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Plumiegirl's MouseWait

Carthay Circle Soft Opening RETIRED

Ghirardelli Soft Opening RETIRED
Gift from LilSterner
Cars Land Soft Opening RETIRED
Gift from sstarlight
Bread Bowl Series One RETIRED
Gift from tballzz
Lone Ranger Premiere Limited Edition RETIRED
Gift from nicoleface
Earthquake Sundae Series One RETIRED
Gift from Duchess_SMK
Popcorn Cart Series One RETIRED
Gift from 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet
Turkey Leg Series Two RETIRED
Gift from BibbidiBobbidiBoo
Indy Sticker
Gift from FoolishMortal138
Matterhorn Sticker
Gift from jabs
MouseWait Clock Sticker

MouseWait Stove Sticker RETIRED

Teacup Sticker

Carnation Plaza Gardens Sticker RETIRED

Maynard Sticker RETIRED
Gift from ItsADisneyLife4Me
1764 Crypt Sticker RETIRED

Matterhorn Macaroon Sticker

Pieces of Eight Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Fortune Red Sticker

Market House Sticker

Skyway Sticker

Dream Suite Sticker

Cars Land Sticker

Ragtime Piano Sticker
Gift from Darlingwendi
Monorail Red Sticker
Gift from BibbidiBobbidiBoo
Magic Shop Sticker
Gift from MeridaFan
small world Holiday Sticker
Gift from MeridaFan
Dapper Dan Christmas Sticker
Gift from MeridaFan
Toy Soldier Parade Sticker
Gift from BibbidiBobbidiBoo
2013 Exclusive SURPRISE Gift PIN
Gift from MeridaFan
Walt Disney Park Bench Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Orange Stinger Sticker
Gift from MeridaFan
Balloons Sticker
Gift from MeridaFan
Walt Disney Apartment Lamp Sticker
Gift from mickeyat78
2013 Thanksgiving Party Pin
Gift from luxkitty
Pirates Sticker

Haunted Mansion Sign Sticker

Phineas Hitchhiking Ghost Sticker

Ezra Hitchhiking Ghost Sticker

Gus Hitchhiking Ghost Sticker

Tightrope Walker Sticker
Gift from kskating
Matterhorn Sled Sticker
Gift from BRabbit
Space Mountain Sticker
Gift from RadiatorSprings4Ever
Bunch of Balloons Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Rocket to the Moon Sticker
Gift from MadameLeota
FlusterWait Sticker
Gift from apesandmonkeys
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake Sticker
Gift from RadiatorSprings4Ever
Paradise Pier Ice Cream Sticker
Gift from DisneyGrandma
Fried Pickles Sticker
Gift from snowwannab
Big Thunder Locomotive Sticker
Gift from piratelife4me
MWoji Pirate
Gift from ILuvSleepingBeauty
This Way to the Midway Sticker

Barkers Only Sticker

Blue Fairy Main Street Electrical Parade Sticker
Gift from DisLUVney
Exit Only Sticker
Gift from EastBaytoLA
Royal Street Sticker New Orleans Square

Women Sticker

Grizzly Peak Recreation Area Sticker

Grizzly Peak Trashcan Sticker

Grizzly Peak Binocular Sticker
Gift from goofygal
Grizzly Peak Lantern Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Grizzly Peak Mailbox Sticker

Tulsa Tea Sticker

Hollywood Blvd Sticker

DCA Green Mailbox Sticker

Paradise Pier Trash Can

Germ Ball Sticker
Gift from Admin
2014 Donor Exclusive Thank You Sticker

Tower of Terror Pool Sticker

Tower of Terror Valet Parking Sticker
Gift from potatohead25
Tower of Terror Plaque Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
Tower of Terror Sticker
Gift from DisLUVney
Tower of Terror Trash Can Sticker

Stanley Oasis Sticker

Motor Oil Sticker

Tractor Crossing Sticker

Radiator Springs Trashcan Sticker
Gift from verolly
Route 66 Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Screamin Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Hat Box Ghost Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Matterhorn Bobsled Shield Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Frog Jump Falls Sticker
Gift from DisLUVney
Officer Blue Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Invitational Press Preview Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
Pirates Lair Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Davy Crockett Explorer Canoe Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Columbia Lady Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Mike Fink Keel Boat Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Lafitte Tavern Sticker
Gift from poppinspenguin
Radiator Springs Racers Sticker BaseballMickey Collection
Gift from leopardditz2000
Yeti Harold Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Facepalm Sticker

Main Street Corn Dog Sticker

Fried Chicken Sticker

Goat Effect Icon Sticker

Raising Hands w Fireworks Sticker
Gift from minniemonika
Dole Whip Float Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
Cozy Cone Car Sticker BaseballMickey Collection
Gift from DisneyGrandma
Carolwood Engine Sticker
Gift from DisneyGrandma
Carolwood Tender Sticker
Gift from DisneyGrandma
Carolwood Freight Car 1 Sticker
Gift from DisneyGrandma
Carolwood Freight Car 2 Sticker
Gift from DisneyGrandma
Carolwood Caboose Sticker
Gift from goofycorps
13 Hour Clock Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Cadaver Dans Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Pirates Plaque Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Singing Jack-o-Lantern Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Ghost Galaxy Sticker
Gift from RadiatorSprings4Ever
Jack Apple Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Spiral Hill Sticker
Gift from debbiev
MouseWait Birthday Bash 2014 Sticker
Gift from debbiev
MouseWait Halloween Time Sticker
Gift from debbiev
MouseWait 5th Birthday Cake Sticker
Gift from Winnie111286
Clam Chowder Bread Bowl Sticker

Jack-o-Lantern Apple Sticker

Happy Halloween Candy Corn Sticker

Candy Corn Acres Sticker

Fall Dapper Dan Sticker

MouseWait Pumpkin Sticker
Gift from goofygal
Halloween Time Sticker

No Walking Sticker

Picnic Area Sticker

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Sticker

Mine Train Sticker

Chocolate Pineapple Sticker

Astro Orbiter Sticker

Thank You Sticker

Welcome Sticker

Happy Birthday Sticker

Slow Sticker

Men Sticker

No Climbing Sticker

MouseWait Rose Sticker

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Sticker

Duncan Meter Sticker BaseballMickey Collection

Fillmore Sticker

Duffy Halloween Time Sticker

Minnie Apple Sticker

Sleeping Beauty Castle Sticker

Haunted Mansion Angel Sticker

Remain Seated Sticker

Welcome Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
3D Glasses Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
Donna the Dog Lady Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
Yellow Midway Mania Shooter Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
The Messenger Sticker
Gift from draven898
Blue Midway Mania Shooter Sticker
Gift from draven898
The Messenger Sticker

Tilly Sticker

Horse Drawn Streetcar 1

Seated Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Crystal Arcade Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
Happy Veterans Day Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
Omnibus Sticker
Gift from PrincessCindy
Chef Oscar Sticker

Old Glory Sticker

Veterans Day Flag Retreat Sticker

Color Guard Sticker

Disneyland Band Conductor Flag Retreat Sticker

Gunnery Sgt. Ernie Napper Commemorative Sticker

Semper Gunny Commemorative

Turkey Leg 2.0 Sticker

Corn on the Cob Sticker

ThanksDUFFing Sticker

Remain Seated Sticker
Gift from RadiatorSprings4Ever
Poinsettia Sticker SEASONAL
Gift from luxkitty
Turkey Leg Krispy Treat Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Pork Shank Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Cornucopia Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
MouseWait Turkey Sticker
Gift from MeridaFan
Tilly Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Grand Californian Gingerbread House Sticker
Gift from debbiev
small world clock face Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Reindeer Parade Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Snowman Parade Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Toy Soldier Full Parade Sticker

Coffee with MouseWait Sticker

it's a duffy year-round Chrismas! Sticker

The Great Storyteller Sticker

The Hoff Sticker

Cars Land Wreath Sticker

Christmas Castle Sticker

MouseWait Thumbs Up Sticker

Pumpkin King Sticker
Gift from 22catsinhats
2014 Exclusive MYSTERY Sticker
Gift from 22catsinhats
Yule Log Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Gingerbread Man Parade Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Dick Van Dyke Candlelight Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Kurt Russell Candlelight Sticker
Gift from debbiev
SantaDUFF Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Beef Tenderloin Slider Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
John Voight Candlelight Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Gary Sinise Candlelight Sticker
Gift from luxkitty
Blair Underwood Candlelight Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Indiana Jones Cobra Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Mad T Party Farewell Tribute Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Viva Navidad Mariachi Sticker
Gift from debbiev
New Year's Eve 2014 Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Gingerbread Man Cookie Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree Sticker

Big Thunder Returns 2014 Sticker

Grizzly Peak Sticker

Maliboomer Sticker

Captain EO Sticker

White Water Snacks Tree Sticker

Route 66 Christmas Tree Sticker

Ornament Valley Sticker

Rocket Rods Sticker

Popcorn Cart Sticker

Tigger Tail Sticker

Candy Cane Sticker

SMK History Sticker

Nice Sticker

Please add me Sticker

RAK Sticker

RAK Closed Sticker

Magical Sticker

Beautiful! Sticker

Sweet Shop Named Desire Sticker

Stamos Candlelight Sticker

Hello! Sticker
Gift from MeridaFan
Goat Effect Sticker Animated PREMIUM

Big Thunder Ranch Sticker

Bait and Tackle Sticker

SafariDUFF Sticker

Screamin Car Sticker

Yummy! Sticker

Yay! Sticker

Remain Seated Sticker

Happy Anniversary Sticker

Five and Dime 3 Sticker

I have a dream Sticker

Picture If You Will Sticker

Yummy! Sticker

Yay! Sticker

Seated Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Crowd Lady Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Phi Phi Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Five and Dime 4 Sticker
Gift from pikarich
Wet Floor Sticker

Skull Rock Sticker

Videopoils Sticker

Dancing at Videopolis Sticker
Gift from BRabbit
Disneyland Sign Sticker

Family Heart Sticker

I Love You Heart Sticker

Yoda One Sticker

I Love You Heart Sticker

Valentine Balloons Sticker

California Screamin Sign Sticker

Monstro Sticker

Luigi Beach Ball Memorial Sticker

Cove Bar Sticker

Tri-zonal Time Warp Animated Sticker PREMIUM
Gift from Bunnie
Dole Whip Sticker
Gift from TiggersAndTinks
White Glove MJ Sticker

Devo Energy Dome Sticker
Gift from DisLUVney
Tiki Drummer Sticker
Gift from DisLUVney
DUFF Solo Sticker
Gift from DisLUVney
MouseWait Fanny Pack Sticker
Gift from DisLUVney
Disneyland Hotel Paddle Boat
Gift from DisLUVney
Michael Jackson Thriller Sticker
Gift from DisLUVney
Captain Rex Sticker

Shamrock Sticker

Vintage Annual Pass Sticker

WDW Space Mountain Sign Sticker

A Ticket Sticker

Tram Sticker

Hitchhiking Ghost Silhouette Sticker

Fun Wheel Gondola Sticker

Rocket Rods Sticker

Pizza Port Sticker

Golden Gate Sticker

Haunted Mansion Organ Sticker

The Chief of Main Street Sticker

Aladdin-s Oasis Sticker

Rainbow Ridge Gold Nugget Sticker

Club 33 Men's Restroom Sticker

Rainbow Ridge El Dorado Hotel Sticker

Rainbow Ridge Big Thunder Saloon Sticker

Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel Sticker

Burning Cabin Sticker

Swinging Sticker

Pommes Frites Sticker

Gingerbread Cookie Sticker

Omnibus Sticker

Wishing Well Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Flight to the Moon Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Disco Ball Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Carousel of Progress Sticker
Gift from debbiev
Travolta Sticker
Gift from debbiev
70s Disneyland Sign Sticker

B Ticket Sticker

Totally! Sticker

Autism Awareness Sticker

Valentine Balloons Sticker

Heart Cupcake Sticker

Dave HOF Sticker

Tom HOF Sony Alpha A6000 Sticker

MouseWait Paver Sticker

BaseballMickey HOF Sticker

Two Finger Point Sticker

Happy MWversary Sticker

Flag Retreat Sticker

Plumiegirl HOF Ice Cream Sticker

Smokejumpers Grill Sticker

C Ticket Sticker

POTC Wall Tap Sticker

Plaid Sticker
Gift from Admin

Spoon Full of Sugar Sticker

Jolly Holiday Weather Vane Sticker

Penguin Sticker

Mary Carousel Sticker

Screamin Animated PREMIUM Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Mine Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Red Car Trolley Sticker

D Ticket Sticker
Gift from ShariRenee
The Chief of Main Street Sticker
Gift from ShariRenee
Soar Sticker

Splash Mountain PREMIUM Animated Sticker CantWait Series

Happy Mothers Day Sticker

Wet Floor Sticker

This Way To Tomorrowland Sticker

Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo Goat Sticker

The Beverly Sticker BaseballMickey Collection

You Rock Sticker

Sweet Heart Sticker

Vintage Submarine Sticker

Baked Potato Sticker

IDVandalSkipperCM Sticker

Fruit Stripe Gum Sticker

Hyperion Theater Sticker BaseballMickey Collection
Gift from Boundin
CMShadowgamer Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Genie Lamp Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Rambler Wagon Sticker

Peter Pan Ship Sticker

Diamond Carthay Sticker

Rose Paint The Night Sticker

The New Harold Sticker

Paint the Night Sticker

Pixie Dust PREMIUM Sticker

Small D Banner Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Blue Diamond Sticker
Gift from Boundin
Diamond 60th Sticker
Gift from kskating
Diamond Glass Slipper Sticker
Gift from MisFit.Mouse
DUFF Heart Sticker
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Diamond Castle Sticker

Get well soon Sticker

Plaza Inn Celebrate Sticker

Shrunken Ned Sticker

Tractor Sticker

Mack Paint the Night PREMIUM Animated Sticker

Aurora Tiara Sticker

Disneyland Red Paintbrush Sticker

Pixie Dust Sticker
Gift from MinnieMyLove
E Ticket Sticker
Gift from MinnieMyLove
Splash Mountain Sticker

Main Street Gold Watch Sticker

Market House Coffee Sticker

Here You Leave Tunnel Sticker

Main Street Mailbox Sticker

Fire Station Sticker

Pan Float Paint the Night PREMIUM Animated Sticker

Grizzly Air Field Map Sticker

Soarin Sign Sticker

Deer Crossing Sticker

Scenic Route Sticker

Grizzly Peak Badge Sticker

Condor Gas Sticker

Ohana Sign Sticker

Monster Float Paint the Night

Frontierland Sign Sticker

Happy 4th Castle Sticker

Monorail Cafe Sticker

Adventure Thru Inner Space Microscope Sticker

Happy Independence Day Sticker

Flying Saucers Sticker
Gift from Atora
Vintage Club 33 Sticker
Gift from Atora
Diamond 60 Sticker
Gift from Atora
Pixie Dust PREMIUM Sticker
Gift from Atora
Thank You Sticker

Yellow Teacup Sticker

60th Anniversary Castle Sticker

Disneyland Diamond Sticker

Small D Banner Sticker

D Banner Letter Sticker

Swan Sticker

Main Street Diamond Banner Sticker

Minnie Diamond Caramel Apple Sticker

Prisoner Pirate Sticker

Diamond Cake Pop

Be Our Guest Sign Sticker

Grey Stuff Cupcake Sticker
Gift from misschurro
Disneyland Blue Paintbrush Sticker

Rosie Haunted Mansion Sticker

Gargoyle Canelabra Sticker

Haunted Mansion Bat

Indy Hat Sticker

Wow Sticker

Adorable Sticker

Totally! Sticker
Gift from PrincessDuckie
Wow Sticker

More Cowbell Sticker

Plaza Inn Sign Sticker

Mad Tea Party WDW Sticker

More Cowbell Sticker

Safari Skewer Sticker

Ice Cream Bar Clarabelle Sticker

Belle Apple Sticker

Plaza Inn Sign Sticker

Red Apple Sticker

Hyperspace Mountain Sticker

Pink Bow Sticker

I Lava You Sticker

WDW Teacup Sticker

Mr Limpet Sticker

Shaka Sticker

Hands Heart Sticker

Pirate Pigs Sticker


Purple Teacup Sticker

Slap Yo Mamma Chicken Plaza Sticker

Beauty Paint the Night ANIMATED PREMIUM Sticker

Pickle Sticker

Flatbread Pizza Sticker

Jumpin Jellyfish Sticker

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta Sticker

Wonderful Sticker

Incredible Sticker

What Sticker

Gorgeous Sticker

Perfect Sticker

Funny Sticker

Epic Sticker

Great Sticker

Crazy Sticker

Breast Cancer Awareness Sticker

Pumpkin Muffin Sticker

Pumpkin Twist Sticker

Haunted Mansion Cake Sticker

Pumpkin Cheesecake Sticker

Main Street Pumpkin Sticker

Poison Apple Mug luxkitty Sticker

Birthday Bash Sticker

MouseWait Halloween Sticker

Halloween Time Banner Sticker

MouseWait Halloween Clock Sticker

Halloween Tree Sticker

Pommes Frites Sticker

Caramel Apple Sticker
Gift from YoPirate
Haunted Mansion Hearse Sticker

Hand Sticker

Perfect Sticker

Congrats Sticker

Dia de los Muertos Candy Apple Sticker

Haunted Mansion Bride Sticker

Best Wishes Sticker

Amazing Sticker

Shaka Sticker

This Way L Sticker

Launch Bay Sticker

Snooze Sticker

Bucket List Sticker

Jack Skull Sticker

V8 Cafe Sticker

V8 Cafe Sticker

Fried Green Tomato Sticker

Red Apple Sticker

Prison Dog Sticker

Ghost Galaxy PREMIUM ANIMATED Sticker

Zero Bones Endless Hallway Sticker

Attic Duck NBC Sticker

Zero Bowl Sticker
Gift from RadiatorSprings4Ever
Pumpkin Muffin Sticker

Halloween Party Sticker

Trick or Treat Sticker

Happy Pumpkin Sticker

Frankenstein Sticker

Ghost Sticker

Trick or Treat Sticker

Skull Bows Sticker

3 Pumpkins Sticker

Bat Sticker

Halloween Balloons Sticker

Dancing Skeletons Sticker

Jack Coffin Popcorn Bucket Sticker

La Catrina Sticker

Happy Birthday Button

Hunny Apple Sticker

Big Thunder Ranch Baby Sheep Sticker

Loop Sticker

Reeses Sticker

Mermaid Sticker

Green Saber Sticker

Red Saber Sticker

BB-8 Sipper Sticker


Snow Car Sticker

Peace on Earth Sticker

2015 MouseWait Ornament Sticker

Noma Lights Sticker

small world sun Sticker

Merry Christmas Sticker

For You Sticker

Peppermint Ice Cream Sticker

Dancing with Prince Charming on Main Street 2015 Exclusive SURPRISE Sticker

60th Main Street Station Sign Sticker

Spaceship Earth Sticker

Ned Nub Sticker

Mele Kalikimaka small world Sticker

Rebel Alliance Sticker

Galactic Empire Sticker

Gift from secretagentangel
Christmas Lights Necklace Sticker

Double Candy Cane Sticker
Gift from MeridaFan
Jingle Cruise Elephant Sticker

Cozy Cone Tree Sticker

Disneyland Hotel Gingerbread House Sticker chads018

Jingle Cruise Sign Sticker
Gift from Quiweez
Buddy Hat Sticker

Tie Fighter Popcorn Bucket
Gift from LiveLaughLoveDisney
Gift from NotReallyGrumpyBill
Buddy the Elf Sticker
Gift from NotReallyGrumpyBill
Vintage Santa Sticker

Peace on Earth Dove Sticker

Buzz Blaster Sticker

Red Sticker

Lump of Coal Sticker
Gift from Boundin
SPAM Sticker

Holiday Bells Sticker

What Sticker

Up House Sticker

California Adventure Entrance Sticker

Praying Hands Sticker

Pink Elephants on Parade Sticker

NYE 2016 Hat Sticker

Cheers Sticker

Corn Dogs Rule Sticker

First Order Sticker

Rapunzel Tiara Sticker

Tiana Tiara Sticker

Farewell Genie 2016 Sticker

Osborne Family Lights Sticker

Lapu Lapu Polynesian Sticker

Haunted Mansion WDW Sticker

Darth by Chocolate Sticker

Awesome Sticker

Chicken Fusilli Pasta Sticker

In Memory of Bronson Sticker

Big Thunder Fossil Body Sticker

Rancho del Zocalo Lights Sticker

Chimney Sweep Silhouette Sticker

Alice Ticket Booth Mushroom Sticker

Storybook Land Lighthouse Sticker

Red Head Sticker

Just Keep Swimming Sticker

Storybook Land Lighthouse Sticker
Gift from DisneylandDisneyland
Big Thunder Fossil Head Sticker

Storybook Land Floral Sticker

Toontown Post box Sticker

Man on Dynamite Haunted Mansion Sticker

Tulips at Disneyland Sticker

Wish I Was There Sticker

Just Keep Swimming Sticker

Coffee Sticker

Heart Cupcake Sticker

Happily Ever After Animation Building Sign Sticker

Napa Rose Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Main Street Station 60th Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Main Street Station 60th Sticker

Big Thunder Fossil Leg Sticker

Rest in peace George Sticker

Chewy Belt Sticker

Farley the Fiddler Sticker

Regina Apple Sticker
Gift from MaddForMansion
Raspberry Macaroon Jolly Holiday Sticker
Gift from MaddForMansion
Strawberry Funnel Cake Sticker

Clam Shell Sticker

Welcome to Radiator Springs Sticker

Quicksand Portrait Sticker
Gift from Quiweez
Fantasyland Old Style Banner Sticker
Gift from teapotsandteacups
Lilly Belle Disneyland Railroad Sign Sticker
Gift from beentoall
Lilly Belle Disneyland Railroad Sign Sticker

Spring Trees Sticker

Spring Trees Sticker

Look Up Left Sticker

Look Up Right Sticker

Silhouette Frame Sticker

Egg-stravaganza Blue Egg Sticker

Carsoli MW 1802 Plate Sticker LaTruce
Gift from TheWebmaster
What Sticker
Gift from PracticallyPerfectDisneyDuck
Rivers of America Chief Sticker

Thumbs Up 2 Sticker

Mr. Toad RATTY Car Sticker

Tink Wand Sticker

Casey Jr. Engine Sticker

April Fools Day Sticker

Blue Teacup Sticker

This Sticker

More Cowbell Sticker

Beauty Rose Sticker

Horse Topiary small world Sticker

Big Thunder Fossil Tail Sticker

Elephant Topiary Sticker

First Aid Sticker

Under Sticker

Woo-Hoo Sticker

Popping Bubbles Sticker

Sorcerer Hat Sticker

Main Street Cannon Sticker
Gift from itsmyglassslipper
Diamond 60 Sticker
Gift from itsmyglassslipper
Diamond 60 Sticker

Lucky Fortune Cookery by grapesoda

Ice Cream Nachos by Fantasmicfan1

Fantasmic Croc Sticker
Gift from sheridanrabbit
Carthay Fountain Sticker

This Sticker
Gift from disneyforme
Popsicle Bench Sticker by MaddforMansion
Gift from disneygrandma1
Popsicle Bench Sticker by MaddforMansion
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Frozen Musical Chandelier by PracticallyPerfectDisneyDuck
Gift from disneygrandma1
Grizzly River Run Raft Sticker

Lilly Belle Plaque Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Adventureland Sticker

Skyway Orange Sticker

Carrousel Sticker

Jungle Cruise Sticker

Happy Independence Day Sticker

Screamin Loop PREMIUM ANIMATED Sticker

Jingles Umbrella Sticker

Big Thunder Rattlers Sticker by grumpypapa

Monorail Orange Sticker

Dapper Dans Fruit Stripe Sticker

Off The Page Sticker BaseballMickey Collection

Seahorse King Triton Carousel Sticker

Happy Birthday Button

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Sticker

Columbia Stern Sticker

Doom Buggy Sticker

California Screamin Sign Sticker

King Triton Otter Sticker

Jungle Cruise Elephant Sticker
Gift from BibbidiBobbidiBoo
Downtown Disney Sign Sticker

Tiki Room Serenade Sticker

Tiki Room Sign Sticker

bugs land Sign Sticker

Shenanigans Sticker


Cove Bar Sign Sticker

Innoventions Peter Pan Bed Sticker

Waterfall Sub by Quiweez

Madame Leota WDW Tombstone Sticker

Haunted Mansion Knight Sticker

Heffalump Bee Winnie the Pooh Ride Sticker

Waterfall Sub by Quiweez

Harbour Galley Fisherman Sticker
Gift from boomom
Oswald Ears Sticker

Radiator Springs Trashcan Sticker

No Way Sticker

Palm Parlor Sticker

Paradise Garden Grill Sticker

Port Royal Hand Sticker by PracticallyPerfectDisneyDuck

Main Street Sign Sticker

Slushie Sticker

Dapper Dans Bike Sticker BambiLuvsThumper

Slushie Sticker

Petrified Tree Sticker by Winnie111286

Gaston Biceps Sticker

Halloween Top Hat Sticker

Pumpkin Lantern Sticker

Best Ride Ever Sticker

CMs are Awesome Sticker

Step into the Magic Sticker

I Feel Pretty Sticker by tiggertony
Gift from DisneyU43A
Hollywood Tower Red Trolley Sign Sticker by grumpypapa
Gift from debbiev
Storytellers Statue Sticker
Gift from secretagentangel
Tower Bell Cap Sticker by pikarich
Gift from Spoonful_O_Sugar
Headless Horseman Sticker

Shaving Pumpkin Sticker by CentralCoastAuntVon

Sourdough Christmas Tree Sticker

Butterfly bugs land Sticker by grumpypapa

Monster Wreath Sticker by OhanaPhoto

Skull Bows Sticker

Jack Skull Sticker

Halloween Party Sticker

Walt Sticker

Dapper Sticker

Step into the Magic Sticker
Gift from Winnie111286
Cozy Cone Tree Sticker

High Four Sticker

Magic Tribute to Veterans Sticker

Gracias Sticker

Stitch Ears Sticker by pikarich

Haunted Mansion Bat
Gift from NotReallyGrumpyBill
Bone Wreath Sticker by evilemohand

Peppermint Ice Cream Sticker

Dude Sticker
Gift from Admin
7th Reunion Raffle Donor Sticker

Santa Moon Ornament Sticker by disneybob49
Gift from miadawn128
Main Street Wreath Sticker by OhanaPhoto
Gift from miadawn128
Snowman Christmas Fantasy Parade Sticker by BambiLuvsThumper
Gift from miadawn128
Jack on the Run Sticker
Gift from miadawn128
Chimichanga Sticker by misschurro
Gift from miadawn128
Pooh Snowman Sticker
Gift from NotReallyGrumpyBill
Main Street Wreath Sticker by OhanaPhoto

Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 (DL) 
Love the parks and try to go as much as possible. Hope to see you there.

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10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 12-4-16 11:16AM
Throwback 2013 garland main st Christmas
- MJmouse   338.2 #784 12-4-16 11:19AM Like(1)  Reply
Hope we get it back someday.   - Winnie111286   28294.9 #1 12-4-16 11:28AM Like  Reply
- chads018   761.3 #289 12-4-16 8:18PM Like  Reply
- ihrtdsny   24.5 #7055 12-4-16 8:29PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-24-16 7:13PM
The two signature APs can get the 13 month pass but the fine print sayes it has to be a new non discounted pass. So if I understand the fine print, renewers only get their discount but not the extra month. You can enlarge the photo to see  More...
GREAT NEWS - I get both! I get the $60 renewal discount and the extra month. So it is a little deal this year to renew.  - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 11-25-16 1:41PM Like(7)  Reply
- sultan  116.1 #3447 11-25-16 1:49PM
Good to know! Thank you! - brigeet  681.6 #333 11-25-16 2:13PM
πŸ€” I guess @UTDISNEYFAMILY & his family and I got the 13th month bc we hadn't had passes in months? - misschurro   8474.5 #13 11-24-16 7:21PM Like(1)  Reply
exactly but they do not get the $60 discount for renewing Β because they were not renewing. I guess a month is worth $60? It also said that the pass cannot be combined with other discounts. So you can only have one discount. I might call them to clear this muddy talk fine print. Again Disney will never give you that great a deal.. They are in for profit. - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-24-16 7:27PM
But a free month is better than saving $60 if you are a local. I mean, my pass will expire 12/19/17, but I most likely won't get to use it due to my churros being in school.  - misschurro  8474.5 #13 11-24-16 7:48PM
I feel like the extra month is icing on my cake as this will be my first  ever!!! - AngiMouse   184.8 #2306 11-25-16 6:10PM Like  Reply
Thanks for the  renewal info! πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ» - DisneyDiane316   1446.3 #132 11-25-16 8:31PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-23-16 9:55AM
2012 Christmas with garlands on main st and much lighter traffic
Most of that garland are in several CMs homes now.  - BaseballMickey   8416.0 #14 11-24-16 12:00AM Like(2)  Reply
lol nice to know... you always have the insider info I love. - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-24-16 7:19PM
😍 - misschurro   8474.5 #13 11-23-16 10:31AM Like(1)  Reply
Loved the garland on Main Street. Remember they used to show it at end of Soarin? - dianaaa   610.3 #378 11-23-16 10:40PM Like  Reply
Yes!! Now they show something that doesn't even exist at night πŸ™„ It's a detail that should be omitted  - misschurro  8474.5 #13 11-24-16 7:54PM
- teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 11-24-16 7:51PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-22-16 1:00PM
New solar arrays in DCA , video still and info from the Disney park blog.
Very cool - DeadliestPassholder   405.5 #605 11-22-16 1:55PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ great use of the space!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   684.8 #329 11-22-16 1:06PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-19-16 4:25PM
The Christmas tree at the DTD AMC at noon today
Thanked by:   RadiatorSprings4Ever 
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-19-16 4:14PM
Who let the "elevator attendant out!?"
Great picture! I really enjoyed talking with you. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2850.5 #56 11-19-16 4:58PM Like(1)  Reply
Same here.  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-19-16 6:11PM
And why are my eyes closed yikes - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 11-19-16 4:15PM Like  Reply
I thunk you meant to - misschurro  8474.5 #13 11-19-16 4:21PM
Endearment  - E-Ticket  1502.4 #129 11-19-16 10:44PM
Great seeing you Plumiegirl!  - jacdanfan   14328.8 #5 11-20-16 7:08AM Like  Reply
Where is that left hand? This looks SO naughty!! - DizKahuna   311.1 #931 11-20-16 7:33AM Like  Reply
Inside the purse  - pikarich  6962.1 #18 11-20-16 10:57PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-19-16 4:11PM
The back side of waterπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‰
- Ilovegoofy   143.7 #2944 11-19-16 4:18PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - miadawn128   219.9 #1841 11-19-16 5:49PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyPiratePrincess   282.0 #1139 11-19-16 9:43PM Like(1)  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-19-16 4:09PM
Mini buttercream cupcakes....soo good!!
  - Dianat710   137.1 #3072 11-19-16 4:13PM Like  Reply
Yummy!!! - miadawn128   219.9 #1841 11-19-16 5:49PM Like  Reply
Those are super cute! - teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 11-20-16 5:34PM Like  Reply
 @Quiweez for bringing those yummy mini cupcakes! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ - encinitasrunner   164.0 #2632 11-20-16 5:39PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-19-16 11:58AM
Very busy trying to get into the parking structure now
- teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 11-19-16 3:06PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   teapotsandteacups  DizneyGirl 
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-12-16 3:18PM
Ran into another Disney purse fan good times.
@Linzee, mine is the Midnight Sally mini streamline - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 11-12-16 3:27PM Like  Reply
Cute!  I really like the Lola but I think it may be too heavy for me.  My grail purse is still the Disney Dooney black balloon satchel.   - Linzee  1761.1 #108 11-12-16 7:26PM
I have the black balloon satchel. It was my first dooneyΒ  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-12-16 10:06PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-12-16 3:15PM
My sister pretending that she is running. She is visiting and the expos are always fun to go to.
Love the shirt. Have a fun time  - mmddgp   1572.0 #2 11-12-16 5:41PM Like(1)  Reply
That would be me!πŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2850.5 #56 11-12-16 6:55PM Like(1)  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-12-16 3:13PM
Jeff Galloway at the Disney expo nice guy and a prominent runner
- CoachDisney   479.2 #493 11-12-16 3:17PM Like(1)  Reply
- JessieandWoody   236.7 #0 11-12-16 3:27PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-12-16 3:12PM
Expo antics, lots of freebie samples, great prices on running shoes and all sorts of running stuff.
- RadiatorSprings4Ever   2850.5 #56 11-12-16 6:56PM Like(1)  Reply
Yay glad you got out for a bit of fun  - Linzee   1761.1 #108 11-12-16 7:22PM Like  Reply
It helps to go - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-13-16 11:39AM
  - teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 11-14-16 12:25AM Like  Reply
- Oinker34   1720.9 #114 11-15-16 11:05PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-12-16 1:37PM
Can't taste the rum but tasty. Maybe in a few minutesπŸ‘πŸΌ
Tagged in: Food  
@potatohead25 I've only seen it at the coffee shop next to Goofy's Kitchen near the Disneyland Hotel.  - Taunton   2145.5 #86 11-12-16 2:14PM Like(1)  Reply
It is at the coffee house by pluto’s kitchen in the convention area of the Disneyland Hotel.  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-12-16 3:07PM
- tvdisneylove   196.0 #2163 11-12-16 2:52PM Like(1)  Reply
A splash of run? Sounds good to me! - MaleficentCheshire   302.2 #995 11-13-16 8:08AM Like  Reply
I had one at Animal Kingdom and it was delicious.  I had no idea they had them at Disneyland Hotel- another thing to add too my list! - Thumper13   541.9 #427 11-13-16 8:55AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-8-16 9:48PM
Β i want to thank the many Mousewaiters who generously gave me a bone wreath. DisneyU43a was extra generous and I sent a couple back to you but will gift one on your behalf Β to the first MWr that wants one. Just say I need a bone wreath!
You know I've been praying for you and I'm so sorry that you had to go through these last couple of years and the hard times. But I know you got to spend a lot of time with her in the last few months and I'm sure you've been a great comfort to her. And I'm praying for you all,  for your peace and  love and  help for your whole family.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ - secretagentangel   9281.5 #11 11-9-16 10:02PM Like(3)  Reply
You're the best Plumie!  How are you feeling these days?  Mahalo for the sticker.  It makes up for us not going on NBC HM this trip (lines too long)! - msdizmaui   941.8 #225 11-8-16 10:11PM Like(1)  Reply
I need a bone wreath! - msdizmaui   941.8 #225 11-8-16 9:52PM Like  Reply
ok it is on its way to you, enjoy!!  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-8-16 9:53PM
- msdizmaui  941.8 #225 11-8-16 10:13PM
Do you have an extra bone wreath sticker? If so may I please have one? I need a bone wreath! (I'll be praying for you, your mom, and your family. I'm so sorry to hear what your going through right now) πŸ˜₯ - DesireDisney   94.4 #3845 11-9-16 9:06PM Like  Reply
Sorry I only had one extra and it's gone - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-13-16 11:40AM
@DesireDisney I sent you one. I also have a few extras of last week's stickers, feel free to tell me if there's any you'd like 😊 - SassafrasDavis  814.1 #262 11-13-16 12:01PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 11-5-16 9:54AM
any one seen this really cute Pixar short called the sandpiper yet?Β
Yes! Super cute😍 - misschurro   8474.5 #13 11-5-16 10:11AM Like  Reply
I love that one!❀️ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2850.5 #56 11-5-16 11:15AM Like  Reply
I loved it! I wish they had made stuffed from him and all kinds of T-shirts and things . I'm surprised they didn't but they are for the short before Moana. - secretagentangel   9281.5 #11 11-5-16 11:17AM Like  Reply
I would love a baby sand piper and hermit crabπŸ‘πŸΌ - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-5-16 1:26PM
Especially after piper is all fluffy from the water😍😍😍😍😍 - secretagentangel  9281.5 #11 11-5-16 1:29PM
Yes, really enjoyed it - NvNana   252.1 #1418 11-5-16 11:48AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-26-16 9:38PM
The grave diggers and their sparking shovels.
 for all your cool videos tonight!! I appreciate them as I was not able to attend MHP this year!!  - CentralCoastAuntVon   210.4 #1978 10-26-16 10:05PM Like(1)  Reply
I went on the 17th and finally was able to upload. - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-26-16 11:11PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-26-16 8:56PM
MHP fireworks from last week. When looking at all the shows and neat stuff for the party I lined up what shows I wanted to see and the one event, fireworks, I could not spare time to sit and hold a good spot so I got this but saw everythi  More...
Nice, thank you!  - tvdisneylove   196.0 #2163 10-26-16 10:17PM Like(1)  Reply
Great! Thanks  - dianaaa   610.3 #378 10-27-16 2:04AM Like(1)  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-26-16 7:53PM
The MHP parade ballroom dancers and mini mansion
Tagged in: Live Videos  
Such a great parade. Thank you  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2850.5 #56 10-26-16 8:43PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm sure it has sound. Again It isn't working on my IPad. 😞 - E-Ticket   1502.4 #129 10-26-16 10:27PM Like  Reply
It has sound I can put it on Facebook - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-27-16 9:38PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-26-16 7:44PM
Cadaver Dans, what is odd is that I can't load videos from my platinum account but I can upload from the free app?!
@misschurro - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 10-26-16 7:48PM Like  Reply
I think that's what happened to me, too. - misschurro  8474.5 #13 10-26-16 9:06PM
And, great vid - misschurro  8474.5 #13 10-26-16 9:07PM
- catlikesmouse   184.7 #2309 10-26-16 9:23PM Like  Reply
Love!! Thank you - FoolishMortal138   618.5 #374 10-26-16 9:26PM Like  Reply
  - CentralCoastAuntVon   210.4 #1978 10-26-16 10:11PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-25-16 11:25PM
Very cool for mansion fans...
Perfect place to read the CA Voter Information Guide, only 224 pages. - jacdanfan   14328.8 #5 10-27-16 5:48AM Like(2)  Reply
   - teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 10-25-16 11:56PM Like(1)  Reply
That is a fancy looking toilet! - redsoxcarlos   4503.4 #35 10-27-16 5:51AM Like(1)  Reply
lookes like a warm water bidet ;) - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 11-24-16 7:57PM
We used to have bidets in a house we rented overseas as kids. I'd turn the jet on full to get the ceiling wet. πŸ˜† - redsoxcarlos  4503.4 #35 11-24-16 8:56PM
And I'm ready to start my bathroom remodel.... - LaPearleNoir   2859.3 #55 10-27-16 6:51AM Like(1)  Reply
It's really cool, love that chandelier - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-27-16 10:02PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-25-16 12:23AM
Tagged in: Live Videos  
love it!!!   - MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 10-25-16 1:02AM Like(1)  Reply
  - teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 10-25-16 1:32AM Like(1)  Reply
Ooh!! Thanks so much for that! So spooky cool! Great QC, too! (What happened to the L in your name? Are you the REAL Plumie??😜) - misschurro   8474.5 #13 10-25-16 6:52AM Like  Reply
- miadawn128   219.9 #1841 10-25-16 7:18AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-25-16 12:19AM
  - jacdanfan   14328.8 #5 10-25-16 3:33PM Like(1)  Reply
You did it......upload successful!!!!  πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½Congrats on a great video. Thanks for sharing.  - tvdisneylove   196.0 #2163 10-25-16 1:06PM Like  Reply
Excellent!  - teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 10-25-16 11:53PM Like  Reply
Wow  - dianaaa   610.3 #378 10-27-16 2:14AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 11:51PM
Grave digger shoveling sparks
I thought that was so cool.  - sawman911   4243.4 #42 10-19-16 12:40PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ˜±πŸ’œπŸ’œ - nicealex77   738.7 #304 10-19-16 8:25PM Like(1)  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 11:48PM
Ballroom dancers
a great scene! - MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 10-20-16 1:01AM Like(1)  Reply
Oh neat!!!  - misschurro   8474.5 #13 10-19-16 8:40PM Like  Reply
N tidy  -  1571.1 #124 10-19-16 8:43PM
The lighting was very dark and the grave diggers with their sparking shovels are pretty cool too. - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 10-19-16 9:43PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 11:44PM
More Cadaver dans
- MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 10-18-16 11:45PM Like  Reply
- teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 10-18-16 11:57PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 11:41PM
Walkon last night
That's the best part of the trick or treat party... everyone's in line or waiting on the parade route .. so awesome - carminaire   969.8 #220 10-19-16 7:04PM Like(1)  Reply
Yes and the second parade is much lighter people wise - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-19-16 7:19PM
Seriously ? That's cool  - eviljules   1759.7 #110 10-18-16 11:49PM Like  Reply
Yep walkon, same with star tours but I went when the first parade was on - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-18-16 11:52PM
That was smart !  - eviljules  1759.7 #110 10-19-16 12:00AM
I think you have convinced me to go to MHP next year! πŸ˜€βœ¨β€οΈ - encinitasrunner   164.0 #2632 10-19-16 9:25PM Like  Reply
I really had a great time and I went solo. - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-19-16 9:42PM
Love the lighting on  - Bassplayerswife   991.9 #217 10-20-16 7:41AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 11:40PM
The Ghost Punch @shadow gamer
   - teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 10-18-16 11:58PM Like(1)  Reply
I think that ghost more like a puppy kind of winking  πŸΆπŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I cannot unsee it! - misschurro   8474.5 #13 10-19-16 6:06AM Like(1)  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 11:36PM
Ok since I can't post the clip I took a still out - the headless horseman
- MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 10-18-16 11:48PM Like(1)  Reply
- teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 10-18-16 11:54PM Like(1)  Reply
- Disneydollarpam   100.9 #3737 10-19-16 7:05AM Like(1)  Reply
This is a still from a video that I can't seem to post  - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 10-18-16 11:53PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 11:30PM
Light effects on main st for the MHP
Cool! - Tinkerluvr   104.7 #3666 10-19-16 7:42PM Like(1)  Reply
Beautiful picture !! - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   431.1 #560 10-19-16 7:46PM Like(1)  Reply
Nice!! - DisneyU43A   14.0 #9624 10-19-16 7:34PM Like  Reply
 I hope I get to experience it for myself one year - mandas1989   358.1 #714 10-19-16 7:39PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 9:16PM
Shameful post but when did space mountain bathroom get all beautiful new and HUGE?
I used to like having to second guess what door to go through when the had the alien pictogram. ^_^ - AngelaSparrow   154.3 #2782 10-18-16 9:59PM Like(2)  Reply
Not sure but it was like that in July  - disneychu   442.0 #547 10-18-16 9:21PM Like(1)  Reply
Yep. There's a second set of stalls.  - Taunton   2145.5 #86 10-18-16 9:27PM Like(1)  Reply
Because as you can see they removed all the toilets and sinks. - DLKenCA   3188.5 #50 10-18-16 9:47PM Like  Reply
Could get complicated... S'pose that's why they put up that Caution sign? - SassafrasDavis  814.1 #262 10-18-16 9:59PM
Lol there are new stalls and almost triple the sinks and toilets. Heaven - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-20-16 11:45PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 9:12PM
Star Wars land at night
not a great pic but it has a brightness in the night. - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 10-18-16 9:20PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-18-16 8:58PM
How do you post video clips to MW on an iPhone 6Splus. I always get lost with the update
Love this pic!! - sultan   116.1 #3447 10-18-16 9:33PM Like(1)  Reply
Gotta buy stickers now. Help ya in a bit - misschurro   8474.5 #13 10-18-16 8:59PM Like  Reply
- MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 10-18-16 9:26PM Like  Reply
- teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 10-19-16 12:10AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-17-16 11:50PM
Love the tule fog
It's soooo creepy.  We have fog machines set up our house.  It fogs up the whole street πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - LaPearleNoir   2859.3 #55 10-18-16 6:21AM Like(1)  Reply
That's awesome!! - Bassplayerswife  991.9 #217 10-18-16 9:42AM
So cool! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2850.5 #56 10-18-16 6:51PM Like(1)  Reply
ROA looked great at  - jacdanfan   14328.8 #5 10-18-16 5:40AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-17-16 10:05PM
Hand bag #handwatch2016
I hope he gave it back! "Not my Harvey's bag mr hand!" πŸ˜‚ - luxkitty   4809.4 #31 10-18-16 12:36AM Like(1)  Reply
No worries he did not have a chance with my HarveyπŸ˜‚ - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-18-16 9:08PM
Handbag!  - secretagentangel   9281.5 #11 10-18-16 9:16PM Like(1)  Reply
did you get the word play most did not.  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-18-16 9:17PM
Yes I did!  - secretagentangel  9281.5 #11 10-18-16 10:17PM
- miadawn128   219.9 #1841 10-18-16 7:51AM Like  Reply
  - mckelfam   119.4 #3373 10-18-16 9:16PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-17-16 10:02PM
Cute purse!  - BriarRose406   471.4 #505 10-17-16 10:07PM Like(1)  Reply
I want to tour your handbag collection Plumie  - Linzee   1761.1 #108 10-18-16 12:33AM Like(1)  Reply
on mouse wait ? - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-18-16 12:40AM
 @Linzee what facebook group are you on and I can post it there like the purse groups?  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-26-16 9:26PM
- miadawn128   219.9 #1841 10-18-16 7:51AM Like  Reply
- dianaaa   610.3 #378 10-27-16 2:08AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-17-16 9:46PM
Not a great location for the fire works but still fun to see
Nice to see you tonight! Sorry we couldn't really chat.  - BaseballMickey   8416.0 #14 10-17-16 11:44PM Like(1)  Reply
You were super busy so I talked at you πŸ˜‰ - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-17-16 11:51PM
Glad you were able to make a visit tonight for the party Plumie!! - Linzee   1761.1 #108 10-17-16 9:48PM Like  Reply
I'm dying but I know what I need to work on to get better. @linzee I really loved seeing the MHP. I have all sorts of crazy things going on that are keeping me away. Glad I got to be able to go - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-17-16 10:06PM
@Linzee - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-18-16 8:01PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-17-16 6:31PM
Belle and Cinderella
If we could all live by "Have Courage, and Be Kind" - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2850.5 #56 10-17-16 8:55PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm confident you have that covered in spades @RadiatorSprings4Ever 😘 - RapunzelledColey  142.8 #2967 10-18-16 12:12AM
Oh my gosh I just saw this @RapunzelledColey. 😒I am working on the courage part,  and I always try to keep myself in check with the kindness. Hope you are enjoying your lunch. 😘 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2850.5 #56 10-22-16 7:00PM
Cute - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   431.1 #560 10-17-16 6:39PM Like  Reply
great outfits! - MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 10-18-16 5:24AM Like  Reply
     - DisneyHeidi09   338.0 #788 10-22-16 8:48PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-17-16 6:28PM
Standard lines
Hope you are enjoying your time in the parks. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2850.5 #56 10-17-16 8:56PM Like(1)  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-17-16 6:16PM
Cute but might not be park legal
She better not have any beignets.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - sawman911   4243.4 #42 10-17-16 7:17PM Like(5)  Reply
Peter Pan's shadow? - NotReallyGrumpyBill   758.5 #293 10-17-16 6:24PM Like(3)  Reply
That's awesome! - JessieandWoody  236.7 #0 10-17-16 6:50PM
That's my guess. - DarthTinkerbell  1382.7 #144 10-17-16 9:01PM
That's a great costume! - Thumper13   541.9 #427 10-17-16 6:57PM Like  Reply
That's pretty cool!  - luxkitty   4809.4 #31 10-18-16 12:32AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 10-17-16 1:56PM
Ok who all are going the MHP tonight?
NEW NBC Harvey's bags are coming!  - luxkitty   4809.4 #31 10-17-16 2:25PM Like(2)  Reply
Lalalalalalala I can't hear you...... - Bassplayerswife  991.9 #217 10-17-16 4:57PM
Ooh ooh ooh!!βœ‹πŸ» - debbiev  1623.6 #123 10-17-16 8:23PM
I love that key fob or bracelet on your purse!  - secretagentangel   9281.5 #11 10-17-16 2:09PM Like(1)  Reply
It's a bag charm - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 10-17-16 2:50PM
It's cute!  - secretagentangel  9281.5 #11 10-17-16 2:56PM
Im going Wednesday just in time for the heatwave!  - DeadliestPassholder   405.5 #605 10-17-16 3:16PM Like  Reply
Ya I saw earlier the crazy 20 degree jump in 1 day! So crazy!!!  - brodysmommy  474.5 #502 10-17-16 3:26PM
I'll be there Friday!!  - PixiePrincessPolly   342.6 #763 10-17-16 3:39PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 9-8-16 9:57PM
#tbt MHP 2015 it was totally fun last year - thank you @secretagentangel
Cool picture !!  - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   431.1 #560 9-8-16 10:01PM Like  Reply
Awesome pic πŸŽƒ - 1Minnie58   7.9 #14034 9-8-16 10:09PM Like  Reply
Nice picture - Winnie111286   28294.9 #1 9-9-16 6:59AM Like  Reply
Neat photo! - DisneyDiane316   1446.3 #132 9-9-16 8:05AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 9-8-16 9:55PM
#tbt Halloween party 2015
looks like fun! - MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 9-8-16 11:05PM Like  Reply
Love the decorations. - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   431.1 #560 9-8-16 11:09PM Like  Reply
I was there (like every year) and was happy that they had the OG Malificent there vs the AJolie version! - SKELLIGIRL   131.0 #3155 9-9-16 7:56AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 9-5-16 8:37PM
I sure this has been posted, Costco has a single park ap for DCA
Let it go! - MennisDiller   1176.6 #172 9-5-16 8:54PM Like(1)  Reply
I saw it too, and I was like just DCA! I mean DCA is great but I like DL better. - SKamanderPlayingUke+Soccer   182.4 #0 9-5-16 9:23PM Like(1)  Reply
But what are the block out dates? Does anyone know or mind sharing..... I love Disneyland too but the crowds have made it near impossible to navigate, Love dca being a local with all the entertainment it provides any night of the week.  - therealJackandSally   353.0 #0 9-6-16 9:28AM Like  Reply
I remember seeing for 2016 and 2017 major holiday days are blocked. Not too sure of all the dates, some I remember are Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and a few others. It also needs to be used by Dec 31st I think. - MARVELus  779.2 #280 9-6-16 10:03AM
it is the same price as the socal select ap.  but a lot more days in the park. - MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 9-7-16 11:39PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 8-20-16 10:50PM
When did the Eiffel tower get bentπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Because of the wide lenses they used the film the ride, there's distortion when big subjects, like the Eiffel Tower, are in the middle of the screen. If you wanted the technical answer.  - BaseballMickey   8416.0 #14 8-22-16 12:36AM Like(2)  Reply
Cuz the movies bent!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel   9281.5 #11 8-20-16 10:52PM Like(1)  Reply
I wouldn't know. I had my eyes closed the entire time - msdizmaui   941.8 #225 8-21-16 2:23PM Like  Reply
it was pretty high looking down to the bottom of the matterhorn but it was such a rush and brain play.  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 8-22-16 12:16AM
It reminds me of the old V8 commercials.  - EvilqueenRS   704.9 #315 8-21-16 3:53PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 8-20-16 10:45PM
Moving fast!
this was nice to see because I do not think I will ever get to see the pyrimids of Egypt in my lifetime.  - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 8-22-16 12:17AM Like  Reply
My dad is always so proud to say he climbed the pyramids(not sure which one) before the Egyptian government banned the practice. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2850.5 #56 8-22-16 12:31AM
my mom and I climbed Chichenitza, Usmal, and Tulum and Coba (pyramids in the Yucatan) before they now will not let people climb any more. That was in the 80’a - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 8-25-16 10:00PM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 8-20-16 10:44PM
Hmmm those hot air balloons look familiar lol
Not so hidden Mickey, floating over one of the Mittens. πŸ˜€ - redsoxcarlos   4503.4 #35 8-20-16 10:50PM Like(3)  Reply
Cool. - mrsccc2   16.4 #8792 8-20-16 11:34PM Like  Reply
Hidden Mickey  - DDTINK57   411.7 #591 8-21-16 8:15AM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 8-20-16 10:43PM
DCA was quiet after closing and last ride on soaring- ❀️❀️❀️it!
I came for an hour and it took 1 hour to get  in but I got on soaring twice at the close of the park.  - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 8-20-16 10:52PM Like(1)  Reply
I like to make quick trips also. - mrsccc2   16.4 #8792 8-20-16 11:35PM Like(1)  Reply
Great picture  - DDTINK57   411.7 #591 8-21-16 8:15AM Like(1)  Reply
- BriarRose406   471.4 #505 8-21-16 8:22AM Like(1)  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 8-20-16 9:59PM
That was really high😬
Ummmm, spoiler alert for those who have not yet ridden it! - MabelMouse   412.0 #590 8-21-16 12:16AM Like(3)  Reply
I am sorry... i thought by now that everyone but me has seen this. You can see it on youtube but the physical experience is a full body rush. These still photos do not ruin nor do justice to experiencing this attraction. Consider this a teaser.  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 8-22-16 12:20AM
i am looking forward to it,  even tho i love soc! - MsTikiMermadam   1680.7 #117 8-21-16 4:03AM Like(1)  Reply
its better... and I am a hard one for change - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 8-23-16 9:46PM
I so looking forward to seeing this when I go in Dec!!! - Ariel1979   66.3 #4471 8-22-16 7:35PM Like  Reply
I'm excited to check it day....looks a little bit more intense. Is this the real Matterhorn? - FoolishMortal138   618.5 #374 8-22-16 9:12PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 8-17-16 9:55PM
So this is my home view of tonight's fireworks. Neighbor trimmed the trees. It's a short clip.
Not as awesome as being in the park but they are there nightly - Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 8-17-16 10:00PM Like  Reply
It's awesome someone gets to experience living close like us.  - DisneylandGirl  362.7 #696 8-18-16 1:54PM
- debbiev   1623.6 #123 8-17-16 10:04PM Like  Reply
I think it would be amazing to live so close to a Disney park and to be able to see the fireworks on a nightly basis.  I also wonder if it ever gets annoying?  Does it ever interfere with your sleep? I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just curious. - LaPearleNoir   2859.3 #55 8-18-16 6:50AM Like  Reply
In my opinion, I never have a problem. If I fall asleep early they will wake me up but it's ok because they are DISNEYLAND'S fireworks! Never annoying to me.  - DisneylandGirl  362.7 #696 8-18-16 1:53PM
Very cool! I liked how the crickets were the music. πŸ˜€ - encinitasrunner   164.0 #2632 8-18-16 4:29PM Like  Reply
there are alot of crickets in my organic yard.  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 8-22-16 12:24AM
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 8-4-16 11:29PM
#TBT another view of the maliboomer
- jacdanfan   14328.8 #5 8-5-16 3:13AM Like  Reply
One ride I never rode, and don't regret it! πŸ˜€ - redsoxcarlos   4503.4 #35 8-5-16 5:53AM Like  Reply
I remember, I didn't think it was that bad. But then again I love a similar one @  6 flags.  I really didn't like the shields, all I could think, was how many times they had been used and hopefully cleaned. - itsmyglassslipper   578.9 #397 8-5-16 5:26PM Like  Reply
*hopefully* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro  8474.5 #13 8-5-16 5:28PM
I think I miss this I don't even remember this ride......πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” - encinitasrunner   164.0 #2632 8-5-16 5:45PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 7-22-16 5:44PM
#ChristmasInJuly My signature plus pretty in pinkπŸ˜‚
Pretty picture !! - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   431.1 #560 7-22-16 6:37PM Like(1)  Reply
- ElectricMayhemMom   1749.8 #112 7-22-16 7:42PM Like(1)  Reply
- teapotsandteacups   3077.8 #52 7-23-16 12:26AM Like(1)  Reply
Pretty tree! - jacdanfan   14328.8 #5 7-22-16 7:45PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 7-21-16 12:50PM
#TBT The Innovation's Peter Pan room complete with ship and smoking cannon!
- Plumiegirl   10493.2 #9 7-21-16 12:52PM Like  Reply
 Miss that☹️ - NvNana   252.1 #1418 7-21-16 1:02PM Like  Reply
How cool  - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   431.1 #560 7-21-16 7:36PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 7-21-16 10:31AM
#TBT this was the black carpet installment way back on pirates 3 movie premier.
Wish we had been there, fun events. Only one we ever made was The Lone Ranger. - jacdanfan   14328.8 #5 7-21-16 10:52AM Like  Reply
The prep and setup was interesting. Saw all of them.  - Plumiegirl  10493.2 #9 7-21-16 12:35PM
 πŸŽ₯🎬 - dizzneyfan   1116.7 #184 7-21-16 2:25PM Like  Reply
Cool  - kimdis   57.8 #4744 7-21-16 5:15PM Like  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 7-10-16 5:28PM
A sample closeup of the diamonds at the Carthay
- FrankenJinglyVelinee   4335.4 #39 7-10-16 5:36PM Like(1)  Reply
- catlikesmouse   184.7 #2309 7-10-16 5:37PM Like(1)  Reply
- DesireDisney   94.4 #3845 7-10-16 5:53PM Like(1)  Reply
10493.2 #9 DL Qual #8 7-4-16 9:27AM
Happy 4th of July!
I love this bag.  Lucky you. - eeyore4me   15.4 #9122 7-4-16 9:32AM Like(1)  Reply
I bought when it first came out at fourtuosity on main st. I gave it to my sister who used it then gave it back to me this year. It was really dirty so I had harvey wash it and been carrying it ever since. It’s well built bag, better than the newer ones but it makes it a bit heavier. She stays with me fo