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jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 (DL) 
Hey folks =) well I have a 8 month old son and a fiance who loves disney!! We are APholders and go as often as we can.

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25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 12-4-12 12:45PM
does anyone else make a wish everytime they are watching the "Believe firework show" or is it just me?? I really do believe that my wish will come true one day :)
I do when I see real shooting stars💫 - ScubaSteve028  835.4 #161 12-4-12 12:50PM Like(2)  Reply
^^ ditto! - Armenda  1116.2 #107 12-4-12 12:51PM
Me too 😊🌟 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.2 #342 12-5-12 6:49PM
I do. So far no luck. Oh well. Lol - Sharkgrrl19  225.7 #1481 12-4-12 1:13PM Like  Reply
One day it will... one day! - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 12-5-12 6:39PM
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-29-12 11:33AM
would it be a bad idea to go to the parks tonight with a 2 yr old??
It's a terrible idea. I started taking my daughter when she was two. Now shes three and forces me to take her all the time. - ScooterMike  1961.3 #52 11-29-12 11:52AM Like(5)  Reply
😂😭😂😭 - KermitFan13  642.5 #226 11-29-12 11:58AM
Its never a bad idea to take a child to the park. Unless they are sick and really shouldn't be out in the cold. But that is completely up to you. - Armenda  1116.2 #107 11-29-12 11:35AM Like(1)  Reply
This^^^ - splashphotoCM  885.6 #149 11-29-12 11:38AM
Very true... I just don't know with this rain. As a kid, I didn't care. Bit now that I am a parent, I double think about these things lol - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 11-29-12 11:38AM
Forecast is for rain off and on - mexman  12.9 #7451 11-29-12 12:28PM Like  Reply
I took my 2 year old son yesterday to watch the 7:45 reasonable (for a 2 year old) fireworks start time. From my video posted below...I'm pretty sure he had a good time. - MennisDiller  540.9 #288 11-29-12 12:29PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-19-12 7:01PM
my fiance and I on RSR for the first time a few weeks ago! it was well worth the wait! I had no idea how realistic the characters look!! awesome!! (we are on the top left and top middle with the hands up.)

It looks like you're having a great time. Now the girl in the front, she looks bored. - aidensmama  340.1 #580 11-19-12 7:06PM Like  Reply
Well worth the wait - jlipstone  280.6 #890 11-19-12 7:10PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-10-12 6:32PM
LIVE! right in front of IASM. this is my first time witnessing this BEAUTIFUL art work!!! AWESOME!!!

25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-8-12 12:04PM
i lost my AP! =( i called lost and found, but they didn't find it =/ does anyone know if i can get a new one to replace the lost one?
I'm glad you found it. - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  398.1 #462 9-8-12 9:08PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks! - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 9-8-12 9:52PM
Yes but there's a $20 fee. - aidensmama  340.1 #580 9-8-12 12:07PM Like  Reply
Thanks for all the info guys!! But i will not have to pay $20 for a replcement b/c I FOUND MY AP!!! =D now i have to clean my house b/c i went crazying looking for my AP lol - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 9-8-12 9:00PM Like  Reply
Haha I had one of those moments too a few months ago. I knew it was somewhere in my pile of mess! - Sarafina  420.6 #431 9-8-12 9:26PM
ok...where was it??? - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3132.3 #26 9-8-12 9:41PM
I paid the $20 over the summer to come home have my son find it in his bed at his Dad's house. - MeridasHair  346.5 #566 9-8-12 11:09PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-28-12 10:28AM
my son looking at the disney map and telling us where to go next =) already taking charge and has yet to turn 2yrs old. i hope he turns out to be a great disney tour guide when he hits 5yrs old haha (not live)

cute, but kids taking charge will be a lifetime of wants, but it's what we parents do for them =>. - pikarich  1845.5 #60 8-28-12 10:38AM Like  Reply
My son does the same thing. We'll be in line for something and he'll wip out a map to determine our next location. - GoofyMom77  456.6 #378 8-28-12 10:40AM Like  Reply
lol, who need gps right.=> - pikarich  1845.5 #60 8-28-12 10:44AM
lol right,just follow the kid - GoofyMom77  456.6 #378 8-28-12 10:51AM
Adorable! - Duchess_SMK  5089.4 #13 8-28-12 11:12AM Like  Reply
Thanks guys - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 8-28-12 6:01PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-25-12 4:33PM
yay!! we got our passes and we are now here!! my son is already exhausted from DCA. say hi to him if you see him/us!

25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-23-12 12:09PM
i just got transferred to a different panera bread and now making more money.... I CAN AFFORD TO RENEW MY FAMILY'S DISNEY PASSES!!! i hope i renew them soon so we can hang out with some of you MWers!!
Turkey Bravo rules! Congrats man! - DisneyDoorite  359.1 #531 8-23-12 12:20PM Like(2)  Reply
Pick 2: Turkey Bravo with a Broccoli and Cheddar soup! - Nyghtngale  557.9 #277 8-23-12 12:55PM
Hey I used to work at Panera bread! 👋 that was my second job. I'm shiping out to basic training for the Army so I sadly had to quit. Oh how I miss the paninis and salads. - nickb92  69.6 #3736 8-23-12 1:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Panera is a great company to work for!! I am the catering coordinator so i make everything we sell! Good luck in the Army! - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 8-24-12 8:38AM
thank you, nick92 🇺🇸🇺🇸 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3132.3 #26 8-24-12 8:41AM
Congrats!! I love Panera! - Armenda  1116.2 #107 8-24-12 9:10AM Like  Reply
I love panera:)!! Congratulations! - BubbaLoo  869.2 #154 8-24-12 9:12AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 3-3-12 11:49AM
What is going on right now?? I have been away from MW for a few days and don't know what's going on.
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 2-14-12 6:20PM
live... bieber leaving nemo. (not the best picture but who cares right lol)

Who cares is correct. - Mouse4life  1150.1 #102 2-14-12 6:59PM Like(4)  Reply
Pillow Pet hat in the first picture, and banana yellow shoes in this one. He's definetaly a 5 year old trapped in an 18 year old body. Poor kid. - JoeDownTheRabbitHole  396.0 #467 2-14-12 6:23PM Like(1)  Reply
He's just a hipster. - Fruitbythefoot  33.4 #4845 2-14-12 7:30PM
No thank you to the new King of Pop! - iamdugsmaster  878.3 #151 2-14-12 9:18PM Like  Reply
young with money....does not equal manners - Plumiegirl  6739.9 #3 2-14-12 9:52PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 2-13-12 5:04PM
its mater and mcqueen!

Too bad they don't sign autographs! - SSTMClimber  222.3 #1529 2-13-12 5:09PM Like(1)  Reply
It would be awesome if they could do that but I don't see how it would be possible =/ maybe have a side view mirrow pop out with a stamp lol - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 2-13-12 6:46PM
It would be awesome if they could do that but I don't see how it would be possible =/ maybe have a side view mirrow pop out with a stamp lol - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 2-13-12 6:46PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 2-13-12 3:49PM
just leaving disney junior: live on stage! my son had a great time =)

I've yet to see it. Is it good for adults as well? - MissErikaRae  285.5 #855 2-13-12 4:08PM Like  Reply
Yes its pretty fun. You should see it. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 2-13-12 4:28PM
I like it better when the hot girl is the host. - Mouse4life  1150.1 #102 2-13-12 4:30PM
Yes its pretty fun. You should see it. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 2-13-12 4:28PM Like  Reply
I like it better when the hot girl is the host. - Mouse4life  1150.1 #102 2-13-12 4:30PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 1-22-12 11:44AM
are the xmas light still up at IASM? i went last monday and they were still up. does anyone know?
Today is the last day. They were still up last night.
- VfxGenie  1503.7 #73 1-22-12 11:48AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 1-2-12 10:53AM
we are going to the parks today =) i can finally take my mom too =D hope to see some of you there!
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 1-2-12 7:02AM
i have been working since 2am this morning making some sandwiches for people attending the rose parade. I am off at 10am but have to be back at 8pm. i am debating if i should go to the parks today or not... what would you do??
If we lived closer I'd go to the parks as much as I could. - MikeyMouse  88.1 #3462 1-2-12 7:04AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-28-11 4:26PM
my one yr old son loves ducks! he walked to the bars and started saying "duck!"

How adorable - stitch86  17.3 #6443 11-28-11 4:28PM Like  Reply
Cute! - thestalkerNIN  360.7 #528 11-28-11 4:36PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-19-11 9:20AM
does everyone here like the turkey legs? i am not a big fan of them but i do love churros =)
I tried one once. Way too salty. Tasted nothing like turkey. Tasted artificial. Spoke to me even. - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1112.9 #109 11-19-11 9:30AM Like(2)  Reply
What'd it say..?! - London-In-Wonderland  445.3 #396 11-19-11 11:03AM
"Sure the president pardons the thanksgiving turkeys but what about us?!" - cesium55  531.6 #298 11-19-11 11:12AM
I've only had one once and it tasted like ham. They're ok but if I never eat another one again, I'm ok with that. - firemomof2  130.6 #2802 11-19-11 9:23AM Like(1)  Reply
Never had one at DL but had one in WDW they were good I mean I didn't write home about them but they were worthy of getting another - lisaw  103.4 #3261 11-19-11 11:41AM Like  Reply
I've never bought one but had a taste and I thought it was ham. A CM told me they were pork. But Disney would never allow that to happen. But I keep hearing that rumor. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #149 11-19-11 11:57AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-10-11 2:40PM
live! one of the horses had a huge accident lol

Ewwwwww! Glad this wasn't posted at lunch time ;-). - PrincessDuckie  696.7 #200 11-10-11 2:47PM Like(2)  Reply
I've been on Main Street after an accident before. The odor is overwhelming :( The CM's were very good about cleaning it up right away though - Serendipity  116.3 #3042 11-10-11 2:46PM Like(1)  Reply
Ya they responded right away. But I felt bad because its a nasty job =/ - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 11-10-11 3:22PM
It's part of the job when working in a career/job with animals. :) I would know, it's not always glamorous lol. - flukefan  270.5 #990 11-10-11 3:34PM
I guess there is one Disneyland job I wouldn't want - Bo22  375.6 #495 11-10-11 7:42PM Like  Reply
and this is the best time to use rp button. thank you admin. - SammyJo  348.7 #559 11-10-11 8:11PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-10-11 2:28PM
live =)

Nice! - FanOfJack  67.4 #3780 11-10-11 3:13PM Like  Reply
Love IASW during the holiday. Can't wait to see the lights on - goofball  454.4 #379 11-10-11 3:17PM Like  Reply
Goofball... wow I can't believe I forgot about that lol - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 11-10-11 3:24PM Like  Reply
I put Nov.14 but I might be wrong. I just read that the date has be moved up and it opens tomorrow. Saying the the install ends Nov.10 - goofball  454.4 #379 11-10-11 3:27PM
I put Nov.14 but I might be wrong. I just read that the date has be moved up and it opens tomorrow. Saying the the install ends Nov.10 - goofball  454.4 #379 11-10-11 3:27PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-10-11 10:45AM
birthday boy!! we are having breakfast with minnie and friends =) happy birthday darryl =)

Cutie - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 11-10-11 10:46AM Like  Reply
Happy Bday Cutie Pie (: have one magical day with your pal mickey (: - madds199  12.3 #7639 11-10-11 11:00AM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday - patriciajz  329.4 #624 11-10-11 1:35PM Like  Reply
happy bday! - tiggermother  47.9 #4244 11-10-11 1:49PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-4-11 6:22PM
its raining at my house and my fiance and i want to go on a date night... is it raining at the parks?
Not at all :) currently its just cloudy - jpd0824  13.3 #7338 11-4-11 6:23PM Like  Reply
Looks like we r going to the parks and eat at d.t disney =) thanks - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 11-4-11 6:24PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-2-11 7:23PM
came to the park just for this =)

Good reason! - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 11-2-11 7:29PM Like(1)  Reply
Yummm! - Jillian  766.7 #183 11-2-11 7:26PM Like  Reply
so yummy! - minniemel06  7.2 #10647 11-2-11 9:19PM Like  Reply
Its across the entrance to cafe orleans :) sooo good on a chilly day at the park. They have gumbo too. - anniemouse  111.5 #3134 11-19-11 11:43AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 11-1-11 3:23PM
its been over one month since i have been to disneyland =/ o how i miss you!!
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-30-11 5:34PM
halloween party is here!!! anyone going on monday, oct. 3rd?? that is when i am going with my family =) hope to meet up with some of you!
Me. - Katrayher  764.5 #185 9-30-11 5:36PM Like  Reply
Me too!  - Candace  1737.8 #64 9-30-11 5:38PM Like  Reply
Will look out for cat, pirate and police. I'll be Minnie mouse, son a pirate - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 9-30-11 6:01PM Like  Reply
I am going to be buzz. My fiance will be jessie and our son will be woody =) - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 10-1-11 6:51PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-26-11 2:33PM
anyone else having tech. difficulties with the wait times?? my wait times r from yesterday and will not update =/
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-21-11 6:46PM
hey folks! is the halloween party in both disneyland and california adventure? please help... thanks =)
Only in Disneyland - goofball  454.4 #379 9-21-11 6:50PM Like  Reply
Yep, just disneyland. Although if you do the tour it takes place in both parks. - Zooter  1379.5 #80 9-21-11 6:51PM Like  Reply
that's what I thought. Thanks =) - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 9-21-11 6:56PM Like  Reply
Just DL. They used to have it in DCA but now it's all under construction so it's been in DL the last couple years - JoshnSandy  46.6 #4294 9-21-11 7:11PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-19-11 2:51PM
we just gave our son a bath and he loved his new Cars bath toys that we bought him at disneyland!! i cant wait til Carsland opens so we can enjoy it with him!! i hope everyone is having a great day =)
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-10-11 8:27PM
awesome!! I just saw beckham on main street! he walked by me and i said hey beckham and he turned and waved at me! I couldn't take a pic but I was chatting with his body gaurd!
Which way was he headed? - princessdeb87  10.9 #8159 9-10-11 8:30PM Like  Reply
Lol! Let's head him off at the pass! - Bo22  375.6 #495 9-10-11 8:38PM Like  Reply
He was heading towards the castle... he had just entered dl. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 9-10-11 9:14PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-10-11 8:08PM
I just saw a couple walking on main street with ipads and they r on mousewait =) I yelled mousewait but they didn't hear me =/ hope they see this!
I saw them also!! Hi to them if they see this. - KrystalColors  177.9 #2096 9-10-11 8:47PM Like  Reply
Hi guys! - mcarthy6  426.5 #421 9-10-11 8:53PM Like  Reply
I'm sorry I didn't hear, Hi back, going to try and meet up at Buzz tonight. Hope to see you there - Bullseye  6411.9 #4 9-10-11 8:56PM Like  Reply
Hi to you too =)she wish I could make it but I had the little one with me tooday and we were not prepared for this weather. It got to cold for him so we decided to leave. But I did see david beckham right after I saw you guys. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 9-10-11 9:56PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-8-11 2:19PM
I wish I was at the parks right now but my fiance and I agreed that it is too hot for our 10 month old son!
Very wise..too hot for the lil ones.. - Sallyskellington  200.7 #1810 9-8-11 2:31PM Like  Reply
Good call! I saw lots of very red, miserable looking babies yesterday. - Fruitbythefoot  33.4 #4845 9-8-11 2:49PM Like  Reply
I wish I could go too but u gotta do what's best for the baby. I'm afraid its too hot for my 6 month old, otherwise we would be there now. - partygurlone  143.8 #2601 9-8-11 2:55PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 9-4-11 12:11PM
does anyone know why splash and space mountain are closed??
Probably technical difficulties. Space was closed for about 30 mins yesterday too... - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #157 9-4-11 12:15PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-31-11 12:24PM
the after picture lol. he was soaked!

To cute :) - LovelyTiggerGirl  273.1 #965 8-31-11 12:34PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-31-11 12:21PM
this was from monday. my son having a blast in bugsland! he loved it so much!

Lol!! Cute! : ) - Ericksenator  375.9 #494 8-31-11 12:22PM Like  Reply
Adorable!! :) - lynniesue42  232.1 #1401 8-31-11 12:22PM Like  Reply
That is cute, makes me want to join in it's been so hot here - flynnboy  196.7 #1857 8-31-11 12:27PM Like  Reply
Sprinklers and kids were ment to be together - Tealtownfan  851.6 #156 8-31-11 12:35PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-29-11 11:08AM
happy birthday to my mom and sister who turn 60 and 24!!
Happy Birthday to both, Mom & Sister!! - SJCSharkie  315.5 #697 8-29-11 11:08AM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday to them both!!! - JaredMc  222.2 #1533 8-29-11 11:09AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday to your Mother and Sister - Tealtownfan  851.6 #156 8-29-11 1:03PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday!! Have a magical day!! - MeAndMy3Girls  183.3 #2018 8-29-11 1:23PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-24-11 8:08AM
i want to go to disneyland! (thats me throwing a little tantrum) lol hope every has a wonderful day today! im off to work =/
I completely understand. :) - mcarthy6  426.5 #421 8-24-11 8:10AM Like  Reply
Me too - AndrewJ  158.9 #2377 8-24-11 8:11AM Like  Reply
I wish disnney had his own national holiday! - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 8-24-11 8:40AM Like  Reply
May I join you for the tantrum? Thanks! :-) - ythdudette  818.7 #166 8-24-11 8:54AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-18-11 10:31PM
hey MW family! check out this picture. my mom found this picture of my dad and uncle (the two gentlemen in the back row) on spacemount. this was 10 years ago! i teared up b/c my dad passed away 4 1/2 yrs ago =( but also brought joy becaus  More...

Awww thank you for sharing with us! :) - PinkyMouse  82.0 #3550 8-18-11 10:34PM Like  Reply
Sorry to hear about your dad; hope this will continue to bring good memories to you! - Duchess73  297.2 #787 8-18-11 10:36PM Like  Reply
Thanks guys =) it makes me happy seeing my dad happy. But I just wish I could ride SM with him one last time. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 8-19-11 11:51AM Like  Reply
The power of photographs, helps keep wonderful memories alive - GoofyHauntedMansion  24.6 #5494 8-19-11 12:24PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-15-11 5:18PM
we are here =) this is my son darryl aidden. say hi if you see us... we dont bite =)

He only likes to chew on his finger lol - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 8-15-11 5:19PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-15-11 5:18PM
we are here =) this is my son darryl aidden. say hi if you see us... we dont bite =)

25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-15-11 5:18PM
we are here =) this is my son darryl aidden. say hi if you see us... we dont bite =)

Cutie Pie! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  746.1 #4 8-15-11 5:24PM Like  Reply
Such a cutie! Looks like you both are having fun! - theDebsterM  138.2 #2700 8-15-11 5:26PM Like  Reply
Cute - MarcoInTheAz  1071.9 #120 8-15-11 6:31PM Like  Reply
He is soo cute!!! Hope you guys have fun! - SavCat  7.6 #10303 8-15-11 6:33PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-15-11 8:25AM
ok MW family, i need help. my family is here from iowa they want to go to the parks. they also want to ride the monorail. so here is the question. do you need a special ticket to ride it or do are the park tickets valid to ride the monora  More...
Your park tickets get you on. Hope you all have a magical time! - Duchess73  297.2 #787 8-15-11 8:29AM Like  Reply
You can get on it from downtown disney. You just need to show your pass - Splashmountgirl  337.1 #596 8-15-11 8:30AM Like  Reply
Just need you Disney pass to ride it if your lucky and ask you can ride with the driver to - Brently  233.7 #1380 8-15-11 10:00AM Like  Reply
Your ticket to Disneyland is your monorail ticket, ask to ride in the front or back of the monorail it's a great way to experience it. - dnerd  294.0 #804 8-15-11 10:06AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-11-11 3:31PM
R2D2 is out!! right infront of space mountain. sorry but my phone is sying and i cant take a pic =(
Pics or it didn't happen! LOL, jk! - ArdySarrafFan  243.1 #1272 8-11-11 3:32PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-11-11 2:15PM
first time at the petting farm. its soo cool =) anyone else here right now??
theres a petting farm!? where?! - CarmenINwonderlanD  258.5 #1106 8-11-11 2:25PM Like  Reply
I just love it at christmas time with the reindeers I was so excited to see them! Are the turkeys out today? They weren't out on Sunday - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-11-11 2:28PM Like  Reply
^^ what?! that's awesome. - Kevinsidethegrid  358.3 #534 8-11-11 4:24PM Like  Reply
I love it back there! Say hi to Maggie the Cow for me if she's out! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.2 #342 8-11-11 4:27PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-11-11 12:25PM
we are here =) first stop... NOS for a bowl of clam chowder!
Omg! My favorite! Pic please?! - pintsize  289.5 #831 8-11-11 12:26PM Like  Reply
Yummy  - chuysmomma  93.9 #3388 8-11-11 12:43PM Like  Reply
Yummmmmm - mcarthy6  426.5 #421 8-11-11 1:25PM Like  Reply
It was sooo good that I ate it before I could take a picture =( ahaha sorry folks... I was hungry - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 8-11-11 2:13PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-11-11 1:02AM
i cant sleep =/ i am too excited about going to the parks tomorrow =) anyone else going tomorrow??
I wish I was - pixiedust  134.3 #2750 8-11-11 1:08AM Like  Reply
Evening time - project626  719.2 #192 8-11-11 1:10AM Like  Reply
Meee!! - GreenLantern  746.4 #191 8-11-11 1:35AM Like  Reply
I was suppose to sad to say my cars not working ;( - MERMAID- MOMMY  15.7 #6748 8-11-11 11:58AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-6-11 11:20AM
yay!! i am finally going to the parks today =) hope to meet some awesome fellow MWs today =)
Have fun :) - disneygirl79  140.2 #2669 8-6-11 11:23AM Like  Reply
Have fun! - vegasbrat  420.4 #432 8-6-11 11:24AM Like  Reply
I bought an extended life battery because I am going to Disneyland tomorrow AM going to Disneyland tomorrow ....the countdown is almost over.....;-) - CVDisneyland  279.2 #900 8-6-11 4:54PM Like  Reply
Have fun! - ekwhite  471.1 #364 8-6-11 4:56PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-2-11 2:17PM
is it raining at the parks?? i am currently in pasadena and it just started raining! this is some nasty weather =(
I wish it was raining where I am at. I enjoyed the thunderstorms we had on Sunday. - AndrewJ  158.9 #2377 8-2-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 8-1-11 7:13PM
o man =/ working two jobs and school has kept me away from disneyland =( i need a day off to get some happiness by going to the happiest place on earth!
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 7-28-11 8:55AM
wow. alot of birthdays today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you!! enjoy your day!!
Happy Birthday Everyone!!! - SJCSharkie  315.5 #697 7-28-11 8:57AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 7-26-11 8:57AM
i dont want to clock in for work!!! i want to go to disneyland!!! awww what i would do to be a kid again ahahaha i hope everyone has a great day and hope everyone at the parks have fun =)
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 7-15-11 11:12PM
why cant i comment on others post??? i cant post but i cant comment back on my own post =/ can someone help me?? it says that i have to accept something on my email but i havnt received anything...
you have to verify yr e-mail, i believe. - GlassSlippers  363.6 #520 7-15-11 11:14PM Like  Reply
I had the same problem. So I went back at double checked my email address when I logged in and from your email address you log in. If you try logging in from mw first it won't allow you, so in short log on to mw, then check that your email has been confirmed and it will give you a link to mw and your login name should permanent on top of you lounge site of mw. If your email doesn't work then try setting up a second one with a sight like hotmail or an internation mail server as local emails sometimes doesn't work. Good luck and welcome - puddy77  160.2 #2363 7-16-11 1:14AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 7-15-11 4:24PM
ok folks. this question is for everyone but mostly towards parents. what do you think about making your child wear those "harness buddy" or leash, if you will??? i am a new father and i do not like those things at all!!! on the other hand  More...
i know you're new but this question has been asked before and it's a touchy subject. - Spiderbeth  214.5 #1626 7-15-11 4:26PM Like  Reply
Yes, very touchy subject - LBChica  1923.7 #56 7-15-11 4:28PM Like  Reply
Just like you and your wife, mousewait has mixed opinions. Some feel strongly against the leashes, and some are strongly pro-leash. The discussion never ends well. ;) Best advice is to come to an agreement in your marriage on how you want to handle the issue so that you don't confuse the child. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.2 #342 7-15-11 4:32PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 7-14-11 9:31AM
good morning MWers =) we are going to the parks today =) how is the weather over there? i dont know if i should dress up my son in shorts and sleeveless shirt or warm clothes? he is 8 months old
Here now...cloudy with drizzle. But I hear it's supposed to clear up around noon. - MandJloveMickey  212.6 #1649 7-14-11 9:32AM Like  Reply
It's a bit chilly and cloudy, dress warm, however if it gets hot, you can always dress down. - disneysgirl76  225.6 #1482 7-14-11 9:52AM Like  Reply
Looks like a dress in layers kind of day :-) - Krissy Marissy  411.0 #443 7-14-11 9:58AM Like  Reply
Good morning! Enjoy! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  932.9 #140 7-14-11 9:59AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 7-6-11 7:57AM
yay!!! i got a new job at panera bread =) time to celebrate and go to the happiest place on earth!! i will be there tomorrow with my family =)
Yay! - E-Ticket  956.4 #134 7-6-11 7:58AM Like  Reply
- Mimmy  1442.3 #76 7-6-11 7:59AM Like  Reply
Woot woot I work at Panera also. Which one you get hired at? - TheKaJaSi  144.8 #2587 7-6-11 9:27AM Like  Reply
Woohoo!! Free sammiches on jedi-rob! - MimiMouse  1022.3 #128 7-6-11 9:36AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-30-11 12:04PM
happy birthday to my beautiful, gorgeous fianc... Nikkie!! a.k.a... nikkiemouse! happy birthday my love =)
Happy Birthday! :) - cyndaws  253.8 #1149 6-30-11 12:04PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday to you!! - kbeenss  181.8 #2045 6-30-11 12:05PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday!!!! - Disneykidds_HaveWeMet  181.9 #2044 6-30-11 12:10PM Like  Reply
Aww happy birthday Nikkie!!  - Spiderbeth  214.5 #1626 6-30-11 12:10PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-30-11 9:56AM
Hey folks. My baby's blanket was "stolen" this past fathers day. I went to lost & found but the blanket wasn't turned it yet. almost a week had past and still know blanket. I really thought it was stolen. then i received a phone call on s  More...
I'm glad that it all worked out in the end. I don't know what we would do if my son ever lost his "monkey". Anyway, congrats. - proudcanuck  478.4 #357 6-30-11 9:59AM Like  Reply
That's so great!! I'm sure your baby will be extatic!  - PrincessLunn  14.2 #7079 6-30-11 10:02AM Like  Reply
Yea! - PrincessDuckie  696.7 #200 6-30-11 10:18AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-30-11 9:37AM
Testing... 123
Roger that! Lol - Darla  22.2 #5752 6-30-11 9:37AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-20-11 12:08AM
Its official... my quilt got stolen today off my sons stroller while we went on POTC =( i actually bought it for my mother! This kind of ruined my first fathers day =/
Wow. Blanket thieves on the rampage today! - BLG  1049.5 #124 6-20-11 12:09AM Like  Reply
Awww I am so sorry! Some people have no compassion for other peoples belongings! I hope lightning strikes them! - CMWalker  341.4 #576 6-20-11 12:09AM Like  Reply
@detective blue....youz da bomb! ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  932.9 #140 6-20-11 12:51AM Like  Reply
Lol sory mrsclue... I should had mentioned her on my post. Sorry. But thanks to everyone here on MW. You guys r making us feel better. Im glad my son, my fiancé and myself r ok and nothing else got stolen. I've heard some really said stories on here that r worse than our story! - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 6-20-11 1:00AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-19-11 9:28PM
I think someone just stole my son's mickey mouse quilt off his stroller when we were on POTC =( we bought it here not to long ago =( I really hope we lost it and it is at the lost and found!
 - Dizkid  305.7 #743 6-19-11 9:29PM Like  Reply
I hope you find it. - n.corvello  22.9 #5667 6-19-11 9:34PM Like  Reply
Just read a couple posts the other day elsewhere on the web where a family had their stroller stolen and they found it in downtown disney...and another where someone had her water bottle and cookies stolen. Wondering how they can afford to go to Disneyland but can't afford these items. - stubby  7.8 #10071 6-19-11 9:44PM Like  Reply
People are ridiculous! Please let us know if it was at lost & found. - chelle1318  415.0 #438 6-19-11 9:45PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-19-11 7:08PM
just watched soundsational and it was awesome!! my son loved it and he is only 7 months lol

25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-19-11 6:07PM
We are here, seating down in from of the cinema on main street, waiting for soundsational to start =) come say hi to us! I am wearing a light brown hat and my glasses. We are seating right next to the indian (right hand side).
P.s I am with my 7 month old son - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 6-19-11 6:08PM Like  Reply
Just met! You and your family seemed so nice! Have fun! - DisneyGirl72  19.8 #6028 6-19-11 6:20PM Like  Reply
It was soo awesome meeting u disneygirl!! Thanks for coming up to us =) ur little daughter is soo cute!! Have a great time =D - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 6-19-11 6:29PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-19-11 2:33PM
We are about to go to the parks right now!! How is there weather over there? Should we take long sleeves?? Hope to meet some MWers today =)
No long sleeves. Right now it's hot!!! - scbcrew  138.7 #2694 6-19-11 2:34PM Like  Reply
Thanks! Good thing I brought a short sleeve =) - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 6-19-11 4:04PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-6-11 9:45AM
Its my birthday today =) and I have to go to a job interview =) I hope they give me the job as birthday present haha and hope I can make it to disneyland as well!
Good luck and happy birthday!!! - TheGirlWhoHasEverything  205.5 #1744 6-6-11 9:46AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday! Hope you get the job :) - Jennabennabofenna  32.2 #4903 6-6-11 9:46AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday!! - IAMTHEPUMPKINKING  1.1 #58019 6-6-11 10:35PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday! - chelle1318  415.0 #438 6-6-11 10:38PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 6-1-11 8:35PM
Attention all cast members... how many working hours do you average a week??
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-31-11 2:52PM
pic #4 (final pic)

Whoa! :0) - iyuzMickey  511.1 #318 5-31-11 2:58PM Like  Reply
Bump - iyuzMickey  511.1 #318 6-4-11 8:00PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-31-11 2:51PM
picture #2 (The hood)

 - mozbaby  132.2 #2779 5-31-11 2:59PM Like  Reply
This is the hood.... - iyuzMickey  511.1 #318 6-4-11 7:33PM Like  Reply
Come on..thats awesome! - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2559 6-4-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
Wow! This is one cool car! - MissAshley  113.6 #3083 6-4-11 7:57PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-31-11 2:50PM
check out this car that was parking up on Minnie yesterday afternoon! they might be the biggest POTC fan! Picture #1

Wow and I thought I was a fan! :0) lol - iyuzMickey  511.1 #318 5-31-11 3:00PM Like  Reply
WOW - goofball  454.4 #379 5-31-11 3:01PM Like  Reply
Bump - iyuzMickey  511.1 #318 6-4-11 8:01PM Like  Reply
Amazing! - Tinkerbabe  49.2 #4202 6-4-11 8:03PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-30-11 4:12PM
**RAK** ok folks... this is my first RAK and im pretty excited! it is a bag of some toy soldiers! i am wearing a green shirt with the toy story alien and says "ooooohhhhhh". white shorts and black&red shoes. im about to eat at the picnic   More...

Fun RAK. Too bad I'm not there! - mcarthy6  426.5 #421 5-30-11 4:14PM Like  Reply
Now entering DCA. Im with my fiance and her family. (7 total). - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-30-11 5:42PM Like  Reply
Im in bugs land right now. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-30-11 7:28PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-30-11 12:51PM
just got SOAKED on splash mountain!!! im sooo glad its back!

25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-30-11 11:10AM
live! its open again =)

Oooh, so excited! - shewastomorrow  55.9 #4031 5-30-11 11:11AM Like  Reply
Does the log have lapbars, or is it the same as before? - proudcanuck  478.4 #357 5-30-11 11:12AM Like  Reply
Can't wait!! - Katrayher  764.5 #185 5-30-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
I didn't get on it but I did see the logs and they do not have lab bars. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-30-11 11:33AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-30-11 10:56AM
live from the jungle curse

Wish I was there! - shewastomorrow  55.9 #4031 5-30-11 10:57AM Like  Reply
It's Hokey Pokey time! - 007flipper  569.7 #270 5-30-11 10:58AM Like  Reply
Was that supposed to be curse? :) - Pineapplewhip  15.9 #6710 5-30-11 11:01AM Like  Reply
Nice! - goob  142.9 #2616 5-30-11 11:04AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-30-11 7:51AM
morning family! =) we are up and on our way to the parks =) check out the 57 south... ive never seen it this empty!

I see your carpooling...can't get there quick enough. Have a magical day! - NikkiMickey  1682.7 #66 5-30-11 7:55AM Like  Reply
Whoohooo! Safe travels & have a wonderful day! - kyoto_sparkle  150.2 #2501 5-30-11 7:57AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-30-11 12:35AM
this was April 7th of this year. this was by the tiki room. hope all of you like it =)

Love it :) - MayBie  1885.6 #59 5-30-11 12:37AM Like  Reply
Nice! - BeautyandTheBeast  142.7 #2620 5-30-11 12:38AM Like  Reply
Nice! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  932.9 #140 5-30-11 12:38AM Like  Reply
Very nicely done! - craziemutant  109.6 #3162 5-30-11 12:39AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-30-11 12:30AM
MW family... I NEED HELP! How can I change my profile picture from my driod phone? I can't figure it out. Plz help me =/
Go ti the main menu. Scroll down and click mouserank, then click the camera icon - DonaldMissingPants  298.6 #778 5-30-11 12:33AM Like  Reply
All of my pictures are coming side ways just how my profile picture is right now. I can't rotate them =/ - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-30-11 12:46AM Like  Reply
Thanks for the help donaldmissingpants. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-30-11 12:50AM Like  Reply
You can also do it from your phones browser same way you would on pc. - CM_Shadowgamer  2239.4 #44 5-30-11 1:31AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-30-11 12:20AM
this little guy will be at the park tomorrow morning =) if you see him say hi =)

Too adorable!!! - EvyJoBonCM  44.9 #4339 5-30-11 12:21AM Like  Reply
Eeeeeeeeeee! Cute attack!! - TandAlly  213.5 #1637 5-30-11 12:22AM Like  Reply
Whew what a doll! - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2559 5-30-11 12:49AM Like  Reply
Precious!! He is so adorable!! - disneylove2011  4.3 #17598 5-30-11 12:49AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-27-11 4:17PM
Does anyone know what time star tours closes tonight? I get out of work @ 1015 and was thinking about heading over there right after work. Can anyoone help me out plz?? Thanks =)
it caould close at any time, keep checking and - JimW  1072.7 #118 5-27-11 4:18PM Like  Reply
Thanks jimw. I hope it doesn't close early. If it does then I hope it opens early tomorrow so I can go lol - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-27-11 4:22PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-25-11 10:18AM
I plan to go to disneyland on june 3rd for the opening of star tours. How early do you guys think people will start lining up outside of dl before dl even opens?
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-24-11 1:46PM
Hello my fellow MWers that are at disneyland right now. Can any of you tell me the status of star tours?? Are they letting all AP holders ride it or is it just the contest winners??
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-23-11 6:11PM
Im soo sad =/ I had the whole day planned today to go to dl to try and ride star tours but wasn't able to go. And now I hear that all AP can ride it as many times you want =/ so sad.
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-21-11 10:54AM
hello there all my fellow MWers. Is star tours open to the public or do u still need a pass to get on it? And if it is, would it be open tomorrow b/c im thinking about taking my family tomorrow =)
I think we will have to wait and see about Sunday... its a soft opening so, its opens and closed at will... go today if you can. I'm blacked out today so I'm stewing in my own juices till tomorrow. - CptKirk  758.1 #187 5-21-11 10:58AM Like  Reply
If it is you should go. It was awesome and the line moved quick Saturday. - chrisjrTCB  55.6 #4039 5-22-11 10:53AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-20-11 10:22PM
ALL CM... can a cast member have a goatee?? I want to apply to be a CM but I am not sure about that rule... plz help me out. Thanks =)
I'm not a CM, but I don't think I have seen any male CM's w/beards - or facial hair for that matter. - weaver941  403.9 #452 5-20-11 10:57PM Like  Reply
I don't think so. But I think you can have a mustache. The guidelines are online, google it! - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #137 5-20-11 11:00PM Like  Reply
No beard or goatee. You can have a neatly trimmed mustache that does not extend beyond the sides of your lips. - Dahulagirl  1054.7 #122 5-20-11 11:14PM Like  Reply
Thanks everybody :) - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-20-11 11:43PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-20-11 4:52PM
Thinking about going to dl tonite around 8ish but would the soft opening of ST still be on??
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-19-11 9:03AM
Getting ready to go to Dl with my little family =) I will be posting pics later.
Have fun!!! - MozPrincess  582.4 #261 5-19-11 9:04AM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-18-11 5:23PM
Hey MRers. Im thinking about going to disneyland tomorrow. Would it be crowded tomorrow??
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-16-11 4:08PM
How do u win previews to star tours??
too late. There were online contests but to my knowledge this AP one was the last one to be picked. Had to enter by May 8th. - ToshiStation  54.4 #4078 5-16-11 4:19PM Like  Reply
=( my bday is june 6. I was hoping I could get this for my bday lol o well. I will still be able to enjoy the ride on june 3rd. - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-16-11 4:22PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-15-11 1:58PM
my 5 month old son entering disneyland for the first time back in march =)

Adorable! That's the way my lil guy entered the first time too! - vegasbrat  420.4 #432 5-15-11 1:59PM Like  Reply
Thanks =) he has been there many times since his first day and he now enjoys it =) - jedi-robert  25.9 #5358 5-15-11 2:06PM Like  Reply
25.9 #5358 DL Qual #5796 5-15-11 1:40PM
Hi there folks. I am new to MW but I don't know the meanings to RAK and all the other ones. I would really appreciate if you folks can help out =) thanks alot!!
RAK = Random Act of Kindness. That's what people call all these little fun gifts they give out. :) - JennDear  16.5 #6584 5-15-11 1:43PM Like  Reply
RAK = random act of kindess. people give fun stuff away, at the parks or through the app. but a true RAK is always when people just do or give nice things to people out of no where, not expecting anything in return =) Check out the FAQ's you'll learn all about what this app is about. And WELCOME to the magic ! - CMMinnieCouture  135.9 #2730 5-15-11 1:43PM Like  Reply
Welcome - mike714  338.1 #589 5-15-11 2:47PM Like  Reply
WELCOME! - MsPiggy  5.9 #12670 5-15-11 2:49PM Like  Reply