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64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 6-16-11 4:41PM
The soundtrack for the princess and the frog is on pandora now. It's pretty awesome, love the jazz feel.
Was listening to it at the gym this morning. - miss_rachel   120.3 #3425 6-16-11 4:44PM Like  Reply
Awesome! Everytime I restart the disney station a new song from the soundtrack pops up. - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 6-16-11 4:46PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 6-15-11 9:23PM
Puzzles!!! 2 for a buck at the dollar tree. Tradeoff: they're pretty small (see the pen?)
They have bigger 100 pie e puzzles but they are $1 - akpoppins   263.8 #1377 6-15-11 9:28PM Like  Reply
Really? The only 100 piece ones I saw were jonas bros. Lol not a fan. I'll keep my eyes peeled though, thanks! Also picked up a cool watch (mickeys clubhouse) and math workbook(cars) for my lil cuz. - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 6-15-11 9:39PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 6-14-11 5:21PM
Anyone see these ever? They're official Birks and Disney. Wish I had extra $$$ my mom would love these!
Ooh I want those. What size? - CoralsReef   319.2 #935 6-14-11 5:37PM Like  Reply
They had them in 6 and 8. My moms a 7 haha. - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 6-14-11 5:47PM Like  Reply
Cute!! - MinnieJ   283.2 #1190 6-14-11 5:49PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 6-6-11 8:05PM
Just making cakes with mickey and minnie!
Mmmmm, cake! - calidream1   398.1 #663 6-6-11 8:07PM Like  Reply
Mickey and minnie ate the whole thing and didn't leave me one piece! Oh well, time to make another... - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 6-6-11 8:16PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 6-4-11 4:48PM
I found this really funny and I thought I'd share.
hahaha - goob   142.9 #3023 6-4-11 4:57PM Like  Reply
Sooo funny - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2964 6-4-11 5:28PM Like  Reply
Ha! How did Alice sneak in?? - misschurro   10257.8 #12 6-4-11 7:47PM Like  Reply
@churro, couldnt tell ya. But will you please HAND ME A CHURRO?! Ugh I'm going next month. Once I get there I'm going on a strict diet of dole whip floats and churros! Yum... - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 6-4-11 10:32PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-28-11 9:31PM
Jealous? This is what my friends and I are doing on a saturday night haha!
My friend and I have it. I'm not a fan of it. Too kiddy. Lol. - Gummy   83.0 #4160 5-28-11 9:34PM Like  Reply
LOL I love playing that game with my family!! I don't have any kids, but playing with my niece and nephew is a lot of fun :) - DaisyBell   757.2 #316 5-28-11 9:36PM Like  Reply
I just played this with my family! :)) - Maadster   21.7 #7837 5-29-11 1:25AM Like  Reply
We just stopped playing, we had so much fun. Theres awesome pics of all the parks in the cards! - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-29-11 2:12AM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-26-11 6:06PM
Watching a classic, too bad theres no ride or characters for these two! Possibly a scenic boatride?
Aw! This is my fave Disney movie :) magic kingdom in wdw has a restaurant named tony's. Wish they had something in disneyland though! - tikiwren   173.2 #2533 5-26-11 6:15PM Like  Reply
This is my all time favorite Disney movie. I just commented on another post earlier today that was asking what everyone's favorite Disney movie was. Such a cute movie, I need to watch it again. It's been years since I've seen it. - Hesatalkintome   32.6 #6319 5-26-11 6:24PM Like  Reply
Wow I'd love to eat at tony's! It sure is a great movie, I'm really enjoying it right now. - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-26-11 6:31PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-26-11 3:46PM
Just got back from my weekend and came home to these great raks! Theyre also my first wins! Giving the bag to my mom when we go to dland for the fourth and my bday. I think it'll be great for her to tote all her loot from the park! Big th  More...
Cute bag - KelBelle   453.2 #574 5-26-11 3:49PM Like  Reply
Ya bigdisneykid is super generous! - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-26-11 3:57PM Like  Reply
@captainsparrow, your rak was really cool. Your super generous too! I didnt enter but, wow, soooo many entries! - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-26-11 4:08PM Like  Reply
Well hi there MWB! I wondered where you scampered off to! Welcome back! - weaver941   403.9 #653 5-26-11 4:33PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-18-11 10:42PM
Anyone know if I can get this in the park anywhere and the price? Thanks guys!
Bumping this post, made it super late last night as well. hoping for a reply....anyone know the answer? Thanks guys! - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-19-11 11:20AM Like  Reply
Since it says WDW on it I doubt you would be able to get it at DL anywhere.. Maybe check online - KAA   357.4 #765 5-19-11 11:23AM Like  Reply
You guys rock, thanks alot!!! Yoda sounds sweeet, so excited for star tours 2! - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-19-11 11:44AM Like  Reply
Star Trader had a lot yesterday - BaseballMickey   9353.7 #14 5-19-11 11:45AM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-18-11 3:56AM
Anyone else having trouble sleeping???
Guess im all alone on this one.... - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-18-11 4:01AM Like  Reply
I just finished my MouseWait reunion video lol now it's time to get some sleep. Going to post it tomorrow during the lounge reunion :-) - Sam241   475.6 #539 5-18-11 4:04AM Like  Reply
Last comment i swear! I just like it at night cause i can have convos with people without 50 people posting in between. Good luck with the shut eye, g'nite! Ok my phones like beeping and flashing at me, its tired. So am I. I - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-18-11 4:19AM Like  Reply
Goodnight!! Hopefully you'll get to sleep in :) - Leesha   650.6 #371 5-18-11 4:26AM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-17-11 10:24PM
woohoo i made it to 17!!! only been here about 4 days. meant to post at 15 but i cant keep my mouth shut lol.
Hahaha... That's hilarious!!! I know the feeling!! - wicked50   102.2 #3782 5-17-11 10:28PM Like  Reply
Lol thanks, some people here are so hilarious! So going to next reunion. It was going on when i downloaded the app. Woot for the Disney Dorks! - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-17-11 10:31PM Like  Reply
I couldnt tell you about the blank comments, thought everyone has that. Def not making blank posts! Acessing via android. - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-17-11 10:59PM Like  Reply
Thanks dizzy, means alot. Just hit 20! Really enjoy hearing what people have to say, seeing where theyve been and having an opinion! - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-17-11 11:05PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 9:16PM
Watching "goofys glider" the goofy cartoon that was the inspiration for goofys sky school. Opening is this summer @ DCA. Love goofy, hes so silly!
yup opening in July! Muholland Madness was my uncle's favorite ride (i dont understand why though...) - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1032 5-15-11 9:20PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 1:51PM
Gloomy and rainy sunday here in oregon. I'm doing puzzles! :-D
Wow... You did good!!! So who is your gave character?? - wicked50   102.2 #3782 5-17-11 10:35PM Like  Reply
Thanks for looking up my old posts, ill keep an eye out for your posts and be sure to add my two cents. Just like i do to everyone else haha. I studied french in HS, soft spot for ratatouille and aristocats. Fave would have to be berlioz! Thanks again, those pieces were darn small! No child would have the patience to finish a puzzle with pieces that small! - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-17-11 10:38PM Like  Reply
OMG... I'm like laughing right now! Dude, you might be in Oregon, but I can feel your positive energy through your posts and comments... Seems like you love life, and Disney, which is awesome!!! - wicked50   102.2 #3782 5-17-11 10:44PM Like  Reply
Thanks that means alot. Was taught to do onto others and be a gentlemen but also to speak my mind. i love the gratification we get here. Just for being who we are! Where else? Nowhere! Well maybe disneyland...thanks again for your kind words! I do love life and im thankful for every crazy day! Disney makes life feel......not quite so serious.I will always love being a kid and i will ALWAYS be one in my heart. Even if i have to be a grown up on the outside. Btw i feel your positive energy too and its people like you and the posts you make that make me comfortable enough to share. NO ONE KNOWS I DO PRINCESS PUZZLES ON RAINY DAYS BUT YOU GUYS!!! LOL - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4647 5-17-11 11:26PM Like  Reply
64.5 #4647 DL Qual #0 5-15-11 1:11PM
I think i babbled too much in my last post to get an answer lol. short and sweet, WHAT SPECIAL THINGS HAPPEN @ DLR FOR FOURTH OF JULY???
Special fireworks display - skywalker   273.3 #36 5-15-11 1:13PM Like  Reply
Only been there once on 4th itself- it was super crowded- is that typical of everyone else's experience? Am thinking about coming on the 4th this year- dont wanna if its too packed- advice? - Nalagirl5   1.6 #66012 5-15-11 1:15PM Like  Reply