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215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-30-12 12:41PM
Not sure if anyone has asked this question but do you know If they are going to let people camp out for the opening day June 15th?
Thanked by:   DisneysBestGuest 
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 8-24-11 7:24PM
Hey Ladies - those who are running the TinkerBell half, check out running skirts web site, they will be making tinker bell inspired gear for the race
How cute! Has it filled up yet? - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 8-25-11 6:24AM Like  Reply
Cool! I really want to dress up for this one. @SOS- yes it's full. - MXPrincess399   817.4 #280 8-25-11 6:25PM Like  Reply
Bummer! I was holding out because of the price--something always came up and the "fun" money just wasn't there this summer. Oh well, there's always next year! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 8-25-11 6:55PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 8-13-11 6:23PM
I have lost 8 pounds so far in this crazy journey. I know its not a lot but it gives me motivation to keep on track. I have not touched fast food in over a month
Awesome! Good for you :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 8-13-11 6:30PM Like  Reply
Great job, keep it up! - NingyMouse   378.4 #700 8-13-11 11:18PM Like  Reply
Yay! I actually haven't eaten fast food since April 15th (before that I was a 3 or 4 times a week junkie!). I hadn't even thought of it until you posted! I guess I'm living proof that you can break the habit! Stay with does get easier! - msdizmaui   1117.4 #203 8-13-11 11:58PM Like  Reply
Hey 8 pounds is awesome!..and no fast food WooHoo..That is fantastic!..Hats off to you! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 8-15-11 12:00PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 8-5-11 8:02PM
Not weight related but I have a 911 dispatch interview in a week and im really hoping to get the job. Anyone out there know anything about this kind of job that could help me out, what to expect on the test?
Good luck with the interview!..I don't have any info on the test. - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 8-5-11 9:44PM Like  Reply I give you credit. I honestly don't think I could do that job (there are always openings on Maui). If you Google "911 dispatch interview", there's all kinds of tips and information. Good luck! - msdizmaui   1117.4 #203 8-6-11 12:28AM Like  Reply
I know they want you to be familar with directions. - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #451 8-6-11 12:11PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 8-3-11 7:05PM
Well me and hubby just got our first townhome, and new bed and mattress and washer and dryer!! But now we cannot afford to go to Disneyland for sometime now. Keep the great pictures comeing cause im going to need them while im away :0(
Congrats on the new place! - FrankyHLYWD   226.6 #44 8-3-11 7:18PM Like  Reply
Congrats and Happy Housewarming!! - sewgirl   342.6 #806 8-3-11 7:22PM Like  Reply
Congrats! Sorry about not being able to go to Disneyland soon. Having a son in college and one playing travel baseball has put us in a similar situation. I just keep making a Disney 'to do' list and putting money away toward the next trip.And of course MouseWait helps a lot. - Dizkid   506.0 #493 8-3-11 7:28PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 7-21-11 2:41PM
Any MouseWaiters going to be at Comic Con tomorrow? Ill be there in my Disney Star Tours shirt, looking for some good Disney stuff. Ill have a RAK if anyone finds me (ill post picture and where abouts in the am)
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 7-19-11 8:38AM
Me and my son Kyle with Maynard - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 7-19-11 8:38AM Like  Reply
Great photo your lil one looks excited !! - DisneyByMarco   1421.8 #153 7-19-11 8:38AM Like  Reply
That picture is classic - BuccanEAR   282.7 #1189 7-19-11 9:19AM Like  Reply
I love your son's expression. - Emlovessmallworld   71.1 #4426 7-19-11 9:20AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 7-14-11 2:45PM
I am 26 and my goal for turning 30 is to do an IronMan. I know iv already posted this on sparkpeople, but is there anyone else out there that has a crazy goal that will push their bodies to the limits?
What is sparkpeople? Unlike you little sis I just want to get through our next half marathon. - Dizney37   55.5 #4933 7-14-11 9:00PM Like  Reply
Used to have crazy goals. My jobs take up too much of my time now. I'm happy with an hour long cardio session and some strength training a few times a week. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 7-15-11 8:52AM Like  Reply
@Mimmy - the tinkerbell 1/2 is in January, its not to late to sign up - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 7-20-11 5:50PM Like  Reply
@diznymomma84 - I'm signed up to do the DL 1/2 in Sept. Started training late tho, so will just have to muddle my way thru it. Haven't signed up yet for Tink, but that's prob a great idea to challenge myself. I have plenty of time left to really buckle down for that one. I need to sign up soon before it fills up. - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 7-20-11 8:35PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 7-13-11 4:34PM
As i am getting ready to go on my lunch break at work and eat my salad i am going to pretend that it is a churro and turkey leg from Disneyland. Hope everyone is having an on track day!
Good for you DM84..I like that idea..Yes had an on plan day..Big salad for dinner..dancing doing latin cardio..teehee - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 7-13-11 9:12PM Like  Reply
Did pretty good. Not much during the day, and a bowl of my South Beach "Chock Full of Veggies" chili for dinner! I think that they should make a S/F churro - it could be rolled in cinammon and Sweet 'n Low! - msdizmaui   1117.4 #203 7-13-11 11:45PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 7-12-11 8:53AM
Love single rider lines
How do you know which rides have them? - Lorp1001   26.0 #7050 7-12-11 8:54AM Like  Reply
It's awesome!! - gfylvr   33.1 #6248 7-12-11 8:55AM Like  Reply
they need more since when I go the hubby don't like some of the rides haha - Ashbunn   49.9 #5190 7-12-11 9:05AM Like  Reply
City hall has always been my go to if I ever have any questions, they are pretty helpful - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 7-12-11 9:08AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 7-6-11 2:12PM
RUN..RUN..RUN ladies to your nearest Old Navy. I stopped by today to find that all work out tank tops are on clearance for 3-4 dollars. To good of a deal for me to not get some plus i got some compression pants and a running skirt for 8 e  More...
Aren't Old Navy sales the best! It's like buying disposable clothes! I will definately head over there tomorrow! - msdizmaui   1117.4 #203 7-7-11 1:06AM Like  Reply
Oh, wow! Thanks for the tip! I hate spending lots of $$ on workout clothes because they just get all dirty and sweaty, lol! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 7-7-11 7:25AM Like  Reply
Great info..Tnx..I so love shopping tips! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 7-7-11 7:43AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 7-5-11 5:48PM
This is a question for all you ladies - what kinds of foods do you like to eat to comfort those " time of the month cramps"? I feel like im dying and all i want is chocolate but i dont wanna ruin my diet
I am the same way.. Chocolate calls out to me! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 7-5-11 7:24PM Like  Reply
I love really, really dark chocolate, and I've found that I'm satisfied with only a little bit. Bonus: it has antioxidants and fiber! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 7-5-11 8:05PM Like  Reply
Fiber One makes all kinds of treats now! I didn't know about the brownies--thanks, AliciaSkellington! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 7-10-11 7:56AM Like  Reply
I just saw skinny cow has candy now..... Caramel chocolate clusters.. My chin hit the floor!!!! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 7-10-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 7-2-11 9:00PM
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY LADIES!! So proud to be an American and a Marine Wife
Happy Fourth to you too! I share your pride in being an American and I'm a proud USMC Mom! - msdizmaui   1117.4 #203 7-3-11 2:12AM Like  Reply
Happy 4th! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 7-3-11 7:37AM Like  Reply
Happy Fourth of July! I am so proud to be an American, and I want to thank those of you who currently serve, have served, or have family members who serve in the military :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 7-3-11 8:16AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-30-11 9:43PM
Good night CHUB33. Alarm clock will be going off at 5am for a moring run! What are all yall planning to do for exercise tomorrow?
Wow, 5 is too early for me! I'm hoping to go swimming for at least 30 mins if my complex's pool isn't too crowded. - TamiPoppins   52.4 #5065 6-30-11 11:22PM Like  Reply
Jumping on the exercise bike for 45 minutes then some resistance bands for my arms. Maybe a little extra because I ate badly today! - MainStreetMom   112.5 #3582 6-30-11 11:27PM Like  Reply
Yeah, Rachel, you can't be a slave to the gym--friends matter! :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 7-1-11 9:31PM Like  Reply
by choice i am not a fan of 5am, but its so hot now, that i cant run in the afternoon and when i get off work at 10pm its just not safe for me to run on the street. Training for the tinkerbell half and then the rock and roll marathon to follow 4 months after that so i cant slack off right now, but ill be happy to get a break. Today is my friday from work, so ill run tomorrow morning and be done for a day or too - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 7-2-11 8:59PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-28-11 6:35PM
Hey ladies - i think it would be a fun idea if we took pictures of ourselves now,the "before picture" and when we reach our goal weight, take an "after picture" and post them on here. Lets show off and celebrate all the hard work he did a  More...
lol, i mean "we" did - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-28-11 6:36PM Like  Reply
I like that idea! Bur instead of two seperate posts, put them together side by side :) - Madi   204.1 #2113 6-28-11 6:48PM Like  Reply
Great idea! It's funny, I have a SparkPage also and haven't posted a before picture yet because I feel like my journey is not over. I have lost 65 pounds and maybe it is time to celebrate my progress, not just my final results. Now to find photos to post... - MainStreetMom   112.5 #3582 6-29-11 9:48AM Like  Reply
@mainstreetmom - 65 pounds is amazing, i think you should post a picture!! Yes, i think the side my side picture is a great idea but im too cheap to buy the app, does anyone know of a free app that has this feature? - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-29-11 3:02PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-25-11 9:49PM
just got done watching the fireworks on my iphone while sitting at my desk at work. Thank you MW and Admin for this wonderful site that brings the magic to me when i really need it
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-25-11 9:22PM
just a small step in the right direction. So i go to old navy to buy some new work out clothes and try on some pants. I grab my normal size 10 and grab an 8 just to see. I was thrilled to see that the 10's were to big and the 8 was my new  More...
by the way, Old Navy work out clothes are all on sale, tops, short and running bras for 10 is a steal - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-25-11 9:23PM Like  Reply
YAY! How exciting is that?! - ericalynn   214.3 #1976 6-25-11 11:10PM Like  Reply
Yay! That's a great feeling :). Keep it up! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 6-27-11 3:19PM Like  Reply
Congrats... That is wonderful - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 6-27-11 6:42PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-25-11 4:15PM
Old Navy has Mickey Mouse fourth of july shirst for 14.99 and some other Mickey shirts on clearance for 7.00!!
Thanks! Good tip! - 007flipper   569.7 #420 6-25-11 4:17PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-25-11 2:33PM
Met Laura Dern too! Sorry could flip the photo
**i mean couldnt flip the photo** - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-25-11 2:34PM Like  Reply
That is so cool - SeñorBuzz&Jessie   68.5 #4505 6-25-11 7:33PM Like  Reply
How cool! - Melli_mo   533.8 #466 6-25-11 7:34PM Like  Reply
Wow. Awesome! - fireflymom   60.4 #4775 6-25-11 7:36PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-25-11 2:02PM
Look who was getting coffee on main street, Ben Harper!!
LOVE HIM!!!! - melynamarie   40.6 #5673 6-25-11 2:04PM Like  Reply
OMG awesome!!! - darthsean   84.1 #4127 6-25-11 2:05PM Like  Reply
Lol glad I'm not the only one that doesn't know who he is - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1306 6-25-11 5:06PM Like  Reply
She walked past us yesterday. Dave and Tina spotted her but we didn't get any pics. - Mrsblue   693.1 #348 6-25-11 5:14PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-22-11 7:47PM
Toy Story 3 is on Netflix, woo hoo. Took my son to see this when it first came out and he cried the for 20 min. We ended up leaving and never got to see it. Now i can!!
Isn't it grand? It's my go to instant streaming movie...... - VeloMouseGirl   549.8 #446 6-22-11 7:49PM Like  Reply
I almost cried during the ending of that movie!! It's a tear jerker for sure! - ThinkThinkThink   302.6 #1038 6-22-11 7:51PM Like  Reply
I can relate. My 3 year old only lasted about 30 mom as well before we had to leave. My older son and wife stayed, and finished the movie which was fine. The weird thing is, he still won't watch TS3 @ home, but will watch TS1 & 2. Go figure? - proudcanuck   478.6 #527 6-27-11 1:16PM Like  Reply
 this movie- I cry everytime I watch it! I  Woody!! - ZMaleficent   235.5 #1686 6-27-11 1:19PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-18-11 7:03PM
Going to be going to Disneyland on Monday, anyone know where to get healthy food on property and if the restaurants have a calorie count for the food iteams?
Bengle BBQ,next door the terrace inn has turkey sandwiches.. Good question Let us know if you get nutritional info!! Thank you have fun. I get the kids little carver at the terrace in! Really good turkey - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 6-19-11 9:37AM Like  Reply
I've looked everywhere for nutritional info and have only found a few items on I agree Bengal BBQ is great and they sell fresh fruit in several places too. Good luck! - MainStreetMom   112.5 #3582 6-19-11 9:48AM Like  Reply
There is a post with some nutritional info that DMW found--I'll bump it for you. Also, we do Bengal BBQ, salads at Rancho del Zocalo, and the Sonoma Chicken salad (dressings on the side) from the Pacific Wharf Cafe. Try to share when you can because even salads can pack lots of calories. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 6-19-11 10:46AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-17-11 6:05PM
Happy Friday CHUB33!!Does anyone have a cheat day where they let themselves eat something they shouldnt? If so, what do you like to eat. I love icea cream
lol yes, it happens daily... hahahaha. but i workout out of guilt for my cheating - Madi   204.1 #2113 6-17-11 7:04PM Like  Reply
Really .. Did you peek in my house yesterday... Chocolate ice cream and almonds... Lol - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 6-18-11 9:17AM Like  Reply
I really try and limit my cheat days, I find that I abuse the privilege. - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #451 6-20-11 4:00PM Like  Reply
I had a cheat night on the 2 mo. anniversary of starting my diet! I'll have my next cheat day/night after another 2 mos... and it'll be better because I'll be at DL (only if all goes according to plan, I won't cheat until the last day - which will limit the amount of cheating!). - msdizmaui   1117.4 #203 6-21-11 12:56AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-14-11 4:33PM
Good Evening CHUB33. Lets post all the good things we have done today to stay on track.
I did my Jillian Michaels work out video and tried to watch my calorie in-take - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-14-11 4:34PM Like  Reply
I sawm for an hour and a half, I did not eat popcorn at the movie theater, and ate a lettuce wrapped chicken breast for lunch. I'm feeling good - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #451 6-14-11 4:46PM Like  Reply
I logged my foods in and didn't give in to my late night munchies!!I also walked 4 miles!! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 6-15-11 6:19PM Like  Reply
Lol, msdizmaui! I probably ate enough cheetos yesterday for both of us! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.0 #335 6-15-11 6:20PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-10-11 2:49PM
i have three miles a day for three days straight. Im super tired but I feel good about myself. Today I had grapes and carrots for snacks at work and drank a lot of water, I feel i am finally on my way to reaching my goal of loosing the we  More...
Wow! Good job!! - vernswifevickie   400.5 #656 6-10-11 3:21PM Like  Reply
Wow, that's great! Keep it up! And remember to take a day off at least once a week to let your body recover. - TamiPoppins   52.4 #5065 6-10-11 5:17PM Like  Reply
Congrats!!!!Thats wonderful to hear!! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2961 6-10-11 8:08PM Like  Reply
thanks for the encouragment guys, @ msdizmaui, yes it feels great when i eat healthy and it taste good, the more I stay on track the less i wanna turn back to my bad habits - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-10-11 10:12PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-10-11 12:00PM
Ok so i know this is really throwing this out there but i was wondering if there is anyone that could possibly trade me two tickets into Club 33 for some passess to Legoland. Theses are all inclusive tickets that offer the water park, the  More...
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-9-11 1:11PM
So i dont know if this is worth posting but i have posted this in the trading section and ill mention it here as well. I have acouple Legoland passes that are good for the Legoland park, water park and the aquarium. I would be willing to   More...
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-9-11 1:04PM
Dont know if this is worth a trade, but I have legoland passes that are good for Legoland, the water park and the aquarium. I would be willing to trade them for something Disney related if there are any offers. I would be willing to give   More...
What are you looking for vinyls, pins what else? I want to take my nephew to legoland soon. Txt or email me [email protected] - CptKirk   766.3 #309 6-9-11 2:46PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-8-11 6:10PM
Just was Tangled last night for the first time, I know...Im kinda late but this was one of the cutest Disney movies ever and the songs are so good
That is such a cute movie!!! - Jennabennabofenna   32.2 #6334 6-8-11 6:12PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-7-11 9:08PM
Just signed up for the Tinkerbell half marathon, anyone else signed up and live in the Vista or Oceanside area?
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-7-11 5:55PM
When me and my sister were younger and we were driving on the freeway to Disneyland we used to play a game. The first person to see the Matterhorn got to pick the first ride, does anyone else have a Disneyland tradition?
We did the same..but it was just winna winna chicken dinna...not it is ToT!! - peacelovemickey   350.6 #781 6-7-11 5:58PM Like  Reply
My fam used to play the exact same game! Whenever I won I always picked Space Mountain. Fun times. - Lawoff   142.5 #3025 6-7-11 6:12PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-4-11 6:12PM
My big sis is running the Rock & Roll 1/2 tomorrow and then we are off to Disneyland to celebrate and have some fun!!
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-2-11 6:37PM
I have never posted to this part of the site before and feel embarrased that I am but thought this would be the best place for encouragment. I had my son two years ago and have been dealing with weight issues ever since. I gained more wei  More...
I think the half marathon is a good idea. I'm doing the one in Sept, and I'll probably sign up for the one in January also. I just started training a couple days ago and I already feel better about myself even though I've only run a mile at a time so far. Must be the effect of exercise, and having a goal. Try to start training early though. I feel a bit rushed trying to get up to 13 miles in 14 weeks. Good luck! And we're all here to support you!! - TamiPoppins   52.4 #5065 6-2-11 7:58PM Like  Reply
I so wish I could! Running a Disney marathon would definately give me something to work for! Good luck and hang in there. I'm totally the same way about my weight effecting my self-esteem. Ive been on the South Beach diet for 6 weeks now and have lost 16 lbs. I'm feeling much better about myself, but still not feeling great. Why do we do this to ourselves!?! - msdizmaui   1117.4 #203 6-2-11 8:15PM Like  Reply
This is the place for encouragement! I also have 20-30 more pounds to lose after having my baby almost 3 years ago!!! I'm impressed with those training for the Disney half marathon! - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #451 6-2-11 8:38PM Like  Reply
Thanks guys for all the support, i am defenetly going to get ahead start on my training and going to work hard at eating better, although its so hard. Wish they had better eating choices in the park. The asian chicken salad at pizza port is pretty good though, and im thankful for all the fruit stands - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-2-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-2-11 3:42PM
Does anyone know what time the ST grand opening ceremony is starting tomorrow, i have to be at work at 1:30 in Oceanside and was wondering if i would have enough time to see everything
at 9:30. They are allowing people to line up at 7am. - MissErikaRae   285.5 #1157 6-2-11 3:45PM Like  Reply
9:30 a.m. PDT on Friday but the opening ceremony for the press will not be open to guests.. you can watch it live streaming on - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1028 6-2-11 3:46PM Like  Reply
I'm going alone if anyone wants to meet up! - MissErikaRae   285.5 #1157 6-2-11 4:05PM Like  Reply
i was solo yesterday and didnt have the chance to meet MW'rs. But if i go tomorrow i hope to meet some of you. @kbeenss, i hope to video the whole thing and post it so others can see - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-2-11 4:06PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-2-11 1:48PM
I have to throw this out there, yesterday i was sitting outside of ST just praying they would let all AP's on the ride, but they didnt. At the very last minute this lady sat down and started talking to me and i was telling her how i had s  More...
That's such a great story! I love things like that. - vernswifevickie   400.5 #656 6-2-11 1:49PM Like  Reply
Thats so nice! :) I love people like that!!!! - calidream1   398.1 #659 6-2-11 1:50PM Like  Reply
So sweet. Disney brings out the best in people still :) - CMWalker   341.4 #811 6-2-11 1:53PM Like  Reply
This is a true RAK. Love hearing stories like this! - LisaKL   748.4 #320 6-2-11 1:53PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-1-11 4:32PM
Is anyone here at the park willing to make a trade for a ST fast pass??
bump ??? - NatalieluvsStitch   338.9 #823 6-1-11 4:35PM Like  Reply
I have a 3D vinylmation that I could trade brand new please!!!!! - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-1-11 4:35PM Like  Reply
What is a bump? - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-1-11 4:38PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-1-11 3:17PM
Riding solo and trying to represent but I was kinda scared going down lol
Love that ride  - project626   719.2 #334 6-1-11 3:19PM Like  Reply
WTG!!! I'd be under the seat!!! - Katrayher   781.0 #298 6-1-11 3:20PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-1-11 3:10PM
Eating at Tangaroa Terrace!! Enjoying a nice mommy day in the park and shopping my butt off
Sounds like fun!! Have a great day! - cinderella5   333.1 #851 6-1-11 3:12PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-1-11 11:21AM
So sad, came all the way to DL and ST is for contest winners only!!! What!!
Really I walking there - HipHopDisney   200.6 #2150 6-1-11 11:23AM Like  Reply
I did post that two days ago would be the last soft opening. - BCC   4783.2 #37 6-1-11 11:24AM Like  Reply
Poor BCC. I listen to you. - Mrsblue   693.1 #348 6-1-11 11:26AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 6-1-11 9:40AM
Heading into Disneyland by myself today, if you see me say hi so I don't feel so lonely!! Should be there by 11
Have fun!!!! - socalsoftballchick   86.8 #4054 6-1-11 9:41AM Like  Reply
Have a magical day! - 007flipper   569.7 #420 6-1-11 9:42AM Like  Reply
Thanks guys !! - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 6-1-11 9:56AM Like  Reply
Have a blast...I'd love to be going solo today - JennDear   16.5 #9088 6-1-11 9:58AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-31-11 8:53PM
Heading to New York in December, does anyone know if there is a Disney store there?
There is I am going in July! I cant wait, I will post pictures! :0) - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 5-31-11 8:55PM Like  Reply
Do a search, another MWr posted some pics too.... - iyuzMickey   519.6 #478 5-31-11 8:56PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone, I am really excited now. I plan on buying something from that store New York related and doing an In Park RAK when i get back - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 5-31-11 9:04PM Like  Reply
Yes there is a Disney store. It happens to be across the street from the Plaza hotel too. - icephoenix25   235.0 #1695 5-31-11 9:55PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-31-11 7:04PM in sick (cough cough) and go to Disneyland or go to work and think about it all day??!! I really wanna go on ST and dont know when im going to have a chance to do it
call in sick I wont tell ;) - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1306 5-31-11 7:05PM Like  Reply
sounds like the 24 hr disney flu. - angy17   181.1 #2406 5-31-11 7:06PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-29-11 4:57PM
In park RAK!! At goofys house, first person to find me and says "who's the leader of the club" gets it. I'm in a pink back pack and Minnie ears
This is a 3d pin!! - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 5-29-11 4:58PM Like  Reply
What park and or land - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #230 5-29-11 5:13PM Like  Reply
Good night MW, we will try and give this away another day - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 5-29-11 10:10PM Like  Reply
Hopefully I'll be in the parks the next time you try! =) - LisaKL   748.4 #320 5-29-11 10:26PM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-29-11 4:10PM
In park RAK!! In walking from DCA to DL to toontown, first person to see me and say " who's the leader of the club " will get a goofy 3d trading pin!! I'm wearing Minnie ears and a pink backpack
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-29-11 12:22AM
Headed to Disneyland in the morning, so excited and hoping TLM will be open. Thinking about doing my first RAK tomorrow in the park, will post more in the morning!! Hope to meet some MW'rs tomorrow
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-28-11 10:32AM
Want to go to Disneyland on Sunday or Monday anyone know if TLM will be open
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-27-11 8:54AM
Happy Friday MW!! Anyone gonna be at Disneyland on Monday ? I'll be there
I would like to go but need to have some one take me. I'm hoping my friend wants to go. - Rn4uminnie   238.8 #1643 5-27-11 9:19AM Like  Reply
215.9 #1951 DL Qual #4376 5-27-11 12:25AM
Got to meet the Disney artist for precious moments!!
Very cool! I love Precious Moments - LBChica   2550.8 #70 5-27-11 12:26AM Like  Reply
Awesome! I've always loved Precious Moments :) - TigerLily   228.0 #1793 5-27-11 12:27AM Like  Reply
OMG! Little sister I found you! I was excited to see your pic :) - Dizney37   55.5 #4933 5-27-11 8:10AM Like  Reply
Lol yay big sis I was wondering when we would find each other!!! Splash mountain is open today and I wanna head up before work for a ride but think I should probably wait, lol!! - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 5-27-11 8:53AM Like  Reply