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FearTheStache  5.8 #18335 (DL) 
Im pretty B.A.

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5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 11-5-11 6:01AM
MW and the MWer's on here are like Vegas lol THEY NEVER SLEEP! Ahhhhh! haha
No sleep for the wicked...!!! (-=3 - CaptainJackSparrow   249.1 #1505 11-5-11 6:05AM Like(1)  Reply
I'll sleep when I'm dead! Bwahahahaha! - Evilstitch   338.5 #818 11-5-11 6:09AM Like(1)  Reply
That's what we tell my sisters gf when she complains she is tired at the park! You can sleep when your dead!! Lol - Littlecuppycake  185.3 #2346 11-5-11 6:10AM
That's what we tell my sisters gf when she complains she is tired at the park! You can sleep when your dead!! Lol - Littlecuppycake   185.3 #2346 11-5-11 6:10AM Like  Reply
;-) - disneymomma1   325.8 #884 11-5-11 6:26AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 10-30-11 10:14AM
What is everyone doing halloween night?! what's going on at Disneyland?
I'm going to Hollywood after school for a bit :] - Jaytasmic   373.3 #709 10-30-11 10:20AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 10-28-11 11:04AM
No d-land. im working as an emt working on a 48 hour shift :p remember, no drinking and driving. be safe everyone!
Well said. Let's have a dun and safe weekend. Have fun at work, hope you don't work too hard - keal1205   204.4 #2100 10-28-11 11:06AM Like  Reply
I never work too hard ;) lol - FearTheStache  5.8 #18335 10-29-11 8:37AM
thank you kindly for the reminder - BooEve123   800.9 #282 10-28-11 11:06AM Like  Reply
I never work too hard ;) lol - FearTheStache   5.8 #18335 10-29-11 8:37AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 10-1-11 2:49AM
wheres my REAL night owls at?!!!
me me me - BooEve123   800.9 #282 10-1-11 2:54AM Like  Reply
Me but not because I want to, because Im working the graveyard shift this week - MrBlue   232.3 #1727 10-1-11 3:05AM Like  Reply
Ugh still awake here - Smart.tea   206.7 #2068 10-1-11 3:48AM Like  Reply
Oooooo!!!! Here I am! Here I am!! - BatteringRam   24.5 #7255 10-1-11 3:48AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 9-23-11 10:11PM
For all of you Monster Inc. fans! Whats your favorite thing Roz has said to you at the end of the ride! my favorite was when i was on with my gf and she said "control him girl, i saw him blowing kisses at me, im not that kind of girl!" ha  More...
My favorite thing she ever said to me was," Hey lady is that your boyfriend in the thrid row? He was making googley eyes at me!" still laugh about that! - CuriousAsAlice7   179.7 #2417 9-24-11 1:06AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 9-20-11 6:06PM
Did you guys know in the haunted mansion somebody snuck in a gun and shot it inside and nobody knew about it and if you look in the big dining room where the ghosts are dancing, inside you can see a bullet hole, they tried to cover it up   More...
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 9-11-11 5:49AM
I am an EMT working for Riverside County and i am working today and am proud to be serving my community. God bless everyone who lost their lives on 9/11 and everybody that was affected.
Amen brother. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #201 9-11-11 6:09AM Like  Reply
Watching The History Channel right now. The bravery and commitment of the service people was amazing. Very hard to watch the events of that day. So sad. Thank you to all of the service people who help to keep us safe everyday! - Hesatalkintome   32.5 #6269 9-11-11 6:15AM Like  Reply
I am a PHN for Riverside County...God bless the first responders. - KissDclown   1089.2 #210 9-11-11 7:04AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 9-8-11 11:28PM
Beauty and the Beast redone video on youtube. its amazing and very funny!! its called "bonjour, girl!" must see! let me know what you guys think! (sorry i stink at posting videos up or, i know)
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 8-23-11 4:37PM
how is the weather like in disneyland, cause out in riverside it feels like the devils fart......
Gross, glad I'm not there! - akpoppins   263.8 #1368 8-23-11 4:46PM Like  Reply
Lol.. - micetown   175.1 #2475 9-1-11 1:05AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 8-20-11 12:54AM
so im looking for a genuine place to eat next time i go to Disneyland! Suggestions please?
What are you looking for when you want "genuine"? - Boundin   920.8 #244 8-20-11 1:01AM Like  Reply
Yes, define please :) - SkellyMouse   501.4 #493 8-20-11 1:02AM Like  Reply
I guess I am trying to figure out what you are looking for. For good food I suggest Plaza Inn. For ambisance Cafe New Orleans - Boundin   920.8 #244 8-20-11 1:12AM Like  Reply
I haven't eaten at blue bayou for many years but you can't beat eating inside of an attraction. Kinda overpriced though. Getting a riverside seat at the hungry bear for a cupcake/pie is nice too and you can watch the canoes and boats go by. Usually not too crowded. Cafe Orleans has good food and reminds of the real NO and europe except the staff is more attentive. Their garlic fries are the best! - Polkadobo   385.8 #678 8-20-11 1:31AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 7-12-11 7:28PM
mmm yum!! who wants one lol live corn dog castle
Uh.... - DizGeek   453.7 #562 7-12-11 7:31PM Like  Reply
I haven't had brekky yet. Now I don't want any. - BLG   1048.9 #219 7-12-11 7:32PM Like  Reply
 - Ericksenator   378.2 #697 7-12-11 8:49PM Like  Reply
 - cinderella5   333.1 #841 7-12-11 9:00PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 6-13-11 12:43AM
random thoughts anyone.....set.......go!!!!!
I culled my ferrets without compunction. - BLG   1048.9 #219 6-13-11 12:45AM Like  Reply
i wanna go to disneyland now lol and sit front n center and watch the fireworks so the lil girl comes out of me again - Tinky76   318.8 #926 6-13-11 12:45AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 6-6-11 8:24PM
Hey guys some unfortunate news Betty Taylor and Wally Boag passed both passed away saturday :( they played slue foot sue and pecos bill at the Golden Horseshoe Revue who performed their fives days a week for nearly 3 decades. please comme  More...
R.I.P. Betty & Wally. You will be missed. - corky   7.4 #15337 6-6-11 8:27PM Like  Reply
RIP. May the laughter continue to live on! - calidream1   398.1 #656 6-6-11 8:35PM Like  Reply
Actually Wally Boag died a day before on Friday. R.I.P Wally Boag & Betty Taylor, both were Disney Legends. - Coaster   24659.6 #3 6-6-11 8:39PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 6-5-11 3:24PM
First off NONE OF THEM WOULD BE YELLING IN THEIR POSTS. Thank you so much.  - Experiment818   1647.2 #127 6-5-11 4:01PM Like  Reply
Secondly, Pooh would be a honey salesman. Eeyore would be a therapist. - Experiment818   1647.2 #127 6-5-11 4:02PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 6-4-11 7:49PM what is this planking business all about lol what is it? doea it mean? please..explanation..
Just a bit of silliness. I equate it to pics of bunnies with pancakes on their heads. Just funny and silly to me. Doesn't hurt anyone. Just plank responsibly :) - misschurro   9890.6 #12 6-4-11 8:24PM Like  Reply
Thank you! Lol ima plank over fire now.... - FearTheStache   5.8 #18335 6-5-11 1:22PM Like  Reply
It defies explanation. That's what makes it funny. - Experiment818   1647.2 #127 6-5-11 1:42PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 6-4-11 1:48AM
anybody still awake? d-land in 4 days and xounting! WGOS WITH ME?!!!
Still awake here. I can't go in 4 days, I have work. Have fun though!!! - ZombieJerky   372.1 #710 6-4-11 1:51AM Like  Reply
Still awake. 15 more days for me - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #229 6-4-11 2:00AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 6-1-11 11:46PM
D-land = went on some good rides, saw ariels adventure finally!! it was sweeeeeet and ate dinner at house of blues. night = 10/10. got a good pic too! how was everyone elses night!!!
I love this ride...... - Disneylove661   45.0 #5400 6-1-11 11:53PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 6-1-11 8:25PM
caught him.....
*HeHe* looks like you're picking his nose - StephiePooh   572.7 #412 6-1-11 8:26PM Like  Reply
Haha. - OynnhoJ   107.9 #3665 6-1-11 8:29PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 6-1-11 7:29PM
were am
Fantasyland side of the Matterhorn - offroadmickey   100.2 #3802 6-1-11 7:36PM Like  Reply
Oh no! Are you lost? It's ok, you are in Fantasyland and that is the Matterhorn. Look for a CM to guide you in the right direction. Hahaha!!! I crack myself up  - missyhidy   245.7 #1549 6-1-11 7:40PM Like  Reply
LOL! Hi beautiful! - DesperateMousewife   877.7 #254 6-4-11 2:36AM Like  Reply
Nice too see you here tonight  - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #229 6-4-11 2:38AM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 5-23-11 5:35PM
so does anybody really know why in all disney movies there is never a mother figure? curious....
Huh? Have you seen Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, Lion King..... - iyuzMickey   519.6 #469 5-23-11 5:36PM Like  Reply
The 1 thing Disney movies teach u: that ur mom will die - Bandleader Mickey   218.3 #1908 5-23-11 5:55PM Like  Reply
Most of the older movies came from English literature. Back before modern medicine women died in childbirth therefore they died young. That is my guess. - Plumiegirl   10907.8 #11 5-23-11 6:42PM Like  Reply
Interesting...... peter pan also didnt show the parents alot. I mean bambi, sorcer and the stone, beauty and the beast, little mermaid etc - FearTheStache   5.8 #18335 5-23-11 7:19PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 5-22-11 8:59PM
my scaredy cat girlfriend on the ferris wheel...doesnt like heights much lol
Haha I don't like it when it swings, yikes - JimW   1074.1 #214 5-22-11 9:02PM Like  Reply
I don't either but the wheel of death doesn't bother me unless I'm in the ones that slide on tracks. - ThatHondaGuy   43.5 #5478 5-22-11 9:03PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 5-21-11 12:39PM
So what is everybodys favorite disney movie!! And why?! My personally is peter pan because i wiah i could fly!!!
I like them all, but right now it's POTC - JimW   1074.1 #214 5-21-11 12:40PM Like  Reply
aladdin i think that my all im fave i love abu ,aladdin and genie never tire of that movie - Tinky76   318.8 #926 5-21-11 1:16PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 5-21-11 12:23PM
i found a hidden mockey all by myself yesterday on space mountain all by myself! props anyone? my gf was so impressed:)
Go on wit yo bad self! ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #180 5-21-11 12:30PM Like  Reply
WOOT WOOT!!! - socalsoftballchick   86.8 #4042 5-21-11 12:31PM Like  Reply
Good job, what does a Mockey look like?  - JimW   1074.1 #214 5-21-11 12:39PM Like  Reply
5.8 #18335 DL Qual #7103 5-21-11 12:10PM
Whats up MWers!!!! i work all this weekend so i cant go to disneyland :( in need of some sympathy lol
Haha, some day soon hopefully, where is the stache? - JimW   1074.1 #214 5-21-11 12:16PM Like  Reply
Hola and Welcome!! - cyndaws   258.0 #1417 5-21-11 12:18PM Like  Reply
lol! Welcome! I was wondering the same thing! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #180 5-21-11 12:19PM Like  Reply
Hahahaa i shaved it. The anaheim ducks are unfortunately outta the playoffs now :'( - FearTheStache   5.8 #18335 5-21-11 12:24PM Like  Reply