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35.3 #5143 DL Qual #5606 5-24-15 3:52PM
Every time my wife and I sit at the French market we see an elderly gentleman that always sits right in front of the Royal Street Bachelors band. He claps and gets really into the music! He also follows the band that walks around in New O  More...
He is a great guy,,,has been coming to the parks for a long time and loves the live music. You can see him a few days a week always watching along. My Grandmother use to know him before she passed away and I can't remember his name....I remember when I worked there he did the same thing, really neat guy - Dave   12653.4 #2 5-24-15 5:02PM Like(3)  Reply
Do you know Peter? What's his story? - minniemonika  139.7 #0 5-24-15 7:46PM
I've seen him too, but on Main Street. Each time he is by himself and is watching the live entertainment. Maybe next time I will strike up a conversation while waiting. - Ry-Ry   79.4 #3783 5-24-15 4:13PM Like  Reply
Is it in the morning? If so he's a legend among CMS there. They have a "secret" handshake with him. - missmimi90   1840.8 #77 5-24-15 4:58PM Like  Reply
Yes!!!! I saw him yesterday morning at BTMRR!! They were all clapping along with him and they did the secret handshake!! He then walked through Frontierland and all the CM's clapped! - 1Princess3Princes  395.2 #526 5-24-15 5:29PM
Yep! He's awesome and so polite. There like a YouTube video dedicated to him and stuff. - missmimi90  1840.8 #77 5-24-15 6:27PM
I think his name is Peter if it's the one I'm thinking of - foundpluto1   1635.3 #90 5-24-15 7:33PM Like  Reply
3662.5 #31 DL Qual #19 5-24-15 11:18AM
the 24 hour event was insane packed, but so much fun! who went? was it worth it to you?
I went!! It was my 3rd one in a row. I missed the end by 2 hours but I was on property for 30 hours straight still!! I love these events.  Yes it was extremely packed and sometimes frustrating, but totally worth it! I got to experience Paint the Night and the new fireworks, both of which had me in tears. I got to see the upgrades on Matterhorn and only had to wait 25 minutes since I went right at 6am! I met up with some awesome Mwers at different times of the day, some I had already met and some I was meeting for the first time! I wish I would have been able to travel over to the DCA side but I was too afraid of getting stuck in the esplanade so I never left the Disneyland side. I will continue to go to 24 hour events as long as they have them and I can make it!  - thatgirljenn   1431.0 #103 5-24-15 11:25AM Like(2)  Reply
the kids went on Matterhorn first too!  we made the mistake and left to try for DCA the line was insane! - OhanaPhoto  3662.5 #31 5-24-15 7:04PM
I got there at about 4:15a, had an easy time parking at M&F and got in quickly through DTD. I was able to get on buzz, Matterhorn, soarin, and ca screamin in the morning. Ate breakfast at flo's. Then just sorta wandered around. I wanted some of the popcorn buckets and sippers but didn't want to wait. The merch lines were crazy too. I ended up leaving by 1p cuz I wanted to try and beat holiday traffic back home to SD (didn't happen hahaha!!). I'm glad I went though to check it out and glad I went early and didn't deal with the chaos that a lot of people endured trying to get in later in the day and night. Props to all the CMs who handled everything and put on a great event. It can't be easy and I applaud you all. 👏🏻 - DisneyLuvinMama   351.2 #616 5-24-15 11:59AM Like  Reply
We went but we got there at 12 on Friday it was my third event and we had a great time!!!! - R2Me2   27.0 #5780 5-24-15 7:47PM Like  Reply
i appreciate these reports. Thanx for posting.  - BAO1953   20.2 #6685 5-24-15 8:05PM Like  Reply
12653.4 #2 DL Qual #4 5-22-15 9:35AM
Dave shows up for fun, just like clockwork! - MelodyMouse   4696.4 #21 5-22-15 10:08AM Like(3)  Reply
HAHAHA - Dave   12653.4 #2 5-22-15 12:19PM
Have fun! Know you will. Jealous. 😃 - Darlingwendi   1188.3 #132 5-22-15 11:49AM Like(1)  Reply
just wait until the pub crawl later...Things might get a little nutty - Dave   12653.4 #2 5-22-15 12:05PM
I might even buy a princess crown with ears and take selfies with it.. - Dave   12653.4 #2 5-22-15 12:05PM
Did you guys notice I'm disneybounding as the diamond castle today? - Dave   12653.4 #2 5-22-15 12:06PM Like  Reply
Nice! - MelodyMouse  4696.4 #21 5-22-15 8:02PM
I'm heading there after work. I know it will be crazy but I just have to see it! - LilSterner   4904.9 #19 5-22-15 12:28PM Like  Reply
yea, its a must...even though its really crowded the vibe and energy is really positive and fun...I'm excited to go back after work - Dave   12653.4 #2 5-22-15 12:41PM
8770.3 #4 DL Qual #26 12-31-14 10:03AM
To regulate over crowding Disney does a few things: Level 1: Normal entry and re-entry to the park Level 2: The park stops selling admission tickets (about 60,000 guests) Pass Holders and pre purchased tickets are still allowed entry. Lev  More...
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Sample of crowded:  - Tom   8770.3 #4 12-31-14 10:06AM Like(11)  Reply
This isn't confirmed, but I heard if you run around yelling "BAD KITTY, this is my POT PIE bad kitty!!" They will let you in.  ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜‚  I read that on the Internet.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   585.1 #317 12-31-14 11:12AM Like(9)  Reply
😂😂😂 - Tom  8770.3 #4 12-31-14 11:53AM
😹😹😹 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1106.7 #149 5-18-15 3:29PM
We will be there in July for the actual anniversary. We are staying at the Disneyland Hotel. How do they verify you are a hotel guest? Room key? - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1032.3 #3 5-22-15 2:43PM Like  Reply
Room key & ID - ShariRenee  6202.2 #14 5-22-15 3:28PM
❗️ - Tom   8770.3 #4 5-22-15 3:27PM Like  Reply
246.0 #1317 DL Qual #2127 5-22-15 6:04AM
If you can't be there in person, has 6 real-time cameras going right now!! 8(:-)D
Streaming Main St in background as I work. Hearing the happy voices, ah-oogah horns, and music loops. Wish they streamed everyday! - MelodyMouse   4696.4 #21 5-22-15 10:03AM Like(4)  Reply
And they will be on all night long, so those of us not there can see the fireworks show too!!  8(:-)  - DeeDeeMouse   246.0 #1317 5-22-15 6:19AM Like(3)  Reply
good parade! - MsTikiMermadam   304.6 #816 5-22-15 9:29PM Like  Reply
Best link ever. - TwinkleJenn   89.5 #3610 5-22-15 11:24PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4500 DL Qual #983 5-20-15 5:13PM
I have a question where is the Pemba lot? Also when we park where do we go from there for the event if the buses aren't running?
Pumbaa is across the street on Harbor, next to the Ramada Inn. Sometimes there are buses running, but its faster to walk. CMs also park there too - BaseballMickey_CM   6963.5 #9 5-20-15 5:27PM Like(1)  Reply
I thought you drove in on Katella?? I never go there as I love the trams so much!  - secretagentangel  1498.7 #99 5-20-15 5:31PM
This.  It's so convenient!  - IDVandalSkipperCM  2357.4 #53 5-20-15 9:10PM
I think if the lot is open, then the buses will run. It's across from garden walk, is that Katella? And it's pumba 😀look at the left menu on here and you can go to links for the official website.  - secretagentangel   1498.7 #99 5-20-15 5:23PM Like  Reply
The one across the GardenWalk is our cm lot and the Toy Story lot.  - BaseballMickey_CM  6963.5 #9 5-20-15 7:16PM
Ok Ty so much - dsnyfrk28   49.9 #4500 5-20-15 5:38PM Like  Reply
Just be careful you don't stand downwind 😂 - Spoonful_O_Sugar   585.1 #317 5-20-15 7:17PM Like  Reply
718.4 #240 DL Qual #92 5-20-15 11:30AM
P.S.A. - As the big crowds for the 60th and summer start to roll in, a friendly reminder to potential line jumpers: Dark Side or parks side, there are two forces you don't want to make grumpy.
Good one! But if they're jumping lines they're probably not MWers because we're normally a civilized bunch!😹 - debbiev   981.3 #172 5-20-15 11:35AM Like(5)  Reply
You sure about that?!? 😂😂😘 - missariel33  2012.0 #68 5-20-15 3:29PM
^^^ this. there's a lot of people here lol - OhanaPhoto  3662.5 #31 5-21-15 10:08AM
A perfect use of satire and irony on so many levels. Well done.  - Darlingwendi   1188.3 #132 5-20-15 4:39PM Like(4)  Reply
😊 - Maddernhorn  718.4 #240 5-20-15 4:44PM
Bahahahaha - ShariRenee  6202.2 #14 5-20-15 5:17PM
Great PSA. Now, may the force be with us! - LaPearleNoir   1505.7 #98 5-21-15 6:51AM Like(1)  Reply
1011.6 #169 DL Qual #69 5-15-15 5:03AM
60 years ago, may 1955, walt disney was 2 months from completing his dream come true.
Wow!  Thanks for sharing love the picture!  31 years ago today my now husband asked me to be his girlfriend 😜 - PrincessDuckie   815.8 #204 5-15-15 8:57AM Like(5)  Reply
Aw!  Happy anni 💖👫 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  585.1 #317 5-15-15 2:39PM
And it probably sounded something like this, "Hey, you wanna go around?" 😂 happy anni - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5258.5 #16 5-15-15 7:32PM
Great photo. Look at the size differences in some of the trees. Some are  definitely more mature down at the Hub. And that old truck! 😱😍love it. Scaffolding around the castle, too. Thanks for sharing   - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5258.5 #16 5-15-15 7:31AM Like(2)  Reply
Mature? What's that? - philliprocks  1112.3 #146 5-15-15 8:21PM
@@philliprocks if you have to ask...😜 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5258.5 #16 5-15-15 8:37PM
Where the magic was created! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1106.7 #149 5-15-15 8:57PM Like  Reply
Do you think those men could have imagined the millions of people that would stand where they are? - MickeyLumboCM   1011.6 #169 5-15-15 10:10PM Like  Reply
i don't think they knew the amazingness they were apart of.  - PixiePirateMaid  316.4 #752 5-15-15 11:55PM
Or sit on the benches and talk till closing - philliprocks  1112.3 #146 5-16-15 7:30AM
724.2 #236 DL Qual #88 5-13-15 12:08AM
I can never get enough of the castle. It doesn't matter who takes the picture or what camera or phone is used to take it, I appreciate the beauty of every shot, from any angle. Every time I visit the park, I always take a pic of the castl  More...
This is beautiful. I think it just may be one of my favorite castle pictures ever. Well done! - DarthTinkerbell   372.7 #563 5-13-15 12:13AM Like(2)  Reply
Yes!!!! Gorgeous!😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖 - MrsSchnooks  3112.2 #40 5-14-15 6:40AM
Perfect. 😊 - Jess0   248.9 #1284 5-13-15 1:05AM Like  Reply
Beautiful picture! - magicalflash   23.9 #6140 5-14-15 12:10PM Like  Reply
12653.4 #2 DL Qual #4 4-22-15 1:17PM
Not sure if anybody is interested but I downloaded all the music from the Grand and its really peaceful and relaxing. This loop plays at the hotel side gate into California Adventure, in the area outside of and around White Water Snacks,   More...
Nice, perfect while working at my desk! Thanks Dave! - ShariRenee   6202.2 #14 4-22-15 1:20PM Like(1)  Reply
it is, I'm loving it so far. And they have two Beach boys instrumentals on it that are great. Warmth of the Sun/Surfer Girl and Don't worry Baby. - Dave   12653.4 #2 4-22-15 1:21PM
I'm listening now!! I have always loved the Beach Boys instrumentals too! - ShariRenee  6202.2 #14 4-22-15 1:26PM
OH MAN!!!!!!  That is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for doing that!!!!!!  LOVE it!!!!!! - valj84DisneyAddict   132.8 #2890 4-22-15 1:20PM Like  Reply
Wow very nice! - goofygal   8357.8 #6 4-26-15 7:48AM Like  Reply
Thank you - Dizkid   363.6 #580 4-26-15 7:58AM Like  Reply