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thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 (DL) 
I love everything Disney!! If I could go to the parks everyday...I would!!! Darn job keeps me from that luxury lol.

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877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-14-14 11:33AM
Live! We tried 6 different times last halloween to get Maleficent and on the first try this year we got her!
Last year we tried to get hook and evil queen we got both but only ended up with pics of the evil queen and not hook  - cowboygoofy   215.4 #1659 9-14-14 11:53AM Like  Reply
Ooooohhhh I hope I have your luck next month πŸ˜† - SPandEvLover   2766.0 #34 9-14-14 12:09PM Like  Reply
Awesome! - Bassplayerswife   161.1 #2390 9-14-14 1:31PM Like  Reply
We got Jafar.  Really hope to get Maleficent sometime this year! - dethrizu   159.3 #2414 9-14-14 6:05PM Like  Reply
Last year I swear we got the Evil queen like 5 times. It was so annoying lol - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-14-14 6:26PM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-14-14 10:57AM
Live!! Got my Halloween pic!! I'm good for the day LOL!
cuties - FrankenweenieVelinee   1279.6 #99 9-14-14 10:58AM Like  Reply
Cute!! - WallSchmee   48.2 #4367 9-14-14 11:13AM Like  Reply
Perfect ! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   750.7 #206 9-14-14 3:15PM Like  Reply
Cute picture. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-14-14 4:07PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-14-14 10:49AM
Come color for free at Big Thunder Jamboree!!! Waiting to get my annual halloween picture with Mickey
I wanted to grab one of those to use as a fan :P - dethrizu   159.3 #2414 9-14-14 6:06PM Like  Reply
Oh I totally was using it for that!!! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-14-14 6:24PM
ALSO I spot a PacificBronxDesigns necklace!!! @missmimi90 - dethrizu   159.3 #2414 9-14-14 6:07PM Like  Reply
Yup!!! I love it!!! I wear it everyday....literally! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-14-14 6:24PM
You look beautiful.  - sewedna   317.8 #708 9-14-14 11:40PM Like  Reply
hahahaha!love it! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 9-15-14 8:32AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-14-14 10:39AM
Minding my own business coloring a mask and look who comes and steals my crayons!
Awesome! I wish he stole MY crayons! LOL - Disneymale5000   12.7 #7921 9-14-14 10:56AM Like(1)  Reply
Haha he's so cute! Love that Goofy especially with his costume😊 - LuvsMimisHouse   486.3 #372 9-14-14 10:46AM Like  Reply
To funny. When we were there last year Dale borrowed my sons cotton candy. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-14-14 4:07PM Like  Reply
eeee! love! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 9-15-14 8:43AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-14-14 10:36AM
The pumpkins that are out in Jamboree today! love the stitch one!
Oh thank you!! Love love the carving during this time of year. Hopefully the heat won't ruin them  - MarshaMouse   3935.1 #24 9-14-14 10:37AM Like  Reply
Love the groot pumpkin  - marlapadilla   11.6 #8338 9-14-14 10:46AM Like  Reply
Those are great. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-14-14 4:27PM Like  Reply
elvis stitch! so cute! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 9-15-14 8:37AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-14-14 10:31AM
Open Open Open!!! Live from Big Thunder Jamboree
That mike backpack is cute  - MarshaMouse   3935.1 #24 9-14-14 10:39AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   JennDeville   DarthTinkerbell   TheHubs  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-14-14 9:07AM
Good Morning MW!!
Good morning'β˜€οΈ have a magical day' - DumboLov   20.1 #6248 9-14-14 9:12AM Like  Reply
Good Morning! Have a wonderful day!!! - Boundin   508.9 #353 9-14-14 9:28AM Like  Reply
Good morning! - zbgirl00   53.0 #4229 9-14-14 10:25AM Like  Reply
Good morning! - brguest85   158.2 #2432 9-14-14 10:39AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-14-14 8:30AM
Mickey and Friends is pulsing the lot, folks! traffic being diverted to Toy Story
M&F is also out of Elsa buttons. - DLKenCA   1510.3 #83 9-14-14 9:01AM Like  Reply
Did you get one yet? - philliprocks  826.8 #180 9-14-14 9:27AM
Thanked by:   DeadliestPassholder  
The best I could get of the gingerbread house inside the Mansion
So much better than I got! - Taunton   120.6 #3016 9-12-14 12:57PM Like  Reply
Yes, me to.  It went to quickly.  - DisneyVacationLover  409.7 #462 9-12-14 3:27PM
😍😍 - RatalouieNFranguini   107.1 #3263 9-12-14 1:07PM Like  Reply
Oh I like it!! Really spooky - FoolishMortal138   323.9 #673 9-12-14 5:18PM Like  Reply
I love it! - minniemonika   75.2 #0 9-12-14 9:03PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-12-14 11:39AM
Live from the Monorail station! its a hot day folks! Stay hydrated!
It is super hot!  I feel for the gentlemen I've seen today in suits! - poppinspenguin   228.0 #1495 9-12-14 1:38PM Like  Reply
Oh yea especially the ones wearing jackets with their suits !! I don't know how they're doing it - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-12-14 2:32PM
Thanked by:   RadiatorSprings4Ever   Minnie13   BrerPam  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-12-14 10:17AM
Live...1st time ever getting on Ghost Galaxy!
I hope you like it!!  - Superspacemountainfan   73.8 #3745 9-12-14 10:22AM Like  Reply
You won't be disappointed!!  - FoolishMortal138   323.9 #673 9-12-14 10:22AM Like  Reply
- WishIWereThere   247.8 #1243 9-12-14 11:14AM Like  Reply
I prefer the original one! I don't like the ghosts at all lol - thatgirljenn   877.6 #168 9-12-14 11:18AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   FoolishMortal138   brguest85   Ka-chow!   MoChuck  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-12-14 10:07AM
Live...stopped at Indy real quick because there was no line! Headed to Ghost Galaxy next
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-12-14 9:22AM
Live. got this beauty while waiting for the Mansion to open
Tagged in: Characters  
"this is halloween!" - Mad_Tea_Party   823.2 #184 9-12-14 9:42AM Like  Reply
Jack have you lost weight? - poohbearandyy   38.2 #4741 9-12-14 12:23PM Like  Reply
trying to convince hubby we NEED to go tomorrow morning.  Need to meet him this season and tomorrow seems like a perfect day! - Vegancupcake   15.9 #7025 9-12-14 9:28PM Like  Reply
Jack is looking very DAPPER today.  - sewedna   317.8 #708 9-13-14 12:20AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-12-14 9:04AM
Gahhh! Mansion is currently closed. I guess Jack wasn't quite ready for the mass crowds!
My parents are there too and waded straight to HM also :( - brodysmommy   334.5 #627 9-12-14 9:07AM Like  Reply
They are prob standing right by you! They said they were a little ways back - brodysmommy  334.5 #627 9-12-14 9:10AM
Just met them. I randomly asked the woman behind me if she's Brody's grandma. Once she picked her jaw off the floor, she said yes.  - Taunton   120.6 #3016 9-12-14 9:17AM Like  Reply
Seriously?!?! That's too funny!!!  - brodysmommy  334.5 #627 9-12-14 9:17AM
Someone in front of me inside the stretching room was on MW but I didn't wanna disturb them to ask who they were lol - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-12-14 11:20AM
Another guy overheard us talking and mentioned how addicting MW is.  He was from Utah.  I didn't ask him "who" he was. - Taunton   120.6 #3016 9-13-14 7:30PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   pikarich   islandgirlrocksjjj  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-12-14 9:01AM
Live....everyone's headed towards the Mansion
Aaaand, it's not working. - Taunton   120.6 #3016 9-12-14 9:06AM Like  Reply
It is now :) - brodysmommy  334.5 #627 9-12-14 9:40AM
of course - stevesdisneyprincess   96.2 #3429 9-12-14 11:52AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   adisneyfamily   draven898  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-12-14 8:28AM
Live....still giving away buttons at Mickey and Friends
oh man I'm not going till tomorrow I hope they still have these - stevesdisneyprincess   96.2 #3429 9-12-14 11:49AM Like  Reply
That's what I'm hoping - poohbearandyy  38.2 #4741 9-12-14 12:24PM
keeping my fingers crossed lol - stevesdisneyprincess  96.2 #3429 9-12-14 1:12PM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-10-14 4:58PM
If you haven't seen Minnie in her aviator outfit, you must! She is too freaking adorable in it!
You both look so cute!! - Superspacemountainfan   73.8 #3745 9-10-14 5:06PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-10-14 5:11PM guys match! - leopardditz2000   356.7 #562 9-10-14 5:12PM Like  Reply
Minnie noticed that too! She kept pointing at my shirt then her outfit lol - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-10-14 5:16PM
Totes adorbs!!! - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor   389.0 #493 9-10-14 5:59PM Like  Reply
- chads018   49.5 #4324 9-10-14 8:25PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-10-14 2:05PM
Live from Racers! Won again!
Looks like a lot of fun!  Winning is always a bonus :) πŸπŸš™πŸš— - DisLUVney   538.0 #320 9-10-14 2:12PM Like  Reply
So fun!! - MinnieMousewife   737.3 #212 9-10-14 2:14PM Like  Reply
- minniemonika   75.2 #0 9-10-14 7:13PM Like  Reply
- chads018   49.5 #4324 9-10-14 8:28PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-10-14 1:22PM
Live. friends day was made! She tapped his shoulder for a picture and he wouldn't turn around so she tapped again and again until finally he turned around and started tapping her on the shoulder LOL!!
They always seemed like you were bothering them if you asked for a pic...maybe it only seems like that to me... - evilemohand   205.3 #1794 9-10-14 3:13PM Like(1)  Reply
I agree 100% I always thought it was just "the character". Then I see MW with all the cool poses and wonder what happened. Lol - 559MickeyLover  309.4 #742 9-10-14 3:26PM
I think they're not supposed to stop technically.  It's like the characters that walk around at Jamboree,  they have to keep moving and you kinda take the picture while they're walking. If it's slow then they'll stop. - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-10-14 3:40PM
Isn't he a bit short for storm trooper? - Midasgold   566.6 #301 9-10-14 2:40PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-10-14 1:08PM
Live.....testing Submarines!
I still need to go make out in the Nemo observation room but always forget about it - Dave   11260.5 #2 9-10-14 2:02PM Like(2)  Reply
OMG I had to read this twice because I wasn't sure I read it right the first time. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyGrandma  682.1 #237 9-10-14 2:06PM
no you read it right....its such a peaceful place and alone for 22 minutes :) - Dave   11260.5 #2 9-10-14 2:17PM
Hurry up & open! - poppinspenguin   228.0 #1495 9-10-14 1:09PM Like  Reply
Any chance the ride could open before the scheduled date?  - marisadel   7.3 #11271 9-10-14 4:13PM Like  Reply
I know some attractions have soft openings but I don't know about this one - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-10-14 4:24PM
Shake down cruise time! - BombFrogCM   694.0 #225 9-12-14 8:29PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-10-14 1:07PM
Just got off this back breaker and I don't think I have ever been on the left side track before! I got soaked!
- DarthTinkerbell   103.7 #3321 9-10-14 1:19PM Like  Reply
I had no idea you could get soaked on the Matterhorn.  - DeadliestPassholder   191.7 #1956 9-10-14 1:20PM Like  Reply
Neither did I lol because I never get wet at all on the other side!  - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-10-14 1:24PM
Crazy! You must have got a luckily splash! I've fever gotten wet at all! - BellesLibrary   369.9 #530 9-10-14 5:26PM Like  Reply
- jediblue   1755.6 #70 9-10-14 5:50PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-10-14 12:06PM
Chicken Breast Nuggets, Mozzarella Sticks $15.74 after discount at Golden Horseshoe and Haunted Mansion souvenir bucket $6.25 from popcorn cart in front of the Mansion
Tagged in: Food  
Day has just begun and it already looks like your havin best day EVER!!! Thanks for postin😊😁 - RatalouieNFranguini   107.1 #3263 9-10-14 1:11PM Like  Reply
Love Daisy on the bucket. Put that on my bucket list.   - MoChuck   11.5 #8358 9-10-14 4:09PM Like  Reply
hmmm is it just me or those mozzarella sticks don't look the same? did they change I hope not - stevesdisneyprincess   96.2 #3429 9-12-14 11:54AM Like  Reply
Indeed they havehave - missmimi90  1380.9 #90 9-12-14 2:37PM
Love the popcorn bucket! - mmddgp   410.8 #17 9-12-14 2:55PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-10-14 11:18AM
I love how she's singing during this part lol so cute - missariel33   1443.0 #86 9-10-14 11:19AM Like(2)  Reply
Love this ride! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   37.9 #4771 9-10-14 4:18PM Like  Reply
are the lines long for this ride? seems like nobody went on it for a while and then there were long lines. - snowgrey   4.3 #18575 9-10-14 5:14PM Like  Reply
It's off season right now so there hasn't been lines. I love ride but I think alota people get on it to escape the heat too since it's air conditioned - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-10-14 5:38PM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-10-14 10:21AM
Live. ....never too early to play in the water!!
I was standing right there Sat. & Sunday quite a few times! - ShariRenee   4069.9 #22 9-10-14 1:42PM Like(1)  Reply
I want to play!!! - grimgrinninggoof   18.6 #6510 9-10-14 11:03AM Like  Reply
yes!!! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 9-10-14 12:42PM Like  Reply
Cute - carminaire   531.7 #327 9-10-14 3:33PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 5:40PM
Red's Apple Freeze with Passion fruit whip cream $4.69. The freeze is good.....don't like the whip cream
Thank you. I will be sure to skip the whip cream.   - RadiatorSprings4Ever   750.7 #206 9-9-14 6:54PM Like  Reply
It only had a light foam when I had it.. And it was good! - carminaire   531.7 #327 9-9-14 8:18PM Like  Reply
I love that drink on a hot day. I have to get their garlic bread twist so I don't get too high on sugar. :) - DeadliestPassholder   191.7 #1956 9-10-14 8:44AM Like  Reply
Love this drink!  I personally think the foam is yummy, but I do think it's fine without as well. - Sarafina   425.9 #438 9-10-14 11:17AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 5:29PM
Live from Racers and we won!!! I had no idea how much cooler the right side of the racetrack is! First time ever going to the right and it was freaking awesome!
I'm officially 1-7 on that ride now lol - dethrizu   159.3 #2414 9-9-14 7:11PM Like  Reply
I was excited about seeing the paint job on the right side because I never knew that side was different lol - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-9-14 7:26PM
Thanked by:   dethrizu   MoChuck  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 4:58PM
Live from the slowest yet cutest train ever!! Heimlich's Chew Chew Train!
Yes but it has seat belts - pikarich   2643.1 #37 9-10-14 1:43PM Like  Reply
Totally necessary. Ha ha.  - BibbidiBobbidiMe  37.9 #4771 9-10-14 9:15PM
Yes, keep your hand in feet inside at all times, as your launch from 0 to 0.001 in 1 second  - pikarich  2643.1 #37 9-10-14 9:32PM
My husband teases that it is my favorite ride since I won't go on TOT, splash mountain, or Screamin. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-10-14 9:40PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 4:41PM
Live. to meet Doc McStuffins and it only took 2 minutes! love off season
Love the off season  - MinnieMyLove   132.9 #2815 9-9-14 4:42PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   DisneyGrandma   dethrizu   mnvkgsfn   disneymama8  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 4:27PM
Live. ...can you smell the oranges??
Did you know that this attraction still runs on film? Every show, all 5 miles of it has to be rewound before your flight starts.  - BaseballMickey_CM   5991.1 #13 9-10-14 10:27AM Like(9)  Reply
Wow that's interesting!!!!!  - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-10-14 4:36PM
I thought they were updating this soon? When will that happen? - Jeaniust  115.5 #3117 9-10-14 9:45PM
I was told by a cast member that oranges weren't in season when they shot this, so these are avocado trees that they went back and edited orange :) - LittleAprilShowers   557.1 #305 9-9-14 5:08PM Like(4)  Reply
πŸ˜‚ Really?  Too funny 🚫🍊 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  526.2 #335 9-9-14 5:11PM
How funny!! I love those behind the scenes stories  - GibsonGirl87  283.3 #900 9-10-14 8:59AM
Doesn't look anything like the avocado farm that I drive by every time I go to Morro Bay. If it smells like oranges, looks like oranges, must be oranges.  :]     - MoChuck   11.5 #8358 9-10-14 4:06PM Like  Reply
I know which one your talking about!  - NewMommyToaLittleTigger  15.8 #7062 9-10-14 9:14PM
I agree. Doesn't look like any of the avacodo trees/farms on the central coast. I know the farm you're talking about. Used to cut through it to get to a friends house after school.  - Sugarbuzz  134.7 #2794 9-10-14 9:48PM
So many pieces of trivia on this post πŸ˜‚ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 9-10-14 4:45PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 3:20PM
Live from the Tower of Terror I prefer......jumping jellyfish! !
Great picture. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-9-14 5:45PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   erinten   leopardditz2000   SafariSkewerJessica   dethrizu  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 3:04PM
Live with my favorite turtle on The Little Mermaid!
Thanked by:   leopardditz2000  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 2:11PM
Live from the end of Main Street!
Theres that big pumpkin again - evilemohand   205.3 #1794 9-9-14 2:19PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 2:03PM
Live highlight of my day! Just started my autograph book and of course this was the best one!
That is so cute! I immediately cheer up when I'm greeted with 'welcome back Princess' by the CM's at the gate.  - DeadliestPassholder   191.7 #1956 9-10-14 8:46AM Like(2)  Reply
Love it!!! - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor   389.0 #493 9-9-14 2:07PM Like  Reply
πŸ‘ - DisneyGrandma   682.1 #237 9-9-14 2:51PM Like  Reply
That's too cool😎! We really need to start an autograph book!  - RatalouieNFranguini   107.1 #3263 9-10-14 8:53AM Like  Reply
You should!! The characters love it! I filled a whole book yesterday lol. I'm on book #2 today! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-10-14 8:55AM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 1:43PM
Live....starting my autograph book today is going great so far!
Did you save a spot for me? - philliprocks   826.8 #180 9-9-14 1:48PM Like  Reply
How fun.Cute picture. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-9-14 3:03PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 11:54AM down time!
πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ - leopardditz2000   356.7 #562 9-9-14 11:56AM Like(1)  Reply
- evilemohand   205.3 #1794 9-9-14 12:22PM Like  Reply
Thats a great way to cool down but, I can only handle GRR.  - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 9-9-14 3:14PM Like  Reply
- WishIWereThere   247.8 #1243 9-9-14 5:05PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   leopardditz2000   Poisen_Ivy   marisadel   lovebelle  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-9-14 11:22AM
Live with the pumpkin!
I saw this post and literally looked over if you were still there, cause I'm sitting on a bench near by πŸ˜‚ - ElectricMayhemMom   801.8 #189 9-9-14 11:24AM Like  Reply
Woohoo!!! - FoolishMortal138   323.9 #673 9-9-14 11:30AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-2-14 9:49PM
Thank you very much @RatalouieNFranguini for these stickers tonight!! I missed everything while driving home from the parks! Thanks again!!!! :)
Your πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ glad you were able to enjoy the parks and a little bit of sticker night! - RatalouieNFranguini   107.1 #3263 9-2-14 10:01PM Like(2)  Reply
So nice of @@RatalouieNFranguini - RadiatorSprings4Ever   750.7 #206 9-2-14 9:58PM Like  Reply
they are VERY awesome people!!!just wondering if they played the frontier land game yet? - evilemohand   205.3 #1794 9-3-14 4:44AM Like  Reply
So sorry!! We haven't played yet!! We haven't been to the parks in a couple of weeks just had a lot going on. But we will definitely post a picture when we do hopefully we can make it to the parks next Tuesday!!!! - RatalouieNFranguini  107.1 #3263 9-3-14 9:19AM
Oh man thanks guys for all your kind words!! You guys are a bunch of amazingly nice and thoughtful MWers✨ Too!😊😁 - RatalouieNFranguini   107.1 #3263 9-3-14 9:16AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-2-14 7:13PM's Halloween!!
Yay!!! Where is that? - leopardditz2000   356.7 #562 9-2-14 8:20PM Like  Reply
On the right as soon as you enter DCA. I think it's for the AP event cuz there was several of them - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 9-2-14 8:30PM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-2-14 6:02PM
I know there aren't a lot of Duffy fans out there but I am one and this makes me sad that they just got rid of his area so fast!
I'm sorry @thatgirljenn.😿 I'm sure he'll be back sometime soon. - debbiev   788.3 #195 9-2-14 8:31PM Like(1)  Reply
Wow that was fast! - luxkitty   1314.0 #95 9-2-14 6:04PM Like  Reply
Is it gone for good or did they just take it down for last nights' event perhaps? - HauntedMansionDiva   247.3 #1250 9-3-14 10:29AM Like  Reply
It's gone. The area wasn't used last night  - BaseballMickey_CM  5991.1 #13 9-3-14 10:34AM
Awww - HauntedMansionDiva  247.3 #1250 9-3-14 6:19PM
Awww i guess I was lucky to see him one last time two weeks ago... :( - LittlePixie   30.1 #5213 9-3-14 6:28PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-2-14 5:45PM
Most people ride attractions when they first get to the parks.....I look for Mickey lol
Nothing wrong with that...I always head straight to the window displays at the Emporium, just like I did as a mini 40 years ago to see what movie characters are on being featured... - BombFrogCM   694.0 #225 9-2-14 5:55PM Like(1)  Reply
Spending time with the Man is ok. - Winnie111286   1083.6 #133 9-2-14 6:21PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 9-2-14 5:38PM
Live....Halloween things happening outside of DCA
Thanked by:   evilemohand  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-31-14 11:09AM
Just finished my volunteer shift for the half marathon!!!! Congrats to all the runners!!! I hope I was lucky enough to give medals to any MWers that I may not have known were MWers!!!
What a great way to spend a morning! - TinkerAli   228.8 #1482 8-31-14 11:35AM Like  Reply
Just volunteered at the start line! You had the more fun job but I still loved it! Can't wait to volunteer at the next one! - Chim-Cher-ee   166.2 #2313 8-31-14 11:44AM Like  Reply
Thank you to and all the volunteers!   - DreadPiratesRogers   805.8 #188 8-31-14 12:46PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - jacdanfan   6717.7 #7 8-31-14 12:59PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-22-14 9:50AM
#RAK I recently came across this pin and I wanted to offer it up to the Jessica Rabbit fans out there. I have no information about this pin because I have no idea where it came from lol but if you would like it please add yourself or for   More...
Oh my goodness I love this!!! Will you please add me? - WallSchmee   48.2 #4367 8-22-14 11:14AM Like  Reply
Added - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-22-14 11:18AM
Please add me for @@@@philliprocks. Thanks! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   619.6 #274 8-22-14 11:16AM Like  Reply
Added for @@@philliprocks - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-22-14 11:19AM
Thank you. And how did you know I would like it? - philliprocks  826.8 #180 8-23-14 12:43AM
Sorry for the delay!!! Winner is HiddenMickeyFanatic for @@@@philliprocks!!!! Please DM me and I'll get the pin mailed out to you!  - thatgirljenn   877.6 #168 9-1-14 6:37PM Like  Reply
Thank you @HiddenMickeyFanatic and jenn - philliprocks  826.8 #180 9-2-14 7:49AM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-21-14 1:17PM
Me and the Duffster! love him!
He loves you too - philliprocks   826.8 #180 8-21-14 1:28PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ - RatalouieNFranguini   107.1 #3263 8-21-14 1:23PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-21-14 12:48PM
Live. ..Red says come visit him because he currently has no line!
Only 5 minute line for Screaming. Then less than that after I got off. Almost did it again. - Taunton   120.6 #3016 8-21-14 2:22PM Like(1)  Reply
Very light crowd today. - Taunton   120.6 #3016 8-21-14 12:50PM Like  Reply
Only near Red. It's crowded everywhere else in my opinion - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-21-14 1:30PM
Hi Red! πŸ‘‹πŸš’ - DisLUVney   538.0 #320 8-21-14 12:52PM Like  Reply
I love Red. He is so cute. - Winnie111286   1083.6 #133 8-21-14 12:55PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-21-14 12:37PM
Oh I so need this in my life! For the price of $19.95 I can have a Sulley tail??? I'm sold!!!!
Yay, you got it!πŸ˜„  - ElectricMayhemMom   801.8 #189 8-21-14 12:40PM Like  Reply
I was surprised how big the tails are! They're pretty big. ..especially Cheshire's tail. Can't wait to wear it and take a picture with Sulley! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-21-14 1:34PM
My daughter wore the Cheshire one down instead of up and using those arm straps. It still looked cute but didn't quite go with the Dr Who dress she had onπŸ˜‚. I was conveniently wearing white and pink and ended up with Marie's tail.  - ElectricMayhemMom  801.8 #189 8-22-14 12:27AM
Adorable! - PrincessDaisy   305.1 #771 8-21-14 12:50PM Like  Reply
For a second I thought those were Sully Boots!! - wendytink   336.8 #623 8-22-14 11:39AM Like  Reply
Oh if they were boots, I'd get those too! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-22-14 4:29PM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-13-14 8:12PM
Live from Main Street....boons and castle!
Pretty  - 4mouseketeers   103.1 #3328 8-13-14 8:16PM Like  Reply
- zbgirl00   53.0 #4229 8-13-14 8:45PM Like  Reply
my fav things! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 8-14-14 8:42AM Like  Reply
- evilemohand   205.3 #1794 8-14-14 8:44AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-13-14 7:47PM
Live from Gibson Girl....Firehouse Dalmatian Sundae $5.99
I hope you like whipped cream! - JenGwen323   1116.7 #124 8-13-14 8:02PM Like  Reply
Lol it was a crazy amount on there! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-13-14 8:07PM
Mine, Mine, Mine - DeadliestPassholder   191.7 #1956 8-14-14 1:47PM Like  Reply
Totally read that as a seagull πŸ˜‚ - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-14-14 4:39PM
My fav! - verolly   739.4 #211 8-14-14 1:48PM Like  Reply
Looks sooo good!  - princessb5   164.3 #2344 8-15-14 8:11AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-13-14 7:07PM
Live from Mickey's house....nice and air conditioned in here!
Thanked by:   BrerPam   MelodyTime   leopardditz2000   goducksgo   OhanaPhoto  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-13-14 5:23PM
Live with my Mickey!
He looks ready to direct you towards a great time! - webtink   10.2 #8961 8-13-14 6:16PM Like  Reply
Nice picture with the main man. - Winnie111286   1083.6 #133 8-13-14 6:27PM Like  Reply
so cute! hi mickey! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 8-14-14 8:50AM Like  Reply
Has anyone seen this Mickey in a plush form? I'd buy it in a second.  - DeadliestPassholder   191.7 #1956 8-14-14 1:44PM Like  Reply
I haven't but I would totally buy him too!! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-14-14 4:38PM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-13-14 11:50AM
Thank you so much @RatalouieNFranguini for gifting me the other two stickers from last night!!!! I love that all these generous MWers take care of people when we have to miss sticker nights! Thank you again!!!!
@RatalouieNFranguini πŸ˜„ - thatgirljenn   877.6 #168 8-13-14 11:51AM Like  Reply
Noticed you said you were working and we picked up a couple extra. How can you not help out a fellow Duffy πŸ’—er😊😁hope your havin a good day! - RatalouieNFranguini   107.1 #3263 8-13-14 11:55AM Like  Reply
Haha LOVE !!! I'll be in the parks later this afternoon so it'll definitely be a great day! Thank you once again! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-13-14 12:38PM
Nicely done!!πŸ‘ - debbiev   788.3 #195 8-13-14 1:35PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   RatalouieNFranguini   PrincessCindy  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-12-14 10:55PM
I had to work tonight and missed sticker night which is my favorite night so THANK YOU @debbiev and @boundin for gifting me stickers!!!! I very much appreciate your kindness!!!!!
Debbiev you are another mousewaiter that is always so generous. This app would not be the same without people like you - grumpyinphx   57.6 #4106 8-13-14 10:43AM Like(1)  Reply
I agree! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-13-14 10:59AM
I second that!!! - PrincessCindy  78.8 #3662 8-13-14 12:04PM
@debbiev and @Boundin πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ - thatgirljenn   877.6 #168 8-12-14 10:57PM Like  Reply
You're welcome!😘 - debbiev  788.3 #195 8-13-14 10:30AM
You are welcome! Glad I could help. I have missed a few sticker nights and know how it feels. Other MWer have done the same for me! - Boundin  508.9 #353 8-13-14 6:48PM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-6-14 11:26AM
#RAK there are 2 RSR fastpasses in one of these Pumbaa's mouth in Big Top Toys in DCA for 12:25-1:25! Hurry folks!
Bump - minniemonika   75.2 #0 8-6-14 11:56AM Like  Reply
Hope someone find as them. - Goofygirlie   205.7 #1782 8-6-14 12:05PM Like  Reply
Great idea! Hope they get found quick!! - GotMouse_aka_JRoseAllister   90.1 #3500 8-6-14 12:40PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-6-14 10:51AM
Live apparently I'm most like Sally today lol
I like how you said "today".  Have fun! - iloveprinceEric   253.4 #1183 8-6-14 11:00AM Like(1)  Reply
I would love to be Sally! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   750.7 #206 8-6-14 11:33AM Like(1)  Reply
I'm usually Maleficent or the Evil QueenπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘‘ - ElectricMayhemMom   801.8 #189 8-6-14 12:40PM Like  Reply
I like to change it up everytime lol I think I've been about 7 different characters  - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-6-14 12:42PM
I just like to answer that I eat nice people for lunchπŸ˜‚ - ElectricMayhemMom  801.8 #189 8-6-14 12:51PM
I always end up as Ursula. I think it's because I prefer to eat nice people for lunch. - Thumper13   354.8 #572 8-6-14 1:01PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-6-14 10:26AM
Live from TSMM....I lost due to a technicality lol. One section of the game was broke and blurry and I kept missing the targets while my friend had no issue with the blurriness!
Technicality, huh? That's your story & you're sticking to it! - debbiev   788.3 #195 8-6-14 11:08AM Like  Reply
Yup! Lol - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-6-14 11:53AM
Thanked by:   pikarich  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-6-14 10:15AM
Live Schedule of Classes for Animation Academy
you going to draw today? - Duchess_SMK   5605.1 #14 8-6-14 11:07AM Like  Reply
No not today unfortunately.  I went to Turtle Talk instead lop - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-6-14 11:22AM
Olaf! - MeridaFan   3255.8 #27 8-6-14 11:29AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-6-14 9:41AM
Live from Ghirardelli. ....Cable Car Sundae for breakfast! $9.45
Tagged in: Food  
Excellent breakfast choice!! - Linzee   857.3 #174 8-6-14 9:53AM Like  Reply
Who needs eggs when you can have this lol - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-6-14 9:59AM
The sugar buzzzzz will get ya goin! - DisneyGrandma   682.1 #237 8-6-14 9:53AM Like  Reply
I had a coke too this morning before I got to the park so between the sugar and caffeine I'm on sugar high! Lol  - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 8-6-14 9:58AM
Woohoo! - DisneyGrandma  682.1 #237 8-6-14 10:12AM
I like your style! - Duchess_SMK   5605.1 #14 8-6-14 10:50AM Like  Reply
Delicious - Winnie111286   1083.6 #133 8-6-14 1:37PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 8-6-14 8:38AM
Good Morning MW!
Good morning to you too. - Winnie111286   1083.6 #133 8-6-14 8:54AM Like  Reply
Good morning! Love your view!! - Bassplayerswife   161.1 #2390 8-6-14 8:59AM Like  Reply
Good morning! - DisLUVney   538.0 #320 8-6-14 9:44AM Like  Reply
good morning! have an awesome day! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 8-6-14 10:26AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-31-14 12:41PM
From earlier today...I got to go see my hippo friend again! She will always be my favorite part of IASW!!!
Thanked by:   waltandub  
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-31-14 11:41AM
Last week I had my first Dole Whip and now my first Dole Whip float before I head out!
What's the verdict? ▢️or◀️ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   750.7 #206 7-31-14 11:43AM Like(1)  Reply
Definitely the !!! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 7-31-14 11:56AM
I still haven't tried the . I stick with the . - RadiatorSprings4Ever  750.7 #206 7-31-14 12:01PM
love me some dole whip float :) - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 7-31-14 12:06PM Like  Reply
I wish they had a FP for this line during summer 😊 - fab5   25.4 #5608 7-31-14 9:59PM Like  Reply
Agree - Winnie111286  1083.6 #133 7-31-14 10:08PM
- PrincessCindy   78.8 #3662 7-31-14 10:05PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-31-14 8:56AM
Live! Ghost train! I've been on TLM, Goofy's Sky School 3 times, TSMM and my friend just got on Screamin all within an hour! It has been a magical hour!
Amazing!! Looks like you'll have time for a nap today. πŸ˜ƒ - Bassplayerswife   161.1 #2390 7-31-14 8:57AM Like  Reply
Awesome! - MissSeaMonkey   144.4 #2637 7-31-14 9:02AM Like  Reply
I love the early mornings! - MeridaFan   3255.8 #27 7-31-14 10:37AM Like  Reply
- minniemonika   75.2 #0 7-31-14 11:01AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-31-14 8:26AM
Live from Goofy's Sky School! I got to ride 3 straight times without getting off because they literally had no people in line
First Little Mermaid and then Goofys Sky School....your having a fabulous morning! Now hurry and beat the crowd to TSMM.Β  - Bassplayerswife   161.1 #2390 7-31-14 8:29AM Like  Reply
Just got off TSMM! Lol - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 7-31-14 8:46AM
You're really lucking out today. I'm jealous!  - DeadliestPassholder   191.7 #1956 7-31-14 8:33AM Like  Reply
Love this ride!!! Gives me the giggles 😜 - MinnieMyLove   132.9 #2815 7-31-14 2:57PM Like  Reply
Nice - dink   41.7 #103 7-31-14 3:09PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-31-14 8:12AM
While everyone else runs towards RSR I went for the calmness of The Little Mermaid! Cast Members gave us applause for being the 1st and only riders of the day!
Good call!  πŸ‘βœ¨  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   526.2 #335 7-31-14 8:25AM Like  Reply
Oh how fun to be first!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ - MinnieMousewife   737.3 #212 7-31-14 8:26AM Like  Reply
I love the Little Mermaid. Never miss it. - Winnie111286   1083.6 #133 7-31-14 1:20PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-31-14 7:48AM
Live! Good Morning MW! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!
Get that FP! Get that FP! - DLKenCA   1510.3 #83 7-31-14 8:00AM Like(1)  Reply
You should see my hubby weave through the crowd, and walk briskly to get to RSR.  All with our 7 yr old. on his shoulders. LOL!! - DisneyPiratePrincess  66.3 #3905 7-31-14 8:50AM
Looks like a gorgeous day!! Have fun!!! - Bassplayerswife   161.1 #2390 7-31-14 7:56AM Like  Reply
you most likely will! have fun! - OhanaPhoto   3134.1 #30 7-31-14 10:39AM Like  Reply
Have a wonderful day. - Winnie111286   1083.6 #133 7-31-14 10:49AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-27-14 7:20PM
I got my confirmation today for my volunteer assignment at the Disney half marathon!!!! I'll be helping to set up the finish line! It's my first time volunteering and I'm very excited to see all the runners cross the finish line πŸ‘πŸ‘π  More...
As a RunDisney participant, we really appreciate all the volunteers! Most may not know how much that smile and "good job" and "keep going, you got this" means!!!  You all rock!!!!!! - DisneyPrincessT   35.3 #4897 7-27-14 8:16PM Like(2)  Reply
Are you gonna be running in the half marathon this year? - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 7-27-14 8:38PM
Awesome!! As a rundisney runner I thank you for volunteering! It makes the races so much more amazing for the runners and wouldn't be possible without your help!  - CourtyAstroBlisters   661.5 #248 7-27-14 8:41PM Like(2)  Reply
How exciting, thanks for volunteering - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1175.1 #113 7-28-14 10:10PM Like  Reply
How cool!!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   882.1 #165 7-28-14 10:12PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 5:21PM
Tagged in: Parades  
Sulley is Awesome. - keepmovingforward   92.5 #3465 7-25-14 7:54PM Like  Reply
What a great smile!!! - PrincessCindy   78.8 #3662 7-25-14 9:50PM Like  Reply
🐈🐈🐈 - potatohead25   541.8 #316 7-25-14 11:10PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 4:53PM
Live waiting for the Pixar Parade I got to see Mickey and the newsies go by! Love them!
- Eeyorelvr   106.8 #3268 7-25-14 5:06PM Like  Reply
  - DisneyGrandma   682.1 #237 7-25-14 6:08PM Like  Reply
- minniemonika   75.2 #0 7-25-14 9:27PM Like  Reply
- PrincessCindy   78.8 #3662 7-25-14 9:31PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 3:22PM called it a duckie instead of a selfie lol
Christmas is July ears?  Awesome!!!  - DisneyGrandma   682.1 #237 7-25-14 4:13PM Like(1)  Reply
They match my shirt lol plus I might as well celebrate Christmas in July haha - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 7-25-14 4:39PM
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 3:17PM
Team Duffy!!
I'm a sucker for cuteness! - PrincessCindy   78.8 #3662 7-25-14 10:39PM Like  Reply
πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ - RatalouieNFranguini   107.1 #3263 7-26-14 7:41AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 2:13PM
Live from the Animation building! Best possible place to be on this HOT day!!
The AC in there is so nice & the couches are very comfortable, definitely a great place to take a break & relax - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1175.1 #113 7-25-14 3:27PM Like  Reply
Agreed!! β„οΈπŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3940.3 #23 7-25-14 3:28PM
Great place to relax on a day like today  - SafariSkewerJessica   1199.8 #110 7-25-14 4:46PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 1:17PM
Picture from earlier! I was too busy eating my delicious Dole Whip that I didn't post this picture of MICKEY!!
Looks like he wants one also - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1175.1 #113 7-25-14 3:36PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 11:06AM
Live! My very first Dole Whip!!
Mmm soooo gooood! - evilemohand   205.3 #1794 7-25-14 11:15AM Like  Reply
Enjoy! - missymel   28.2 #5357 7-25-14 11:34AM Like  Reply
Love the button! Celebrate! - pamntink   34.2 #4965 7-25-14 10:39PM Like  Reply
Yummmm - mouselover79   127.1 #2897 7-25-14 10:40PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 10:14AM
Live! If you have never tried the goat effect while riding solo in row 15 I highly recommend you either don't do it or you hold on LOL!!! I almost fell completely over in the seat because I was by myself and followed that dang goat all th  More...
Tagged in: Goat Effect  
Good advice!  I have it noted.     πŸŒ€πŸŒ€ - DisLUVney   538.0 #320 7-25-14 10:20AM Like  Reply
- Lyssa2012   188.5 #2001 7-25-14 10:47AM Like  Reply
- Yen-Sidious   37.3 #4798 7-26-14 12:02AM Like  Reply
It is fun. - Chumash28   966.0 #154 7-26-14 12:02PM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 9:48AM
Live from Main Street. Now I've seen a Sulley in both parks!!
Nice Pic!!! - TheHubs   205.8 #1780 7-25-14 9:49AM Like  Reply
Good start to any day! - BrerPam   105.3 #3289 7-25-14 10:23AM Like  Reply
877.6 #168 DL Qual #67 7-25-14 9:13AM
Live selfie with Sulley! While waiting in line to see the best kitty in the world I hear the people behind me say "is that Sulley or Mike?" (insert facepalm here)
your ears! Christmas in July! I'm inspired and will wear mine today too ;0) - FrankenweenieVelinee   1279.6 #99 7-25-14 9:53AM Like(2)  Reply
LOL that was the first thing I noticed and got really excited!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ - BrerPam  105.3 #3289 7-25-14 10:15AM
Hahaha I only wore them because my shirt is green and they match - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 7-25-14 10:19AM
Love the ears!! - BrerPam   105.3 #3289 7-25-14 10:16AM Like(1)  Reply
So cute! - RCmom   5083.8 #15 7-25-14 9:12PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 7-25-14 9:13PM
He looks as though he gives the best hugs! - PrincessCindy   78.8 #3662 7-25-14 9:39PM Like  Reply
He does!!!!! In my opinion anyways lol - thatgirljenn  877.6 #168 7-25-14 9:40PM