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2510.4 #37 DL Qual #25 12-23-12 6:07PM
Some more shots from earlier today. full sizes can be downloaded here: top left - top mid - top right - bottom left - & bo  More...

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Some people probably think you just get lucky with cloud placement, but I know you fly up there and pull the clouds where you want them - madsdad  1748.0 #62 12-23-12 7:09PM Like(3)  Reply
Very nice! - Admin Like(1)  Reply
Absolutely beautiful pictures. Good job! - DPTflower  16.0 #6689 12-24-12 1:00AM Like  Reply
Awesome pictures! - NightmareKaren  340.7 #582 12-25-12 2:34PM Like  Reply
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YES! An excellent feature! Thank you Admin! Positive post are what we all enjoy seeing! Especially for those of us who would MUCH rather be in the parks then stuck at home. πŸ˜‰ - Duchess_SMK  5090.2 #13 12-6-12 4:43PM Like(8)  Reply
I tried to LIKE this, but it turns out that I already did. So I DoubleDecker LIKE it :) - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3139.9 #26 12-7-12 5:04PM
I notice the quality improvement. It's a great thing having the ability to recognize and publicly thank people for doing good. 😊 - Tom  5718.8 #10 12-6-12 4:40PM Like(3)  Reply
I completely agree! - RCmom  4633.0 #15 12-6-12 7:04PM
thanks admin for the reminders and support - pikarich  1856.1 #60 12-26-12 11:40PM Like  Reply
5345.9 #12 DL Qual #5 7-10-12 10:20PM
Spent about 12 hours in the park today being a tour guide for my aunt and cousin who are visiting from the east coast. Got there at park opening, stocked up on Fastpasses and tried to ride every major attraction in the park, while throwin  More...
Great post! As a MWer that does NOT live close to the parks I hope all Annual Passholders and other frequent park goers know how fortunate they are! - AKMouse  410.5 #447 7-10-12 11:08PM Like(4)  Reply
Well said! Im glad you had a great day with family! - lynniesue42  232.1 #1402 7-10-12 10:22PM Like  Reply
I love going with People who have never been before. Such a great feeling. Glad you had a great day. - sewedna  209.2 #1702 7-11-12 12:10AM Like  Reply
Sounds like someone is going to be a good Plaid in the future πŸ˜ƒ! - TinkPen  431.4 #415 7-11-12 6:40AM Like  Reply
I added Follow buttons to the name bars to make it easier to Follow your favorites in your MyFEED, just click Follow and they will be automatically added!
Ooooo, a Stalker button.:-) - SorcererBHhaha  409.0 #450 7-6-12 12:00AM Like(6)  Reply
^^Because that's what cool kids do! ;) - NotNKansasAnymor  204.9 #1757 7-6-12 12:02AM
Now we can say "FOLLOW me on MOUSEWAIT!" :) - BELLEisima  322.8 #658 7-5-12 11:43PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you so much admin. Your awsome and keep this app so up to date for all of us.  - Tinkerbellmom4  397.1 #466 7-5-12 11:54PM Like  Reply
Thank you Admin. - SkyShy  17.0 #6495 7-7-12 1:38AM Like  Reply
NEW LOUNGE ALGORITHM! Many of you know we have an extensive algorithm for wait times. Over the last few months I've been working on a new algo for the Lounge which will make quality content more visible and less likely to get buried. We'v  More...
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This is a great idea because I know people who hesitate to post live pictures because it'll get buried and kills battery life on your phone that they don't want to waste unless necessary. This would encourage more to post live pictures and good quality - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 7-2-12 4:30PM Like(12)  Reply
So true and I kinda feel lame having to bump my own post. Lol - Jackie211  472.7 #362 7-2-12 5:35PM
Very true - Tealtownfan  851.6 #157 7-3-12 9:04AM
LOVE! I "like" this post! Love seeing constant improvements! Thanks Admin! - Duchess_SMK  5090.2 #13 7-2-12 4:22PM Like(1)  Reply
I won't have to do shameless bumps? I probably will still just out of habit. };) - Evilstitch  334.2 #607 7-4-12 5:28AM Like  Reply
I can't even begin to understand all of the programming that must be involved to do what you do, but THANK YOU for using your genius on this amazing app!!!! - TinkPen  431.4 #415 7-4-12 8:02AM Like  Reply
2708.2 #32 DL Qual #17 7-1-12 1:10AM
Walt and Mickey even got free GLOW hats compliments of Sandcar13 and HiddenMickey420!!!

This is awesome!!! :o) Congrats on 700 Cara!!! :o) - HadMatter  378.8 #489 7-1-12 10:06AM Like(1)  Reply
Love it - minniemousewaiter  188.5 #1956 7-1-12 1:11AM Like  Reply
Great pic love it. - Eviltinkerbell  125.3 #2867 7-1-12 5:41PM Like  Reply
😁that's awesome! - calidream1  394.9 #471 7-1-12 10:04PM Like  Reply