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SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 (DL) 
Signature Passholder. Slytherin. Graduated from CSULB, studied FILM, Class of 2014! Was the rebel spy on my third time on Star Tours. Interned for Season 7 of The Doctors TV Show. Instagram: Domtabon Flickr:

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7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-28-17 8:39PM
#MovieNews The official title has been released for the Wreck it Ralph sequel hitting theaters March 9, 2018. "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2" Anyone looking forward to this? I am lol
Sounds stupid. The first one was ok, not great. So he gets downloaded to the internet now?  - Lelundrial   945.1 #233 3-28-17 8:40PM Like  Reply
He breaks the Internet??? Oh no!!! - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-28-17 8:45PM Like  Reply
I loved the first one so I'm excited for a second one!!  - CourtyAstroBlisters   813.7 #273 3-28-17 9:49PM Like  Reply
I'm definitely looking forward to this movie!  I absolutely love the first one! Thank you!  - disneygrandma1   1755.9 #3 3-28-17 10:24PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-27-17 7:33AM
Happy Matterhorn Monday!
Beautiful  - Disneydollarpam   167.7 #2599 3-27-17 7:59AM Like(1)  Reply
Gorgeous!! - sultan   407.3 #625 3-27-17 8:57AM Like(1)  Reply
So !! Happy Matterhorn Monday!! - Hesti4EverAP   80.6 #4176 3-27-17 5:59PM Like(1)  Reply
Picturesque  - Quiweez   1233.3 #168 3-27-17 6:19PM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-25-17 7:23AM
Yesterday's sunset from Paradise Pier.
Absolutely gorgeous photo! - jacdanfan   15102.3 #5 3-25-17 7:28AM Like(2)  Reply
😍😍 - MaddForMansion   1399.3 #149 3-25-17 7:37AM Like(1)  Reply
Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing - quote   300.4 #0 3-26-17 2:57PM Like(1)  Reply
Blah blah blah πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚! It is a stunning view! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 3-26-17 10:30PM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-20-17 7:40AM
A lower view of the Jumping Jellyfish from DCA. It kind of looks like you're looking through seaweed.
Beautiful! They also look like giant flowers pushing through the grass! - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4823.5 #34 3-20-17 8:10AM Like(1)  Reply
Yes it does look through seaweed!! Great picture! - sultan   407.3 #625 3-20-17 8:24AM Like(1)  Reply
Wow! Amazing shot! - DisneyDiane316   2675.0 #64 3-20-17 10:33AM Like  Reply
Great picture! Love the perspective! - Hesti4EverAP   80.6 #4176 3-20-17 6:20PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-18-17 10:29PM
Quite a long road to reach the end of this model. I love all the details!
What a neat photo  - DeadliestPassholder   449.2 #553 3-18-17 10:44PM Like  Reply
Awesome pic - Ilovegoofy   281.5 #1177 3-18-17 11:05PM Like  Reply
Where did you find this model? It looks so cool!  - RylieFoundNemo1227   82.1 #4137 3-19-17 5:34AM Like  Reply
I believe it's in Sarge's in Cars Land.  I know it's in a store on the right if you're looking towards City Hall. πŸ˜ƒ - AngiMouse  568.4 #407 3-19-17 8:52AM
Yep, what Angimouse said.  Not directly across, but slightly across the entrance for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 3-19-17 10:35AM
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-18-17 10:23AM
Welcome to (mini) Radiator Springs!
Such a perfect picture! - DisneyDiane316   2675.0 #64 3-18-17 10:32AM Like  Reply
I like how the town slowly lights up then goes dark just like outside!😍 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-18-17 11:50AM Like  Reply
Bokeh 😍😍 - misschurro   9368.2 #12 3-18-17 11:57AM Like  Reply
nice! - MsTikiMermadam   2144.2 #88 3-18-17 2:25PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-17-17 9:35PM
#Live from Mater's Junkyard Jamboree!
That ride makes me giggle - Ilovegoofy   281.5 #1177 3-17-17 9:59PM Like(2)  Reply
Same. Endless giggles all around. - DarthTinkerbell  1523.2 #134 3-18-17 12:07AM
Round and round and round you go! - redsoxcarlos   5581.9 #26 3-17-17 9:52PM Like  Reply
Thanks for making tom laugh!  - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-18-17 12:42PM Like  Reply
one of my faves! - MsTikiMermadam   2144.2 #88 3-18-17 2:17PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-17-17 7:16PM
#live from Rivers of America! Sunset Hour is my favorite time to stop and take a pic.
Lovely - carminaire   1090.6 #203 3-17-17 7:17PM Like  Reply
Beautiful - jacdanfan   15102.3 #5 3-17-17 7:20PM Like  Reply
- dianaaa   810.6 #275 3-19-17 5:30AM Like  Reply
! That's amazing! - RylieFoundNemo1227   82.1 #4137 3-19-17 5:31AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-16-17 10:45PM
#Live from the Main Street Electrical Parade! Quite a fast turtle we have here!
That's so cool!  Love it!  - disneygrandma1   1755.9 #3 3-16-17 10:52PM Like(1)  Reply
nice!  i was there too! - MsTikiMermadam   2144.2 #88 3-17-17 12:55AM Like  Reply
- oreolovebug   131.5 #3181 3-17-17 8:49PM Like  Reply
 That is CRAZY COOL!! πŸ˜€βœ¨πŸ˜€βœ¨πŸ˜€βœ¨ - encinitasrunner   257.7 #1409 3-17-17 9:40PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-14-17 2:56PM
#Live from Tomorrowland. Do you think this rocket will take off soon?
Does it have funding? No bucks, no Buck Rogers. πŸš€ - redsoxcarlos   5581.9 #26 3-15-17 6:08AM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro  9368.2 #12 3-15-17 6:11AM
Good morning, misschurro! - redsoxcarlos  5581.9 #26 3-15-17 6:14AM
Are you all boarding, just in case?😘 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-14-17 3:04PM Like  Reply
 Disney should add misting jets to cool the crowd and give the appearance of imminent takeoff. - jacdanfan   15102.3 #5 3-15-17 5:29AM Like  Reply
- dianaaa   810.6 #275 3-19-17 5:31AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-14-17 2:42PM
#Live from the hub! Partners Statue on this nice sunny day!
🌺🌼🌸🌼🌸🌺🌺🌸🌼🌸🌺 - Ilovegoofy   281.5 #1177 3-14-17 2:54PM Like  Reply
     - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 3-14-17 3:10PM Like  Reply
- MsTikiMermadam   2144.2 #88 3-14-17 9:41PM Like  Reply
Very pretty and pink!🌸🌸🌸 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 3-14-17 11:12PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-14-17 2:23PM
#Food the dish on top is the Rustic Bruschetta. That has roasted artichokes, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, and caramelized onions on Crostini with paprika oil and parmesan. I thought it was alright, but it was good enough to try once. Th  More...
I want to try that rustic bruschetta..yummy. - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4823.5 #34 3-14-17 2:34PM Like  Reply
I'm not a fan of mushrooms, that's why I thought it  was alright.  My parents however loved it and finished it quickly lol. - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 3-14-17 2:44PM
Wait, 'shrooms? #dealbreaker  - FrankenWeenieVelinee  4823.5 #34 3-14-17 2:59PM
They both look tasty!  I adore mushrooms, so I would totally go for that bruschetta! - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 3-14-17 3:06PM Like  Reply
I always get the broccolini. - Lelundrial   945.1 #233 3-14-17 3:38PM Like  Reply
Same here, delish!  - madd4disney  277.6 #0 3-14-17 3:48PM
They would have to take the tomatoes out  - Disneydollarpam   167.7 #2599 3-14-17 4:08PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-13-17 1:16PM
Speaking of National napping day, I thought this pic would be appropriate lol.
πŸ’€     - teapotsandteacups   4746.6 #36 3-13-17 1:19PM Like  Reply
Very!! πŸ˜‚ - jacdanfan   15102.3 #5 3-13-17 1:22PM Like  Reply
Haha! I've done this pose....looks way cooler with all of you doing it! - DarthFairy   1259.5 #162 3-13-17 4:19PM Like  Reply
Agreed! I try to do a funny pose, but I always end up just screaming and smiling with my mouth wide open.  - Baymaxfan  336.2 #816 3-13-17 4:45PM
We try to do something funny every time we get to the cameras. Doesn't matter what ride. Thought it was fun with everyone doing it. πŸ˜‚ - DisneyDiane316  2675.0 #64 3-13-17 6:12PM
LOL - MsTikiMermadam   2144.2 #88 3-13-17 11:20PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-12-17 3:46PM
#Live from a couple minutes ago at Carthay Circle Fountain. My bro and I made a quick trip to get our AP buttons.
Pretty 😍😍 - sultan   407.3 #625 3-12-17 3:50PM Like  Reply
Have an awesome time!! - sultan  407.3 #625 3-12-17 3:51PM
- CanStitchTalk   9.9 #12343 3-12-17 4:19PM Like  Reply
So      - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 3-13-17 6:02PM Like  Reply
- jacdanfan   15102.3 #5 3-13-17 6:10PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-11-17 12:39PM
#MWMeetup FrankenWeenieVelinee and I would like to welcome all Mousewaiters to a screening of Disney's upcoming film Beauty and the Beast. The meetup will take place at the AMC Theater at Downtown Disney next Sunday on March 19. Whether t  More...
Yippee! Can't wait!😍😍😍 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-11-17 12:49PM Like  Reply
Yes! It's going to be such a great time. Thanks Dom, for being thee Host. 😁 - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4823.5 #34 3-11-17 12:52PM Like  Reply
This will be so fun! Hope all can go! 😍 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-18-17 12:43PM Like  Reply
Bump! Hope you guys can make it! And just to be safe considering how well it's doing in box office so far, purchase your tickets online. - SorcererD91   7328.5 #18 3-18-17 2:24PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-11-17 7:43AM
Hmm, I wonder where this door leads to.
There's one way to find out!   - redsoxcarlos   5581.9 #26 3-11-17 9:15AM Like  Reply
We all love the doors. Someday there may be stickers πŸ˜‰  Picture  - dianaaa   810.6 #275 3-11-17 11:02AM Like  Reply
I want to know where this goes too!πŸ€”πŸ€” - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-11-17 9:13PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-8-17 1:57PM
#Food French onion mac and cheese from the food and wine festival for $7.25. If you like French onion soup and Mac and cheese, you'll love this!
Tagged in: Food  
Awww! Mac n cheese! You must love that!❀❀ - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-8-17 2:00PM Like  Reply
 That looks sooooo - sheridanrabbit   1214.6 #174 3-8-17 2:01PM Like  Reply
That sounds amazing! - dianeburns1998   140.2 #3037 3-8-17 9:28PM Like  Reply
Had it yesterday and it was delicious.. Recommend  - ymart   137.2 #3097 3-12-17 5:20PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-8-17 1:41PM
#Live from the food and wine festival. CM's told us today is a soft opening.
First Red Rose Tavern, and now this!?! Too much new food to try! - BaseballMickey   8950.6 #14 3-8-17 2:40PM Like(3)  Reply
makes want to just hang out at Carnation Cafe!  but all the food festival i have tried has been  really good!   - MsTikiMermadam  2144.2 #88 3-9-17 7:31AM
Challenge accepted.  - Bassplayerswife  1170.2 #184 3-9-17 7:57AM
Ooh! Post any reviews please!  - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-8-17 1:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Anxious to hear about artichokes  - dianaaa   810.6 #275 3-8-17 8:46PM Like  Reply
I'm so excited, we booked a quick visit and will be there Sunday & Monday. We even booked a tequila tasting. - varela2892   108.6 #3635 3-9-17 7:17AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-8-17 12:31PM
A nice sunny day at the hub.
Ooooh! The trees are starting to bloom😍😍😍 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-8-17 12:33PM Like(1)  Reply
- BriarRose406   537.6 #438 3-8-17 12:44PM Like  Reply
- redsoxcarlos   5581.9 #26 3-9-17 6:11AM Like  Reply
Beautiful  - Disneydollarpam   167.7 #2599 3-9-17 6:26AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-4-17 8:25PM
Just got back home and saw this Sorcerer Mickey mug waiting for me! Thank you again so much for this RAK Angimouse! I love it!
Perfect for you! - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-4-17 8:35PM Like(2)  Reply
You're so welcome!!!  I hope it brings magic to each cup of coffee, or hot chocolate, that you drink!! ❀️ - AngiMouse   568.4 #407 3-4-17 8:49PM Like(1)  Reply
Or milk!!! Haha! !! - picturepassport92  614.3 #380 3-4-17 9:56PM
@Angimouse - SorcererD91   7328.5 #18 3-4-17 8:26PM Like  Reply
- Quiweez   1233.3 #168 3-7-17 1:08PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-4-17 7:39PM
I love the sunset views you get from Paradise Bay!
Loooovvveee this shot!!😍😍 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-4-17 7:54PM Like(1)  Reply
- CoachDisney   514.3 #465 3-4-17 8:47PM Like(1)  Reply
- disneymom1   280.8 #1183 3-5-17 10:58AM Like  Reply
Beautiful 🏰🎠🎒🎑 - DDTINK57   437.7 #570 3-5-17 11:11AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-4-17 12:06AM
I was walking around the store, felt a tug on my backpack, turned around, and found my camera on this hand. Ghosts be taking my stuff #Handwatch #ItwasPeeves
πŸ“ΈπŸ‘» - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 3-4-17 12:12AM Like  Reply
This is fun!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-4-17 12:35AM Like  Reply
very cool and nice camera and lensπŸ“· - Plumiegirl   10879.1 #11 3-4-17 8:54PM Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   1259.5 #162 3-4-17 8:55PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-1-17 12:20PM
#MovieNews Update: Trailer has now been released! Thoughts? Personally I think it looks great!
I'm hoping it's as good as the first. That 3rd one was...well, not a fave. Haha. - OhanaPhoto   7088.7 #21 3-2-17 8:06AM Like(4)  Reply
Agreed!  The first was the best, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the second and fourth installments. - DisneyHeidi09  418.6 #607 3-2-17 9:15AM
First was the best! Anxious to see new one - dianaaa  810.6 #275 3-2-17 9:15PM
@valj84DisneyDeppAddict😍😍 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 3-1-17 12:52PM Like(1)  Reply
  - sultan   407.3 #625 3-2-17 8:04AM Like  Reply
Can't wait  - Marcus   63.3 #4619 3-2-17 11:33PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 3-1-17 10:38AM
* Inserts Main Street Electrical Parade music*
   - teapotsandteacups   4746.6 #36 3-2-17 12:52AM Like(1)  Reply
Love all the stickers,  almost like watching  it live πŸ˜‰ - itsmyglassslipper  761.7 #298 3-2-17 12:14PM
  - BriarRose406   537.6 #438 3-1-17 10:41AM Like  Reply
- Bassplayerswife   1170.2 #184 3-2-17 8:20PM Like  Reply
- E-Ticket   1649.2 #121 3-5-17 11:25AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-28-17 5:17PM
Well hey there Jiminy!
I think I missed you hitting 7️⃣0οΈβƒ£πŸ˜€0️⃣!  Congratulations!!! - redsoxcarlos   5581.9 #26 2-28-17 9:02PM Like(1)  Reply
😍❀😍❀ - mommyduchess   316.3 #928 2-28-17 5:18PM Like  Reply
- FrankenWeenieVelinee   4823.5 #34 2-28-17 8:59PM Like  Reply
- vellybelly   28.8 #0 2-28-17 9:10PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-28-17 7:55AM
A quiet night at New Orleans Sq.
Perfect picture for Fat Tuesday!πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’› I learned that purple stands for justice, gold for power and green for faith.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 2-28-17 9:39PM Like(6)  Reply
Perfect! Thx @@@@@RadiatorSprings4Ever!   - Saldogmom  74.8 #4292 2-28-17 9:43PM
Thanks @Saldogmom.  I kind of wondered about that.πŸ˜€ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  3304.2 #52 2-28-17 9:45PM
- Ilovegoofy   281.5 #1177 2-28-17 7:57AM Like(1)  Reply
- jacdanfan   15102.3 #5 3-1-17 5:51AM Like  Reply
- redsoxcarlos   5581.9 #26 3-1-17 6:05AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-27-17 7:50AM
Happy Matterhorn Monday!
Tagged in: Attractions  
I wish it was sunny - Plumiegirl   10879.1 #11 2-27-17 8:16AM Like(2)  Reply
I wish the People Mover was on that track - Quiweez  1233.3 #168 2-27-17 11:34AM
I wish I could turn back time, to the good ol' days. - misschurro  9368.2 #12 2-27-17 11:55AM
Happy matterhorn Monday  - Disneydollarpam   167.7 #2599 2-27-17 8:10AM Like(1)  Reply
Love  the Matterhorn! My grandfather actually helped build it. So crazy how long ago that was - BriarBeauty   124.6 #3303 2-27-17 5:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Great pic!  Happy Matterhorn Monday! - AngiMouse   568.4 #407 2-27-17 8:34PM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-26-17 3:04PM
#Live from Paradise Bay!
Tagged in: Attractions  
5-4-3-2-1  - Goofytom   4728.7 #38 2-26-17 3:06PM Like  Reply
Wow!  - oreolovebug   131.5 #3181 2-26-17 3:09PM Like  Reply
- teapotsandteacups   4746.6 #36 2-27-17 12:41AM Like  Reply
   - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 2-27-17 9:07AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-26-17 2:34PM
#Live from Disneyland! Here's a great view of Elliott and the Tomorrowland Astro Orbitor.
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I hope this stays! They can remove the sign!😍 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 2-26-17 2:46PM Like(2)  Reply
I agree!  - secretagentangel  11913.3 #9 2-26-17 3:03PM
- YoPirate   3164.7 #53 2-26-17 3:08PM Like  Reply
     - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 2-26-17 7:57PM Like  Reply
- ManeStreetMufasa   37.6 #5800 2-27-17 5:39AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-25-17 12:42PM
Wow! The birds do know how to make everyone disappear at the end of their show.
Tagged in: Attractions  
So gorgeous!😍😍 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-25-17 12:44PM Like(2)  Reply
Oh my gosh. I've never seen such a beautiful picture from inside there @SorcererD91 - dianaaa  810.6 #275 2-25-17 4:49PM
🎢Hi ho! Hi ho! - misschurro   9368.2 #12 2-25-17 1:05PM Like(1)  Reply
    - teapotsandteacups   4746.6 #36 2-25-17 10:38PM Like(1)  Reply
- disneygrandma1   1755.9 #3 2-25-17 11:21PM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-23-17 4:23PM
From a few moments ago. It's another day of sun!
- AngiMouse   568.4 #407 2-23-17 4:31PM Like  Reply
So happy to see the sunshine. I miss being warm.  - Bassplayerswife   1170.2 #184 2-23-17 4:31PM Like  Reply
What @Bassplayerswife said - Ilovegoofy  281.5 #1177 2-23-17 8:45PM
- DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 2-23-17 4:52PM Like  Reply
  - BriarRose406   537.6 #438 2-23-17 5:11PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-23-17 2:13PM
#Live from the Hub! Here's a closeup of Donald Duck with the castle in the background.
Lol. it looks like he's taunting those of us that can't be there right now. "nannee-nannee". :) - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4823.5 #34 2-23-17 2:17PM Like(4)  Reply
... boo boo - itsmyglassslipper  761.7 #298 2-23-17 2:25PM
Great pic! - mommyduchess   316.3 #928 2-23-17 2:25PM Like  Reply
I like it! Thanks ☺️for sharing.  - tvdisneylove   270.9 #1283 2-23-17 7:27PM Like  Reply
πŸ’›πŸ’› - Ilovegoofy   281.5 #1177 2-23-17 8:54PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-21-17 4:41PM
one of many spirit statues inside the Great Moments with Mr Lincoln lobby. Getting ready to watch the MSEP video for AP Days.
It's the Gorton's fisherman.  - sawman911   4979.8 #32 2-21-17 5:43PM Like(4)  Reply
That's what I thought and I sang 🎢Trust the Gorton's fishermeeeeen πŸ’›πŸŸπŸŸπŸ˜‚ - misschurro  9368.2 #12 2-21-17 6:29PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Makes me want to have fish sticks for dinner! - DisneyDiane316  2675.0 #64 2-21-17 7:53PM
I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!!!! - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-21-17 5:49PM Like(1)  Reply
🎢 Just lied to me, "There's no other"🎢 - RetroDisneyPins2002  66.3 #4525 2-21-17 6:22PM
Lol!!  - Sharkgrrl19  301.8 #1020 2-21-17 10:06PM
 "Adventure is out there!"    - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 2-22-17 8:31AM Like  Reply
@SpiritOfAdventure -   1610.7 #127 2-22-17 9:14AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-21-17 3:49PM
#live from Paradise Pier!
Wish I were there.  - tapdancemom   23.7 #7338 2-21-17 4:17PM Like  Reply
- RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 2-21-17 4:20PM Like  Reply
- DisLUVney   662.5 #353 2-21-17 9:18PM Like  Reply
- beentoall   1497.7 #0 2-21-17 9:21PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-21-17 3:37PM
#Food Cocoa Chill from Ghirardelli. $8.95 before AP discount. Personally I thought it was alright, I thought the drink texture would be a lot thicker.
Tagged in: Food  
Cocoa chill...πŸ€” is that chocolate milk?? 🍫πŸ₯› - misschurro   9368.2 #12 2-21-17 3:40PM Like  Reply
Pretty much tasted like chocolate milk πŸ˜… - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-21-17 3:55PM
9 dollar cup of chocolate milk πŸ€” -  1610.7 #127 2-21-17 4:13PM
$9. Will buy me a solid meal. - Bobbierocha   377.6 #681 3-8-17 4:10PM Like  Reply
I thought the iced mocha at jack in the box was expensive  - ChristopherRobin661  281.1 #1178 3-8-17 4:33PM
Iβ™₯️solid mealsπŸ˜‚ - misschurro  9368.2 #12 3-8-17 5:05PM
*runs into the kitchen to make a BIG glass of chocolate milk* 🍫πŸ₯› - misschurro   9368.2 #12 3-8-17 4:40PM Like  Reply
This thread is making me laugh for some reason.  Now I want chocolate milk.  Can you make a glass for me too please?!  @@misschurro - ihrtdsny   113.3 #3540 3-8-17 5:03PM Like  Reply
Oh sure! Which kind of milk would you like?  - misschurro  9368.2 #12 3-8-17 5:05PM
*installs bib* can I join the chocolate milk party? -  1610.7 #127 3-8-17 5:08PM
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-21-17 7:34AM
Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket at the hub
And sun😍 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-21-17 11:22AM Like  Reply
For a short time today. - Bobbierocha  377.6 #681 2-21-17 5:22PM
Great picture Pinicchio and Jiminy are my favorite  - dianaaa   810.6 #275 2-21-17 10:33PM Like  Reply
great pix!  gotta make sure to @@  disney on IG! - MsTikiMermadam   2144.2 #88 2-21-17 10:47PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-20-17 7:39PM
#Live from Cars Land! Going in for that Neopolitan shake!
Another great photo. I love the colors! That shake sounds all sorts of yummy too. Putting that on my "to do" list next time we are there. - DarthTinkerbell   1523.2 #134 2-20-17 8:05PM Like(1)  Reply
It's really good! - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-20-17 8:47PM
wow! no noise in this pic at all - BaseballMickey   8950.6 #14 2-20-17 10:45PM Like(1)  Reply
I was actually surprised I was able to get this shot with a 100 ISO on my phone. - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-21-17 12:40AM
Can you taste all the colors?? - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-21-17 11:26AM Like  Reply
  - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 2-21-17 12:29PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-19-17 5:03PM
#Live from the monorail! My dad and I decided to make a short trip to the parks.
Have fun you two - Goofytom   4728.7 #38 2-19-17 5:05PM Like(1)  Reply
 πŸ˜€ - sheridanrabbit   1214.6 #174 2-19-17 5:13PM Like(1)  Reply
- RetroDisneyPins2002   66.3 #4525 2-20-17 7:11AM Like(1)  Reply
- dianaaa   810.6 #275 2-20-17 7:56AM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-17-17 6:24PM
#MovieNews James Earl Jones and Donald Glover are going to be in the live action Lion King film!
Love James Earl Jones!! - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-17-17 10:23PM Like  Reply
Mufasa!!! - redsoxcarlos   5581.9 #26 2-17-17 10:35PM Like  Reply
Oooooo. . . Say it again. - PalousePrincess  27.3 #6809 2-18-17 10:33AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro  9368.2 #12 2-18-17 11:07AM
How can you not cast him as Mufasa?  - BaseballMickey   8950.6 #14 2-17-17 11:06PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-17-17 5:48PM
Beauty and the Beast DCA sneak peek
! Looks great!  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 2-17-17 6:46PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-16-17 4:34PM
Another Day of Sun at Paradise Bay. Pic from a few hours ago.
Looks like a perfect beach to chill on. - DarthTinkerbell   1523.2 #134 2-16-17 4:41PM Like(1)  Reply
Haha I wouldn't mind this view! - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-16-17 5:47PM
What a great shot!  Are you standing next to Goofy's Sky School? - AngiMouse   568.4 #407 2-16-17 4:48PM Like  Reply
Thanks! No, I'm right behind the Jumping Jellyfish. - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-16-17 5:48PM
Oh!!  Great vantage point! - AngiMouse  568.4 #407 2-16-17 7:45PM
Such a nice photograph & you got the sky to cooperate and place the clouds just so!  - Saldogmom   74.8 #4292 2-16-17 8:26PM Like  Reply
This one of my favorite views in DCA - RetroDisneyPins2002   66.3 #4525 2-17-17 5:08AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-15-17 5:18PM
Tagged in: Attractions  
Mine! Mine! Mine! - RetroDisneyPins2002   66.3 #4525 2-15-17 5:20PM Like  Reply
 I think I'll be requesting seagull and a yellow submarine stickersnext weekπŸ˜‚ - Ilovegoofy   281.5 #1177 2-15-17 5:46PM Like  Reply
- DisneyHeidi09  418.6 #607 2-15-17 6:10PM
Mineminemine - FoolishMortal138   770.1 #293 2-16-17 6:23AM Like  Reply
- jajallen15   15.9 #9128 2-16-17 10:13AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-14-17 7:49AM
Happy Valentines Day! Pic taken on Saturday before the flag ceremony.
This is beautiful!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ - MaddForMansion   1399.3 #149 2-14-17 9:39AM Like(2)  Reply
- E-Ticket   1649.2 #121 2-14-17 8:18AM Like(1)  Reply
 Pic!  Happy Valentine's Day!  - AngiMouse   568.4 #407 2-14-17 1:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Love this! πŸ’œ - Tinkertoes83   120.0 #3403 2-14-17 4:35PM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-13-17 11:52AM
#Live from the Showcase theater!
- madd4disney   277.6 #0 2-13-17 12:00PM Like  Reply
How come we didn't see that Friday?? And mind your flashπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-13-17 2:14PM Like  Reply
Where is this? - Plumiegirl   10879.1 #11 2-13-17 6:58PM Like  Reply
It's in the lobby for the sunset showcase theater (Muppet theater) for the beauty and the beast sneak peek. - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-13-17 10:08PM
I need to get over there stat - Plumiegirl  10879.1 #11 2-13-17 10:10PM
Beautiful picture!! - sultan   407.3 #625 2-13-17 7:32PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-12-17 8:31PM
Some bokeh from last night's Main Street Electrical Parade.
Ooooh! Shiny, shiny, sh sh sh shiny 🎼❀❀ - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-12-17 8:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Neat photo. I remember that night. Great seats and great company with @AngiMouse & @JustBrianMouse, a warm blankie and hot cocoa from . It was rather chilly.  - misschurro   9368.2 #12 2-12-17 8:38PM Like(1)  Reply
The hot cocoa was much needed, I was freezing πŸ˜΅πŸ˜…πŸ˜… - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-12-17 8:50PM
It was the best night!  Gotta say there is no one I'd rather cuddle up with than you three for  - AngiMouse  568.4 #407 2-13-17 4:09PM
I love,love,love your pictures!!! Thank you!!!! - varela2892   108.6 #3635 2-13-17 4:15PM Like(1)  Reply
- sultan   407.3 #625 2-13-17 4:29PM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-11-17 9:22PM
Getting a little artsy from the Electrical Parade. Any guesses what part of the parade this is?
This must be the fairies dancing before the Tinkerbell float! - Donaldfan_532   249.3 #1486 2-11-17 10:33PM Like(1)  Reply
Yep!! - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-12-17 12:14AM
The snowmen???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-11-17 9:26PM Like  Reply
Lol sure πŸ˜‚ - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-11-17 10:29PM
I saw them last time! I solemnly swear! 🀞 - secretagentangel  11913.3 #9 2-11-17 11:11PM
The flag float at the end? - ShmoopsyPoo   1.1 #0 2-11-17 11:24PM Like  Reply
Nope - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-12-17 12:15AM
This picture is awesome 😊 I think it's the fairies from the Tinkerbell float?  - Madgesty   909.4 #242 2-12-17 10:01AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-11-17 5:34PM
#Live from Soarin around the world! I love taking pics during golden hour!
Gorgeous!!!!!! - varela2892   108.6 #3635 2-11-17 5:37PM Like(2)  Reply
Beautiful, as always!  - BriarRose406   537.6 #438 2-11-17 5:45PM Like(2)  Reply
Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing - quote   300.4 #0 2-12-17 5:50PM Like(1)  Reply
  - Lilogirl1   133.9 #3144 2-12-17 6:03PM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-11-17 11:37AM
I have no idea what kind of flowers these are, but I couldn't resist taking a pic!
They resemble an African violet. 🌸 - Willierose   2406.6 #77 2-11-17 11:50AM Like  Reply
They're pink flowers  - UTDISNEYFAMILY   3044.5 #56 2-11-17 11:51AM Like  Reply
With green leaves!  - secretagentangel  11913.3 #9 2-11-17 12:09PM
Yep, missed you guys!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  3304.2 #52 2-11-17 7:29PM
Primroses. - Bobbierocha   377.6 #681 2-11-17 12:34PM Like  Reply
I volunteer as Tribute.  - Taunton  2708.0 #62 2-11-17 1:17PM
πŸ˜„ @Taunton - FrankenWeenieVelinee  4823.5 #34 2-11-17 2:26PM
That's a nice photo of those flowers. I think they're primroses too - encinitasrunner   257.7 #1409 2-11-17 7:45PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-10-17 4:01PM
#Live from the empty Fairfax Market!
La La Land?πŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 2-10-17 5:16PM Like(1)  Reply
Wooowww πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what made you think of that? - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-10-17 10:24PM
Something tells me he likes that movie a bit. πŸ˜€ - redsoxcarlos  5581.9 #26 2-10-17 10:42PM
πŸŽΉπŸŽΌπŸŽΆπŸ™of✨ - Ilovegoofy   281.5 #1177 2-10-17 11:32PM Like  Reply
I see what you did there!  - SorcererD91  7328.5 #18 2-11-17 12:38AM
Great symmetry! 😍😍 - carminaire   1090.6 #203 2-11-17 5:09AM Like  Reply
Paradise Pier during yesterday's golden hour.
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  - msdizmaui   1041.1 #217 2-9-17 4:01PM Like(1)  Reply
 Picture - mrsmouse61   211.8 #1989 2-9-17 4:03PM Like  Reply
- teapotsandteacups   4746.6 #36 2-11-17 6:10AM Like  Reply
Beautiful shot!  - LaPearleNoir   3078.1 #55 2-11-17 6:51AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-9-17 2:26PM
I'm actually looking forward to this! Here's a small piece of the structure for Guardians of the galaxy Mission: Breakout!
I'm still trying in mourning for Tower. πŸ˜” - grumpypapa   11414.5 #10 2-9-17 5:28PM Like(1)  Reply
    - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 2-9-17 2:28PM Like  Reply
Looks cool but still not getting the connection to California or Hollywood or even Disney  - msdizmaui   1041.1 #217 2-9-17 6:16PM Like  Reply
I think they just figured since they bought Marvel it's about time they incorporate it into the parks with something other than just the marvel character photo ops. That whole area is rumored to become Marvel themed. - luxkitty  5412.2 #28 2-9-17 6:27PM
Agreed. Seems they are changing to more of a comic book theme. - Bobbierocha  377.6 #681 2-9-17 6:38PM
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-8-17 6:27PM
#Live from the Sorcerer's Workshop! I just noticed this, but if you look closely, you can see all the horoscope signs around the mirror.
Our youngest is terrified of this mirror, and to combat his fears, he has drawn it and the talking mask more times than I can count #reamsofpaper #copingmechanisms πŸ˜‚ - SassafrasDavis   894.3 #243 2-8-17 6:30PM Like(2)  Reply
This is true. πŸ˜‚ #lotsandlots - misschurro  9368.2 #12 2-8-17 8:55PM
I want that mirror!  - luxkitty   5412.2 #28 2-8-17 6:45PM Like  Reply
As a sticker! - MaddForMansion  1399.3 #149 2-8-17 7:09PM
Oh this is awesome!!  Don't know if I've ever noticed it before. - LorisMickeyEars60   206.6 #2056 2-8-17 8:52PM Like  Reply
That is cool - Plumiegirl   10879.1 #11 2-8-17 10:22PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-8-17 5:30PM
#Live from Radiator Springs!
I never tire of this view. Thanks for another amazing photo!! - Bassplayerswife   1170.2 #184 2-8-17 5:43PM Like(3)  Reply
I totally agree with you! 😊 - encinitasrunner  257.7 #1409 2-8-17 6:42PM
Great shot!! - AngiMouse   568.4 #407 2-8-17 5:40PM Like  Reply
Beautiful  - Disneydollarpam   167.7 #2599 2-8-17 6:20PM Like  Reply
I could sit there for minutes and enjoy that view - UTDISNEYFAMILY   3044.5 #56 2-8-17 6:44PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-4-17 8:02AM
From Thursday, submarines passing by and making their way towards the waterfall.
Love the clouds and the submarine and the lagoon and..... everything!❀ - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-4-17 12:41PM Like(1)  Reply
- evilemohand   1627.1 #125 2-4-17 8:06AM Like  Reply
  - encinitasrunner   257.7 #1409 2-4-17 4:20PM Like  Reply
I love this attraction!  I was one of my favorites as a Tomorrowland Attraction Host back in the 80's - BombFrogFormerCM   1090.9 #202 2-4-17 5:13PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-3-17 10:45PM
#Live from the front of the castle during the MSEP intro.
Beautiful ! - sultan   407.3 #625 2-3-17 10:56PM Like  Reply
It's like I'm sitting there watching with you😜 - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 2-3-17 10:57PM Like  Reply
Oooo, pretty! - MJmouse   368.9 #703 2-4-17 9:04AM Like  Reply
Great spot! - LaPearleNoir   3078.1 #55 2-4-17 9:20AM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-3-17 9:40PM
Here's the group photo from tonight. Pika wasn't here, I used photoshop to put him in.
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Great photoshopped  - pikaplaid   7713.4 #16 2-3-17 9:54PM Like  Reply
- debbiev   1711.3 #117 2-3-17 9:56PM Like  Reply
- Taunton   2708.0 #62 2-4-17 7:33AM Like  Reply
 And @@evilemohand made it too!  I don't know all the faces.  - dianaaa   810.6 #275 2-4-17 10:25AM Like  Reply
Yep me and the mini did.. - evilemohand  1627.1 #125 2-4-17 10:51AM
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-3-17 12:05PM
From yesterday, here's a view of the submarine going though the waterfall.
Gorgeous!  - luxkitty   5412.2 #28 2-3-17 1:29PM Like  Reply
Nice!!! πŸ’¦ - MabelMouse   483.7 #493 2-3-17 1:33PM Like  Reply
Beautiful spot   - Donald1967   669.7 #349 2-3-17 6:19PM Like  Reply
- dianaaa   810.6 #275 2-3-17 8:46PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-2-17 3:34PM
From a couple hours ago. Mickey Mouse and the Toontown letters.
The sky is so beautiful! !Makes Mickey  look even cuter!! - picturepassport92   614.3 #380 2-2-17 4:20PM Like(1)  Reply
- BriarRose406   537.6 #438 2-2-17 4:33PM Like(1)  Reply
🎢🎢🎢🎢 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3304.2 #52 2-2-17 9:05PM Like(1)  Reply
- WishIWereThere   332.0 #835 2-3-17 2:42PM Like(1)  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-2-17 1:42PM
#Live had a good time at the parks, now off to work!
   "Heigh-ho, heigh-ho..."   - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 2-2-17 5:57PM Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   1259.5 #162 2-2-17 6:00PM Like  Reply
- RoyalCourtComposer   370.1 #700 2-3-17 1:41PM Like  Reply
- AngiMouse   568.4 #407 2-3-17 1:49PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 2-2-17 12:38PM
#Food the neopolitan shake from Flo's Cafe. It was really good and loved how they added oreo crumbs on the top. $4.69 before AP discount.
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That looks fabulous!!  - DisneyDiane316   2675.0 #64 2-2-17 7:29PM Like(1)  Reply
- tvdisneylove   270.9 #1283 2-2-17 12:45PM Like  Reply
- dianaaa   810.6 #275 3-10-17 7:06PM Like  Reply
That looks so good. Thanks.  - truk78   72.3 #4365 3-10-17 8:29PM Like  Reply
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 1-30-17 7:31PM
#MovieNews So Disney Studios just released the final trailer for the live action film Beauty and the Beast. Thoughts? Anyone love the song played during the last half of the trailer?
I love the beginning of the last trailer and will try to learn it on the pianoπŸ˜€ - secretagentangel   11913.3 #9 1-30-17 7:40PM Like(1)  Reply
I would like tickets to this concert - sultan  407.3 #625 1-30-17 8:04PM
πŸ˜€ - secretagentangel  11913.3 #9 1-30-17 8:26PM
Really looking forward to seeing this movie. It looks beautiful just like the live action Cinderella. Cant wait! - DeadliestPassholder   449.2 #553 1-31-17 7:25AM Like(1)  Reply
- BriarRose406   537.6 #438 2-1-17 10:19AM Like  Reply
I'm not a big Beauty and the Beast fan, *ducks but I think out of all the live action they'll be doing I bet this one will be on top. 😊 - OhanaPhoto   7088.7 #21 2-1-17 10:43AM Like  Reply
Good thing you ducked. My rock just missed your ear.  -  1610.7 #127 2-1-17 11:34AM
This one really does look well done. Enough that I'll see it at the theatre! (And maybe have a popcorn) - secretagentangel  11913.3 #9 2-1-17 11:50AM
7328.5 #18 DL Qual #16 1-30-17 10:42AM
Tinkerbell's float and the Matterhorn in the background.
Ok, so I sorta kinda πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š this. - DarthTinkerbell   1523.2 #134 1-30-17 10:47AM Like(1)  Reply
Can't see Darth or Tink and not think of you! πŸ–€πŸ’šπŸ–€πŸ’š - luxkitty  5412.2 #28 1-30-17 7:10PM
     - DisneyHeidi09   418.6 #607 1-30-17 11:41AM Like(1)  Reply
- teapotsandteacups   4746.6 #36 1-31-17 10:02PM Like  Reply
- LorisMickeyEars60   206.6 #2056 1-31-17 10:47PM Like  Reply