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MOTHER'S DAY TRIBUTE DOUBLE CREDITS SALE + Sticker Night on Tuesday (get ready for a big night with lots of re-releases)! We are dedicating this weekend and next week's Sticker Night to all of the moms out there who have made a difference  More...
a "mom" text sticker with a heart behind it would be lovely!  - luxkitty   3954.2 #38 5-6-16 2:35PM Like  Reply
 Thank you, Admin!! - misschurro...   7133.9 #14 5-6-16 2:42PM Like  Reply
 a credits sale!! Thank you Admin!! - debbiev   1304.2 #138 5-6-16 2:48PM Like  Reply
 I'm getting low on credits!!  Thanks Admin - Dianat710   52.8 #4753 5-6-16 3:15PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   luxkitty  misschurro...  debbiev  disneyforme 
MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday (this pic courtesy of HARR_E earned a "Best of the Month" spot in March). Check your Credits balance and get ready! Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWa  More...
beautiful pic @HARR_E ! my requests would be: Magnolia fountain or Carthay fountain, Walt's apartment lamp. How about a firework? (I do love the animated sticker one we already have).  - FrankenweenieVelinee   3309.5 #44 5-2-16 12:33PM Like(5)  Reply
Yes I've been wanting a firework too!! - sheridanrabbit  211.2 #1890 5-2-16 5:50PM
- debbiev  1304.2 #138 5-2-16 6:53PM
Animated spinning teacups, please πŸ˜ƒ - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 5-3-16 9:18AM Like(5)  Reply
What is this rumor tower of terror being closed for a new ride. What are they thinking! - Disneysoul   55.8 #4640 5-5-16 9:46AM Like  Reply
I know, pretty crazy! Maybe they're not renewing their Twilight Zone sponsorship.πŸ€” - debbiev  1304.2 #138 5-5-16 2:03PM
91 FWY CLOSED HEADING TO CORONA. Can't post to Lounge, server error? #LIVE - jacdanfan   11884.2 #6 5-5-16 8:12PM Like  Reply
Thursday night 5/5/16. 8pm. Traffic nightmare - jacdanfan  11884.2 #6 5-5-16 8:13PM
Thank you!! - misschurro...  7133.9 #14 5-5-16 8:36PM
MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday (pic courtesy of FrankenweenieVelinee). Check your Credits balance and get ready! Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (including contests). Y  More...
May we please have the DCA Partners statue? The Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical sign and the Clarabelle's ice cream sign. Thank you!!! - misschurro...   7133.9 #14 4-25-16 2:20PM Like(5)  Reply
I'm surprised we don't have the statue by now.  - phillip...  1357.8 #132 4-25-16 2:26PM
Good thinking ma'am.  - phillip...  1357.8 #132 4-25-16 2:27PM
I'm holding out for a heron till the end of the night - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 4-25-16 4:58PM Like(3)  Reply
"And he's gotta be strong, and he's gotta be fast, and he's gotta be fresh from the fight"... Right, @@UTDISNEYFAMILY?!πŸ˜¬πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜» - Catski23  22.8 #7036 4-25-16 11:07PM
Correct @Catski23 - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 4-26-16 3:34PM
What rocket what dole whip? Never saw them... I have an old dole whip , so no worries but I'm not sure what rocket they're referring to ...... I'm happy with all the other "words and phrases" I gathered! - carminaire   832.6 #226 4-27-16 6:29AM Like  Reply
They were gone as soon as they appeared in the store. πŸ˜“ - TheWeirdWriter  80.5 #4004 4-27-16 6:34AM
Not sure if they're doing it today, but Ghirardelli was handing out these full sized dark chocolate blueberry squares yesterday--they're so good!
Wish I was there! Thank you @@Admin - RetroDisneyPins2002   42.7 #5196 4-21-16 2:58PM Like  Reply
I'll check it out! Thanks @@Admin!  - Duchess_SMK   6490.1 #19 4-21-16 3:05PM Like  Reply
Yes! They were still handing out blueberry yesterday! Delish!  - Duchess_SMK  6490.1 #19 4-22-16 10:49AM
I was blessed to have one as well! It was yummy. - KrystalColors   314.3 #852 4-22-16 8:43PM Like  Reply
MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday--check your Credits balance and get ready! Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (including contests). You can still earn 500 Credits when you   More...
How about Kylo Ren's lightsaber to go with the  and . - DarthTinkerbell   834.4 #224 4-18-16 4:26PM Like(5)  Reply
Yesss! - luxkitty  3954.2 #38 4-18-16 9:53PM
😍😍😍😍😍😍 - DarthTinkerbell  834.4 #224 4-19-16 9:05PM
   Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard too, please. Thank you!  - jacdanfan   11884.2 #6 4-19-16 6:56AM Like(4)  Reply
Yes please so much to this!  Patriotic are my fave stickers and the police themed ones so cool!  - mickeyat78  2079.5 #78 4-19-16 8:37PM
    - jacdanfan  11884.2 #6 4-19-16 9:13PM
I missed it! I have to get that Kylo  and that pirates splash down. Those are very cool.  - Pgmlucky   61.3 #4472 4-20-16 10:13AM Like  Reply
Totally missed sticker night again! πŸ˜‚ I love the Pirates splashdown! ☠ - RetroDisneyPins2002   42.7 #5196 4-20-16 11:34AM Like  Reply
We fixed a few bugs in our TRIVILATOR Disneyland Trivia App that were preventing games from moving forward. Please let me know if it's wo  More...
Hi Admin. I've been trying to post but I can't do it. Can you help please?  - vuzilla   2.0 #0 4-15-16 4:24PM Like  Reply
Me too I can't figure out how or where to send posts  - meghannandalex  66.0 #4340 4-27-16 5:18PM
Thank you @Admin!! It was frustrating when games froze! Thanks for the fix! πŸ˜€ - sheridanrabbit   211.2 #1890 4-15-16 5:07PM Like  Reply
Oh good now I'll go play this weekend!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 4-15-16 5:20PM Like  Reply
I sent you invites to play a couple of games a week ago but you haven't accepted then yet - Goofytom  2425.0 #63 4-15-16 5:25PM
I have a game started with you too @secretagentangel πŸ˜€ - sheridanrabbit  211.2 #1890 4-15-16 5:45PM
MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday--check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (including contests). You can still earn 500 Credits when   More...
Please continue with military logos, thank you. Still need Marines, Army, and Navy.  - jacdanfan   11884.2 #6 4-12-16 5:56AM Like(5)  Reply
  Thank you sir. - jacdanfan  11884.2 #6 4-12-16 9:23PM
Love sticker nights! Thank you for all your time and effort in bringing such a fun night! Hmmm some of my requests: topiaries ( the garden festival is in full swing) building from the countries of EPCOT, earth day sticker, rivers of light, Safari jeep, gorilla and da'vine. ( reminiscent for pangani trails at animal kingdom)Β  - mmddgp   1056.5 #7 4-11-16 12:36PM Like(3)  Reply
Man I miss it i wanted the Air Force sticker  - roaddog66_USAF   303.9 #917 4-13-16 10:34AM Like  Reply
Sent. Thank you for your service.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill  382.4 #601 4-13-16 11:48AM
Thank you sir - roaddog66_USAF  303.9 #917 4-13-16 12:32PM
I'm excited to announce that MouseWait's 7th Reunion will be combined with our 7th Birthday Party later this year. I think one combined event toward the end of the year will be best for everyone, since planning two big events per ye  More...
I'll be posting our Dapper Day meetups shortly!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 4-7-16 2:22PM Like(3)  Reply
Looking forward to reading everyone's input! It helps so much with the planning process. Thanks Admin!  - Duchess_SMK   6490.1 #19 4-7-16 2:25PM Like  Reply
One weekend out of the year? Sounds good to me.  - mini_MINNIE   1165.8 #157 4-20-16 10:09AM Like  Reply
I thought the last one was in a good spot,LA Brea(?) bakery? We had a huge portion of the patio - DarthFairy   474.2 #466 4-20-16 2:33PM Like  Reply
CONGRATS TO THE MARCH WINNERS: Tom, varela2892, kryan, Chumash28, and BaseballMickey--you just won 5000 Credits each! THANK YOU to everyone who participated--the more you participate by entering wait times, and by posting/thanking/comment  More...
 TO ALL THE WINNERS!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» - MadameLeota   4427.8 #33 4-4-16 3:35PM Like(4)  Reply
- secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 4-6-16 1:02PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks so much! 😊 @@Admin - Tom   12229.6 #5 5-5-16 10:10AM Like  Reply
Our first Sticker Night in April will be a MYSTERY night on Tuesday--check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (including contests). Y  More...
Is a storm trooper sticker allowed? If so I think it may be liked a little - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 4-4-16 2:28PM Like(4)  Reply
Yes! πŸ‘† - RetroDisneyPins2002  42.7 #5196 4-4-16 4:38PM
Maybe a bitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 4-4-16 8:04PM
From POTC... Skull & Cross Swords, Parrot, and Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Maybe even an animated Spinning Teacups sticker 😊 - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 4-4-16 12:55PM Like(3)  Reply
All right. I go off to a Warriors game for 1 Sticker Night and I miss a Stormtrooper?!?!  I'll be on the lookout for one!  You will be mine ! - Voycekids   46.3 #5037 4-6-16 12:03AM Like  Reply
I can get you one tomorrow! My friend bought me two!  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 4-6-16 12:28AM
  Thanks for looking out for me @secretagentangel!  I'll be sure to pay it forward! - Voycekids  46.3 #5037 4-6-16 7:40PM
One Minute of Magic -- The Disneyland Band in Town Square FULL SHOW -- Step Into the Magic. OK, this is actually more than just one minute of magic! Thanks to BaseballMickey for filming the full Disneyland Band Town Square set. Enjoy  More...
- WishIWereThere   300.7 #941 4-1-16 2:29PM Like  Reply
  - JediKitty   1139.6 #164 4-1-16 5:25PM Like  Reply
Big Apple TV update available now! Our brand new design allows you to quickly access your favorite MouseWait features on your big screen. You can view the latest food posts (click on any pic to make it full screen), see the Best Posts of   More...
Tagged in: Updates  
Anything new yet for Android? - Winnie111286   15868.1 #3 3-30-16 2:24PM Like(2)  Reply
That is so awesome. Now I need to buy me an Apple TV  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   534.9 #407 3-30-16 3:17PM Like(2)  Reply
That is so awesome. Now I need to buy me a TV  - phillip...  1357.8 #132 3-30-16 7:58PM
That so awesome now I need to buy me some fruit  - dizneedude   1122.3 #168 4-2-16 2:01AM
Roku? - grapesoda   539.5 #399 3-31-16 12:36PM Like  Reply
We're hoping Roku too! - DisneyMom13  302.0 #933 4-1-16 8:02AM
I'm going to have to decide on Apple TV. I'm getting rid of FIOS tv so maybe this. - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 4-2-16 8:14PM Like  Reply
You mean "Frontier" #baitandswitch - dizneedude   1122.3 #168 4-2-16 11:00PM
I get what you're saying. Any insights into how frontier is, it started April 1st?@dizneedude - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 4-3-16 9:07PM
MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday--check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (including contests). You can still earn 500 Credits when   More...
Yay sticker night!! Would love an earful tower sticker, would love a series of country buildings from EPCOT, club cool, Safari jeep, belles castle, carousel, malificent dragon from the fantasy parade PLEASE!  Thank you😘 - mmddgp   1056.5 #7 3-28-16 4:48PM Like(3)  Reply
And all the magic bands!  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 3-28-16 10:52PM
Magic bands !  - AlyssaDisneyland  399.9 #578 3-29-16 3:01PM
An April fools sticker maybe??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 3-28-16 8:21PM Like(2)  Reply
- disneyforme  243.2 #1470 3-29-16 9:16PM
- MARVELus  492.0 #448 3-29-16 9:17PM
Thank you @admin for blessing us with these wonderful stickers! I got to thinking about them today and wanted to ask for : #1 rerelease of fanny pack sticker in honor of future fanny pack meetups, 2. Cars land anything and everything & 3) I was thinking maybe a sticker that says "there's a sticker for that" as I have seen miss churro so eloquently state before. Thank you again !  - therealJackandSally   284.6 #0 3-30-16 3:53PM Like  Reply
Oh and one more very important one: Mad T party re-releases in honor of its final act tonight! 😭 - therealJackandSally   284.6 #0 3-30-16 3:54PM Like  Reply
ENDS TONIGHT: DOUBLE CREDITS SALE + Sticker Night on Tuesday (get ready for a big night with lots of re-releases)! We only do these sales a few times a year, so now's the time to stock up. MouseWait Credits work throughout our App Network  More...
I would like to request the word "Pretty", a psychedelic Peace sign, some weather vanes, CaseyJr train, reissue of a Dland cat, PeterPan boat, Mr Toad's car, & BTMR train please & Thank you  - Quiweez   673.1 #307 3-19-16 1:38PM Like(4)  Reply
- TinyDancerTay  547.2 #387 3-19-16 2:51PM
 And @luxkitty you got your  - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 3-22-16 9:13PM
Can we have a Yo-ho text sticker, a classic mouse ear hat, and a Marvel logo sticker please! 😊 - RetroDisneyPins2002   42.7 #5196 3-19-16 7:08PM Like(3)  Reply
Oh my goodness, I completely forgot it was sticker night last night 😭 - MellieKay   315.5 #848 3-23-16 8:27AM Like  Reply
Goodness my comments don't want to post. Were there any new ones or just rerelease? - MellieKay  315.5 #848 3-23-16 8:31AM
Sending you a , and  - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 3-23-16 8:47AM
The old ones went so fast last night.  I never saw most of them and ones that I clicked on and thought I got, I didn't.  I hope you will release some old ones again so I can get another chance to get them.  Thanks @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Admin - Winnie111286   15868.1 #3 3-23-16 9:14AM Like  Reply
CONGRATS TO THE FEBRUARY WINNERS: grumpypapa, DisneyDrea, evilemohand, BananaBuggy, and beentoall--you just won 5000 Credits each! THANK YOU to everyone who participated--the more you participate by entering wait times, and by posting/tha  More...
Wow! This is awesome! Congrats to all the other contest winners and thanks to @Admin for such a wonderful app and community! - grumpypapa   6575.2 #17 3-16-16 4:32PM Like(3)  Reply
No WAY!!  This is fantastic news.  What a great way to end the day.  Thank you so so much.  I'm completely overwhelmed:-) - beentoall   814.9 #0 3-16-16 4:06PM Like(2)  Reply
It's like  in March - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 3-16-16 5:00PM
How do you get entered into this contest?  - RetroDisneyPins2002   42.7 #5196 3-26-16 6:04AM Like  Reply
I believe @Admin selects winners from content throughout the month. Every time you post or comment, you are entering!  Hey, I just entered! - Voycekids  46.3 #5037 3-26-16 6:49AM
Or thanking things enters you too!  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 3-26-16 11:47PM
St. Patrick's Day Sticker Night on Tuesday with new releases, re-releases, and more--check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (includ  More...
Hi! Can we please have the HM Chandelier and the HM Mirror, in the foyer? Also, re-releases of the corn dog and churro? Thank you for your consideration! πŸ˜ƒ - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 3-14-16 12:57PM Like(7)  Reply
Churro !!! Or a churro cart !  - AlyssaDisneyland  399.9 #578 3-14-16 2:16PM
Can we please also have a Mama Duck?  - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 3-15-16 12:46PM
animated Mara, sparkling ear headband, a tsum tsum, grand californian hotel sign, casey jr train, grizzly river bear, a stroller, classic lollipop sticker, taco tuesday - luxkitty   3954.2 #38 3-14-16 2:44PM Like(7)  Reply
Tsum tsum please!!!!!!!!!  - AlyssaDisneyland  399.9 #578 3-14-16 8:33PM
 Yay! Thanks @Admin - luxkitty  3954.2 #38 3-15-16 9:03PM
Thank you for the boos door and shamrock sticker πŸ˜˜πŸ’— How are you and the family ? @@@@DreadPiratesRogers ?  - eviljules   1436.3 #122 3-16-16 4:20AM Like  Reply
You are so very welcome!  I've been trying to carve out some weekly lounge time.  The family is doing well, but we are really busy with so much these days!  My youngest daughter graduates in June from HS and we have been bustling around getting her ready for college in the fall.  My eldest daughter is starting a job training program and has a goal of moving out on her own this year (this is a big step for her and us)!  My hubby is finally experiencing some pain relief from a chronic pain condition and is beginning to heal and be well after a period of ill health and intractable pain.  If this wasn't enough  excitement - I'll be working on my doctorate degree starting this fall!  That's it in a nutshell!  Are you sorry you asked!  I appreciate you and your looking out for the DPR Crew! - DreadPiratesRogers  852.9 #220 3-16-16 9:00AM
I swear I logged on at 9pm and there were no stickers left 😭 - varela2892   48.2 #4947 3-16-16 7:24AM Like  Reply
Sending you a  - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 3-16-16 8:12AM
@@@@@@@MaddForMansion thank you for the sticker!! . I have to be quicker in the MW store next time. - varela2892  48.2 #4947 3-16-16 10:27AM
SPRING BREAK MOUSEWAIT 9.1 UPDATE! We fixed a lot of bugs, improved speed, and added a few of your suggestions from our Lounge survey! Get Plat  More...
Tagged in: Updates  MouseWait 9 Tips  
Looks like a great update!! A lot faster!!! Thanks  - Fantasmicfan1   2195.2 #74 3-8-16 1:32PM Like(2)  Reply
Glad you like it @Fantasmicfan1! - Admin  3-8-16 2:01PM
I just glad MW continues to be a great success! - Fantasmicfan1  2195.2 #74 3-8-16 2:05PM
Any word on when Android will get something? - Winnie111286   15868.1 #3 3-8-16 2:46PM Like(2)  Reply
Yay waiting for some Android love  - Nikki3Mous3  85.9 #3886 3-8-16 10:19PM
Many of us are hoping.  Just got a new phone and would really like to use a new app. - Winnie111286  15868.1 #3 3-9-16 7:10AM
Wow! Wait times load really fast now! Thanks @ @@@@@Admin! - Song   2242.4 #72 3-21-16 9:21AM Like  Reply
As always bring back Mark Twain please.  - suzieq65   135.1 #3007 3-21-16 2:13PM Like  Reply
SPRING BREAK Sticker Night on Tuesday with new releases, re-releases, and more--check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (including c  More...
Thank you  @@@@Admin for considering our sticker requests. I would like to request the "pink spring trees" that are blossoming in the parks.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1750.9 #101 3-7-16 12:37PM Like(5)  Reply
agree! - MsTikiMermadam  1242.0 #145 3-7-16 4:09PM
Agreed on the pink trees! Would also love to see the partners statue with the purple flower bed circling the fenced in statue! 😻😻😻 - Catski23  22.8 #7036 3-7-16 5:50PM
I was thinking maybe the silhouette frame with a silhouette... Then we could post it anytime someone is talking about the amazing artists! - boomom   479.1 #461 3-7-16 1:28PM Like(4)  Reply
- debbiev  1304.2 #138 3-8-16 9:08PM
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 3-8-16 9:11PM
Thank you @@@@@@Admin...all great stickers!! - teapotsandteacups   338.6 #733 3-8-16 9:54PM Like  Reply
Check out this preview of Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters courtesy of BaseballMickey! This is the third video in our new series "One Minute of Magic" giving you a quick glimpse inside the magical gates of Disneyland, which will hopefully ins  More...
Would love to hear some reviews of the ride! Also, how long has the wait time been today for AP holders? - NotReallyGrumpyBill   382.4 #601 3-4-16 12:04PM Like  Reply
I'll post a short review on Sunday when it officially opens.  - BaseballMickey  7859.0 #11 3-4-16 12:10PM
Rode it on Saturday and I found it boring. Honestly as we moved up in the line and I watched it, I started to get bored. I prefer the flying tires to this. There was a woman behind us that said, and I am not joking, "The directions for moving the tires was confusing." I don't know what was so confusing about leaning in the direction you want to go. I do like the fact that the dances change, but I don't see myself going on this again. Unless the line is really short and I want to sit down. - Lelundrial  687.8 #294 3-8-16 9:04AM
We got in line just after 10:00 and after an hour almost made it to the door to go inside. Had to leave for lunch reservations. - Taunton   1352.3 #135 3-4-16 12:13PM Like  Reply
@msdizmaui here's a video for you - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 3-12-16 5:43AM Like  Reply
I still don't get it, but then again I don't get how most things work!   - msdizmaui  744.0 #266 3-12-16 1:42PM
Looks extremely boring. Will not be waiting to ride this. Sad that Disney has such great iimaginers and this is all they had!?!?   - tinker72   2.4 #58937 3-15-16 7:15PM Like  Reply
This fun, high quality tour of Paradise Bay by SorcererD91 is sure to make you smile! This is the second video in our new series "One Minute of Magic" giving you a quick glimpse inside the magical gates of Disneyland, which will hopefully  More...
Great job @@@SorcererD91!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 3-3-16 5:09PM Like(1)  Reply
Excellent - disneybob49   646.7 #319 3-3-16 5:25PM Like(1)  Reply
That was so fun to watch! - Thumper13   498.4 #445 3-4-16 5:44AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks guys! ☺ - SorcererD91   3566.9 #42 3-3-16 9:40PM Like  Reply
We fixed a bug last week in Virtual Plaid to improve the accuracy of the target wait time notifications. Now, it should show you the most recent wait time when it hits your desired target. Let me know how it works for you. Find out everyt  More...
Tagged in: Updates  Virtual Plaid  
Cool! Will try it this weekend!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 3-3-16 3:25PM Like(1)  Reply
                                  - MadameLeota   4427.8 #33 3-4-16 5:19PM Like  Reply
Does anyone know when autopia and jungle cruise will be open? - lolamini   1.8 #0 3-5-16 1:13PM Like  Reply
Jungle cruise anticipated beginning of May. Autopia end of April I think. Subject to change.  - IDVandalSkipperCM  2531.0 #59 3-5-16 8:58PM
   - Honeybunch   66.0 #4339 3-6-16 10:47PM Like  Reply
Another MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday with new releases, re-releases, and more--check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (includin  More...
πŸ€”I was thinking of the following: pink trees that are blooming in the parks, the Welcome to Cars Land sign, A Fantasyland sign, one of the clam shells from the The Little Mermaid attraction, and maybe the text "Rope Drop". Thank you. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1750.9 #101 2-29-16 1:31PM Like(7)  Reply
Thank you  @@Admin it will be great to add these stickers to the QC that is posted. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 3-1-16 9:25PM
- DarthTinkerbell  834.4 #224 3-1-16 9:34PM
Re release or the tight rope walker from HM?!? Please oh please @@@@@Admin - citainwonderland   58.5 #0 2-29-16 3:11PM Like(2)  Reply
Yes please!  - PeppersGhost  140.9 #2920 2-29-16 6:59PM
Yes please!!!! - mmddgp  1056.5 #7 3-1-16 1:21PM
I was dropping my kiddos off at school! Thank you so much, you are so kind 😊 - MellieKay   315.5 #848 3-2-16 8:19AM Like  Reply
Oops meant to reply to the post haha - MellieKay  315.5 #848 3-2-16 8:19AM
And thank you so much @@MARVELus!! I just saw my  - MellieKay  315.5 #848 3-2-16 12:28PM
MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday! We'll have new releases, and more, so check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (including contests)  More...
I would like to see a Farley sticker, also a blue heron, maybe the tire stack out front of Luigis - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 2-22-16 4:06PM Like(2)  Reply
Yes on the Farley sticker!! - debbiev  1304.2 #138 2-22-16 4:11PM
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 2-23-16 9:07PM
My usual list, added a few new ones...animated Mara, sparkling ear headband, strawberry funnel cake, blue bayou sign, a tsum tsum, grand californian hotel sign, casey jr train, dapper dans on the bike  - luxkitty   3954.2 #38 2-22-16 7:31PM Like(2)  Reply
 oh yeah! 3 of my requests! Thanks @Admin!  - luxkitty  3954.2 #38 2-23-16 9:04PM
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 2-23-16 9:05PM
Thank you, wonky pal @MaddForMansion These guys are so snazzy! - SassafrasDavis   503.9 #441 2-24-16 7:31AM Like  Reply
You're welcome! Thought you'd appreciate a little snazz on wheels πŸ˜‰ - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 2-24-16 8:11AM
@MaddForMansion #mobilesnazz πŸ˜‚ - SassafrasDavis  503.9 #441 2-24-16 9:06AM
MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday! We will release several new Stickers on Tuesday, so check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (inclu  More...
My updated request list...animated Mara, sparkling ear headband, strawberry funnel cake, blue bayou sign, tsum tsums, and something "pin" collector related ☺️ - luxkitty   3954.2 #38 2-11-16 7:54PM Like(3)  Reply
 Thanks @@@@@Admin - luxkitty  3954.2 #38 2-16-16 9:07PM
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 2-16-16 9:07PM
Can we please have the text, ✨Disney Magic✨(sparkles included) and a Disney Postcard, maybe even the one from the end of IASW 😊 - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 2-11-16 9:19PM Like(2)  Reply
- TinyDancerTay  547.2 #387 2-11-16 9:59PM
And " and they lived happily ever after" pleaseπŸ‘ - JessieandWoody  60.3 #0 2-12-16 12:40PM
Thank you @@@Admin! - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 2-17-16 12:54AM Like  Reply
I got a little behind on announcing the Credits Contest winners! NOVEMBER WINNERS: verolly, moolandr, hefleye, valj84DisneyDeppAddict, and HARR_E. DECEMBER WINNERS: JustGoofyDad, PixiePirateMaid, philliprocks, FrankenweenieVelinee, pikari  More...
Wooooo Hooooo!!!!  Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!  I am so excited and happy and so very grateful!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MOUSE WAIT!!!!! - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   296.2 #971 2-10-16 12:03PM Like(3)  Reply
Congratulations to all the winners!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» - MadameLeota   4427.8 #33 2-10-16 12:02PM Like  Reply
It's Valentine's Day Sticker Night on Tuesday! We re-released several Valentine's Day Stickers over the weekend and some will be available throughout the week (check the MW Store daily). We will release several new Stickers on Tuesday, so  More...
animated Mara, sparkling ear headband, strawberry funnel cake, storybook land floral sign, blue bayou sign, and a tsum tsum sticker perhaps - luxkitty   3954.2 #38 2-8-16 11:50AM Like(5)  Reply
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 2-9-16 9:04PM
@@@RadiatorSprings4Ever yes! Checking another one off of my list! Thanks @@@@Admin  - luxkitty  3954.2 #38 2-9-16 9:06PM
I'm requesting the other 3 HM stretching portrait characters. I love her  and I'd love her buddies too. Thanks as always - FoolishMortal138   410.4 #554 2-8-16 2:47PM Like(3)  Reply
Yesss! - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 2-9-16 7:56AM
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 2-9-16 9:05PM
philliprocks  you gotta love this one πŸ˜‚ - Quiweez   673.1 #307 2-10-16 8:57AM Like  Reply
I missed that one! Lemme go see if he's still available - phillip...  1357.8 #132 2-10-16 9:06AM
philliprocks sent you one :) - mandas1989  299.4 #950 2-10-16 10:07AM
Did you know that almost everything in MouseWait (including things you probably aren't aware of) can be found with a few taps in the MagicSearch bar? Did you know that we add things to MagicSearch weekly (i.e. requests from you--see below  More...
I love the search feature & I think it's the most overlooked feature. - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 3-23-16 11:20AM Like(2)  Reply
Search feature is the best! If you're looking for anything Disney or MW relayed you can find it there. I use it when I'm trying to find if somethings been posted already or not. And for finding other MWers profile page.  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 3-23-16 1:41PM
But would it help me to locate the special day of the angel of secret agents????? - Butterlina  1576.3 #110 3-23-16 5:05PM
Earn 1000 Credits with our newest Platinum Partner, Magical Memories! They offer MouseWaiters a 10% discount on all purchases with this code: MW10. Also, they are offering us 28% off the amazing "Happiest Street on Earth" lithograph with   More...
Β WELCOME, introduce yourself on you own post page (top right corner of the lounge)Β so the whole mousewait community can welcome you. Can't wait to see some of your pictures. - Quiweez   673.1 #307 2-6-16 7:23PM Like  Reply
Welcome!!!! Β°oΒ° - dsnylnd4me   255.8 #1327 2-22-16 12:14PM Like  Reply
I entered my email on Profile when first joining and never got the 3 points.  Can you help please.  Thanks. Hoping to unlock a few sound clips after.  - TheWebmaster   36.6 #5541 2-29-16 7:50AM Like  Reply
MouseWait 9 has been one of our most successful updates in our history, thank you for all of your support! Now, I need your feedback to help build version 9.1 (and the next Android version--please use the forms below). MW9 has register  More...
We are working on a fix for the slow initial Lounge load right now, and we've also removed a lot of ads from the Lounge over the past week in an effort to get rid of those weird popup videos.  - Admin   2-5-16 11:43AM Like(4)  Reply
- MadameLeota  4427.8 #33 2-5-16 12:10PM
Awesome!! And thank you very much! because 41 seconds is a while to wait when you want to get your Disney fixπŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro...  7133.9 #14 2-5-16 12:53PM
Thank you! I appreciate all that you do to make this a better appπŸ‘πŸΌ - misschurro...   7133.9 #14 2-5-16 7:21AM Like  Reply
Me too n stuff  - phillip...  1357.8 #132 2-10-16 12:03PM
My #1 request was to have the Default View go straight to The Hub. Mine had defaulted to Disneyland Talk. Just discovered today that you can change your Default View. Thanks  @@Admin! So much great content gets lost when it's posted to The Hub. Now it'll be easier to enjoy all that content.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill   382.4 #601 2-13-16 12:48PM Like  Reply
For iOS ,in case if anyone wants to change their Default View, click on Navigate, then on Profile. Towards the bottom of the page there is a choice for Default Land, tab on that and then you can change it.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill  382.4 #601 2-13-16 12:53PM
There does seem to be a bug. Sometimes when I click on Default View it takes me to Disneyland Talk, instead of The Hub. When I click on Sort By Time it seems like it always takes me to Disneyland Talk.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill  382.4 #601 2-13-16 1:29PM
When I go to he parks, I can't post wait times!!! Sooo frustrating, cuz I really like helping out and earning points at the same time.  - MommyandBash   408.1 #561 2-22-16 9:00PM Like  Reply
Thanks to SPandEvLover for this video of the final goat run on January 10, 2016.  Please subscribe to MouseWait on YouTube for video updates from Disne  More...
Tagged in: Live Videos  
Thank you @SPandEvLover - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1750.9 #101 2-1-16 8:57PM Like  Reply
Love those goats!  I'm sure gonna miss them!  - Nikki3Mous3   85.9 #3886 2-1-16 10:29PM Like  Reply
MYSTERY Sticker Night on Tuesday! We will release several new Stickers, so check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the latest MouseWait updates (including contes  More...
I would love a sticker that says "Just Keep Swimming" in a similar style to the , for showing support and encouraging fellow  MW'ers! Pretty please? πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’› - SassafrasDavis   503.9 #441 2-1-16 2:05PM Like(5)  Reply
Ohhh, that's a great idea! - DisneyMom13  302.0 #933 2-1-16 3:14PM
agree! - MsTikiMermadam  1242.0 #145 2-1-16 3:48PM
animated Mara, sparkling ears headband, POTC redhead, rancho del zocalo star lights, strawberry funnel cake, the storybook land floral sign and lighthouse  - luxkitty   3954.2 #38 2-1-16 12:55PM Like(4)  Reply
agree! - MsTikiMermadam  1242.0 #145 2-1-16 3:49PM
Sparkling ears and anything POTC!πŸ‘πŸ»good picks! - piratelife4me  1069.3 #180 2-2-16 7:18PM
I always love ALL of the stickers...!! - teapotsandteacups   338.6 #733 2-3-16 10:08AM Like  Reply
Was the Wench a very limited one? I haven't seen many people posting it in their stix from last night. - MellieKay   315.5 #848 2-3-16 1:08PM Like  Reply
150, I think  - misschurro...  7133.9 #14 2-3-16 1:16PM
Our new series "One Minute of Magic" gives you a quick glimpse inside the magical gates of Disneyland, which will hopefully inspire and brighten your day. This week's video is courtesy of BaseballMickey_CM.   More...
always wanted to go to the swing dance.  saturdays are blocked. - MsTikiMermadam   1242.0 #145 1-28-16 3:38PM Like  Reply
I am excited to announce a new partnership with Magical Memories featuring Disney Fine Art: the premiere dealer of a diverse portfolio of limited edition, hand signed and numbered fi  More...
Nice! I wouldn't mind hanging one or five in my house. 😊 - Tom   12229.6 #5 1-27-16 2:09PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you, exciting news! - NvNana   108.6 #3500 1-27-16 2:24PM Like(1)  Reply
How does one get an overall rank?  I notice mine remains at 0. At what point do I get a rank? - disneyforme   243.2 #1470 2-3-16 11:35PM Like  Reply
You should have one, maybe it just takes a few days?? But maybe tell support, I've seen people with 1 point have a rank!! - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 2-4-16 1:27AM
Thanks. I've noticed that also. Couldn't find anything in FAQs or with a search.  - disneyforme  243.2 #1470 2-4-16 9:23AM
Awesome picture thank you - mjpdisney67   34.3 #5718 3-2-16 5:04PM Like  Reply
Courtesy of BaseballMickey_CM -- the Red Car Trolley News Boys in full HD! You can also see it on YouTube here -- make sure to subscribe to MouseWait on You  More...
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This is a fun show to watch!  Thanks for posting it! - WhatTiggersDoBest   682.6 #297 1-26-16 6:56PM Like  Reply
I liked it! Thanks for sharing.  - tvdisneylove   45.2 #5087 1-26-16 11:16PM Like  Reply
Love, love, love them. - Taunton   1352.3 #135 2-14-16 5:57PM Like  Reply
"In Memory of Bronson" Sticker Night on Tuesday! At the request of @HiddenMickeyFanatic, we made a special Sticker to honor Bronson, and we're dedicating this week's Sticker Night to him. It was inspiring to see the MouseWait community ra  More...
Thank you all for all your support through this incredibly tough time. I know when I see you using his sticker, it will make my heart smile in knowing you are honoring and remembering him. Hugs!  - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1307.4 #137 1-25-16 5:35PM Like(38)  Reply
(((HUGS))) to you ❀️ - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 1-25-16 5:42PM
😘 - MeridaFan  4243.8 #36 1-25-16 5:46PM
Thank you for much for honoring his memory this way! Such a special thing for Bridget and it was overwhelming the response I got for her and her husband. I can't wait for this!Β  He was such an amazing little guy so blessed that I got to meet him hold him talk to him and make him laugh and get some photos with and of him he definatly made me smile! - mickeyat78   2079.5 #78 1-25-16 5:21PM Like(11)  Reply
Sorry her - mjpdisney67  34.3 #5718 1-25-16 8:10PM
Oh mannnnnn I fell asleep 10 minutes before sticker release πŸ˜” I missed both bam and SIDS stickers anyone got a spare? - mickeyat78   2079.5 #78 1-27-16 3:05AM Like  Reply
Of course! I bought a bunch!!! Sending both to you! ☺️😘 - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1307.4 #137 1-27-16 6:00AM
 HMF   - mickeyat78  2079.5 #78 1-27-16 6:55AM
I bought up extras and will Rak some soon β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1307.4 #137 1-27-16 8:36AM Like  Reply
 I love them! Thank you!  - mickeyat78  2079.5 #78 1-27-16 9:15AM
"Thursday at Disneyland" - Jan 21, 2016 - this short video takes you on a brief tour of the Park. Create your own video like this, send it to [email protected] and we'll feature it on ou  More...
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How about video from the last day of Thunder Ranch? I took a video from the center just kinda going around looking at everything in the vicinity and all the love the goats were getting on the final day. I also have a short clip of my final time walking out of the Thunder Ranch area.... AND the final goat run! πŸ˜† Let me know if those are something you'd be interested in and if so I'll send them your way! Thanks @Admin *hugs* - SPandEvLover   4709.7 #29 1-23-16 10:16PM Like(4)  Reply
Hi. My name is admin and I am very interested. Please send them my way so my best friend Phillip can see those videos. Thanks. And Phillip is the best. Signed, the real @Admin - phillip...  1357.8 #132 1-23-16 10:20PM
^ What this guy said. - Taunton  1352.3 #135 1-23-16 11:11PM
Sweet! - grapesoda   539.5 #399 1-22-16 5:53PM Like  Reply
I would love to do this for everyone because i know how fortunate I am to be local, but I am not tech savvy - Quiweez   673.1 #307 1-24-16 9:49AM Like  Reply
Thanks for posting the video! It's so nice for those of us who can't visit often to see the parks. Much appreciated! =) - RylieFoundNemo1227   69.1 #4260 1-24-16 10:07AM Like  Reply
#DisneylandNews The Pope House, Disneyland's oldest building, has been moved to an off-site parking lot on Ball Road for visitors to the company's administrative building. Owen and Dolly Pope moved into the house in 1954 after they w  More...
Tagged in: NEWS  
I've been inside a couple of times as it was just outside our land in Frontierland. Unfortunately, the inside has been modernized and has been used to office space to conference rooms and has a small kitchen. But they still have a lot of neat stuff, like a saddle from Annette Funicello, some old Disneyland pictures and stuff from the 50s. The Popes were the last family to live on park property until they moved to Florida to help open WDW in 1970.  - BaseballMickey   7859.0 #11 1-24-16 12:00AM Like(4)  Reply
I read that they were proposing this. I hope we all get to go see it!Β They took care of the animals so Walt took care of them. I wonder what night they moved it, must have been in last couple of nights. I'm going to have to move across the street for awhile so I can see the secrets going on at night. - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 1-22-16 1:52PM Like(1)  Reply
#stakeout2016 - FrankenweenieVelinee  3309.5 #44 1-22-16 4:10PM
The Popes were hired by Walt to help care for the animals at the Burbank studios for television specials and then eventually moved to Anaheim in 1954.  - BaseballMickey  7859.0 #11 1-24-16 12:02AM
I wish i could have seen it! - MsTikiMermadam   1242.0 #145 1-24-16 2:25AM Like  Reply
I would love to see an aerial pic of its original location in DL.  - Ilovegoofy   38.3 #5424 1-24-16 11:17AM Like  Reply
We just released an iOS 9 update with bug fixes for the TRIVILATOR. Here are the release notes from the App Store: Happy 2016! We updated the App for iOS 9, which was tough since the TRIVILATOR is an early nineteenth centur  More...
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Any new developments for Android? - Winnie111286   15868.1 #3 1-20-16 12:28PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks @admin for these great games! I have a couple going , I hope to play more.  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 1-20-16 1:21PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm hoping for an Android version someday! Β°oΒ° - dsnylnd4me   255.8 #1327 1-21-16 9:43PM Like  Reply
Me too! - GodOfWine  512.6 #430 1-21-16 11:53PM
I love this. Anyone willing to play? - Matt2walls   22.9 #7011 2-23-16 11:05PM Like  Reply
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Tomorrow, as we've done each year, we will pay tribute to Dr. King and re-release the MLK tribute Sticker. We will also release several new Stickers, so check your Credit balance and get ready! TIP:  More...
My sticker requests: bones (big thunder), animated Mara, sparkling ears headband, strawberry funnel cake, and the storybook land floral sign - luxkitty   3954.2 #38 1-18-16 11:57AM Like(4)  Reply
Good ideas - Quiweez  673.1 #307 1-18-16 12:07PM
  and I was close πŸ‘‰πŸΎ apple pie funnel cake is good too πŸ˜€  - luxkitty  3954.2 #38 1-19-16 9:09PM
how about a "wish I was there" and/or "wish you were here" sticker?  - FrankenweenieVelinee   3309.5 #44 1-18-16 1:55PM Like(3)  Reply
I love this. I'd have to force myself to not use it every time though😊 - DisneyMom13  302.0 #933 1-19-16 8:48PM
- luxkitty  3954.2 #38 1-19-16 9:09PM
- Quiweez   673.1 #307 1-19-16 10:15PM Like  Reply
- RadiatorSprings4Ever   1750.9 #101 1-20-16 12:23AM Like  Reply
Did you know that you can find refurb info with a quick iPhone Spotlight Search? Learn how to find updated Disneyland info fast with a few hidden tricks in MouseWait 9. Post your tips below!
Tagged in: MouseWait 9 Tips  
One of my favorite features is "Insiders Guide." Within it is how to "Save $100 at Disneyland Today." A couple cool tips that I love are: You can bring your own tea bags to the parks, and then you are also able to get free hot water throughout your day. Also, the First Aid Centers provide free Tylenol, ice packs, and bandages. Want to learn more tips and tricks? All you need to do is download MW9, or upgrade to Platinum for a few extras, including no pop up ads. You'll be glad you did πŸ˜‰ - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 1-15-16 11:41PM Like(2)  Reply
Where is the insiders guide?  - DisneyTonyFirefighterMedic  149.8 #0 1-16-16 8:49PM
I don't believe that I had it until I upgraded to Platinum. It's well worth the upgrade. It also removes the pop up ads πŸ˜‰ - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 1-16-16 9:16PM
Now that I have the new app it doesn't show Disneyland  - Henry123   0.0 #4075 1-17-16 10:50AM Like  Reply
@@Henry123  not sure what you mean. Did you download the WDW app? - DisneyMom13  302.0 #933 1-23-16 2:43PM
A "Farewell to some of our favorites" Sticker Night on Tuesday! Let's pay tribute to a few attractions/shows that we've lost this year, along with those that are under long refurb schedules. TIP: Click on my username and subscribe to my p  More...
Perhaps a David Bowie sticker???  Since we had to say goodbye to him too. :(. And The Labrynth is Disney (even though not originally).  - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   296.2 #971 1-11-16 8:35PM Like(4)  Reply
Yes! - luxkitty  3954.2 #38 1-11-16 8:58PM
With a headband! He started the craze I bet!  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 1-11-16 9:58PM
Some Fantasmic stickers? The neon monkeys on the barge, the three puppets from the Pinocchio scene, the crocodile from Peter Pan and the phrase "Some Imagination, huh?" Thank you. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1750.9 #101 1-12-16 12:02AM Like(3)  Reply
Oh I love the neon monkeys!  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 1-12-16 12:22AM
I love the "Some Imagination, huh?" idea!! - SorcererD91  3566.9 #42 1-12-16 1:37PM
Fantasmic please!! I have loved that show since I was a little girl, and it's the reason I believe in the Disney Magic!!! If there already is a Fantasmic sticker would anyone be willing to trade??? Thank you - DisneylandGirl   291.6 #1000 1-13-16 8:46AM Like  Reply
, @DisneylandGirl ☺️ - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 1-13-16 12:53PM
@MaddForMansioni just saw that. It made me tear up. Thank you soooo much.  - DisneylandGirl  291.6 #1000 1-14-16 6:20AM
Oops! I forgot completely! - DarthFairy   474.2 #466 1-13-16 3:00PM Like  Reply
Sent the treasure chest - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 1-13-16 3:41PM
Thank you @@@@@@mandas1989 And thank you@@@@@RadiatorSprings4Ever for the stix!!! 😍😍😍 - DarthFairy  474.2 #466 1-13-16 3:49PM
Congrats to the MouseWaiters who made the 2015 Instagram Top 9! We scan the Lounge daily and try to post the best pics to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+ to give your content even more exposure. MouseWait has over 150,000 followe  More...
Congrats to all the MWers who made the list. We truly have some of the best pictures on this app.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1750.9 #101 1-7-16 4:39PM Like(1)  Reply
Good luck this year - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 1-7-16 4:42PM
I usually hover around the bottom. Sometimes I I crack the top 100. @@@UTDISNEYFAMILYπŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 1-7-16 4:49PM
I just realized that was my photo.  - BaseballMickey   7859.0 #11 1-8-16 12:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Congratulations! And thank you to the 9 and everyone else who post such great pictures.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill   382.4 #601 1-10-16 7:11AM Like  Reply
Congratulations everyone!  - Boundin   776.6 #249 1-10-16 8:46PM Like  Reply
2016 Kickoff Sticker Night on Tuesday! CONTEST: The first to comment with the correct, stylized username of the talented MouseWait Photog who landed the best post of 2015 with this pic, wins 500 Credits! You only get one entry, so make it  More...
awwww me?! why, i don't know what to say... *kuzco voice :)))Β  so many to thank, first and foremost, my iPhone who is always there when I need him. David and my girls who put up with all my, "hold on a minute" stops to take a photo. Disneyland, obvi for giving me endless things to shoot. Β  Last, but certainly not least, Mousewait, and all you amazing MW'ers for pretty much ruling all. :D especially you @RadiatorSprings4Ever for giving me the heads up on IGΒ  - OhanaPhoto   6283.3 #20 1-4-16 1:56PM Like(10)  Reply
What no thanks to me for telling millions of people it was your post πŸ˜‰ - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 1-4-16 2:02PM
but, but, @@@RadiatorSprings4Ever said you cheated. - OhanaPhoto  6283.3 #20 1-4-16 2:07PM
That would be @@@OhanaPhoto I believe - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 1-4-16 12:17PM Like(3)  Reply
Curse you! I knew that one!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Congrats, AGAIN  - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 1-4-16 12:23PM
Congrats on best post of the year @@@@@OhanaPhoto - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 1-4-16 12:27PM
Thank you so much @@@@@@@@Admin happy new year πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ - mandas1989   299.4 #950 1-5-16 9:47PM Like  Reply
Thank you @@@@@@@@@@Admin...the stickers were awesome!  - EvilPrincess   274.6 #1153 1-5-16 9:47PM Like  Reply
See what MouseWait 9, our biggest update since 2009, can do for you on our new blog post. MouseWait 9 for iOS 9 works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Wat  More...
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I upgraded to platinum and am enjoying reading the Insider's Guide. At least I don't think I had it before the upgrade. Either way, it's very useful! 😊 - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 12-30-15 3:28PM Like(2)  Reply
I would like to point out I had "best pic of the day " with the small world sign for peace on earth and it's not under my profile...just sayin cuz it's a rad credit to have@@@@Admin - DarthFairy   474.2 #466 12-31-15 3:10PM Like(1)  Reply
There's a few of us that it's not showing under so I hope it comes up in the new year. - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 12-31-15 3:18PM
For some reason on the phones it doesn't show but it does on the pc - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 12-31-15 6:51PM
@@@@@@@Admin hi,I keep trying to gift ️stickers and it says "ok" after it asks if I wan to gift them but nothing has been sent,this has been going on since the new ️MW....also not getting notifications by email anymore so I have no idea if people have reached out to me and I can't figure it out - DarthFairy   474.2 #466 1-2-16 3:01PM Like  Reply
Hi Darth, I found that if you start to type in the screenname, choose their name in the gray drop down box, not the white one. That's when it works for me. - Quiweez  673.1 #307 1-3-16 9:25AM
Hi quiweez, I don't have a drop down grey box,im on my iPhone,I have the grey box to type in then a white box that drops the full name  - DarthFairy  474.2 #466 1-3-16 12:21PM
Happy New Year Sticker Night on Tuesday! Join our (early) NYE celebration with the final Sticker Night of 2015! Don't forget, you can still earn 500 Credits when you purchase our new   More...
Shrunken zombie head from Sam's please!!  :) - MariFICENT   178.5 #2308 12-28-15 2:23PM Like(4)  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ» - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 12-28-15 2:28PM
yesyesyes!!!!!!!!!! - MsTikiMermadam  1242.0 #145 12-29-15 8:12PM
Grape Soda Bottlecap Pin and Up House with Balloons, please! πŸ˜ƒ - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 12-28-15 2:31PM Like(3)  Reply
Can you please re-release stickers from years past? Thank you πŸ˜‰ - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 12-29-15 8:38AM
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 12-29-15 9:08PM
There were Up stickers?!?! That's it. I'm done. I quit haha I always miss the great sticker nights lol - FoolishMortal138   410.4 #554 12-30-15 7:20AM Like  Reply
Only 2 and they went really fast. I'm broke so I just admired from a distance :) - brigeet  581.8 #359 12-30-15 7:51AM
@@FoolishMortal138.  Just sent you one. πŸ˜‰ - varela2892  48.2 #4947 12-30-15 8:08AM
happy new year - DarthFairy   474.2 #466 1-1-16 8:18PM Like  Reply
LEGEND OF THE VOYAGEERS Sticker Night Launch Party + our final Christmas Sticker Night of 2015 on Tuesday! I'll be giving away Credits (a  More...
Praying hands sticker for all the times Mousewaiters support each other with prayers  - disneyforme   243.2 #1470 12-21-15 10:43PM Like(6)  Reply
Like with Mickey gloves! - PrincessDaisy_FU2Rcm  350.3 #693 12-22-15 6:01AM
How about a Red fire truck if he's allowed please  - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 12-21-15 5:21PM Like(3)  Reply
Good idea!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 12-21-15 7:48PM
BRT please! πŸš¨πŸš’ - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 12-21-15 9:22PM
Thank you so much @@@@@@@@@@@@@@Admin  for the credits and for writing such enjoyable books.   - YoPirate   1453.7 #120 12-22-15 9:31PM Like  Reply
  @@@@@@@@@@@@Admin! - DisneyMom13   302.0 #933 12-22-15 9:36PM Like  Reply
Legend of the VOYAGEERS Disneyland Edition has arrived for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Apple Watch (see the launch contests below)! This   More...
I've been playing it whenever I have a free minute, it's fun and very interesting because I love imagining what Walt would have done if he hadn't passed. Now to figure out how to have more free time!! - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 12-20-15 8:30PM Like  Reply
Thanks @secretagentangel, there's a lot of trivia built into the game, and a lot of history about the man who started it all! - Admin  12-21-15 2:04PM
As a kid I loved these Choose Your Own Adventure books. I'm excited that this is along the same style. I am hoping to introduce my kid to these and it's great that it's setting is something my kid is familiar with to help him get drawn into the story.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill   382.4 #601 12-20-15 9:12PM Like  Reply
Great idea @NotReallyGrumpyBill! I think you won the first review contest, is that your review that's showing first in the App Store? - Admin  12-21-15 2:03PM
@ That was my review, but not my title. I don't recall placing a title for my review. By the way, the music worked great with the app.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill  382.4 #601 12-21-15 3:14PM
Just downloaded it.  I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid. This is a good way to test my Disneyland trivia. Looking forward to exploring it on my Apple Watch.  - JediKitty   1139.6 #164 12-26-15 3:22PM Like  Reply
I just downloaded it! No am pretty excited to play! 😊 - AngiMouse   100.7 #3626 12-27-15 2:50PM Like  Reply
MouseWait is now available on the new Apple TV! Now you can see our popular Crowd Index, your favorite attractions and shows, upNEXT showtimes, weather, food posts, and Best of the Day on your TV! You can also press the Food and Best of t  More...
@Admin does that also mean I can play MW radio through my tv? - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 12-19-15 10:38AM Like(2)  Reply
Not yet, v1.0 is pretty basic.  - Admin  12-19-15 5:25PM
Can we get it on roku?  - grapesoda   539.5 #399 1-28-16 8:44PM Like(1)  Reply
Yay!!! Can't wait to get home and DL it!  - BelleLuver   47.7 #4969 1-27-16 12:10PM Like  Reply
Awesome!  Can't wait to check it out when I get home. - Woozle   51.1 #4831 1-28-16 6:35AM Like  Reply
Here's a short video that shows some of the new features of MouseWait 9. If you have any questions, post below. I'm also running another review contest through the weekend where I will select random reviews on the free and Platinum versio  More...
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Thanks Again!   - JessieandWoody   60.3 #0 12-18-15 1:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Hey! You gifted me stickers?! I dont know what I did to deserve your kindess, but Thank you! - SamCasta  183.7 #2240 12-18-15 1:37PM
- JessieandWoody  60.3 #0 12-18-15 1:49PM
That's pretty neat. Can't wait to learn some more things that it can do - squekee   53.3 #4735 12-18-15 3:33PM Like  Reply
CONGRATS to JessieandWoody for being the first updated review in the App Store for PLATINUM, you just won 5000 Credits! Thank you to everyone else who updated their review--App Store reviews are a tremendous help to us! Since our free ver  More...
Thank you  @@@@@@@Admin. I know how hard is it to maintain the app on 2 formats apple and android. But I want to say thank you to even have an android version that still works today. With over 22 Android versions out today it is a challenge. You have worked so hard over the years with your books, updates, and sponsors like Brea and hojo, free prints and others that mw  remains a free app other than platinum, and I have gotten friends, raks, prayers and supports , way more than I could ever repay, but this app, your dedication and love and from others make it the best period. I may never understand the time, and dynamics and costs to run and operate an app,  but you have been a blessing in our lives, thank you - pikarich   5797.5 #21 12-16-15 12:41PM Like(10)  Reply
Well said Pikarich & Thank You @Admin  - Quiweez  673.1 #307 12-16-15 5:33PM
Thank you @pikarich for your kind words and support for all of these years. Bringing MouseWait to Android was one of the best things we have ever done. There are so many amazing people that we might not have met if it wasn't for the Android App. My only regret is that I haven't been able to keep it at the same level as the iOS app, but God-willing that will change over the next few months. Thanks again! - Admin   12-17-15 12:58PM Like(4)  Reply
😘 may you and your family continued to be blessed.   - pikarich  5797.5 #21 12-17-15 1:01PM
Yep! When @Admin added the droid platform so many of us PC  lurkers were able to join and have had a blessed fun time ever since! I have since turned to the "I" side but miss my droid a lot!  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 12-17-15 7:31PM
Can pass holders link their pass info to the app??? - padula33   0.0 #0 12-18-15 1:19AM Like  Reply
Hi and welcome to MW. No, they cannot. - misschurro...  7133.9 #14 12-18-15 5:32AM
I did have a dream about this the other day though. I dreamt that admin announced a big update, a merge with Disney.  - phillip...  1357.8 #132 12-18-15 9:01AM
Is the MW9 screenshot contest still going on? - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 12-21-15 3:04PM Like  Reply
Duck racing at Redwood Creek
I've never seen this before! We would love to join in next time, do they hold duck races often?  - SassafrasDavis   503.9 #441 12-15-15 11:26AM Like  Reply
@SassafrasDavis this is the first time I've seen them do this! - Admin  12-15-15 11:31AM
Thank you so much! I'll definitely ask next time we go. Our minis would flip out! It's like Pooh Sticks with duckies! πŸ˜„ - SassafrasDavis  503.9 #441 12-15-15 11:36AM
I love it when the do this. It's completely random and only when they have "extra staff". I suggest asking at the front if they are doing duck races. Sometimes you have to come back. One time they even let us decorate and keep the ducks. - DLKenCA   2729.2 #51 12-15-15 11:32AM Like  Reply
Seriously! You lucky duck! πŸ˜‚ I'm so excited πŸ‘πŸΌ - SassafrasDavis  503.9 #441 12-15-15 11:37AM
- disneyforme   243.2 #1470 12-15-15 4:59PM Like  Reply
Cute - DarthFairy   474.2 #466 12-15-15 5:04PM Like  Reply
Early morning on Main Street
Those two girls holding hands with a map in hand..... is pretty awesome  - phillip...   1357.8 #132 12-15-15 12:40PM Like(4)  Reply
Agreed😍😍😍 - misschurro...  7133.9 #14 12-15-15 12:41PM
That was the first thing I noticed. You can tell they're hurrying because they're so excited! - SassafrasDavis  503.9 #441 12-15-15 1:16PM
Wish I was there!!  - savvy   23.1 #6988 12-15-15 8:15AM Like  Reply
Enjoy your day!! And remember, there's a great app for wait times! And, it's all new and pretty😍😍😍 - misschurro...   7133.9 #14 12-15-15 10:15AM Like  Reply
And   - misschurro...  7133.9 #14 12-15-15 10:16AM
πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ - SassafrasDavis  503.9 #441 12-15-15 10:18AM
must've been real early. It's not crowded yet - disneyforme   243.2 #1470 12-15-15 5:03PM Like  Reply
From the late show
Oh nice! Glad you all were able to go to the parks!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 12-15-15 12:44AM Like  Reply
  - mandas1989   299.4 #950 12-15-15 5:11AM Like  Reply
Nice pic!πŸ‘πŸ» - Tom   12229.6 #5 12-15-15 4:54PM Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   474.2 #466 12-15-15 5:07PM Like  Reply
MouseWait 9 Platinum STICKER/LAUNCH Night on TUESDAY--our biggest update since 2009 (contests below)! We set out early this summer to make MouseWait easier to use, easier on the eyes, and faster than ever before. I wanted to make it easie  More...
Thank you! 😊 My sticker request would be the Jingle Cruise sign. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1750.9 #101 12-14-15 12:56PM Like(2)  Reply
I agree. But I would LOVE, LOVE a fruitcake!! (not a real one, please don't send one my way) haha.  - FrankenweenieVelinee  3309.5 #44 12-14-15 1:59PM
@@FrankenweenieVelinee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚good idea. You know me, I would make you one.😳 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1750.9 #101 12-14-15 2:34PM
Sticker Requests... A NYE party hat with the "D" emblem. Also, a NYE blowout, which could also be used for bdays 😊 - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 12-14-15 12:55PM Like(1)  Reply
Forgot about Champagne flutes, with or without the Disney emblem. Thanks for your consideration πŸ˜‰ - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 12-14-15 12:58PM
Was thinking of criss cross champagne flutes, with 20 in the first glass, and 15 in the other... - MaddForMansion  547.2 #388 12-14-15 3:46PM
Earn 1000 Credits for staying at MouseWait Platinum Partner Hotels! Each night that you stay at the Hojo Anaheim 714-776-6120 or the brand new   More...
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@@Admin Can we please get a Courtyard Marriott sticker? - CoachDisney   278.0 #1105 12-12-15 8:31AM Like(1)  Reply
 Thanks, @@Admin! - debbiev   1304.2 #138 12-11-15 5:06PM Like  Reply
- RetroDisneyPins2002   42.7 #5196 1-4-16 11:46AM Like  Reply
I'm staying here in March for 4 nights! Is it nice? I'm looking forward to it - DisneyTonyFirefighterMedic   149.8 #0 1-7-16 12:01PM Like  Reply
We stayed there for 7 nights in December.  The rooms were huge and spectacular firework views. - HulaG  15.8 #0 1-13-16 6:46PM
It's Mystery Sticker Night on Tuesday! Post your Sticker requests below--I do my best to fulfill requests, and I frequently go back to older posts for ideas. Learn more about MouseWait Stic  More...
9 new Stickers tonight that you don't want to miss! - Admin   12-8-15 12:16PM Like(7)  Reply
NINE!!!!  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 12-8-15 5:02PM
Oh my goodness 9 stickers! - Voycekids  46.3 #5037 12-8-15 6:29PM
Please mele kalikimaka from IASW. And for our Jewish friends Happy Hanukkah . A sticker commemorating this years candlelight! Any of the wreaths by and in IASW. Gingy in text?  Any of the flavored beignets. A piΓ±ata for our friends who love that! Oh and happy New Years 2016 soon too! Do we have a fort or  cave or bridge or different things from tom sawyers island, just in case some are taken away?? - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 12-7-15 6:48PM Like(4)  Reply
Oh and joyeux NoΓ«l too please?  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 12-7-15 7:36PM
Oh and a sack of coal (I have a photo if you need it).  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 12-7-15 10:00PM
Just got home from a Christmas party with my inlaws. What did I miss? 😩 - BibbidiBobbidiMe   269.9 #1196 12-8-15 9:53PM Like  Reply
 and some more! - MsTikiMermadam  1242.0 #145 12-8-15 10:50PM
OMG! I'm away for one night! Dang it!!  - TinyDancerTay  547.2 #387 12-8-15 11:39PM
i cant believed i missed sticker night ugh. Well collected a couple. Hope they offer again. - mckelfam   84.9 #3918 12-8-15 10:58PM Like  Reply
We have completed a major upgrade that has increased the speed of the Lounge. The upgrade has made the Lounge a lot "lighter," which means it will use less data, resources, and battery. We are still tweaking things on our end, let me know  More...
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If I go straight to the lounge when I open it takes forever, but if I go to notifications first it opens quick & then if I push the refresh at the top the lounge loads immediately. I've tried going to the lounge by clicking the lounge link from notifications & it takes forever to load. - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 12-6-15 7:06AM Like(1)  Reply
Once in the lounge it's quicker & not showing repeated posts - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 12-6-15 7:14AM
- TinyDancerTay  547.2 #387 12-6-15 11:06AM
It's loading a lot faster for me!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 12-5-15 11:48PM Like  Reply
Oh iPhone 6.  - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 12-5-15 11:58PM
Yuck, apples - stitchohana  218.9 #1777 12-6-15 8:11AM
The upgrade is working really great during the day to day, but seemed much slower during Sticker Night last night! Got the stickers, but was afraid I might be shutout a couple of times... Hopefully, when certain times on the app are "more crowded," the speed can get just a bit faster. Otherwise, great speed! 😁😁😁 - Catski23   22.8 #7036 12-9-15 11:08AM Like  Reply
If I buy them through the lounge link, it's like that every week. But I've found doing it through menu bar in the upper left corner, it's very quick! - MellieKay  315.5 #848 12-9-15 12:01PM
Thanks, @MellieKay! I'm using my menu bar, but maybe it's my internet connection? Not sure, but I'm sure I'll get used to it! 😁😁😁 - Catski23  22.8 #7036 12-9-15 12:14PM
How do I upload a photo  - vero18aguilar   3.1 #38063 1-6-16 3:20PM Like  Reply
I'm running a few tests right now in an effort to speed up the Lounge. Please let me know if you notice a difference or notice any issues, thanks!
Takes forever for the lounge to load after opening the app - Linzee   1341.3 #136 12-5-15 12:06AM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘†πŸ»this happened just now with me as well.  - Madgesty  650.4 #318 12-5-15 12:39AM
Yep took over 30 seconds - misschurro...  7133.9 #14 12-5-15 8:32AM
Will do. And thanks! - misschurro...   7133.9 #14 12-4-15 4:25PM Like  Reply
It's back you showing multiple posts repeating  - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 12-5-15 8:22PM Like  Reply
Yup it is showing repeated posts :( it's still fast tho'.  - Nikki3Mous3  85.9 #3886 12-5-15 11:12PM
I have a Trivilator question. Is that stopwatch in the upper right corner suppose to count down the 15 seconds? Mine always says zeros. Thanks! - DisneyMom13   302.0 #933 1-6-16 8:48PM Like  Reply
Today is the LAST day, for the FINAL sale of the year! Get TRIPLE CREDITS through midnight, and get ready for 'Christmas Time at the Disneyland Resort' Sticker Night tomorrow! (Purchase on the web version here  More...
Hi! I have a question I also just purchased Β more credits. Β I bought the 1500 credits which showed up. My question is I think I purchased when they were still triple credits. Β What do I do? Thank you so much!Β  - disneygrandma1   539.6 #17 11-30-15 8:58PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you!!! I bought more to share with everyone! - disneygrandma1  539.6 #17 11-30-15 9:59PM
DM @Admin, He always answers and will check for you. - Quiweez  673.1 #307 12-2-15 7:20AM
would love to see one of the Lapland reindeer from It's a Small World as an Xmas sticker...thanks - Dianat710   52.8 #4753 12-1-15 7:41PM Like(1)  Reply
Fun sticker night! Thanks, @@@@@Admin!! ☺️ - MaddForMansion   547.2 #388 12-1-15 9:32PM Like  Reply
Thanks guys! The bokeh sticker is so fun, who came up with that one? Love it. Thank you! @@@@@Admin - SassafrasDavis   503.9 #441 12-1-15 11:09PM Like  Reply
The trees by Soarin' decorated.
- eeyoretinkfan   268.6 #31 11-27-15 7:38AM Like  Reply
So festive! - eviljules   1436.3 #122 11-27-15 2:08PM Like  Reply
I don't think they've decorated over here by Grizzly River before but I could be wrong.
😍Oh, that's beautiful! - Alicewhoareyou   2703.9 #52 11-26-15 9:09PM Like  Reply
Oooo! Pretty! Hav fun!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 11-26-15 9:10PM Like  Reply
- TinyDancerTay   547.2 #387 11-26-15 10:48PM Like  Reply
- MARVELus   492.0 #448 11-26-15 10:51PM Like  Reply
Light crowd (by today's standards) on Thanksgiving night!
Looks like a great night to be there! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!   - grumpypapa   6575.2 #17 11-26-15 9:00PM Like  Reply
You too @grumpypapa thank you! - Admin  11-26-15 9:04PM
I'm so glad it looks like a great night for you all to be there! Happy Thanksgiving!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 11-26-15 10:35PM Like  Reply
I miss that beautiful view!  - eviljules   1436.3 #122 11-27-15 2:06PM Like  Reply
It was quite slow last night. - Superspacemountainfan   92.2 #3767 11-27-15 3:12PM Like  Reply
Happy Thanksgiving MouseWaiters! Chelsea, the kids, and I are extremely grateful to have you in our lives, and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends!Our 2015 SURPRISE Sticker is now in the MW Store  More...
Special, heavily-discounted Black Friday Sticker release tonight at 9pm in the MW Store (7 new Stickers). - Admin   11-27-15 11:33AM Like(3)  Reply
- UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 11-27-15 11:41AM
- secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 11-27-15 12:26PM
Thanks again... For EVERYTHING, @@@@@@Admin 😊 - misschurro...   7133.9 #14 11-29-15 6:44PM Like(1)  Reply
Ditto! - PrincessDuckie  913.8 #206 11-30-15 12:07AM
How long does it usually take to get credits once purchased? I ordered about 10pm but nothing [email protected] please help thank you - mckelfam   84.9 #3918 11-28-15 11:44PM Like  Reply
Send an email to support - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 11-29-15 7:36AM
I think these were put into your account over the weekend @mckelfam, thank you! - Admin  11-30-15 10:24AM
Ahhh I totally missed the Black Friday stickers! I how there will be a re-release! - luxkitty   3954.2 #38 12-1-15 9:15PM Like  Reply
 2 yrs - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 12-1-15 9:17PM
 Here you go - Winnie111286  15868.1 #3 12-1-15 9:24PM
Why make you wait until Friday for our biggest Credits sale of the year? We flipped the switch TODAY--our biggest Credits sale ever--TRIPLE CREDITS through Friday at midnight! (Purchase on the web version here, and   More...
Please a double candy cane with ivy or a bow tying them together. And a gingy with arm or head eaten off!!! Maybe a Christmas round ornament with MW on it. A flying reindeer. The lamp post Christmas decoration with the diamond D! Maybe a goodbye Osborne lights. A text with mickeys very merry Christmas party? The gingerbread houses from the grand Floridian, our grand, Dl hotel and pp. oh there's one at flos too!  - secretagentangel   5757.6 #22 11-23-15 9:55PM Like(4)  Reply
- TinkerSchelle   2041.8 #81 11-24-15 4:39PM Like(2)  Reply
Nice combo of animation! - debbiev  1304.2 #138 11-24-15 6:18PM
This short video shows you a few things you can do at Disneyland with your own Virtual Plaid! Go to for more tutorials, and share it with your friends. 
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When is it available for android phones - sctoaonk75   286.1 #1032 11-21-15 7:16PM Like(1)  Reply
Any news on an Android release? - Winnie111286   15868.1 #3 11-22-15 12:54PM Like(1)  Reply
I keep asking the same question and get no answer, even though there are more android based phones than ios based phones. We are the bigger market share but everything caters to apple. Wrong...., just wrong.... - Firelt  238.6 #1522 11-22-15 1:14PM
He just released plaid and said it would be awhile before android. I think that's your best answer. Android does not help pay the bills as much as  Apple Store does. So that is anther reason why Apple is usually first. Believe me, I ask. Maybe send him a nice email letting him know how you would love an android version. Can't hurt. - secretagentangel  5757.6 #22 11-22-15 1:31PM
Got it and can't wait to use it when I am there in a few weeks - Dizkid   459.3 #490 11-28-15 1:54PM Like  Reply
Used it this week ! Loved it ! Very useful !  - jmza4   324.1 #31532 12-8-15 3:09PM Like  Reply
Kate can help you find food and menus fast! Check out this NEW blog post that explains how she can enhance your experience at the Parks, with little effort on your part!
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Will android version be available soon? Can't wait to download - formadi   63.1 #4414 12-9-15 10:01AM Like(2)  Reply
I love the menu feature!πŸ˜‹ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1750.9 #101 11-20-15 8:10PM Like(1)  Reply
- hearic   35.1 #5657 12-20-15 6:53PM Like  Reply
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Happy Birthday to me, thanks @@Admin - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 11-19-15 6:06PM Like(2)  Reply
It's a fix!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Congrats, buddy.  - MeridaFan  4243.8 #36 11-19-15 6:14PM
@MeridaFan I'm ok with it being fixed - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 11-19-15 7:23PM
Congrats to all!  You get a Week start onBlack  Friday shopping now! - MeridaFan   4243.8 #36 11-19-15 6:14PM Like(2)  Reply
- UTDISNEYFAMILY  2002.4 #86 11-19-15 7:07PM
Nice!!!!! - TinkerSchelle  2041.8 #81 11-20-15 1:55AM
I'm gonna keep posting!  Maybe I'll win one day! πŸ˜‰ - DisneyDavidEMT   2740.7 #50 11-20-15 5:21PM Like  Reply
Just change your name to 'EMTDisneyFamily.'  Then, you'll win. πŸ˜‚ - MeridaFan  4243.8 #36 11-20-15 5:31PM
Congratulations!! - disneyforme   243.2 #1470 11-20-15 6:35PM Like  Reply
For those who have been around for awhile, you know that I rarely, if ever post things like this. However, I know a lot of MouseWaiters over the years have supported my kids' band, and I'm extremely grateful for that.   More...
Your app your rules 😊 Congrats & good luck to them - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2002.4 #86 11-18-15 3:36PM Like(4)