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1600.7 #68 DL Qual #204 1-2-13 9:25AM
AND NOW!! Vinylmation Theatre presents "Separated At Birth".

Tagged in: Vinylmation Theater  
I finally got my own VMT! - chris.  2510.4 #38 1-2-13 11:24AM Like(3)  Reply
Eating all that Lumpia is paying off. - vincentchase1  672.6 #217 1-2-13 12:05PM
Where is Koko B Ware? - vincentchase1  672.6 #217 1-2-13 9:58AM Like(1)  Reply
Flap! - mightymike  272.8 #971 1-2-13 11:17AM
Ahahaha!! Too funny!! - MrsTinkPan  9.7 #8787 1-3-13 2:29PM Like  Reply
My kids thought that guy was real funny - Philliprocks  668.1 #221 1-3-13 2:31PM Like  Reply
500.2 #331 DL Qual #512 8-18-11 7:52PM
Ok to all those go are asking I will help you score at least 700,000 or more on astro blasters. First off only shoot diamonds and triangles. They are 5,000 and 10,000 each. Anytime you can shoot them while they are lit it multiples the po  More...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you, I always get beat by my bf and I just want to win once! - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 8-18-11 8:00PM Like(1)  Reply
Go Marsha!!! - bugsmom1208  216.3 #1600 1-26-12 10:02PM
You better beat him now Marsha! ;) - Melliott  299.4 #772 1-26-12 10:03PM
Second, don't stop shooting, even I the ride stops, you can still earn points - SplashMtn_Fan  500.2 #331 8-18-11 7:53PM Like  Reply
LOL I didn't realize this was an old post! - Melliott  299.4 #772 1-26-12 10:04PM Like  Reply
Ha ha, me either. Wow, 6 months old. - bugsmom1208  216.3 #1600 1-26-12 10:10PM Like  Reply
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5350.3 #12 DL Qual #4 8-12-11 9:50PM
Quiz: Where in the park can you find a dog named "Sparky"???
HM? - Evilstitch  334.2 #607 8-12-11 9:54PM Like  Reply
Toon town fire dept!!! - Katrayher  764.5 #185 8-12-11 9:54PM Like  Reply
main street fire dept. - dizylizy  147.1 #2547 8-14-11 10:47AM Like  Reply
DLFD lol - 1lvdsny  44.1 #4383 8-14-11 10:48AM Like  Reply
Dave    DM
10505.7 #2 DL Qual #7 7-11-11 12:38PM
****Disneyland 56th Birthday Meetup**** This Sunday Disneyland will be turning 56th years young and what a better way to celebrate it with all you fellow MouseWaiters. We will all be meeting at the firehouse in preparation of the rededica  More...

What day is this? The 17th, right? - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #138 7-11-11 12:40PM Like  Reply
I've always wondered if they did something special on DL actual "birthday". What's involved in the ceremony? Wish I could be there... - JediTrance  71.1 #3717 7-11-11 12:41PM Like  Reply
Have fun today everyone! Wish I could make it down for the meetup looks like it's going to be a great time. - AgentP  113.1 #3099 7-17-11 11:32AM Like  Reply
we are on the tram! Can't wait to see you guys! - Chim-Cher-ee  165.5 #2287 7-17-11 12:55PM Like  Reply
218.4 #1573 DL Qual #776 6-28-11 10:48PM
Somehow I can’t believe there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. Disney said, “This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C’s. They are Curiosity, Con  More...

Love this post. - sumer18  25.0 #5457 6-28-11 11:02PM Like  Reply
I love this post too - SorcererMky  299.6 #771 6-28-11 11:04PM Like  Reply
Abraham Lincoln and Walt Disney, two men who inspire me most! - nittywitty  195.1 #1890 6-28-11 11:14PM Like  Reply
Great post. Walt has had such a huge impact on my life. Thank you for the quotes. - Nesabell  157.7 #2402 6-29-11 12:09AM Like  Reply
1154.8 #101 DL Qual #342 6-8-11 4:34PM
NEW Star Wars buttons coming soon! These were way too fun to make. Hope you all like them.

Awesome work, tina!!!  - Mouse92im  256.0 #1136 6-8-11 4:35PM Like  Reply
Awesome job Tina! The stormtrooper and R2D2 ones are cool! - Keala76  293.5 #814 6-8-11 4:35PM Like  Reply
Need one or 4 how do i get them - mousedaddy  261.3 #1081 10-3-11 10:31AM Like  Reply
Please go to: for instructions on how to order. Thanks! - tina  1154.8 #101 10-3-11 10:41AM Like  Reply
175.1 #2133 DL Qual #4351 6-7-11 9:47AM
Having a wish I was there day. Who's with me??
I WISH! - PrincessLani  111.2 #3139 6-7-11 9:48AM Like  Reply
Haha that's pretty mUch every day for me - dphizz  166.8 #2261 6-7-11 9:49AM Like  Reply
I wish... =) - SJCSharkie  315.5 #698 6-7-11 9:51AM Like  Reply
Took a mental health day and headed to Disney! Much needed break! - Happyhaunt de-vil  236.1 #1349 6-7-11 9:54AM Like  Reply
3.7 #21765 DL Qual #5464 6-5-11 9:20PM
What is the strangest thing you have ever seen at DL, DCA, and/or DTD?? 
Kid peeing in the drain near King Triton's Carousel. Best part about it? His parents were just looking on in an almost supportive fashion. I could hear them now..."You go son, we're so proud!" - MrKAA  6.9 #11099 6-5-11 9:25PM Like  Reply
A girl about 3 years old getting backhanded by her dad. . Sad. I would of said something if the dad didn't look like a psycho. - mozbaby  132.2 #2780 6-5-11 9:28PM Like  Reply
Woman crying and vomiting not in stall in bathroom. in the sink! She was totally sauced up. I had no idea how to explain to my kid - disneyonthebrain  141.3 #2648 6-6-11 8:30AM Like  Reply
100.2 #3311 DL Qual #2336 5-17-11 6:34AM
*MEETUP* ok for everyone that requested it, SINGLE RIDERS MEETUP #2, this time it's a little different. Sunday June 12th, 1:00pm at coaster corner, EVERYONE is invited this time. If you usually go to the parks by yourself or are new to MW  More...
bump for offroad - BaseballMickey_CM  5350.3 #12 5-17-11 8:59AM Like  Reply
Such a dufus...where's coaster corner? - alankeno  57.5 #4000 5-17-11 9:01AM Like  Reply
It was terrific meeting everyone yesterday! - alankeno  57.5 #4000 6-13-11 7:05AM Like  Reply
5350.3 #12 DL Qual #4 5-19-11 1:54PM
WALT"S Apartment Tour~ So yesterday afternoon, I took a tour of Walt Disney's Apartment on Main Street USA. For those who don't know, Walt had this apartment built on top of the Main Street Firehouse so he could stay in the park while it  More...
Fantastic story. Thank you very much for sharing with us. - proudcanuck  478.4 #358 5-19-11 1:56PM Like  Reply
Wow, truly amazing I got chills reading this! Thank you so much for sharing! - Knik  453.7 #383 5-19-11 1:58PM Like  Reply
Thank you  for the vivid imagery. I got goosebumps while reading this. Everytime i go to the park i always have to look at his apartment when i pass. i always feel such a special feeling when i look up at it
- NeverlandTink  422.1 #427 12-15-11 12:08PM Like  Reply
That is true. can't really see it now with the tree there, but its there. - BaseballMickey_CM  5350.3 #12 12-15-11 1:03PM Like  Reply
40.5 #4524 DL Qual #2731 5-4-11 7:49AM
Hey all! Good morning! Sorry to ask this as I'm sure it's already been asked but where can I get those mousewait pins with my username on it?
A mwer chrissykins is selling them.. ill bumpvthe post for you - DonaldMissingPants  298.6 #780 5-4-11 7:51AM Like  Reply
Awesome! Thanks so much! - deedub  40.5 #4524 5-4-11 7:52AM Like  Reply
You could also go to etsy and type in mousewait in the search bar. - ekwhite  471.1 #364 5-4-11 7:53AM Like  Reply
1885.6 #59 DL Qual #188 4-23-11 7:55AM
#ROLL CALL for Saturday April 23rd 2011! Post your arrival, location, meet-ups, sights & sounds here! Hope you have a wonderful Disney day! :D
Heading to Peter Pan!! - JustGoofyDad  2166.7 #47 4-23-11 8:13AM Like  Reply
In line for Dumbo. - Tinkaboudit  2233.4 #45 4-23-11 8:49AM Like  Reply
Goodbye DL!! My feet hurt so we are heading home :) - DaisyBell  674.7 #216 4-23-11 6:30PM Like  Reply
Making the rounds at DCA. - Tinkaboudit  2233.4 #45 4-23-11 6:33PM Like  Reply