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4466.2 #20 DL Qual #7 9-18-13 8:59PM
Live from Main Street
Best Halloween shot so far this season. Just beautiful.  - sewedna   373.9 #542 9-19-13 12:01AM Like(3)  Reply
Completely agree!!!! Stunning! - MrsSchnooks  2833.0 #37 9-19-13 12:08AM
Well said!!  : ) - RapunzelledColey  104.1 #3353 9-19-13 12:19AM
Amazing! - princessb5   164.3 #2369 9-18-13 8:59PM Like  Reply
Nice pic make me want to go DLDL - Nicklas9835   7.3 #11737 9-19-13 6:02PM Like  Reply
Beauty! - Mikesaxclar   546.3 #327 9-19-13 11:15PM Like  Reply
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4TH ANNUAL REUNION INFO! This post will contain everything you need to know about the Reunion. I will post all updates here. This is your chance to meet new friends, put faces with usernames, and have a blast going throug  More...
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Hi Disney Reps: I would love an opportunity to be apart of the Disney Company:) Feel free to DM me for my website and resume:) - BooEve123   800.9 #195 4-9-13 11:58PM Like(22)  Reply
worth a shot right ;) - BooEve123  800.9 #195 4-9-13 11:59PM
It looks great BooEve. - Westcoast  127.8 #2919 4-10-13 12:26AM
Fantastic job as always, BooEve123 and to MyPark. This logo automatically made me smile.. dig the whole retro design! - Jacqueline   580.0 #303 4-9-13 11:57PM Like(4)  Reply
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ATTRACTION TAKEOVER SCHEDULE TONIGHT at 7pm! (get there early because it will probably be a crowded night at Disneyland): Don't miss the Reunion Weekend Kickoff Event hosted by   More...
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This post is also helpful to bookmark in case you get lost, you know where to meet us next ;) - MEHlanie_Mouse   1114.4 #133 5-10-13 10:10PM Like(4)  Reply
those who show up for this stop by the village haus cause i will be working durning this if ya wanna meet me - CM_Oregon_DucksFan   2603.1 #39 5-13-13 3:13AM Like(4)  Reply
Looking forward to meeting you!! - EmEJohnson  176.7 #2171 5-13-13 9:09AM
RAKing burgers???? - DisneyNorm  1374.2 #99 5-17-13 6:42PM
640.4 #264 DL Qual #217 5-9-13 10:54PM
Disney tradition...After the parade I dance with my child to the closing music...I hope she never outgrows this.
You are such a great dad! By treating your daughter this way, she will grow up to find someone to love that treats her the same and won't settle for anything less! I love this picture! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   628.2 #275 5-9-13 11:08PM Like(3)  Reply
πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†all of this. It's true. I fell as though I am proof of that. πŸ‘‘ - APirateslifeforme31  168.9 #2287 5-9-13 11:13PM
This makes me feel so much better. Thank you. - MennisDiller  640.4 #264 5-10-13 7:42AM
As a woman who grew up with her dad taking her on Disney trips, trust me she will NEVER out grow it! Some of my very best childhood memories are of my father an I in Disneyland. - APirateslifeforme31   168.9 #2287 5-9-13 11:01PM Like(2)  Reply
I so agree! From 1961-1997 he went with me at least once a many wonderful memories! - Gia  801.8 #194 5-10-13 7:57AM
I can relate with you Gia. I had the priveledge of going to Disneyland with my Dad from 1964-1997. Those times are priceless! - adisneyfamily  719.7 #224 5-10-13 9:02AM
You are so cool - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1135.1 #130 5-11-13 8:20AM Like  Reply
That's is such a cool thing your are doing with her she will appreciate that for a lifetime! - brguest85   173.4 #2214 5-11-13 8:44AM Like  Reply
727.7 #222 DL Qual #203 3-25-13 9:04PM
Congratulations to JRDrummer_CM on becoming a Cast Member. Not sure if I missed it or if JRDrummer never posted anything. He is going to be in Quick Service Restaurants starting on April 19th or 20th. He has no assigned location as of now  More...
Oh my goodness... Guys, this post seriously got me all welled up. Thank you for you so much for your kind words. Friendlymouse, you made my week! I got the call on Friday and I am more than ecstatic to be a part of the Disney family. I look forward to making some magic in the parks for you guys. Thanks again!! - JRDrummer_CM   875.4 #180 3-25-13 10:17PM Like(13)  Reply
Welcome to the Disney family!! :) - iPoca.  916.9 #168 3-25-13 10:18PM
Congrats and welcome to the family! - BaseballMickey_CM  6330.0 #12 3-25-13 10:32PM
Hooray!!! I noticed the added CM part and thought he was an undercover all this time. - GrumpyPirateDad   1812.5 #73 3-25-13 9:10PM Like(4)  Reply
Haha me too! That's awesome - MissMolly  1229.6 #113 3-25-13 9:19PM
Congratulations!! - DebbyMouse7531   470.3 #14 3-26-13 12:44PM Like  Reply
So happy for you Jake!! Congrats - Linzee   896.6 #173 3-26-13 12:47PM Like  Reply
6884.3 #9 DL Qual #1 3-20-13 7:10AM
The neglected icon. The Bear doesn't get the love of his more colorful park counterparts. So here is a tribute to the ever watchful Bear of DCA.
#bearwait - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1335.8 #101 3-20-13 2:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Great pics from interesting angles. - 76Parade   4.3 #19193 3-20-13 3:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Like the picture from the front of the bear, do not usually see that angle. Thanks - Bibba   359.5 #571 3-20-13 11:18PM Like  Reply
Very nice pictures! For the longest time I thought this was a wolf! Then I saw it from the WOD and it clicked!!! Don't know what I was thinking!!! LOL - Boundin   533.9 #337 3-20-13 11:53PM Like  Reply
he kinda looks like he's howling :) - OhanaPhoto  3276.9 #30 3-21-13 7:30AM
4976.8 #16 DL Qual #5 2-21-13 2:00PM
a view from Hyperion theatre!!
That's a different view, very nice! - madsdad   1800.8 #74 2-21-13 2:02PM Like(1)  Reply
pretty view! - ElSuperRaton   4466.2 #20 2-21-13 2:02PM Like  Reply
Love! - RadioMaverick   1065.2 #143 2-21-13 10:58PM Like  Reply
Great shot! - ElectricMayhemMom   909.9 #169 2-21-13 11:50PM Like  Reply
601.0 #290 DL Qual #277 1-28-13 9:48PM
Good evening everyone, I just wanted to ask some questions. What is your favorite land? What is your favorite ride? What is your favorite Disney movie? Strollers or leash or walk freely? Who's your favorite villain?who's your favorite pri  More...
I prefer YourMomsLand, ButthurtLand, ParadisePierPicsLand, FantasylandFireworkLand, HalfEatenFoodLand, BathroomLand, IpostTheSamePIcWith9DifferentFiltersLand, KissACMsbuttLand, DuckFaceLand, StitchesDailyCastlePicandRakLand, MaynardPosesForTheSamePicLand, Club33CountdownLand, ScooterMikesOpenMouthLand, StarwberryHateradeLand, OhLookThereisAPLaidLetsPostApicForChurroLadyLand, TinkerShellesOwnPersonalLALALand, MadsDadsChampagneRoomLand, AceMousesNAACPLand - Dave   11823.8 #2 1-28-13 10:56PM Like(24)  Reply
#johnnysexbossland - toph  2416.6 #45 1-28-13 11:02PM
Can I get a map? - madsdad  1800.8 #74 1-28-13 11:03PM
BH Land, Rocket Rods, The one with Ryan Gosling as Walt Disney, stroller-leash, EvilQueen, Buttercup, and no it's low class ;] - MEHlanie_Mouse   1114.4 #133 1-28-13 9:50PM Like(8)  Reply
What she said πŸ‘† - Waites4DodgerEars  970.1 #159 1-28-13 9:52PM
Truth - RickChavez  3276.1 #31 1-28-13 9:54PM
I am low class!!!! - caramiapoohAKAface   3225.7 #32 1-28-13 10:30PM Like  Reply
Stop sleeping on the benches at DL then - Villescas8  601.0 #290 1-28-13 10:36PM
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558.0 #316 DL Qual #214 1-18-13 11:00AM
Live! Beautiful day! My first time riding since it changed. A lot less painful! 😊
You must have sat in the front πŸ˜‚. Great picture - Linzee   896.6 #173 1-18-13 12:02PM Like(2)  Reply
Awesome pic! - princessb5   164.3 #2369 1-18-13 11:02AM Like  Reply
Which line and what car ? I sat in back and I'm still feeling it ! - dlcowboyfan   283.4 #920 1-18-13 1:17PM Like  Reply
I love this shot! Probably my new favorite picture of the Matterhorn. Thanks, Nyghtngale - JRDrummer_CM   875.4 #180 1-18-13 1:54PM Like  Reply
Aw shucks! ☺ Glad you like it! - Nyghtngale  558.0 #316 1-18-13 5:00PM
3276.9 #30 DL Qual #18 1-7-13 12:08AM
awesome way to say goodbye to btmrr with an awesome group of mw'ers! how to avoid the goat effect, stare at mw'ers instead ;0) until we meet again. thanks again @mini_minnie!!!
Tagged in: Goat Effect  Attractions  Great Pics  
I love love love love these pics! Thanks for giving BTMR a proper goodbye for those of us that couldn't be there! βœ‹πŸ˜©πŸ˜­ great post! - Duchess_SMK   5776.8 #14 1-7-13 8:41AM Like(8)  Reply
I could not agree more! - IMissDisney  1205.4 #117 1-7-13 9:12AM
Here! Here! - mrscttlemstr  280.8 #939 1-7-13 12:52PM
Everyone's doing the goat effect - Bambi.   604.3 #286 1-7-13 12:25AM Like(4)  Reply
was awesome meeting everyone.. my first meet and it was so much fun! i'm in the back row with the grumpy car hoodie on with perry on my head - ministrychick77   277.8 #965 1-9-13 1:50PM Like  Reply
mine too! super fun meet up! - OhanaPhoto  3276.9 #30 1-9-13 4:33PM
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