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34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-14 9:11PM
Sitting here on a Sunday night watching old Disney trips off times the family has gone.....we r in the month of April already and I am knowing and believing November will b here soon enough for our next Disney adventure here in California  More...
Good luck & welcome to the lounge! - X-WingNikki  798.7 #171 4-6-14 11:30PM Like  Reply
It sure will be! November is easily my most favourite time of the year to visit. May your countdown be swift and fun :D - RapunzelledColey  38.6 #4588 4-6-14 11:59PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 3-17-14 8:40PM
For those who have ridden the new thunder mountain is it any different big or little changes?
Effects are different! Way cool! We road it 6 times this last weekend! It was great!🙌😝😂 - mrscttlemstr  262.3 #1070 3-17-14 8:44PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-26-14 9:09PM
So for this that have ridin the new Btrr is it any different? Yes or no
Well since it still hasn't opened to the public, and the CM event hasn't happened yet, I think you should hold off on asking until mid March. - X-WingNikki  798.7 #171 2-26-14 9:17PM Like  Reply
That and anyone who does have the previews (or has ridden) has been requested not to post on social media until official opening.  - IDVandalSkipperCM  1941.3 #56 2-26-14 9:24PM Like  Reply
Reason I askedddd was because someone on here said they rode it four times I swear people can be so eager to comment back rudely just for asking a question - dink  34.1 #112 2-26-14 10:08PM Like  Reply
And really why not say anything about it I mean c'mon one of the amendments of the world is truly freedom of speech.... Sorry for getting out of control some people call it but I was just makin conversation I didn't mean to p o people off - dink  34.1 #112 2-26-14 10:10PM Like  Reply
no one was rude, thought you have thought that before, if you ask a question and throw it out there, anyone is allowed to add comments or info.  just let it go and try to think of the people on here as a large family who will voice their opinions, trying to help and try not to take it so personal.  both ID and Xwing were both just answering your question.  just be happy it is opening soon.  - secretagentangel  1160.4 #100 2-26-14 10:34PM
*though - secretagentangel  1160.4 #100 2-26-14 10:35PM
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-26-14 5:39PM
Anyone heard if they are doing a starwars land at disneyland at all? I heard a while back there was talk about there being a Star Wars land
I just heard they were going to redo some rides in tomorrowland to include more star wars themed things, but not redoing the entire land. I think that's for WDW. - livelovelol2010  65.0 #3838 2-26-14 5:44PM Like  Reply
Only time I read anything about a Star Wars land was last year, and it was for Disneyland Paris. - Lelundrial  410.6 #446 2-26-14 6:19PM Like  Reply
Well either way if they do it or not disneyland is and always be a magical place - dink  34.1 #112 2-26-14 6:54PM Like  Reply
Star Wars land would be pretty bad arse! (PG talk here 😊) 👍👍👍 *Star Wars nerd* - apesandmonkeys  676.2 #214 2-26-14 7:02PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-24-14 9:04PM
Well talked to my parents last night and some awesome Disney news ..... For my sons 5th bday this yr we will be going to disneyland in November around the 13th and as usual the way it should b we will b stayin at the fabulous disneyland h  More...
Woohoo!!! - X-WingNikki  798.7 #171 2-24-14 9:06PM Like  Reply
Yay!! - apesandmonkeys  676.2 #214 2-24-14 9:08PM Like  Reply
Exciting news!! don't forget to get his birthday button at city hall or at World of Disney in Downtown Disney :) - KladiaDisneyNinja  257.3 #1119 2-24-14 9:39PM Like  Reply
Thanks kladiadisneyninja that is a big 10 4.....he will enjoy that - dink  34.1 #112 2-24-14 9:44PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   DCMAGurl  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-13-14 5:04PM
Omg omg now if this isn't Disney related I don't know what is!!!! Just found out we are coming back to disneyland beginning of November count down so exciteddddd
How exciting! - principessa13  15.6 #6786 2-13-14 5:25PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-5-14 9:12PM
Caption this please

No kitty, don't eat my hair bow!! - missgiggles  22.9 #5667 2-5-14 9:17PM Like  Reply
You are nice, but I was wanting to meet your friend Mike, he is little like me. - rasinahollar  142.7 #2621 2-5-14 9:41PM Like  Reply
Kitty!!!  Come home with me?!? - BombFrog  566.8 #275 2-5-14 10:27PM Like  Reply
(c) Kristie Lugan 2009 - NotSoDapperDan  321.5 #664 2-5-14 11:30PM Like  Reply
Another stolen picture?  - APirateslifeforme31  139.1 #2692 2-6-14 9:00AM
if this is happening for real, all of us need to flag, then the moderator can deal with it, better than giving new people a bad example. - secretagentangel  1160.4 #100 2-6-14 3:28PM
Thanked by:   BombFrog  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-5-14 9:02PM
I name him billy

Is this a disney goat? - Insane-ASHLEY-  104.7 #3240 2-5-14 9:07PM Like  Reply
This ain't any disney goat I have seen - missmimi90  1311.1 #85 2-5-14 9:19PM
Nope.  Nor is it Disney related..... - IDVandalSkipperCM  1941.3 #56 2-5-14 9:25PM
Awesome pic! What a great face! - bizejm6  145.5 #2580 2-5-14 9:07PM Like  Reply
- LuvsTigger  492.8 #341 2-5-14 9:33PM Like  Reply
Might not be a disney goat, but he is cute - Thundermountaingal  10.9 #8193 2-5-14 9:59PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   bizejm6   missgiggles  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-5-14 9:00PM
Look at these two trouble makers

Nice! - AZDisney  587.5 #262 2-5-14 9:04PM Like  Reply
Where was this taken? Never seen these two out together. So just wondering. - Insane-ASHLEY-  104.7 #3240 2-5-14 9:06PM Like  Reply
I saw them last spring together but that was the special event of Long Lost Friends - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3142.0 #26 2-5-14 9:17PM
BUT i have never ever seen Smee wear pants - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3142.0 #26 2-5-14 9:20PM
You got them together, great shot. - TrampsLady  1513.2 #73 2-6-14 11:57AM Like  Reply
Awesome picture  - DumboLov  9.1 #9109 2-6-14 12:14PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-5-14 8:47PM
Has anyone seen or heard when Btrr is opening back up? I was told at the end of this month but not sure it was true. A friend of mine's mom works at the park and he said she told him there is a return of a ride coming back but it didn't  More...
BTMRR opening has been delayed. As of right now, tentative opening date is the end of March.  - IDVandalSkipperCM  1941.3 #56 2-5-14 8:59PM Like  Reply
Yeah we'll see I been going to disneyland now for 33 yrs and I have heard things about rides opening on a certain date but they end up being opened before that date.... It's magical and wishful of things that can happen.....just pray and believe like the true believer Walt Disney - dink  34.1 #112 2-5-14 9:38PM Like  Reply
I saw them testing it tonight! Fingers crossed for early opening!  - JenGwen323  917.9 #143 2-5-14 9:55PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-5-14 6:22PM
Ok ok ok what is seriously the easiest and fastest way to get my rank up when I am not at Disney parks????
Follow the rules, per Admin. Post quality content, be an upstanding MouseWaiter in the Lounge. You can also play trivia via Facebook/MouseWait - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3142.0 #26 2-5-14 6:25PM Like  Reply
If you post horsie and goat pictures I'll thank them! LOL - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 2-5-14 7:16PM Like  Reply
Smh lol - dumbbunny  602.0 #255 2-5-14 7:27PM
Holding RAKs also could help. It can take a whole though.  - warchanted  93.6 #3397 2-5-14 7:33PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-2-14 5:25PM
22 to 0 seahawks
I get what your trying to say, but some people might have to work or are coming home from a trip. And are planing to watch the game when they get home. We aren't just saying it because we wanna be mean. It's just not that nice because there's people looking forward to the game and don't appreciate it being ruined. It's kinda the same if your coming home to watch American idol (or something) and you wouldn't like if someone told you who was eliminated. Again we aren't trying to be mean.  - Insane-ASHLEY-  104.7 #3240 2-2-14 5:52PM Like(1)  Reply
I get how people pay to go to the parks when they know the game is on. But there could be family reasons and it's the weekend. - Insane-ASHLEY-  104.7 #3240 2-2-14 5:54PM Like(1)  Reply
against MW rules  - luxkitty  683.1 #209 2-2-14 5:27PM Like  Reply
Why? I seriously don't understand why one can't post something like my comment.? People choose to spend money at the parks instead of watching Super Bowl c'mon seriously someone explain.... A simple nice thank you for the update would be nice instead of not saying anything bout it at all - dink  34.1 #112 2-2-14 5:45PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 2-2-14 3:59PM
Anyone there at the parks right now please do some live pics for me
bump! - april_december  299.3 #774 2-2-14 4:05PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-29-14 10:11PM
I am feeling a little pic down below goodnight mw's

Goodnight!! - Insane-ASHLEY-  104.7 #3240 1-29-14 10:17PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-29-14 9:18PM
I want this in a painting to mount on my wall

Love the mini princesses! - TiggersAndTinks  18.3 #6261 1-30-14 5:50AM Like  Reply
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This post has been moved to The Hub - MouseWaitOfficialAccount Like  Reply
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34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-29-14 1:58PM
Hello fellow mouse waiters. Next question or subject I would like to ask is.... Can somebody at the park right now who is there post a live video of walking through tomorrow land or toontown just for fun please?
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-28-14 2:15PM
Soooooo......just curious is there anyone who has seriously seen rea haunts or paranormal activity at Disneyland and no not the haunted mansion
There's a ghost in Space Mountain that comes every year around Mid September and stays through the first few days of Nov- lol!!! - Superspacemountainfan  52.2 #4128 1-28-14 4:09PM Like(6)  Reply
I swear that after a few Zombies MrsSchnooks can fly over the Cover Bar ;) - ShariRenee  3415.2 #24 1-28-14 6:12PM Like(4)  Reply
😂😂😂 - dumbbunny  602.0 #255 1-28-14 8:08PM
I laughed out loud so hard on this that I startled to cats and hubby!!! 😂😂😂😂 - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 1-29-14 5:16AM
It's all my fault I started this conversation sorry I was just curious that's all .....kinda fun and interesting subject though! Not Disney related but my wife and I believe we have some sort of spirit or ghost seriously in our house we have both seen a vision being wide awake during the night of a girl in a gown blonde little girl staring up at us  from our upstairs balcony.... We have yet to see her at the same time together but we have both seen her and described her at different evenings - dink  34.1 #112 1-28-14 9:23PM Like  Reply
Oh I have got some stories from the times I was forced to stay at a relatives house more then once. I still hate that house. - Lelundrial  410.6 #446 1-29-14 11:12AM
Okay - Thundermountaingal  10.9 #8193 2-6-14 9:48AM
👻 eee! Some of those stories gave me chills. I love spooky stories.  - AsDreamersDo  22.9 #5673 2-6-14 10:14AM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-27-14 9:02PM
I miss disneyland I so want to go this year it's just ...... :(
Thanked by:   smesa17  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-25-14 10:45PM
A wish is a dream your heart makes when.....
MouseWait would work properly for me!😂 - MadameLeota  1441.4 #78 1-25-14 10:52PM Like(3)  Reply
Lol - dink  34.1 #112 1-25-14 11:18PM Like  Reply
When your fast asleep................. - Superspacemountainfan  52.2 #4128 1-25-14 11:39PM Like  Reply
We'll goodnight gotta b at work at 9am gonna b a busy day...goodnight and have sweet Disney dreams - dink  34.1 #112 1-26-14 12:01AM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-25-14 9:28PM
Anyone find out what the big boom was earlier round 5 30ish near starwars and spacemountain.... The jolt noise and boom?
That explains the evacuation of the area and the Pluto Platoon someone reported earlier - GoofyMom77  457.5 #375 1-25-14 9:42PM Like  Reply
But don't know what happened. - GoofyMom77  457.5 #375 1-25-14 9:42PM
I heard it was a suspicious bag.Not sure, just what I heard. - Superspacemountainfan  52.2 #4128 1-25-14 11:02PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-24-14 9:26PM
Anyone on here from Bakersfield ca?
Clovis, but I stop there for coffee and to pee when I'm heading to the parks. - charmmoore  216.5 #1597 1-25-14 3:20PM Like(1)  Reply
Good to know☕️ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3142.0 #26 1-25-14 8:18PM
Haha! TMI - Bo22  375.6 #496 1-28-14 10:40AM
Not I  - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3589.3 #22 1-24-14 9:39PM Like  Reply
We stayed in Bakersfield once when I was a kid, we were on our way to Yosemite.  It was so HOT, we were allowed to stay up all night and float in the pool!! :D  and that my friends is my Bakersfield tidbit for the day, heehee! - secretagentangel  1160.4 #100 1-28-14 12:42PM Like  Reply
Nope, but I'll be there next month for my daughter's swim meet. - wannahockaloogie  151.0 #2494 1-28-14 1:06PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-23-14 10:15AM
Any new attractions opening up this year in Disneyland or California adventure?
BTMRR will feel like a new ride after it opens since it's been closed for so long.  ðŸ˜‰ - TiggersAndTinks  18.3 #6261 1-23-14 3:17PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-23-14 10:06AM
What's the weather like down south today?
There is a weather button on the main menu that will give you current conditions :) Hope that helps!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.3 #343 1-23-14 10:09AM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-23-14 9:15AM
So what is going to be so different on the refurb of big thunder mountain? Anything new that people know of?
Mermaids and loops! It's going to be awesome! - Philliprocks  664.8 #221 1-23-14 9:21AM Like(1)  Reply
New trains which I think will have seatbelts and not lapbars. - Sarafina  421.7 #431 1-23-14 9:16AM Like  Reply
And wild cabonian Shriners I bet too - dink  34.1 #112 1-23-14 10:08AM Like  Reply
It's going to go backwards! - sawman911  579.2 #266 1-23-14 10:32AM Like  Reply
Right after you see the giant mutant goat. I am so looking forward to that. - Lelundrial  410.6 #446 1-23-14 10:34AM
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 1-22-14 9:31PM
So it's 9 30 sitting here in Bakersfield having Disneyland withdrawals..... I am hoping we get to go this year. Everywhere year e wife my kiddos and my parents go hoping we go this yr.....
I wish we lived closer (Seattle) just for that reason! Plane tickets are the sole reason we can't go more often  - apesandmonkeys  676.2 #214 1-22-14 9:59PM Like  Reply
Aren't airlines running good deals right now I thought? - dink  34.1 #112 1-22-14 10:02PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 12-19-13 9:54PM
so just a random mw question in the californis area. who here is from bakersfield ready go
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 12-3-13 7:50PM
well not sure exactly when but we will b coming to disneyland round march or april for four days....haven't told kids yet but they will b so suprised
Is this a random thoughts of DL on a Tuesday night???  my thought is why did they not find another maker of peppermint ice cream, or have a CM crunch a bunch of canes up, mix in with mint or vanilla ice cream and make their own????:D - secretagentangel  1160.4 #100 12-3-13 8:10PM Like  Reply
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 9-8-13 2:23PM
going to disney on ice in bakersfield next month then finally disneyland again sometime in march or april or sooner after oct
I love Disney on Ice, we are going in October.  - DisneylandMama87  16.6 #6574 9-8-13 2:26PM Like  Reply
Oh Bakersfield... 😝 - FoolishMortal138  301.7 #759 9-8-13 2:32PM Like  Reply
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34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-22-13 6:11PM
here in bakersfield 89 degrees how hot is it now in anaheim?
Too bad this app doesn't have the weather on it anywhere - GrumpyPirateDad  1568.0 #70 4-22-13 6:17PM Like  Reply
Such a shame - Linzee  771.6 #182 4-22-13 6:21PM
Oh. It does I see. Says its about 69. And if you are on the mobile version the clock on the left with the arrow? Click that and scroll down to 'weather' tab. This app is amazing! - GrumpyPirateDad  1568.0 #70 4-22-13 6:21PM
You're in Bakersfield?! Me too!! - LolatheSlush  231.3 #1414 4-22-13 6:21PM Like  Reply
Meet up! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3142.0 #26 4-22-13 6:55PM - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3589.3 #22 4-22-13 6:44PM Like  Reply
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34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 10:09PM

Cute! - ShariRenee  3415.2 #24 4-6-13 10:26PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   LMK1962  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 10:08PM

Cute minis! - ShariRenee  3415.2 #24 4-6-13 10:27PM Like  Reply
That is amazing! All 4 kids posing, with adorable smiles 😃 - Darlingwendi  897.6 #148 4-6-13 10:35PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   LMK1962  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 10:05PM
easter sunday at the wilderness lodge

Cute! - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 4-6-13 10:07PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   LMK1962  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 10:01PM
animal kingdom

Great pic, have a wonderful time! - ShariRenee  3415.2 #24 4-6-13 10:07PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   LMK1962   Bolt22  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 9:57PM
mickeys backyard bbq wilderness camp

Adorable picture! :) - MsPirateLisaMarie  173.2 #2162 4-6-13 10:11PM Like  Reply
This is adorable!! - Willierose  1813.4 #61 4-6-13 10:16PM Like  Reply
Cute pic! - DisLUVney  512.5 #319 4-6-13 10:26PM Like  Reply
Love Chip and Dale's outfits! - misseeyore  537.9 #294 4-6-13 10:29PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   LMK1962  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 9:55PM

I always want to grab a giant golf club! ⛳ - DisneyDavidEMT  1231.6 #93 4-6-13 9:59PM Like(2)  Reply
Fore - Villescas8  599.9 #257 4-6-13 10:00PM
What were you thinking Dave? A Driver or 2 Iron. - friendlymouse  670.7 #219 4-6-13 10:07PM
"Good night and big balls!" - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3589.3 #22 4-6-13 10:13PM Like(1)  Reply
Hey dink, it would be really helpful if you would caption your pictures. This one is kinda obvious, but it would be nice to know what we're looking at, for example your piglet picture is cute, but people might mistake that for plaza inn. - bluefairy  642.1 #229 4-6-13 10:03PM Like  Reply
I mistook it for walking bacon - Villescas8  599.9 #257 4-6-13 10:06PM
He did look delicious. - bluefairy  642.1 #229 4-6-13 10:14PM
Thanked by:   LMK1962  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 9:54PM

BACON!!! - Villescas8  599.9 #257 4-6-13 9:56PM Like(1)  Reply
And Waffles!!!! - friendlymouse  670.7 #219 4-6-13 9:58PM
Looks nice and fresh too!! - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3589.3 #22 4-6-13 10:01PM
Adorable! :) - MsPirateLisaMarie  173.2 #2162 4-6-13 9:58PM Like  Reply
Chocolate milk and fruit loops! - Darlingwendi  897.6 #148 4-6-13 10:29PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   ibsleepingbeauty12  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 9:53PM
my daughters forst time on splash mountain...priceless

Priceless! :) - MsPirateLisaMarie  173.2 #2162 4-6-13 9:59PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   LMK1962   kimberross  
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 9:52PM
poohs breakfast magic kingdom

Pooh ate your kids and Eeyore? - Villescas8  599.9 #257 4-6-13 9:57PM Like  Reply
How tragic - Linzee  771.6 #182 4-6-13 9:58PM
34.1 #112 WDW Qual #1092 4-6-13 9:40PM
hello mousewait cali just got back this past week from wdw...florida....third trip their and all I can say is our disney parks are so much pleasant and better....well with that being said here comes all my photos from our trip
Perhaps a lovely collage!? - DisneyDavidEMT  1231.6 #93 4-6-13 10:04PM Like(2)  Reply
Yup a collage would be nice. - friendlymouse  670.7 #219 4-6-13 10:06PM
A collage would be perfection - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3589.3 #22 4-6-13 10:42PM
*all* your pics?!? 😭😂😭 - Linzee  771.6 #182 4-6-13 10:02PM Like(1)  Reply
It looks like it 😂 - Villescas8  599.9 #257 4-6-13 10:05PM
😂 - Linzee  771.6 #182 4-6-13 10:13PM
Maybe you could post a couple at a time through out the day instead of putting them all in the lounge at once and bumping everybody else's pictures. Thanks! - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 4-6-13 10:43PM Like  Reply
Too late. I just scrolled through a whole page of her pictures. - KermitFan13  642.5 #228 4-6-13 11:28PM
She's using the teaser technique like on TV - "Up next after the break, pictures from dink's WDW trip." (Or you impatient types could cheat and go look on MW Disney World for a glimpse). - Westcoast  121.3 #2950 4-6-13 10:47PM Like  Reply