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JennDear  16.5 #9119 (DL) 
I'm a SAHM in Phoenix with serious AP envy!

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16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 6-18-11 9:13PM
A very merry unbirthday to you! . I threw a mad tea party today and it looks so pretty at night...but it makes me wish I was at Disneyland of course! Happy Saturday night MWers!!crap I put this in the wrong area! Sorry!
Well that is very pretty - Popns_carpetbag   346.3 #799 6-18-11 9:16PM Like  Reply
Looks awesome - ProstheticPhred   11.1 #11658 6-18-11 9:17PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-31-11 3:21PM
I know it's not even summer yet, but how cold is it in CA during October? Is it jeans and hoodies weather or can you still wear short sleeves & shorts? I'm dreaming of my next Disney trip which isn't until the MW bday celebration....
I would do shorts and a hoodie. But you can never go wrong with jeans and a light Tshirt. :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #188 5-31-11 3:25PM Like  Reply
All of the above. U can get away with shorts and shirt one part of the day but it could get very chilly near firework time. - WeLoveDisneyland   464.3 #560 5-31-11 3:30PM Like  Reply
It varies. Usually sweatshirt is enough. - Tom   18236.6 #4 5-31-11 3:32PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-27-11 2:13PM
Modern Marvels on History Channel is doing a thing on Walt Disney World right now...
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-27-11 11:49AM
Is there a limit on how much stuff you can buy in Club 33? I don't have a reservation I'm just curious. There's such mystery surrounding the club :)
I doubt it, they probably want you to spend as much money as you have - KelBelle   453.2 #574 5-27-11 11:50AM Like  Reply
It depends on how much stuff they have. Lol! A grad party had them out of and running out of stuff when we went. - Mrsblue   693.1 #349 5-27-11 4:53PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-26-11 9:53PM
This proves how much I love my MW family...I'm in Disneyland, it's the 80's and I'm wearing a fanny pack.
Yes!!! Almost every childhood DL pic of me has a fanny pack in it! But I was cool...I wore mine to the side :) - iDreamAboutDumbo   331.6 #861 5-26-11 10:02PM Like  Reply
Oh I wish Roger was still around. Cool pic! - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #232 5-26-11 10:02PM Like  Reply
I think my shirt had shoulder pads too. Does Roger ever hang out in Toon Town I wonder... - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-26-11 10:21PM Like  Reply
Oh my! Haha! You were too cool for school! ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #188 5-26-11 10:22PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-26-11 7:40PM
I think I'm having a Mad Tea Party in June so I'm watching Alice in Wonderland to get ideas (the Johnny Depp version to start). What are you all up to who aren't in the Parks this lovely evening?
Watching the Angel game on TV. Got a little burnt in the park today so I'm a little grumpy. Oh... awesome, just found out this is a replay from earlier. - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 5-26-11 7:45PM Like  Reply
Watching Tangled w/ my daughter...she turns 6 on Saturday. We're having a Tea Party to celebrate - not of the Mad Hatter kind though :-) - Jewelz   557.9 #440 5-26-11 7:46PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-26-11 10:54AM
Has anyone read this blog, "30 Day Park Hopper?" She went to DLR every day for 30 days and blogged about it. Do you think you could go 30 days in a row and not get sick of it?
Yes. - Sheilamo   318.2 #943 5-26-11 11:06AM Like  Reply
I am pretty sure Dave has been more days in a row than 30 - Mrsblue   693.1 #349 5-26-11 11:15AM Like  Reply
I volunteerto try it and see!!!!! Hehehehe!! - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1058 6-21-11 1:16PM Like  Reply
Lol ill take the challenge but does anyone want to pay for my park hopper? - ilovedisney77   37.6 #5881 6-21-11 1:18PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-25-11 9:50AM
Morning Mousewaiters! Does anyone have a cool Disney ringtone? I want something Disney but I'm not finding anything awesome. What do YOU have?
My sister has a pirates life for me! I love it! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1316 5-25-11 9:54AM Like  Reply
I have a bunch ready to be downloaded to my phone.. I've just been too lazy to sync my itunes for like, months. - AlishaSkellington   175.5 #2488 5-25-11 9:54AM Like  Reply
I have the turnstile re-entry whistle for my notifications - becka_mouse87   8.8 #13510 5-25-11 10:23AM Like  Reply
*turnstyle - becka_mouse87   8.8 #13510 5-25-11 10:26AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-24-11 5:54PM
Everyone say Hi to my husband KinShijei, he just joined the lounge!
Hi! - vegasbrat   435.4 #597 5-24-11 5:55PM Like  Reply
hello! - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1032 5-24-11 5:56PM Like  Reply
Welcome to MW - Candace   1737.8 #123 5-24-11 6:21PM Like  Reply
Welcome!! - beastfearn   131.0 #3222 5-24-11 6:26PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-21-11 11:01AM
If you mail something in Disneyland, does it get a special postmark? Or is it just a regular California/Anaheim one....
There used to be a special post mark, but it's a normal one now. - DisneyPhotoFan   921.7 #247 5-21-11 11:03AM Like  Reply
Good question! I never thought of that! - weaver941   403.9 #653 5-21-11 11:04AM Like  Reply
oh well that's no fun :P - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-21-11 11:04AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-20-11 9:45PM
Has anyone else seen a wedding IN the Park at Disneyland? I think this was around '98 when I saw it, this Asian couple was in this fenced off area close to the castle. It was just the nuptial couple, the minister, and of course Mickey &  More...
Yeah, I think I'd be a little uncomfortable too. But sadly no, I have not seen a wedding  - Dizzie   185.0 #2362 5-20-11 10:42PM Like  Reply
this may be a strange coincidence but when my bf and i went to DL on sunday a few weeks ago we saw an Asian couple in the central hub as well, but it wasn't fenced off...btw how did you get the them to stictch "JennDear" on your ears!?!?!? :D - SkellyMouse   501.4 #505 5-20-11 10:49PM Like  Reply
this may be a strange coincidence but when my bf and i went to DL on sunday a few weeks ago we saw an Asian couple in the central hub as well that were dressed in wedding attire, but it wasn't fenced off...btw how did you get the them to stictch "JennDear" on your ears!?!?!? :D - SkellyMouse   501.4 #505 5-20-11 10:50PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-20-11 9:00PM
Are Grape Soda pins a big deal to all pin traders, or is it a MW thing?
To all!! - wicked50   102.2 #3782 5-20-11 9:29PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-20-11 8:59PM
I have a RAK question. If you win, will the person holding it contact you via text or just announce it here on MW? I'm asking because I'm a mom, and sometimes my children expect me to pay attention to them and my husband thinks I should  More...
It's possible, but sometimes people might text you through MW or even let you know on facebook. So maybe you can set up your txt option. :) - Leesha   650.6 #371 5-20-11 9:05PM Like  Reply
I announce the winner on the original feed and I contact them using the text feature because I know people are not always on or forget they entered. I always give 24 hours to respond. :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #188 5-20-11 9:22PM Like  Reply
@JennDear that is truly a historical RAK. Best of luck to those that entered, i do not feel worthy enough to enter :) - SkellyMouse   501.4 #505 5-20-11 9:29PM Like  Reply
Right? People would give a kidney to get into club33! I couldn't enter for mys3elf so I entered for vernswifewickie because I know they would enjoy it! Good luck to you!1 - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #188 5-20-11 9:33PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-20-11 10:40AM
Has anyone here ever stayed in the Dream Suite?
Only in my dreams, I hear Admim has stayed there mult times - JimW   1074.1 #219 5-20-11 10:42AM Like  Reply
Seriously? How did you manage that Admin? - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-20-11 10:56AM Like  Reply
No, but my ex, beths mom did! It was a great story. Her daughter was picked after riding star tours! They got treated like queens the rest of their trip! Her daughter was also mayor of the parade that day! It's a really cool story! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1316 5-20-11 10:58AM Like  Reply
Did she get picked after a CM saw her doing something good or was it just random? I wish they still did that...they wouldn't have to feed me or anything, just let me stay there! I'd even make the beds and clean the toilets! - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-20-11 11:07AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-19-11 10:19PM
So did any MW love connections happen at the reunion? Was there a MW baby concieved?
Yes I impregnated 4 MWers - CptKirk   766.3 #310 5-19-11 10:20PM Like  Reply
 - Disneykidds_HaveWeMet   181.9 #2405 5-19-11 10:20PM Like  Reply
Really. Let's not lower ourselves to the likes of other unamed Disney fan groups. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #208 5-19-11 10:36PM Like  Reply
 - ERICKA   491.5 #513 5-19-11 10:36PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-19-11 1:07PM
This is me giving away a Disney paperbag album as a RAK last Friday....but I forgot your name! If this is you please say hey! :). We both had MW buttons on our bags, it was so cool to meet another MWer!
That's Cyndaws! - KAA   357.4 #765 5-19-11 1:10PM Like  Reply
Cyndaws. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #109 5-19-11 1:12PM Like  Reply
I was having Droid problems and when I got back to work it has been crazy with being shorthanded and because of lack of sleep . - cyndaws   258.0 #1428 5-19-11 10:25PM Like  Reply
It was nice meeting you!! - cyndaws   258.0 #1428 5-19-11 10:27PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-18-11 5:55PM
Hello Mousewaiters!!! Hope you're having a Magical day! Xoxox~Kira
Omg such a cute lil baby! Love her! - RickeyCalifornia   158.1 #2774 5-18-11 5:56PM Like  Reply
Lol she's a girl. I'm afraid I'm to blame for her no hair....inwas bald until after I turned 2! - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-18-11 5:57PM Like  Reply
So adorable  - patriciajz   336.4 #839 5-19-11 7:37AM Like  Reply
Good Morning Kutie Kira!!! - wicked50   102.2 #3782 5-19-11 7:44AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-18-11 3:14PM
Okay MWers, I need help convincing the hubster that it's really better to stay in a Disney hotel than a non-Disney hotel. Can you give me any special perks besides the Character Breakfast & Magic Mornings that might sway him?
closer. but which other hotel are we comparing it to? How many days? # of guests? - misschurro   10248.0 #12 5-18-11 3:16PM Like  Reply
Basically a cheaper one...we have two little ones a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old. The Disney hotels are way more expensive than the ones outside the park (we're usually a Quality Inn type of family) but I would like to stay at the Dland hotel for my bday. Seeing the post w/the chocolate covered cherries & champagne earlier got me thinking-Disney hotel = more magic! - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-18-11 3:19PM Like  Reply
SoS I'm with you all the way on the "Disney bubble"! We stayed at the DL hotel and didn't leave DLR property for six days. Everything was perfect from the second we woke up, all day long, and then collapsed into those deliciously comfortable beds at night! I would not stay anywhere else but an on-site hotel :) and there is no hassle with a shuttle, it's faster to get in to the parks, magic mornings are sweet, oh the list goes on! @JennDear, just play the "It's my Birthday" card  you're a busy mom and you deserve it! - TandAlly   213.5 #1988 5-18-11 3:51PM Like  Reply
We just booked our hotel for July, and we did look at the Park Vue, didn't realize it was that close. We're staying at the Hilton, how's the walk from there? I know exactly where it is, just never walked from there... - dizzycat1969   132.9 #65 5-18-11 3:51PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-18-11 12:53PM
Okay, so we bought our son one of those bubble guns in DL last week. The next day it stopped bubbling. We changed the batteries and it still lights up, but it doesn't make bubbles anymore. It cost $12 so I feel like it should work more  More...
Take it back. They will exchange it, they are very good about these things - JimW   1074.1 #219 5-18-11 12:55PM Like  Reply
DL replaces items that break. We had Minney Sunglasses replaced after screw came out - E-Ticket   1801.8 #116 5-18-11 12:59PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-17-11 3:20PM
Anyone know when the Christmas stuff will go up this year? Do they tell the date?
Usually after Veteran's day I believe. No announcement yet as it's a bit early. - Ht   793.1 #294 5-17-11 3:29PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-17-11 3:07PM
Overheard last week in Disneyland: Dad: Who wants to go see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln? Son: No way he's boring! Daughter: I'll go but I'm gonna read the whole time (she was carrying a Harry Potter, I think 4). LOL!~
good book choice lol, but i've never seen the mt lincoln film - Ashbunn   49.9 #5204 5-17-11 3:10PM Like  Reply
I overhear a lot of funny guests stories like these everyday... - BaseballMickey   9351.2 #14 5-17-11 3:13PM Like  Reply
Well you only have to do it once's not a film so you might be pleasantly surprised! - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-17-11 3:14PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-16-11 3:56PM
Paging ZombieJerky!!! A few days ago I lost a Grape Soda pin and I heard you found one...I'm just curious where you found it to see if it was mine. I don't want it back if it was, I already have 2 more :) I just think it'd be really co  More...
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-16-11 10:52AM
Is anyone here a D23 member?
はい - Butterlina   1655.6 #128 5-16-11 10:53AM Like  Reply
. Me - GrumpYchuck   58.4 #4843 5-16-11 10:57AM Like  Reply
I was for the past 2 years and gave it up this year. - Sasha513   286.6 #1152 5-16-11 11:59AM Like  Reply
Yes. since it started! - cinderelli   509.8 #496 5-16-11 12:01PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-15-11 9:44PM
Is this new Cars Land going to be a separate park or part of California Adventure?
I believe part of California Adventure. - Wicked   285.3 #1164 5-15-11 9:45PM Like  Reply
Same park just different land like a bugs land and paradise pier....etc. - beastfearn   131.0 #3222 5-15-11 9:45PM Like  Reply
It' part of DCA - poohlover24   6.5 #16989 5-15-11 9:47PM Like  Reply
It is gonna be spectacular. I'm not really. Cars fan but I love that they're bringing it to life like that. - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-15-11 9:49PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-15-11 3:18PM
My favorite "calm" ride. I am a sucker for tiny things!
Pretty - Disneyforlife   248.5 #1529 5-15-11 3:19PM Like  Reply
Aww!! It's my favorite!!! Except for the fact I feel like it's gonna cap size any minute!!! - UrsulasTwin   323.7 #910 5-15-11 3:27PM Like  Reply
I love seeing ducks on Storybookland! They're the guard ducks for all the miniatures!! - MaddyinDisneyland   17.0 #8937 5-15-11 10:38PM Like  Reply
aww that patchwork quilt! I used to work on that attraction. :) - candymation   286.1 #1154 5-15-11 10:40PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-15-11 10:30AM
So, how quickly does Disneyland take down the Halloween decorations? I have always wanted to go during that time, but I also want to go for my bday this year which is November 12. Halloween stuff won't still be up then, will it?
That's around the time that Christmas decorations get put up. - LilSterner   5828.4 #27 5-15-11 10:32AM Like  Reply
Ya Halloween decorations are down the day after Halloween then its onto Christmas! - CxD_CM   518.6 #484 5-15-11 10:34AM Like  Reply
I also want to see the Christmas stuff, so that works too. :) - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-15-11 10:42AM Like  Reply
Go during October and celebrate your birthday early. - NikkiMickey   1686.3 #125 5-15-11 10:45AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-15-11 9:33AM
I was researching Club 33 and came across this little story. On one visit, Tickell lost his wallet and $5 his mother had given him. He reported this to her, upset and tearful. Walt Disney himself overheard. "About two shops down was  More...
Sweet story - PIRATADELCARIBE   94.0 #3915 5-15-11 9:38AM Like  Reply
Cool story - Authayma   88.4 #4029 5-15-11 9:39AM Like  Reply
What a great story. - Tinkerbabe   49.2 #5242 5-15-11 9:42AM Like  Reply
Goosebumps and teary eyed........ - WaltSentMe   334.4 #843 5-15-11 9:46AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-14-11 10:17AM
Good morning Mousewaiters!!! I know everyone is gonna have a great time this weekend and I'm so jealous! We leave for home today :(. Thank you for this wonderful app, it really made my visit so much more wonderful!!!! I kissed the tunn  More...
Glad you had a wonderful time! - 007flipper   569.7 #430 5-14-11 10:19AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-13-11 11:18PM
2 grape soda pins in store command left!
and remember. NO RUNNING! - SergZak   3125.8 #59 5-13-11 11:21PM Like  Reply
Wow. I was there at 9pm and a girl at the register said she is buying the last four. Even the CM said she took the last ones! Really disappointing. - MonteKristal   311.7 #984 5-13-11 11:25PM Like  Reply
Happy that you got them. I was lucky to find some at DCA. Got the last two but I wish the CM had known or told be they had a whole bag there! Would have saved me a lot of stress. Oh well... - MonteKristal   311.7 #984 5-13-11 11:34PM Like  Reply
YES! The same thing happened at Westward Ho. We mentioned it in passing and they had some behind the counter! - Sbubbles   159.8 #2743 5-13-11 11:56PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-13-11 10:09PM
I am sooooo bummed!!!! I was wearin my grape soda pin and it fell off!!!! :(. I just got it today. I knew I shouldn't have worn it but I love it. Loved it. If anyone has one and wants to give it up my email is [email protected]...  More...
You have to get pin locks for that one. It's so weighty it's needs the lock to keep it from falling off - Smart.tea   206.7 #2081 5-13-11 10:11PM Like  Reply
 - jjdq   338.0 #832 5-13-11 10:11PM Like  Reply
I'm sooooo sorry D: same thing happened to me walking on Main Street, luckily I heard it and turned around, but the back bent, so now it just sits on a shelf :( I hope you can get another one :) - MinnieYooHoo   219.3 #1909 5-14-11 2:53PM Like  Reply
When I started collecting pins, my best friend bought me this 3D monorail pin with the castle, matterhorn, & grizzly mountain face on it. It was so heavy that the rubber backs fell off like 30 min after I bought it. I was really lucky that the pin itself somehow stayed on. So when I used to keep my pins on my lanyard, I would keep it in my bag when going through crowds or on rides. But my last trip I bought a little pin bag, so now I'm not worried about it. Next trip I'm buying lockig backs for all my pins, just in case - Kimmehface   197.0 #2204 5-15-11 1:26AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-13-11 9:09PM
Who thinks the fireworks will be cancelled tonite?
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-13-11 5:28PM
This is my first RAK so I hope I do this right. I will be in the park by 8pm, not sure what we're doing first. It is a paper bag scrapbook album. You can see pictures of the whole thing on my Facebook page (StudioTwelve Designs). See   More...
Those are so fun to make! Great RAK! - MXPrincess399   817.4 #283 5-13-11 5:28PM Like  Reply
What a cute idea! Wish I was at the parks  have fun! - TandAlly   213.5 #1988 5-13-11 5:38PM Like  Reply
Cindy found me quick!!!! I do sell them but I can't make them very fast. - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-13-11 8:48PM Like  Reply
I was Googling last night trying to find something like this and I couldn't! It's such a coincidence that you posted this. I need to make me one. - Sheilamo   318.2 #943 5-13-11 9:18PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-13-11 3:13PM
Thank to all who pointed us towards the Westward Ho for the grape soda pins....we got the last 2!
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-13-11 2:24PM
Where is the entrance to club 33? I want to take my pic next to it since I am 33 :)
Across from the exit of potc - Sasha513   286.6 #1152 5-13-11 2:25PM Like  Reply
By the exit of potc - you_rang   251.0 #1492 5-13-11 2:25PM Like  Reply
To the immediate right of the Blue Bayou entrance. - PrinceCorey   4613.0 #40 5-13-11 2:28PM Like  Reply
Thank you! I am in line for pirates right now :) - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-13-11 2:30PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-12-11 1:38PM
Indy is closed! "momentarily" but who know how long that is :(
Indy closed, what.. That ride never breaks down. :) - Disneybaldie   355.8 #771 5-12-11 1:41PM Like  Reply
Not a fan of the rolling rock!! - wicked50   102.2 #3782 5-12-11 1:45PM Like  Reply
Grrr, Matterhorn is down for 35 too. - MontanaMouse_CM   311.8 #982 5-12-11 1:45PM Like  Reply
It's open now. - MontanaMouse_CM   311.8 #982 5-12-11 1:47PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-11-11 11:19PM
Does anyone else miss Light Magic? I wish I could see it again.
Wow, I am the ONLY ONE????? I guess that's why it didn't last very long....but it was so magical to me :) - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-12-11 7:59PM Like  Reply
A really cool one was Spectro Magic at WDW! Look it up on youtube! the music was soooo good. - CxD_CM   518.6 #484 5-12-11 8:01PM Like  Reply
You are not alone. I liked the music and the lights.  - Dopeygal   308.6 #1005 5-12-11 9:10PM Like  Reply
I recorded the special on t.v. when it first came out and then before I got to see it live it was gone. tear:( - Dizney37   55.5 #4947 5-12-11 9:25PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-11-11 11:12PM
Anyone know how much it costs to have a sillouhette cut?
I think is around $10 per person and the frame is another $10 - AlishaSkellington   175.5 #2488 5-11-11 11:14PM Like  Reply
Crap, that's going to add up if we get the whole family. But worth it! - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-11-11 11:20PM Like  Reply
Well I got a discount just got one last week not sure what they did but the discount was taken off I did get 2 frames tho the discount only shows at the bottom of the receipt but it's there - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1308 5-12-11 6:16AM Like  Reply
It was probably off only the frames. Any disney original artwork has no discount. As well as the magic shoppe. Because they are separate from disney. My hubby got a painting of our name in characters last ear in NOS and no discount. And we got our sillouhetts done and no discount. But they could give discount on frames for ten. Also was just there in feb and asked about this pic i liked but was too expensive and they said no discount on original artwork but the did have smaller copies and we could get discount on that. - ImAlwaysCrazy   674.5 #359 5-12-11 6:44AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-11-11 3:29PM
I just met Maynard!!! He's next to the tiki room!
Aw! I just missed it! - JessicaRabbit33   670.3 #361 5-11-11 3:30PM Like  Reply
who is maynard? i keep hearing his name but no clue.... - DannieLand921   30.4 #6564 5-11-11 3:33PM Like  Reply
 mee too!! - MoniMouse   29.3 #6686 5-11-11 3:58PM Like  Reply
No no mjk! Lol - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-11-11 3:59PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-11-11 11:03AM
I'm here!!! WeAring a red dress & yellow shoes....say hey!!! So excited!
HEY! - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #208 5-11-11 11:11AM Like  Reply
hey!!! - Marieeezy   592.5 #410 5-11-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
Enjoy your day Jenn! - mike714   338.1 #831 5-11-11 11:41AM Like  Reply
Hey hey hey! - Melli_mo   533.8 #473 5-11-11 11:49AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-9-11 2:01PM
Has anyone ever rented a wheelchair in DL? My dad will have to have dialysis before we go on Weds, and I'm worried about him walking around too much afterwards. He usually goes home and takes a nap, but who wants to nap when you have Di  More...
Yes,they rent both manual and motorized chairs - drb195   257.1 #1433 5-9-11 2:03PM Like  Reply
I know they do rent them, but I"m wondering if it's a hassle? I know Disney does a great job of making things smooth....but if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear em :) - JennDear   16.5 #9119 5-9-11 2:04PM Like  Reply
You can rent a wheelchair for $35 for the day & when you return it w/your rental ticket, they refund you back $20, so really it only $15 to rent - littlemermaid09   4.3 #24438 5-9-11 2:05PM Like  Reply
it is easy. And you do not need a GAC anymore if you have a wheel chair unless you have more then 6 people or other special needs. - JungleBum   1044.2 #226 5-9-11 2:06PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 5-9-11 9:44AM
Ok I need all the mousewait magic i can get here....I started ralphing last night and we leave for CA tomorrow! This is my worst nightmare-being sick for Disneyland. Send your feel better thoughts towards Phx, AZ please!!
I'm in Tucson so I hope my feel better thoughts reach you quickly. FEEL BETTER SOON!! - DizGeek   453.7 #573 5-9-11 9:45AM Like  Reply
I hope you feel better! - TheGirlWhoHasEverything   205.5 #2093 5-9-11 9:47AM Like  Reply
That's my worst fear cuz we only go once ever year or two. I hope you get better fast. Get plenty of rest and take care of youself. Sending good vibes your way - Hesatalkintome   32.6 #6318 5-9-11 10:01AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-21-11 3:25PM
I finished the scrapbook that I'm going to give as a RAK next month. I'm pretty in love with it so I think I'm gonna make another one for myself! :). More pictures in my flickr http:[email protected]/5641834498/sizes/  More...
Aww I love the buttons! - MayBie   1885.6 #111 4-21-11 6:16PM Like  Reply
How is your txt so big? - skywalker   273.3 #36 4-21-11 6:17PM Like  Reply
Absolutely beautiful! My Disney albums are my favorites. - redrockmickey   150.0 #2907 4-21-11 6:26PM Like  Reply
Looks cool. Next time, shorten your URL at something lik bit.Ly as to avoid breaking the lounge. Helps keep MW working and looking good! - Zooter   1414.4 #154 4-21-11 6:31PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-21-11 8:30AM
Good morning Mousewaiters! Does anyone know if there is a store in Downtown Disney that sells mouse ears?
World of Disney should have them - KAA   357.4 #765 4-21-11 8:31AM Like  Reply
Is Downtown Disney right next to Disneyland & CA Adventure or is it like a mall someplace else.... - JennDear   16.5 #9119 4-21-11 2:16PM Like  Reply
It is connected to DL and DCA. No admission required tho - skywalker   273.3 #36 4-21-11 2:17PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-16-11 12:58PM
When you buy the box dinner for WOC do you sit on the ground or is there picnic tables?
There were open tables when we did it last summer... - wolfmanjason   15.5 #9462 4-16-11 1:00PM Like  Reply
You can buy the picnic any time during the day and eat it anywhere, although there are tables next to the windows. And they give you a fastpass for WOC but I don't think there is seating for that. - TamiPoppins   52.4 #5076 4-16-11 1:02PM Like  Reply
yup, you pick up your picnic box next to blue sky cellar and there are tables where you can eat but you can eat anywhere you want.... and it comes with a fastpass which is a reserved viewing area which is standing room only - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1032 4-16-11 1:15PM Like  Reply
oooohhh, i thought buying the meal meant a reserved place to sit/watch whatever. fastpass is still good. :) thanks folks! - JennDear   16.5 #9119 4-16-11 8:20PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-14-11 1:52PM
Just 27 more days!!!!! I am so beyond excited!!! It's been 11 years since I've been there, that is WAY too long.
Wow...11 years. And to think we get antsy after 11 days of not going! - SergZak   3125.8 #59 4-14-11 1:55PM Like  Reply
Woo hoo - skywalker   273.3 #36 4-14-11 1:55PM Like  Reply
That will be fun its,changed lot - soccerdp9   32.0 #6383 4-14-11 2:06PM Like  Reply
Cool countdown app! Have fun! - TinkerBritt84   24.8 #7260 4-14-11 2:10PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-10-11 12:38PM
Has anyone purchased stuff from the MW Emporium? I'm thinking of getting a shirt or hoodie because the prices are pretty reasonable but I'm wondering about the quality of the stuff....
Bump...anyone help out? - Suzie-Q   437.4 #595 4-10-11 12:59PM Like  Reply
Everyone enjoys the Coaster Corner thong. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #208 4-10-11 1:00PM Like  Reply
Read the description. Their customer service is amazing! Call them if you have any questions. Each order is made uniquely.We have buttons and shirts. - Song   2242.7 #89 4-11-11 12:06PM Like  Reply
OMGosh I thought the Coaster Corner thong was a joke. but nope...there it is!! - shannonie77   172.0 #2553 4-11-11 12:30PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-10-11 9:25AM
I think there needs to be a MW Prom.
 I'd go! - PrinceCorey   4613.0 #40 4-10-11 9:27AM Like  Reply
Ya!!! - Melli_mo   533.8 #473 4-10-11 9:27AM Like  Reply
Do it Candymation!!!! - Plumiegirl   11093.5 #11 4-10-11 10:36AM Like  Reply
This would be fun - GusGus   796.8 #293 4-10-11 11:43AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-9-11 11:36AM
I know the Family Reunion is May 15, but is anything planned for May 14? I might be able to finagle myself into the park that day.
Finagle is my new favorite word. - iFramedRogerRabbit   1957.6 #105 4-9-11 11:37AM Like  Reply
I'm sure there will be lots of MWers there that weekend. Just keep an eye out for the roll call that day  - LBChica   2550.8 #71 4-9-11 11:37AM Like  Reply
May 14th is the day of the Gumball Rally. There will be a few MW teams representing that day. - MimiMouse   1049.1 #222 4-9-11 11:40AM Like  Reply
We plan to be there that weekend. - Mrsblue   693.1 #349 4-9-11 4:28PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-9-11 11:09AM
On this day in 1961 Walt dedicated Snow White's Grotto. This spot is special to me because I discovered it on my own, and I've shown it to a bunch of people that never knew it was there. Have you?
I have not! It'll be on our list for next visit...if we cam find it! - kailikea   161.2 #2726 4-9-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
I didn't know! Where is it at?? - CaptainJill   42.2 #5590 4-9-11 11:20AM Like  Reply
We always take pics there. Often times we will see Snow White herself or other characters doing pics and autographs back there. - TinkerMist   2.0 #63447 4-9-11 6:24PM Like  Reply
@Sam241, you know that is false? Take the Walk in Walt's footsteps they are finally telling the true story - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #109 4-11-11 7:57AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-9-11 8:41AM
For RAKs...the locker one in the park specifically....does it have to be something you purchased? I make scrapbooks, and sell them, and I'd like to make one for the locker. Is that allowed? I sell them for $30 minimum so they're not un  More...
I think a lot of people would really appreciate that RAK! I know I would ;) I love scrapbooking but am too lazy to put it together heheh! - macyDarling   18.1 #8645 4-9-11 8:49AM Like  Reply
You can always do an in park RAK and have a fun question to answer. That way you can meet someone too  - minnieMisty   276.9 #1246 4-9-11 8:49AM Like  Reply
We have had issues with people lurking just to get free stuff. Id have people fond you in park, and if nobody the end of the night... Give it to a random person. Still a RAK :) - michelledork   703.0 #340 4-9-11 8:53AM Like  Reply
A RAK can be whatever you want it to be. Personally, I would love that RAK. The limit I always thought was just a suggestion. - JediStitch   429.7 #607 4-9-11 8:53AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-6-11 11:32AM
A while back the Disney blog had a video of a Mickey meet and greet where Mickey talked. They said they were just testing it out but I'm wondering if anyone here has met that Mickey? I'll try to find the link to the video....
he is in the dance show. But they turn him off for the meet and greet. Hopefully all mickeys will be that way soon. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #109 4-6-11 11:38AM Like  Reply
I never found the video of the one I was talking about, but here's a similar video if anyone wanted to see what I was talking about. I don't know if I could handle Mickey actually speaking to me. I might have a heart attack. - JennDear   16.5 #9119 4-7-11 4:19PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-6-11 10:07AM
My brother & his family are getting 4 day park hopper passes but won't be able to use the 4th day. Can he give them to me or are they in his name?
I am used to having an anual pass but I'm pretty sure they don't have a name on them and u could use them. When I took my 3 cousins to the park it was only because someone had 2 day hoppers and couldn't go the second day. - disney_lvr1   36.8 #5941 4-6-11 10:11AM Like  Reply
:) Yay! That's what I thought. I could not bear to have a day @ Disney go to waste. - JennDear   16.5 #9119 4-6-11 10:12AM Like  Reply
Disney doesn't condone ticket sharing, but no his name is not on the hopper. However, if you stop to do a survey or try to upgrade the pass to an AP, the CMs will ask you what park you entered on the first day or the third day, etc. It's not Disney approved, but just don't get caught! And you didn't hear this from me  - Minnieday   316.0 #959 4-6-11 10:15AM Like  Reply
They might also ask when you enter the park. If you give the ticket to someone make sure you give them info about when the ticket was used the previous 3 days. - Coaster   24665.2 #3 4-6-11 10:47AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-6-11 9:10AM
You guys, I dreamt about MW all night last night!!! I've only been here for a few days and I'm already dreaming about the place. Kind of crazy but I don't mind!
Don't worry. We all do it lol - GodOfWine   536.3 #466 4-6-11 9:29AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-5-11 6:22PM
Does MW have a facebook page?
Yep - BusterBunny   266.3 #1349 4-5-11 6:22PM Like  Reply
Yep - GusGus   796.8 #293 4-5-11 6:23PM Like  Reply
Sure does! - luvdisney1978   46.9 #5348 4-7-11 9:43PM Like  Reply
Ha! When I typed in mousewait it brought up a bunch of you guy's profiles! So you may have a new friend request if your name is "mousewait something" on fb.... - JennDear   16.5 #9119 4-9-11 8:29AM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-5-11 5:42PM
Is creme brulee served anywhere in the parks?
Yes at blue bayou - Dave   13932.7 #9 4-5-11 5:44PM Like  Reply
I beileve they serve it in blue bayou - Stephen   284.6 #1178 4-5-11 5:45PM Like  Reply
Yep @ the blue bayou... Yum! - handydaddy   25.4 #7159 4-5-11 5:53PM Like  Reply
Ooh I hope I can get reservations! - JennDear   16.5 #9119 4-5-11 6:01PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-5-11 10:58AM
Does anyone else collect those smashed pennies you can make? I'm thinking about trying to get all of them next time we're there.
My little brother does. He gets them every time we are in the parks! - minniemommy   7.2 #15664 4-5-11 11:05AM Like  Reply
My daughter does this and they even sell a little book that you can put your collection of smashed pennies in. - Ericksenator   379.6 #701 4-5-11 11:07AM Like  Reply
There's 2 kinds of pennies you want. Brand spanking new ones or ones that are dated 1981 or older. There's more copper in those ones and you'll get the cleanest press. - CaptnKid   25.0 #7238 4-5-11 7:12PM Like  Reply
American pennies and quarters work the best. Canadian pennies press nice but they are dense and sometimes they don't squish enough... - JediTrance   71.7 #4428 4-5-11 7:23PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-5-11 10:41AM
What are the chances of another MWer being in line for the same ride when you're at Disneyland? Do you guys find each other alot?
I wondered that last time I was there. - misschurro   10248.0 #12 4-5-11 10:43AM Like  Reply
Well, the day I met Michael, we took a pic with Mickey at dca. After we posted it. Auz and Michelle recognized us, cuz they were in line behind us! - bluefairy   643.8 #373 4-5-11 11:20AM Like  Reply
I've only met 1 MWer and he saw my MW button on my backpack while we were waiting for the monorail in DTD. - CravingDisney   153.8 #2842 4-5-11 5:10PM Like  Reply
We only met one mwer and that was by the flag pole. My wife recognized him. It was coaster. - acesmagic   122.7 #3366 4-5-11 5:15PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-4-11 9:16PM
I know you can't dress in costume (well adults can't) at Disneyland but what about dressing "theme-y"? I just made up that word. I want to wear a red dress and yellow flats w/a bow kind of like Minnie. I'm thinking about doing a polka   More...
If u can wear minnie ears with. Bow, i don't know y you couldn't just wear the bow. - Mrsblue   693.1 #349 4-4-11 9:22PM Like  Reply
Yeah, that makes sense to me! lol I'm not wearing a polka dot dress or anything. - JennDear   16.5 #9119 4-4-11 9:31PM Like  Reply
We saw a girl yesterday with a bow on that was bigger than a five year old. Lol! I was glad she didn't sit in front of me at Alladin - Mrsblue   693.1 #349 4-4-11 10:18PM Like  Reply
Lol @mrsblue! "a bow bigger than a five year old" hahaha :D - TigerLily   228.0 #1797 4-4-11 10:51PM Like  Reply
16.5 #9119 DL Qual #7023 4-3-11 9:23PM
Hi everyone! Let me tell you I am so excited to find this place. I've never been all that excited about having an iPhone but now I am SO HAPPY I do because it's a link to Disneyland!!! :) I will be going in May with my family. My h  More...
Ok so I went last year in apr for one day and I did lots of planning to make it count. One I downloaded a map and planned the rides I wanted to ride. I started at the right of the park and went clockwise. Also read the tips and secrets on this app too! I hope you guys have fun!! - minnieMisty   276.9 #1246 4-3-11 9:28PM Like  Reply
That's awesome! Welcome! I would start by trolling the DL website and then make yourself thoroughly familiar with all the features on MW, es - BLG   1048.9 #223 4-3-11 9:31PM Like  Reply
Welcome to MW! - KrystalColors   368.7 #729 4-3-11 11:27PM Like  Reply
****** ᏔᏋᏞᏨᎧᎷᏋ****** - MadameLeota   4778.6 #38 4-3-11 11:29PM Like  Reply