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nanibear  29.1 #6689 (DL) 
Born and raised in so cal and has loved all things Disney since I was little. My mommy used to take me when I was little and now that I'm a mommy I take my Lil girl all the time to share memories like me and my mom do.

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29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-15-12 7:35PM
Went to electronica last night to say bye bye... Going to miss the tron stuff.
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 3-1-12 10:19PM
Heeeeeyyyyy eveeybody! Im back lol. Hopefully I got this working again.
So many new faces! I feel lost lol - nanibear   29.1 #6689 3-1-12 10:23PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 2-7-12 10:13PM
What the heck. I keep trying to verify my email but I get nothing. And I cant comment to my friends I missed so much till I do. : (
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 2-7-12 8:17PM
Havent been on here in forever! Just wanted to say hi
Howdy - Mouse4life   1850.9 #112 2-7-12 8:20PM Like(1)  Reply
Hello there! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome back! โœจ - PrincessMacy   536.5 #459 2-7-12 8:18PM Like  Reply
Hello! - princessmichelle   267.0 #1340 2-7-12 9:45PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-21-11 7:51PM
Hey guys hows everyone doing?
Hi Nani! Where have you been? - Mrsblue   693.1 #348 6-21-11 7:53PM Like  Reply
Great thank you! And yourself? - jennjillo7   15.5 #9415 6-21-11 7:54PM Like  Reply
@ dizgeek shes doing great. How are you doing? - nanibear   29.1 #6689 6-21-11 8:20PM Like  Reply
I'm doing good Nani! Thanks for asking. - DizGeek   453.7 #570 6-21-11 8:24PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-19-11 8:25PM
Hey guys! Havent been on here in a while. I missed you all! Hope your all doing well.
Hi nani! How are you and lil mama? - LBChica   2550.8 #70 6-19-11 8:26PM Like  Reply
Hi nan! I've missed you!! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 6-19-11 8:31PM Like  Reply
She is great!!! Gonna be one in less than a month!!! Can you believe it!!! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 6-19-11 8:59PM Like  Reply
Welcome back - StephiePooh   572.7 #416 6-19-11 9:00PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-8-11 9:43PM
Hey guys I havent been on here in a few days. I missed ya. So I got a new phone and when I was buying it I told her I need a smart phone she said ok is there a certain thing it must have I said yes mousewait! Lol
Lol!! Awesome!! - kbeenss   181.8 #2398 6-8-11 9:45PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-5-11 8:35PM
Hey guys! How's your night going?
Just relaxing here.... a perfect Sunday evening activity! - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 6-5-11 8:45PM Like  Reply
Been an amazing day. I've been in my pj's all day just cuz I could. - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2495 6-5-11 8:47PM Like  Reply
Not so great. :/ my supervisor is making me crazy so I decided I'm going to do things my way. Making my schedule for tuesday (in my organizer) as we speak. - ekwhite   473.0 #537 6-5-11 8:52PM Like  Reply
Sorry to reply back so late lei was being a crazy Lil girl! Lol but I had a great day . Spent the day with my family hanging out at the beach then ate dinner at pf changs - nanibear   29.1 #6689 6-5-11 10:25PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-5-11 10:16AM
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing- Walt Disney.๎– These are just the words that I needed to hear today. Thx Disneyland Facebook!
Good Morning Naninear! :0) - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 6-5-11 10:18AM Like  Reply
I think you deserve a Disney day!... You hang on there... Sending positive vibes! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 6-5-11 10:23AM Like  Reply
Thx butter! Hey I lost the name of the second book you told me to read. Do you think you could send the name to me again please. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 6-5-11 10:27AM Like  Reply
@skelly I know right. I was having a hard time lastnight and that was the first thing i saw when I opened up my Facebook. It just really woke me up to What I need to do - nanibear   29.1 #6689 6-5-11 10:30AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-4-11 10:36PM
Having a rough night guys๎ƒ I can not believe how some men can just forget that they have a child like my ex has. He basically uses her to pick up chicks!
Booo! Not cool! Wishing you a better tomorrow! ๎Œฎ๎Œฎ๎Œฎ๎Œต - kyoto_sparkle   150.2 #2896 6-4-11 10:37PM Like  Reply
So sorry! So wrong๎ƒ - disneychick   235.8 #1683 6-4-11 10:38PM Like  Reply
Take comfort in knowing that when she is grown it will have been you that raised her to be a strong independent woman. As she gets older she will see him for what he is. With any luck he will realize what he is missing out on and will be the kinda father your beautiful little gift deserves to have. - PopcornYeti   378.6 #698 6-4-11 11:07PM Like  Reply
Thank you popcornyeti for the kind words. ๎” - nanibear   29.1 #6689 6-4-11 11:13PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-2-11 11:26PM
Alright guys I'm gonna knock out. I'll talk to you guys later! Have a great night. Sleep tight! ๎˜๎„ผ๎„ผ๎„ผ
CS- can u see me? - Mrsblue   693.1 #348 6-2-11 11:26PM Like  Reply
Gnight nan! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 6-2-11 11:27PM Like  Reply
I am glad I can see you! Lol! - Mrsblue   693.1 #348 6-2-11 11:36PM Like  Reply
Good night๎„ผ - 007flipper   569.7 #420 6-2-11 11:40PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-2-11 10:48PM
Watching the first POTC. Oh how I love this movie!๎„†๎„†๎„†๎˜
๎„†๎€Ž - Ericksenator   378.2 #702 6-2-11 10:49PM Like  Reply
Everyone looks so young! And johnny looks HOT๎„๎„ - nanibear   29.1 #6689 6-2-11 10:58PM Like  Reply
๎€ข๎€ข๎€ข Benny and June!!!!! - gfylvr   33.1 #6249 6-2-11 11:36PM Like  Reply
Oooooooo...benny & joon will be on netflix streaming soon. wish the potc movies were - VeloMouseGirl   549.8 #446 6-2-11 11:36PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-2-11 10:38PM
Forgot to post this but me and the Lil one got stuck on it.
I'm watching this movie right now! - LisaKL   748.4 #320 6-2-11 10:57PM Like  Reply
Kitty!!! - DesperateMousewife   877.7 #256 6-2-11 10:59PM Like  Reply
Kitty has to go now! - disneygirl19   122.3 #3372 6-2-11 11:00PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-2-11 8:09PM
Hi I'm nanibear. I like long walks down main st and im looking for a prince charming or a man who has Mickey mouse qualities...... Oh wait๎ this isn't mousedate? Sorry I thought I was on mousedate for a quick second going through some  More...
Hahaha! Seriously - kristeee22   105.3 #3717 6-2-11 8:11PM Like  Reply
Lol it's kinda creepy... I say people leave that for the real world out there.... Maybe some of you will find someone at the actual park then on here... - Alex   307.3 #1009 6-2-11 8:16PM Like  Reply
@nanibear oh you mean the creepy ones lol. - mozbaby   148.9 #2919 6-2-11 8:30PM Like  Reply
Yea those ones!๎„‡ I mean if it happens like maybe they meet at a meet up on accident and it just happens then so be it. But not like some dateline type of stuff lol. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 6-2-11 8:34PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 6-1-11 2:01PM
Alright I gotta get this off my chest. First off I see that are a lot of newbies on deck now and I'm not quite sure you guys really know how things work on here. First off, please do not join this app and ask for free stuff from fellow MW  More...
๎˜ thanks nanibear for posting. - KissDclown   1089.2 #212 6-1-11 2:03PM Like  Reply
Amen!!! Great Post! - kbeenss   181.8 #2398 6-1-11 2:04PM Like  Reply
SO shaaaddduuuuup๎„…๎’๎’๎’ - toph   2418.2 #78 6-1-11 7:55PM Like  Reply
I'm a newbie...and ๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎Ÿ๎Ÿ๎Ÿvery well put!!!!! - Disneykidds_HaveWeMet   181.9 #2397 6-1-11 8:00PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-31-11 11:27PM
Me and Lil mama at DCA today. ๎–
Cute - Plumiegirl   10918.2 #11 5-31-11 11:28PM Like  Reply
Holy smokes she's cute! ๎– - TandAlly   213.5 #1984 5-31-11 11:29PM Like  Reply
Hey zip! Yea we def need to. I bet they would have fun. Were u at the parks today? - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-31-11 11:49PM Like  Reply
Nite nite guys I'm about to knock out! ๎„ผ๎„ผ๎„ผ - nanibear   29.1 #6689 6-1-11 12:16AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-31-11 10:58PM
Man I was in the parks today and I missed all the drama about people that don't like planking. I think it's funny and think you have to be brave to do that infront of so many people. If you guys really don't like it just scroll passed it.  More...
Seriously, Debbie downers. I don't think I've used my ๎’ so many times in one day! - Pineapplewhip   23.7 #7434 5-31-11 11:02PM Like  Reply
๎Ÿ๎€Ž - TandAlly   213.5 #1984 5-31-11 11:02PM Like  Reply
Ok cool. I'm open whenever. Like mozprincess says I'm a trust fund baby haha cuz I don't work ๎„ - mozbaby   148.9 #2919 5-31-11 11:08PM Like  Reply
@mozbaby lol ok cool. I will post it soon. I don't want to have to the same weekend as the single riders meet up so I'll check the dates and see what's good for people - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-31-11 11:21PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-31-11 6:39PM
Hey are there any meet ups today? I see a lot of you guys are here.
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-31-11 6:01PM
Current wait time
no thanks and to think its only open to passholders wonder how many of you there are mousewaiters - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1306 5-31-11 6:02PM Like  Reply
Wow....If I had a dollar for every person in line! ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 5-31-11 6:03PM Like  Reply
Yea it does go by fast. But we only waited 45 mins. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-31-11 6:42PM Like  Reply
Wow, there must be alot of APs there today! Didn't expect to be that long. - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1362 5-31-11 6:43PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-31-11 7:43AM
Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Me and the Lil mama are gonna head out to the parks today in hopes to get on TLM. Hope you guys have a great day! Hopefully we will get to meet some MWaiters! ๎• talk to u later fam! Sending some  More...
Good Morning!!! Have a fantastic day at the parks!!! - WhatHappensInDisneyland   2201.9 #90 5-31-11 7:45AM Like  Reply
Have a magical day!!! - vernswifevickie   400.5 #656 5-31-11 7:51AM Like  Reply
Good Morning Nanibear have fun! :0) - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 5-31-11 7:54AM Like  Reply
Have a great day! - VillainsFan   1218.5 #177 5-31-11 8:08AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-30-11 11:02PM
Who's planning on going to Disneyland tomorrow?
๎€’ - MrBlue   232.3 #1736 5-30-11 11:03PM Like  Reply
๎ž๎€’๎ž๎€’me! - Katrayher   781.0 #298 5-30-11 11:03PM Like  Reply
in the afternoon. - Plumiegirl   10918.2 #11 5-30-11 11:25PM Like  Reply
I'll be there for a few hours. - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 5-30-11 11:26PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-30-11 10:16PM
Hey guys! This isn't Disney related but I got a question for you as I am going through this with my sister. Do any of u have a younger sibling who is a trouble maker of the family like I'm talking bad. And no matter what u do to try and t  More...
I have an older sister that likes to talk bad about me behind my back! But I just ignore it :(. Not really a good idea though - Madi   204.1 #2113 5-30-11 10:20PM Like  Reply
My cousin was. Turns out she just wanted the attention and didn't know how to do it the right way. She did drugs, stole a car, got in fights. She started going to therapy to work out her issues. And now she is married with 2 children and happy. - JediTrance   71.7 #4412 5-30-11 10:20PM Like  Reply
I agree with Zippy. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 5-30-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
@zip thx for the advice. I was trying for a while to really be close with her after I got out of the military but it just went the opposite way now the only love I show her is tough love. I don't even like her to be around my daughter. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-30-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-30-11 2:14PM
Has anyone met their loved one at Disneyland? ( hubby, wife, boyfriend etc)
No, but Disneyland was my first real date with my fiancรฉ. Just the two of us! - Kittymeowmeow   271.1 #1303 5-30-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
I didn't meet my hubby there but he proposed to me in front of Haunted Mansion on Jan.19,1999... married with a Disney theme 12 yrs ago today... - Disney_lvr   137.3 #3120 5-30-11 2:29PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-29-11 11:51PM
Hey LNC! Thinking of having a meet up for the MWaiters who live in Torrance, Carson, long beach, etc. Anyone interested?
But of course everyone who would like to go is invited to๎• - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-29-11 11:53PM Like  Reply
๎€ - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-30-11 12:05AM Like  Reply
I'd be interested, I live about 5 minutes from there ๎– - LBChica   2550.8 #70 5-30-11 1:40PM Like  Reply
@ LB cool. I've never been there but it sounds like a good place for people with kids and without - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-30-11 2:20PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-29-11 11:59AM
Was looking through my disneyland pics yesterday and found this. My Lil one was only 1 now she's going to be 3 this year๎ oh how the time flys by. Can u tell she used to be scared of minnne lol
Sooo cute!!! - ZMaleficent   235.5 #1686 5-29-11 12:00PM Like  Reply
I love pix like these...they make awesome memories :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 5-29-11 12:01PM Like  Reply
Thx guys๎” - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-29-11 12:22PM Like  Reply
Ahhhhh! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-29-11 12:54PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-28-11 10:59PM
Not Disney related but today a older women told me thank you for your service as she saw me using my military ID.๎– i always seen to get shy when people thank me lol. But i do want to say thank you to all my fellow service men and women   More...
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-28-11 10:35PM
Ok so I have asked this question before but since there are so many new MWaiters I'm gonna ask again. Who lives in the 310 area? Or like long beach Torrance etc?
I live in torrance. Closer to the carson area - NuttyRoxMySocks   188.2 #2320 5-28-11 10:44PM Like  Reply
i'm in playa del rey! - MermaidWithShears   1025.8 #229 5-28-11 10:44PM Like  Reply
Me and my fiancรฉ are! - engagedatdisneyland   60.6 #4770 5-29-11 8:31AM Like  Reply
I live in lawndale, worked in torrance - DisneyRox   54.4 #4979 5-29-11 9:08AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-28-11 10:11PM
Hey guys!๎— random thoughts for the night?
I am glad this long long work day is over - cyndaws   258.0 #1422 5-28-11 10:30PM Like  Reply
Life is cruel! Why should the afterlife be any different!? - SoloSiyoNqoba   601.7 #402 5-28-11 10:32PM Like  Reply
@ zip awwww I'm sorry to hear your in pain. Hope u feel better soon. I bet u will be happy to see baby girl. I miss my Lil one when she's only gone for 1day lol. I'm doing good just getting ready for our family BBQ tomorrow. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-28-11 10:53PM Like  Reply
Mmmm! BBQ sounds good!!! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-28-11 11:28PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-26-11 11:30PM
Oh it's been one of those nights. I really hate drama. Where's prince charming when u need em? Lol
i agree drama is no bueno ,lol i always say i dont need peeps who have drama all the time that i dont need a subscription to their issues.prince charming could be right under your nose and u just dont know it ,thats what happened to me - Tinky76   318.8 #938 5-26-11 11:37PM Like  Reply
I think the whole world's addicted to the drama. Only attracted to things that'll bring the trauma. - SoloSiyoNqoba   601.7 #402 5-26-11 11:51PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-26-11 5:07PM
Ok here's a update for TLM it's still closed because of ride problems but the soft opening is scheduled to last till 7pm tonight. So if it starts to work again it will only be open till 7.
Good update! :) - kritomiester   364.1 #739 5-26-11 5:08PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-25-11 10:25PM
Ok now I'm not trying to start nothing but im just wondering why there have been so many people asking for things lately. Like forget RAK's I'm just gonna ask! I feel like there have been a lot of newer people coming on a BAM automaticall  More...
๎€Ž - RickeyCalifornia   158.1 #2769 5-25-11 10:26PM Like  Reply
I'm super new here and it kind of surprises me to see those posts. I think it is SO nice of everyone to do RAKs here, and they get done quite often, I wouldn't feel right just coming and asking for stuff. Heck, I only just got brave enough to enter a RAK because I was worried my rank wouldn't be high enough to get picked. lol - Fruitbythefoot   33.4 #6229 5-25-11 10:29PM Like  Reply
Seriously!!! Big thanks to all the CMs who have gone out of their way for folks on here, but people need to remember that CMs (and anyone on here, for that matter) OWE YOU NOTHING. Stop begging! The end! - outatime   23.0 #7570 5-25-11 10:40PM Like  Reply
Yeah!!! "Hey guys I'm new! No one knows me and I don't know anyone. But I am going to tell you something that will hopefully make you sad enough to go out of your way, on your own time, and give me something I don't need, that maybe your family or friends would really enjoy more than me!" No shame. - TandAlly   213.5 #1984 5-25-11 10:46PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-25-11 9:11PM
Hey guys! What's up๎„ random thoughts for the night?
Procrastinating packing for DL. I hate packing! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.1 #335 5-25-11 9:12PM Like  Reply
I'm stuffed. Phills BBQ was awesome :) - patriciajz   334.4 #840 5-25-11 9:13PM Like  Reply
I think tomorrow is gonna be a beach day! Woohoo! - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 5-25-11 9:44PM Like  Reply
The cake on counter is calking my name, I'm resisting the best I can. - Jewelz   557.9 #434 5-25-11 9:47PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-24-11 10:12PM
Pretty quite in here today. What is everyone up to?
Both kids are FINALLY asleep! Watching American Dad before I'm dreaming of that Club 33 RAK... - JennDear   16.5 #9089 5-24-11 10:13PM Like  Reply
Recovering from a busy day at the parks & watching The Voice. - LovinKeno   17.8 #8695 5-24-11 10:16PM Like  Reply
I have carpal tunnel from being on the computer/phone so much in the last 24 hours! haha I think I am going to have to take a break :) - SupremeLeader   395.4 #665 5-24-11 10:36PM Like  Reply
Lol I saw but i don't mind. I don't watch the show but at least I know lol - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-24-11 10:37PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-24-11 7:44PM
So who is planning on going to the single riders meet up?
Anybody? I guess I'll just come back for the LNC - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-24-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
Hey guys asked this question earlier. Anybody planning on going? - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-24-11 10:03PM Like  Reply
i thought it was funny! :) keeeep it! - Madi   204.1 #2113 5-24-11 10:19PM Like  Reply
Wow! Not :) - SupremeLeader   395.4 #665 5-24-11 10:19PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-24-11 6:41PM
So my daughter has been walking around the house singing I'm wishing and repeating just that line over and over. So I asked her did u watch snow white at daycare? And she said yes mama I wishing! Lol so I put on snow white for her. But th  More...
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-23-11 10:22PM
Hey guys! Just wanted to say hello. Hope you all had a great day today! ๎„
Good evening nani! Hows it going? - sharkbait   423.3 #612 5-23-11 10:29PM Like  Reply
Hello pretty lady! - Katrayher   781.0 #298 5-23-11 10:30PM Like  Reply
Yes had a great day! Thank you! - NingyMouse   378.4 #700 5-23-11 10:33PM Like  Reply
Hey guy! My day was alright. I just trying to get ready for finals. Boo I hate finals. ๎ก - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-23-11 10:40PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-21-11 6:06PM
Ok so my Lil one was sick with the stomach bug. And guess who has it now๎˜ thank god for my mom Aka nana! She's a life saver cause this mama is out of commission.๎Œ
Nanas are the best :) - patriciajz   334.4 #840 5-21-11 6:08PM Like  Reply
Yes they are - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-21-11 6:37PM Like  Reply
Feel better!! - mozbaby   148.9 #2919 5-21-11 6:48PM Like  Reply
Well my day just got better. POTC at worlds in is on. Well it's been on I love me some jack sparrow! ๎„†๎˜ - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-21-11 7:16PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-20-11 9:25PM
I really hate how one person can ruin my whole day! ๎– I wish I could go on a vacation !
Oh no I'm sorry - Knik   456.9 #566 5-20-11 9:26PM Like  Reply
Boooo! Don't let 'em! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 5-20-11 9:29PM Like  Reply
Oh trust me I try so hard not to let it get to me but sometimes they just know how to push my buttons. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-20-11 9:33PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-20-11 6:10PM
Hey guys! What's going on๎• how's was your guys day?
Not a very good Friday here! - vegasbrat   435.4 #592 5-20-11 6:17PM Like  Reply
Oh sorry to hear that. Hope it gets better. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-20-11 6:46PM Like  Reply
I'm doing pretty good I have a lot of problems but I know they will work out!!! - Rob512   756.3 #316 5-20-11 7:02PM Like  Reply
I'm sorry to hear that rob. But like you said everything will work out. I'm glad your staying positive. ๎€Ž - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-20-11 7:04PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-19-11 8:22PM
Hey guys how is your night going? My night is going good. A Lil busy still with my sick Lil girl but she getting better. So what are yours guys plans for this weekend?
Currently watching tv.. Spending the weekend w my bf ๎„†๎„† at Disneyland - Dreamer   276.1 #1255 5-19-11 8:24PM Like  Reply
Poor kiddo ๎“ sick kids are sad! I'm sitting at the park with my kids, and I fully intended to read my new National Geographic, but MW sucked me in! - TandAlly   213.5 #1984 5-19-11 8:25PM Like  Reply
Hope your little one is better soon! Hoping I am better by Saturday to catch my son's last baseball game. I missed last night's & he did a great job pitching. =( - weaver941   403.9 #648 5-19-11 8:43PM Like  Reply
Work - jwtiger   248.7 #1518 5-19-11 8:44PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-18-11 11:21PM
Nite nite guys! I am loving all the reunion pics! You guys have a great night. My Lil one has the stomach bug and was throwing up today so I'm on full mommy alert right now lol . So talk to u guys later gotta get some rest. Love ya!
Poor kiddo! Hope she feels better soon. Night! - LBChica   2550.8 #70 5-18-11 11:22PM Like  Reply
Hope she feels better - MsSnowWhite   310.4 #991 5-18-11 11:24PM Like  Reply
Nigh nigh sweet lady. I think I have it too. - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 5-18-11 11:27PM Like  Reply
Good night - Rob512   756.3 #316 5-18-11 11:28PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-16-11 9:35PM
Hey guys how are you all doing tonight? I really wish I could have made it to the reunion but I got to Disneyland to late. But I think I saw a few of you guys. I was to shy to say hi though.
Never be afraid to say hi ๎– everyone is so nice and friendly. Hope to meet you at a future meet up ๎– - Heather   262.9 #1380 5-16-11 9:37PM Like  Reply
Nan!!!! Are you cereal!!! We were there till like 11pm!!!! Bummer!!!!! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-16-11 9:38PM Like  Reply
We were there til after 11 taking over rides! - sharkbait   423.3 #612 5-16-11 10:28PM Like  Reply
Zip I think I saw u by POTC but I wasn't sure. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-16-11 10:29PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-15-11 11:20AM
Hey guys looks like I will be at disneyland today! ๎„ my friend invited us to go with her today. She's driving. I'm gonna try and see if I can get her to stop by with me to say hi to you guys at the reunion. Hope you guys have had a grea  More...
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-14-11 2:01PM
So has the location of the reunion been posted yet?
It's at Disneyland and that's all I know. I'll just look for the sea of people on iphones - mozbaby   148.9 #2919 5-14-11 2:09PM Like  Reply
Mozbaby- So true. That's funny xD - fanofthemouse2   8.8 #13512 5-14-11 2:37PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-12-11 7:44AM
Good morning guys! Hey I was thinking since there are a lot of people who live in the southbay area( Torrance, Carson, hawthore etc) maybe we should have a Lil meet up. Now of course all MWaiters are welcome , but is that something Any of  More...
I'm oC but I'd go!! MWers are funnee people!! - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1053 5-12-11 7:56AM Like  Reply
Good Morning!!! I would be interested. - WhatHappensInDisneyland   2201.9 #90 5-12-11 8:13AM Like  Reply
I work in Hawthorne/Lawndale!!! That would be awesome - MozPrincess   582.4 #410 5-13-11 12:43AM Like  Reply
Nan, I don't live around there, but want to meet you and I would drive to it since your not making the reunion! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-13-11 12:53AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-11-11 10:52PM
Never asked this before but who lives in the southbay area of CA ( ie long beach, Torrance etc)
I live in Hawthorne. - disney42dude(CM)   522.2 #475 5-11-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
Yes! - xocece33   9.8 #12599 5-11-11 10:57PM Like  Reply
'01 - pinaycharms   16.0 #9243 5-12-11 10:06AM Like  Reply
You may know my older siblings :) - JessicaRabbit33   670.3 #360 5-12-11 10:12AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-11-11 9:38PM
Having a bad day....๎ƒ hope everyone else had a better day.
Hi nani ๎€ข๎– - Madi   204.1 #2113 5-11-11 9:39PM Like  Reply
Me too. Hope tomorrow is better for you - Missshelly   698.3 #342 5-11-11 9:40PM Like  Reply
I hope all you guys have a better day tomorrow . Sending * hugz* your guys way. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-11-11 10:30PM Like  Reply
Well the highlight of my day was my Lil girl giving me a big kiss when I picked her up from daycare. She can make me feel better at my worse times๎– - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-11-11 10:33PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-11-11 5:44PM
Calling offroadmickey! ๎…‚๎…‚๎…‚ when's the next single riders meet up?
:o] - disney42dude(CM)   522.2 #475 5-11-11 5:45PM Like  Reply
Where r uuuuuuu? Ok well would anybody like to have another one? - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-11-11 5:52PM Like  Reply
๎ - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-11-11 5:58PM Like  Reply
LOL :0) - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 5-11-11 6:19PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-10-11 9:43PM
So who's not going to the reunion? How about we have a Lil reunion on here ๎„…. For us peeps that can not make it .
We should. I am not going. :( - Pixieliz   310.9 #984 5-10-11 9:45PM Like  Reply
Nobody???๎ƒ - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-10-11 9:47PM Like  Reply
What's the biggest hang up nani? I am up in norcal and have to work wed-sun so I'm out but maybe a scholarship is in order. - unclebeezy   255.1 #1445 5-11-11 12:11AM Like  Reply
Do they have schweddy balls? Or just sweedy balls? - bluefairy   643.8 #372 5-11-11 1:32AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-10-11 3:18PM
Pretty sad news for me today. I'm not going to be able to make it to the reunion๎ƒ due to some finacial problems. I know I don't live far but with gas and food that I will need to by for that day i just can't do it.๎˜ i don't even think  More...
:0( that is sad news, but at least you can join the cant make it club like me. :0) - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 5-10-11 3:24PM Like  Reply
:( that is sad I'm sorry! - Applek_CM   246.0 #1553 5-10-11 3:24PM Like  Reply
We will miss you! - Mrsblue   693.1 #348 5-10-11 3:31PM Like  Reply
I won't be making it either. Gotta study for finals... - kristian   2004.9 #102 5-10-11 3:37PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-9-11 11:34PM
So I'm pretty excited for the reunion this weekend. But at the same time I'm nervous.....๎ I feel like this is a first date or something lol thank god my side kick is coming with me..... My Lil mini me! Lol she's always a party starter   More...
I agree with you! I'm way nervous too and hopefully I'll do better this time talking to everyone than all the other meetups I've tried. ๎ - Leesha   650.6 #370 5-9-11 11:36PM Like  Reply
I don't know, with over 100 kids going, you might have to compete for her attention. ๎… - Marieeezy   592.5 #405 5-9-11 11:37PM Like  Reply
I'm so excited!! - PrincessCarmen   2599.3 #69 5-9-11 11:54PM Like  Reply
Cyndaws is a class act me not so much!!! Lol - Rob512   756.3 #316 5-9-11 11:54PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-9-11 10:54PM
Hey MW fam just wanted to say hi! Oh and where is everybody at????๎ hey guuuuyyyysssss!
Hey nani ๎ž - Leesha   650.6 #370 5-9-11 10:55PM Like  Reply
Hiiii! ๎ž - LBChica   2550.8 #70 5-9-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
I agree! I don't think I could stop! In fact, I will miss it more than her when she stops! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-9-11 11:21PM Like  Reply
Yea I feel ya zip. I think I will cry when she's a big girl and doesn't want to cuddle with her mommy to go to sleep๎ - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-9-11 11:25PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-8-11 10:56PM
As I scroll down the page I see that there are a lot of new people. ๎• so instead of posting on all of your guys threads I'll just post a big ๎Œ’๎Œ’WELCOME!!๎Œ’๎Œ’ or ๎Œƒ๎ŒƒALOOOOOHA๎Œƒ๎Œƒ
welcome everyone! - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1028 5-8-11 10:57PM Like  Reply
I must be old if you're posting this. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 5-8-11 10:58PM Like  Reply
Awww I'm glad you had a good mothers day. I had a good one to I just spent time with my family. We had a nice BBQ and hung out. And my Lil one made me a card( my mom helped her lol) so all in all it was good. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-8-11 11:49PM Like  Reply
:0) - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 5-9-11 12:02AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-8-11 10:50PM
Hey fam I hope you all had a blessed mothers day. I know I did. ๎– and to the mothers out there happy mothers day you all are hero's in my book.
Happy mothers day nanibear!! - kailikea   161.2 #2721 5-8-11 10:51PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - debzdo   5.7 #18786 5-8-11 10:51PM Like  Reply
Lol @ rob512 that's a nice goal๎– - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-8-11 10:58PM Like  Reply
Happy mothers day - Plumiegirl   10918.2 #11 5-8-11 10:58PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-5-11 2:50PM
So I have a question for you guys. So like the ride IASW have you guys ever ran into a blast from your past at Disneyland? ie ex boyfriend, ex husband, ex girlfriend etc.
No!!!! But thT would be scary!! I'm surprised because I have alot of ex'es!!! Haha!! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-5-11 2:52PM Like  Reply
Nope not I. - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #231 5-5-11 2:53PM Like  Reply
Last year I bought my girlfriend a prem pass. A few months ago, I had a date and took her to DL, and was looking around the whole time, thinking to myself, boy I hope she's nit here!!! that would have been bad,,,, very very bad!!! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-5-11 2:58PM Like  Reply
Never at Disneyland but I ran into an ex at comic con one year. I didn't recognize him but he knew it was me. Out of 124,000 people I bump into an ex. Never anyone good lol - Krismiss   304.9 #1026 5-5-11 3:04PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-5-11 7:37AM
Good morning fam! I hope you guys have a great day! And for all of you guys going to the parks eat a funnel cake for me please!๎„… now I'm off to take a ASL exam. Wish me luck.
Good Morning! Goodluck! & Have a Wonderful day!!! ๎— - kyoto_sparkle   150.2 #2896 5-5-11 7:40AM Like  Reply
Good Morning! Good Luck! ๎„ - vegasbrat   435.4 #592 5-5-11 7:41AM Like  Reply
Good luck nani! - kristian   2004.9 #102 5-5-11 9:41AM Like  Reply
Hey guys thx for wishing me good luck. I think I did ok. She was signing pretty fast so I might have gotten a few wrong but all and all it was ok. Hope you guys are having a great day - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-5-11 9:50AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-4-11 7:49PM
Sorry not disney related but I could really use some support right now. So the ex has been calling me for a few days now trying to work things out and is now mad and calling me and texting me calling me every name in the book. But I think  More...
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-4-11 4:44PM
So I'm watching UP with my Lil one and the beginning always gets me๎. Who else feels this way?
๎€’ - skywalker   273.3 #36 5-4-11 4:45PM Like  Reply
Me too ๎ - offroadmickey   100.2 #3809 5-4-11 4:46PM Like  Reply
A better question is, "who does it not get to?" - unclebeezy   255.1 #1445 5-4-11 5:07PM Like  Reply
I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets emotional lol. I keeping saying to myself stop being a sissy la la lol๎„… - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-4-11 5:07PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-4-11 11:38AM
Hey MW fam! Hope you all are having a great day! It's another hot day in SoCal hope you guys can stay cool. Have fun at the parks today! I wish I was there!
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-4-11 12:10AM
Alright guys I'll talk to you all later. It has been quite a eventful night tonight and I hope the trolls are gone. Love ya guys! Good night!
Me too, g'night! - TandAlly   213.5 #1984 5-4-11 12:12AM Like  Reply
Good night - cyndaws   258.0 #1422 5-4-11 12:13AM Like  Reply
******๎Œต๎ŒฎแฉแŽงแŽงแŽ  NแŽฅแฉแŽปแŽข๎Œฎ๎Œต****** - MadameLeota   4768.8 #38 5-4-11 12:25AM Like  Reply
Good night - Rob512   756.3 #316 5-4-11 12:25AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-3-11 11:04PM
Dahula I hope that you are ok. I hope that you know you are loved by so many people. You are a true beauty inside and out. ๎€ข๎€ข๎€ข
๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎ง๎ง๎ง๎ง - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 5-3-11 11:07PM Like  Reply
Agreed! Hey nani sorry about earlier. U r cool. - PIRATADELCARIBE   94.0 #3909 5-3-11 11:07PM Like  Reply
Well said nanibear!! - thumpur   348.1 #789 5-3-11 11:12PM Like  Reply
@ PDC it's ok. I'm sorry to. ๎– - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-3-11 11:13PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-3-11 10:37PM
@ blair I hope you get banned! Your are one to talk about people! I hope and pray that I never see you cAuse I think I would beat the bricks off you! ๎–๎–๎–๎– - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-3-11 10:40PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-3-11 8:16PM
So I heard there are some grape soda pins at DL today. I went everywhere looking for them this weekend but there were none. If any of you guys could get me 2 I would pay you for them I really want to give one to my Lil girl.
Why does everyone like those pins So much I don't even like them - soccerdp9   32.0 #6365 5-3-11 8:18PM Like  Reply
Have you seen UP? - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-3-11 8:19PM Like  Reply
@nanibear. My son and I have been looking for them since last year and we have had no luck. Our AP expired last month, so we are hoping when a friend goes down or the next timee we can go down there will still be some at the parks and we may get lucky ... - dznymom   51.0 #5139 5-3-11 8:36PM Like  Reply
Yeah baseball Mickey is a CM and he said they go fast! Like as soon as they come in they are gone. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-3-11 8:42PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-3-11 7:11PM
Ok so after reading that crazy long post about nothing at all I feel completely lost now.... I checked in to say hi and now im still trying to figured out what that chick was trying to say!
I gave up. I just let Butter's comments entertain me. - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1053 5-3-11 7:16PM Like  Reply
Let's just let it go, and move onto some better Disney stuff. Let's see some live pics from the park. Please? Anyone? - proudcanuck   478.6 #527 5-3-11 7:18PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-3-11 2:03PM
What's up my MW fam! Man it's another hot day in So Cal. Hope you all are having fun at the parks or having a great day if your not at the parks. Stay cool! Love ya fam!
Took a half day because I had a fever, and yet instead of going home I'm studying in the library... oh finals - PrincessJ   85.1 #4102 5-3-11 2:04PM Like  Reply
Stuck at school and it is WAY too hot for my liking!!! - swingingwake   217.9 #1924 5-3-11 2:05PM Like  Reply
Gonna jump in my pool soon. - sharkbait   423.3 #612 5-3-11 2:30PM Like  Reply
Hope you're having a great day Nani!!!! ๎€ฐ๎€ฐ - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1053 5-3-11 3:09PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 5-1-11 11:34PM
Man I'm tired....๎„ผ๎„ผ๎„ผ๎„ผ how was your guys day?
Hey nanibear!!!!๎ž๎ž๎ž๎ž๎ž - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 5-1-11 11:35PM Like  Reply
Grrrrreat - offroadmickey   100.2 #3809 5-1-11 11:35PM Like  Reply
I over ate... - CptKirk   766.3 #309 5-2-11 12:35AM Like  Reply
@sassysally yeah it was a great day outside . I got some sun but a Lil to much cause my shoulders are red. But it's ok lol I'm trying to bring sexy back! Lmbo. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-2-11 12:37AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-30-11 10:56PM
Hey guys what's up? How was everyones day?
Pretty fun for a non-DL day. Went hiking with the family and found a pretty decent Thai/Laotian restaurant. Wish it was closer to us and not sandwiched between a pawn shop and a cash your paycheck store. - Polkadobo   385.8 #681 4-30-11 11:02PM Like  Reply
Good - OynnhoJ   107.9 #3672 4-30-11 11:02PM Like  Reply
@baseballmickey_CM it was nice meeting you guys to. ๎• @ sassysally aww thx. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 5-1-11 12:10AM Like  Reply
Good evening Nani, my days horrible lol ๎’. Im at work and I've already gotten lost twice, I hate this route. - offroadmickey   100.2 #3809 5-1-11 12:27AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-29-11 11:01PM
She loves this ride! We had to ride it back to back.
She is so adorable - disneyland4me   251.8 #1478 4-29-11 11:04PM Like  Reply
Cute...thats my daughters favorite too.. - WARLOCK   4110.9 #46 4-29-11 11:14PM Like  Reply
She is too cute! - yvieinwonderland85   16.6 #9050 4-29-11 11:34PM Like  Reply
Thx guys! ๎• - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-29-11 11:44PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-29-11 10:48PM
Hey guys! Well today was a great day at DL not to many people and great weather. Even though nobody found me to get my RAK๎˜ I guess I'll just post it tomorrow. How was your guys day?
Oh and I met baseballmickey offroadmickey and offroadmama๎• it was great meeting you guys and my lil one loved her gift.thx - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-29-11 10:51PM Like  Reply
Glad you had a great day! I aspire to have a good day lately, but keep getting hit with #meh . - Missshelly   698.3 #342 4-29-11 10:52PM Like  Reply
@Nani it was nice meeting you and your little one as well, see ya at the reunion ๎• - offroadmickey   100.2 #3809 4-29-11 10:57PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-29-11 9:02PM
Go Giants! - DLlovingMommy27   238.0 #1655 4-29-11 9:03PM Like  Reply
SD!๎€– - ArdySarrafFan   244.9 #1565 4-29-11 9:03PM Like  Reply
Go Dodgers ๎Œช๎Œช๎Œช - offroadmickey   100.2 #3809 4-29-11 10:03PM Like  Reply
๎Œซ๎Œช๎Œฌ๎Œซ๎Œช๎Œฌ๎Œซ๎Œช๎Œฌ - ArdySarrafFan   244.9 #1565 4-29-11 10:04PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-29-11 3:44PM
We have some RAK's so find us and pic one! We are at DL right now
Wish I was there instead of writing papers... - BUZZed   47.3 #5311 4-29-11 3:45PM Like  Reply
Aawww, wish I was there! You both are too cute! Hope you are having fun! :0) - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 4-29-11 3:52PM Like  Reply
Yeah, still have em, nobody wanted them :( We didn't stay long, just for lunch, I'm going to the movie now. - offroadmickey   100.2 #3809 4-29-11 6:38PM Like  Reply
Where are you now :) - MayBie   1885.6 #109 4-29-11 8:30PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-29-11 11:14AM
Quick question how much is it to park in the toy story lot? And do the strollers have to be folded when on the bus?
Its the same price as M&F. And yes, strollers have to be folded up . - BaseballMickey   9257.8 #14 4-29-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
Same as M&F. $15, I think. Yes, you have to fold. It's much faster though. Don't have to fight for seats. - swingingwake   217.9 #1924 4-29-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
Cost is the same as M&F lot & yes, you need to fold the stroller. - weaver941   403.9 #648 4-29-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
Ok thx for the info guys. ๎€Ž - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-29-11 11:18AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-29-11 10:42AM
Hey guys here are the items for my in park RAK. I'll post when I get to a park and where I am. Can't wait I'm excited! Q
at buzz AB let's us know when you're here ๎— - legoalex   123.9 #3343 4-29-11 10:46AM Like  Reply
Well do. ๎… - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-29-11 11:06AM Like  Reply
We're at the tiki room, did we get here on time or did we miss you? - TheDonald   72.3 #4395 4-29-11 5:34PM Like  Reply
Oh sorry we are at POTC now would you like us to wait for you? - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-29-11 5:58PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-29-11 10:24AM
Morning MW fam! Going to head out to the parks with my Lil one today. And I'm going to do some in park RAK's this is my first time doing it so this should be fun๎— have a great day guys!
You'll have a blast doing your in park RAK! Have a great day! - BashfulDoc   61.3 #4739 4-29-11 10:26AM Like  Reply
Have a great day at the park with your lil one!!! - WhatHappensInDisneyland   2201.9 #90 4-29-11 10:35AM Like  Reply
Have a Super Duper Day!!! - snowwhite951   17.9 #8669 4-29-11 10:43AM Like  Reply
Have a blast!!!! Say hi to chip and Dale for me if you happen to see them!!!! - azzyjay   22.3 #7687 4-29-11 10:54AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-28-11 10:45PM
Well gonna go nite nite with the Lil one. ๎–. Have a good night guys! Nite nite MW fam love ya!
G'nit @nanibear! - weaver941   403.9 #648 4-28-11 10:47PM Like  Reply
Goodnight Nani!!! Sleep well. - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1053 4-28-11 10:48PM Like  Reply
Good night nanibear! - BashfulDoc   61.3 #4739 4-28-11 10:59PM Like  Reply
Noche, Noche!!๎Š๎„ผ - wicked50   102.2 #3773 4-28-11 11:00PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-28-11 8:22PM
Just made my Lil one a disney princess cd for the car. All her favorite songs from all her favorite Disney princess movies. ๎— thank god for iTunes
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-28-11 7:15AM
Good morning my MW fam! I hope you all have a blessed day today. This is the beginning of my weekend so that's great!๎— I think I might take the Lil one to Disneyland tomorrow. Anyone going tomorrow?
Good morning nani! - sharkbait   423.3 #612 4-28-11 7:16AM Like  Reply
G'morning - StephiePooh   572.7 #416 4-28-11 7:16AM Like  Reply
@Nani, I'm not sure, we may stay for the fireworks - offroadmickey   100.2 #3809 4-28-11 10:24PM Like  Reply
@ offroadmickey oh ok. Well see ya there then. ๎• - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-28-11 10:31PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-27-11 4:44PM
So I'm going to the reunion but I live like 20 mins away from the parks so I don't think I will get a room. Is anyone else just going up there for the day and not spending the night by the parks?
That's how I'm doing it! - PrincessJ   85.1 #4102 4-27-11 4:45PM Like  Reply
Me too! Totally excited! - LAFDWifey   81.5 #4182 4-27-11 4:47PM Like  Reply
Thx bluefairy - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-27-11 6:15PM Like  Reply
I live 45 min away and won't get a room. I think it's a waste for me. - KissDclown   1089.2 #212 4-27-11 6:18PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-27-11 2:03PM
Just wanted to say hello! Man it's hot today( in so cal that is) hope you guys are having a great day! Love ya fam! ๎„
Hi! How are doing? Im good now that I'm done with work for the day. Got a letter from Nia's credit union today saying she won $50 in a monthly drawing! Awesome! - DizGeek   453.7 #570 4-27-11 2:07PM Like  Reply
You're hot today! ๎Œด๎ snap! - Zooter   1414.4 #154 4-27-11 2:09PM Like  Reply
Well that's good to hear. I don't mind driving but for long distances starts to get boring without good music. ๎Œฆ๎€Ž๎”Ÿlol. Well I hope you have as good of a day as you can with only 5 hours of sleep. Trust me I work off of Lil sleep being a mommy so I feel ya. ๎… - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-27-11 5:34PM Like  Reply
Thanks, I'm not a mommy but I know what you go - offroadmickey   100.2 #3809 4-27-11 6:33PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-26-11 10:14PM
What's up guys! How was everyones day?
Finally done w/ jury duty so that's great! Now time to re-focus on finding a job! - weaver941   403.9 #648 4-26-11 10:16PM Like  Reply
Ehh, but if you find dave you get free hugs! - Kittymeowmeow   271.1 #1303 4-26-11 10:17PM Like  Reply
Long day, dreading work tomorrow. - tina   1157.9 #195 4-27-11 12:04AM Like  Reply
stressful...bad day at work - Domolover   283.4 #1182 4-27-11 12:15AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-26-11 5:15PM
So does anyone know if there's anything speical done on mothers day? I'm thinking of going with my Lil one. It's my first one by myself so it's gonna be different for me.
The Plaza Inn has special Mother's Day brunch in the morning. We also sell Mother's day pins - BaseballMickey   9257.8 #14 4-26-11 5:16PM Like  Reply
You'll have a great time! - Zooter   1414.4 #154 4-26-11 5:19PM Like  Reply
- LoveLove   346.0 #794 4-27-11 2:11PM Like  Reply
We will be there for Mother's Day - LoveLove   346.0 #794 4-27-11 2:12PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-26-11 12:05PM
Opps meant to put that in the search! Lol - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-26-11 12:06PM Like  Reply
See you there ๎Œท๎Œท๎Œท๎Œท๎Œท - MrBlue   232.3 #1736 4-26-11 12:06PM Like  Reply
Not to be mistaken with reonion, which is to onion again. - Experiment818   1647.2 #129 4-26-11 12:18PM Like  Reply
Though a reonion can be good at Outback Steakhouse. - SpencerPhreak   114.6 #3538 4-26-11 12:52PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-26-11 12:00PM
I think I will be able to attened the reunion. Yay. I'm just a Lil nervous though. It would only be me and the Lil one attending.
Yay! My Favorite! I'll have my two little ones with me. Don't be nervous, once we get the name tags on and figure out who everyone else is we will have a ton of fun! Last year's meet up was the best time I've ever had at Disneyland. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 4-26-11 12:02PM Like  Reply
Its alway a blast and people are great dont worry. You dont wanna miss it last year was a blast and this year gonna be even better - Disneybaldie   355.8 #766 4-26-11 12:02PM Like  Reply
I'm thinking about calling in sick Monday. So I might be there. If I can swing the funds. - vegasbrat   435.4 #592 4-26-11 1:03PM Like  Reply
I took 2 days vacation (May 15-16), I will be at DL for 4 days - MrBlue   232.3 #1736 4-26-11 1:05PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-26-11 6:55AM
Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a blessed day. I know I'm gonna try to. ๎— it's a new day and I'm not gonna let anyone bring me down! Love ya my MW fam!
Morning! Sending your more positive thoughts. You got this girl! - LBChica   2550.8 #70 4-26-11 6:56AM Like  Reply
G'morning! It will be a blessed day for me after I clock out and enjoy the rest od the week ofd! Kachiga!! - StephiePooh   572.7 #416 4-26-11 6:56AM Like  Reply
Hope you have a great day today! - DLlover   19.4 #8287 4-26-11 10:48AM Like  Reply
Hey butter I tried to text you back but it won't go through๎˜ When would be the best time to call you? - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-26-11 10:50AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-25-11 11:27PM
Had a rough day today. Need some prayers fam. And a trip to Disneyland asap! Love ya guys!
how have you been? what is the current status of your little issue - Dave   13924.0 #9 4-25-11 11:28PM Like  Reply
sorry you had a rough day hope tomorrow is better - Ashbunn   49.9 #5190 4-25-11 11:31PM Like  Reply
Leave her talking and go threw some eggs - cyndaws   258.0 #1422 4-26-11 1:16AM Like  Reply
Sorry you're having a rough day! - sharkbait   423.3 #612 4-26-11 1:20AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-22-11 10:42PM
Im trying to stay awake.....they Lil one is just not sleepy right now. So far we have watched sleeping beauty ( I was hoping my Lil one would get the hint! Lol) now we are watching Jake and the neverland pirates. What Disney movie puts yo  More...
I have found that if I let my daughter "fall asleep" to a movie, just the opposite usually happens. She will not go to sleep until I shut the flick off! - PixieMom   231.6 #1746 4-22-11 10:48PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-22-11 7:41PM
Haven't had much time to come on here yesterday or today๎ˆ so i thought i should stop what i was doing and drop in and say hi to my MW fam soooo HI!!!!!๎— alright now back to work๎˜
Hi - skywalker   273.3 #36 4-22-11 7:43PM Like  Reply
Hey! - Cinderellamomma   293.5 #1099 4-22-11 7:44PM Like  Reply
@ offroadmickey happy Easter to you to! ๎”ฌ - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-22-11 10:10PM Like  Reply
Hello! - luvdisney1978   46.9 #5333 4-22-11 10:11PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-20-11 7:18PM
Alright random thoughts for the night... And go!
Bring back the people mover - skywalker   273.3 #36 4-20-11 7:19PM Like  Reply
The Rangers had better win tonight - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 4-20-11 7:21PM Like  Reply
Are you a Mark Levin fan. - santeemouselover   370.0 #722 4-20-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
Stupid foot stop itching!! - luvdisney1978   46.9 #5333 4-20-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-20-11 3:16PM
I don't know if it is just me but what's up with all the new people coming in here and talking all this mess about how they hate the lounge because of comment or jokes that they cant handle. I know Im not that high in rank yet but i do co  More...
agreed! ๎Œฎ๎Œง๎Œฎ - legoalex   123.9 #3343 4-20-11 3:18PM Like  Reply
Totally agree. I'm tired of people giving MW bad reviews in the app store. Admin has put so much time and effort into this app and if you want to leave just go, don't tell us how your gonna rate it badly๎– - KAA   357.4 #760 4-20-11 3:19PM Like  Reply
@OynnhoJ, I thought you said please me not phase me! ๎๎’๎’๎’ - Candace   1737.8 #121 4-20-11 8:48PM Like  Reply
Jabber-Baby-wocky, I couldn't have said it better myself! - weaver941   403.9 #648 4-20-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-19-11 11:11AM
So I had this friend that I used to go to Disneyland with all the time. We would take our kids and have a great time. But ever since she has met thus guy she has blown me off. I try and say hi every once and a while but she never really r  More...
Opps I meant really weren't friends - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-19-11 11:12AM Like  Reply
Love has a funny way of ruining our lives sometimes. You still have us. And you can always say you were an h3d favorite for a day ;-) - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 4-19-11 11:14AM Like  Reply
She'll probably contact you once the relationship ends. It's sad how a lot of women blow off their friends once they get into a relationship. - WhatHappensInDisneyland   2201.9 #90 4-19-11 11:56AM Like  Reply
Yeah probably won't hear from her until something bad happens. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-19-11 12:05PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-18-11 10:29AM
Hey guys! Hope you guys have a great day today even though it monday๎Žlol be safe and conquer the day. I'm off to class now and so not looking forward to this lecture.... Oh Well i guess I'll just have to think happy thoughts.
Kidding me. This is day 2 of my 4 day weekend. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 4-18-11 10:30AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-13-11 11:21PM
Nite nite everyone gotta hit the sack going to take the Lil one to the zoo tomorrow. Good nite and sweet dreams
Nigh Nigh....kidnap me please - Butterlina   1653.3 #128 4-13-11 11:22PM Like  Reply
Aww the zoo I wanna go I've never been - shina85   17.9 #8691 4-13-11 11:22PM Like  Reply
Night night! Survived my lectures now goig to be too!!  - minnieMisty   276.9 #1245 4-13-11 11:24PM Like  Reply
Goodnight! Wishing you a wondeful and fun-filled day tomorrow!  - kyoto_sparkle   150.2 #2896 4-13-11 11:30PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-13-11 9:44PM
Random thoughts for the night?
Wish I was at DLR instead of listening to lectures in my family systems class - minnieMisty   276.9 #1245 4-13-11 9:45PM Like  Reply
I wish I could have found prince charming...... - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-13-11 9:46PM Like  Reply
a long steamy hot shower feels GREAT after a looooong day at DL... just FYI, my feet feel like they're gonna fall off  - legoalex   123.9 #3343 4-14-11 12:51AM Like  Reply
Pink elephant! - MedievalMickey   699.0 #341 4-14-11 12:54AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-13-11 1:45PM
Hello my MW fam! I hope you all are having a great day.
Hi nanibear!! How are you??? - CaptainJill   42.2 #5569 4-13-11 1:46PM Like  Reply
Hello!! - Pixieliz   310.9 #984 4-13-11 1:48PM Like  Reply
Sorry to respond so late. Had to take care of the Lil one. But to answer your question I am doing better. Just try to stay positive and do my best to stay strong - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-13-11 8:05PM Like  Reply
Lol oh yeah and my profile pic is a pic of me at my Lil girls mad hatter tea party birthday party. I dressed up as the mad hatter...... But I didn't use his hat. Lol - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-13-11 8:12PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-12-11 10:52PM
My Lil one and niece by tinker bells house
That's too cute! - ikabon   9.8 #12598 4-12-11 10:54PM Like  Reply
Little girls just love that area  - DisneyVillainLover   258.4 #1419 4-12-11 10:55PM Like  Reply
Very cute. Nice pic - donduck   21.8 #7772 4-12-11 11:54PM Like  Reply
Cute - patriciajz   334.4 #840 4-12-11 11:56PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-12-11 3:06PM
In light of the crazy lurkers leaving rude comment and nasty creeps looking for a goodtime. I would just like to leave a message for you now just incase you might be lurking now..... This is a family app. We care about each other on her  More...
And like every family, we've got a few crazies that won't take to kindly to you're supreme lameness el trolio. - Zooter   1414.4 #154 4-12-11 3:10PM Like  Reply
Agree fully nanibear!!! Well said - Evangeline   292.5 #1105 4-12-11 3:11PM Like  Reply
And dont even think about posting inaccurate times cause we watch  that too. - Dizkid   506.0 #493 4-12-11 3:22PM Like  Reply
MW Army UNITE!!!!!!!! whoot whoot... boo on trolls and creepers... - vikkimus   199.2 #46 4-12-11 3:25PM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-11-11 12:03AM
So I may have had a rough beginning to my weekend but I have had a great first few days of my new life. And here's a pic of my Lil girl today at Disneyland. It was a magical day one again.๎•
I'm happy everything is going great for you. ๎€Ž - RyRy   18.8 #8445 4-11-11 12:04AM Like  Reply
Stay strong Hun! - kailikea   161.2 #2721 4-11-11 12:04AM Like  Reply
Glad to hear you and your cutie pie had a nice time. Stay strong! - DLlover   19.4 #8287 4-11-11 1:13AM Like  Reply
Thank you guys. She's my pride and joy. And I will stay strong for her. - nanibear   29.1 #6689 4-11-11 1:16AM Like  Reply
29.1 #6689 DL Qual #4833 4-9-11 9:40AM
So today is my first day after the drama and I think I'm doing ok. Me and the Lil one had plans for a fun filled weekend and I'm going to stick to those plans and not let this drama get in the way. And one of those plans is to head to Dis  More...
 - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 4-9-11 9:41AM Like  Reply
 - CaptainJill   42.2 #5569 4-9-11 9:43AM Like  Reply
BTDT...Disney was my safe haven, and I didn't have MW. I have 4 kids and for the most part they all agree that it was the best thing!!! You can do this!!!! - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1053 4-9-11 11:12AM Like  Reply
Yay So Glad To Hear That You're Staying Strong Throught All That..Like It's Been Said "That..That Does Not Kill You Only Makes You Stronger" & From The Looks Of Things Your Strong :o) I Wish You & Ur Princess The Best..I Hope You Both Have A Great Week..& Like Everyone Else Were All Here For You..Hope U Have A Blast In Disney On Sunday :o) - LovelyTiggerGirl   273.1 #1292 4-9-11 11:28AM Like