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13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-10-13 10:35AM
I've heard some talk about the AP early entry but not sure what it consists of. Can some one enlighten me please? Thanks
Erly entry on Saturdays and sundays for eithe DCA or Disneyland - HanLostLeia   1098.3 #205 1-10-13 10:36AM Like  Reply
Is it limited time only? Do all AP's qualify? - whistlinghillbilly  13.0 #10458 1-10-13 10:38AM
If you have an annual pass you can use it to get in the park an hour earlier then it regularly opens to everyone. I believe this is going on until April 14th? . On saturdays you get early entry to DCA and on sunday you can get into disneyland an hour early. Welcome to mw 👋 - DisneyMe2Death   875.0 #256 1-10-13 10:38AM Like  Reply
Thanks. I've actually been on MW since 2010. Just really low Thanks for the info. - whistlinghillbilly  13.0 #10458 1-10-13 10:55AM - stargoddess120   527.4 #460 1-10-13 11:24AM Like  Reply
Hit Detail for the link! - stargoddess120   527.4 #460 1-10-13 11:25AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 10-3-12 8:14PM
So the rain didn't let us work today. So we did something Disney instead. Just to find out we r missing 1 piece.
The same thing happened to me on almost the same spot - GoofyMom77   1162.9 #191 10-3-12 8:15PM Like  Reply
Maybe the dog ate it :/ - DisneyGrandma   891.8 #250 10-3-12 8:18PM Like  Reply
There is a MW that has extra pieces and gives them out but I forgot who it is. Sorry - nicealex77   738.7 #322 10-3-12 10:08PM Like  Reply
That happened to us also. - ToTfan   13.2 #10337 10-3-12 10:44PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 4-22-12 10:17AM
So we want to try the Ho Jo for our next trip but the lady I talked to didn't know anything about the MW discount. Are we supposed to talk to anyone in particular? Thanks in advance for any help.
You have to call the actual hotel and ask for in house reservations. you can either get a MW discount or an AP discount, but not combined.
- Armenda   1186.0 #184 4-22-12 10:22AM Like  Reply
Ask for the "in house" reservation desk ladies. Don't let them transfer you out of the hotel to speak to general reservation peeps. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #201 4-22-12 10:23AM Like  Reply
Awesome. Thanks so much to ya'll. They must have transfered me out of the hotel. I'll try again. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 4-22-12 10:26AM Like  Reply
You can also make them online with the code, which I've forgotten already. :) I did it for this October. I had to search here for the code beforehand. - PeachKay   311.1 #973 4-22-12 10:50AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 4-5-12 7:03AM
Another snowy morning in Alberta. Sooo excited to get down to DL. 26 more days!!! Yay!!!
Holey Snow! Hang in there! Warmer climate awaits you! - MoonWillow   396.2 #657 4-5-12 7:12AM Like  Reply
Ahhh this scares me. I'm coming from a warm sunny so cal to whistler tomorrow!! - Nicole   380.2 #688 4-5-12 7:16AM Like  Reply
Well the skiing will be awesome! - whistlinghillbilly  13.0 #10458 4-5-12 7:22AM
Yeah that's what the weather is saying. I'm just nervous cause I haven't been in that kind of cold in a looooong time, but this trip has given me an excuse to purchase some good snow gear 😃 - Nicole  380.2 #688 4-5-12 7:54AM
I just imagine myself in shorts,t-shirt and sandals, walk-in down main street towards the castle.....ahhhh that's better!! - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 4-5-12 8:19AM Like  Reply
That's some brrrr right there! Have a great trip to DL :) - DisneyDawn   419.1 #616 4-5-12 8:33AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 3-28-12 7:35AM
Mornin -from Alberta. Be there in 34 more days.
Have fun! - Vegan7LuvsStitch   1057.7 #216 3-28-12 7:56AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 3-22-12 8:44PM
This was my day today. Blah. I know I won't see this in DL in just 40 more days. CAN'T WAIT!!
Yikes!!! I can't complain about our California weather!!! - nicealex77   738.7 #322 3-22-12 8:45PM Like  Reply
Yikes! *throws pixie dust on the snow to melt it* - VeloMouseGirl   549.8 #437 3-22-12 8:46PM Like  Reply
Brrrrrrrrr - Disneymomblessedx3   363.1 #737 3-22-12 8:47PM Like  Reply
This is just like MN.  The worst year and a half of my life. - MagicalCaprice   480.7 #516 3-22-12 8:48PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 3-21-12 7:22AM
Mornin all. How are we all doin today?
Goodmorning , doing good ! - DisneyByMarco   1421.1 #151 3-21-12 7:27AM Like  Reply
Good morning. Doing fantastic. - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #189 3-21-12 7:30AM Like  Reply
Wonderful! Good Morning! - DisneyVacationLover   623.7 #383 3-21-12 7:48AM Like  Reply
Good Morning! Well its Wednesday so not too bad. - VintageMamaBear   307.8 #998 3-21-12 7:56AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 3-20-12 9:25AM
Mornin all.
Morning! - Mr.Mousefamily   37.8 #5815 3-20-12 9:27AM Like  Reply
G'morning!! - Pixieliz   310.9 #974 3-20-12 9:28AM Like  Reply
Good Morning!
- MyPark   1298.8 #163 3-20-12 9:29AM Like  Reply
Good morning!! - RCmom   5235.3 #30 3-20-12 9:43AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 3-18-12 9:09AM
Mornin all.44 more days till Disney.
Good morning - 007flipper   569.7 #416 3-18-12 9:12AM Like  Reply
20 sleeps for moi - misschurro   9880.4 #12 3-18-12 9:12AM Like  Reply
wooohoo :P - Happybrandison  242.5 #1598 3-18-12 9:59AM
Yay! - PinkElephants  745.7 #318 3-18-12 10:46AM
Ugh 57 more days for me!!! But it's my paid vacation from work so can't really complain gonna get paid to go to disneyland for a few days!!! Yay can't wait!!! - CourtyAstroBlisters   848.6 #265 3-18-12 10:55AM Like  Reply
Getting paid to go to DL......Doesn't get any better than that!! - whistlinghillbilly  13.0 #10458 3-18-12 10:56AM
Getting paid to go to DL......Doesn't get any better than that!! - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 3-18-12 10:56AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 3-16-12 8:14AM
Mornin all!
Good morning - 007flipper   569.7 #416 3-16-12 8:16AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 2-27-12 6:59PM
So what time do you think the park will be at 100% capacity on the 29th? Any guesses? I'm guessing by 9:30 am.
ugh i hope not that early cause my friend and i wanted to go after school... if it does get full though we will just head to dca or dtd and hang out for a while - acpowers13   148.8 #2910 2-27-12 7:01PM Like  Reply
I hope sometime after midnight, otherwise I can't go. - SorcererD91   8262.3 #15 2-27-12 7:01PM Like  Reply
If the post about a lot of attractions being closed is true then I would think the capacity will be significantly lower. It's a bummer but with so many people expecting a wide open park and a lower capacity being a realistic possibility it may be pretty quick. - cynDOLEwhip   1175.7 #186 2-27-12 7:36PM Like  Reply
I was there today and asked a CM about this issue and they said that the number is upwards of 90k (they can't say). They also said that the last event like this they had, they were close to the number but they didn't turn people away...I hope it'll be like that :/ Also remember, many people will be there for normal hours and will leave so before you leave the park, ask at the gates if they're close to the number so you can decided if you want to leave or not. Hope everyone has fun!!! - DisneyMeeko6   13.9 #10020 2-27-12 9:10PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 2-26-12 8:52PM
I'm just watching the fire works on the web cam right now. It's pretty awesome. Too bad we can't get the sound as well.
Boom! Boom! Boom! There ;) - Melliott   301.2 #1040 2-26-12 8:56PM Like(4)  Reply
That was great Melliot! Can you do Julie Andrews too? - whistlinghillbilly  13.0 #10458 2-26-12 8:58PM
I don't like to show off ;) - Melliott  301.2 #1040 2-26-12 10:10PM
Remember Dreams Come True is on MW Radio, and congrats, you've already unlocked it! Might be fun to try and sync it up with the mattercam.
- HatboxGhost   625.3 #381 2-26-12 9:17PM Like(1)  Reply
I guess its worth a try! - whistlinghillbilly  13.0 #10458 2-26-12 9:21PM
Lol😂 spectacular I loved it! - MarshaMouse   5058.1 #35 2-26-12 10:13PM Like  Reply
63 days and counting. Can't wait!! - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 2-26-12 10:24PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 2-26-12 8:59AM
Can we please go to DL already?
Make a snowman or do snow angels? - MirrorMirror   14.2 #9861 2-26-12 9:02AM Like  Reply
I wish there was snow Like that at my house! - theRealDisneygirlforevr   175.3 #2473 2-26-12 9:03AM Like  Reply
We probably got down to around, maybe, 35 lowest? - theRealDisneygirlforevr   175.3 #2473 2-26-12 9:13AM Like  Reply
60 degrees as a cold day would be welcomed by me. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 2-26-12 9:14AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 2-19-12 7:57AM
So I see lots of talk about the Ho Jo and how good they are are there. We have never stayed there on our trips. Can any one tell me what the rates are like for MW's?
They sponsor Mousewait! I have honestly never seen a bad review about the HoJo ever. Once they even RAKed off a stay. Most online reviews are pretty positive too :) - SteamboatMinnie   310.6 #977 2-19-12 9:44AM Like(2)  Reply
15% off for MW. 20% for AP. also check dates for AP "Retro Rates" (if your an AP holder) those are the best. HoJo, jump in if your in here. I might be wrong - Mouse4life   1850.9 #111 2-19-12 8:00AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks M4L. Sounds great. - whistlinghillbilly  13.0 #10458 2-19-12 8:04AM
We booked a room yesterday as AP's $59.00 a night. We haven't stayed there before, but we know other MWers who are staying the same time as we are and they recommend it! Clean, comfortable beds. When all else fails we use Trip Advisor and read reviews. - NurseDisney  60.2 #4762 2-19-12 9:20AM
We booked a room yesterday as AP's $59.00 a night. We haven't stayed there before, but we know other MWers who are staying the same time as we are and they recommend it! Clean, comfortable beds. When all else fails we use Trip Advisor and read reviews. - NurseDisney   60.2 #4762 2-19-12 9:20AM Like  Reply
I booked a room for a family member and was 237 for two nights - cowboygoofy   219.7 #1890 2-19-12 12:40PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 2-7-12 7:27AM
mornin all
Good morning!! - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #189 2-7-12 7:28AM Like  Reply
Good morning - Melba76   124.8 #3319 2-7-12 7:32AM Like  Reply
Good morning - MikaDreamsEverythingDisney   249.1 #1505 2-7-12 7:50AM Like  Reply
Good Morning :) - Cherry91   434.2 #589 2-7-12 7:57AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-20-12 6:53PM
Just lookin through pics from our last trip. Heimlich's sneaking up on us.
Dad is actually the most excited and happy when we r at the parks.:) - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 1-20-12 7:04PM Like(1)  Reply
what a nice looking family :) - misschurro  9880.4 #12 1-20-12 7:06PM
Well I think it's a lovely picture of your family :) - JazzSingingMermaid   338.6 #816 1-20-12 7:05PM Like(1)  Reply
Well thank you!! - whistlinghillbilly  13.0 #10458 1-20-12 7:11PM
To clarify, the family is lovely. The caterpillar is creepy. - Mouse4life   1850.9 #111 1-20-12 7:15PM Like  Reply
Got it. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 1-20-12 7:24PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-20-12 1:04PM
First thing we do on every trip. A picture then the ride.
Great tradition! - madsdad   1868.2 #109 1-20-12 1:06PM Like  Reply
And cute family! - bluefairy  643.8 #370 1-20-12 1:41PM
Aww, looks like so much fun!
- Spoonful_O_Sugar   713.5 #333 1-20-12 1:09PM Like  Reply
Nice shot. No photo bombers. It's rare to see it this empty. - grumpypapa   12238.0 #10 1-20-12 2:01PM Like  Reply
Wow doesn't look very crowded, just walk on the ride - DisneyAPpass   38.8 #5745 1-20-12 2:03PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-18-11 1:23PM
Howdy ya'll. We r planning a trip for the first of May but want to make sure we miss your local spring break to avoid the huge crowds. Will we be safe the first 2 weeks of May?
Since my birthday is in the first week of May, we've gone many times at that time. Not too bad, but hours may be short during the week (off season). Also, I've been told that Mother's Day is quieter, but I can't confirm since I've never been at the parks on that day. - Bo22   394.7 #661 12-18-11 1:29PM Like(1)  Reply
Excellent....thanks a bunch - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 12-18-11 1:33PM Like  Reply
Anaheim high school district April 2-6 spring break - Loridrives   680.4 #351 12-18-11 1:43PM Like  Reply
And to really answer your question, our spring breaks are usually over by late April. - Bo22   394.7 #661 12-18-11 1:43PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 11-29-11 7:35PM
Trying to watch the fireworks on the web can but the wrong camera is on. What up with that?
Here is some cheese to go with your whine. 😜 - BooEve123   800.9 #282 11-29-11 7:38PM Like(6)  Reply
 - islandRmand  130.6 #3217 11-29-11 7:39PM
Got any French cries? - DizGeek  453.7 #561 11-29-11 7:40PM
When you own the camera you can point it wherever you want - KissDclown   1089.2 #209 11-29-11 7:41PM Like(1)  Reply
Boo, your crackin' me up over here, lately ;) - melissa_ficent   322.8 #899 11-29-11 9:05PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 11-9-11 10:15PM
Hello Disney dwellers.
👋👋👋 - LBChica   2550.8 #69 11-9-11 10:17PM Like  Reply
Helloooo!! - akeleh   293.5 #1093 11-9-11 10:21PM Like  Reply
Hola!!! - Katrayher   781.0 #294 11-9-11 10:24PM Like  Reply
Hi!👋 - Boundin   920.8 #244 11-9-11 10:25PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 8-30-11 6:15PM
Aaaahhh!!! A little Disney in every sip.
Cute mug!! - Duchess73   347.3 #785 8-30-11 6:26PM Like  Reply
Love the mug! :) - lynniesue42   232.4 #1723 8-30-11 6:33PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 8-29-11 6:30PM
Crowd index says its not very busy there. Must be an awesome day to be at DL.
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 8-27-11 10:04AM
So I'm an amateur pun trader and I see lots of posts about grape soda pins. They seem to be desired. What is the reason?
Have you seen up? Also when first released the were very hard to find - Pixarprincess   544.5 #441 8-27-11 10:05AM Like  Reply
I'm bad at making puns. So I can't trade with you. I apologize - Starr   550.3 #436 8-27-11 10:09AM Like  Reply
@ start-Haha. Pins. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 8-27-11 10:11AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 7-9-11 9:24AM
Hello kimmie
Hey you! Wish I was in DL with u right now! Kids ready ..... walking down mainstreet & getting a white chocolate mocha!!!! - PrincessConswayla   5.1 #20452 7-9-11 9:35AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 7-5-11 10:08AM
Just checking wait times and seems like most rides are closed. Is that right? Why?
Security sweep for the arrival of crowd lady - Zooter   1414.4 #152 7-5-11 10:09AM Like  Reply
No one has opened the attraction yet maybe? - CaliCanuck   534.4 #455 7-5-11 10:10AM Like  Reply
someone has to update the wait times - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1021 7-5-11 10:21AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-26-11 8:15PM
How's the new mermaid ride?
So cute!! :) everyone needs to ride it atleast once - princessJordan   498.8 #494 6-26-11 8:19PM Like  Reply
I was disappeared the first time I rode, but the second time I looked at it like a child would, and it was cute. :D - kristeee22   105.3 #3710 6-26-11 8:22PM Like  Reply
Very cute!!!  - AlwaysDreaming   254.9 #1441 6-26-11 8:44PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-26-11 7:16PM
When am I allowed to go to DL?
Whenever you want as long as you got money to go in - DLR_Fan   275.0 #1260 6-26-11 7:16PM Like  Reply
Right now! I give u permission! - ilovedisney77   37.6 #5837 6-26-11 7:17PM Like  Reply
When you purchase your pass....and an AP for me, please :) - StephiePooh   572.7 #412 6-26-11 7:20PM Like  Reply
DL via Tortuga. sounds like fun. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 6-26-11 7:23PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-25-11 3:22PM
Suggestions on which hotel across the street from DL you would recommend?
As always, I recommend the Annabella - BrettX209   266.1 #1341 6-25-11 3:23PM Like  Reply
Definitely not clarion!! Worst hotel ive ever stayed at. Looking to try red lion or annabella next time. - gomezinc   24.2 #7299 6-25-11 3:23PM Like  Reply
I always stay at carousel. I love that the pool is on the roof and I can watch the fireworks from their room. Always have great service and comfy beds with soft linen. - ljoy   5.1 #20449 6-25-11 9:33PM Like  Reply
Desert inn is good. As well as the best westerns right there. And a little down is hojos and marriott. - TheRealEvilQueen   25.1 #7159 6-25-11 9:35PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-15-11 11:52AM
Will there be fireworks tonite and if so what time. I want to watch it on the web cam.
They start right after 9:30pm - BaseballMickey   9141.5 #14 6-15-11 12:33PM Like  Reply
Sometimes they can get canceled due to high winds, but I have only experiened a cancellation once. So just a note that when the wind is blowing the show can get postponed or canceled - Disneymba   39.3 #5720 6-15-11 12:47PM Like  Reply
check events schedule on the dashboard... - toph   2418.2 #75 6-15-11 12:58PM Like  Reply
If ever on the 5 please do NOT stop and watch the fireworks!!! a friend of mine who is CHP said that is a problem. Also my father inlaw works as a mechanic at DL said HR was driving a gas truck backstage and a piro shell landed in front of the truck and exploded under it. Said it looked cool but way scary. - mexman   12.9 #10487 6-15-11 1:51PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-14-11 7:50PM
Does anyone know what the R means after all the replies and why mine says RED?
See - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 6-14-11 7:50PM Like  Reply
Report Edit Delete - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2488 6-14-11 7:51PM Like  Reply
its red when u report someone, i think, i never reported anyone, lol - JimW   1074.1 #213 6-14-11 7:55PM Like  Reply
It means report - cbeast   37.4 #5848 6-14-11 8:22PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-13-11 10:11PM
How does a guy watch the live web cam of the fireworks?
just turn on the webcam at the time of fireworks and you're all set, the rest is automatic (such as rotating the camera) and to view the live webcam, its accessible on MW in the main menu under live webcam or go to Google and search hojo mattercam and you should find it - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1021 6-13-11 10:19PM Like  Reply
Carefully my good man. Carefully. - SoloSiyoNqoba   601.7 #399 6-13-11 10:21PM Like  Reply
the web cam that shows on my phone does not rotate shows like the loading area at where the TS busses drop you off ?? - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1300 6-13-11 10:44PM Like  Reply
it most of the time works but sometimes doesnt... its the first showing of WoC and then its fireworks - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1021 6-13-11 11:39PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-13-11 9:37PM
We are thinking of heading to DL in October. What are the crowds likes that time of year? Would you recommend it for a family with three young kids?
We love going in October because the weather is great, crowds are usually not too bad & we love all the Halloween decorations. I hope this helps you with your decision. We're going this October to celebrate our daughter's 3rd birthday - VikkiMouse   182.2 #2387 6-13-11 9:44PM Like  Reply
October in my opinion is the best month of the year in terms of crowds and weather, so I say you've picked the perfect time! - stratdad   291.9 #1104 6-13-11 9:44PM Like  Reply
The greedy me would say, "Don't go then!!!!", but honestly, that's the best time to go....waaaaay less crowded, hotel prices are lower (and less crowded also), and the Halloween decs are cool too! - gobigdan   11.9 #11089 6-13-11 11:56PM Like  Reply
That's when we have chosen to go. When your trips are few and far between, you want to make the most of it. And for us, that means spending as little time in lines as possible. October is great for that! - PixieMom   231.6 #1735 6-14-11 12:05AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-11-11 11:11AM
Really missing Disney. Any live pics are appreciated.
I miss it too - McMinnie   24.0 #7334 6-11-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 6-11-11 8:14AM
Good mornin all. When we were there in Feb critter country wad closed. Did they make any changes to splash mountain?
Just spruced everything up! The track feels a bit faster in a few spots and the water is turned up, so you'll get soaked! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   713.5 #333 6-11-11 8:18AM Like  Reply
They installed some new eyes on the owl you see at the first hill - MayBie   1885.6 #108 6-11-11 8:24AM Like  Reply
Fresh paint also - cbreezy51   6.2 #17372 6-11-11 8:26AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 4-23-11 5:14PM
Love the live pics from everyone. Helps us long distance MW's to feel a little closer. Thanks to all.
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-27-11 2:13PM
Has anyone ever heard of a mob flash dance happening at Disney, and what would they think of that? Cause that would be awesome!
- cenicienta   323.8 #893 1-27-11 2:14PM Like  Reply
Um, I think we should try to make this happen in May.... - cenicienta   323.8 #893 1-27-11 2:15PM Like  Reply
I love Flash Mobs!!!! I would so do it if someone choreographs! I'll help! - LisaKL   748.4 #314 1-27-11 5:07PM Like  Reply
If we can do this in the esplanade, film it, get it on YouTube, go viral, get on the news before you know it, Obamas on MW. - CxD_CM   518.6 #470 1-27-11 5:16PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-26-11 4:52PM
Can someone please take and post a pic of the crowd so I can see how not busy it is right now? We are coming next week and are so excited! Thanks so much.
I said please. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 1-26-11 4:55PM Like  Reply
Just look at the wait times...that will give you a good idea - Dave   13913.3 #8 1-26-11 4:57PM Like  Reply
That's true but kids like to see it live. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 1-26-11 4:58PM Like  Reply
I would if I was there! - disney42dude(CM)   522.2 #465 1-26-11 5:00PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-24-11 4:22PM
4 more days till we are heading for sunny DL. Can't wait!!!!
Lucky  - dopeyluvr215   152.8 #2845 1-24-11 4:22PM Like  Reply
How cool  - goofball   475.1 #528 1-24-11 4:29PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-23-11 1:52PM
Is there any way the average Joe can eat at 33, or is it a strictly members only place?
It average Joe is invited by a member, average Joe may be entertained to Club 33 - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #201 1-23-11 1:55PM Like  Reply
What about the average Jane? Lol just kidding... - Pinup Princess   174.5 #2488 1-23-11 1:57PM Like  Reply
Members only you have to know someone with a membership from what I have read. - mrssumr   70.4 #4424 1-23-11 1:58PM Like  Reply
What H3D said. Only if you are a member, or if you are invited by a member. - Amanda   120.7 #3398 1-23-11 1:58PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-11-11 7:55PM
I heard that the Aladdin show was being changed to toy story. Is that true. Has it happened yet?
It was supposed to close last year until they "extended" it. The plan is to change it to Toy Story which in my opinion is a horrible replacement. They spent millions on making that stage. I vote for The Lion King. - goinghometime   24.3 #7278 1-11-11 7:57PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-8-11 5:27PM
I am unfamiliar with the Lillybelle. Can some one please tell me what it is? It looks pretty neat from the pics.
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-3-11 6:45PM
Everyone is talking about the California letters being removed. Is that just to be refurbished, or will they be gone for good?
Gone for good.. - kyoto_sparkle   150.2 #2888 1-3-11 6:45PM Like  Reply
Gone for good but rumor has it that they may appear after the renovation. - TeenMickey   389.0 #670 1-3-11 6:45PM Like  Reply
rumor is they will be placed somewhere in SoCal - WickedWench   579.9 #409 1-3-11 6:49PM Like  Reply
**SNIFFLES** - StephiePooh   572.7 #412 1-3-11 6:53PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 1-1-11 11:52AM
Which park is electronica shown in?
Hollywood Backlot, DCA. - iFramedRogerRabbit   1957.6 #104 1-1-11 11:53AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-30-10 9:03AM
Does any one know if the electronica show has replaced one of the other shows or parades or is it in addition to the rest?
It replaced GlowFest. - OutNumberedMom   813.8 #278 12-30-10 9:08AM Like  Reply
I'm really glad elecTRONica replaced Glow Fest! - SweetLadyJess   18.0 #8623 12-30-10 9:21AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-30-10 8:29AM
Good mornin all
Morning - WickedWench   579.9 #409 12-30-10 8:30AM Like  Reply
Good morning. - Mrstefer   116.6 #3486 12-30-10 8:30AM Like  Reply
Good morning! - JustGoofyDad   2402.0 #79 12-30-10 9:00AM Like  Reply
Good morning. - tinkfan   196.3 #2204 12-30-10 9:03AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-29-10 2:15PM
Does the electronica show replace one of the other shows or parades?
It replaced Glow Fest that ended in the summer. They needed something else to pull people into DCA. - bubbaz161   496.4 #496 12-29-10 2:34PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-29-10 2:07PM
I've never seen the electronica show. It must be new? What is it like?
It's like a techno dance party. Really cool! For me it's old cuz it came out months ago. - DisneyAPpass   38.8 #5745 12-29-10 2:09PM Like  Reply
Live DJ, loud music, CM's as dancers in the streets. Video Game arcade with 80's games including TRON. Sometimes they have one of the winners from America's Best Dance Crew perform. Its fun to just hang out and watch or dance along with the crowd! - bubbaz161   496.4 #496 12-29-10 2:19PM Like  Reply
And they serve adult drinks?? I think its gonna be there till April, I look forward to seeing it! - happilyEVERafter   61.4 #4714 12-29-10 2:47PM Like  Reply
felt like a flashback to my husband and i. we used to go to raves before our daughter was born (shes 3 now) but electronica is family friendly compared to what we used to do. - stargoddess120   527.4 #460 12-29-10 4:59PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-29-10 8:53AM
Good morning MWs. Looks pretty miserable out there. If you can put up with the rain probly a nonbusy day to be at the park. Has anyone done Disney in the rain?
Good morning and welcome! Last January we did, it was fun but we got so wet and cold, it was fun going back to the hotel and warming up :) - happilyEVERafter   61.4 #4714 12-29-10 8:55AM Like  Reply
I prefer to do Disney in the rain. - kirsten!   191.6 #2266 12-29-10 8:55AM Like  Reply
As you cam see I finally got a profile picture to upload. Thanks to all who helped walk me through it. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 12-29-10 8:58AM Like  Reply
Disney in the rain is the best. Just try to keep your toes and head dry. Lines are almost empty, but worth dealing with the rain - cobi13   10.9 #11699 12-29-10 8:59AM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-28-10 10:09PM
I'm new at this and still trying to get a picture attached to my profile. Tried going into profile but can't find anything. Any suggestions?
Homepage. Click on your Mouserank, there will be an option in there. Welcome !! - CAWA   36.2 #5942 12-28-10 10:10PM Like  Reply
What CAWA said welcome - MelB   108.6 #3650 12-28-10 10:12PM Like  Reply
Pics on phone. Do you have an iPhone? - PrincessSarah   171.2 #2557 12-28-10 10:29PM Like  Reply
Android-HTC desire .will that not work? - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 12-28-10 10:32PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-28-10 9:48PM
Why can't I get a picture on my profile?
Did you try clicking on your "profile" and loading a pic from there? - BaseballMickey   9141.5 #14 12-28-10 9:49PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-28-10 5:05PM
Are the evenings in DL fairly warm this time of year?
Well warm is relative. If you're comparing to say Chicago this time if year, then yes, DL nights are quite warm. If comparing to Hawaii, not so warm. I find them comfortable with a jacket and scarf most evenings, yet those same evenings I see families bundled up in coats, hats, gloves etc. who are obviously cold. - dLittleMermaid   44.2 #5443 12-28-10 5:09PM Like  Reply
-20's in Edmonton right now, so light jacket weather sounds great. - whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 12-28-10 5:17PM Like  Reply
Usually 40's ish - yeah, pretty okay in jacket and scarf - no need to look like a snow man! - SnowW13   222.6 #1853 12-28-10 5:37PM Like  Reply
I get cold easily so I def look like a snow man during this time at DL.  - @ms_annette   40.5 #5657 12-28-10 5:53PM Like  Reply
13.0 #10458 DL Qual #4321 12-28-10 11:55AM
We are heading there fist week of Feb. Anyone know what the crowds should be like then?
Great on weekdays... - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #106 12-28-10 11:56AM Like  Reply
- whistlinghillbilly   13.0 #10458 12-28-10 1:26PM Like  Reply
Welcome fist week of February is an unknown. Last comment? - E-Ticket   1784.5 #115 12-28-10 1:33PM Like  Reply