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Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 (DL) 
Mom of 2 girls and has a wonderful husband

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49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-19-11 9:24AM
as i'm tracking my food i've noticed I'm under my calorie goal buy a few hundred. Is that a sign of always feeling hungry? also does that also contribute in not losing weight? because I've heard it does.
From what I've read, eating less than 1200 calories a day puts you in starvation mode. But I'm not sure if that's for everyone or just "average" weight. It's probably best to eat more than 1300 or 1400 just to be safe. - TamiPoppins  40.6 #4518 7-19-11 10:45AM Like  Reply
i think i've been around the 1300 a day - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-19-11 11:01AM Like  Reply
bootcamp is going great on day 1 of week 2, and i also found a FULL zumba video online. I'm thinking about trying that too - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-20-11 10:24AM Like  Reply
Soo glad to hear it..I am day 3 week tell where is the zumba vid?? - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2563 7-20-11 8:01PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-15-11 8:06AM
I'm very impressed with myself. I went to the midnight showing last night for harry potter and when I went to get my drink i was good and didn't get a soda. I got the fruit punch even though it's still has sugar it's just a closer. I didn  More...
Ash..congrats to you..That is so awesome!!Not munching at the movies is tough....So what did you think of the movie?...We went to the 12:45 showing..Our friend was at the midnight showing and in 10 theatres it was sold out..when we got there the parking lots were full..people were camping out for the 3 am was in 3 theatres and packed when we got there so we had to sit in the front row..I loved the movie though !!It's hard to say goodbye to the a few times..and then my friend went to mcdonalds..oye..figuring out know how to counter balance that..I am toast today cuz I didn't get to sleep till 4ish..I am going to have to work my buns off to make up for that..My calorie and fat intake are off ther chart already for today..major cardio weekend ..Congrats on doing so well! - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2563 7-15-11 9:26AM Like  Reply
Thanks!! I LOVED the movie and sad to see it end, I was very pleased in how it was made and how close it was to the books. I cried in a few parts too. it was funny hearing all the sniffles from the people who were crying. I wanna go and see it again already - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-15-11 9:43AM Like  Reply
I always bring one of the Crystal Light packages with me to add to a bottle of water - actually I buy the cheap Wal Mart brand! I actually don't like plain water, so I have to mix the flavor in! - msdizmaui  566.2 #276 7-17-11 11:52PM Like  Reply
i don't mind plain water it just needs to be cold or i get heartburn - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-18-11 7:58AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-14-11 4:07PM
Swag Bucks Twitter Trivia Question #3: Where did Mickey Mouse make his 1st appearance? Who did Mickey Mouse replace? In what short did this character 1st have sound?
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-13-11 12:24PM
is it common to get logged out without clicking log out even though i don't leave the page?
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-13-11 10:58AM
ok wish me luck, I've started the 28-day challenge and have already done Day 1 video. It was an intense video, I think i might do it again later today to get another work out in but not sure yet.
WooHOO Ash..good for you!! Congrats girl !..I am on day 3 and they get easier..not cardio any more strength training..Go Ash! - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2563 7-13-11 9:07PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-12-11 10:06AM
good morning, I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the recipes on I'm thinking about trying them (hopefully the hubby don't mind)
I have. Chicken pot pie, pork chops, lasagna. Etc. - miss_rachel  120.2 #2977 7-12-11 11:29AM Like  Reply
cool, i'm gonna try the potatoe fried chicken today since i have all the stuff for that now - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-12-11 1:01PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-11-11 5:43PM
YAY!!! I got my Woody Vinyl today from Disney Movie Rewards. the box was smashed but everything was there :)
My box was smashed too lol but my lotso was just fine :) - TK  138.3 #2701 7-11-11 5:45PM Like  Reply
I didn't get a vinyl but I did get the Pluto pillow pet today from DMR. My lil guy was so excited! - vegasbrat  420.4 #432 7-11-11 5:47PM Like  Reply
Very nice. I only have Rex. I mostly have Muppets. - Chumash28  909.3 #146 7-11-11 5:52PM Like  Reply
I surprised DisneyGirl19 by ordering her one and she got the chaser which she does not have. Whoo hoo! - PrincessDuckie  696.8 #201 7-11-11 5:59PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-11-11 4:25PM
ok did day one of my workout hoping to do it 5 days a week and rest on the weekends to spend time with the family. It's a little hard to do the videos when i have my 2 girls at my feet but i'll do my best.
Keep up the good work ...It is hard with little ones..miss pearl ( my husky) decided it was time to wrestle when I was trying to do crunches!!.. It was so funny!.. I have to do my DVDs when she is sleeping.. - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2563 7-11-11 9:28PM Like  Reply
Sounds like me and my elliptical. I've been pretty good about doing it 5 days - off on weekends. I totally make myself do it - I'm really not into exercise! - msdizmaui  566.2 #276 7-11-11 11:38PM Like  Reply
i know just what you mean, everytime i get on the floor to do an exercise my son thinks its play time, and everytime i do jumping jacks he laughs at me - diznymommy84  215.5 #1615 7-12-11 2:59PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-11-11 2:38PM
just found out that the house we are renting is gonna be put under a short sale, but the landlord said it shouldn't affect our lease that ends in february. I really hope he's right because we don't have the money to move so soon
Not to scare you but please be prepared for anything. Start getting your ducks in order pronto. - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  961.7 #134 7-11-11 2:39PM Like  Reply
I wouldnt believe it do some research on short sales and get some boxes. I hope you get your first and last and deposit back. - Dizkid  305.7 #743 7-11-11 2:42PM Like  Reply
There are laws that protect renters I'd look into it. Especially with all the foreclosures going around these past years. Having lease does not protect u in this type of situation I do know that from first hand experience. - Cricket  224.4 #1502 7-11-11 2:59PM Like  Reply
I'd protect yourself. - Mrs.mouse  513.8 #317 7-11-11 3:18PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-11-11 12:16PM
hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has tried the HCG Diet. I have a friend who did it and one who just started it.
I have not, but o know someone who did it. He lost about 25 lbs in a month. - Mrs.mouse  513.8 #317 7-11-11 1:53PM Like  Reply
ya my friend too, i don't know the total weight she lost but she looks amazing. - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-11-11 4:22PM Like  Reply
I don't think it looks safe, and I wouldn't risk that kind of drastic weight loss unless I was being strictly monitored by a doctor. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.3 #343 7-11-11 8:49PM Like  Reply
Not a fan of these quick fix solutions..exercise and food modification is the only way to go for me.. - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2563 7-11-11 9:46PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-9-11 10:24PM
here is a news video on the "UP" house
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-9-11 8:22PM
yay!! saw cars 2 tonight it. thought it was pretty cute :)
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-8-11 3:27PM
hey I'm new to CHUB33 but not mousewait, does anyone have any advice on exercises to do in the house since it's over 100 degrees here to go for walks.
Get up early and walk or get a fitness dvd. Swimming...... And welcome. We also have a page. - miss_rachel  120.2 #2977 7-8-11 3:50PM Like  Reply
Thanks, I'll look at the website - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-8-11 4:02PM Like  Reply
I'm loving resistance bands lately! I'm even going to pack them in my suitcase when we go on a trip next week ( hopefully I will actually use them!) - MainStreetMom  112.5 #3115 7-9-11 10:48AM Like  Reply
i get up at 5am every other morning to get a good work out in, or you can go later in the evening. Swimming!! - diznymommy84  215.5 #1615 7-9-11 5:00PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-8-11 11:20AM
i noticed that one of the ads is swagbucks and i'm a member do you have to be a new member to get the 30 bucks???
anyone know? - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-8-11 11:30AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-7-11 10:54PM
alright i think i should get ready for bed, think i'm getting a cold that the hubby has right now. Should get the rest I can to get well faster and be able to take care of my little princesses. Good night everyone
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-7-11 8:59PM
The Hubby is watching Miracle. Great movie. Kurt Russel is getting up there in age but still a great actor
That movie is hilarious, my favorite part is the fire dancing part - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-7-11 9:04PM Like  Reply
Oh em gee CS me tooThanks for the heads up that it's on - disneychick  235.8 #1354 7-7-11 9:07PM Like  Reply
I'm sure....its seriously classic!!! - peacelovemickey  350.6 #556 7-7-11 10:37PM Like  Reply
I'm not internationally known but i'm known to rock a microphone...Ryan Reynolds....Miracle is a GREAT movie!!! - toph  2416.6 #39 7-7-11 10:40PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-7-11 11:35AM
has anyone used their Disney Movie Rewards to redeem anything? If so how long did it take when they said it's been shipped?
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-6-11 10:14PM
will you all help my daughter and vote for her please on this gerber photo contest? sorry if I cannot post i didn't see anything in the FAQs that I couldn't.
help please :) if not oh well hehe - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-7-11 8:21AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-6-11 1:24PM
@donnievegas here is a link to an old family picture (before our second daughter was born) you wanted to see the height difference between my husband and I
@donnievegas did you see yet. I guess it's not as bad as I said but the height difference is still a lot lol - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-7-11 11:34AM Like  Reply
How tall are you and hubby? - RickeyCalifornia  157.0 #2412 7-7-11 11:36AM Like  Reply
Get ready! My 13 yr old son suddenly is growing like a weed and just hit the 5'8" mark and still going! Word of shoes in EBay cuz they grow outbid them fast!!!! - RocklinMousewife  259.6 #1097 7-7-11 12:05PM Like  Reply
@rocklin I try to go to once upon a child for the girls shoes first or the mother in-law buys them and I pass them down - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-7-11 11:49PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-1-11 6:23PM
someone had gotten a custom vinyl signed. I know someone on here wanted to get one signed so i say go for it since this person did.
I got mine signed by mousewaiters and Guillermo Del Toro - AuzRoxUrSox  939.2 #140 7-1-11 6:25PM Like  Reply
nice. - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-1-11 6:28PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-1-11 6:19PM
thanks for the info in making the link smaller Rickey i didn't know about that. but here is the link again for the vinyls i thought were cute.
Yay much better!  Those vinyls are really cute! I like the tigger one - RickeyCalifornia  157.0 #2412 7-1-11 6:20PM Like  Reply
I wish there was a piglet one he's my favorite. - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-1-11 6:21PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-1-11 12:36PM
And #2 picture for ride Friday. My 3 yr old in the swinging gondola

Atta girl!  - LBChica  1925.5 #57 7-1-11 12:37PM Like  Reply
Wow, she's much braver than I am! She looks like she's enjoying it too! - ZipadeeMickey  283.0 #872 7-1-11 12:38PM Like  Reply
I thought she was brave too. @Cali she also knows she's cute. Lol - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-4-11 10:22PM Like  Reply
Wow Shes so brave! Hope she had fun! - ilovedisney77  37.6 #4641 7-4-11 10:26PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-1-11 12:34PM
One of 2 pictures for ride Friday. My 11 month old (9 months at the time) on her very first ride

Cutie! - LBChica  1925.5 #57 7-1-11 12:35PM Like  Reply
Very sweet! - Tealtownfan  851.6 #157 7-1-11 12:37PM Like  Reply
Aww, so sweet. :)  - DisneyFanZoe  1106.9 #113 7-1-11 12:51PM Like  Reply
Cutie! - TK  138.3 #2701 7-1-11 12:54PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 7-1-11 9:53AM
does anyone know if there is a way to track a package being sent from Disney Movie Rewards?
anyone??? - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 7-1-11 10:19AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-30-11 5:06PM
I just finished this hat. My daughter loves it

I do too!!! =) - SJCSharkie  315.5 #698 6-30-11 5:09PM Like  Reply
Too cute!  - Dizkid  305.7 #743 6-30-11 5:10PM Like  Reply
@melynamarie it was really easy. every time i make the pom-poms though i always make them different lol - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-30-11 5:28PM Like  Reply
Aw! How cute! :) - kritomiester  332.7 #611 6-30-11 5:30PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-30-11 4:46PM
trying to post a photo from my ipod but it keeps crashing i wonder why.
I can't help you restart ipod - DLR_Fan  248.0 #1211 6-30-11 4:47PM Like  Reply
i might have to try that - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-30-11 4:52PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-28-11 3:20PM
my best friend is the best lol, she doesn't use her reward codes so i asked for them and it gave me enough for the toy story vinyl, i can't wait to see what get
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-23-11 12:27PM
anyone else using the PC to post not able to post a comment? I write in the comment box go to submit but it tells me i need to write
Sign out then sign back in - ERICKA  491.4 #345 6-23-11 12:28PM Like  Reply
On your phone go to your profile and verify your email. - Melli_mo  432.3 #414 6-23-11 12:34PM Like  Reply
Mine said same but then it posted - PopcornYeti  378.6 #490 6-23-11 12:36PM Like  Reply
I'm on my iPod now since I cannot comment but I can post a new thread, I did verify my email though - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-23-11 12:47PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-23-11 11:19AM
very weird i keep trying to change my profile picture but it wont change
Sometimes takes a while to switch over - StephiePooh  572.6 #271 6-23-11 11:21AM Like  Reply
Does it have to be a certain size? I tried a few weeks ago too - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-23-11 11:26AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-20-11 10:48PM
ok i better get to bed before my eyes fall out lol. maybe i'll have some disney dreams Good Night all
Good night - cyndaws  253.8 #1149 6-20-11 10:52PM Like  Reply
Good night! - Katrayher  764.5 #185 6-20-11 10:53PM Like  Reply
Good night!! - Pixieliz  310.9 #716 6-20-11 10:54PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-20-11 9:05PM
i was asked to email admin about a question i had how do i email? is it the text feature or is it something else?
Theres a link on the top for admin, go there - MJisMM  31.0 #4991 6-20-11 9:11PM Like  Reply
From theDashboard, scroll down & select Support - luvMickey  573.3 #269 6-20-11 9:14PM Like  Reply
Thanks!! - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-20-11 9:16PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-20-11 4:25PM
I was wondering if it is possible i can share the link to get my daughter to be one of the 10 finalist to be on the cover of parenting magazine, her photo is a weekly contestant and I want as many votes as possible.
I'm sure if you email Admin (when the dust settles a little) he will let you know if that's cool - CaliCanuck  517.7 #312 6-20-11 4:31PM Like  Reply
ok thanks!! - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-20-11 5:08PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-20-11 10:38AM
how cute is this??? I turned on behinds the scenes at Disneyland on Netflix instant and my 3 yr old and 10.5 month old are excited. the 10.5 month old is upset that IASW is gone on it,
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-16-11 6:50PM
If I RAK off a hat like this would anyone want it?

Oh my goodness that is so cute :D & yes it would be such a cute RAK.. - LovelyTiggerGirl  273.1 #966 6-16-11 6:52PM Like  Reply
Only if it comes with mouse ears... Haha... Jk.... Its very cute! - NatalieluvsStitch  338.9 #586 6-16-11 6:53PM Like  Reply
Ooh ooh I like it!! Very cute. - DizPrincess_Sam  295.0 #801 6-16-11 7:36PM Like  Reply
Very very cute hat!!! - cinderella5  333.1 #610 6-16-11 7:37PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-15-11 10:44AM
Youtube is bringing back memories from my childhood. I just found Dumbo's Circus opening on there. I wish they still had shows like that now.
Oh wow, I remember that show! Don't you love YouTube for that. : ) - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3589.5 #22 6-15-11 10:45AM Like  Reply
Youtube is great, i found so many shows i used to watch. i wish netflix had some. They do have fraggle rock but no one wants to watch them with me lol - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-15-11 10:50AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-15-11 9:57AM
i was just thinking while my daughter was watching disney jr and i was wondering if anyone remembers the show Mousercise? (I think that's what it was called)
i just realized i posted this twice since MW was acting up earlier. I woke up to it every morning too. there was another show that came on right after but i forgot the name of it - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-15-11 9:59AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-15-11 9:10AM
Does anyone remember the show mousersize ( think that's what it's called)
Yep! I use to wake up to that and watch it with a sleepy face on at 6:30a :) - SkellyMouse  501.3 #330 6-15-11 9:12AM Like  Reply
Haha I do! - KissDclown  1089.2 #117 6-15-11 9:22AM Like  Reply
Sure do!!! - Tataandbeyond  80.1 #3578 6-15-11 9:45AM Like  Reply
Sure do!!! - CoralsReef  319.2 #672 6-15-11 9:47AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-9-11 2:11PM
my daughter and i are watching the disney parks video and noticed you can get tours, have anyone taken a tour and does it cost anything?
I know it costs, but I'm not sure how much. Some other mwers have taken tours before, so here's a bump in hopes that they can help out - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #138 6-9-11 2:43PM Like  Reply
ok, i might just look it up to see if my family would like to do it when they go up in a few weeks - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-9-11 2:50PM Like  Reply
thanks! - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-9-11 4:24PM Like  Reply
My hubby and I did a walk in walt's footsteps for my bday a year ago. It was really cool!!! It costs but, I don't know what. - JenAnneWho  300.7 #769 6-9-11 4:31PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-7-11 3:58PM
i'm really sad now my poor ipod is completely not working (well the screen) i hope i can talk the hubby in letting me use $10 of the amazon gift cards i have to purchase anew one and hoping that's the problem
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-7-11 1:21PM
not disney topic but ipod topic. those that have called customer service do they charge after he warranty is up?
Sent you a text for a site that can help you diagnose the problem, order parts, repair it yourself (step by step manuals with pictures). It started in my home town, and I have used it to replace batteries, and screens. Let me know if t doesn't get to you. Oh, no clue on the customer service warranty. - Sugarbuzz  112.8 #3107 6-7-11 1:35PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 6-2-11 8:26AM
since i'm now pretty much dedicated to using the pc for my MW chatting where can i get the emoticon translator thing for firefox?
Hold your iPhone up to the computer screen and press refresh on your iPhone MW. - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1112.9 #109 6-2-11 8:27AM Like  Reply
my ipod screen on the top doesn't respond to the touch so i can't post - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-2-11 8:29AM Like  Reply
 - toph  2416.6 #39 6-2-11 8:50AM Like  Reply
I found it :) - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 6-2-11 8:51AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 11:32PM
well i guess i better go to bed since i can't get the ipod screen to work properly. see everyone in the morning :)
Good night - 007flipper  569.7 #274 5-31-11 11:33PM Like  Reply
Good night!!! - ilovemickey8  321.6 #663 5-31-11 11:35PM Like  Reply
Nite Nite!!! - ZombieJerky  372.1 #506 5-31-11 11:50PM Like  Reply
Goodnight - goofball  454.4 #381 5-31-11 11:51PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 11:19PM
anyone have a great childhood memory from DL? I remember my first time I was 5 and i lost my first tooth when i bit into a Popsicle
name change captain sparrow? - Madi  204.1 #1772 5-31-11 11:23PM Like  Reply
@Captainsparrow, that would change me too - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-31-11 11:26PM Like  Reply
I don't know if it's a "great" memory but it's my strongest childhood Disneyland memory. We were staying at the DLH during the '94 earthquake. The tower was waving back and forth. As we were evacuating down the stairs the walls were cracking. My cousin and I were commenting on the people wearing only the sheets. And they gave us all free orange juice. It was a crazy experience. - ilovemickey8  321.6 #663 5-31-11 11:39PM Like  Reply
I have a memory of being 7 and walking down the boardwalk at the DL hotel. My parents had just bought me a stuffed Minnie, and I remember looking at the palm trees and thinking how happy I was. - Missshelly  692.9 #204 5-31-11 11:45PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 9:23PM
i'm really sad, my ipod is acting up so i really can only post from the pc. the top sec of my screen isn't recognizing the touch. I don't know what to do, i didn't even do anything to it.
anyone have suggestions? I've tried restarting it, i even restored it, cleaned it. I'm thinking i might need a new digitizer - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-31-11 9:41PM Like  Reply
I had a problem with the touch being sluggish and reset it. It worked but it took me a day to remember my settings and password on my wireless router! - Boundin  459.6 #372 5-31-11 9:44PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 6:17PM
I don't know why i'm so interested in the skyway today but does anyone remember where the tomorrowland station was located? My mom said if she remembers right it was located next to innoventions
Yup, right behind the kiosk near the enterance to Autopia. - proudcanuck  478.4 #358 5-31-11 6:18PM Like  Reply
oh ok. We were talking about MW too and when we started talking about the Skyway she said every time she goes over there she says something is missing lol - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-31-11 6:20PM Like  Reply
Remember it well - CaptnSparrow  614.7 #248 5-31-11 6:25PM Like  Reply
proudcanuck remembers well. - Tealtownfan  851.6 #157 5-31-11 6:31PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 5:59PM
ok i'm getting confused here i'm reading things on DL and what does TTA stand for?
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 1:20PM
i'm a proud mommy but also sad my baby girl is growing up too fast she's officially walking and she's only 10 months old
My Princess started walking at 10 months too & she'll be turning 3 this October! They grow up so fast, but it's worth it all to watch them discover the world & accomplish so many things! - VikkiMouse  182.2 #2039 5-31-11 1:28PM Like  Reply
Ya, both my girls walked at the same time. I just got back from her well-check and the Dr, says she's doing great - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-31-11 4:07PM Like  Reply's bitter sweet! They grow so fast! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  961.7 #134 5-31-11 4:08PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 11:02AM
does this bring back memories to anyone. I've never seen it in my life but I think someone here might've
I read their doing something like this in cars land. - mochamistie  272.8 #970 5-31-11 11:04AM Like  Reply
only one way to find out lol, wait for it to open haha - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-31-11 11:08AM Like  Reply
Those look really safe :/ haha! Before my time :) - iDreamAboutDumbo  307.6 #731 5-31-11 11:09AM Like  Reply
oh ya very safe hehe - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-31-11 11:21AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 9:32AM
ok another curious questions lol. over by IASM is the stairs and lights like a stage i believe what is it? let me know it you want me to explain it more.
ummmm. could you be more specific? - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 5-31-11 9:33AM Like  Reply
ok walking from matterhorn and heading to IASW there is this place on the right that has stairs heading up it there are lights and it kinda looks like a small stage - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-31-11 9:37AM Like  Reply
or what Dave said. - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 5-31-11 9:43AM Like  Reply
Not a que first for the motor boat ride? - WeLoveDisneyland  445.7 #396 5-31-11 9:45AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-31-11 8:53AM
my mom (skye30) and I were talking last night about the skyway where is the old fantasyland entrance to it i've seen pictures but not sure about the location. I was just curious.
Isn't it the stairs by Casey jr train? - ERICKA  491.4 #345 5-31-11 8:54AM Like  Reply
Yup, Up in the trees in the North West corner of FL. There have been a few pictures posted. Maybe someone can re-post or bump one. - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 5-31-11 8:54AM Like  Reply
It's hidden among trees to the left of Casey jones Jr ^_^ - SkellyMouse  501.3 #330 5-31-11 8:55AM Like  Reply
i found a picture in google that's why i was asking :) My mom also said that there was an entrance by innoventions too. is that correct? She use to go to DL a lot when she was growing up before she moved outta cali at 16 - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-31-11 8:57AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-26-11 5:45PM
just a curious question. why is club 33 so popular?
Cause it cost lime three million dollars to get in!!! ( well, might as well!) hahaha!!! - Zipitydoodahdad  268.3 #1017 5-26-11 5:47PM Like  Reply
paging CaptainSparrow - toph  2416.6 #39 5-26-11 5:47PM Like  Reply
This will be my once in a lifetime chance. I'm so blessed - AlishaSkellington  175.2 #2131 5-26-11 10:51PM Like  Reply
Talk about Popular! -Wicked sorry that song is stuck in my head. - Knik  453.7 #383 5-26-11 10:52PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-26-11 5:18PM
I was playing a game i got on Game House's website that was free but with ads and an ad came up for the new Star Tours :) just thought it was cool
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-19-11 5:25PM
ok this is semi disney related but I wanted to get others opinion. While i was California my sister in-law bought my POTC4 ticket for tonight and asked if a friend of mine wanted to go so she got hers too. well tonight that friend asked m  More...
Just tell her no!! That's so rude. And especially don't inconvenience your SIL since she bought you the ticket! A friend would not do this to you... - TandAlly  213.5 #1639 5-19-11 5:27PM Like  Reply
Sounds rude to me! I mean you told her you wouldn't fit in the car tanda has a point a friend would understand and be ok with it - Momof2princesses  152.2 #2476 5-19-11 5:33PM Like  Reply
exactly, I love her but she needs to understand when i say no it means no. I hate to argue with people - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-19-11 5:35PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-19-11 4:22PM
So excited to see POTC4 tonight. anyone in the phoenix valley going tonight?
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-19-11 12:41PM
My 3 yr old is watching Berestein Bears and they said they wanted to go to Grizzlyland lol I wonder if it's anything like Disneyland
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-18-11 8:46AM
MOrning everyone, I think I need to restore my computer. Think hubby got spyware on it grrr.
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-17-11 4:27PM
i'm looking at the Toy Story vinyl set on amazon and who is the chaser?
Dr. Evil Porkchop! - MonteKristal  310.6 #718 5-17-11 4:29PM Like  Reply
thanks! - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-17-11 4:30PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-16-11 5:07PM
- Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-16-11 5:08PM Like  Reply
dang computer lol I forgot what i was going to post now - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-16-11 5:08PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-16-11 5:07PM
what sizes do the vinyls come in?
9" and 3" =) - CMMinnieCouture  135.9 #2732 5-16-11 5:12PM Like  Reply
ok thanks, i've seen different ones and was confused - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-16-11 6:47PM Like  Reply
There are tiny 1 1/2" keychain ones too - Zooter  1379.5 #80 5-16-11 6:51PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-16-11 4:50PM
what sizes do the vinyls come in?
1 1/2, 3, and 9 inches. - PrincessCarmen  2584.2 #33 5-16-11 4:53PM Like  Reply
1.5" 3" and 9" I think. There may be other sizes, but those are the most popular. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.3 #343 5-16-11 4:53PM Like  Reply
1 1/2", 3" and 9" - goofball  454.4 #381 5-16-11 4:53PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-16-11 3:52PM
i know someone posted yesterday where i can get the emoticons for firefox, where can i get it so i can view them
anyone!!! - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-16-11 6:48PM Like  Reply
Emoji in the apple app - goofball  454.4 #381 5-16-11 6:50PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-16-11 3:43PM
i know someone posted yesterday where i can get the emoticons for firefox, where can i get it so i can view them
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 9:12PM
Just wanted to add another pic. My daughter dancing with ariel

Cute!! - Dopeygirl78  79.3 #3594 5-15-11 9:13PM Like  Reply
That is so precious!!!!!  - TinkerBritt84  22.4 #5726 5-15-11 9:14PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 8:18PM
Ok iPod charged. We waited in line at the princess faire just for my daughter to see Cinderella. She was so happy

Cute. Love her smile. - Tinkerbabe  49.2 #4208 5-15-11 8:20PM Like  Reply
That's adorable - wonderlandgirl  336.1 #600 5-15-11 8:23PM Like  Reply
Cute Photo!!!! - ghostmom28  63.4 #3870 5-15-11 8:33PM Like  Reply
These are the moments that make Disney so great!!!!! :, ) - TheGirlWhoHasEverything  205.5 #1746 5-15-11 8:34PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 7:42PM
is the only way i can post a pic through the app? My ipod is charging and I posted my Cali pics on FB and I wanted to show off a cute pic of one of my girls with same characters and I don't see a post pic on the computer?
I think you can't :( - TandAlly  213.5 #1639 5-15-11 7:44PM Like  Reply
that's what I thought :( I'll have to wait for my ipod to charge and screen capture and than post. - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-15-11 7:45PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 6:08PM
Juat got back from my 2 week California vacation that included a 4 day trip to the parks. :)
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-3-11 10:37PM
Really loved world of color tonight. The sore feet are worth it
Haha Ik how it feels  - Starspeeder1000  151.9 #2480 5-3-11 10:39PM Like  Reply
Yeah I really wish everyone would stay seated for that one. - DisneyVillainLover  258.4 #1109 5-3-11 10:48PM Like  Reply
Yes and I had someone tall put their child on their shoulders right in front of me but still saw it. We didn't want to unload the girls so we walked back to the hotel - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-3-11 10:52PM Like  Reply
I love woc. Wish you could stay seated though. It's tough with little ones. - angryduck  98.7 #3333 5-3-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-2-11 7:20PM
You can barely see my daughter.

Lol- yeah we have lots of photos like that. I started picking up my daughter for the pic. - MoonWillow  380.9 #483 5-2-11 7:22PM Like  Reply
Where is it taken so we can get her on it next time - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-2-11 7:27PM Like  Reply
Last Zurg room- there is a flashing white light that kind of disguises the camera flash. It takes when you are about the 3rd car into the room. - MoonWillow  380.9 #483 5-2-11 7:30PM Like  Reply
Thanks! - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 5-2-11 7:34PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 5-1-11 7:06PM
Just got to our hotel going to the park tomorrow. I have an iPod so I can't post live pics
Hope you have an amazing time - skywalker  217.6 #32 5-1-11 7:07PM Like  Reply
Have a blast tomorrow...your profile pic is so cute! - mermaidgirl  339.1 #585 5-1-11 7:07PM Like  Reply
Well have fun! - DisneyVillainLover  258.4 #1109 5-1-11 7:26PM Like  Reply
Have a great time!!! - BusterBunny  263.8 #1056 5-1-11 7:43PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-30-11 1:31PM
ok we're getting our stuff together to head up to Cali for or Disneyland trip, I know that there isn't glass containers allowed, but i have a child that is eating baby food and they are in glass jars. do you suggest that I put them in a d  More...
Bring them in a different container or buy the gerber in the plastic containers. No glass is allowed period - Smart.tea  205.4 #1750 4-30-11 1:33PM Like  Reply
You know, when my kids were babies they only had the glass jars, not the plastic like now. I was never hassled about having the glass jars. I'm not sure it's still the same though because my babies are 9 and 10 now. I really don't think it would be a problem though. - tonymichelle  10.3 #8502 4-30-11 1:34PM Like  Reply
@smart.tea I haven't seen any stage 3 in plastic containers. we were thinking to bring a tupperware just in case - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 4-30-11 1:37PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-29-11 10:35AM
I never knew there was a petting zoo at DL now that i know it's there would you recommend me taking my girls? and where exactly is it located?
My kids have fun there & I think they mostly have goats. It's next to Big Thunder Ranch. - weaver941  403.9 #454 4-29-11 10:37AM Like  Reply
ok i know my 9 month old will like trying to pull the hair of the goats lol she does that to the cat - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 4-29-11 10:42AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-28-11 10:54AM
just a random though here while my daughter is watching barney since Selena Gomez and Demi Levato are from disney shows, did you know they were in Barney? My brother pointed it out ot me when we he helped me move and my daughter was watch  More...
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-28-11 8:47AM
think I should finally introduce myself since I've been posting. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 girls the age of 3 and 9 months on Saturday. We are going to be in the park of Monday - Thursday and my 3 yr old is so excited.
Welcome - skywalker  217.6 #32 4-28-11 8:48AM Like  Reply
Hello and welcome! - BashfulDoc  61.3 #3914 4-28-11 8:48AM Like  Reply
All are welcome, all are welcome, go into the light!!!! Dad of three and who knows, may show up next wed!!!! Have a great week!!!  - Zipitydoodahdad  268.3 #1017 4-28-11 9:16AM Like  Reply
Welcome. I will be in the park sun - weds. Have a great time! - Mrstefer  116.6 #3039 4-28-11 9:17AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-27-11 5:01PM
i like this: Disneyland Fun Fact: Tinker Bell’s first flight to ignite the spectacular “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks was in 1961
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-26-11 12:01PM
with it being national pretzel day think DL would give out a free pretzel? lol
CMs can get 40% off at Wetzel's Pretzels today. - BaseballMickey_CM  5348.0 #12 4-26-11 1:10PM Like  Reply
that's awesome, just was curious in what DL does for that day - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 4-26-11 1:21PM Like  Reply
AP holders get 10% off at the DTD Wetzel Pretzels anytime. - DesperateMousewife  878.0 #152 4-26-11 1:28PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-26-11 9:18AM
What a way to get our week before Disneyland started, my 3 yr old is wearing a Belle dress while watching Winnie the Pooh. :) I'm getting excited and excited to see her face when she gets to see the princesses.
There's nothing better than seeing Disneyland through your children - you will have a magical time! - MainStreetMom  112.5 #3115 4-26-11 9:22AM Like  Reply
I get excited just watching Disney commercials!! - wicked50  102.2 #3285 4-26-11 9:24AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-25-11 11:54PM
thinks it's so cute that my 3 yr old won't stop talking about our trip to disneyland next week, she keeps saying mommy we're going to see tinkerbell, cinderella, and lists a bunch of characters
Yay Disneyland! Have a grand magical time at the parks! - DonaldMissingPants  298.6 #780 4-25-11 11:58PM Like  Reply
That is cute!! Is it gonna be her first trip?? - Vegasdsnygurl808  7.0 #10927 4-25-11 11:58PM Like  Reply
it's actually her second time but she was barely 2 so she doesn't remember much and didn't know what to expect so now she more excited - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 4-26-11 12:11AM Like  Reply
Awwwww. - DLlover  19.4 #6094 4-26-11 12:22AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-25-11 2:52PM
Ok 2 questions. I'm new to this so what for RAK stand for and does anyone know how busy next week will be
Random act of kindness. And crowds are starting to die down - skywalker  217.6 #32 4-25-11 2:53PM Like  Reply
Ha ha. I just asked that. I suppose that is what I get for not checking older posts. I did check the FAQ's. - pylesfamily  4.9 #15053 4-25-11 2:54PM Like  Reply
Haha I didn't think of the faqs lol - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 4-25-11 2:55PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-25-11 12:20PM
I just noticed on the Disneyland website that the Sawyer island is closed so is there no water?
I found out what's going on wish I could be there for the pirates 4 - Ashbunn  49.9 #4190 4-25-11 12:25PM Like  Reply
so sad we were gonna do that on Sunday :( oh well looks like it will have to wait - mommy_likes_minnie  270.8 #989 4-25-11 12:39PM Like  Reply
The water is still there. - BaseballMickey_CM  5348.0 #12 4-25-11 1:55PM Like  Reply
I am so bummed I go next week and I really wanted to take my kids there. - Mrstefer  116.6 #3039 4-25-11 1:56PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-23-11 7:50AM
I was wondering how much do those vinyls cost? They're so cute I want them. And can you get them online
Yes you can get them online, you can also buy them off eBay for ones you really want. Cheapest 3" I've seen are $9.95 but most are $12.95 - KAA  357.4 #537 4-23-11 7:52AM Like  Reply
Most Disney stores sell them too - Zooter  1379.5 #80 4-23-11 7:57AM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-22-11 7:33PM
I'm going to Disneyland in about 2 weeks how far in advanced is the best time to get in line for world of color?
Go in the morning and get fast passes - skywalker  217.6 #32 4-22-11 7:35PM Like  Reply
Then get in line when you fast pass states. - Kenry  1293.8 #86 4-22-11 7:36PM Like  Reply
15-25 minutes (depending on how busy the parks are) before the FIRST printed return time on your fastpass... this comes from experience and it works every time ;) and ask CM's where your section will meet - DonaldMissingPants  298.6 #780 4-22-11 7:40PM Like  Reply
49.9 #4190 DL Qual #0 4-22-11 4:03PM
My husband and daughter I don't see a rotate button