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paigito  30.0 #6477 (DL) 
my name is paige and i am 21. yep. that is just about it.

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30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 8-21-11 3:09PM
ATTENTION MOUSEWAIT! Do you have a picture of John Lasseter as a Jungle Cruise skipper in 1977? Send it in to to win a private jungle cruise with John himself! Start searching your photoalbums and film canisters!
I'm pulling out my old photo albums just in case :) - Darlingwendi   1228.3 #166 8-21-11 3:38PM Like  Reply
oh my gosh that's the best idea for a contest like ever. too bad I wasn't alive then haha - acpowers13   148.8 #2886 8-21-11 3:44PM Like  Reply
Very cool contest, good luck everyone! - chris.   2511.4 #69 8-21-11 3:45PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 7-20-11 6:07PM
I'm going into my senior year of high school and each senior picks a quote to be displayed underneath his or her picture in the yearbook. Of course, growing up at Disneyland, and collecting Disney movies, I want to use a quote either said  More...
If you can dream it you can do it :) simple and easy - ChocolateSandwichesCM   212.2 #1974 7-20-11 6:08PM Like  Reply
Google Disney quotations and choose the one that touches your heart. - PrincessKristin   780.8 #286 7-20-11 6:09PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 7-14-11 7:15PM
I am sitting here in bed, miserable. I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out this morning and am trying to eat stuff. I had some yogurt earlier and a few bites of ice cream right now. It's so hard to eat and the bleeding is just so   More...
Lol I was eating chips two hours after surgery and I didn't take any vicodin. - ERICKA   491.5 #482 7-14-11 7:17PM Like  Reply
ZzzzZZzZzZzZzzz a lot :] - VinylSteve   515.4 #460 7-14-11 7:17PM Like  Reply
oh my gosh PE, I envy you. I was forced to take half a vicodin when I got home, an ibuprofen 3 hours later, my antibiotic an hour later, and I just took the other half of the vicodin just now. precautionary stuff. I've been icing every 20 minutes cuz my jaw is sore from keeping my mouth open with gauze all day. Ugh. - paigito   30.0 #6477 7-14-11 7:22PM Like  Reply
Nothing hot on the outside face. Pressure over sockets that bleed bite moist gauze or teabag if bleeding. You can moisten gauze and a liitle vasaline on guaze and apply pressure if still bleeds. Change your pillow case to a not so nice one tonight. Peroxide blood stains. Rest don't do heavy physical activity. Ice on for ten minutes off for ten minutes to minimize swelling. Motrin for pain and antiinflamatory - E-Ticket   1642.2 #122 7-14-11 7:23PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 6-27-11 6:08PM
I am cracking up at the Dole Whip line on the side by the bathrooms. Of course you walk into the Tiki Room waiting area and there's 3 people in line. Oh, the benefits of being a MWer and knowing things the general public doesn't!
Lol, I actually figured that out before I was on MW, but it is hilarious to watch--the CMs must crack up ;) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   706.4 #323 6-27-11 6:14PM Like  Reply
Haha I have yet to take advantage of that shorter line but I'd totally be laughing too - jazzydarling   39.3 #5657 6-27-11 6:16PM Like  Reply
I'll go to the Tiki room for a shorter line!! - Katrayher   781.0 #285 6-27-11 7:58PM Like  Reply
BREAKING NEWS: the Dole Whip line has substantially subsided, as has the sun. - paigito   30.0 #6477 6-27-11 8:04PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 6-27-11 5:07PM
1 cali screamin' FP on the backside of the trashcan across from the grizzly rapids binoculars!
Yikes. Better hope custodial doesn't see it and throw them away! They check the trash cans every couple hours! Someone hurry and find them! - MagicFeather   79.6 #4179 6-27-11 5:11PM Like  Reply
 - Jo_ohanna   387.4 #655 6-27-11 5:18PM Like  Reply
Wow someone Is lucky - DLR_Fan   275.0 #1231 6-27-11 8:08PM Like  Reply
Bump - Yoshi   257.6 #1398 6-27-11 8:30PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 4-29-11 7:52PM
What is your favorite non-Disney movie? Mine is "Gone with the Wind" 
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas!.. VERY Un-Disney - darthsean   80.9 #4151 4-29-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
American Psycho - ManBearPig   417.0 #604 4-29-11 7:58PM Like  Reply
Fools Rush In. That movie has great Elvis usage - Missshelly   698.3 #330 4-29-11 9:59PM Like  Reply
Goonies...@ - WaltSentMe   331.5 #833 4-29-11 10:02PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 4-19-11 2:03PM
Has anyone seen a celebrity at the park today? I've never seen so many Plaids before! I just saw my fourth or fifth one today. What's up with that?
Plaids? - cesium55   531.8 #442 4-19-11 2:06PM Like  Reply
PUSH is by Astro Orbiter right now! - Yeti_Man   570.4 #403 4-19-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
Someone here said they saw whoppi. Lol. - SamFlynn   15.9 #9085 4-19-11 10:17PM Like  Reply
so I take it they skip all lines and get on immediately? I want that style fast pass. - Hidden-mickey   16.4 #8933 4-19-11 10:23PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 4-19-11 12:30PM
what is the strangest thing you've ever seen in the BTMRR water wheel/fountain majig?
Someone here once posted that they saw a little boy peeing in there. - Zooter   1405.8 #143 4-19-11 12:32PM Like  Reply
That's gross - JediStitch   429.7 #578 4-19-11 12:34PM Like  Reply
Someone really want their wish to come true. - JediStitch   429.7 #578 4-19-11 5:06PM Like  Reply
By the dinosaur side there's at least 5 bills in there. - MayBie   1885.6 #108 4-19-11 5:09PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 4-19-11 11:59AM
LIVE from BTMRR. a little crowded today but surprisingly light for a spring break day!
Wish I was there. - DLlover   19.4 #8123 4-19-11 12:41PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 4-10-11 8:24PM
Mom just upgraded me to a deluxe pass! After years and years of blocked out Saturdays and summers, we finally have more available days at DL! Anything different about a deluxe than the SoCal that I should take advantage of?
less block outs! wooot woot! - Madi   204.1 #2081 4-10-11 8:25PM Like  Reply
Awesomeness. - Disneybaldie   355.8 #743 4-10-11 8:25PM Like  Reply
Nice!!! - LisaMouse7531   410.1 #613 4-10-11 9:18PM Like  Reply
do you have parking? if so, pay the extra $30 and get the premium. :D - bluefairy   643.8 #363 4-10-11 11:25PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 4-9-11 3:13PM
Target has a bunch of SUPER cute classic Mickey notebooks! Saw this one for $5.99 and could not leave without if.
Omg I need a journal thing! That would be great! - TeenMickey   389.0 #651 4-9-11 3:18PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 3-20-11 4:29PM
it's sunday, which means that a lot of us go back to work/school tomorrow. so...are any of you procrastinating on doing something right now?
1. studying for stats 2. preparing my speech lazy day today - Madi   204.1 #2081 3-20-11 4:31PM Like  Reply
Not me! We have Monday off!!! - Mrsblue   693.1 #336 3-20-11 4:31PM Like  Reply
Yepp homework and an essay for scholarships - PrincessLunn   14.2 #9700 3-20-11 4:33PM Like  Reply
For once, I have nothing I'm behind on! - Marieeezy   592.5 #391 3-20-11 4:35PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 3-19-11 12:07PM
Demi Lovato @ DL yesterday (via her twitter). pics = it happened!
Love the expression on the people behind her they are totally white knuckling the bar - CMsMom   446.7 #556 3-19-11 12:52PM Like  Reply
Cute!! (: - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1330 3-19-11 12:54PM Like  Reply
I bet she is a MWer! - RickeyCalifornia   158.1 #2739 3-19-11 12:59PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 3-16-11 9:34PM
Here's a video of this really cute little baby dressed as Rex and playing with a Rex toy that goes "RAWR!" Cutest thing ever.
LOL its funny that he's screaming his little heart out and then gets dead quiet when he goes to press the button again - ladylikesdisney   945.0 #232 3-16-11 9:39PM Like  Reply
i know right? hahaha. it's like he expected a different outcome when he pressed the button again. poor little kid. - paigito   30.0 #6477 3-16-11 9:41PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 3-15-11 7:54PM
What is your favorite Disney song sung by someone other than who originally sings it? I've recently rediscovered the Phil Collins/N*sync version of "Trashin' the Camp" from Tarzan and I've been jammin' to it aaaaaaall night.
Christia Agulars version of "reflection" from Mulan!! - JediTrance   71.6 #4364 3-15-11 8:00PM Like  Reply
Elton Johns "Can you feel the love tonight" And the people who did a whole new world, whoever they were! I forgot. - Leesha   650.6 #359 3-15-11 8:04PM Like  Reply
Michael Bolton's "go the distance" - RickeyCalifornia   158.1 #2739 3-15-11 9:02PM Like  Reply
I also love the Rascal Flatts version of Life is s Highway. - Dopeygirl78   139.0 #3055 3-15-11 9:03PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 3-14-11 8:14PM
you guys, i am having a really really awful day. it's bad. worse than it's ever been. i've been depressed for the past year and i'm hitting an all time low. i just really need cheering up right now from the nicest people that i've never m  More...
We all hit those low points, I just had mine last summer. I have terrible anxiety and stress issues. So bad I go to the doctor for them. You just need to realized the pros and the cons. Everyone gas one pro on there list and look at the pro instead of the cons. That's how I help myself when i hit my low points. - CxD_CM   518.6 #456 3-14-11 8:18PM Like  Reply
And besides on top of your other pros you have a huge MW family right here and ready for you 24/7 - CxD_CM   518.6 #456 3-14-11 8:19PM Like  Reply
Sorry your having a really bad day today, sending all my positive vibes your way, hope you get to feeling better :) - offroadmickey   100.2 #3772 3-15-11 12:11AM Like  Reply
I don't know you... But I canv tell you need a hug :) there has been great advice given already sooooo.... *hug!* That seems to help me when I have a bad day. - rareredcharlie   6.4 #16692 3-15-11 12:26AM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 3-8-11 9:09PM
I just got back from a college financial planning seminar and got me thinking about which colleges I'm going to apply to in 8 months (eek!). Did any of you guys go to/graduate from college? Where?
 sad to say no. Im a slacker. Should go back. - Kittymeowmeow   271.1 #1266 3-8-11 9:10PM Like  Reply
I did! I have a degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia - Missshelly   698.3 #330 3-8-11 9:12PM Like  Reply
I agree with princesssarah, don't pay someone a lot of money to do it. The fafsa is free and should be easy enough to do if you have your financial paperwork in order. - bluefairy   643.8 #363 3-9-11 5:55PM Like  Reply
BA in psych from Pitzer! ed it! - cenicienta   323.8 #877 3-9-11 5:57PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 3-7-11 7:50PM
Have you guys seen these iPhone cases? So cute!
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 2-13-11 10:35AM
Carsland progression, across the way from pacific warf area.
It's coming along fast! Can't wait!! - KAA   357.4 #736 2-13-11 10:49AM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 2-13-11 8:52AM
No FPs for Space Mountain all day, which is a total bummer considering its not even 10 and the line is backed up to Pizza Port...yikes.
Yikes!! - TeenMickey   389.0 #651 2-13-11 8:54AM Like  Reply
Can u take a picture of the line at pizza port? Ive never seen that haha - mrnavarr0   66.3 #4509 2-13-11 8:56AM Like  Reply
Sometimes you just got to suck it up! You can do it!! - Tcarnahan   73.8 #4303 2-13-11 9:11AM Like  Reply
Yeah, it's worth it! - disney42dude(CM)   522.2 #451 2-13-11 9:12AM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 2-12-11 6:09PM
checked into PP hotel and became the big kahuna family of the day! got upgraded to a suite too, wow!! so stoked...gonna watch WOC from the room in an hour. so blessed to be here and DL tomorrow.
AWESOME! Congrats! - Stripey   305.2 #993 2-12-11 6:10PM Like  Reply
Congratulations how did you pull that off - Rob512   756.3 #300 2-12-11 6:11PM Like  Reply
Wow that's awesome! Do you get the suite your whole stay or just for 1 night?? - mrssumr   70.4 #4388 2-12-11 11:40PM Like  Reply
Come to the meet up tomorrow  - TeenMickey   389.0 #651 2-12-11 11:44PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-27-11 3:23PM
finally got my grape soda badge pin from disney movie rewards. i'm so wearing it to graduation next year!
lucky =) i was thinking of using my rewards for that too - sllydrkfsh   9.7 #12399 1-27-11 3:25PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-16-11 3:46PM
just another ring? pish posh. hidden mickey(s)!
I love those!!!!!! - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2470 1-16-11 3:52PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-15-11 10:38AM
last night, while waiting for the trams on the opposite side of DTD (the picnic area side), the DTD side got three consecutive trams in a row while our more crowded side stood there in disbelief. took us a good 45 minutes or so to get on   More...
I've never ridden the trams or parked in the structure. - CravingDisney   153.8 #2808 1-15-11 10:44AM Like  Reply
When it's crowded like that we just walk and it takes less than 10 minutes to get to the structure from DTD. - jediblue   2079.0 #90 1-15-11 10:47AM Like  Reply
I walk from the structure and to the structure. I love the Toy Story lot. I'll park in the structure if I am there early. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #193 1-15-11 11:06AM Like  Reply
Thanks for the tip! Went online and found out "Your Annual Passport parking benefit is valid at the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, Toy Story Parking Lot and any pay-on-entry parking lot at Disneyland Resort." - cenicienta   323.8 #877 1-15-11 11:06AM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-14-11 8:44PM
well, at least my mom's proud of me....
It's just an excuse to keep going back to practice right? - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2470 1-14-11 8:46PM Like  Reply
practice makes perfect (well. not as long as BCC is around anyway). - paigito   30.0 #6477 1-14-11 8:48PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-14-11 8:09PM
watching WOC from the back in line for TSMM. will watch from the front in february when we stay at PP hotel! (p.s. first time on TSMM right now!)
Cool. I love tsmm - Melli_mo   526.6 #447 1-14-11 8:10PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-14-11 5:12PM
ONE 6-7pm FP for TOT hidden in TOT gift shop by the vinylmations. wazowski's got it!
 for anyone in the area. - paigito   30.0 #6477 1-14-11 6:22PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-12-11 4:16PM
in my english class, i had to think of 25 things i would miss if i died. we had to display our 25 in a creative way so i picked california screamin'. my 25 things are on the coaster cars. of course i'd miss churros and the smell of POTC   More...
That's cool and creative. - Chejaguar   611.9 #378 1-12-11 4:25PM Like  Reply
Very creative!! - TK   138.6 #3060 1-12-11 4:27PM Like  Reply
Great idea - goofball   475.1 #510 1-12-11 4:29PM Like  Reply
thanks guys! i hand painted friend is making carl's house from UP with her 25 things on the balloons. i was so jealous that she thought of that idea before me. - paigito   30.0 #6477 1-12-11 4:53PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-10-11 6:20PM
some of you guys are just disneyland hotel PROS, so i'd like to ask some questions. i'm turning 17 in april and i want to do something for my birthday on sunday april 3rd at disneyland. my top choice is to spend a night at one of the thre  More...
Does it have to be a on-property hotel or can it be a local place - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #193 1-10-11 6:21PM Like  Reply
With friends or fam? & is Disneyland gonna be the focus of your birthday celebration (other than you being the focus of course). - PrincessSarah   171.2 #2542 1-10-11 6:23PM Like  Reply
thank you for the ballpark figures! i've been looking all over the place for even a broad range of room rates and nobody even talks about the price of the rooms, other than saying "expensive." when we stayed at PP, we got upgraded to park view on the 13th floor and it was spectacular. - paigito   30.0 #6477 1-10-11 6:33PM Like  Reply
If you're an annual passholder, have you tried looking for any AP rates? - cenicienta   323.8 #877 1-10-11 6:43PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-9-11 3:58PM
my poor aunt didn't know they took down the letters...i had to fill her in, with a heavy heart 
It looks so empty - Queenof2princesses   259.6 #1378 1-9-11 4:17PM Like  Reply
What a sad picture. - Minnieday   316.0 #921 1-9-11 4:18PM Like  Reply
That's sad. - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2470 1-9-11 6:18PM Like  Reply
 So sad. Bye bye letters. - DisneyMomma   260.3 #1371 1-9-11 6:21PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-9-11 11:16AM
not too bad at main street. who knows what it looks like further down the road, so to speak.
Looks good to me! - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2470 1-9-11 11:20AM Like  Reply
Hopefully it stays that way. - kirsten!   191.6 #2245 1-9-11 11:31AM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 1-7-11 6:04PM
does anyone know where i can buy sealed genuine animated disney dvds that have gone back into the vault? the ones on amazon are super expensive. i'm looking for peter pan, lady and the tramp, and aladdin. also, any idea where i can find "  More...
or....(going out on a limb here; i know everyone loves their disney)....if anyone has any of these three dvds (in really good condition) and would be willing to sell, let me know. - paigito   30.0 #6477 1-7-11 6:06PM Like  Reply
Why sealed and not used. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #193 1-7-11 6:07PM Like  Reply
No. Sugar and spice AND THAT TOO! - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #193 1-7-11 6:53PM Like  Reply
i don't think these guys are reliable. considering they spelled disney wrong in their url. - paigito   30.0 #6477 1-7-11 6:58PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 12-29-10 2:14PM
i just found out that my spanish teacher from last year got arrested for molesting one of his students for an entire year when everyone had left the classroom. he was one of my favorite teachers; he always gave us life lessons and really   More...
Teachers especially opposite sex of the student should never be in a room with a closed door for obvious reasons. - Dizkid   505.7 #467 12-29-10 2:18PM Like  Reply
Sadly I've had several friends become victims of people I know. I always got a creepy feeling and I just stayed far far away but the people they got were impressionable and needed someone who would listen or be there for them. - Smart.tea   206.7 #2041 12-29-10 2:23PM Like  Reply
There's been about 5 of these occurrences happen here, it's very disturbing! - happilyEVERafter   61.4 #4665 12-29-10 7:09PM Like  Reply
The sad thing is most "offenders" have been in one way or another been victims themselves. Also most incidents are within family. Sad but true. - Momof2princesses   154.5 #2799 12-29-10 8:22PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 12-4-10 10:01PM
just thought i'd let all you nightmare before christmas crazies that it's on tv right now! abc family! go go go!
 - Lanigyrl16   29.9 #6486 12-4-10 10:06PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 10-28-10 4:19PM
listening to new orleans jazz on pandora just makes me miss disneyland that much more. totally reminds me of NOS and toontown...mickey's house, especially. try it! it'll make you so depressed that you're not in disneyland haha.
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 10-24-10 7:21PM
i love how everyone here leaves fastpasses for others. i want to leave FPs for other most people get them with the intention of leaving them for others or do you guys just give away the ones you don't use? :)
Both work - StephiePooh   572.7 #401 10-24-10 7:23PM Like  Reply
I collect them to give away. Don't usually use them myself. - PrinceCorey   4613.1 #37 10-24-10 7:27PM Like  Reply
I had 4 extra fastpasses for Buzz tonight. I would have hid them, but no wifi in the parks. - BaseballMickey   8857.2 #14 10-24-10 8:02PM Like  Reply
Both. Depends how long I'm at the parks. - Ht   730.1 #315 10-24-10 8:15PM Like  Reply
30.0 #6477 DL Qual #6704 10-19-10 6:59PM
hey guys! i'm new to MW...just downloaded the app while at DL on sunday (crazy, i joined on the day of the 1 year anniversary! it's fate!). i'm 16; does that make me the youngest?! :D
Nope!! We have 13 year olds here. And welcome! - Kenry   1298.5 #154 10-19-10 7:00PM Like  Reply
Welcome - connielu   1046.2 #211 10-19-10 7:01PM Like  Reply
Welcome!!! - DisneyPhotoFan   920.2 #236 10-19-10 9:57PM Like  Reply
Welcome! - JustGoofyDad   2402.0 #77 10-19-10 10:02PM Like  Reply