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PumpkinKing  64.1 #4660 (DL) 
It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

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64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 7-2-12 12:32AM
First time at Cars Land, and it was definitely worth the wait!
Yeah, they really did a great job on this new and improved DCA. I can dig it :) - joxua   112.6 #3591 7-2-12 12:52AM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 6-15-11 7:43PM
I have been checking out the wait time for Little Mermaid for the past week or so, and I noticed it's dropped off quite a bit lately (only 15 minutes right now!). Is it because the line moves quickly, or, are people just not riding it as   More...
The little mermaid is a shorter ride and has been open a bit tors has 54 different experiences!!!! So when you ride star tours you never really know what to expect....ride em both and have fun! - MouseketeerforShort   340.3 #821 6-15-11 7:45PM Like  Reply
I went 2 days ago, it was posted wait was 45, got there and tho the line was long, realistically we probably waited 25 min... its constantly moving so it doesn't take forever... star tours is still packed... if you are there early enough, get fastpasses and you should be fine and you can wait in line to ride it again... member, there's 52 different rides so to speak - TikiJOSEsWingman   332.4 #856 6-15-11 7:48PM Like  Reply
Shorter than posted times for me... its a good thing. - parkfan2   40.4 #5705 6-15-11 7:51PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone! Can't wait to check them both out! - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 6-15-11 7:53PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 7:21PM
Live from Main Street! It's kinda crowded..
Look at all those people you'd think it was a holiday or summer. Busy! - NikkiMickey   1686.3 #125 5-15-11 7:22PM Like  Reply
Holy cow! I guess I'd rather be there in the crowds than not al all... :( - mermaidgirl   339.4 #826 5-15-11 7:23PM Like  Reply
I miss it already ='^( - Quackers4Dizney   193.0 #2262 5-15-11 8:07PM Like  Reply
Left at 6pm and it was a cattle drive from trams to exiting structure. And trams were nearly filled coming into parks as we were leaving so not surprised there's still a crowd there. - caltitan   14.8 #9729 5-15-11 8:14PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 4-28-11 1:11PM
I get the feeling...that someone is watching me...
It's all in your mind... - SergZak   3125.8 #59 4-28-11 1:12PM Like  Reply
Ahhh! - EnchantedRedRose   6.0 #18162 4-28-11 1:12PM Like  Reply
All I want is to be left alone, in my average home. Then why does it feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone? - Zooter   1414.4 #154 4-28-11 3:37PM Like  Reply
So.... You're the guy always taking photos in the middle of the ride..... - NDJustice   244.7 #1576 4-28-11 3:46PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 4-11-11 7:12PM
Lovin the new look of the lounge! I did notice one thing, though. The quote at the top of the lounge says "Here you leave today and enter a mobile gateway to WDW." Since this is the DL lounge, shouldn't it say "...a mobile gateway to DL?"  More...
Maybe just a typo n that was to go to the WDW lounge and DL for this one. I'm sure it will be fixed at some point - TinkTinkTink   335.3 #30 4-11-11 7:14PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 4-2-11 9:31PM
Thinking about going to the Aladdin show tomorrow for the first time. Any suggestions for how early we should show up?
At least 30 mins to an hr. The Line get big fast - shina85   17.9 #8722 4-2-11 9:36PM Like  Reply
Thanks, shina85! - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 4-2-11 9:38PM Like  Reply
Don't get the floor seats. They're not stadium. Get the second level. - swingingwake   217.9 #1929 4-2-11 10:19PM Like  Reply
@swinging is totally correct  - smilinbeckett   134.3 #3167 4-2-11 10:24PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 3-18-11 7:52AM
Lovin' the new look! I also like the (DL) or (WDW) tag next to everyone's name. Can't wait till these changes are implemented in the DL lounge! Great work Admin!
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 3-16-11 8:59PM
Just took this by the castle. Thought it looked kinda cool with the moon. =)
I like it! Nice shot! - sharkbait   423.3 #618 3-16-11 9:09PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 3-8-11 8:25PM
I know this probably isn't the biggest Buzz score ever, but, I was pretty proud of it. =)
Great job! - BaseballMickey   9350.7 #14 3-8-11 8:31PM Like  Reply
Not bad...keep practicing - Bestsource   11.7 #11307 3-8-11 8:33PM Like  Reply
Looks good PumpkinKing  - Bunnie   605.4 #400 3-8-11 8:40PM Like  Reply
I think thats something to be proud of! Great shooting Space Ranger! - disneykimmi   117.0 #3495 3-8-11 8:41PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 1-16-11 9:19PM
Was just at Whole Foods. Thought Yeti might find this funny. =)
Lol!! - MadMadamMim   72.4 #4406 1-16-11 9:19PM Like  Reply
!!! - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2504 1-16-11 9:19PM Like  Reply
We need to photoshop Yeti's face on here... lol. - PrincessSarah   171.2 #2573 1-17-11 1:51AM Like  Reply
We've seen it before but thank you!! - PrettyPixie   760.3 #312 1-17-11 1:59AM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 1-6-11 8:05PM
Played Epic Mickey for the first time's pretty fun! The controls take some getting used to, but the storyline and old school Disney references make for a good overall gaming experience.
I love it. Play it about an hour a day. - Mckeyman   55.9 #4933 1-6-11 8:12PM Like  Reply
I loved it too! I played through once, and started a second playthrough to collect the rest of the pins. I just wish there was a small tweak to the camera controls. Are there any characters that you've come across that you were surprised to see? - PawsyG   3.9 #27209 1-6-11 8:18PM Like  Reply
@Kalel Oh yeah, I'm doing almost all thinner this time because I did practically all paint the first time. I launche the first gremlin, broke the clock tower. I've even noticed the subtle difference in how characters look at you, how they stand, even the conversations with Big Bad Pete. It's definitely an exciting game. - PawsyG   3.9 #27209 1-7-11 1:01AM Like  Reply
@pumpkinking that level Is alot harder when you don't get the captains log. Try it out you'll see. - Kalel   108.1 #3677 1-7-11 6:30AM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 11-28-10 1:22PM
Judging by the wait times, it seems a lot less crowded today than yesterday. Is anyone in the lounge at DL right now? How are the crowds?
From what I'm hearing it's pretty light in the parks today. - TheUser   18.9 #8457 11-28-10 1:46PM Like  Reply
Yes. Light. My prediction was it would be light today due to it being cold, windy, and everyone is tired from the long Thanksgiving weekend. - RadioMaverick   1684.5 #126 11-28-10 1:51PM Like  Reply
Thanks guys! We're thinking about going later...but man is that wind nasty! - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 11-28-10 2:22PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 11-6-10 11:02PM
Yaaaaay! We renewed our passes tonight! Decided to upgrade to the premium pass this time. It felt good to get my Disney fix since we haven't been able to go for a month! Oh, and we saw a couple of people from Dancing With The Stars at  More...
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 10-2-10 8:08PM
Just saw about 10 guys wearing tuxedos, walking briskly towards New Orleans square...... Hmmm... Wonder what that was all about? Anyone know?
Club 33? - BaseballMickey   9350.7 #14 10-2-10 8:10PM Like  Reply
Good call. Maybe it was for Club33. I kind of thought that place had its own private, hidden entrance for employees though. - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 10-2-10 8:18PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 9-22-10 6:45PM
Picked this up at Disneyland today. It's a limited edition of 300. So awesome! Now the question I hang it now or wait till Christmas? =)
That's so pretty! - BeautyandTheBeast   142.7 #3026 9-22-10 6:45PM Like  Reply
That's neat! Not into pin trading but I would like to have that one. - Eugmousefan   29.4 #6675 9-22-10 6:46PM Like  Reply
NOW! - Tinkaboudit   2502.0 #74 9-22-10 6:58PM Like  Reply
@ Tinkaboudit, I know, I should just hang it. Like MTLott said, NBC stuff works for two holidays. - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 9-22-10 7:05PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 9-22-10 11:18AM
I love when it's an overcast sky at Disneyland! =)
My favorite too!! LOVE this time of year at the parks!! Less crowds, and cozy weather! : ) - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4412.1 #43 9-22-10 11:21AM Like  Reply
I agree with you. That's the best. - mstiauna27   90.8 #3983 9-22-10 11:47AM Like  Reply
Love the cool weather mixed with a bit warmer afternoon and a little sun. - sandra_d   332.1 #858 9-22-10 11:49AM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 9-14-10 7:29PM
Great day at the parks! Posted some wait times, got some free tortillas, and, got my girlfriend to ride CA Screamin for the first, and what will probably be the last time. =)
Glad you had a great day! - Suzie-Q   437.4 #595 9-14-10 7:31PM Like  Reply
Sounds like a great day! - MinnieJ   283.2 #1190 9-14-10 7:32PM Like  Reply
Fun! - Mouse92im   256.0 #1445 9-14-10 7:36PM Like  Reply
Glad you had fun. I look forward to going and posting wait times for the first time! - Disneybusmama5   31.7 #6404 9-14-10 7:36PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 9-2-10 5:48PM
Did my homework early so we can go to Disneyland tomorrow night after work. Yay! Downloaded 2.0 and I love it. But, last week MW kept crashing when I tried to post wait times. I was able to post in the lounge, however. Kinda strange.  More...
 2.0 is the biz! I'm sure MWrs will be there just post in lounge if you wanna meetup....have a great time! - toph   2418.2 #79 9-2-10 5:50PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 8-27-10 11:38PM
Decided to stand up front for WoC this time. Got a little wet, but it was worth it!
Wonderful pic! - Becky   551.2 #449 8-27-10 11:39PM Like  Reply
Nice! I like that one! - Zooter   1414.4 #154 8-27-10 11:49PM Like  Reply
Ooooh! Nice! - LBChica   2550.8 #71 8-28-10 7:46AM Like  Reply
Great pic!!! Gotta do that one of these times. - OutNumberedMom   813.8 #286 8-28-10 7:57AM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 8-27-10 10:00PM
Met some really cool people from out of town. They hadn't been on Soarin' before, so we all rode together. It's always so fun to ride with people who haven't experienced Disney before! Well, time for some WoC!
That's so awesome. I hope you enjoy woc. - Cowgirl4life   6.0 #18118 8-27-10 10:02PM Like  Reply
How fun! Be sure to post lots and lots and lots of pics in the lounge of WOC! - tina   1157.9 #197 8-27-10 10:04PM Like  Reply
I loooveee meeting people at Disneyland, I'm crazy and talk to everyone in line. - michelIe   422.1 #622 8-27-10 10:10PM Like  Reply
I love talking to ppl tht have never been to Disney.... But my family thinks I'm crazy for always taking bout it lol  - Penguinn_CM   188.2 #2327 8-27-10 10:45PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 8-18-10 8:17PM
Does anyone have 2 FPs for World of Color they don't want? =)
 - PieEyedMickey   296.6 #1080 8-18-10 8:29PM Like  Reply
Hahaha! I think I just got punched by PieEyedMickey! - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 8-18-10 8:34PM Like  Reply
Lol just bumping the thread up - MrsJackSparrow   56.6 #4911 8-18-10 8:39PM Like  Reply
U guys RULE!!! Thanks! - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 8-18-10 8:42PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 8-18-10 8:12PM
Does anyone have 2 FPs for World of Color they don't want? =)
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 8-18-10 6:55PM
Well, this is kind of a bummer, buuuuuuut... My girlfriend got laid off today (darn economy).  So I figured what better way to take her mind off the situation than to go to Disneyland!  Should be there in a half hour or so.  Hopefully, Mi  More...
Awesome friend!  enjoy!! - StephiePooh   572.7 #425 8-18-10 6:58PM Like  Reply
Good Boyfriend!!  - Disneybird   173.1 #2536 8-18-10 6:59PM Like  Reply
Sorry to hear what happened. Hope you guys are having a great time! - LBChica   2550.8 #71 8-18-10 8:09PM Like  Reply
Have a magical time! - PieEyedMickey   296.6 #1080 8-18-10 8:11PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 7-10-10 8:26PM
At Lost Bar enjoying some drinks...while we still can before they close it for good on August 2nd. =(
Ha ha good times  to the MWA 1st meetup! - toph   2418.2 #79 7-10-10 9:00PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 7-5-10 10:37AM
Sad news:  Disney will officially be closing the Lost Bar (located outside by the hotel pool, between all the Disney Hotel towers) on August 2nd.  Lost Bar has been at that location for many, many years, and so too have some of the barten  More...
That's too bad. Befoer the meetup I didn't even know of that place. I thought it was a coll "secret place." I need to go again before they close it. - Tom   18236.6 #4 7-5-10 11:19AM Like  Reply
Oh, and thanks Dave for suggesting that place for the meetup! - Tom   18236.6 #4 7-5-10 11:20AM Like  Reply
This makes me SO sad!  - Duchess_SMK   6635.5 #24 7-6-10 5:40AM Like  Reply
where oh where will we get ournow - Mom2mm   60.7 #4777 7-7-10 10:11AM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 7-5-10 10:36AM
Sad news:  Disney will officially be closing the Lost Bar (located outside by the hotel pool, between all the Disney Hotel towers) on August 2nd.  Lost Bar has been at that location for many, many years, and so too have some of the barten  More...
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 6-21-10 2:27PM
This is probably a longshot, but...does anyone know if there are any fastpasses left for World of Color?
I just got four on the red section for the 11:15 showing about a half hour ago - Authayma   88.4 #4029 6-21-10 2:29PM Like  Reply
Cool, thanks for the info! =) - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 6-21-10 2:34PM Like  Reply
Hi MinnieJ - toph   2418.2 #79 6-21-10 3:35PM Like  Reply
@toph, Thanks for the offer, but we r gonna leave around 10ish. Have to get up early tomorrow. Thanks though! - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 6-21-10 5:23PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 3-29-10 1:22PM
Yesterday was sooooo nice. Painted our hallway (grayish purple)so we could start working on the Haunted Mansion theme we're going for, got dinner at The Old Ship in Santa Ana (had the shepards pie and some Guiness), and then went to DL f  More...
but no Tigger Tail? - Jessica   351.2 #785 3-29-10 1:25PM Like  Reply
Churro? - Duchess_SMK   6635.5 #24 3-29-10 1:27PM Like  Reply
I'm probably dooming myself to being hooked on another tasty treat, but.....what's a tigger tail? - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4660 3-29-10 5:14PM Like  Reply
Greetings and Welcome to the lounge. Would you please post pictures of your HM themed house/room. Sounds interesting. - VillainsFan   1218.5 #181 3-29-10 5:31PM Like  Reply
64.1 #4660 DL Qual #0 3-2-10 12:23PM
Wow! I got so much great advice about my issues posting wait times! U guys are awesome! Just got rid of the space in my name, so hopefully that'll so the trick. Thanks all! =)