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561.6 #322 DL Qual #183 6-27-13 6:48PM
Ever notice Mike snorkeling at the very end of Finding Nemo credits?
That's cool - Fantasmicfan1   718.8 #230 6-27-13 6:53PM Like  Reply
Going to have to pull out the DVD and watch it now! - ainsleysmom   120.1 #3094 6-27-13 6:58PM Like  Reply
Me too! - I\'mOnlyHalfCrazy  28.4 #5585 6-27-13 7:27PM
The first time I saw him on the credits I was like "what" how funny... lol - NorthernlightIATSE728electrician   58.6 #4197 6-27-13 7:22PM Like  Reply
It is one of our favorite Pixar sneak ins. - Linzee   1003.8 #166 6-27-13 7:58PM Like  Reply
523.3 #354 DL Qual #179 12-1-12 5:53AM
Lovesminnie!! Congrats on the 1st Holiday RAK please DM me your info. : in celebration of my favorite time of year, 12 Days of RAKs! I will be RAKing a new item daily on MW or in the parks. Any RAK Not claimed will go to a final holiday R  More...
on the first day of holiday rak pink momenkeys rak to mw, a 2012 disney christmasssss ornaaaaament....please add me and thank you - pikarich   3621.4 #28 12-1-12 8:25AM Like(1)  Reply
Pleaded add me, great idea. - lovesminnie   704.8 #238 12-1-12 9:44AM Like(1)  Reply
Congratulations! !! Please DM me your info. Thanks :) - pinkmonkeys  523.3 #354 12-1-12 11:03PM
Congrats - Linzee   1003.8 #166 12-2-12 5:53AM Like  Reply
461.0 #419 DL Qual #266 10-8-12 6:35PM
***Congrats to Apples2 for winning my RAK. I am also sending a set to SUUZinOC because she is such and awesome MW'r and CM, Please contact me with your info ASAP***RAK time. I have some wonderful items from Aulani. Wanted to share this w  More...
ooo.. Add me please. I would most like to experience peace and relaxation!! - MrsMears   217.1 #1681 10-8-12 7:12PM Like  Reply
what is this peace and relaxation you speak of?? - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5013.0 #18 10-8-12 9:16PM
Once I find it, I'll send you a message we'll have a meet up. - MrsMears  217.1 #1681 10-8-12 9:35PM
Add me please! I would love to be at the beach everyday. I miss it so much after moving to Utah from San Diego. Great RAK! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   646.8 #272 10-8-12 7:28PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Suuzinoc_cm. I just wanna lounge by the pool - Mouse4life   1293.1 #111 10-12-12 11:31AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1035.6 #155 10-12-12 10:04PM
Please add me for SUUzinOC_CM - ShannonAzevedo   157.1 #2504 10-12-12 11:44AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1035.6 #155 10-12-12 10:04PM
Thanked by:   mickeyat  MyPark 
5107.5 #17 DL Qual #6 10-2-12 12:28AM
RAK alert!! here's your chance to win your own copy of Cinderella diamond collection!! all u gotta do is say add me and u must have at least 100 MW points and also tell me your favorite Disney classic movie.. the RAK will end once the clo  More...
Awww... Why does it gotta be 100 MW points ? I just don't do the trivia so Its a slow process... - BambooMike   133.8 #2868 10-2-12 2:49AM Like(3)  Reply
I don't do trivia either due to no Facebook so I can totally sympathize with the slow process ;) - SarahLovesDisney  82.2 #3709 10-2-12 2:07PM
Lol, I sympathize with the two of you, I'm in the same boat, no trivia for me. :) - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #934 10-2-12 3:43PM
Please add me!! My favorite classic movie is Alice in Wonderland! Does that count as classic? Lol - OneDayAlice   497.3 #383 10-2-12 12:30AM Like  Reply
RAK has ended! I shall pick a winner tomorrow!! - Stitch_Legacy   5107.5 #17 10-3-12 12:57AM Like  Reply
Can you change my add for hendizl as my prince charming bought me cinderella last night and it came with a cute tin bank. Thank you. - chipanddalefan  725.9 #227 10-3-12 5:47AM
Aw I'm too coach just turned into a pumpkin... - annjay07   170.4 #2297 10-3-12 5:03AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   dimplesdanie  shahid  mickeyat  otilegna 
365.4 #570 DL Qual #484 9-15-12 3:35PM
UPDATE: RAK CLOSING SOON!🐱✨📱!!!RAK ALERT!!!📱✨🐱 ..Hi everyone! Okay so I saw these cases and thought the idea was sooooo cool! An LED light cover case for the iPone4/4s! It goes off when receiving a call or text! And fl  More...
Add me please!! Have to wear tennis shoes (I'm not at DLR for a fashion show!). - NVDLfan   188.9 #2032 9-15-12 4:00PM Like(1)  Reply
Oh wow Andie, this is awesome!! It looks like elecTRONica! Lol Please add me!! I usually wear nike's, converse, or vans! But if I have to pick one, I'll say nike's! Thank you! - GreenLantern   746.6 #223 9-15-12 7:48PM Like(1)  Reply
Let see if it will post. I tried yesterday and it wouldnt post. This is a cool RAK. Please add me. My favorite shoes will always be tennis shoes. It was pretty funny cause someone was looking at my scrapbooks from 3 yrs of Disney trips and they commented that I had the same tennis shoes every trip. I had to go buy new ones for the following trip. - mamamouse22   27.8 #5635 9-22-12 8:25AM Like  Reply
17.2 #7148 DL Qual #2615 7-16-12 10:24AM
Here is a question. If you had a ghost experience at DisneyLand, what was it.
I Don't believe in ghosts...but after working in ToT I've had many experiences which have seriously made me no longer want to be there. Really not cool haha 100% serious. - TeenMickey   388.6 #525 7-16-12 10:48AM Like(3)  Reply
Yup, i've heard stories from friends in TOT as well.... Spoooooky!! - Goofdog  170.4 #2298 7-16-12 1:26PM
Please tell the TOT stories...I live this stuff! - DLlovingMommy27  238.0 #1401 7-16-12 9:13PM
I experienced Timmy on Alice last Christmas. Marsha LLD and Dave were there to experience it. Timmy stopped Alice. There is a video somewhere on MWtv. - vincentchase1   672.8 #254 7-16-12 1:33PM Like(2)  Reply
I knew there was MW radio, but I didn't know there was MWtv. Where (or how) would I find it? - JinglePoe  289.9 #894 7-16-12 1:37PM
Its the MW YouTube channel - vincentchase1  672.8 #254 7-16-12 1:57PM
Timmy!!! Me and crustle freaked out when the ride stopped for 10seconds suddenly after she called his name!😣 NEVER.AGAIN! Lol that ride is cucuy status At times. - CaliAdventure   225.3 #1568 7-16-12 10:33PM Like  Reply
Hahahahahhahaha!!! Beware El Cucuy!! - PickyPicky  14.7 #7770 7-17-12 1:35AM
Spoooooooky! ...but please the Timmy story! - 3lilmouseketers   84.2 #3673 7-17-12 12:29AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   DLlovingMommy27 
1502.8 #93 DL Qual #72 7-10-12 12:53AM
I wanted to share this with all of you. My apologies if it has already been posted. This is a short tribute to the classic voice actors of Disney. "If it can be dreamed, it can be done." ~ Walt Disney
Wow! I'm glad I clicked that link! 👍 - Tom   8209.6 #5 7-10-12 7:41PM Like(1)  Reply
that was ✨wonderful!!✨ thanks! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5013.0 #18 7-10-12 7:48PM Like  Reply
Meh! - donnievegas   1132.6 #136 7-10-12 7:53PM Like  Reply
^^obviously didn't watch it - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5013.0 #18 7-10-12 7:56PM
I don't do links! Oh and Alice is mean. - donnievegas  1132.6 #136 7-10-12 8:00PM
That was soooo cool! I'm a huge I Love Lucy fan and I recognized at least three of the actors as guest stars on that show as well. Small world. 😄 - LaneSparrow316   847.0 #189 7-10-12 8:19PM Like  Reply
68.5 #3970 DL Qual #1422 7-8-12 10:22PM
Today, Bella's wish came true. Señor Buzz sported his legs. With his prosthetics, he experienced Star Tours, RSR, Mater's Jamboree and Alice in Wonderland for the very first time. Thank you to all the CMs that assisted us.
✨Awesome✨ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5013.0 #18 7-8-12 10:23PM Like  Reply
This is awesome...what a great testament to the power of the human spirit...upward and onward senor :+) - uscdisneyteacher   7274.6 #7 7-8-12 10:25PM Like  Reply
I love this! What a magical day! - matildamouse   196.4 #1942 7-9-12 9:44AM Like  Reply
That is so great! I hope he continues to enjoy wonderful new experiences with his prosthetics. Yay! - Sheilamo   318.2 #734 7-9-12 11:53AM Like  Reply
146.5 #2653 DL Qual #2348 7-2-12 7:53PM
Thank You Sooo Much SylSnowWhite!!😄😚😍 I'm Over The Moon About My Button. Can't Wait To Sport It On Wed!!! Woot Woot!!
You are so very welcome :) It was my pleasure. Glad you like it! :D - SylSnowWhite   310.1 #775 7-2-12 8:04PM Like(1)  Reply
Awesome work Syl! Looks great! - LostUndertheSea  465.2 #417 7-2-12 8:06PM
Thanks :) - SylSnowWhite  310.1 #775 7-2-12 8:08PM
Awww super cute! 😊 see you guys on Wednesday! 🇺🇸🏰😜🍻 - Velocistar237   115.4 #3191 7-2-12 8:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanx Love! C U On Wed - aruuta  146.5 #2653 7-2-12 8:19PM
Cute button!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 ¡¡lo quiero!! - EwokLuver   74.1 #3838 7-2-12 8:49PM Like  Reply
Adorable pin!! - Willierose   2100.0 #60 7-2-12 8:50PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   SylSnowWhite 
11.6 #8905 DL Qual #2960 6-29-12 1:21AM
glow with the show from the bridge!! it was amazing!! :D
This picture is amazing! Glad you had fun! - Poisen_Ivy   271.1 #1057 6-29-12 1:35AM Like  Reply
Oh I love this! I actually wish we could have been elevated to see all the ears glowing, I'm sure it was fantastic to see! - puppycat   32.3 #5262 6-29-12 1:36AM Like  Reply
What an awesome sight! Disney has done it again!!!! - Armenda   1153.8 #130 6-29-12 8:52AM Like  Reply
This is an awesome pic. Thanks! - potatohead25   602.5 #301 6-29-12 8:55AM Like  Reply