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imtigger  21.6 #7485 (DL) 
My wife and I are Premium pass-holders, Members of DVC, OUAC, WDAC, WDCC, Carolwood Pacific RR, NFFC (DFC), Chapter in the Park, Castaway Club and freelance photojournalists for various Disney web sites.

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21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 3-18-16 9:09PM
Anyone still play Toontown on their PC? My wife and I need help taking over a Sellbot HQ. I hope it's ok to post here... I "am" in Toontown... Ha. Thanks all! :-)
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 3-18-16 8:53PM
Does anyone play TOONTOWN any more?   We just found out only a month ago that it's been re-written (yay!) and as we are building up, we need help defeating a Sellbot HQ... HELP! :-)I hope this is the correct place to post.  I "a  More...
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 3-14-16 2:11PM
Anyone in the park right now? I'm crowd curious. MW is reporting 92% right now?? Is that right?
Thanks so much!! We just got to DTD and only have 2 1 day hoppers good for while, but we're thinking DTD, and shopping, and Earl , and Hotels, and .... well... lots to do here and it's nice right now! :-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 3-14-16 2:42PM Like(1)  Reply
Yes! So crazy busy!! - KoolKat95   40.9 #5467 3-14-16 2:13PM Like  Reply
Yes ! Some schools I know have today off and it is also the start of spring break  - DisneylandDisneyland   489.2 #473 3-14-16 2:17PM Like  Reply
Many southern Arizona schools started spring break so this definitely adds to the crowds! - cascupcake   189.8 #2222 3-14-16 10:57PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 8-28-14 7:36PM
16 years ago today... I proposed to my wife at the Wishing Well... And today we celebrate 15 yEARS married. :-)
Happy Anniversary! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2638.1 #60 8-28-14 8:00PM Like  Reply
Awesome! Happy Anniversary! - hanfordrob   22.3 #7371 8-28-14 8:02PM Like  Reply
That's so cool! Congrats !πŸ’• - carminaire   923.4 #221 8-29-14 6:17AM Like  Reply
Congrats. - CallMeFlower   424.0 #565 8-29-14 6:45AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 3-15-12 9:47AM
I LOVE the new iPad App!! THANK YOU!! 8):-)
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 3-6-12 2:59PM
For those at The Park today.. Please try to take a moment to find Robert Sherman's Window on Main Street (USA) and pay a small "Thanks" to one of the most wonderful, influential and important Disney Legends I've ever had the good fortune  More...
Thank you all. He truly will be missed. He didn't get out much in public the last 15 years, but it was great listening to his stories when we did see him. Oh and his brother Richard is SO funny. He cracks us up every time. Oh, another "little" story.... As most of you may know, "Feed the Birds" was Walts favorite song and he used to ask the Sherman Bros into his office on some Fridays when he was feeling a little down. The boys would come in and Walt would just say "play it boys" and they would of course and it always made Walt smile. SO... A few years back, on what would have been Walt Disney's 100th Bday, the Disney Co set up a piano near the then new Partners Statue in the Hub on Main St. So everyone was having free cake and enjoying the afternoon then Richard Sherman came out and sang "Feed the Birds" to Walt, right there in the Hub. I swear you could hear a pin drop. So as Richard is singing , you could tell he started choking up a bit, but he pressed on. After he was done he looked up at the statue and said, "Happy Birthday Walt..". and I swear, EVERYONE had tears in their eyes. For me, having been through a LOT of touching moments with Disney, this is THE moment I refer to when any asks me , "what is your favorite Disney moment ever?". Wow. I'm starting to tear up again. It was a very powerful moment that I'll never forget. :-) of the only time I've ever seen so many people openly cry at Disneyland ; - imtigger   21.6 #7485 3-6-12 3:57PM Like(21)  Reply
Wow! Thanks for sharing this. :,) made me tear up. - Pintraderswife  468.3 #506 3-6-12 4:04PM
Wow I have tearing reading this! Thanks for sharing. - PrincessDuckie  931.2 #219 3-6-12 4:05PM
By the way.. In the photo is my Laura and I with Robert at the 2002 summer NFFC Convention. He loved to paint as a personal hobby and around this time his Son talked him into releasing some of his incredible art to the public. This painting, called "Carrousel in the Country", hangs in my office as it has for the last ten years. He said his inspiration for it came from his love for Disney and of course the carrousel horses from Mary Poppins. He described this as him hanging on to the good things in his life (speaking of his career working with his brother Richard, for Walt Disney), while pushing through the thorn bushes that represent the more difficult times. :-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 3-6-12 3:09PM Like(5)  Reply
Aw. Thank you for sharing. I was curious to know the back story of your photo. - Jacqueline  580.0 #387 3-6-12 3:12PM
Very cool - PrincessKristin  780.8 #274 3-6-12 3:21PM
This needs to be bumped. Thanks for sharing!! - ladylikesdisney   945.0 #218 3-8-12 1:13AM Like  Reply
Now they're together again, making beautiful music. May they both R.I.P. - Joogee   51.6 #4961 3-8-12 1:20AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 3-1-12 3:25PM
We are finally heading home. The Disney24 was a BLAST. I have to say it for those complaining about those "drunk teens", or trash or whatever... I always say, "if you look for a bad time, you will find it". For the majority of my friend  More...
Yet again, just because you had a blast doesn't mean the person next to you did. I highly doubt anyone was looking to have something other then fun. Their experience is just as valid as your experience.
- Lelundrial   836.7 #246 3-1-12 3:29PM Like(6)  Reply
No it's NOT on here. I couldn't go the 360 miles to spend the 24 hours with some very dear friends and to meet new ones. I don't want to see all the negative stories on here which can't be fixed. It's done. Move on rejoice with the amazing memories people are sharing. This IS an app for sharing a enjoyable vacation atmosphere!! if you can't share the happy then please don't be crappy! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #289 3-1-12 4:21PM
Lelu... I respect your opinion.. I do, the place was uncomfortable, packed beyond words, etc.. And it was absolutely possible to find a bad time in all of that... However... None of us "looked" for trash, drunks, pot smoke or fights. 5 different groups of people and all agreed that you "could" find a bad time EASILY if you barely looked for it. But you could also say , ahhh .. What the hell, I just waited 3 hours to pee.. But had a fun time meeting new people in line". Who cares about the very few "bad kids" (get off my lawn!!) vs the thousands that appeared to have a great time there with a very weird, very packed, totally screwy park scenario. Heck I had a friend who was bummed after seeing how we made the best of it, while he and is girlfriend spent 2 hrs waiting to get a refund at City Hall! To each his/her own and again, sorry if you saw the bad there.. I just wanted to paint a different pic of the night. We agree to disagree. Or don't agree at all. Either way, I'm sure we can at least agree we still love that crazy little park. :-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 3-1-12 3:56PM Like(5)  Reply
Change your opinion, change your experience. :) - happiestplace   339.9 #763 3-1-12 4:29PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 2-7-12 4:45PM
Ok, I'm at home, BUT.. This IS a LIVE feed from HoJo's Mattercam projected on my wall at 120"! Ha! I LOVE rainy days at DL and can't be there today so I brought up the cam on my iPhone and plugged it into the HDMI connector on my project  More...
By the way, I call this my "White-Trash Theater" Ha. I have a "cheap" ($600 on Woot!) Optima 720p Projector that I have in our back room, projecting on a clean white bed sheet on the wall... and you'd actually be surprised how great it looks! 8):-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 2-7-12 4:49PM Like(1)  Reply
I think I'm going to do this too! - JoeDownTheRabbitHole   402.2 #606 2-7-12 4:50PM Like(1)  Reply
Necessity is the mother of invention. Nice. - WeMetAtDisneyLand   41.9 #5408 2-8-12 3:47PM Like  Reply
Ha! Viewing party at Tigger's house!! You guys bring the Turkey Legs and Corn Dogs! ;-) BTW... For another size reference, of you can zoom in just below the projector image, you can see the dark outline of our Sony 55" LED 3D TV. Very high tech TV, but it's funny cause for movies we definately prefer the projector. Sheet on the wall and all. It just feels more like a theater "film". Sometimes 1080p and Blu-Ray shows "too" much detail, like makeup and cut-in effects. The 720p projector truly softens movies perfectly. Oh, and it's great for the HoJo Mattercam too of course. ;-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 2-8-12 3:53PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 12-13-11 6:09PM
Hey, anyone know what's going Omar Disneyland tonight? Peeps have blue wrist bands. Lots of em.... and we have to go home :-(
Omar = On at Silly iPhone spell "mis-corrector". :-p - imtigger   21.6 #7485 12-13-11 6:10PM Like(1)  Reply
Cm party - misschurro   7996.7 #14 12-13-11 6:11PM Like(1)  Reply
I was thinking CM party. Hmmm... any CM's with extra bands around? We're REALLY cool peeps. :-). Ha - imtigger   21.6 #7485 12-13-11 6:13PM Like  Reply
How rude. lol, newbies asking for wristbands, well I never. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #232 12-13-11 6:17PM
How rude. lol, newbies asking for wristbands, well I never. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #232 12-13-11 6:17PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 11-29-11 4:55PM
Peace on Earth indeed!
Beautiful! - Mikesaxclar   781.2 #272 11-29-11 5:55PM Like  Reply
I have this same pic on my phone from last year - love it :-) - monroviamouse   6.6 #15893 11-30-11 10:31AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 11-29-11 3:35PM
Mary and Bert in front of the beautiful castle. :-)
Ah Mary Poppins. πŸ’™ her. - NeverlandTink   423.1 #569 11-29-11 3:40PM Like  Reply
I haven't seen this yet. Looks cute - Jo_ohanna   387.4 #631 11-29-11 3:43PM Like  Reply
Grandkids got to hold brooms with the sweeps. Very cute. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #232 11-29-11 3:52PM
How cute lol I need to watch this next time I'm there. - Jo_ohanna  387.4 #631 11-29-11 3:59PM
No wonder that it's mary that we love !!! - jmza4   324.9 #31532 11-29-11 3:57PM Like  Reply
How cute lol I need to watch this next time I'm there. - Jo_ohanna   387.4 #631 11-29-11 3:59PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 10-30-11 8:42PM
Now THIS is an excellent Birthday sundae!! The classic Kitchen Sink from PCH Grill. 8):-)
WOW!!!. Your blood sugar must be 650. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #232 10-30-11 8:53PM Like(2)  Reply
That this is awesome!!! πŸ‘ - iDreamAboutDumbo   331.6 #802 10-30-11 8:43PM Like  Reply
Yummm - Madi   204.1 #2043 11-1-11 10:28PM Like  Reply
Oh yeah! - Peterpan83   116.8 #3413 11-2-11 10:57AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 10-30-11 7:41PM
I just have to post that truly in my happy place right now.... Work has been really hard, home too, BUT... we just checked in at the Disneyland Hotel, three nights for "free", using my DVC points (we built up too many cause we cant af  More...
Glad to hear your in a happy spot! Happy Birthday and chin up :) Enjoy it, sounds like you really deserve it! - firemomof2   130.6 #3152 10-30-11 8:10PM Like(2)  Reply
Have a great time!! And Happy early Birthday πŸ°πŸŽ‚πŸ° - Disneymomblessedx3   363.1 #688 10-30-11 7:50PM Like  Reply
I'm sO happy for you and I can totally feel your joy and relief. I'm glad to hear they still have the kitchen sink there. I'll add it to my itinerary tonight. Happy birthday!!!πŸŽ‚πŸ° - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   539.1 #425 10-30-11 9:47PM Like  Reply
Have a great time and Happy Birthday!! - CherryTreeLane   460.4 #514 10-30-11 9:51PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 10-2-11 3:41PM
I slightly colorized this for the MK's 40th Anniv at WDW. I love this cover. ... and yes, this IS a DL board, and it's my home here, not out at WDW. So I hope ya'all are ok with it here! ;-)
... and Happy 29th to Epcot! - imtigger   21.6 #7485 10-2-11 3:46PM Like  Reply
Very cool! - princessVanessa   384.3 #636 10-2-11 3:47PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 9-29-11 11:56PM
An HDR b/w pic I took from the Monorail platform :-)
Tagged in: Attractions  
Sorry I posted later in the day, I tried soooo hard to post earlier w no luck, but yay! Its working now! 8):-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 9-29-11 11:57PM Like  Reply
Nice... I love b/w pics...:-) - disneymomma1   325.8 #837 9-29-11 11:58PM Like  Reply
Cool pic - mcarthy6   426.5 #562 9-30-11 10:05AM Like  Reply
Nice pic! - VanDisney   342.3 #756 9-30-11 6:03PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 6-19-11 1:02AM
Our LAST RIDE of the night... DoleWhip Mountainβ„’ 
Mmmm....I want one please!! Enjoy!! - ZipadeeMickey   284.1 #1114 6-19-11 1:03AM Like  Reply
Oh yes. Yummy. - madderthanhatter   217.9 #1862 6-19-11 1:05AM Like  Reply
Love the picture! - SorcererMky   306.1 #952 6-19-11 10:31AM Like  Reply
ξŒ‡that would be cool and smell good too - dizzylandjunky   234.8 #1636 6-19-11 11:27AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 5-26-11 2:21PM
The Little Mermaid attraction soft-opening JUST CLOSED at 2:15pm! :-( We went on it twice and all looks GREAT. Since they cleared the queue, we think it was a technical issue and they "don't know when" or if it will reopen, but we have a  More...
Tagged in: Little Mermaid  
I think it closed cause too many people on here posted pics and made everyone mad...... Lol! - Startoured1313   0.1 #105325 5-26-11 2:23PM Like  Reply
I'll keep checking back as often as I can for ya'all. BTW, it's incredibly cool!.. And much shorter than we thought. The animatronics were really cool. - imtigger   21.6 #7485 5-26-11 2:24PM Like  Reply
I'm picturing it on you, tm ;0) - BLG   1048.9 #197 6-14-11 10:10PM Like  Reply
Haha!! I know tm!!! Just kiddin... But that jasmine is  - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1250 6-14-11 10:11PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 5-25-11 7:43PM
Yahhhoooo!! Went for our 4-8pm time... And the line is SO easy. In fact, just on a whim, Andrew grabbed my printed email, walked over to the FP distribution , she glanced at it and she let him in to the machines and I thought "NO WAY we'  More...
YODA my hero he is! - Knik   456.6 #522 5-25-11 7:44PM Like  Reply
Yay! Be sure to post how many different versions you get to see! - MedievalMickey   699.0 #312 5-25-11 7:45PM Like  Reply
LOL!! - BashfulDoc   61.3 #4606 5-25-11 7:45PM Like  Reply
Looks like a shirt for team fluffy! - KelBelle   453.2 #527 5-25-11 7:48PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 5-25-11 3:16PM
Hi all!! Anyone know what the wait times for ST are? We are headed there NOW for our 4-8pm time. Yes, you may see another post of mine.. But I dont know where I posted it to. Sorry! 8):-)
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 5-25-11 3:14PM
Hi all!! On my way to DL for our 4-8pm ST time! Yay!! Anyone know what the waits are like?? 8):-)
Thanks!... So any MW'ers there (or "here" I should say.. We just parked). YAYAY Star Tours HD pt.2 3D !!! ;-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 5-25-11 5:18PM Like  Reply
Hav fun! - ZMaleficent   235.5 #1623 5-25-11 5:18PM Like  Reply
Me too so excited to ride! - Nate   40.5 #5489 5-25-11 7:06PM Like  Reply
I've gone it three times. I'm still here! It's been different everytime. - CurtisAT   4.3 #23515 5-25-11 7:31PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 5-16-11 5:46PM
"Un-Official Star Tours Rejection Letter Post" Boooooo....
Yup, no times for me OR my wife.. But we did enter last min Which shouldn't make a diff? Time to start calling a couple CM's I know. ;-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 5-16-11 5:47PM Like  Reply
 - element   70.2 #4332 5-16-11 5:48PM Like  Reply
I didn't even know we could apply, where and when did this happen  - pinaycharms   16.0 #8829 5-17-11 12:19AM Like  Reply
Even though I didnt get a email I know I am a total winner in my heart. *sniff sniff* - DHARMAmouse   12.9 #10066 5-17-11 12:24AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 4-6-11 2:17PM
I'm at DTD, these two tix are avail for WOC, if u want them, post here ASAP!!! then we'll work it out :-) -Dan (imtigger)
Me - PirateDoll   273.7 #1217 4-6-11 2:20PM Like  Reply
Im going later on today - PirateDoll   273.7 #1217 4-6-11 2:21PM Like  Reply
Hi PirateDoll!! Ooooh Snap, I owe you something now cause someone who knows me and read my post, took like 30 seconds to track me down and nabbed em! I'm sorry :-(. I'll keep your name handy and some other time. I'm good for it. Have a great day all!! - imtigger   21.6 #7485 4-6-11 2:31PM Like  Reply
:( oh darn. Thank u anyways! - PirateDoll   273.7 #1217 4-6-11 2:43PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 4-6-11 9:03AM
So how's the rain? If it's gonna be all day.. I'm on my way!! 8):-)
It's raining? I haven't even looked outside I thought it wasnt gonna be til Friday! - mozbaby   148.9 #2840 4-6-11 9:16AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 2-3-11 8:00PM
Answer to "Where is it at Disneyland "... Outside the Music Shop! Now, guess the names of my Nieces, in order L-R, for a Disneyland Annual Pass*. (*JK!!) ;-)
Those are my Nieces, wishing Disneyland stayed open till Midnight tonight! 8):-). From L-R: Aleah, Ava and their big sister Sitarah. Hi girls!! :-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 2-3-11 8:03PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 2-3-11 7:47PM
Where is this at Disneyland right now?... :-)
I'll post the answer pic in 10-15min :-). Maybe a hint or two? - imtigger   21.6 #7485 2-3-11 7:48PM Like  Reply
NOS?? - imtigger   21.6 #7485 2-3-11 7:49PM Like  Reply
HINT: "Note" the reflection in the glass on the door - imtigger   21.6 #7485 2-3-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
Azzjay got it! I'll post the answer pic in just a sec... - imtigger   21.6 #7485 2-3-11 7:57PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 2-3-11 7:42PM
Where at the park, right now, 8:40pm
Oops.. I have to get the hang of this! Trying to post Disneyland LIVE section - imtigger   21.6 #7485 2-3-11 7:45PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 11-1-10 4:40PM
Another HDR photo from me. Enjoy! :-)
Cool shot  - MasterK   129.4 #3164 11-1-10 4:46PM Like  Reply
I wish I was there!! Have fun!! - retlaw   19.5 #7902 11-1-10 4:48PM Like  Reply
Actually, this looks MUCH better given more height to the pic. Wow, home in Carlsbad after 3 nights turned into 4 (thanks to an "extend your stay for $129" letter with my bill this morning) at the Disneyland Resort. I'm tired. Had a blast. Good night. 8):-) - imtigger   21.6 #7485 11-1-10 10:25PM Like  Reply
Great picture! - nickit25   18.9 #8062 11-1-10 10:50PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 11-1-10 4:26PM
It's a very beautiful, very calm quiet day at Disneyland today. Time to feed the ducks type of day :-)
Nice pic - DLR_Fan   275.0 #1205 11-1-10 4:29PM Like  Reply
I wish I was there! - 4lvdland   270.6 #1245 11-1-10 4:30PM Like  Reply
Yeah, nice pic! I want to be there sooo bad!! - chrissykins   825.5 #250 11-1-10 5:06PM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 10-30-10 7:57AM
The entrance mural at DCA, at the right-hand side, has now been completely removed. Looks weird!
Oh man! I'm gonna miss those. The artists who designed them did such a wonderful job - savedglory   4.7 #21040 10-30-10 10:08AM Like  Reply
It looks funny now that the right side is gone, but the left side is still there. I guess both sides will be gone soon. - BaseballMickey   8198.0 #13 10-30-10 10:11AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 10-30-10 7:41AM
View from our room. The Waterfall and shops are now gone. :-( Here's to hoping for a beautiful pool! The families here truly DO need more pool. I'll agree with that. The kids love the resort pools, more than the parks it seems! :-)
So sad looking compared to when I stayed there in May. - PrincessCarmen   2596.9 #62 10-30-10 7:42AM Like  Reply
Wait the waterfalls with the lights and everything are gone ?! I know the new pool area is going to look amazing but I have some fond memories at that exact spot - kayrassaCM   25.9 #6805 10-30-10 7:44AM Like  Reply
21.6 #7485 DL Qual #2152 10-30-10 7:36AM
A wet morning here at The Disneyland Resortβ„’ I'm lovin' it! :-)
Jealous. I love DL in the rain! - PrincessCarmen   2596.9 #62 10-30-10 7:43AM Like  Reply
I hope that means the park will be quiet, but I doubt it!! - TinkPen   433.5 #551 10-30-10 7:47AM Like  Reply
Love the safari in the rain! My daughter and I spent a whole day at Animal Kingdom in the rain and it was awesome. Got to stay on the truck and ride the safari multiple times. - redrockmickey   141.0 #2981 10-30-10 3:52PM Like  Reply
We did that to and the baby elephants were so happy!! All the animals were out. - Disneylyn   200.3 #2082 10-30-10 4:15PM Like  Reply