilest one of them all :) - GiantsFan2010   212.6 #1722 9-4-13 12:14AM Like  Reply
Shameless last day BUMP! - PixiePirateMaid   300.1 #818 9-5-13 3:43PM Like  Reply
348.8 #600 DL Qual #487 8-27-13 9:32PM
Check out this Sticker  - Admin   8-27-13 8:23PM Like(2)  Reply
35min til launch  -