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2510.5 #44 DL Qual #30 3-19-12 9:34PM
WoC. From tonights 8pm showing, I was in the splash zone protecting my camera like it was lumpia.
Tagged in: DCA  World of Color  
Gosh ! Can you stop takin amazing pictures ?! Your making us all look bad ! Lol - CMWalker   341.4 #620 3-19-12 11:48PM Like(3)  Reply
My favorite show!! It's a world of coooollllloooorrrrr!!! - CourtyAstroBlisters   678.7 #245 3-19-12 9:57PM Like(2)  Reply
Mmm lumpia. LOL. Nice shots, Panda! Haaaiiiiiiii 👍 - sneakergirl   175.6 #2182 3-20-12 12:38AM Like  Reply
THAN THOUUU, HAIIIIIIII - chris.  2510.5 #44 3-20-12 4:02PM
Great collage!! - VADERonSOARIN   540.7 #329 3-20-12 4:14PM Like  Reply
2510.5 #44 DL Qual #30 3-10-12 2:26PM
Partners. since the flowers were changed i decided to do another shot, having fun with the new lens. full size can be downloaded here: just made an phone version if you would like to use:  More...
This can only be described in one word: epic. - ladylikesdisney   945.0 #162 3-10-12 2:27PM Like(28)  Reply
Love it!!! - beccabelle2002  6.9 #12258 3-11-12 1:20AM

i would like to thank every one of you all, waking up and seeing my flickr have over 2k+ hits overnight again is amazing. this past month alone about 90% of my 6k or so hits is just from mousewait and i'm currently around 30k+ hits since i started my flickr almost a year ago now. it's crazy how a hobby i started almost a year ago when i got my ap could have grown so much. i look back at my old pictures and i kinda laugh and can critique myself now. it's always fun to learn new things and this past year i've learned a lot and i'm always learning new things. sure there are a lot of pictures of disneyland but to make a shot of your own and different is the challenging thing. if you ever spot me and my brother at the parks when we're just taking pictures we're always looking at new ways to shoot things. it was great to see some of you yesterday and to tell me your new laptop/phone wallpaper is my partners picture, or even through instagram or any other form and say its your new background. you all deserve lumpia -xchristopherguntherninjapandalumpiamouse84

- chris.   2510.5 #44 3-12-12 2:15PM Like(6)  Reply
My MacBook loves this photo as my desktop picture! 💗 - iPoca.  916.9 #168 3-12-12 2:20PM
thank YOU for all the quality pictures you provide to the lounge AND my desktop background. - nicoleface  1749.9 #75 3-12-12 3:25PM
Kind of dreamy, magical, mystical and truly fantastic! Good shot!! - akmickey   6.7 #12632 2-28-13 10:35PM Like  Reply
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766.3 #208 DL Qual #236 3-11-12 2:11PM
Live Mickey and Minnie paradise pier.
Thas ghetto yo! - lonelydriver   413.6 #470 3-11-12 2:13PM Like(8)  Reply
I second that "Yo" - ohhhtoodles  365.2 #558 3-11-12 2:15PM
And not ghetto fabulous - PinkElephants  745.6 #217 3-11-12 3:42PM
You'll probably win a dance off with them, they don't seem very professional - MarshaMouse   4073.5 #24 3-11-12 2:14PM Like(2)  Reply
Haha just saw the same bootleg version of these two along with Buzz & Woody on the Vegas strip..too funny :) - LuvsMimisHouse   515.6 #355 3-11-12 3:38PM Like  Reply
And not ghetto fabulous - PinkElephants   745.6 #217 3-11-12 3:42PM Like  Reply
104.8 #3332 DL Qual #4206 8-18-11 9:57PM
hanging out with zombie and lonelydriver. Find us ;)
Hi Jameson. I miss you - Starr   550.3 #321 8-18-11 10:02PM Like  Reply
Yea fun times - zombie   54.5 #4255 8-18-11 10:22PM Like  Reply
I will! lol ........well after the expo ... but I WILL @lonelydriver, I WILL! :P - iPoca.   916.9 #168 8-19-11 2:21AM Like  Reply
@Happily, Yayyy I had fun with you and @project626 too! - iPoca.   916.9 #168 8-19-11 2:22AM Like  Reply
104.8 #3332 DL Qual #4206 8-2-11 2:37AM
all i wanted was to get wet.
Which one are you? The GQ looking one? - lonelydriver   413.6 #470 8-2-11 2:39AM Like  Reply
Mission accomplished? - cenicienta   323.8 #695 8-2-11 3:02AM Like  Reply