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2563.9 #47 DL Qual #26 7-23-13 11:46AM
#MickeysHalloweenParty #CadaverCallTuesday, October 15, 2013! This is the Cadaver Call or Roll Call for those attending the MHP on 10/15/13. If this is your party date, post here with questions, meet-ups, costumes, etc. If you are decid  More...
Ok my husband and I will be there working on a pirate costume for then.  - Marciamcmouse   40.8 #4986 9-24-13 12:07PM Like(1)  Reply
We'll be there!  So excited! We are bringing my MIL, my parents, and my sister!  Should be fun! - preggoprincess   238.3 #1446 10-2-13 6:16PM Like(1)  Reply
T o m o r r o w👏🎃🎉⏳🌠 - PumpkinweenieVelinee   2563.9 #47 10-14-13 10:03PM Like  Reply
Do you guys mean October 14? - Cinderellaaa   165.2 #2439 9-19-14 7:02PM Like  Reply
This post is from last year's party @Cinderellaaa - PumpkinweenieVelinee  2563.9 #47 9-19-14 10:13PM
Oopps lol - Cinderellaaa  165.2 #2439 9-19-14 10:49PM
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The last three days have been tough, with the passing of our beloved Dahulagirl, and the tragedy in Connecticut yesterday. We are blessed with a special community that can come together in celebration; we can mourn together, and we can ke  More...
I've stayed away from comments both about Dahula and Sandy Hook Elementary.. as even just typing this triggers tears. I am deeply sad and so so sorry to hear about a close passing from our community. I'm sad that I didn't get to know her and it hurts me to know so many 'virtually' surrounding me are feeling such a loss. True shinning spirits are so rare and I so wish this loss weren't so. Janine, you've left little bits of your spirit among some epic people. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you through them. Rest in love. - MrsMears   217.1 #1729 12-15-12 2:20PM Like(6)  Reply
I feel exactly the same way!! Couldn't have said it better. - Superspacemountainfan  82.9 #3789 12-15-12 6:37PM
Well said. Reading your comment made me tear 😥 - Keala76  322.5 #749 12-17-12 8:42PM
What a wonderful thing to say! You are truly an amazing person and such a wonderful inspiration! Thank you for this amazing app and its continued growth. - DisneyVacationLover   464.8 #442 12-15-12 11:49AM Like(2)  Reply
My Thoughts and Prayers are with her friends and family. I did not know her personally but seems like she touched a lot of people. I am new to this and still not great with the app but i just logged in to try and learn the computer and surf around. But if her family can see this, i know the loss of a loved one and I know her spirit is still with you =) - kjohoy   42.1 #4914 12-20-12 10:54PM Like  Reply
I am pretty new to MouseWait as well. Though I am not familiar with her, I can't help but notice how many members were involved in her life. My condolences go out. - ManeStreetMufasa   10.5 #10021 12-26-12 9:37AM Like  Reply
1646.6 #94 DL Qual #240 12-16-12 6:58AM
AND NOW!! Vinylmation Theatre is ready to laugh through the loss.
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Laughter helps us celebrate the good times and keeps us strong through the bad. You have so many friends here who love and care about you. Take care if yourself and remember the good times and the laughter you shared. She would want that. God bless. - ScooterMike   1963.0 #76 12-16-12 7:33AM Like(22)  Reply
You sir, are amazing just like your lovely wife. - Cinderella_Schnooks   3235.7 #40 12-16-12 7:39AM Like(3)  Reply
This just brought tears to my eyes about how awesome your love for her is. When my mom went to Heaven, I walked over to the nursery for the new babies and just remembered her and that life is always beginning new, but never ends. God bless you E818, your unselfishness for us to make us laugh is wonderful. I admire you very much for all you have done. :) - secretagentangel   2356.7 #59 12-16-12 10:32PM Like  Reply
Continuing your creativity is a loving tribute to your beautiful wife. - sewedna   550.7 #352 12-16-12 11:53PM Like  Reply
The #1 MouseWaiter in the world just got hitched!
Congratulations Coaster and Lori!!!! ❤❤ - LBChica   2390.2 #57 12-15-12 8:33PM Like(1)  Reply
Congratulations!! - Lola027   452.7 #457 12-15-12 4:33PM Like  Reply
Congratulations! - mrscttlemstr   310.5 #808 12-19-12 7:29AM Like  Reply
Congratulations!!! - dduckfan   280.1 #1009 12-19-12 7:34AM Like  Reply
693.1 #266 DL Qual #261 8-4-12 10:25PM
Custom vinyl made for MrBlue by polkadobo for his birthday! Its amazing! It even has his tattoos on the insides of his arms to the exact detail. Those are actually clothes from his closet that I sent her pics of and his Air Jordans actual  More...
I had to reassure my husband that I was NOT having an affair with MrBlue despite an entire album in my iPhone dedicated to photos of him, including close-ups of various body parts and clothing 😜😂 - Polkadobo   384.7 #557 8-4-12 11:04PM Like(8)  Reply
😂😂😂😂😂 - Mrsblue  693.1 #266 8-4-12 11:07PM
😂😂😂 - LBChica  2390.2 #57 8-7-12 7:21AM
The details ... Amazing!!! - veronica619   517.7 #383 8-4-12 10:29PM Like(1)  Reply
That's freekn amazzzing! - Westcoast   152.3 #2624 8-7-12 10:00AM Like  Reply
Wow that is so cool! What a neat idea! - SorcererMky   300.7 #866 8-18-12 6:57PM Like  Reply
1646.6 #94 DL Qual #240 8-4-12 9:10PM
AND NOW!! Another Great Moment in Vinylmation Theatre History - MrBlue visits E818 and VMT Central.
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I can't get over how much that looks like MrBlue! Polk did a great job! - LBChica   2390.2 #57 8-4-12 9:12PM Like(6)  Reply
OMGoodness!!! Sooooo funny!! - Duchess_SMK   6197.3 #16 8-4-12 9:10PM Like  Reply
:-) - PrincessDuckie   862.6 #206 8-7-12 3:58AM Like  Reply
Very funny - Tealtownfan   1015.6 #173 8-7-12 5:18AM Like  Reply
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483.3 #416 DL Qual #327 6-29-12 12:20AM
Live: Little preview of how our ears sync =D enjoy
I seriously cry every time I see the snippets of the Glow World of Color show. I just might break down and loose it when I see it live!! - MrsMears   217.1 #1729 6-29-12 1:29AM Like(6)  Reply
I had to try really hard to keep myself from crying but then again I'm a big baby. - aidensmama  340.3 #668 6-29-12 1:30AM
Glad to know I'm not the only one who cries when I see these Glow with the show videos. - PrincessElle  14.3 #8323 6-29-12 3:32AM
Awwww thank you so much for posting this for those of us who couldnt make it! It gave me the chills :) - EwokLuver   74.1 #3949 6-29-12 12:21AM Like  Reply
Bump for McMinnie - Jackie211   483.3 #416 6-29-12 11:41PM Like  Reply
Wow thats awesome!!!!! - susieq   121.2 #3143 6-29-12 11:48PM Like  Reply
357.3 #619 DL Qual #550 6-25-12 7:19AM
#ROLL CALL Monday June 25th!!! post your sights, sounds, shenanigans, and locals here! Have a wonderful day, people :)
Come visit me at TSMM! - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID   1035.8 #168 6-25-12 1:14PM Like(2)  Reply
until what time? i'm gonna be at the parks later. - nicoleface  1752.6 #90 6-25-12 1:16PM
In line for RSR fastpasses. At the theater, hope I get some!! - Princessnicci   28.7 #5813 6-25-12 7:48AM Like  Reply
Parking - lilo84   377.0 #572 6-25-12 1:12PM Like  Reply
On tram headed to Matterhorn first (niece and nephews request 😒) - MermaidWithShears   1025.8 #171 6-25-12 4:17PM Like  Reply
1646.6 #94 DL Qual #240 6-24-12 11:04AM
AND NOW!! Vinylmation Theatre congratulates Dahulagirl on not only reaching 1⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣, but also being a Top MW of the Week!
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😂😂😂😂 oh hella yes I can! dahulagirl can RAK anything that's not nailed down. Be forewarned 😃 - Dahulagirl   1055.4 #164 6-24-12 11:09AM Like(9)  Reply
You tell him GIRL! LOL - Duchess_SMK  6197.3 #16 6-24-12 11:14AM
Oh and CONGRATS! You're A-MA-ZING!!!! xoxox - Duchess_SMK  6197.3 #16 6-24-12 11:16AM
Thanks Everyone! The dahulagirl vinyl was custom painted by PolkAdobo for my birthday last year. She is so talented. She copied one of my printed dresses exactly and even painted on my croc sandals too! She also reproduced my sparkly Minnie ears 😍😍 - Dahulagirl   1055.4 #164 6-24-12 3:13PM Like(5)  Reply
it's pretty darn cute!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5720.3 #18 6-24-12 3:16PM
It's adorable!! - SueBayou  2019.0 #72 6-24-12 3:20PM
Congrats!! 🎉🎉 - MinnieMousewife   892.6 #193 6-25-12 1:23PM Like  Reply
5091.5 #21 DL Qual #31 6-2-12 12:15AM
In my opinion this is the best part of the Mad T Party- the Slinky! So amazing to watch!!
I love this part and I love this song! WHO R U?! - TheNewTrent   749.0 #239 6-2-12 12:27AM Like  Reply
That thing is so cool! I can't wait to be able to see this in person! - JoeDownTheRabbitHole   400.3 #535 6-2-12 12:34AM Like  Reply
Wow! That is so awesome! I've gotta check this out ASAP! - disneykimmi   117.0 #3226 6-5-12 2:52PM Like  Reply
Wow!! that is all that comes to mind. I cant wait to see this in person. - aliasgrrl86   220.1 #1685 6-5-12 3:03PM Like  Reply