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28.1 #5995 DL Qual #1919 11-4-15 9:03PM
help MWers, i'm not going to make it to DL before BTR Bbq closes. I've heard thay are handing out a BTR Bbq recipe pamphlet. I would be forever in someones debt and will pay if someone can get one of these pamphlets for me. Cash, MW point  More...
First born? I don't know if they are doing this or not, but it sure would be cool to have! Maybe someone who lives down there can find out for us. - MeridaFan   4114.7 #33 11-4-15 9:09PM Like(2)  Reply
I'll try! We will be there soon, if not Friday, then maybe next week. Mini3 loves the critters, so I'll swing by and see what I can find  - heydavis  198.8 #1977 11-4-15 9:45PM
Recipes? You don't even like to cook - philliprocks  1296.8 #130 11-4-15 9:49PM
There's a FB page where it was posted. DLR Prep School. I'm not sure when I'll be going, but I'll try to get some when I do. - MARVELus   237.2 #1485 11-4-15 9:50PM Like(1)  Reply
I'll try next time I'm there!  - secretagentangel   3050.5 #43 11-4-15 10:11PM Like(1)  Reply
122.9 #3132 DL Qual #505 10-26-15 6:19PM
Deliciousness!!! Chocolate peanut butter whoppie pie from jolly holiday. $3.59 before AP. Inhaled in seconds πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
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For a moment I thought it was a ice cream sandwich  - MisSingAlong   98.7 #0 10-26-15 6:27PM Like(1)  Reply
Same here! πŸ˜† - misschurro  6185.3 #18 10-26-15 9:25PM
Me too! Curious about the consistency of the cake and the cream? It looks so yummy - it will definitely be on my list of things to try for our trip in December! πŸ˜‹  - Catski23  15.5 #8156 10-27-15 6:33AM
My husband tried this on Friday, and he really liked it! - teach67   168.6 #2398 10-26-15 8:05PM Like(1)  Reply
- DarthFairy   333.8 #704 10-27-15 2:12PM Like  Reply
Yumm look so good - linzavala15   45.5 #0 11-13-15 5:40PM Like  Reply
Use this link (save it as a bookmark to make it easy) before you add things to your Amazon and MouseWait will receive 5% of your purchase! Thank you for your support!
Purchased the Voyageers book through this link so MW benefits twice  - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1859.6 #89 1-7-14 4:48PM Like(5)  Reply
Spent $490 on it the other day - CVDisneyland   406.8 #531 12-22-13 12:40PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you! - Admin  1-3-14 5:04PM
I will do this next time I'm on Amazon! - DisneyLov3r   38.4 #0 7-29-15 5:02PM Like  Reply
122.9 #3132 DL Qual #505 10-19-15 4:54PM
Had to try this πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ pulled pork dog with fries $10.49 before AP at hungry bear.
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And what did you think of this fancy dog?  - misschurro   6185.3 #18 10-19-15 5:04PM Like  Reply
    - misschurro  6185.3 #18 10-19-15 5:04PM
Sweet and tangy barbecue sauce; sour coleslaw and crunchy jalapeΓ±os = yum!!! Messy goodness πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ - orange927  122.9 #3132 10-19-15 5:06PM
Yum - disneybob49   457.9 #454 10-19-15 6:23PM Like  Reply
- ebugsmama   18.5 #7440 10-21-15 9:13PM Like  Reply
9014.7 #8 DL Qual #8 7-19-15 10:10AM
Found this adorable Family out for a stroll. My favorite part of the parks.
Aw, what an adorable little family.  - DarthTinkerbell   683.1 #278 7-19-15 10:12AM Like  Reply
I love the Duckies - Winnie111286  9014.7 #8 7-19-15 10:48AM
Cute  - disneychu   83.3 #3828 7-19-15 10:27AM Like  Reply
Adorable.  - Winnie111286  9014.7 #8 7-19-15 11:46PM
  - MsTikiMermadam   678.9 #283 7-19-15 7:29PM Like  Reply
- hkpinay   341.3 #679 7-19-15 8:45PM Like  Reply
201.4 #0 Qual #438 6-24-15 12:04AM
I would like to see about riding in the Lilly Belle πŸš‚.. What are the requirements/restrictions/ how can I get in there? Any advice appreciated & thank you all in advance. & of course happy diamond celebration everyone! Can I get some   More...
Go to the Main Street Station first thing in the morning and ask to ride it. If it is running they will give you tickets and a time.  - JimmythePooh   425.8 #497 6-24-15 2:57AM Like(1)  Reply
When we did it we had to go like an hour after park opening to get on the list.  It's definitely a must. We had a great time, hoping you get CM Christy she is amazing! - MellieKay  264.6 #1190 6-24-15 7:16AM
We went early asked and was told there was nothing. Wasn't aware of list. Of course the cm also told U.S. flag was at half mast to commentate a terrorist attack. It was in honor of Abe Lincoln. Thanks for tips about heat/weather restrictions - suzieq65  103.5 #3497 6-24-15 8:17AM
Just keep in mind they don't run it on hot days (I was told above 86 degrees). So even if you get on the list, if it's a hot day they won't board. Just so you are prepared. There is no AC, so it's above 100 degrees if it's 86 outside. Get there first thing and go to Main St station and ask. They normally have a couple times.  - DLKenCA   2578.8 #49 6-24-15 7:18AM Like  Reply
Yes! It was only in the 70's on our trip and it was hot at 2:00 when we rode in it haha. - MellieKay  264.6 #1190 6-24-15 8:59AM
They also don't run it if the weather is rainy or even a heavy drizzle because the car is made of wood. - YoPirate   842.1 #212 6-24-15 8:07AM Like  Reply
             - MsTikiMermadam   678.9 #283 6-24-15 8:22AM Like  Reply
!! Thank youuuu what a perfectly  &  sticker collection! Thanks so so much for the sticker love πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ‘βœ¨πŸ’Žβœ¨ - therealJackandSally  201.4 #0 6-24-15 8:29PM
Thanked by:   campy  suzieq65  MsTikiMermadam 
587.1 #0 Qual #183 6-24-15 1:31AM
Finally saw a cat at California Adventure!!!
#notgrizzly - evilemohand   915.3 #197 6-24-15 8:10AM Like(4)  Reply
 πŸ˜‚ - Atora  2702.0 #46 6-24-15 9:31AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @Atora - missariel33  2115.5 #70 6-24-15 12:03PM
That's Francisco.  - MXPrincess399   753.7 #242 6-24-15 7:19AM Like(1)  Reply
those are "mountain lions" not cats.  - MommyandBash   333.2 #707 6-24-15 11:31PM Like  Reply
I like to call her Frankie for short since for awhile there, people weren't clear as to whether she was a girl or a boy cat. Think it's been decided that kitty is a girl! She's so beautiful, I hope to get a cat sticker soon especially one that looks like her. I love her markings and her deep set eyes! 🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️🐱❀️ - Catski23   15.5 #8156 6-24-15 11:38PM Like  Reply
4439.1 #29 DL Qual #31 5-24-15 2:29PM
This can be seen while enjoying a ride on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train.
Bahaha!! He likes his brussels sprouts! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro   6185.3 #18 5-25-15 8:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Maybe he's changed his ways and has become a vegetarian. (Fingers crossed) - Bassplayerswife  446.0 #474 5-26-15 1:21AM
Eat 'em up yum! - LuvsTigger  1574.2 #102 5-26-15 8:51AM
I wonder if Eat Em Up Yum brand also sells fish heads? πŸ˜‰ - redsoxcarlos   2205.4 #66 5-26-15 6:06AM Like(1)  Reply
Ha!! - FoolishMortal138  368.0 #597 5-26-15 8:37AM
I remember hearing the "Fish Heads" song regularly on the Sunday evening Dr. Demento show on KMET late 70's, early 80's........ - grumpypapa  4439.1 #29 5-26-15 3:19PM
i never wanted to ride that until i saw that pix!  fliks flyers is the only bugsland one i have tried,  and i love it! - MsTikiMermadam   678.9 #283 5-26-15 1:05AM Like  Reply
Code for: Do Not Enter! - campy   53.6 #4536 5-26-15 8:14PM Like  Reply
10156.6 #5 DL Qual #28 5-18-15 4:05PM
The Rock at Townsquare
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That smile 😍 I love that he's in the spirit and looks like he's having a great time! - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor   446.9 #472 5-18-15 4:09PM Like(1)  Reply
He's sporting his vintage ears. - richiii3   1032.9 #173 5-18-15 4:16PM Like(1)  Reply
those are the C-3PO ears - luxkitty  3216.5 #41 5-18-15 4:21PM
Thank you on the phone they look like 50th.  - richiii3  1032.9 #173 5-18-15 7:14PM
"If ya smell!!!!!!, what the Rock is cookin'!!!" - luv2laffhahahaha   111.0 #3372 5-19-15 12:58PM Like(1)  Reply
The Rock seems like such a fun guy! And his million dollar smile don't hurt either. 😍 - MoChuck   147.2 #2724 5-19-15 4:09PM Like(1)  Reply
3050.5 #43 DL Qual #74 5-18-15 5:15PM
Go to ABC7's story on the building of Disneyland, just in time for the 60th Anniversary! It includes many rarely seen photograph, like this one below!! #Disneyland60
ramps were built in from the beginning.  very progressive for the day. - MsTikiMermadam   678.9 #283 5-18-15 6:10PM Like(1)  Reply
Cool can't wait till Disneyland opens  to the public  - pikarich   4990.0 #23 5-18-15 5:18PM Like  Reply
 could you imagine if this was built today? We'd all be hanging out in front with selfie sticks to see what's going on, lol!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel  3050.5 #43 5-18-15 5:20PM
I'd have a whole lot more $ in the bank if this were still being built today! πŸ˜‚ - luxkitty  3216.5 #41 5-18-15 6:00PM
yeah! - MsTikiMermadam   678.9 #283 5-18-15 5:49PM Like  Reply