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stratdad  291.9 #1062 (DL) 

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291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 1-3-13 1:17PM
I was told by a CM last weekend that as of 1/1/13 they were going to start enforcing the Fastpass time windows. Has this come to fruition?
No not yet. If the FP return times were to be enforced, you will see it posted here on Mw when it's announced - BaseballMickey   8398.9 #14 1-3-13 1:23PM Like  Reply
A cm told me it would be 1/2. Why do some CMs say that? Do you think it's just to prepare us? - LaPearleNoir  2859.3 #55 1-3-13 1:32PM
I have been hearing that from one or two cms seance last year in December. They always use the new year as a date for thus claim. I live most of them but I think some of the cms get mixed up and wrong information. - PrincessDaisy_FU2Rcm   362.0 #698 1-3-13 1:40PM Like  Reply
Not today Zurg! We had FPs for Space, RSR, Thunder, HM, and Splash today and were able to use all, most after our window. - lostboy20   31.9 #6181 1-3-13 6:01PM Like  Reply
Zurg... Hahaha - misschurro  8460.0 #13 1-3-13 6:06PM
We used fp's out of the windows 1/1 and 1/2. - MeridasHair   346.5 #749 1-3-13 6:26PM Like  Reply
PS- Love the name change. I think it fits you perfectly! - aprilinjune4  483.5 #484 1-3-13 6:30PM
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 6-16-12 12:02PM
Thank you Cars Land for making the rest of the resort enjoyable.
It looks like it!! Makes me wonder why I'm at home instead of there, lol. - flukefan   270.5 #1253 6-16-12 12:06PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 5-21-12 8:55AM
For those whose passes are about to expire and didn't renew their APs prior to the 20th, two CMs I've talked to say you can still renew online for the old price up until July 1. Hope this helps...
True, but its only a 40day window from the 20th - seventwentytwo   7.7 #14296 5-21-12 11:35AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   jmgphx 
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 2-8-12 9:42PM
Just made reservations for DH for the Disney 1/2 Marathon weekend..let the training begin!
Why would you sign up for a disney thing, nerd??
- BCC   4783.2 #32 5-8-12 9:19PM Like(3)  Reply
Ha ha - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #222 5-8-12 9:23PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Mrsblue  693.1 #326 5-8-12 9:25PM
Have fun and good luck! - tuesday737   1291.5 #154 2-8-12 9:57PM Like  Reply
Good Luck! - princessVanessa   384.3 #641 2-8-12 10:05PM Like  Reply
I got reservations for the best western 3 months ago... It's already sold out! Congrats on getting a room! - lovetheland7   177.9 #2394 5-8-12 9:27PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 1-21-12 9:01AM
As MW no longer worked on my iPhone 3G, I was "forced" to upgrade to the 4S...thanks MW!! funny.. - iyuzMickey   519.6 #449 1-21-12 9:05AM Like(1)  Reply
My husband did the same thing! - LaPearleNoir   2859.3 #55 1-21-12 9:13AM Like(1)  Reply
I hope mine quits working too!! πŸ˜‰ - Disneykidds_HaveWeMet   181.9 #2345 1-21-12 9:13AM Like  Reply
oh darn the luck! That is just every so unfortunate :-) - KissDclown   1089.2 #190 1-21-12 9:24AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 12-10-11 9:44AM
Finally back on mousewait...can't wait to be at D-Land for New Years Day. Hope to see some of you there!
No thanks.
- BCC   4783.2 #32 5-8-12 9:43PM Like  Reply
stratdad posted this a while ago... so he said some snarky comments, there's no need to bump his old posts with meanspirited things :( - mia  130.6 #3161 5-8-12 9:49PM
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 8-13-11 8:06AM
Considering going to Halloween Party for our first time with the kids. Is it worth the 44$ a pop? What are some of the cool things there? Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated!
It's only for dis-nerds sorry - PrinceTeaJack   948.5 #222 5-8-12 9:20PM Like(2)  Reply
From what people on here say, it sounds like a blast! Wish I could go! - champers   25.1 #6957 8-13-11 8:07AM Like  Reply
If you're not a nerd, then go to Knotts or Universal.
- BCC   4783.2 #32 5-8-12 9:19PM Like  Reply
Must you find the need to post negative things on every single post they make? - queenovhearts  22.4 #7418 5-8-12 9:38PM
YEP! - BCC  4783.2 #32 5-8-12 9:39PM
We went last year and loved it. It's s much fun for all ages! - tinker99   4.3 #23479 5-8-12 10:16PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 8-5-11 10:43PM
So I was wondering if you wanted to get back to your car as fast as possible after fireworks, would you recommend parking at M&F or Toy Story lot?
M&F. Heard TOY story takes long. Not sure why but that's what I heard. Maybe because it goes a little farther and there are street lights and traffic to deal with. - Romec123aKaSmartyPants   751.8 #295 8-5-11 10:49PM Like  Reply
M&F...but why would you want to rush???? Stay a little longer, pleeeeeeeeease!! - MrAndMrsDisney   16.8 #8654 8-5-11 10:51PM Like  Reply
Watch the fireworks from M&F.  - iFramedRogerRabbit   1957.6 #97 8-5-11 11:01PM Like  Reply
IFRR is right, watch them from the top of M&F - Protip: if you stand away from the walkway back by the first row of light posts, you can see them above the "awning" instead of having the awning in your view if you stand on the walkway. Like, go stand out in the parking aisle by the first lamp. Usually can find empty parking spaces to hang out in so that you're not in the car path. You won't be able to hear the music, but there will be plenty of car alarms to break the boom boom boom =) - kemal007   273.5 #1232 8-5-11 11:10PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 8-5-11 10:40PM
Got to ride the Lilly Belle today. Would never have known about it without MW!
Cute(: - princessVanessa   384.3 #641 8-5-11 10:41PM Like  Reply
Me too! Thanks Admin - E-Ticket   1501.8 #129 8-5-11 10:42PM Like  Reply
Me either - Dizkid   505.2 #465 8-5-11 10:44PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 7-4-11 12:49PM
70 min for Captain EO?! Really??!!
Yike! - PrincessAraceli   228.9 #1725 7-4-11 12:50PM Like  Reply
Uh, no. Someone is messing around with the times. Or botting... I saw DCA all opened at 10 AM and someone's doing something fishy. - BCC   4783.2 #32 7-4-11 12:54PM Like  Reply
Boo! I hate when people mess with times!! When I get there I will put all the correct times! - kritomiester   364.1 #689 7-4-11 12:56PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 7-3-11 6:59PM
Just stayed 3 nights @ DLH...not sure I can ever stay in a hotel off the resort again!
And the stay included 2 magic mornings. I've never walked onto Peter Pan in my life. - stratdad   291.9 #1062 7-3-11 7:02PM Like  Reply
Pure magic!! - DisneyDawn   419.2 #583 7-3-11 7:04PM Like  Reply
A bit pricey, but as the expression get what you pay for! - stratdad   291.9 #1062 7-3-11 8:35PM Like  Reply
I live so close, but I would like a weekend there.. - MarshaMouse   5048.9 #29 7-3-11 8:37PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 6-25-11 5:06PM
So how are crowds today with all but premium AP's blocked out?
It's very manageable!  - MonorailLover1959   694.6 #325 6-25-11 5:08PM Like  Reply
Little crowded but lines seem avg - Vinnymation   177.9 #2395 6-25-11 5:12PM Like  Reply
Premium AP holders are never blocked out. - snowrogers   4.8 #20967 6-25-11 6:01PM Like  Reply
Oh you said "all but" never mind. :) - snowrogers   4.8 #20967 6-25-11 6:02PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 6-25-11 9:46AM
Next Saturday will be my family's first Magic Morning experience, so I was wondering does the entire park open early or just select attractions? And if just select attractions, are they always the same or do they vary?
I believe select attractions that vary by the day - Pixarprincess   544.5 #423 6-25-11 9:50AM Like  Reply
Just select attractions...we usually head straight for the kiddie rides even though my youngest is 15 :) because that's the only time those lines aren't huge...we do astro blaster a half a dozen times and the Matterhorn a few as well - TiggerBelle   534.4 #437 6-25-11 9:51AM Like  Reply
I've heard they're running Star Tours too! Can anyone confirm? - redrockmickey   148.4 #2867 6-25-11 9:52AM Like  Reply
Think Main Street, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland are all open. Select attractions may be closed because they are still getting them up and running. - JessicaRabbit33   670.3 #340 6-25-11 9:56AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 6-24-11 1:54PM
T Minus 7 days and counting....finally staying at the Disneyland Hotel for first time in over 30 years, and first Magic Morning ever. I think the kids will be pleased!
Lucky you. The updated rooms look gorgeous. - Mermaidmommy   32.9 #6091 6-24-11 2:03PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 6-14-11 11:27AM
Have any MWers here been successful in haggling over prices with the resort hotels? Thought I'd just ask before I tried it:)
you can try... no harm in that! - MissErikaRae   285.5 #1108 6-14-11 11:28AM Like  Reply
@Jetfalcon why are you on this app? Your posts are so down on Disney...if you dont like DL then go away...we dont want to hear it - iyuzMickey   519.6 #449 6-14-11 11:34AM Like  Reply
MagicalCaprice where did you get that saying? "Harsh my mellow" :) - SupremeLeader   395.4 #621 6-14-11 11:51PM Like  Reply
I heard it somewhere a long time ago. Feel free to use it. - MagicalCaprice   480.7 #490 6-14-11 11:52PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 6-8-11 8:44PM
Wow...TLM wait time only one minute?!
Dca is closed as of 830 - mozbaby   148.9 #2860 6-8-11 8:47PM Like  Reply
 - MellieKay   316.2 #906 6-8-11 8:50PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 6-8-11 9:55AM
As many times as I've been to Disneyland, I've yet to take any of the offered tours. Are they really worth it if you already go a handful of times per year? Do you really learn anything new or have an experience you wouldn't have otherw  More...
YES!!! My fav is the Happy Hunts at Halloween time. a Walk in Walt's Footsteps will give you a different perspective of Disneyland. The Welcome to Disney is good too if it's your first visit. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #99 6-8-11 9:57AM Like  Reply
What's Happy Haunts about?! - pintsize   290.1 #1067 6-8-11 9:58AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 5-23-11 10:52AM
Just curious but why do I have R E D after my posts and every one else just have R. Anyone knows what this means?
Report edit delete - iyuzMickey   519.6 #449 5-23-11 10:54AM Like  Reply
It stands for Report, Edit, Delete. - Rob512   756.3 #293 5-23-11 10:56AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 5-23-11 10:44AM
For those of you taking part in the AP previews this week, please share your wait time, and if they let you ride more than once. Thanks!!
I should have clarified preview of Star Tours - stratdad   291.9 #1062 5-23-11 10:46AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 5-20-11 10:58AM
Anyone else get to take part in the AP previews of Star Tours? Gonna take my daughter next Wed as a surprise for early B-Day present. I think she'll be pretty excited...
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 1-22-11 5:52AM
So I patiently made it to 5 and went straight to the America Sings soundtrack... What a flash flood of memories.
Congrats - DesertMouse   825.6 #253 1-22-11 5:58AM Like  Reply
CNGRATS!! - cyndaws   258.0 #1368 1-22-11 6:18AM Like  Reply
Congrats. I remember when I hit 5 so long ago. - MikeyMouse   157.1 #2734 1-22-11 6:40AM Like  Reply
Someday I'll get to a 5, seems like forever(eyore voice) - dizzylandjunky   234.8 #1648 1-22-11 6:41AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 1-12-11 7:26PM
This question is for some of the more "senior" MWers: I remember there being either a mechanical or projected Tinker Bell on Peter Pans Flight that flew around at the beginning of the ride. Am I crazy or does anyone else remember this?
Either I'm not senior enough or didn't participate in the figment of your imagination.  - dLittleMermaid   44.2 #5328 1-12-11 7:27PM Like  Reply
I think there was a projection when you took off - Melli_mo   526.6 #444 1-12-11 7:28PM Like  Reply
you follow her when it takes off. I will have to check i recall it always there. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #99 1-12-11 7:40PM Like  Reply
Seen to recall that - CaptnSparrow   679.5 #334 1-12-11 7:42PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 1-10-11 5:39PM
Gotta get to 5 so I can unlock America Sings!
Woohoo you can do it :D - PrincessSarah   171.2 #2515 1-10-11 5:44PM Like  Reply
You Can Do It!!!! - ghostmom28   63.4 #4560 1-10-11 5:50PM Like  Reply
Keep on posting!!!! - smilinbeckett   130.2 #3170 1-10-11 5:53PM Like  Reply
Here's some pixie dust for help in getting there fast - SupremeLeader   395.4 #621 1-10-11 5:53PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 1-8-11 5:29AM
So how do I UNsubscribe to a post that I accidentally subscribed to? These emails are obnoxious! Can I turn off this feature?
Go to MyMW and hit subscriptions. Then unsubscribe - Smart.tea   206.7 #2021 1-8-11 5:31AM Like  Reply
- stratdad   291.9 #1062 1-8-11 5:35AM Like  Reply
Thank You!! - stratdad   291.9 #1062 1-8-11 5:36AM Like  Reply
This is good to know! I had emails beeping me in the middle of the night! - topdisneymom   242.7 #1546 1-8-11 6:02AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 1-3-11 6:52AM
So does anyone else experience this app crashing when trying to post wait times? Happened to me every single time this weekend. Boo MW.
Go to Support and send an email to Admin. - 007flipper   569.7 #402 1-3-11 7:00AM Like  Reply
Yeah 3G so I can't uprade to 4.0. - stratdad   291.9 #1062 1-3-11 8:07AM Like  Reply
Update OS - ManBearPig   417.0 #586 1-3-11 8:22AM Like  Reply
if your on the 3g you want to be on software 4.2.1. update it otherwise your missing out. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #99 1-3-11 8:27AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 12-30-10 5:45AM
So on extremely crowded says do they just cut off ticket sales, or do they cut off ALL traffic including AP holders?
They cut off everybody. Having an AP doesn't matter, if you don't have a hand stamp from already being in the park earlier your out of luck. - Candace   1737.8 #113 12-30-10 5:50AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 12-15-10 5:38AM
Bummer...trip this weekend postponed due to rain. Maybe Christmas weekend?
It's supposed to rain all next week too but we are still going. Going to get our ponchos tomorrow lol - tigntink   194.6 #2181 12-15-10 5:46AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 12-11-10 5:33PM
To those of us who are eagerly awaiting our trip to the parks next weekend...bring your ponchos!!
So far only showing rain on Saturday though! - SleepingCinderella   172.1 #2491 12-11-10 5:35PM Like  Reply
We arrive Sunday evening but glady take the rain if it means less crowded!! - GusGus   788.3 #272 12-11-10 5:36PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 12-10-10 12:56PM
Painting the house today sucks, but being at the parks this time next week...awesome.
Stuck at work living vicariously through others at the moment. Two more weeks til I can proudly say I'm in the parks. Here's hoping your trip is a blast. - Disney143   256.4 #1380 12-10-10 1:17PM Like  Reply
beatlemike is right nothing to fearπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ - David09  731.5 #305 3-12-14 1:04PM
us too!!! we are soo excited to be there a week from now :) - HisLilo   198.8 #46 12-10-10 1:25PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 12-8-10 12:45PM
Thinking about checking out ElecTRONica next it ok for kids (ages 4 and 6?)
I would say yes if they like to dancy dance. It has adult beverages but the dancing is for everyone and they have a dj that calls out dance moves so it's rad - Smart.tea   206.7 #2021 12-8-10 1:07PM Like  Reply
I'd say so. Sure, they have adult beverages, but there's a lot for the kids too. Flynn's arcade is packed full of classic arcade games. They have stations where kids can play a demo of the Tron: Legacy game for the Nintendo Wii. They also have dancers that interact with the kids by teaching them dance moves. I've been to it a couple times now and it's never felt like something that wasn't kid friendly. - Disney143   256.4 #1380 12-8-10 1:35PM Like  Reply
Is it only weekends? - Mommadisneyfan   40.7 #5512 12-8-10 1:39PM Like  Reply
Yup. The hours are Friday - Sunday 7:00pm to park closing. - Disney143   256.4 #1380 12-8-10 1:46PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 12-4-10 9:49PM
Just two more weeks...glad I'm getting this cold out of the way mow!
"now" - stratdad   291.9 #1062 12-4-10 9:50PM Like  Reply
Luck you what a great time to go - cyndaws   258.0 #1368 12-4-10 9:52PM Like  Reply
That's when we have our next trip planned also! - pharaoh   275.6 #1205 12-5-10 8:55AM Like  Reply
Get well soon! - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1309 12-5-10 9:22AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 11-28-10 3:35PM
Does having a premium AP get one into magic mornings?
I wish! But no. - Robynlaurel   651.8 #346 11-28-10 3:36PM Like  Reply
What does get you in? - element   70.2 #4356 11-28-10 3:37PM Like  Reply
It should ;) - Kayoss   82.7 #4081 11-28-10 3:40PM Like  Reply
And some ticket packages include it-details will be on DL's website - Robynlaurel   651.8 #346 11-28-10 3:41PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 11-25-10 9:07PM
I thought I saw a recent post about this topic, but are the ride posters as seen in the archways at DL entrance sold anywhere at DL? We want to decorate one of our rooms with said posters but don't know where to look. Any suggestions?
eBay? - PrincessCarmen   2596.9 #65 11-25-10 9:09PM Like  Reply
I know they are sold at DL. the only place I've seen them is if you walk into the park thru the right side and go into the little store next to mr Lincoln attraction. Thy have pretty much eveything poster imaginable there. I think that if u want a large one you have to order it though :-) - MinnieMau5   158.2 #2714 11-25-10 9:13PM Like  Reply
Go into the world of Disney store in dtd. Somewhere in the middle of the store is an art room. In there. - SmokeyDaBear33   15.3 #9147 11-25-10 11:20PM Like  Reply
They sell them in the Disney gallery but last time I checked they only sold them in large size prints which didn't work for me since I wanted them around 8X10 so I ended up just taking really good pictures of the posters and printing them out at my house, they came out pretty nice and now room has a little bit of DL magic on the walls  - jazzydarling   39.3 #5593 11-26-10 12:36AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 11-13-10 4:33PM
Forgive my naΓ―vetΓ©, but what does "bump" refer to in the comments?
It means that they are moving it back to the front page. - vikkimus   199.2 #45 11-13-10 4:34PM Like  Reply
Bump means "bumping" a post back to the first page of the lounge. - iFramedRogerRabbit   1957.6 #97 11-13-10 4:35PM Like  Reply
Sometime a thread falls to the 3rd or 4th page and someone posts bump to get it back on the first page. - ally   509.0 #18 11-13-10 4:36PM Like  Reply
Well it seems they have already told you.. - honeybear_smacks   50.2 #5052 11-13-10 5:03PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 11-11-10 2:03AM
Should we make a separate Insomniacs Lounge?
i think not... for as soon as all normal people fall asleep the lounge is then owned by those who don't sleep. lol - vikkimus   199.2 #45 11-11-10 2:06AM Like  Reply
Luv how the lounge changes Depending on the time. - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #213 11-11-10 2:11AM Like  Reply
If we do, could we let BLG in? I mean it's the middle of the day there.  - Nickelnorm   113.7 #3498 11-11-10 3:49AM Like  Reply
Nah, BLG lives in the real Tomorrowland. - Polkadobo   385.8 #639 11-11-10 4:59AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 11-2-10 7:39AM
Jonesin' for my next D-Land fix. Goin Dec 17-20. Gotta love the APs.
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 10-27-10 7:22PM
So I ended up keeping my girl out of school today and surprised her by taking her to the daddy-daughter day ever.
Such an awesome daddy! - StephiePooh   572.7 #399 10-27-10 7:30PM Like  Reply
Supper awesome dad!!!  - Kris10   18.3 #8259 10-27-10 7:38PM Like  Reply
and the BEST DAD AWARD goes to....!! - Zombettie1313   19.4 #8007 10-28-10 9:24AM Like  Reply
That's sweet! What a nice dad! - WickedWench   579.9 #395 10-28-10 9:25AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 10-15-10 12:19PM
Thinking about pulling my girl out of school to take her to the parks as a surprise. Anyone else ever do this?
why not. i would love it if my parents did that!!!!! - Kittymeowmeow   271.1 #1247 10-15-10 12:19PM Like  Reply
School's over-rated  - TinkPen   433.5 #557 10-15-10 12:21PM Like  Reply
I take them out every year. - Missshelly   698.3 #321 10-16-10 10:18AM Like  Reply
i would tottaly do that! you will have a great time :) - cancelaccount   44.1 #5331 10-16-10 10:19AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 10-13-10 1:38PM
Hmmm...almost to 2.0. This rank thing moves sloooooowly.
Nevermind apparently this post pushed me over the hump. - stratdad   291.9 #1062 10-13-10 1:42PM Like  Reply
Haha, I was just gonna comment on your profile pic, then you said hump.. Lol - KelBelle   453.2 #532 10-13-10 1:43PM Like  Reply
I know what you mean  - BibbidiBobbidiBoo   122.5 #3300 10-13-10 6:00PM Like  Reply
yes it does, ima celebrate every 5! - lindsayboo   66.8 #4459 10-13-10 6:05PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 9-27-10 9:44AM
Purely out of curiosity, does anyone care to share their line of work or "day jobs?"
Sure. When are you available to work for me? - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #185 9-27-10 9:45AM Like  Reply
I'm a professional mommy - Foxyhawaiian   115.9 #3446 9-27-10 9:46AM Like  Reply
I am a student hahaha that's my job - K-dog   2.7 #59016 10-3-10 8:19PM Like  Reply
Was a teacher in Garden Grove, but was laid off... stupid budget cuts. - LisaKL   748.4 #297 10-3-10 8:30PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 9-27-10 9:32AM
Was planning on boosting my rank at the parks this past weekend posting wait times, but accidently left my phone at home...guess I gotta wait til my next trip in December!
Bummer! Next time for sure! - RoyannaF   377.1 #655 9-27-10 9:33AM Like  Reply
 that's too bad! - GusGus   788.3 #272 9-27-10 9:33AM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 9-23-10 2:04PM
Does it drive anybody else nuts that these posts don't remain in chronological order or is it just me?
you'll get use to it - toph   2418.2 #70 9-23-10 2:11PM Like  Reply
It bugged me for about a day. You do get used it to, and then you will think it would bug you of they did stay in order  - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4409.9 #38 9-23-10 2:13PM Like  Reply
LOL @ Antbo! - Duchess_SMK   6631.0 #22 9-23-10 2:39PM Like  Reply
It's gotta be a reference to Pooh's friend - Loridenise   0.8 #73453 9-23-10 2:45PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 9-18-10 8:34PM
Seeing it for first time next Saturday, really looking foward to it. Doing the dinner package thing at wine country trattoria. Anyone who's eaten there care to share a review?
We did the dinner there the first weekend WOC premiered. We thought it was pretty good. We got a salad, entree, and a desert. The preferred seating you get is great. - BillE   474.9 #499 9-18-10 8:47PM Like  Reply
I did! Highly recomend it! The food is good and the view of the show is even better! - MelB   108.6 #3597 9-18-10 9:00PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 9-18-10 8:13PM
So was today bearable as far as crowds/wait times are concerned. Headin to parks next Saturday and want to be mentally prepared!
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 9-18-10 1:33PM
I could not agree more. I crumpled up my paper whithin 2 paces from where he handed it to me and I could hear him say "oh wow someone has issues." Complete jackasses!
Good to know... .... - Calypso   867.6 #242 9-18-10 1:35PM Like  Reply
Ummmmm yeah! I agree! I think... - CAdreamer   98.8 #3767 9-18-10 1:36PM Like  Reply
Ok now this makes sense. I was thinking maybe itbwadnt quilted or was only single ply. - Butterlina   1637.1 #120 9-18-10 6:40PM Like  Reply
Oh now I understand! I would have been mad to! Thanks for explaining what happened - MelB   108.6 #3597 9-18-10 6:59PM Like  Reply
291.9 #1062 DL Qual #3598 9-17-10 1:55PM
Hello all, first time poster here. Headin to park next Saturday with fam, always a good time.
Hello! - Tinkaboudit   2461.5 #69 9-17-10 1:59PM Like  Reply
Welcome to the lounge. - Goldberg   408.1 #602 9-17-10 2:01PM Like  Reply
Welcome!!! - RoyannaF   377.1 #655 9-17-10 10:43PM Like  Reply
Welcome! - NikkiMickey   1686.3 #114 9-17-10 10:43PM Like  Reply