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596.2 #296 DL Qual #188 4-8-13 10:47AM
Characters got switched, Lilo and Stitch together! #limitedtimemagic #longlostfriendweek
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Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride! :D - misseeyore   538.0 #333 4-8-13 10:48AM Like  Reply
Love that song- - DisneyDawn  419.2 #466 4-8-13 6:36PM
Cool! - ElSuperRaton   4469.1 #21 4-8-13 10:49AM Like  Reply
Thanks for all the character pics, and great job with the hashtags! - Admin   4-8-13 6:22PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - sleepyhead_CM  596.2 #296 4-8-13 6:39PM
Aww cool !! - jmza4   259.2 #31532 4-8-13 6:53PM Like  Reply
2259.5 #54 DL Qual #26 1-27-13 5:32PM
Emporium and Matterhorn at sunset
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I love how the sunset is hitting the matterhorn. - LuvsTigger   992.7 #162 1-27-13 5:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Ewwww! My favorite!!! Love the sunset reflecting on the buildings and mountains!!! - TinkerSchelle   1258.4 #110 1-27-13 5:37PM Like  Reply
Ewww or awwww? Lol - DisneyMe2Death  875.0 #183 1-27-13 5:51PM
Oops-oooooooo or awwwwww! Bahahahahaha! - TinkerSchelle  1258.4 #110 1-27-13 6:00PM
Lovely picture. 😊 - DisneyFanZoe   1111.3 #138 1-27-13 11:53PM Like  Reply
Nice shot - FairyGrandmother   261.5 #1140 1-28-13 12:04AM Like  Reply
133.4 #2858 DL Qual #521 10-22-12 11:45PM
Welcome to Sunnyside...
I see bear butt. - Experiment818   1636.0 #83 10-23-12 7:05AM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4701.8 #20 10-23-12 7:42AM
HeeHee! I especially like Big Baby. - PixieMom   227.7 #1535 10-22-12 11:53PM Like  Reply
Yes, setting this ridiculous photo shoot up made me realize what a cool vinyl it is. - BambooMike  133.4 #2858 10-23-12 12:04AM
Very nice! - Andrea84   657.8 #8 10-23-12 9:41AM Like  Reply
This is great!!! - SunnyLovesAriel   201.4 #1869 10-23-12 9:47AM Like  Reply
10-22-12 12:19AM
Admin and Coaster tonight. 😊
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When I first joined MW, I thought that you can tell the difference between a MWer guest and a non-MWer guest because the MWer has this special glow on their face... then I realized it was the light from their phones. - LaTruce   2259.5 #54 10-22-12 9:49AM Like(5)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4701.8 #20 10-22-12 9:54AM
The Original OG's! - BakoDisneyDude   226.4 #1544 10-22-12 8:05AM Like(2)  Reply
Hehe this is so great! - Duchess_SMK   5818.8 #14 10-22-12 9:26AM Like  Reply
I am so bummed... I saw you across the crowd twice this weekend, and still never got a chance to visit... πŸ˜• - MrsPrinceCharming  10-22-12 9:51AM
Can we get THIS as a background, please??? - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4701.8 #20 10-22-12 9:47AM Like  Reply
1175.5 #125 DL Qual #95 10-18-12 10:58AM
United States Air Force Band
The Singing Sergeants and their Honor Guard will join the Disneyland Resort Security Cast Members at the flag retreat at 4:45 p.m. United States Air Force breakout group, the Celtic Aires will be at Hollywood Backlot Stage area at 1:30 p.m. - iPoca.   916.9 #172 10-18-12 11:06AM Like  Reply
Oh, how nice!! - MeridaFan   3466.7 #28 10-18-12 11:07AM Like  Reply
This is awesome! Love the clouds over the castle too! Thanks for sharing! - RCmom   5220.6 #15 10-18-12 11:08AM Like  Reply
2259.5 #54 DL Qual #26 10-15-12 5:41PM
Some panoramic shots from around Disneyland.
Ohhhh I like these! πŸ‘ - AshleyLynn22   791.2 #202 10-15-12 5:47PM Like  Reply
Nice but so many makes everyone so small - E-Ticket   1193.5 #122 10-15-12 5:50PM Like  Reply
I didn't want to flood the Lounge with 13 Panos... if there's any request for the bigger version of any of these, just let me know! - LaTruce   2259.5 #54 10-15-12 7:19PM Like  Reply
I request the one from Tarzan's treehouse. I think that's the one. Third from bottom on right. Please and thank you :) - misseeyore  538.0 #333 10-15-12 7:29PM
Very nice - Missymoo   639.6 #266 10-15-12 7:19PM Like  Reply
835.7 #189 DL Qual #142 7-15-12 12:59PM
#RAK. I found this Disneyland photo frame during my latest trip to Company D (Thanks to Ipoca😊) and thought it was pretty cool. It features poster art from the Disney Railroad entrance/exit tunnels and holds a 4x6 photo. To enter, just  More...
This is SO cute, I love it! Please add me! Fantasyland is the most sentimental for me b/c that is where I spent the most time with my grandparents when I was a child. Thank you very much! - MinnieMousewife   805.3 #197 7-15-12 2:04PM Like(1)  Reply
Fantasyland is my favorite, also😊. Every land has special meaning to me, but Fantasyland gives me that feeling that you just can't describe to anyone else. I could sit there for hours and take in all the sights and sounds. It's where fantasy meets reality and you can't beat that✨😊 - ScubaSteve028  835.7 #189 7-15-12 2:25PM
Very well said! I really like that...'where fantasy meets reality'!! 😊 - MinnieMousewife  805.3 #197 7-15-12 11:16PM
very cool,please add me. My fav land is fantasy land, that's where we spent our first day on our first trip ever and I still feel so sentimental everytime we walk through the castle. - madsdad   1846.5 #74 7-15-12 2:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me - my favorite land is New Orleans Square.  I just love sitting in the land, sipping on a mint julep, eating warm sugary beignets, listening to the lovely jazz music, and people-watching.  :) - Cameo   306.7 #788 7-17-12 4:07PM Like  Reply
Please Add Me! I want to say DISNEY"LAND" because the entire park just makes me feel so happy and even if there are a lot of stroller bumping, annoying crowd who will step on your feet,,,, at the end of the day, there is a smile in your face because DISNEY"LAND" just makes your day... (But if this is for a specific land within Disneyland, i will go for Fantasyland because of the architecture of it, and you arte like in a fairy-tale dream :) - otilegna   1855.8 #73 7-17-12 4:15PM Like  Reply
1965.1 #65 DL Qual #59 7-1-12 4:32PM
Woody has a paving stone.
Nice catch! - Mickeymouse28   367.1 #557 7-1-12 4:34PM Like  Reply
That's awesome! Lol - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1366.8 #102 7-1-12 4:34PM Like  Reply
Kinda funny my Son thought only Celebrities had theseπŸ˜‰and then I showed him oursπŸŽ‰Now he thinks we are CelebritiesπŸ˜„ - TigrLvnMomma   159.6 #2448 7-1-12 8:49PM Like  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - LaPearleNoir  1302.5 #106 7-1-12 9:23PM
I've always wondered where you go to purchase these. City hall? Do they cost an arm and a leg?😁 I'd love to do one😍 - simba77   311.7 #751 7-1-12 9:19PM Like  Reply
You can't buy one any more :( we missed out too 😒😒😒😒 - caramiapoohAKAface  3308.9 #32 7-1-12 9:20PM
Oh no!! Really?! I seen ton of empty pavers when we were just there😨 - simba77  311.7 #751 7-1-12 9:22PM
2259.5 #54 DL Qual #26 4-30-12 7:44PM
Saw this and thought it was cute.
I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #178 5-1-12 12:18AM Like(8)  Reply
It's ok. It's your party. Cry if you want to. - LittleAprilShowers  559.5 #318 5-1-12 12:47AM
Crying seems appropriate, this is way too adorable! - cmshel  187.3 #2046 5-1-12 12:01PM
Too cute - LBChica   2035.3 #61 4-30-12 7:47PM Like(1)  Reply
So cute! - vegasbrat   420.4 #464 5-1-12 11:42AM Like  Reply
You're really Anahi, aren't you? I know I am! - MelodyMouse   3494.3 #27 5-1-12 12:57PM Like  Reply
2259.5 #54 DL Qual #26 4-22-12 6:29PM
At the meet n greet with the cast of Aladdin!
so sorry for the RAK... I tried to post it, but it wasn't posting - I thought - it was stuck on the loading sign... So frantically looked for 2 more people. It didn't show up on the Lounge on another phone, so I thought it wasnt posted... And I have no idea how DMs work :( I was hoping to get a couple MWers to join... But it was last minute and my phone wasn't loading very thing correctly :( we found a lovely couple and they were very excited for their first time watching to show! - LaTruce   2259.5 #54 4-22-12 6:31PM Like(3)  Reply
You still did a nice thing tho! I'm sure you made that couple's day :) - rbeezy  702.9 #232 4-22-12 6:34PM
Why didn't I get a text?? You r so lucky - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #141 4-22-12 6:34PM
I don't know how often my connect can do this, I think this was a once in a lifetime thing... Sorry if it caused any inconvenience (with the RAK - I had good intentions, but it didn't work out) They were VERY strict about this process... But I'm very thankful that we were able to have this rare opportunity :) - LaTruce   2259.5 #54 4-22-12 6:34PM Like(1)  Reply
Tell the carpet girl that I love her and I want to run away and have at least a dozen kids. I'll be waiting at the train station at 8pm. I'll be at the ticket counter with a white rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1113.1 #137 4-22-12 6:35PM
truly awesome of you to share it with other folks too and to share the pic with all of us, glad you got to do it, that is way cool! - madsdad  1846.5 #74 4-22-12 6:36PM
That was so awesome of you LaTruce! I'm sure this is something they'll remember always. - VeloMouseGirl   549.8 #327 4-22-12 9:32PM Like  Reply
I love Carpet. - mandigutterrose   156.5 #2499 4-22-12 10:00PM Like  Reply
😳😳😳 - KissDclown  1089.3 #142 4-23-12 8:08AM
lol - VfxGenie  1509.0 #90 4-23-12 11:22AM
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