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Wizard  81.6 #4179 (DL) 
I discovered my username quite a long time ago. No it had nothing to do with Harry Potter. Owen Lars(Anakin Skywalkers step brother) once called Ben Kenobi (Obi Wan Kenobi) a Wizard. Wizard = Jedi in hiding. I'm a self admitted Star Wars nerd!

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81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-7-14 9:38AM
Hey there! Hi there! Any of the og's still in the lounge? Have a fantastic day you beautiful people. :)
A few.  - Tom   17731.7 #4 2-7-14 9:39AM Like  Reply
What Tom said - E-Ticket   1796.0 #116 2-7-14 10:10AM Like  Reply
what's an og???:D :D - secretagentangel   15281.9 #6 2-7-14 12:16PM Like  Reply
Not an OG but close. I check in from time to time. Lurk mostly. - connielu   1046.2 #221 2-7-14 12:47PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-7-12 1:04PM
Hey guys! Can I upgrade my 5 day park hopper that I got as a freebie for a deluxe annual pass. I called DL and they said if they don't know what I paid for the 5 day hopper ( which i didn't) they couldn't determine the difference in pri  More...
where did you get it? - mochamistie   273.2 #1291 11-7-12 1:06PM Like  Reply
Through airmiles. - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-7-12 1:08PM
No, you cannot upgrade a comp or promotional ticket towards an AP - BaseballMickey   9257.9 #14 11-7-12 1:07PM Like  Reply
It's not really a comp. We collect these airmiles and exchange the points for products or services that are available on their program. Does that change anything? - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-7-12 1:11PM
You prob won't know until you get to the parks and they scan the ticket to see if a price comes up or not... That's what I would assume has to happen - brodysmommy  476.7 #531 11-7-12 1:29PM
More specifically they said we could bring the certificate down to the gates and get a cash value amount for the hoppers. However they (DL) could not tell me the value of the certificate so I could determine the difference. Sorry for the complicated questions. I would rather have an answer before I fly 3000 miles lol. And thanks btw - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-7-12 1:29PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 9-19-12 10:13AM
iOS 6 is live. 2.5 GB free space is required for download.
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 5-4-12 6:07PM
Attention Star Wars Fans!!! ***Limited time free app in celebration of May the 4th!*** Happy Star Wars Day!!!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 4-3-12 2:26PM
Question: If I get an MT request from someone it shows in my friends who I have accepted as a friend. But if I send the request how do I know who has accepted my friend request? They dont show up in any list. I wish to remove someone on   More...
Any info would be great. Thanks! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 4-3-12 2:38PM Like  Reply
No list of who you've requested. - toph   2418.2 #78 4-3-12 2:41PM Like  Reply
Thanks toph! - Wizard  81.6 #4179 4-3-12 2:45PM
Np! I think that's a great suggestion though! - toph  2418.2 #78 4-3-12 3:07PM
Just seemed kinda weird not knowing who can see your MT. If they never comment on it and you have no way of knowing who sees it. No list to go from as far as who accepts your requests. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 4-3-12 2:56PM Like  Reply
Honestly I forgot who I send a friend request It only shows me who sent me a request and who I accepted. It never shows the request I sent. That's why when I accept people I send them a friend request right away. - VfxGenie  1557.1 #139 4-3-12 3:04PM
you sent one to me. and no, i won't accept, Vfx ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ - misschurro  10087.5 #12 4-3-12 3:09PM
Nosy Cyndel just wants to know who you're working so hard to delete and what happened to sour the relationship! - cynDOLEwhip   1175.7 #187 4-3-12 3:32PM Like  Reply
Lol. No one. I just know I've sent requests in the past. Not knowing who accepts and who doesn't. Curious to find out who just lurks my MT and I would never know who because they don't comment. - Wizard  81.6 #4179 4-3-12 3:42PM
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 3-16-12 9:36AM
I've never been happier to see UPS. My new iPad just arrived.
Jealous! - CaliFlwr   102.9 #3759 3-16-12 9:40AM Like  Reply
I am not worthy. But I actually did have breakfast๐Ÿ˜œ - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 3-16-12 11:41AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-7-12 8:00PM
***Star Wars Fans*** Free Star Wars app in the app store. Search "Darth Maul Me" for a fun photo app. Enjoy!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 1-26-12 4:05PM
Go to to download two free songs used at DL. Mac or PC only. Enjoy!
๐Ÿ‘Š shabam! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 1-26-12 4:40PM Like(1)  Reply
Will do when I get home. Thank you sir! - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 1-26-12 4:06PM Like  Reply
very cool! thanks!! - misschurro   10087.5 #12 1-26-12 4:07PM Like  Reply
Home....and did it.  THank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 1-26-12 8:58PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 1-19-12 1:28PM
This error randomly appears throughout Mousetopia.
I see it when there are replies - Veronica21   167.9 #2615 1-21-12 7:53AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 12-25-11 8:57AM
What did Santa bring you? Tell me now! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜œ
Not breakfast. - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 12-25-11 8:58AM Like(4)  Reply
I'll fax you over a waffle! ๐Ÿ˜‚ - Wizard  81.6 #4179 12-25-11 8:59AM
Waffffffffffffle!!!! Hey Merry Christmas mister man! - Butterlina  1653.3 #128 12-25-11 9:00AM
My family :) - DisVee   255.2 #1442 12-25-11 9:00AM Like(2)  Reply
That is beautiful! - Butterlina  1653.3 #128 12-25-11 9:01AM
Santa brought me a crock pot a popcorn maker and a quesadilla maker - TeacherluvsMickey   33.3 #6231 12-25-12 7:27PM Like  Reply
Boy Meets World season one and two. #TeamMinkus - Jillian   767.1 #308 12-25-12 7:36PM Like  Reply
๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– - PinkElephants  745.7 #324 12-25-12 8:09PM
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 12-25-11 12:00AM
๐ŸŽ… ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ… Merry Christmas Everyone! โ›„ Have a great day! โ›„ ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…
WuzInDaBoxes! Merry Xmas Wizard! - donnievegas   1132.7 #202 12-25-11 12:11AM Like(1)  Reply
Santa x3 Christmas tree x3 Santa x3. Merry Christmas Everyone! Snowman Have a great day! Snowman Santa x3 Christmas tree x3 Santa x3. - Wizard  81.6 #4179 12-25-11 12:15AM
Merry Christmas! - Mouse4life   1850.9 #112 12-25-11 12:12AM Like  Reply
Santa x3 Christmas tree x3 Santa x3. Merry Christmas Everyone! Snowman Have a great day! Snowman Santa x3 Christmas tree x3 Santa x3. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 12-25-11 12:15AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 12-10-11 9:05AM
For Butter and anyone else going to the GIVE event! 😃
Could bed 10 minutes...depends on how long you wait for that light to change ;) - 415beachgirl   475.6 #532 12-10-11 9:35AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 12-8-11 5:32PM
NFL Partners With Disney For Super Bowl 2012
go bolts! - Disneyswag   181.4 #2404 12-19-11 10:05AM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you so much for this post. It's a very enlightening article and I wish more companies would do this. MOST of Disney's employees are so amazing and really change the entire outlook, in a positive way, of so many visitors to the parks every single day. -Jordan - tonyjord3   233.9 #1712 12-20-11 8:57AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 12-7-11 2:06PM
I have an idea but I'm not quite sure how to execute it. People tend to not read the rules and FAQ's. What if we were to collaborate together and develop an introductory video for MW. Covering the basics. wait times, ground rules etc. Get  More...
i was hoping morgan freeman would narrate. i can just imagine it now. "A RAK is..." - nicoleface   1753.2 #120 12-7-11 2:16PM Like(8)  Reply
People do tend to pay attention to him, lol. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  719.4 #334 12-7-11 4:40PM
That would be awsome... Maybe that will stop some of these rules officers... - Alex   307.3 #1009 12-7-11 2:12PM Like(5)  Reply
you wish๐Ÿ˜‚ - toph  2418.2 #78 12-7-11 2:30PM
If only people would read the FAQs then there would be no need - cesium55  531.8 #467 12-7-11 5:14PM
๐Ÿ‘ฎ - iFramedRogerRabbit   1957.6 #105 12-7-11 7:14PM Like  Reply
Right ? Was awkward - Melli_mo   533.8 #466 12-7-11 7:17PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 12-5-11 6:19AM
I think Walt defined the meaning of cool! Happy Birthday!!
He was super cool. - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #191 12-5-11 6:28AM Like  Reply
Even smoking was cool back then. - mandigutterrose   156.5 #2798 12-6-11 12:09AM Like  Reply
๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿšฌ - shelley-in-wonderland  18.0 #8637 12-6-11 12:20AM
๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿšฌ - shelley-in-wonderland   18.0 #8637 12-6-11 12:20AM Like  Reply
Kinda looks like Lonelydriver... - CptKirk   766.3 #309 12-6-11 12:23AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 12-2-11 1:08PM
Summer of 1987. My sister and I on the MHT. I must of had a stronger stomach back then. Now when I get on them I just wanna hurl. We finally went back together with our kids after 24 years this past October. It was so much fun!
This is the only pic I could find. Nice perm Sis. Lol - Wizard   81.6 #4179 12-2-11 1:34PM Like(3)  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 12-2-11 8:01AM
This old B&W photo is of Catfish Cove along the ROA. I still find it hard to believe they had fishing in parks!
I wonder where the guests stored their fish and supplies at?? Thanks for the pic - PrincessDuckie   963.5 #237 12-2-11 8:05AM Like  Reply
The rod rentals were done out of a shack on Tom Sawyer Island. The old shack is now a washroom. As for the fish...that's why they stopped it. No one wanted to carry their catch around all day! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 12-2-11 8:10AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-30-11 9:43AM
Do any of you folks have a certain Christmas song that just gets you in a festive mood. What's your favorite Christmas song?
N Sync "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays." It's like an inside joke type thing between me and my sister. :D
- Jillian   767.1 #308 11-30-11 9:46AM Like(7)  Reply
I love that song! I lost my NSYNC Christmas CD a few years back. I think it's about time I buy it again on iTunes. - missyhidy  245.7 #1557 11-30-11 7:11PM
Omg I just found my N'sync Christmas cd last weekend and my love for that song has been renewed! It reminds me of high school. ๎— - Cinderella-princess  11.9 #11141 11-30-11 7:35PM
Carol of the Bells by "August burns red" but it's not your typical Xmas song. = ) - donnievegas   1132.7 #202 11-30-11 10:39AM Like(2)  Reply
Yes! I play this song on my radio station, and EVERYTIME, the phones ring off the hook asking who that is. They live it! - RadioMaverick  1670.4 #126 11-30-11 7:21PM
Ok, about to listen to it... Haha! It's SOO rock sounding!!! Love it! No wonder people always call about it. - misschurro  10087.5 #12 11-30-11 7:42PM
Like TSO wizards of winter - Mouse4life   1850.9 #112 11-30-11 11:12PM Like  Reply
Any christmas songs sung by the Carpteners. Karen Carptener has such a soothing voice!. 😄 - shaygee   171.2 #2566 11-30-11 11:23PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-29-11 7:48PM
My wife just lost her voice. I've really been enjoying the peace and quiet.
Luckily I don't need my voice to type. PS Wizard the extra blankets and pillows are in the spare bedroom closet.....horsedot - MissNDisney   152.6 #2856 11-29-11 8:13PM Like(10)  Reply
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - KissDclown  1089.2 #212 11-29-11 8:13PM
๎ busted! - Waites4DodgerEars_CM  1002.5 #233 11-29-11 8:14PM
If she finds out you said that I really hope you enjoy the sofa just as much ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - KissDclown   1089.2 #212 11-29-11 7:54PM Like(7)  Reply
Hahaha๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - Hesatalkintome  32.6 #6303 11-29-11 7:56PM
๐Ÿ˜‚ - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4410.2 #43 11-30-11 12:15PM Like  Reply
How about I send him to you Butter lol - MissNDisney   152.6 #2856 11-30-11 4:33PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-29-11 4:39PM
This Walt Disney photo was taken when the Rivers of America was stocked with Catfish. They stopped stocking it because people didn't want to lug their catch around the park all day.
Is that SIC and MrSIC? - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 11-29-11 4:50PM Like(8)  Reply
Okay. I thought they looked familiar! :-) - SorcererBHhaha  409.0 #640 11-29-11 5:13PM
I wish!! ๐Ÿ˜„ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 11-29-11 6:30PM
Great photo! But I am glad they don't do the fishing thing anymore...can you imagine what it would smell like?
- Jillian   767.1 #308 11-29-11 4:42PM Like  Reply
A fishy version of POTC I would imagine. ๐Ÿ˜‚ - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-29-11 4:45PM
Love this! Great post! - soulrenee   210.2 #2037 11-29-11 6:40PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-24-11 10:04AM
My MW is not showing Txt, my posts, my comments, or my favorites on the iPhone. Is anyone else having the same issue? I'll fire off an email to admin. I just want to make sure it's not just me before I do!
Click on the MW icon to the right of your name. All those links got moved to there. - PrinceCorey   4613.1 #40 11-24-11 10:05AM Like  Reply
Thanks PrinceCorey. - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-24-11 10:12AM
Thanks PrinceCorey. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-24-11 10:12AM Like  Reply
2 links are blocked by the banner ad in the column. Can't access. Goes directly to clicked ad. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-24-11 10:16AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-23-11 12:49AM
I was adding some photos of our ride on Alice to an iMovie I was making today. I was taken back a bit when I stumbled upon this one. Its kinda creepy weird. I almost deleted it but I had to take a second look because something caught my e  More...
What part of the ride is this?
- CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 11-23-11 1:26AM Like(1)  Reply
๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Timmy!!!!!! - MarshaMouse   5058.3 #35 11-23-11 12:52AM Like  Reply
I know him!!! - BooEve123  800.9 #286 11-23-11 12:54AM
๐Ÿ˜‚ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 11-23-11 12:59AM
I see 4. But yes that is what caught my attention. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-23-11 1:54AM Like  Reply
MmmmmmmmKay - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #231 11-23-11 1:54AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-22-11 11:00PM
โœจHappy 26th Birthday MissNDisney...for the tenth time!โœจ Thank you for being such a wonderful Wife, Mother and Best Friend that this guy could ever have. Thank you as well for the two amazing boys we brought into this world together. โ  More...
Thanks babe I am also lucky to have you. What you wrote was so nice. You and my boys are the best thing in the world and I wouldn't change a thing. Ok maybe just one....can we please go back to DL soon? - MissNDisney   152.6 #2856 11-22-11 11:42PM Like(1)  Reply
Awwww, happy happy birthday! - PrincessDuckie   963.5 #237 11-22-11 11:05PM Like  Reply
Thank you - MissNDisney  152.6 #2856 11-22-11 11:49PM
Happy birthday. Very sweet post - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #191 11-23-11 6:40AM Like  Reply
๎Œ’๎Œ†๎‹Happy Birthday๎‹๎Œ†๎Œ’ - Dizkid   506.0 #493 11-23-11 6:52AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-22-11 12:33AM
๐ŸŽ‰Yay "40"! Lol. ๐ŸŽ‰
Horray๐Ÿ˜ญ! Congrats - BooEve123   800.9 #286 11-22-11 12:50AM Like  Reply
Thanks Boo. It's taken me just over a year to get to that.  - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-22-11 12:55AM Like  Reply
Hardwork and dedication๐Ÿ˜„! - BooEve123  800.9 #286 11-22-11 12:57AM
Shenangins and bad humor if the truth is told๐Ÿ˜‚ - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-22-11 1:01AM
Shenangins and bad humor if the truth is told๐Ÿ˜‚ - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-22-11 1:01AM Like  Reply
I should be well over this. I can't post wait times and I'm not a big fan of FB. I don't trust that Zuckerberg I tell ya! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-22-11 1:09AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-21-11 5:40PM
I can't wait to get back to sunnyโ˜€ SoCal! I'm freezing.๐Ÿ˜โ›„
Wooo pretty colors - NeverlandTink   423.1 #614 11-21-11 5:43PM Like  Reply
It's pretty cold here too lol but day time is real nice! - MarshaMouse   5058.3 #35 11-21-11 5:43PM Like  Reply
Our daytime high has been -20 (-30 windchill) for the past week. I just can't seem to get warm. My wife says its because I'm the worlds only living heart donor. Cold, stone cold. - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-21-11 5:55PM
Lol that's freezing! I seriously would freeze up to an icicle! Hope u warm up soon! - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 11-21-11 6:09PM
Lol that's freezing! I seriously would freeze up to an icicle! Hope u warm up soon! - MarshaMouse   5058.3 #35 11-21-11 6:09PM Like  Reply
I live very close to the parks and I have been living in polar fleece the last couple of days. Chilly for SoCal now.  - Plumiegirl   10920.9 #11 11-21-11 6:55PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-16-11 10:52AM
๐Ÿ™ Please send some prayers for my son. He's going in for an X-ray on his chest. His breathing is laboured. We aren't sure what's wrong. My wife took him to see the Dr. and he was very concerned about him. I've never heard this Dr. spea  More...
Dear Lord please be with this family. Guide the doctor and show him the cause of the breathing problem. Give these parents and son peace in knowing that You are with them. You will never leave them. In Your name Lord Jesus. Amen - Jimineycricket   197.8 #2187 11-16-11 11:48AM Like(5)  Reply
Wow my husband posted this and I actually started to tear up at how awesome strangers can be and make you feel like family with kind words. Thanks do much everyone. I pray everything is ok ๐Ÿ™ - MissNDisney   152.6 #2856 11-16-11 4:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you so very much for your thoughts and prayers you guys. It means a lot to me! His test result won't be back until tomorrow. For now they have put him on a couple of inhalers to help him breathe better. He's taking it easy but he's not feeling normal. He's only 4 but he's a tough kid. I just want to get his tests back so we can get answers. Thanks again. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-16-11 4:42PM Like  Reply
Dear Sir: if you have any questions in regards to the meds, there's several folks around these parts that can assist. - Butterlina  1653.3 #128 11-16-11 4:51PM
Dear Sir: if you have any questions in regards to the meds, there's several folks around these parts that can assist. - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 11-16-11 4:51PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-15-11 9:39AM
I see a lot of questions about HDR pics on MW. I really enjoy photography so i thought I would share this side by side comparison. The left is enhanced with Camera +. One of the developers of Camera+ is a pro photographer Lisa Bettany.  More...
This is great! Thanks for the link. There's a lot to be said about using that HDR filter though - sometimes it's a little too much! It can really muddy up a photo, so be sure to take advantage of that opacity % level. You can control how much HDR you really need. - tina   1157.9 #195 11-15-11 10:01AM Like(1)  Reply
this! it burns my eyes sometimes haha - chris.  2511.4 #73 11-15-11 10:05AM
The photo frame app I used kinda fuzzed up the photo. I agree it's sometimes too much. Unless your going for a particular shot its best to leave the setting on the lower end so the photo doesn't look so blown out and obviously filtered. - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-15-11 10:45AM
Great! Thanks for the info! - 007flipper   569.7 #420 11-15-11 9:58AM Like  Reply
Direct link to Lisa's Disneyland vacation. Some amazing shots! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-15-11 10:19AM Like  Reply
The photo frame app I used kinda fuzzed up the photo. I agree it's sometimes too much. Unless your going for a particular shot its best to leave the setting on the lower end so the photo doesn't look so blown out and obviously filtered. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-15-11 10:45AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-8-11 9:39PM
Q&A: Hey MW whatever happened to? (insert a MW user here or whatever)
Quality posts? - ERICKA   491.5 #511 11-8-11 9:41PM Like(7)  Reply
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - cesium55  531.8 #467 11-8-11 9:46PM
Lol Hahaha - NeverlandTink  423.1 #614 11-9-11 8:01AM
MozGirl and Melli - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 11-8-11 9:43PM Like(3)  Reply
They went to BerryWait - Dave   13924.0 #9 11-8-11 9:45PM
๐Ÿ˜” - chsrkat77  244.0 #1581 11-8-11 9:56PM
What ever happen to Farris? I remember having him on my show while he was in line for the (re)opening of Captain EO. - RadioMaverick   1670.4 #126 11-9-11 8:38AM Like  Reply
Man I thought you were nice since your a princess. Jee whiz - ChloesDadTim   68.4 #4511 11-9-11 8:39AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-4-11 10:20AM
SNOW. Brrr. Hi MW
Brrrrr!! - Disneymomblessedx3   363.1 #743 11-4-11 10:26AM Like  Reply
Where? - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 11-4-11 10:32AM Like  Reply
Santa's workshop! Maple syrup and back bacon land eh! - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-4-11 10:40AM
Can you send some to California. PLEASE! lol - disneysgirl76   225.6 #1815 11-4-11 11:07AM Like  Reply
Snowed in nor cal last night - lisaw   240.4 #1628 11-4-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-2-11 10:57AM
Hi! How are ya! Haven't seen you in a while! What's new with you?
nothing much - MayBie   1885.6 #109 11-2-11 11:03AM Like  Reply
My man lanyards hurt from a chest workout yesterday. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 11-2-11 11:05AM Like  Reply
I'm going to fly my kite. - CptKirk   766.3 #309 11-2-11 11:08AM Like  Reply
Manyards is easier to say - Starr   550.3 #445 11-2-11 11:19AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 11-2-11 8:46AM
Wth! Justin Beiber now being sued for a paternity test? Say it ain't so beebs :p
Wait, that's a he?! - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 11-2-11 8:55AM Like(10)  Reply
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-2-11 8:56AM
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ my sentiments exactly! - SkellyMouse  501.4 #500 11-2-11 8:57AM
Who in their right mind would....has he even hit puberty? Eeek that's just gross. - DizGeek   453.7 #570 11-2-11 8:52AM Like(2)  Reply
I know heh! Gold digger I'm thinkin! - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-2-11 8:54AM
Selena Gomez definitely humps him on the regular. - Fruitbythefoot  33.4 #6230 11-2-11 9:54AM
Pardon. Forgot about the Selena connection. Carry on. - Polkadobo   385.8 #681 11-2-11 11:05AM Like  Reply
Leave the kid alone!!! He is just filling his parents footsteps. - Firefighter_Donald   73.4 #4359 11-2-11 11:06AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-31-11 9:20AM
This is a general safety announcement : Enjoy yourselves tonight trick or treaters but be safety aware. Please remember to wear high visibility clothing so drivers can see your entire party. Be extra cautious of crossing roadways as drive  More...
I got my mini Mickey Halloween lantern ready! - MarshaMouse   5058.3 #35 10-31-11 4:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Oh ya! Happy Halloween!! ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŽƒ - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-31-11 9:26AM Like  Reply
Glow sticks! And if you have pets, chocolate can be poisonous and candy is just not good for them! Also, make sure they have tags on in case they scoot out the door in fear! Above all.. HAVE FUN!!!!! - Gia   802.2 #285 10-31-11 4:22PM Like  Reply
Bump - sewgirl   342.6 #806 10-31-11 4:42PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-30-11 3:46PM
๐ŸŽถHappy Birthday to me. I'm a hundred minus sixty three. I smell like POTC. So please sanitize me!๐ŸŽถ
Happy Birthday! Hope you get that POTC problem figured out :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.4 #334 10-30-11 3:50PM Like  Reply
Thanks lol! - Wizard  81.6 #4179 10-30-11 4:00PM
This sounds like a job for H3D. - VillainsFan   1218.5 #177 10-30-11 3:50PM Like  Reply
Thanks lol! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-30-11 4:00PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday!๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ - goofball   475.1 #535 10-30-11 4:01PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-29-11 12:48PM
Okay I have a question for all you gamers out there. If you had to choose one between the Xbox 360 and a PS3 which would it be? Do you favor one console versus the other? Christmas is coming and I'd like to get one for the kids. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Uhm this is the dumbest post I have ever seen since the answer is so beyond a comparison. XBOX 360. PS3 is for kids. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 11-6-11 7:30AM Like(3)  Reply
Magnavox oddessy. - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 11-6-11 7:31AM Like(1)  Reply
LoL your the best! That's GR8 - DougR413  122.1 #3377 11-6-11 9:22AM
How about a Sega Genisis? - DizGeek  453.7 #570 11-6-11 9:25AM
How about a Sega Genisis? - DizGeek   453.7 #570 11-6-11 9:25AM Like  Reply
I say if they saw the Kinect and liked it. Get them the Kinect. We have the new xbox and got that instead of the PS3 because we already had xbox games. The only reason I would get a PS3 is for the blue ray. - JessicaRabbit33   670.3 #360 11-6-11 9:33AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-29-11 9:43AM
This hippo looks hungry! ๐Ÿ˜œ
- Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-2-11 1:35PM Like(1)  Reply
I never posted this. It showed up in my posts and I don't know where it came from? - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-2-11 1:37PM
Renegade posts! - misschurro  10087.5 #12 11-2-11 1:38PM
I never posted this. It showed up in my posts and I don't know where it came from? - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-2-11 1:37PM Like  Reply
Renegade posts! - misschurro   10087.5 #12 11-2-11 1:38PM Like  Reply
The text up top is mine just not the pic! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-2-11 1:40PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-29-11 8:20AM
Good morning and happy weekend for those who have it off! Last week the fog added some neat effects to my pictures! Have a great weekend everybody.
Great! Love the way the colors turned out - dvcfam4   113.2 #3570 10-29-11 8:40AM Like  Reply
Testing 123. Wrong pic with post. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-2-11 1:45PM Like  Reply
This post had my pic of Astro orbiter. Now it's my pic of Jungle Cruise?!? - Wizard  81.6 #4179 11-2-11 1:46PM
I see astro orbiter :) - Jillian  767.1 #308 11-2-11 2:17PM
This post had my pic of Astro orbiter. Now it's my pic of Jungle Cruise?!? - Wizard   81.6 #4179 11-2-11 1:46PM Like  Reply
I see astro orbiter :) - Jillian   767.1 #308 11-2-11 2:17PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-28-11 4:48PM
๐ŸŽถI always feel like somebody's watching me who's playin tricks on me ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ˜„
Shadow and boo are being creepers again - Dave   13924.0 #9 10-28-11 4:58PM Like(2)  Reply
Again๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ - BooEve123  800.9 #286 10-28-11 5:01PM
Would you say they are untrustable? - chris.  2511.4 #73 10-28-11 5:02PM
And I have no privacy - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 10-28-11 4:52PM Like  Reply
I trust u guys! - MarshaMouse   5058.3 #35 10-28-11 5:26PM Like  Reply
You trust stalkers? ;)! - BooEve123   800.9 #286 10-28-11 5:27PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-28-11 10:22AM
I never realized until now that my son learned to fly at Disneyland!
Great pic :) - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 10-28-11 10:24AM Like  Reply
Very cool - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #191 10-28-11 10:24AM Like  Reply
To infinity and beeyond!! :) Cute picture - LuvsMimisHouse   515.8 #483 10-28-11 10:42AM Like  Reply
Sweet pic !! - DisneyByMarco   1421.8 #153 10-28-11 10:45AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-26-11 8:07PM
Just thought I'd drop by the ol' cabin to do a little fishin! I think I see one risin!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-26-11 9:04AM
I have been a Mousewait user since! ๐Ÿ“ข๐Ÿ“ Mmm____ yyyy 20__ Myself - Oct 2010
Jan 2010. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 10-26-11 9:05AM Like(2)  Reply
Same as knucklehead ๎ˆฎ - chsrkat77  244.0 #1581 10-26-11 11:35AM
Same as H3D - DisneyRox  54.4 #4979 10-26-11 11:55AM
Dec 2009 - LBChica   2550.8 #70 10-26-11 9:07AM Like(2)  Reply
Rigged. - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1113.5 #205 10-26-11 9:09AM
Dork - LBChica  2550.8 #70 10-26-11 9:31AM
December 2009 - streetsweeper   529.7 #469 11-5-11 8:42PM Like  Reply
October 2011, I'm a newbie :) - Allsmiles4Disney   155.0 #2823 11-5-11 8:46PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-25-11 4:20PM
Dan Marino! Just exiting Splash Mountain! I didn't realize I got this shot until I got home. Taken Oct 22 2011!
Cool! I ๐Ÿ’™ Dan marino! - RickeyCalifornia   158.1 #2770 10-25-11 4:25PM Like  Reply
Whoa neat!! - LAFDWifey   81.5 #4182 10-25-11 4:47PM Like  Reply
I was just reviewing my pictures today. I knew it was someone famous/rich. I was too busy taking pictures to notice who it was. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-25-11 5:23PM Like  Reply
Lol good shot. - MissNDisney   152.6 #2856 10-26-11 7:21AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-25-11 11:42AM
Found this at the main walkway entrance. Thought the ladies would like this one!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-25-11 11:22AM
Uh oh!?! Dead body found in Walt Disney World parking lot
It was a construction site parking lot not associated with the theme parks or hotels. Still awful though. - Polkadobo   385.8 #681 10-25-11 11:25AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-25-11 8:23AM
So we just got back home and planning our next trip to DL. Could you guys help me. I'm trying to get to the parks when it's quieter but minimize the refurbs. I also suffer a bit from crowd anxiety. I expected last week to be slower but it  More...
A week after new years, the world goes back to work/school. The decorations will be down and the parade may not be back up. But the crowds are lighter. - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1053 10-25-11 8:38AM Like  Reply
What she said^ or another good time is the last 10 days of September everyone goes back to school and most people vacations are over - MasterK   129.4 #3245 10-25-11 2:12PM Like  Reply
What JenAnne said, I have also found February/March to be good months. There isn't as much extra stuff going on during the week, but the crowds are really minimal. - MontanaMouse_CM   311.8 #977 10-25-11 2:19PM Like  Reply
Thanks guys. I really wasn't expecting the crowds to be so heavy. I'd like to experience DL without feeling rushed. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-25-11 2:44PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-25-11 7:58AM
I had a 6 day park hopper with the expectation of actually gaining weight. After all the goodies we ate I still lost 6 lbs. The DL workout works! Now I know why my clothes felt so big!!!
I hate you....ok no I don't...wait, yes I do ๐Ÿ˜œ - KissDclown   1089.2 #212 10-25-11 8:05AM Like(1)  Reply
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ power walk with 2 kids and a crowd index of 70 and up. - Wizard  81.6 #4179 10-25-11 8:09AM
๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ - KissDclown  1089.2 #212 10-25-11 8:27AM
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ power walk with 2 kids and a crowd index of 70 and up. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-25-11 8:09AM Like  Reply
How did you power walk through those crowds? Must have knocked over a lot of people. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’ข๐Ÿ˜– - Experiment818   1647.2 #129 10-25-11 8:33AM Like  Reply
The power of the double stroller! People tend not to challenge something that could take their lower half out. I work on the rule of opposites. If crowd control wasn't out I'd travel upstream so they saw me coming. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-25-11 8:36AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-25-11 7:24AM
What attraction at DL or DCA is your least favorite or will never ride. I will never ride TOT.
thank you for using the word attractions properly. my least favorite is Astro Orbiter because it makes me feel sick. - CptKirk   766.3 #309 10-25-11 7:47AM Like(2)  Reply
I am terrified of this ride. It just scares me for some reason. - DisneyBrideยฐOยฐ  450.3 #577 10-25-11 11:04AM
Princess Faire. Never have been, never will. - CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 10-25-11 11:22AM Like(1)  Reply
Right up till you have a daughter. Then I can see you knocking down the other kids to get your little princess in there first! Lol - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 10-25-11 11:26AM
And waiting in line for 90 minutes for Rapunzel's autograph. ;) - Darlingwendi  1228.3 #175 10-25-11 12:06PM
I dislike Golden Zephyr (swing). Even tho I live in the Golden State (NorCal), I have always disliked the ride. Gives me too much headache - keli7516   225.3 #1821 10-25-11 12:32PM Like  Reply
My least favorite is nemo... I'm claustrophobic - MasterK   129.4 #3245 10-25-11 12:41PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-24-11 8:43AM
Goodbye Disneyland. Till we meet again.
Bye wiz... Had fun with ur fam... See u guys next year - MasterK   129.4 #3245 10-24-11 11:55AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-23-11 9:45PM
I finally met GoofyJoe. Just happened to be in line at the Plaza for dinner. Nice to meet you. You looked a tad confused as to who I was. I know you see a lot of people on MW but it just made my day to finally meet someone I've talked to   More...
Goofyjoe is a great guy:) I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife just the other beautiful people:) - BooEve123   800.9 #286 10-23-11 9:46PM Like  Reply
I met him today at the birthday bash - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 10-23-11 9:47PM Like  Reply
Well if you had to meet just one MWer, GoofyJoe is a good one to meet. Hopefully you got to meet MrsGoofyJoe too, they are both so nice. - PrincessDuckie   963.5 #237 10-25-11 8:47AM Like  Reply
I met GJ fri night and he was as nice as can be! he gave me and my bf some grape soda pins he made and it was my first RAK ever! Thanks GJ! - mochamistie   273.2 #1291 10-25-11 9:53AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-22-11 11:43PM
My Boys. My youngest on the left has a crush on Minnie. It all started at the character dinner at Goofy's kitchen. It's so neat to watch him. He gets all twitapated. (Bambi reference).
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-22-11 7:50PM
MissnDisney and Wizard and family. Our last day tomorrow. We've had so much fun. We can't wait to come back for Carsland next year. Woot!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-22-11 6:47PM
Smooching with my sons favorite! Minnie!
What a precious moment๎Œท๎Œท - SeรฑorBuzz&Jessie   68.5 #4507 10-22-11 6:50PM Like  Reply
Awwwww! - Tinkaboudit   2461.5 #74 10-22-11 6:52PM Like  Reply
So precious. What a great picture. - Sugarbuzz   339.7 #819 10-22-11 7:05PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-22-11 5:46PM
Full res pic. Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipe and kids. Splash mountain exit. From MissnDisney post earlier. She's my wife btw. MissnDisney that is. Not Reese-to high maintenance for me!!!
Tagged in: Celebrities  
I love her as June Carter in Walk the Line - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 10-22-11 6:07PM Like(8)  Reply
I wonder where her new husband is? It's kinda nice despite her and Ryan arent together, they have a family outing - Starr   550.3 #445 10-22-11 5:50PM Like(6)  Reply
it's wonderful! Good for them! - Nyghtngale  572.3 #417 10-22-11 6:43PM
I agree with u starr!!! Thats the way it should be. - GiGiMouse  216.0 #1947 10-25-11 9:19AM
Sweet home alabama is the best! - MinnieJ-AnnCM   199.2 #2169 10-25-11 11:24AM Like  Reply
aww i wish i could of been there! - misslazydaisy   5.1 #20632 8-13-12 11:59PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Admin  NethBeeyore 
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-22-11 9:44AM
I think MW should put together a time capsule. Put in things that we will appreciate in 10-20 years. Then when MW version 10.0 comes out we can open it!
๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-23-11 4:24PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-22-11 9:26AM
Crowd index for DL is 12. I think not!!!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-21-11 11:28PM
Laser man. So cool. Ooooh pretty lights!
Awesome show... I can't wait till TR3N comes out... Flynn lives - MasterK   129.4 #3245 10-22-11 2:27PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-21-11 6:16PM
We rode this 3x in a row. We got completely soaked! We had so much fun!
I tried so hard to get my mom on this last weekend but she wouldn't go, she thinks it's a roller coaster! :) that's my mom for you! - BlackCanary86   73.5 #4358 10-21-11 6:18PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-21-11 6:05PM
A little peace and quiet. I found this spot in the RCC. Had a bite to eat and enjoyed the little brook beside us!
That's awesome! I'll look for it next time I am there. - lesley.belle.   262.4 #1385 10-22-11 10:13AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-21-11 8:53AM
Hoping to meet some MouseWaiters this weekend. If you see a devilishly handsome fella wandering the parks aimlessly. That's not me. Have a great weekend. See u in the parks guys!!!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-20-11 10:39PM
My crew! We โคโคโค Disneyland.
Nice! :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 10-20-11 10:41PM Like  Reply
Great photo... Who took that? - MasterK   129.4 #3245 10-22-11 4:43PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-20-11 10:14PM
I think I'll do some fishing later! These somewhat random signs are neat!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-20-11 4:55PM
He wanted nothing to do with this Mad Hatter! Lol
I love watching Alice and the Mad Hatter - Chumash28   2222.8 #89 10-20-11 5:26PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-20-11 4:33PM
I โค Sully.
Kittttty :) This just made me smile thank you! - BooEve123   800.9 #286 10-20-11 4:34PM Like(1)  Reply
I love seeing him at the parks.....but my kids run and hide. :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 10-20-11 10:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Aw! I asked for him today, but the CM said he prolly wouldn't come back out! Jealous! - DisneyFunSize   34.9 #6079 10-20-11 10:34PM Like  Reply
Sweet. He's so huge. I must watch monsters Inc again before our trip. - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   602.5 #401 10-20-11 10:36PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-20-11 4:02PM
great picture! Thanks!! - dawna   290.0 #1118 10-20-11 4:04PM Like  Reply
Great pic! - Sallyskellington   201.1 #2145 10-20-11 4:15PM Like  Reply
Love this picture! Thanks for sharing :) - imsorosie   5.8 #18545 10-20-11 6:02PM Like  Reply
HM still have yet to do that during the holidays! - calidream1   398.1 #659 10-20-11 6:04PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-19-11 7:52AM
Even Wizards fail! Oh well! I'll try magic today!
๎’ - toph   2418.2 #78 10-19-11 8:00AM Like  Reply
๎„ - DisneyByMarco   1421.8 #153 10-19-11 8:01AM Like  Reply
Just dont go licking your hands - MJisMM   31.0 #6471 10-19-11 8:02AM Like  Reply
You ever play guitar for Slayer? Or sing for Cage? - SpencerPhreak   114.6 #3540 10-19-11 8:02AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-18-11 11:24PM
Pure bliss!
So cute! - KelstersInc2319   65.8 #4588 10-18-11 11:28PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-17-11 5:28PM
Witch way? ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘‰. ๐Ÿ‘‹
Great pic ! Have Fun guys !! ๎‘… - DisneyByMarco   1421.8 #153 10-17-11 5:31PM Like  Reply
Awesome pic hav fun in the parka this week... - MasterK   129.4 #3245 10-18-11 1:08AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-17-11 1:47PM
Yahoo! We finally made it! Looking forward to a fun filled week! Hello MW and hello SoCal!! Vacation starts now! We need it!
Welcome home! Hope you have a great vacay in SoCal :D - SkellyMouse   501.4 #500 10-17-11 1:51PM Like  Reply
Check out the Griffith Park Observatory if you can.. enjoyy - DillaJay   3.8 #27811 10-17-11 2:59PM Like  Reply
Thanks guys!๐Ÿ‘ - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-17-11 4:11PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-14-11 7:45PM
Siri turned me down! I'm so butthurt
We've been playing with this! She's so funny! Try telling her you love her, ask if she loves you, tell her she's pretty and so on. Once she said, "and you are the wind beneath my wings" ๐Ÿ˜‚ - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4410.2 #43 10-14-11 8:12PM Like(2)  Reply
ask her if she's part of skynet - MayBie   1885.6 #109 10-14-11 10:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Omg this is hilarious!!! Lol - SillySwings   471.0 #543 10-14-11 10:03PM Like  Reply
Ask her to help you find a place to bury a body, she will totally tell you where and how to do it! - akpoppins   263.8 #1373 10-14-11 10:16PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-14-11 8:43AM
Just lost a close family friend to cancer. I hope your in a better place now. Thank you so much for loving us so much. I will truly miss your hugs. I wish you the best my friend. Rest now. Your work here on earth is done.
so sorry to hear your loss,prayers to your family n theirs - Tinky76   318.8 #938 10-14-11 8:44AM Like  Reply
Thank you Tinky76. I appreciate that! - Wizard  81.6 #4179 10-14-11 8:49AM
Thank you Tinky76. I appreciate that! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-14-11 8:49AM Like  Reply
I am so sorry Wizard. (((hugs))) - PrincessDuckie   963.5 #237 10-14-11 8:54AM Like  Reply
Sorry for the loss of your friend . Prayers going to both of your families ๎ - DisneyByMarco   1421.8 #153 10-14-11 9:01AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-14-11 8:07AM
Now I'm freeking pumped. Yahoo baby! Disney here I come! Woot woot!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-12-11 7:34AM
Just a reminder MWers! iOS 5 is being released today. Don't forget to update your "i" devices! ๎—
Im still curious why Apple cant push updates wirelessly like Android can. Being dependant on a computer for a portable device makes no sense to me. - CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 10-12-11 9:56AM Like(3)  Reply
With iOS 5 that's no longer an issue. 10:03 still no update. - Wizard  81.6 #4179 10-12-11 10:04AM
Does anyone know if this will slow down older iPhones? I have a 4, so I would hope it won't be too significant. - Tom   17731.7 #4 10-12-11 7:43AM Like(1)  Reply
So, has anyone tried the back up via wifi yet? If so, how long does it take? My screen said 12 hours ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I switched it back to backup with a PC. - Tom   17731.7 #4 10-13-11 7:22AM Like  Reply
If I understand correctly, it will back up whenever the phone is charging, screen locked, and it has a wifi connection. - Tom  17731.7 #4 10-13-11 7:24AM
If I understand correctly, it will back up whenever the phone is charging, screen locked, and it has a wifi connection. - Tom   17731.7 #4 10-13-11 7:24AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-6-11 1:37AM
โ€œYour time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And mo  More...
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-5-11 7:37AM
This is why I stopped using Facehack! Facebook can track your Web activity outside even if you have signed out of the service. Article linked below
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-4-11 12:22PM
Apple updated their store with all the new features and specs for the 4S.
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-4-11 12:01PM
Apple showing some Disney love this a.m. Find me feature @ DL and iPod nano Mickey watch
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-4-11 9:00AM
iPhone 4S/5 ios5 announcement less than an hour away. Live blog for details @Gizmodo
IM SOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THE 8MP CAMERA!!! 3264x2448. Not too bad for a phone! - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4410.2 #43 10-4-11 11:10AM Like(2)  Reply
Siri voice assistant looks cool! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-4-11 11:24AM Like(1)  Reply
Yay!!! Sprint is confirmed!!!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to switch over, I'm very tired of AT&T! ๎• Happy day for me!!๎• - Aurora_2020   263.9 #1372 10-4-11 2:44PM Like  Reply
Yeah thanks wizard!!! So excited! - MissNDisney   152.6 #2856 10-4-11 4:46PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-3-11 4:54PM
Does anyone know if the 3D chrome Mickey Mouse car emblem is still sold in the parks? I checked the online store and can't seem to find it anylonger. โ€ขoโ€ข
This one - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-3-11 5:05PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-3-11 8:22AM
Morning MW! So who's excited about the new iPhone(s)? Im upgrading!
๎ž๎€’๎ขI am...I am...took them long enough!!! Seems like a great B-day gift from me...๎– - Disneymomof4   29.7 #6621 10-3-11 8:25AM Like  Reply
My 3GS is old and tired. I'm actually surprised it still works for the amount it gets used! - Wizard  81.6 #4179 10-3-11 8:42AM
I am really excited!! My 3GS is pretty tired too ๎‡. I really hope the rumor is true that Sprint will offer IPhones cause AT - Aurora_2020  263.9 #1372 10-3-11 8:47AM
My 3GS is old and tired. I'm actually surprised it still works for the amount it gets used! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-3-11 8:42AM Like  Reply
And here I just got a brand new white iPhone 4 a few weeks ago. Figures. - MagicalCaprice   480.7 #522 10-3-11 9:23AM Like  Reply
I felt the same way just before the iPhone 4 came out. I bought my 3GS a few weeks before the release. The bummer was that the 3GS was released just a few months prior in our market. I feel your pain! - Wizard  81.6 #4179 10-3-11 9:31AM
I felt the same way just before the iPhone 4 came out. I bought my 3GS a few weeks before the release. The bummer was that the 3GS was released just a few months prior in our market. I feel your pain! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 10-3-11 9:31AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 10-3-11 7:33AM
Why does the lounge smell like H3D. Someone open a window.
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 9-28-11 1:29PM
Hey folks! Where can I find more info on the MW Birthday party? I've searched the lounge but only found out the date? Thanks!
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 9-21-11 9:28AM
iPhone 5 announcement pending Oct 4, 11. iOS 5 gold should be out next week according to my sources.
Thanks for the info. My 3GS is falling apart but I refuse to buy a new phone until the 5 comes out. - ekwhite   473.0 #538 9-21-11 9:30AM Like  Reply
Me too! - JessicaRabbit33   670.3 #360 9-21-11 9:32AM Like  Reply
Zooter-sounds like you have been nibbling on it! *hands you a churro* - misschurro   10087.5 #12 9-21-11 9:38AM Like  Reply
Doubtful. They would have promoted it months ago - TheKaJaSi   144.8 #2985 9-21-11 9:56AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 9-21-11 7:49AM
Hello everyone! I haven't posted in the lounge for ages. Just thought I would say hi to all the peeps in the MW house! Have a great day!
Hi! - ekwhite   473.0 #538 9-21-11 7:53AM Like  Reply
Welcome back...have a great day :-) - uscdisneyteacher   9425.9 #13 9-21-11 7:58AM Like  Reply
Wizard......I am considering breakfast. - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 9-21-11 8:38AM Like  Reply
Lol butter. I'm glad u didn't forget me or your breakfast ! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 9-21-11 8:44AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 3-15-11 7:00PM
Breaking News. Workers at the Fukushima nuclear facility have now evacuated. Radiation levels too high to stay. OMG!
OH NOES! Where is everyone going to go??? :( - DuffysJuju   634.0 #376 3-15-11 7:06PM Like  Reply
What happens now?? - Missshelly   698.3 #342 3-15-11 7:07PM Like  Reply
Chyrnobal exploded and still barely made a rise in radiation in Scotland, alot closer then the west coast of North America. In order for there to be any danger to our coast all 55 nuclear plants in Japan need to lose containment and even at that water vapor, winds and sheer distance would only cause a slight increase in levels on our coast. Now with my 2 cents being said, let's all send healing protective light to Japan. They need all the help they can get and I hope it doesn't get worse. - JediTrance   71.7 #4412 3-15-11 7:42PM Like  Reply
The workers that stayed this long were heroes, they were knowingly risking their own lives to make this around them safer!! There are very few people on this earth so giving. Prayers for their health. It was men/women like these that gave their lives shutting down chernobyl I believe it was 50, each had one minute to initiate one piece of the shut down procedure. - Itsallabouteeyore   44.8 #5436 3-15-11 7:43PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 3-11-11 6:41AM
Here's a tip for all the guys out there who like to wear the axe spray products. Don't try to go through airport security with it on. My Uncle just had a full strip search courtesy of the TSA because of axe. Apparently there is glycerin i  More...
I never knew that... Thanks for the heads up but I don't wear axe... It smells bad - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1028 3-11-11 6:44AM Like  Reply
Lol coop. I don't use it either. But they do smell good - PIRATADELCARIBE   94.0 #3909 3-11-11 6:51AM Like  Reply
My son wears axe all the time. We didn't have any problem getting through any of the airport checkpoints in August - CMsMom   446.7 #581 3-11-11 7:13AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-21-11 5:34PM
Thunder Snow! The weather where I live just got weird!?!
Where do you live? - kirsten!   191.6 #2273 2-21-11 5:36PM Like  Reply
North of Calgary. Oddly enough, Vancouver is having thunder snow as well?!? - Wizard   81.6 #4179 2-21-11 5:40PM Like  Reply
There was some snow but no thunder here in Vancouver. - CheekyMonkey   5.5 #19359 2-21-11 9:52PM Like  Reply
I checked the twitter feed immediately after it happened. Had several reports out of Vancouver that it had occured there as well. With all those lights and noises it could be hard to notice. You would miss it unless you were outside. It sounds very different than a thunder storm! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 2-22-11 4:38AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-18-11 7:25PM
I think these ads are trying to profile me! At least now I know I have a place to shop besides the Target boys department!
Lol  - magikkoi   153.0 #2850 2-18-11 7:27PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-17-11 4:52AM
Good Morning MW! Hope you all have a great day! Now for some coffee!
Good morning Wizard! Aaawww yes, coffee.... - PIRATADELCARIBE   94.0 #3909 2-17-11 4:59AM Like  Reply
Good morning! - Candace   1737.8 #121 2-17-11 5:38AM Like  Reply
Sure can MrsD! Whipping cream with marshmallow? - Wizard   81.6 #4179 2-17-11 6:19AM Like  Reply
G'morning - StephiePooh   572.7 #416 2-17-11 6:31AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-12-11 10:29PM
I am....?
Attitude. - Marieeezy   592.5 #405 2-12-11 10:33PM Like  Reply
A wizard - ERICKA   491.5 #511 2-12-11 10:34PM Like  Reply
Tired! I feel like I haven't slept in days! - vegasbrat   435.4 #592 2-13-11 7:07AM Like  Reply
Lol p&c I had a feeling I was quoting it wrong. my little brother lost my dr.suess collection when I passed it down to him :( - MayBie   1885.6 #109 2-13-11 7:11AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-12-11 9:51PM
I have never....?
Fried bacon with my shirt off. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 2-12-11 9:52PM Like  Reply
I have never started a post with: I have never....? - MedievalMickey   699.0 #341 2-12-11 9:52PM Like  Reply
Been on a cruise. Or owned a pair of Mickey ears or a vinylmation. But all that'll change eventually :) - MissAriel   40.8 #5657 2-12-11 10:42PM Like  Reply
Been sky diving, broken a bone, been to Mexico, been snowboarding, been in a limo, stayed at the grand...(I could keep going) - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2496 2-12-11 10:45PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-11-11 5:41AM
What an addicted MWer never wants to see!
So true  - Candace   1737.8 #121 2-11-11 5:43AM Like  Reply
Very true!! - tinkfan   196.3 #2210 2-11-11 5:54AM Like  Reply
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - KissDclown   1089.2 #212 2-11-11 6:07AM Like  Reply
Very true, I hate seeing that - KAA   357.4 #761 2-11-11 6:25AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-10-11 4:02PM
Mahalo nui loa Dahulagirl! I opened my mail to find that my RAK arrived. You are such a generous person. Mahalo again! You've made my day! U Rock!
Wow! It took the slow boat to Canada  I'm glad it got there safely  - Dahulagirl   1055.6 #218 2-10-11 4:07PM Like  Reply
Congrats!! That is an awesome sticker! - sharkbait   423.3 #613 2-10-11 4:09PM Like  Reply
Yay for Dahulagirl! - E-Ticket   1796.0 #116 2-10-11 4:11PM Like  Reply
Out of all the RAK's, I wanted this one the most! I still can't believe I won  Can't wait to put it on my truck! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 2-10-11 4:16PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-10-11 10:04AM
Lunch it's what's for Dinner. What r u having?
I'm fasting all day to have blood work done at 4:30 today :( - mochamistie   273.2 #1291 2-10-11 10:06AM Like  Reply
Baking my chicken for the week. So when it's done I'll have a chicken salad. Again... - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2496 2-10-11 10:07AM Like  Reply
Ham and rice - cyndaws   258.0 #1422 2-10-11 12:50PM Like  Reply
@pete Yes, there is! But its the best I could do to last me at school until 7:30 tonight. - BaseballMickey   9257.9 #14 2-10-11 12:54PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-7-11 8:43AM
Look who I found!!! ;)
Michael????? - MrBlue   232.3 #1736 2-7-11 8:44AM Like  Reply
Me - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 2-7-11 8:44AM Like  Reply
So funny! - Zooter   1414.4 #154 2-7-11 12:57PM Like  Reply
Ooo does he come with other outfits? - MimiMouse   1049.1 #219 2-7-11 1:01PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-5-11 5:01AM
Good Morning MW! How are you today? Have a great day everybody!
Good Morning. I'm well. Just getting ready to leave for DL. Have a great day. - veronica619   517.7 #481 2-5-11 5:02AM Like  Reply
Good morning Wizard!  Have a great day as well! Thanks! - Ericksenator   378.2 #702 2-5-11 5:23AM Like  Reply
Not good, came home from a concert at 2 and now I have to take the cbest at 8  - micamouse89   109.6 #3641 2-5-11 5:32AM Like  Reply
@micamouse89, good luck on the cbest today - Candace   1737.8 #121 2-5-11 5:36AM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 2-3-11 6:10AM
Darth Vader; The early childhood years.
This is good! I'm still laughing! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 2-3-11 6:17AM Like  Reply
My hubby just showed me this same video this morning. It's soooo cute. - OutNumberedMom   813.8 #281 2-3-11 6:18AM Like  Reply
I so love commercials like that. I'm guess that little boy is just adorable. - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2496 2-3-11 6:59AM Like  Reply
Bump - MissNDisney   152.6 #2856 2-4-11 4:22PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 1-27-11 2:29PM
Yay everybody! I made it to 20! Happy Dance!
Congrats! - TeenMickey   389.0 #674 1-27-11 2:31PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - ArdySarrafFan   244.9 #1565 1-27-11 2:33PM Like  Reply
Groovy! Now not only Fo inowe you breakfast now i owe you lunch. . Congratulations!!! - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 1-27-11 2:40PM Like  Reply
Thanks guys. Lolz Butter! It's all good I just hope your maintaing a balanced diet and hydrating yourself sufficiently ! Don't need the shaky shakies! - Wizard   81.6 #4179 1-27-11 3:05PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 1-27-11 10:10AM
What's the best meal you have made or had made for you?
I'll share mine. Last year I prepared a surf and turf meal for my companies employee staff party. Filet cut to your spec. with Alaskan King or hard shell Atlantic Lobster (or both). Hands down the best meal I've ever made and eaten. - Wizard   81.6 #4179 1-27-11 10:24AM Like  Reply
I make a mean PB&J - darthsean   84.1 #4127 1-27-11 10:25AM Like  Reply
I see edit and delete post on MYMW. Cool - Wizard   81.6 #4179 1-27-11 12:29PM Like  Reply
My husband makes me awesome stir frys once in a while and those are my fav!!!!! - MissNDisney   152.6 #2856 1-27-11 12:52PM Like  Reply
81.6 #4179 DL Qual #1199 1-27-11 4:59AM
Good Morning my most excellent MW peeps. So whats for breakfast today?
Good morning! Waiting for the hubby to get home so we can go out for breakfast. - Candace   1737.8 #121 1-27-11 5:03AM Like  Reply
Bowl of cereal, juice, and coffee when I get to work - GusGus   796.8 #289 1-27-11 5:13AM Like  Reply
Slimfast bar and coffee:) - jerzanemama   117.7 #3465 1-27-11 9:27AM Like  Reply
A bowl of cerial... Not very exciting - MelB   108.6 #3661 1-27-11 9:33AM Like  Reply