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349.6 #785 DL Qual #767 7-30-12 9:17PM
#RAK!! #CHOC Walk 2012# Such a wonderful cause; thank you so much to Coaster for heading up a MW team! I would like to provide a $50 sponsorship for a MouseWait walker! To enter, please be registered with the MW Team (or plan to regist  More...
No need to add me, this is very generous of you. ❤ My son had surgery at CHOC when he was 3 weeks old, the nurses and doctors were absolutely amazing. Without their kindness and care he wouln't be the healthy lil man he is today. - LBChica   2550.8 #70 7-30-12 10:59PM Like(4)  Reply
Thanks, I'm so glad to hear he is healthy now! Love, prayers and modern medicine go a long way! :) - DiamondInTheRough  349.6 #785 7-30-12 11:02PM
💗💗 - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #170 7-30-12 11:03PM
Wow! My husband just told me about this. This is such an awesome RAK! Please enter me for my daughter, Allie. I've been doing this walk for 20 years and I'm so excited to have my family join me the last couple of years. Choc has helped both of my daughters but especially Allie. She has improved so much since she has been going there. Thank you to all of our friends for entering for Allie too. Thank you for this RAK. - MrsSandcar13   628.8 #380 7-31-12 1:42PM Like(3)  Reply
I'm so glad she is improving!! Our Children's (in Seattle) has worked miracles for so many of my family and friends! I think this fundraiser is incredible... Walking for an amazing cause with family and friends in the happiest place on earth...  - DiamondInTheRough  349.6 #785 7-31-12 2:15PM
This is so genorus!!! Please add me for My MW BFF Ooohtoodles!! - CourtyAstroBlisters   852.2 #266 8-8-12 10:56PM Like  Reply
::THIS RAK IS CLOSED:: I'll post the winner sometime after midnight!! - DiamondInTheRough   349.6 #785 8-9-12 10:06PM Like  Reply
1408.2 #155 DL Qual #377 4-23-12 9:19AM
Hey Cara. A special friend wanted me to wish you a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Cara!!!!!!!
I think I just shed a tear!! So sweet. Oh great now the tears are really flowing. Happy Birthday Cara. So happy to see your friend remembered! - Deltachiq   1244.4 #172 4-23-12 9:43AM Like(1)  Reply
😂😂 - KissDclown   1089.2 #212 4-23-12 9:21AM Like  Reply
It's Crowd Sword - Linzee   2148.4 #91 4-23-12 11:58AM Like  Reply
I miss that sword! - MrsSandcar13   628.8 #380 4-23-12 1:24PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   MrsStrawberryGuy  deltachiq  HiddenMinnie 
4488.7 #41 DL Qual #19 3-27-12 12:39PM
Brought Alli to play at the mini meet up!!!
I took Cara - HanLostLeia   1098.3 #209 3-27-12 1:41PM Like(3)  Reply
LOL!!!! You didn't do a very good job of watching me bc somehow my phone ended up in the toilet!!! - caramiapooh  4488.7 #41 3-27-12 10:48PM
Awww! There's my little Allie having fun. Thanks for taking her. And I see a cute lil strawberry!! - MrsSandcar13   628.8 #380 3-27-12 12:56PM Like(2)  Reply
Now I'm supper upset that I didn't go!:-((( - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 3-27-12 2:28PM
You should have gone. The rest of the sandcars are actually going to make it to the parks tonight. We would have loved if you would have been there. We've missed you. - MrsSandcar13  628.8 #380 3-27-12 4:20PM
Alli is such a sweetie :) and i just noticed how huge the wookie looks on me lol - lilo84   377.0 #705 3-28-12 12:26AM Like  Reply
It was nice seeing you again. I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you. I showed up and everyone went home. - MrsSandcar13  628.8 #380 3-28-12 12:35AM
it was nice seeing you too let me know when you guys will be at the parks so i can take evil doctor pork chop :) - lilo84  377.0 #705 3-28-12 12:50AM
Thank you so much Face for coming and bringing Alli. And it was so great to see you Sandcar family. Glad you are feeling better. - Deltachiq   1244.4 #172 3-28-12 12:48AM Like  Reply
Thanks! I'm glad I got to see you before you left :) - MrsSandcar13  628.8 #380 3-28-12 2:10PM
Thanked by:   MrsSandcar13  MrsStrawberryGuy  SkellyMouse 
1408.2 #155 DL Qual #377 2-25-12 3:19PM
Here with our 2 princesses celebrating their birthday again! Come say hi!
Adorable adorable shot!! Happy bday😃 - Willierose   2423.0 #77 2-25-12 3:21PM Like  Reply
Too cute :) - Lizzy22liz   32.0 #6364 2-25-12 3:22PM Like  Reply
2 Q~T's!

- Jazenails   319.7 #930 2-26-12 2:52PM Like  Reply
Too darn cute! - PlutoFanatic   296.3 #1077 2-28-12 11:12PM Like  Reply
1408.2 #155 DL Qual #377 2-16-12 8:08AM
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my littlest Sandcar girl Hailey. She turns 2 today. Can't wait to get to DL tonight and get her a Birthday pin.
Happy Birthday Hailey! We love you and the whole Sandcar family =D - StitchEars   330.7 #866 2-16-12 10:06AM Like(3)  Reply
Happy Birthday my MW grandbaby!!! You are one of the sweetest little girls in the world!!! I hope you have a Fantastic day!! Wish I could ((hug)) you!! Btw.. Congrats on having such fabulous parents!!😍😍 - SueBayou   2019.2 #99 2-16-12 11:27AM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks Sue. 😃 - Sandcar13  1408.2 #155 2-16-12 2:48PM
Put on the lion king hat and hug her and say its from me. Lol. Love you guys!!! - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 2-16-12 2:56PM
Happy Birthday!! 🎉🎉🎂🎂 - Mickey74   3791.6 #49 2-16-12 7:30PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday Hailey!  I'm so lucky to have you as my niece! Love you! - PlutoFanatic   296.3 #1077 2-28-12 11:13PM Like  Reply
1408.2 #155 DL Qual #377 2-2-12 7:11PM
Don't know if anyone has posted this but a CM told me this will reopen tomorrow.
#qualitycontent - toph   2418.2 #78 2-2-12 7:16PM Like(1)  Reply
Awesome!!👍 - ReachForTheSky   676.2 #357 2-2-12 7:12PM Like  Reply
Cool. - FELIXTHECAT   257.1 #1429 2-2-12 8:16PM Like  Reply
Time to now go watch the Wilderness Explorer Ceremony and meet Russel again!!! - iamdugsmaster   878.8 #255 2-2-12 8:19PM Like  Reply
1408.2 #155 DL Qual #377 2-2-12 6:50PM
Wishing I had a good camera right now. Carsland is lit up and you can see the Mater ride pretty clear. Won't post the pics I took cause you can't tell what it is. :(
you guys gona be at the parks tomorrow? - djbreakdown   573.2 #414 2-2-12 9:07PM Like(1)  Reply
We are going to try. If we do it will probably be after 8 - Sandcar13  1408.2 #155 2-2-12 9:14PM
we might be outside trader sams by then =) - djbreakdown  573.2 #414 2-2-12 9:17PM
Lucky! Wish I was there to see! - toph   2418.2 #78 2-2-12 6:53PM Like  Reply
We are going to try. If we do it will probably be after 8 - Sandcar13   1408.2 #155 2-2-12 9:14PM Like  Reply
we might be outside trader sams by then =) - djbreakdown   573.2 #414 2-2-12 9:17PM Like  Reply
1408.2 #155 DL Qual #377 1-27-12 4:30PM
Just wanted to thank everyone for your well wishes, pixie dust, prayers and any comments about my job interview. The district called me today and offered me the job. I will start a week from Monday as a full time Kinder teacher literall  More...
That is so awesome!!! Congratulations! You definately deserve it!
- MermaidWithShears   1025.8 #229 1-27-12 4:38PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks Jen - Sandcar13  1408.2 #155 1-27-12 4:51PM
That's great congratulations...I spend part of my day in a kindergarten class and love it...they crack me up...but boy would their parents be mortified buy the stuff they tell us...😊 - TiggerBelle   534.5 #464 1-27-12 4:51PM Like(1)  Reply
Yes they are great. And yes, parents should be careful what they say around their kindergartner. - Sandcar13  1408.2 #155 1-27-12 4:52PM
sooo true! - misschurro  10083.9 #12 1-27-12 5:34PM
That's so awesome. Congrats. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 1-29-12 5:23PM Like  Reply better like to sing...kinders love singing.. Oh and use disney stuff too.  - Plumiegirl   10920.4 #11 1-29-12 5:24PM Like  Reply
628.8 #380 DL Qual #1027 1-25-12 9:51PM
The after hours group are getting fireworks.
Love when they aren't scheduled and you're there :D - toph   2418.2 #78 1-26-12 7:25AM Like(1)  Reply
We got lucky because we stayed at DTD for a while after DL closed. - Sandcar13  1408.2 #155 1-26-12 11:57AM
It was cool getting to see fireworks tonight. - Sandcar13   1408.2 #155 1-26-12 7:11AM Like  Reply
That's so awesome you got to see fireworks! Must've been an awesome private party! - SarahLovesDisney   85.2 #4100 1-26-12 7:27AM Like  Reply
We got lucky because we stayed at DTD for a while after DL closed. - Sandcar13   1408.2 #155 1-26-12 11:57AM Like  Reply
1408.2 #155 DL Qual #377 1-24-12 4:49PM
So excited!!! I just got a call for an interview for a Full Time Kindergarten Teacher position right down the street from DL. It would take me 2-3 minutes to get there. Please send Prayers/Pixie Dust. I would love a full time job in Ki  More...
✨✨✨✨✨🍀✨✨✨✨✨ - toph   2418.2 #78 1-24-12 5:08PM Like(2)  Reply
Wooohooo ((pixie dust))) good good wishes Sandi!  Would be awesome!!!! You deserve this! - BooEve123   800.9 #285 1-24-12 4:54PM Like(1)  Reply
hi Boo!!! this actually Carlos. :) - Sandcar13  1408.2 #155 1-24-12 5:00PM
😂😂 - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 1-24-12 5:05PM
YAY pixie dust, happy thoughts, and prayers for you! Good luck!!! Miss you guys and your smiling faces =D - StitchEars   330.7 #866 1-25-12 3:57PM Like  Reply
Awesome news, and please let us know if you got it. I would like to welcome you to the world of teaching
- Villescas8   607.0 #396 1-26-12 10:17AM Like  Reply