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tracsant  1534.7 #3 (WDW) 
my name is Tracy,Dvc member since 07 , love it there ,go every yr and enjoy it more everytime,[email protected]

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1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-16-15 12:09PM
#RAK *** Winner*** Darthtinkerbell by way of bearlove:) , a little east RAK , includes full WDW set of maps including Food & Wine passport , Epcot pin , Disney dollar , collectable coaster from new Indiana Jones themed bar Jock Lindsey's   More...
Oh this is awesome @tracsant! I so want but will pass. you're so wonderful to do this!Β  - secretagentangel   9303.3 #11 11-16-15 12:36PM Like(2)  Reply
Oh wow, what a amazing RAK! Another native New Yorker here... I so miss home at times. All your photos have convinced me that my family needs a WDW trip, and those maps would be so handy to help plan. Thanks! - DarthTinkerbell   1389.8 #144 11-16-15 2:16PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for  @DarthTinkerbell . Thank you for being so awesome Tracy  - bearlove  157.7 #2726 11-17-15 6:40AM
@bearlove thank you so very much for the  add! What a very kind gesture for me to wake up to this morning! - DarthTinkerbell  1389.8 #144 11-17-15 8:59AM
Yay congrats! You can read them while you're recovering and plan trips!! - secretagentangel   9303.3 #11 11-23-15 12:44PM Like  Reply
Congrats πŸ‘ - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-23-15 1:24PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-5-15 10:20AM
#WDW This is from Disneys Animal Kingdoms Kilimanjaro Safari and is what I think one of the best attractions on property
The animatronics are really life like there.  - BaseballMickey   8435.7 #14 11-5-15 10:54AM Like(2)  Reply
It looks beautiful. The one trip to WDW we did, it was raining terribly the day we went here. We missed a huge part of that park. - LiveLaughLoveDisney   351.5 #0 11-5-15 10:26AM Like  Reply
I would really love to go there  - Disneydollarpam   101.8 #3719 11-5-15 1:09PM Like  Reply
I'm not sure humans are allowed in that pool. And I assume you are human -  1574.0 #125 11-5-15 1:27PM
- richiii3   1832.2 #106 11-5-15 2:07PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-4-15 7:27PM
#WDW Cinderella's Castle is holiday ready !
- JessieandWoody   236.7 #0 11-4-15 7:38PM Like  Reply
So much prettiness!! I don't know if I can handle it. Haha - DonaldGirl   48.3 #5135 11-4-15 8:03PM Like  Reply
Beautiful - Winnie111286   28629.9 #1 11-4-15 10:28PM Like  Reply
wow! What a great photo! Wish I could be there for the holiday! - DisneyBallers   57.3 #4766 11-5-15 7:11AM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-4-15 10:26AM
#WDW Cinderella Castle
Magical! - MaddForMansion   1141.8 #181 11-4-15 10:46AM Like  Reply
Love it.  Can't wait to go again. - Winnie111286   28629.9 #1 11-4-15 10:55AM Like  Reply
- WishIWereThere   329.5 #831 11-4-15 3:16PM Like  Reply
So pretty and the weather looks wonderful  - LiveLaughLoveDisney   351.5 #0 11-4-15 5:44PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-3-15 3:56PM
#WDW Hollywood Studios Osborne Family Spectacle Of Dancing Lights , such an amazing display
Missed it by 13 minutes! Did u find the Halloween cat? Thanks for posting! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-3-15 4:28PM Like  Reply
Yes I did!!!  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-3-15 5:10PM
Oh WOW!!! 😍😍😍 - misschurro   8496.7 #13 11-3-15 4:32PM Like  Reply
Wow doesn't that look great - ausfletch   29.3 #6484 11-4-15 1:26AM Like  Reply
always wished i could see those lites!  love the city streets ,  too! - MsTikiMermadam   1757.4 #111 11-4-15 4:34AM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-3-15 12:22PM
#WDW Fantasyland , view of Journey Of The Little Mermaid & Be Our Guest
Love that area - mmddgp   1576.1 #2 11-3-15 12:36PM Like  Reply
- hkpinay   353.1 #732 11-3-15 9:17PM Like  Reply
Sky is gorgeous  - MarshaMouse   5048.9 #29 11-3-15 10:20PM Like  Reply
 loving the new Mermaid sticker. Great pic too - Honeybunch   66.1 #4486 11-3-15 10:26PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-3-15 7:55AM
#WDW Prince Eric's Castle , which is where Journey Of The Little Mermaid is
Beautiful photo! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-3-15 9:17AM Like(1)  Reply
There's a really large hidden Mickey in the moat.  I had to google it to find it, was never able to find it in person - GoofyMom77   1046.7 #204 11-3-15 9:10AM Like  Reply
A friend shared a pic of that Hidden Steamboat Mickey with me and it still took some time looking at it to see it.  - JenGwen323  2153.6 #85 11-3-15 10:30AM
I don't think I've caught that , I'll have to keep my eye out for it  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-3-15 12:10PM
  - poorunfortunatesoul   242.3 #1555 11-3-15 9:22PM Like  Reply
  - MaddForMansion   1141.8 #181 11-3-15 9:41PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-2-15 6:41PM
#WDW Epcot
Where's your big cheesy smile???? - secretagentangel   9303.3 #11 11-2-15 7:08PM Like  Reply
- Bassplayerswife   996.6 #218 11-2-15 7:37PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-2-15 12:53PM
#WDW Kidani Village , i get to enjoy this amazing view for the rest of the week
Very cool. Make sure you ask about borrowing the night vision goggles at night. Those are lots of fun too. - DLKenCA   3191.0 #50 11-2-15 1:15PM Like(2)  Reply
I always forget about that , thanks will do ! - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-2-15 3:22PM
This is so amazing thank you for the picture - tina7321   261.6 #1339 11-2-15 1:26PM Like  Reply
Nice view - Winnie111286   28629.9 #1 11-2-15 6:33PM Like  Reply
What an amazing view! I'd have a tough time leaving the room. - DarthTinkerbell   1389.8 #144 11-2-15 9:47PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-2-15 9:41AM
#WDW it's a very beautiful & hot day here in Magic Kingdom so what better way to relax than taking a ride on People Mover
Have a great day!  - FrankenJinglyVelinee   4362.6 #40 11-2-15 9:48AM Like  Reply
Thank you ! - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-2-15 3:22PM
Can you tell FL to turn the A/C on outside? I'll be there next week. πŸ˜‚ - JenGwen323   2153.6 #85 11-2-15 11:26AM Like  Reply
Oh you have no idea , the humidity is killing me and my hair ! - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-2-15 12:50PM
This was my #1 on my list to do when we went - stevesdisneyprincess   148.6 #2867 11-2-15 1:18PM Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   814.7 #264 11-2-15 3:53PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-2-15 7:46AM
#WDW Haunted Mansion
Really different from ours - evilemohand   1430.3 #136 11-2-15 7:49AM Like  Reply
Yes very !  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-2-15 7:52AM
I really like the conservatory. Can you see out of it from the inside? - SassafrasDavis   814.1 #265 11-2-15 7:55AM Like  Reply
No you can't  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-2-15 8:42AM
Awesome! - secretagentangel   9303.3 #11 11-2-15 9:08PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 10-31-15 7:11PM
#WDW Main st on this beautiful night πŸŽƒ
- CoachDisney   479.3 #493 10-31-15 7:12PM Like  Reply
Very cool! - msdizmaui   955.6 #223 10-31-15 7:25PM Like  Reply
Awesome!! - MinnieMousewife   928.2 #230 10-31-15 11:12PM Like  Reply
Wish I was there. Looks awesome 😍 - MisSingAlong   99.5 #0 10-31-15 11:20PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 10-31-15 4:01PM
#WDW Happy Halloween from Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom !
Hi Tracy! What's for dinner? - goofygal   13406.5 #7 10-31-15 4:23PM Like  Reply
NY strip ! Delicious  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 10-31-15 4:53PM
Mmmmmmmm - secretagentangel  9303.3 #11 10-31-15 6:10PM
Glad you could finally get ressies there! Let us know how you liked the grey stuff. Have fun! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 10-31-15 4:54PM Like  Reply
I have a feeling it was delicious - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2994.8 #53 10-31-15 5:26PM
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 9-15-15 11:40AM
#RAK, 4 years ago today I found MW , I was still getting the hang of what an App even was ( yes yes I'm a little lame & old school) & it took months before I even posted , I kept reading the FAQs to make sure I understood everything corre  More...
*** Winner for the Oogie bottle & Minnie shopping pin is LaBelleParis for @@@@@luxkitty & @bearlove for the Jack Bottle & Minnie Liberty pin . Congrats & please DM me so I can get this right out to you  - tracsant   1534.7 #3 9-22-15 8:17AM Like(2)  Reply
DM'd you! Thanks so much! - luxkitty  4904.2 #30 9-22-15 9:21AM
@luxkitty : What a coincidence that you won the Shopping Minnie pin πŸ˜‰ I'm glad you won...Congrats!  πŸ˜ƒ - LaBelleParis  1403.4 #141 9-22-15 1:11PM
- R2Me2   102.0 #3714 9-15-15 11:46AM Like  Reply
- missymel   62.8 #4585 9-22-15 1:23PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   BAMBAM  Apples2  jacdanfan  29 More Thanks sultan   JCat1021   luxkitty  
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 8-1-15 8:46PM
WINNER for 60th celebration RAK Meridafan by way of debbiev , congrats & please DM so I can get this right out to you 😊
Thank you. So kind of you. And thank you @@debbiev for the winning add!   - MeridaFan   4244.2 #42 8-1-15 9:41PM Like(3)  Reply
I just saw this!πŸ™€ So glad you won! Woohoo! - debbiev  1630.3 #122 8-3-15 3:11PM
😘😘 - PrincessDuckie  938.5 #228 8-3-15 4:24PM
@@@@@@@@@MeridaFan - tracsant   1534.7 #3 8-1-15 8:49PM Like  Reply
- PixiePrincessPolly   342.7 #764 8-3-15 4:12PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - chuswo   420.9 #580 8-3-15 5:06PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 7-22-15 10:45AM
#RAK, I had such a fantastic trip & so now it's time to pay it forward . I met so many great DL MWERS that were so kind & welcoming I'd like to share this on both sides. This is one RAK . It includes 1 set of 60th park maps, OC register &  More...
Admin liked your post!!! 😍😍😍 - eviljules   1759.7 #110 7-28-15 5:56PM Like(2)  Reply
BUMP for anyone else , Will be closing RAK tonight & picking a winner 😊 - tracsant   1534.7 #3 7-30-15 12:03PM Like(2)  Reply
Those look so cool, could you please add me? It is greatly appreciated, thank you! - hearic   43.9 #5347 7-30-15 12:35PM Like  Reply
- tracsant   1534.7 #3 7-30-15 10:16PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 7-20-15 5:50AM
I had the best time this week! I did so much and had some really unique experiences I won't soon forget. Got to spend very valuable time with very special friends & met so many great MWers as well as experience the 60th. Hopefully I find   More...
We had an awesome time too! It was a great 5 days!!! - goofygal   13406.5 #7 7-20-15 6:09AM Like(1)  Reply
It was amazing , so glad we got to spend so much time together  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 7-21-15 6:00AM
Safe travels home today. We had the best time with everyone. Love your first Diamond pin, you earned it! Time to start planning again! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 7-20-15 6:16AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you for everything!! I'm always planning lol - tracsant  1534.7 #3 7-21-15 6:01AM
How do you meet up with MWErs?  I'm new to this.  I have looked around the park but I cannot identify who are MWers. - Bambim44   163.4 #0 7-21-15 11:55AM Like  Reply
You watch here on the lounge when we announce meetups. We have an ongoing one on Tuesday nights, tonight we'll meet at 6 at LA Brea for Christmas in July meetup!  - secretagentangel  9303.3 #11 7-21-15 1:14PM
Looks like you all had a lot of fun!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ - eviljules   1759.7 #110 7-21-15 12:25PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 7-17-15 8:55AM
My favorite photo op
How FUN!!!! - misschurro   8496.7 #13 7-17-15 9:10AM Like  Reply
I like that one! -   1574.0 #125 7-17-15 9:15AM Like  Reply
You came out to socialize! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 7-17-15 9:17AM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 7-15-15 9:41AM
Finally after a long year and a half we are back, I'm so excited I practically danced up to the check in counter πŸ˜†
Have a grand time!  - JenGwen323   2153.6 #85 7-15-15 9:42AM Like  Reply
Many happy returns to you!!  - FrankenJinglyVelinee   4362.6 #40 7-15-15 9:43AM Like  Reply
Don't blame you ! - polo33   85.1 #4033 7-15-15 10:40AM Like  Reply
Yay! Welcome home. Have a great time.  - Bassplayerswife   996.6 #218 7-15-15 12:14PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 7-13-15 12:28PM
#ElCaptainTheatreTour hope this ok to post here. My husband & I are finally on our fabulous West coast vacation & decided to do this tour , we had such a great time with it .We just got done doing tour of The El Captain Theatre, what a fu  More...
Thanked by:   DisneyGrandma 
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 7-7-15 1:23PM
#RAK , because I'm extremely excited that next Wednesday I'll finally be back at DL after almost 2 yrs I'll be giving away 100 credits to 3 winners tonight. Winners will be picked before all the sticker fun begins 😊RAK closed. Winners   More...
- kimdis   61.8 #4621 7-7-15 1:35PM Like  Reply
 And  for this RAK - Woodylover   65.9 #4494 7-7-15 1:36PM Like  Reply
 and I can't wait! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1479.5 #4 7-7-15 8:08PM Like  Reply
You gals are going to have such a great time 😊 - bearlove  157.7 #2726 7-7-15 8:13PM
- evilemohand   1430.3 #136 7-7-15 8:42PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 6-16-15 12:38PM
#RAK , I lost my grandfather early this morning so to honor what a sweet & generous man he was i will be RAKing 300 credits tonight .*** Thank you everyone for all the very kind & beautiful words , they truly meant a lot to me . Winner is  More...
So sorry for your loss πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜˜ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1559.7 #126 6-16-15 4:07PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm so sorry for your loss sending lots of pixie dust your wayπŸ’« please add me I am grateful for my boyfriend whom if I did not have to help me through my tough times in not sure what kind of place I would be in - brguest85   248.0 #1477 6-16-15 12:46PM Like  Reply
So sorry to hear.  Condolences to you and your family.  - Mauleficent   184.2 #0 6-16-15 11:34PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 6-2-15 12:54PM
#RAK Happy sticker night , 100 credits up for grabs , will pick a winner tonight 😊 **RAK CLOSED ** winner is TinkerSchelle
 and  - disneybob49   1216.9 #166 6-2-15 1:00PM Like  Reply
- rhondu72   100.1 #3754 6-2-15 1:08PM Like  Reply
Whaaaaa????? THANK YOU!!! I'm gonna get something I've been hoping for! THANKS!!!✨😘 - TinkerSchelle   2103.3 #88 6-2-15 8:14PM Like  Reply
Happy shopping , hope you get something good :) - tracsant  1534.7 #3 6-2-15 8:38PM
  @@TinkerSchelle !! - CuriousAsAlice7   179.7 #2372 6-2-15 8:28PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 5-19-15 1:55PM
#RAK , Happy Sticker Night ! 100 credits a piece for 2 winners are up for grabs , will choose winners 10pm est πŸ˜ƒ RAK CLOSED
Winner's are @@@adisneyfamily and @@sewedna and a few other surprises - tracsant   1534.7 #3 5-19-15 7:13PM Like(4)  Reply
Thank you for doing this!! That's 7pm PST, folksπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š - misschurro   8496.7 #13 5-19-15 2:05PM Like(1)  Reply
- kimdis   61.8 #4621 5-19-15 8:22PM Like  Reply
Very nice of  you! Congrats to the winners! - goofygal   13406.5 #7 5-19-15 8:57PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 5-5-15 3:21PM
#RAK Happy Sticker night & Happy Cinco de Mayo ! 75 credits up for grabs. **WINNER is YoPirate πŸ˜€
Oooooh Fun!!!!!!  Please add me!  Thank you!  :) - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   360.4 #708 5-5-15 3:22PM Like  Reply
Please add me. Thank you!!  - chelsea217   40.3 #5547 5-5-15 3:31PM Like  Reply
  - minniemonika   248.7 #0 5-5-15 7:17PM Like  Reply
    This has been my lucky day! - YoPirate   2691.3 #61 5-5-15 7:33PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 4-28-15 3:30PM
#RAK , Happy Sticker night 50 credits up for grabs . RAK closed
WINNERs @valj84DisneyAddict for 50 credits & @@Winnie111286 for 25 credits  - tracsant   1534.7 #3 4-28-15 7:39PM Like(2)  Reply
Yay!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘 thank you so very much!!!!! Love, love, love!!!!!! - valj84DisneyDeppAddict  360.4 #708 4-28-15 7:41PM
no need to add but thank you for this great rak 😊 - Lilogirl1   132.9 #3124 4-28-15 3:32PM Like  Reply
Please add me,  - MyPunzel711   36.6 #0 4-28-15 7:13PM Like  Reply
- PixiePrincessPolly   342.7 #764 4-28-15 8:50PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 4-21-15 11:52AM
#RAK , Hi everyone & Happy sticker night , 75 credits are up for grabs tonight 😊
  and Thank you!  This is so great!  :) - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   360.4 #708 4-21-15 11:55AM Like  Reply
Please add me :) thank you so much for this rak! - CuriousAsAlice7   179.7 #2372 4-21-15 12:01PM Like  Reply
- PixiePrincessPolly   342.7 #764 4-21-15 7:58PM Like  Reply
- anaggarciam   856.5 #247 4-21-15 8:03PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 4-14-15 10:55AM
#RAK , Happy sticker night . 50 credits up for grabs ! **WINNER is MadameLeota for 50 credits & evilemohand for 25.
....... very generous of you - evilemohand   1430.3 #136 4-14-15 11:17AM Like  Reply
Please add me, thank you - thumpur   335.0 #798 4-14-15 11:19AM Like  Reply
KA-CHOW! WooooooooHoooooo!  Thankful and greatful!😊 - MadameLeota   4702.0 #33 4-14-15 7:07PM Like  Reply
- evilemohand   1430.3 #136 4-15-15 4:02AM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 4-7-15 10:48AM
#RAK , Happy sticker day . ***WINNER for the 50 credits is @@@MickeyLumboCM . I also picked a 2nd name for 25 credits @@@DarthTinkerbell ☺️
- disneybob49   1216.9 #166 4-7-15 10:56AM Like  Reply
- rhondu72   100.1 #3754 4-7-15 10:56AM Like  Reply
This is such a nice surprise and very generous RAK.  Thank you very much and best wishes. I hope there will me a much deserved @handmeachurroimmafaint mw legend sticker to buy with it. πŸ‘ - MickeyLumboCM   1367.5 #146 4-7-15 8:57PM Like  Reply
- evilemohand   1430.3 #136 4-7-15 8:59PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 3-31-15 10:42AM
#RAK 100 credits. I will be making my 2nd west coast trip this July , so to enter if you will please tell this fairly DL newbie just 1 must do , attraction, ride or eat what would it be , thank you & winner will be chosen tonight :)
I'd like a chance.  And here we go for the "must do":   Slow down.  Take time to sit and observe.  Watch a kid giggling.  See a dad with his kids having a great time.  Watch the duck ducks.   See a show.   It's not all about I gotta get on as many rides as I can.    - Butterlina   1637.3 #120 3-31-15 1:02PM Like(7)  Reply
good one! - MsTikiMermadam  1757.4 #111 3-31-15 9:55PM
, big thunder mountain during the fireworks. - Sleepingbeautysmom   351.9 #738 3-31-15 11:29AM Like(2)  Reply
That's one of our favorite things to do now. VERY hard to do with only a 5 minute show. Worth the wait if you can manage it. - DLKenCA  3191.0 #50 3-31-15 1:42PM
if you are staying at the DL hotel,  must do the monorail slides!   i recommend all of adventureland and new Orleans sq,  and carsland.  and take an afternoon break out of the heat.  and drink a lot of tall iced drinks.  bottled water doesn't cool you down.  have fun! - MsTikiMermadam   1757.4 #111 3-31-15 10:00PM Like  Reply
must try the lobster nachos!!!! - Mariela_ela_ela   161.8 #2661 3-31-15 11:50PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 3-23-15 10:30AM
#RAK *** I have picked 4 winners for this RAK. Winners are DisneyDavidEMT for @@2BeignetOrNot2Beignet , DarthTinkerbell for @@@LaBelleParis, erinten for @@@missmimi90 & LBChica . Congrats to all and please end your info ☺️
Please add me! My mini is a huge Belle fan!  Thanks! - montanapixies   141.7 #2985 3-23-15 10:36AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me, Belle is my favorite!  Thank you!! - DizneyGirl   1343.5 #6 3-23-15 10:33AM Like  Reply
- conant4   14.3 #9519 3-26-15 6:57AM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 3-17-15 12:08PM
#RAK for 50 credits , will pick winner tonight :) *****WINNER is MrsSchnooks !!
Add me please thank you - stevesdisneyprincess   148.6 #2867 3-17-15 12:11PM Like  Reply
Awesome please add me and thank you - DOPEY13   124.4 #3271 3-17-15 12:53PM Like  Reply
- Pooh147856   438.1 #22 3-17-15 7:25PM Like  Reply
  To Mrs. S! - DarthTinkerbell   1389.8 #144 3-17-15 7:46PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 3-10-15 12:09PM
#RAK , hello MW 50 credits are up for grabs *** WINNER BibbidiBibbidiMe
 Thank you very much :) - princessb5   191.0 #2225 3-10-15 4:08PM Like(1)  Reply
Eeek! Thank you SO much for your generosity @tracsant! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   304.0 #982 3-10-15 7:12PM Like(1)  Reply
Congrats! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 3-10-15 7:57PM Like  Reply
- keepmovingforward   269.5 #1265 3-10-15 8:27PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 3-3-15 8:12AM
#RAK 100 credits , I wanted to thank everyone on this side for helping to the ropes & for being so generous to us WDW MWers , winner will be picked 9pm EST.***WINNER of the 100 credits is @DLKenCA & everyone also received a little surpris  More...
Please add me!! Thank you! 😊 - LindseyanaJones   266.8 #1291 3-3-15 9:20AM Like(1)  Reply
You're name is ADORABLE and perfect for today!!!😍✨ - TinkerSchelle  2103.3 #88 3-3-15 12:31PM
Thanks @@draven898 It's been awhile! I fell off the face of mousewait earth due to school and work owning my life but I'm happy to be back! 😁 - LindseyanaJones  266.8 #1291 3-3-15 11:02PM
Hi!!!! So nice to meet you!!! ✨ In honor of Indiana Jones attraction's 20th, please add me for @@LindseyanaJones cuz her name is SO DANG CUTE!!!!!✨ Thank you very much for doing this!!!!😘 - TinkerSchelle   2103.3 #88 3-3-15 12:29PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you Sooo much @@@TinkerSchelle!!! I am at school slaving away and you made my day 😁 your name is pretty dang cute too!! ☺️ - LindseyanaJones  266.8 #1291 3-3-15 12:43PM
@@@@TinkerSchelle - LindseyanaJones  266.8 #1291 3-3-15 12:43PM
- evilemohand   1430.3 #136 3-3-15 9:18PM Like  Reply
Thank you. Got home after watching Cinderella to this wonderful surprise. I'll try to put it to use next week since I missed this week's stickers. Very generous! - DLKenCA   3191.0 #50 3-3-15 10:26PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 1-17-15 9:30AM
Winner is Atora for missariel33 , congrats ! I'll mail asap when I get ur info
Congrats @@@missariel33!!! - thatgirljenn   1912.1 #99 1-17-15 9:46AM Like  Reply
- DarthTinkerbell   1389.8 #144 1-17-15 9:50AM Like  Reply
Congrats! - DebbyMouse7531   549.2 #17 1-17-15 6:50PM Like  Reply
- BibbidiBobbidiMe   304.0 #982 1-17-15 9:52PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 1-12-15 7:09AM
#RAK ,Well hello MW ! Since it's my birthday month I wanted to wish you all a "Very Merry Unbirthday " by doing a RAK with this Little Mermaid necklace & NBC necklace &earring set.Both go to one winner . To enter please tell me what delic  More...
@tracsant Thank you for hosting a rak on this side!!!!  Everyone, tracsant is an awesome MWer on the FLip side! (MW Florida)!! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.4 #169 1-12-15 9:13PM Like(2)  Reply
Aww. Very cool! - misschurro  8496.7 #13 1-12-15 9:53PM
She's very generous!! She has done many RAKs and sent surprise gifts to many MWers! Awesome friend. - jacdanfan  14358.4 #5 1-13-15 5:43AM
ur always so generous! Please add me for @@@@@@@@@@missariel33 Please! My fave birthday treat in the park would have to be a root beer float from Gibson ice cream parlor my fave!  - mickeyat78   2243.2 #80 1-12-15 7:39AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you!!! So sweet! - missariel33  2115.6 #87 1-12-15 3:53PM
Please add me for @@@@@@@@@@missariel33 Thanks for a beautiful rak  - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1369.7 #145 1-14-15 7:01PM Like  Reply
happy birthday month!!!  please add me for @@@@@@@@@@missariel33 thank you!!! - OhanaPhoto   6899.5 #19 1-15-15 8:02AM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-7-14 8:47PM
#WDW one more from The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights
Pretty. - RhondaR   231.8 #1692 11-7-14 8:54PM Like  Reply
Such a great photo! - MJmouse   341.3 #770 11-7-14 8:55PM Like  Reply
I love that. Ask about the PURPLE cat. It get's "hidden" somewhere in the lights. Took us a while to find it last year. - DLKenCA   3191.0 #50 11-7-14 11:19PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-7-14 3:29PM
#WDW Hollywood Studios live at Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing lights
Love this! Thanks for your pix! Have fun! - goofygal   13406.5 #7 11-7-14 7:46PM Like(1)  Reply
Man I miss seeing that  - Linzee   1763.1 #108 11-7-14 3:31PM Like  Reply
Oooh! I have heard about this-looks gorgeous - misschurro   8496.7 #13 11-7-14 4:02PM Like  Reply
I posted videos on IG - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-7-14 4:56PM
If you see the Halloween cat can you post a pic? They hide it ever year and it's fun to find. Thanks for the post, more please! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-7-14 4:26PM Like  Reply
i couldn't find it , but I will when I go back !!! - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-7-14 4:56PM
Ask CMs for a hint. It was up in a tree last year off to the side. But it's always moved. - DLKenCA  3191.0 #50 11-7-14 11:24PM
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-6-14 3:43PM
#WDW castle lit up by Elsa
Great pic, wow! So beautiful! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-6-14 4:12PM Like(1)  Reply
WOW! I've been to WDW 2x but both were during the Summer. I really have to go see it during the Holidays. - HARR_E   6799.2 #21 11-6-14 3:51PM Like  Reply
The holidays are amazing at WDW. There are the Osborne Lights at HS, the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian, all the parks and resorts are decorated so nice! All the resorts have trees that are themed to that particular resort. So much fun to visit all the resorts during the holidays to see their displays. - jacdanfan  14358.4 #5 11-7-14 8:00AM
So beautiful and stunning! - Becky   551.2 #417 11-7-14 9:11AM Like  Reply
Amazingly beautiful!! - Disneygrl35   3.0 #58212 11-7-14 9:25AM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-6-14 9:50AM
#WDW Epcots Japan pavilion
πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2865.4 #55 11-6-14 12:31PM Like(1)  Reply
Hope your enjoying the Food and Wine Festival. Anxious to see some meetup pix! Have fun! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-6-14 1:47PM Like(1)  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-4-14 5:52PM
Here is a few more from Disney's Vero Beach Resort , I really can't say enough good things about this resort !!
Beautiful resort, looks so relaxing! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-4-14 6:13PM Like(1)  Reply
That's awesome.   We are thinking about a trip to WDW next summer.   - mickeys5o   53.1 #4923 11-4-14 5:54PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-4-14 5:03AM
#DisneysVeroBeach , truly a beautiful view to wake up to !!
Good morning! What a beautiful view to wake up too! Have fun today. - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-4-14 5:06AM Like(1)  Reply
How gorgeous! Enjoy your day! - goofygal   13406.5 #7 11-4-14 5:07AM Like(1)  Reply
WOW.. - evilemohand   1430.3 #136 11-4-14 5:35AM Like(1)  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-3-14 6:01PM
Hello from Disney's Vero Beach Resort in Fla . We decided to start off our WDW here, so not disappointed! So many activities, good restaurants and beautiful views , it's about an hr and half from Orlando International airport and WDW , un  More...
Hi Tracy!! Hope you and Jay are having a great time. Thanks for posting on this side too! You're all going to have the best meetup at WDW! So jealous!! - jacdanfan   14358.4 #5 11-3-14 6:12PM Like  Reply
Wish you and Nancy were here, you both will be very missed  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-4-14 4:17AM
Wow, sounds like a perfect vacation. Have a magical time!  - FrankenJinglyVelinee   4362.6 #40 11-3-14 6:38PM Like  Reply
Have fun  - mckelfam   119.4 #3376 11-3-14 10:29PM Like  Reply
It looks beautiful there, Tracy! Hope you and Jay have an awesome time! - goofygal   13406.5 #7 11-4-14 4:45AM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 9-19-14 9:05AM
#RAK Winner for the Broadway Mickey and Minnie Vinyls is Mickeyat78 , congrats and please DM me so I can get these right out to you :)
Oh my goodness I literally wanna cry these are amazing and will go perfect with all my other vinyls! Thank you so mch!  - mickeyat78   2243.2 #80 9-19-14 10:03AM Like(4)  Reply
Yay congrats!!! - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor   477.5 #497 9-19-14 9:12AM Like  Reply
- WishIWereThere   329.5 #831 9-19-14 3:53PM Like  Reply
congratulations @Mickeyat78. I know you love to see NYC! These vinyl set are pretty! expecially the Minnie one! - otilegna   2827.0 #58 9-23-14 8:42PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 9-15-14 7:07AM
#RAK, Hello MW DL , I don't usually post much on this side but it's my 3 yr MW anniversary and wanted to share a RAK over here as well . These are the Mickey & Minnie Broadway vinyl set ,I thought they would be perfect to represent where   More...
Please add me for this generous #RAK. .. MW has let me meet new people  and a couple actually in person..but looking  meet many more  person like  @HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  ...@@@pikarich ...  especially - evilemohand   1430.3 #136 9-15-14 7:18AM Like  Reply
Please add me for @ @@evilemohand @@evilemohand. Mw has changed my whole outlook on Disney now i know more of its secrets and i have met wonderful Mwers like @HandMeAChurroImmaFaint and @@LaBelleparis.   - ILuvSleepingBeauty   235.7 #1635 9-15-14 7:46AM Like  Reply
Thank you very nice of you - evilemohand  1430.3 #136 9-15-14 8:23AM
Please add me for this awesome gift. My daughter and I have started a small collection of vinylmations and these are awesome! What I liked most about MW is all the tips my fellow MWers have blessed us with, During our first in park RAK, and of course all the great pictures people post - WaltDisneyFan   62.6 #4587 9-16-14 7:47PM Like  Reply
Happy 3rd MWaversary!  πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰  Such a generous RAK. Please add me. One way that MW has affected me is that I have met some amazingly kind MW'ers. I am so thankful that MW has brought them in to my life.  Thank you. - DisLUVney   644.6 #354 9-16-14 10:13PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 6-9-14 8:10AM
#RAK closed! The winners of the 50 credits are BombFrog, HandMeAChurroImmaFaint, WillieRose and luxkitty and everyone else who entered received something also *** I'd like to gift 4 people with 50 credits each , if anyone is interested p  More...
Very nice of you. Please add me. Thank you  - WhatTiggersDoBest   692.5 #329 6-9-14 8:20AM Like  Reply
Please add me! That is very generous of you so thanks! - XochiFryingPanWhoKnew   87.9 #3966 6-9-14 8:21AM Like  Reply
Thank you for the sticker  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 6-10-14 6:25PM
That was very generous of you!  Gold star!⭐️ - poppinspenguin   300.8 #1007 6-12-14 4:23PM Like  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - eviljules   1759.7 #110 10-16-14 9:48PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 12-10-13 1:57PM
Hello, my name is Tracy and I'm a WDW MWer , I'm on my last day of my first trip to the west coast and DisneyLand, I just wanted to share a little bit with you and admin, on the WDW side our meet ups are far and few as we are scattered th  More...
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This is a tight community and enjoy sharing our moments. I'm a MWer from NorCal and cannot make the park often (3-4 times a year) so we have meetups every so often. I've made some cool friendships with awesome people who live far away. I'm glad you got to experience that. These MWers have become family so I know exactly what you mean. - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   1213.0 #168 12-10-13 3:28PM Like(2)  Reply
😘  - LaPearleNoir  2860.8 #56 12-12-13 6:24AM
Thank you for sharing and for the kind email you sent me! This warms my heart to hear stories like this, I think most people are not aware of the great community we have on the WDW side of the app. Thank you for contributing and for helping build the community on the WDW side! - Admin   12-11-13 5:20PM Like(2)  Reply
And again thank you ! - tracsant  1534.7 #3 12-11-13 5:35PM
Awww I like your post I've only had mousewait for like a few weeks now but I've really enjoyed it and has brightened my days.  - ajay87   157.0 #2737 3-10-14 9:40PM Like  Reply
Hi tracsant - E-Ticket   1512.9 #130 3-10-14 9:48PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 11-12-13 7:25PM
Hello WDW MWer here, in need of a little help, I will be visiting DL for the very first time in 24 days , and I'm a bit stumped on the dining , not to sure which places are quick services or table service and I would like to go someplace   More...
*gasp* you're coming? It would be so nice to meet you! I'm sure mzdisnee will see you!!!! xoxoxo Blue Bayou is pretty cool! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.4 #169 11-12-13 8:38PM Like(1)  Reply
Hi πŸ‘‹miss you on the FLip side , looking forward to meeting mzdisnee and family would love to meet with you too, I'm so excited !!! - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-12-13 8:59PM
I miss you guys too! Love the FLip side!  - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1191.4 #169 11-12-13 9:15PM
Steakhouse 55 is my favorite restaurant. They have amazing food and service! It's nice for a fancy dinner and their creme brΓ»lΓ©e is to die for!!!! πŸ˜€ - undertheC   22.2 #7457 11-13-13 7:54AM Like(1)  Reply
hi! Reservations for the table service at DL/DCA are recommended, but not always a must like WDW. In some cases, you can call Disney Dining that morning and make a reservation for dinner. But just to plan ahead, reservations for restaurants like Blue Bayou, and Carthay Circle are recommended. For more food reviews, if you look at the MW Food section, we've put together a section with a menu for each place and many of us have written reviews on every food place in both parks. Hope this helps. - BaseballMickey   8435.7 #14 11-12-13 7:39PM Like  Reply
You are full of amazing advice :-) - BriarBeauty  124.1 #3277 11-12-13 7:40PM
Thank you  - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-12-13 8:30PM
Hey buddy!!!!!! heard the steak house is pretty good and Dave always post about napa rose which would be romantic for you and your boo. Carthay is inside dca so it's realllly nice. Blue bayou is really nice cause it's inside the pirates ride but food wise carthay is a better choice I think. But atmosphere I like  blue bayou  - Hendizl   2905.4 #54 11-12-13 7:57PM Like  Reply
Hiya, I looked up blue bayou , that seems to be a good choice , can you believe how quick this trip is coming up , see you soon - tracsant  1534.7 #3 11-12-13 8:33PM
Thanked by:   MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz 
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 7-3-13 12:50PM
WINNER is iPoca , congrats and please DM your info
Wheeeeee! - Butterlina   1637.3 #120 7-3-13 12:51PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - mcramos925   483.0 #486 7-3-13 12:52PM Like  Reply
4...8...15...16...23...42 - DeadliestPassholder   407.1 #603 7-3-13 1:16PM Like  Reply
Ahhhhh yay!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! DMing you! YAy!!!! - iPoca.   916.9 #232 7-3-13 1:18PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 6-29-13 10:01AM
**RAK**WINNER is iPoca , please DM me your info and congrats*** Hello MW DL thought I'd share a RAK on this side , this is a Walt Disney archives D23 collection Dharma logo patch , you may add for yourself or someone else, winner will be   More...
Wow this is cool thanks! Can u please add me. Thanks again how awesome of u from wdw to rak something here in DL MW! - mickeyat78   2243.2 #80 6-29-13 10:35AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank u for doing this on this side. Very kool. Please add me for MICKEYAT^^^^ thanks - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY   999.0 #217 6-29-13 10:45AM Like  Reply
Sweeeeet! Add me please. :) - marcoab15   3.5 #30037 6-30-13 7:29AM Like  Reply
Bump for last night - tracsant   1534.7 #3 7-1-13 5:04PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 10-22-12 8:09AM
***rak winner*** uscdisneyteacher, send me your info and congrats πŸ˜ƒ
Hey! Congrats! This is awesome! - MyPark   1290.8 #155 10-22-12 8:15AM Like  Reply
Congratulations to the winner! - solomouselover   319.1 #890 10-22-12 8:18AM Like  Reply
Congrats! - RCmom   5235.3 #27 10-22-12 12:31PM Like  Reply
Cool pin. Congrats! - CaptainPirateKalven   319.8 #884 10-22-12 12:48PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   jacdanfan  uscdisneyteacher  Hendizl 
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 10-18-12 8:55AM
***rak***this is my first rak on the DL side , animal kingdom pin from my most recent trip, a simple add me will do , winner will be picked oct 22
Add Me! Pretty please! That's my favorite WDW park. Every day we spend at WDW we always ride Everest and the Safari at least once - WendyLVSNana   90.2 #3923 10-18-12 9:13AM Like  Reply
Please add me. I don't know that I will ever get to WDW. Thanks! - jmgphx   323.1 #867 10-18-12 9:15AM Like  Reply
Add me pretty pretty please and thank you :-) - uscdisneyteacher   8947.5 #12 10-21-12 4:38PM Like  Reply
I think we were at WDW at the same time! Hope you had an amazing trip. - heather77   626.5 #370 10-21-12 4:46PM Like  Reply
Yes I think we were , I remember seeing your post and yes thank you we had a fantastic time , hope you did as well - tracsant  1534.7 #3 10-21-12 4:59PM
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 10-14-12 12:59PM
Hi all , I thought I'd share more pics from the new fantasyland here in wdw , these are the walkway , the entrance and inside of be our guest restaurant , everything looks amazing , I've posted a lot on the wdw side
It looks so amazing, hoping hoping hoping I can see it next month! Thanks for sharing! - PinkElephants   745.7 #305 10-14-12 1:00PM Like  Reply
Wow...I have no words but wow! Now I want to go sooner - MarshaMouse   5048.9 #29 10-14-12 1:44PM Like  Reply
hello tracsant! thanks for the WDW pics. the forced perspective of Beast's castle looks great! - otilegna   2827.0 #58 10-14-12 5:32PM Like  Reply
🌴looks so great! - dizzylandjunky   234.8 #1650 10-14-12 9:43PM Like  Reply
1534.7 #3 WDW Qual #99 10-13-12 8:40AM
Hello all , first time posting on the DL side but I just took this pic of the new BOG restaurant in the new fantasyland expansion at mk here in wdw , for the soft opening and thought you all might like to see it
It's beautiful! I'm uninformed about WDW, though: what does BOG stand for? - Spoonful_O_Sugar   688.2 #332 10-13-12 8:44AM Like  Reply
Be Our Guest - Prettynpink1023  285.0 #1116 10-13-12 8:45AM
Cool! Lol, the acronym doesn't really do the phrase or the restaurant justice, does it? πŸ˜‚ "BOG" sounds a bit downtrodden, but this area is gorgeous! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  688.2 #332 10-13-12 8:53AM
Hi! Great photo! Looks like you're having a great time! - goofygal   13406.5 #7 10-13-12 8:46AM Like  Reply
Hey nancy , we are , the weather has been great - tracsant  1534.7 #3 10-13-12 8:49AM
Looks absolutely amazing! Hope to go one day! - MagicalMadMadam   233.0 #1678 10-14-12 1:23AM Like  Reply
😍😍 wow it looks absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing with us on the DL side :) - SarahLovesDisney   85.2 #4029 10-14-12 1:37AM Like  Reply