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mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 (DL) 
I live in so cal ,I'm 36 yrs old. Got my kidney transplant May 6, 2013!! Waited 8 yrs 4 months. Disneyland is my escape from reality! I ❀DL & DCA. Instagram : deleted

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2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 4-16-17 10:28AM
Happy Easter MW fam!
Happy Easter Amy! 🐰πŸ₯  - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 4-16-17 10:41AM Like  Reply
🐰Happy Easter🐰 - Ilovegoofy   317.5 #925 4-16-17 11:01AM Like  Reply
Happy Easter!🐰 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3486.8 #52 4-17-17 12:07AM Like  Reply
 Happy Easter! - teapotsandteacups   5163.0 #30 4-17-17 12:34AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 4-7-17 8:03AM
οΏΌ I just wanted to share my AP food n wine Button collection it took me a while but I got all 11 from the festival!
.  ! Also, chronological color- I'm impressed. πŸ˜… - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4973.2 #35 4-7-17 8:17AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks ! My two faves t the light blue with dark blue AP and the dark blue with light blue AP lol - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 4-7-17 8:25AM
Chronological color? πŸ€” - redsoxcarlos  5819.0 #26 4-8-17 2:12AM
By the way...there are 12. - DLKenCA   3553.5 #50 4-7-17 9:04AM Like(1)  Reply
There aren't 12 food booths where is the other one from then lol  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 4-7-17 11:47AM
wow!   - MsTikiMermadam   2194.0 #88 4-8-17 2:06AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 3-10-17 9:23AM
Please help me wish my friend Luxkitty a happy birthday!! Had fun spending the day with you and mama and Ana yesterday!   More...
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@luxkitty love you!  - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 3-10-17 9:24AM Like  Reply
Thank you! 😘 Love ya toooo!  - luxkitty  5519.9 #27 3-10-17 9:58AM
Happy birthday  - pikaplaid   7827.1 #17 3-10-17 9:24AM Like  Reply
Thanks! - luxkitty  5519.9 #27 3-10-17 9:58AM
- vellybelly   31.8 #0 3-10-17 10:22PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - luxkitty  5519.9 #27 3-10-17 10:25PM
- DisneyDatchet   213.8 #1967 3-10-17 11:34PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - luxkitty  5519.9 #27 3-10-17 11:38PM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 2-17-17 8:59AM
Happy first birthday to this cutie patootie he belongs to Pikarich even tho I try to babynap him every time I see him !
Adorable!!  Marcus! - sultan   461.0 #545 2-17-17 9:05AM Like  Reply
Did pika change his name lol I can't tag him @misschurro lol sorry can't keep track - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 2-17-17 9:12AM Like  Reply
 i am @misschurro πŸ˜‰. Yep, he's @pikaplaid - misschurro  9649.1 #12 2-17-17 9:14AM
Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3486.8 #52 2-17-17 5:24PM Like  Reply
  - disneygrandma1   2019.0 #2 2-17-17 8:53PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 2-14-17 7:04PM
This was worth the wait!! Prince Phillip was out with Princess Aurora today!   More...
Cute picture. But her dress is the wrong color...." make it blue" πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   506.9 #473 2-15-17 10:48AM Like(2)  Reply
I soooooo agree!!! - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 2-17-17 9:12AM
 ! - DisLUVney   668.6 #356 2-14-17 7:42PM Like  Reply
Hope you had a wonderful day at the parks!!Β Great picture! - sultan   461.0 #545 2-17-17 10:20AM Like  Reply
Sorry for the wonky hat. I couldn't find the real one so Aurora made me wear that dumb thing.  -   1626.1 #128 2-17-17 10:26AM Like  Reply
I was just going to say what's up with that hat?   - msdizmaui  1092.4 #206 2-17-17 11:26AM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 2-14-17 1:57PM
Happy Valentine's Day MW
Happy Valentines Day! - LaPearleNoir   3137.5 #54 2-14-17 2:02PM Like  Reply
Super cute pic!! - AngiMouse   594.0 #397 2-14-17 2:50PM Like  Reply
- sheridanrabbit   1223.1 #170 2-14-17 4:56PM Like  Reply
πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 2-14-17 7:59PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 2-6-17 10:51AM
Yesterday while I was rushing into Disneyland to get to my carnation cafe reservations I was stopped dead in my tracks thanks to this random magical moment! A baby dressed as chip meets his idol for the first time it was pure disney magic  More...
WOW! Can't get any cuter!!!!  - sultan   461.0 #545 2-6-17 10:52AM Like(2)  Reply
That is really super cute - misschurro   9649.1 #12 2-6-17 10:58AM Like  Reply
- dianaaa   871.3 #255 2-7-17 11:29AM Like  Reply
Disney magic love it  - Grumpyfan   111.6 #3582 2-7-17 1:46PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 1-31-17 8:55AM
I got to meet baby bunny during electrical Parade a couple nights ago he is precious
Super cute.  - mmddgp   1911.0 #3 1-31-17 9:03AM Like  Reply
- FrankenWeenieVelinee   4973.2 #35 1-31-17 9:44AM Like  Reply
πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌSo happy you saw the parade @dumbbunny  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3486.8 #52 1-31-17 12:10PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 1-30-17 7:05PM
Finally got to see MSEP at home! My fave part was this cause last time I watched it was with my dad I was 10 or 11 and he taught us to respect our country our flag and servicemen and women I love love love this part of the parade   More...
I love it! When I saw it the other night...totally thought of you during this part!  - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 1-30-17 7:08PM Like  Reply
Lol thanks!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 1-31-17 6:16AM
- MissAmericaSings   470.5 #532 1-30-17 7:19PM Like  Reply
- Disneydollarpam   182.1 #2385 1-31-17 6:58AM Like  Reply
This is my favorite part also. Gives me chills every time. So sorry I will never see it againπŸ˜ͺ - mmddgp   1911.0 #3 1-31-17 7:31AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 12-18-16 7:11AM
Early morning Starbucks meet up with goofygal!
@goofygal tell @jacdanfan I said hello and sorry I missed him! Have fun in the parks!  - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 12-18-16 7:12AM Like  Reply
Was great to meet you! Jacdanfan says hi too! Have fun! - goofygal  14115.0 #7 12-18-16 1:32PM
Good morning, you two! - Taunton   2826.6 #61 12-18-16 7:25AM Like  Reply
So cool! - miadawn128   443.2 #572 12-18-16 2:48PM Like  Reply
Hope you gals had a great time. - sultan   461.0 #545 12-18-16 5:05PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-29-16 9:53AM
Help! Has anyone recently done the world of color DINING lunch package at carthay circle? I can not find a menu of the pre fixe menu and it's driving me nuts I have special food needs and I want to see it before I go thanks
I don't think they post it because it changes all the time. When we went this summer they were VERY accommodating (I don't eat red meat and my niece only eats fish). They went out of their way to offer us substitutions (can't say the same for Blue Bayou). You might also want to consider the WoC Dessert package. You get to sit at your own table and get served cheeses, breadsticks, desserts and fruit!  I've done all the dining packages and this one is my favorite (if nothing else for the incredible seating!).  - msdizmaui   1092.4 #206 11-29-16 4:58PM Like(1)  Reply
Nope -   1626.1 #128 11-29-16 12:51PM Like  Reply
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  3486.8 #52 11-29-16 10:24PM
A long time ago. From what I recall it was very gourmet. Call Disney Dining for sure. - DeadliestPassholder   489.9 #495 11-29-16 1:29PM Like  Reply
Hope everything works out and you can go! - sultan   461.0 #545 11-29-16 2:07PM Like  Reply
Thanks it did!! - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 12-5-16 8:02PM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-18-16 8:09PM
Got to see the pika family today!
They are soo cute!! - sultan   461.0 #545 11-18-16 9:15PM Like  Reply
Awesome how long was the wait rime, I never find them - pikaplaid   7827.1 #17 11-18-16 9:39PM Like  Reply
Lol never a wait time for me  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 11-19-16 10:33AM
Hi pikarich family!πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Hi @mickeyat78!πŸ‘‹πŸΌ - debbiev   1758.3 #115 11-18-16 9:43PM Like  Reply
Hola - pikaplaid  7827.1 #17 11-18-16 10:06PM
Hiiii - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 11-19-16 10:33AM
- E-Ticket   1651.8 #122 11-18-16 10:08PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-18-16 10:10AM
Hello MouseWait family I'm posting on behalf of one of my best friends. This is Ryker he is Grumpyinphx nephew he needs major heart surgery. Both his parents have taken a leave from work and little ryker needs blood transfusions and becau  More...
Thank you so much for posting this. It has been very difficult on my family right now. We cannot express the gratitude and appreciation for all of you. We thank you all for the prayers and the kind words. Nothing I can personally say can express my feelings for you all  - grumpyinphx   954.9 #234 11-18-16 11:23AM Like(5)  Reply
Thanks for keeping us all updated. We are all pulling for him.! - DLKenCA   3553.5 #50 11-18-16 1:26PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you - grumpyinphx  954.9 #234 11-18-16 2:26PM
Praying for him and your family.  This must be so hard for you.  I hope and pray he gets better soon. - Sharkgrrl19   302.0 #1027 11-19-16 12:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you - grumpyinphx  954.9 #234 11-19-16 2:33PM
Praying for precious little Ryker! Blessings and peace in your hearts to all of the   - teapotsandteacups   5163.0 #30 11-19-16 4:30PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you.  - grumpyinphx  954.9 #234 11-19-16 4:35PM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-12-16 6:26AM
I did my very first 5k run disney race. It was a lot of fun I had a huge support team with me! After what I've been thro this was a huge accomplishment for me. Thank u to debby Ana Ken his mini Bryce Cynthia Evelyn for doing this with me   More...
This is just beyond amazing. Wonderful story and photo to share all the joy of your accomplishment. Well done and congratulations to you and your team! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› - SassafrasDavis   922.6 #238 11-12-16 6:32AM Like(1)  Reply
I agree with these words. Thanks for saying them and that way I save myself from being all mushy n stuff.  -  1626.1 #128 11-12-16 1:06PM
Thank u! And lol  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 11-12-16 4:05PM
@DebbyMouse7531 @DLKenCA @anaggarciam  @Taunton can someone tag Evelyn plz  - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 11-12-16 6:30AM Like  Reply
Love this ...... - DisneyMom13   743.2 #316 11-12-16 10:52PM Like  Reply
Thank u ! - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 11-13-16 12:32PM
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ - OhanaPhoto   7095.2 #21 11-13-16 9:12AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-8-16 8:18PM
Thank you disneyforme for ur awesome rak!!! Stoked for this!
Such a great button! @disneyforme - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3486.8 #52 11-8-16 9:06PM Like  Reply
Thanks. And went to a great Mousewaiter! - disneyforme  902.5 #246 11-9-16 2:48PM
You're so welcome. Glad it arrived safely.  - disneyforme   902.5 #246 11-9-16 2:48PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-8-16 10:32AM
Via my friend! Christmas tree is up in Disneyland!!
Photoshopped -   1626.1 #128 11-8-16 11:42AM Like  Reply
No cause I didn't get the pic from pikarich lol  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 11-8-16 11:09PM
Missed the tree by one dang day - Elizabeth Herrington Williams   0.0 #0 11-8-16 4:30PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-8-16 5:54AM
Dca tree was up yesterday!
Did they put the red and gold tree up this year?  It wasn't up last year due to the Cove Bar expansion.  β€οΈπŸ’› - LaPearleNoir   3137.5 #54 11-8-16 6:32AM Like  Reply
I'm very excited to see what decos are already up. Does anyone know when the DL tree goes up? - DisneyGrandma   891.3 #248 11-8-16 6:49AM Like  Reply
I think @BaseballMickey said holiday season starts on the 10th so it should be any time now. - sultan  461.0 #545 11-8-16 7:03AM
Yep, i saw his commemt as well. Cant wait!  - DeadliestPassholder  489.9 #495 11-8-16 7:11AM
Beautiful  - Disneydollarpam   182.1 #2385 11-8-16 7:04AM Like  Reply
! So ! - DisneyDiane316   3054.4 #57 11-8-16 7:38AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-7-16 12:41PM
White water snacks two nachos and a carnitas burger with AP discount $37.41 plus we had to drinks also
I need to go back and get the nachos again. Last time I ordered them, I ended up talking and by the time I returned they were soggy. I know that first bite was good.πŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3486.8 #52 11-7-16 8:01PM Like(1)  Reply
so,  do you also have to eat ice cream alone?  πŸ˜… - MsTikiMermadam  2194.0 #88 11-8-16 3:24AM
Lol yea they def need to eaten right away  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 11-8-16 5:53AM
Yum! - LaPearleNoir   3137.5 #54 11-8-16 6:31AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-3-16 5:00PM
I got to see this little stitch for a quick minute! I wanted to just take him and run! Lol
pikarich - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 11-3-16 5:00PM Like  Reply
Thee cutest stitch I've ever seen! pikarich can I have him? Thanks! - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 11-3-16 5:04PM Like  Reply
He is a little cutie and so sweet! He was laughing and having fun  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 11-3-16 5:10PM
Ooooo. Where in the parks can I find this special, precious meet and greet character experience?! Do you have to pay extra for it? I bet pikarich would know.  - Taunton   2826.6 #61 11-4-16 7:52AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 11-3-16 4:59PM
I got to see this little stitch for a minute I just wanted to take him and run! Happy birthday to his dad Pikarich!
Now im sad i couldn't go 😩😭 - anaggarciam   999.6 #228 11-3-16 6:10PM Like  Reply
And ride tot  πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ - pikaplaid  7827.1 #17 11-4-16 7:55AM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 10-31-16 6:21PM
Happy Halloween have fun and stay safe says the Lone Ranger
Looking good!   I saw you on Main Street just a few weeks ago but didn't want to jump out like some creeper. I'm not one of the cool kids on this app so you wouldn't know who the hell I was anyways. But it was pretty cool for me seeing another MouseWaiter  in person, even it was just walking by  - tg4653   112.0 #3570 10-31-16 7:08PM Like  Reply
You definitely should have stopped and introduced yourself. Amy is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet, and I'm sure she would have been thrilled to meet another MWer.😊  - DarthTinkerbell  1578.3 #134 10-31-16 7:28PM
@tg4653 , the great thing is that EVERYONE on  is a "cool kid"! I think it's fun finding other Mousewaiters. I'm really horrible with faces, so I would hope someone would recognize me and say hello. πŸ˜‰ have a happy Halloween! And fabulous costume @mickeyat78 !  - DisneyDiane316  3054.4 #57 10-31-16 7:33PM
cutie   - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4973.2 #35 10-31-16 7:17PM Like  Reply
Sooo cute!  - Tinkertoes83   124.0 #3327 10-31-16 8:34PM Like  Reply
Cute happy Halloween  - Disneydollarpam   182.1 #2385 10-31-16 10:04PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 10-30-16 9:21PM
How'd I do?? I kept with my choc walk theme of patriotic and carved Captain America
Very cool. Great job!! - Bassplayerswife   1201.9 #177 10-30-16 9:22PM Like  Reply
Great job!!! - dsnylvr1975   752.7 #307 10-30-16 9:22PM Like  Reply
Looks great! - redsoxcarlos   5819.0 #26 11-1-16 6:14AM Like  Reply
Wow, awesome job! - catlikesmouse   202.0 #2118 11-1-16 6:26AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 10-30-16 2:34PM
Hey Philliprocks look! Me and debbymouse7351 both have 2 wristbands we have the shiny legit ones too! lol sorry I missed u today! Let's see those wristband stickers!
I'm so proud of you two! I have one too see?  -   1626.1 #128 10-30-16 3:15PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks! Lol - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 10-30-16 9:19PM
@DebbyMouse7531 - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 10-30-16 2:35PM Like  Reply
- misschurro   9649.1 #12 10-30-16 3:11PM Like  Reply
- jacdanfan   15403.2 #5 10-30-16 7:46PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 10-27-16 8:21AM
Mw I need help!!! I blocked ythdudette I was wondering if there's anybody that's going to be in the park tonight about 6 PM she has gotten a special trip to club 33 for her birthday and I'm looking for someone to help take a picture of h  More...
oh how fun! wish I could help.  - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4973.2 #35 10-27-16 9:58AM Like  Reply
Thanks  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 10-27-16 3:36PM
My birthday is January 8th. - Winnie111286   37626.0 #1 10-27-16 11:28AM Like  Reply
Bump!!! Anyone in the parks today!!??? - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 10-27-16 4:38PM Like  Reply
I texted my cousin , he should be there . He's on your drama free Disney group I believe. He should respond soon. He's not on MouseWait though  - eviljules   1760.1 #114 10-27-16 5:25PM Like  Reply
Should he meet you?Β .... okay I haven't heard from you so I'm gonna let him continue with his vacation. Hope it worked out - eviljules  1760.1 #114 10-27-16 5:29PM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 10-18-16 3:12PM
Photo I took while waiting for the flag retreat yesterday!
Pretty pumpkin head! - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4973.2 #35 10-18-16 3:35PM Like  Reply
Thanks I caught it in between people posing it was perfect timing !  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 10-18-16 4:41PM
- CentralCoastAuntVon   369.7 #707 10-18-16 5:20PM Like  Reply
Awe cute I guess I missed that one!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 10-18-16 6:06PM
- BriarRose406   907.5 #245 10-18-16 8:40PM Like  Reply
Beautiful!  - DisneyDiane316   3054.4 #57 10-18-16 8:44PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 10-14-16 11:45AM
Funny story yesterday two ppl standing about 5 people behind me in security side were pulled out by undercover security the female had something in her hand can't speculate cause I didn't see it but this lil guy must of confirmed it th  More...
Exactly why I will never complain about security lines!  - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 10-14-16 1:09PM Like(4)  Reply
@luxkitty completely agree.  - sultan  461.0 #545 10-14-16 1:16PM
Probably have some counterfeit  - pikaplaid   7827.1 #17 10-14-16 1:54PM Like(1)  Reply
and I've seen those. Quite sad  - BaseballMickey  9017.7 #14 10-14-16 2:10PM
It was something very small in her hand small enough that I couldn't see it even tho I tried lol  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 10-14-16 7:26PM
I haven't seen @pikarich posting since then...I'm just sayin... - DLKenCA   3553.5 #50 10-15-16 12:30AM Like  Reply
Lol  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 10-18-16 5:47AM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 10-13-16 8:24PM
Check out the newest Disney Starbucks mug! It had to come home with me if it has Mickey and American flag/colors on it well it's coming home with me and it did lol I looooove this new mug! $19.99 before AP discount   More...
- CoachDisney   538.9 #442 10-13-16 8:25PM Like(1)  Reply
I think this mug would make a really cute sticker, @mickeyat78! 😻😻😻 - Catski23   34.3 #6082 10-13-16 9:18PM Like(1)  Reply
The ears would too!! πŸ˜‰ - DisneyDiane316  3054.4 #57 10-13-16 9:42PM
Yes i have to agree with ya!!!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 10-14-16 11:39AM
Like it - Winnie111286   37626.0 #1 10-13-16 9:45PM Like  Reply
This mug is so   I love anything and everything with an American Flag design on it!! I think I might need this 😊 Those ears ROCK too!!  - CentralCoastAuntVon   369.7 #707 10-13-16 9:55PM Like  Reply
Thanks me too! My favorite things are Mickey and America! If it's out there I buy it lol my weakness  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 10-14-16 11:41AM
Me too! This is so me! - mmddgp  1911.0 #3 10-14-16 11:56AM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 9-18-16 5:35PM
Another view of the pumpkin Angels
    - Dianat710   203.5 #2106 9-18-16 6:20PM Like  Reply
Nice use of stickers! - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 9-19-16 4:33AM
Cool picture !! - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   506.9 #473 9-18-16 6:24PM Like  Reply
Thanks I've learned that looking up while at Disney u see a lot more and different  perspectives  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 9-19-16 4:32AM
- OhanaPhoto   7095.2 #21 9-19-16 8:26AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 9-18-16 5:35PM
Love haunted mansion holiday!
Can't wait to ride... - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   506.9 #473 9-18-16 6:32PM Like  Reply
- BriarRose406   907.5 #245 9-18-16 7:35PM Like  Reply
Yay stickers  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 9-19-16 4:31AM
Me too - Winnie111286   37626.0 #1 9-19-16 8:42AM Like  Reply
It's the best! - DarthTinkerbell   1578.3 #134 9-19-16 9:33AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 9-17-16 8:38AM
So I caught this sweet pic! Grumpy spent unknown amt on playing games on the boardwalk and then filled his bag with plush and handed them out to kids he saw. I love people like him who just give to give out of the goodness in their heart.  More...
This is MouseWait Ohana in action! Look at those darling kiddos 😊 Way to spread the love, @@@@@@grumpyinphx! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ - SassafrasDavis   922.6 #238 9-17-16 8:40AM Like(4)  Reply
And, stooping down to their level to talk to them😍 - misschurro  9649.1 #12 9-17-16 9:23AM
@misschurro 😍 This whole "grumpy" thing is really coming  into question here...I think it's a misnomer. Like Greenland/Iceland πŸ˜‚ - SassafrasDavis  922.6 #238 9-17-16 9:26AM
One of the nicest and big hearted men I know. He does this every single trip. It tends to bring all sorts of warm fuzzies seeing the kiddos smile because of his generosity. - DarthTinkerbell   1578.3 #134 9-17-16 10:27AM Like(4)  Reply
I know he is the sweetest grumpy guy I ever met lol  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 9-17-16 10:44AM
- richiii3   2160.7 #89 9-18-16 4:59PM Like  Reply
!!!! - DayDreamsOfDisneyland   193.8 #2232 9-18-16 5:27PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 9-17-16 8:19AM
Had such a blast with these awesome people yesterday! Love u guys!
In the back it looks like either a stowaway or a baggage handler crept into your picture. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Maddernhorn   1171.2 #187 9-17-16 8:27AM Like  Reply
Lol ! Sorry I missed ya last night!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 9-17-16 8:32AM
Nice picture lots like you are having lots of fun  - Disneydollarpam   182.1 #2385 9-17-16 1:18PM Like  Reply
Great pic! - thumpur   348.1 #777 9-17-16 7:16PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 9-11-16 8:19AM
Today doesn't just Mark the 15th year of the terrorist attacks but it's now also the 1 year memorial of the day Hiddenmickeyfanatic baby boy was ripped away from her due to SIDS my thoughts heart and prayers are always with her & her husb  More...
- CoachDisney   538.9 #442 9-11-16 1:30PM Like(1)  Reply
- goofymom2boys   1546.2 #136 9-11-16 2:46PM Like(1)  Reply
- disneyforme   902.5 #246 9-11-16 5:17PM Like  Reply
Praying for baby Bronson and all his family and friends  - minniemonika   252.8 #0 9-11-16 6:15PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 9-6-16 9:04AM
Hello Halloween time!
- therealJackandSally   360.5 #0 9-6-16 9:12AM Like  Reply
  - WishIWereThere   332.2 #836 9-6-16 9:16AM Like  Reply
- minniemonika   252.8 #0 9-6-16 4:06PM Like  Reply
!!!  - poorunfortunatesoul   272.3 #1282 9-6-16 4:17PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 9-6-16 9:03AM
Good bye to the 60th diamond celebration paint the night parade and fireworks spectacular it's been a whirlwind of 18 months thanks for the memories Disney!
Thank you  for the wonderful birthday festivities. - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   506.9 #473 9-6-16 9:04AM Like  Reply
 A beautiful celebration that will be remb 4 years 2 come  - poorunfortunatesoul   272.3 #1282 9-6-16 11:26AM Like  Reply
Yeap!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 9-6-16 1:14PM
   - BriarRose406   907.5 #245 9-6-16 11:29AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 9-5-16 7:34AM
It's baaaack!
Yay!!! - ashleysacch   17.2 #8746 9-5-16 7:53AM Like  Reply
Yeah!! πŸπŸπŸŽƒπŸπŸ - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   506.9 #473 9-5-16 8:01AM Like  Reply
 Someday, not this year, but someday  - DisneyMom13   743.2 #316 9-5-16 1:04PM Like  Reply
It was out on Friday when we went - Chumash28   1997.8 #100 9-5-16 1:14PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-25-16 2:10PM
Gott hold onto ur ears when flying thro space lol
My bow was crooked! πŸ˜’ - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 8-25-16 2:17PM Like  Reply
Awe man well it looks good for flying thro space!!! - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-25-16 2:42PM
I thought it was a cool style thing.  - Taunton  2826.6 #61 8-25-16 4:22PM
Cute - Winnie111286   37626.0 #1 8-25-16 2:19PM Like  Reply
Cute!! - Baymaxfan   357.1 #748 8-25-16 6:56PM Like  Reply
Great looking group😍😍 - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   506.9 #473 8-25-16 10:04PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-25-16 2:09PM
Lol we found gaston !!!! Lol he's just as snobby as he is in the movie it's a little annoying haha! He's definatly in character!
Don't get too close. No one spits like Gaston! - SpiritOfAdventure   1085.5 #208 8-25-16 2:52PM Like(3)  Reply
Don't get into a wrestling match cause nobody bites like Gaston - Chumash28   1997.8 #100 8-25-16 3:20PM Like(1)  Reply
- BriarRose406   907.5 #245 8-30-16 10:48PM Like  Reply
- beentoall   1520.8 #0 8-30-16 10:58PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-25-16 2:02PM
Reunited and it feels so good!! Meet up at big thunder with Ana and her brother behind and Luxkitty and the awesome mama kitty and me!
Love it! Have a great time, peeps. - kimdis   65.0 #4578 8-25-16 2:05PM Like  Reply
@luxkitty @anaggarciam look we have photobombers lol at least it's a nice photobomb lol  - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 8-25-16 2:05PM Like  Reply
hahahaha  - luxkitty  5519.9 #27 8-25-16 2:07PM
How    - DisneyMom13   743.2 #316 8-25-16 6:47PM Like  Reply
That's  - DarthFairy   1415.7 #146 8-25-16 6:48PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-25-16 2:00PM
Yayyy reunited and it feels so good! Big thunder meet up with Luxkitty and her awesome mama I love mama kitty lol and then Anagarciam and her brother behind us and a couple of photo bombers behind them lol
@luxkitty @anaggarciam - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 8-25-16 2:01PM Like  Reply
Great picture!  - disneygrandma1   2019.0 #2 8-26-16 12:20AM Like  Reply
great pix! - MsTikiMermadam   2194.0 #88 8-26-16 2:34AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-24-16 10:05AM
I had an absolute blast taking the triplets to Disneyland on solo trips for their 7th birthday. Seeing their endless smiles and hearing their laughs made this tired auntie a happy lady. Well worth it!
I am a triplet mom and think it is so awesome you took them individually. You are such an amazing aunt.  One on one time is hard to find when you are a triplet. - gwise123   96.2 #0 8-24-16 7:47PM Like(3)  Reply
Thank u!  Yea that's what I felt I wanted one on one because if they are all together they all want the attention at once it's hard  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-25-16 1:19PM
What fun. Great collage  - mmddgp   1911.0 #3 8-24-16 10:14AM Like  Reply
 They have an  auntie, no doubt about that! πŸ’• - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 8-25-16 5:56PM Like  Reply
How awesome an aunt you are!!! - evilemohand   1658.1 #120 8-25-16 6:20PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-18-16 2:35PM
I counted 54 parking passes since Jan 8 2016 and I know I've gone 2-4 times with someone else so I didn't keep the parking pass. How many times a year do u go? My average looks to be 100x
I try for once or twice a month but wish I could go 31 times a month. πŸ˜€β€οΈβœ¨ - encinitasrunner   305.0 #1010 8-18-16 3:59PM Like(2)  Reply
I try for once a week sometimes I do more sometimes less  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-18-16 4:03PM
Even in February? πŸ˜€ - redsoxcarlos  5819.0 #26 8-18-16 9:50PM
I go around 30-40 times a year.  - redsoxcarlos   5819.0 #26 8-18-16 8:10PM Like(2)  Reply
Me too! - ShariRenee  14723.5 #6 8-18-16 8:40PM
Same here. - jacdanfan  15403.2 #5 8-20-16 12:20PM
69 visits for me last year.  This year not as much due to working two jobs. 😞. I am trying to carve out time to go.  - Bambim44   206.6 #0 8-18-16 11:48PM Like  Reply
Once - but for a week, so does that count as 7? - msdizmaui   1092.4 #206 8-20-16 5:25PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-5-16 4:48PM
Thank you Pikarich for coming to visit me and mom while at her chemo hospital i always look forward to my Friday's with u all.
Yay!! Mini MW meetup!! Is your mom going through chemo treatments? If so I'll be praying for her πŸ˜€β€οΈ - encinitasrunner   305.0 #1010 8-5-16 5:32PM Like  Reply
Lol Yeap I love our mini MW meet ups ... Yes this August marks 3 years on chemo she's living with cancer she won't be cured as long as chemo keeps it from spreading she will be ok  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-5-16 6:51PM
Cute collage 😍😍 - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   506.9 #473 8-5-16 5:49PM Like  Reply
Thank you !! - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-5-16 8:31PM
Sending lots of love your way - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY   1006.7 #226 8-5-16 10:12PM Like  Reply
- CoachDisney   538.9 #442 8-5-16 11:29PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-4-16 6:28PM
Casey Jr. And Matterhorn in one pic πŸ’™
   - jacdanfan   15403.2 #5 8-4-16 6:40PM Like  Reply
      - DisneyHeidi09   442.1 #574 8-4-16 6:41PM Like  Reply
Nice use of stickers !  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-4-16 6:45PM
- DarthTinkerbell   1578.3 #134 8-4-16 8:15PM Like  Reply
- SleepingBeauty1420   95.7 #3864 8-4-16 10:26PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-4-16 6:27PM
We wants the red head! Lol for my red headed friends!!
  - WishIWereThere   332.2 #836 8-4-16 7:49PM Like  Reply
Whohoooo  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-4-16 9:38PM
- DesireDisney   133.8 #3157 8-4-16 8:08PM Like  Reply
I finally got me a redhead almost 5 years woman ever!! - OCdadx2   25.0 #7133 8-5-16 8:07AM Like  Reply
Lol that's awesome !  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-5-16 4:51PM
   - DisneyHeidi09   442.1 #574 8-5-16 8:48AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 8-4-16 6:24PM
I hadn't done this photo op yet I think it's so cool to be out in front of the train and get a pic with it!
- pikaplaid   7827.1 #17 8-4-16 6:35PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘‹πŸΎ Hi Amy! Miss you! 😘 - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 8-4-16 6:53PM Like  Reply
Miss you toooooo!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-4-16 7:04PM
  - Dianat710   203.5 #2106 8-4-16 6:59PM Like  Reply
Great picture. Can't wait to see the trains up close. - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   506.9 #473 8-4-16 7:11PM Like  Reply
It is pretty cool no being rushed around get to mosey around and sit on the trains learn about them  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 8-4-16 9:40PM
And best of all, pull the train whistle. Don't be shy - Quiweez  1305.6 #158 8-4-16 11:02PM
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 7-22-16 6:11AM
Good morning I tried about 10 times to post this live yesterday to no avail so here it is a day late lol love how it came out!
Tagged in: Attractions  
 Love BTM - PrincessAraceli   228.9 #1763 7-22-16 7:07AM Like  Reply
Your  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 7-22-16 7:12AM
    - Dianat710   203.5 #2106 7-22-16 7:19AM Like  Reply
- dizzneyfan   1117.9 #196 7-22-16 8:57PM Like  Reply
great picture  - Disneydollarpam   182.1 #2385 7-22-16 10:45PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 7-15-16 10:14AM
It's happened again yesterday me and my nephew were on Indiana jones it broke down they attempted to fix it we moved with lights on no sound stopped again attempted to fix again long story short it was 45 minutes before we were walked off  More...
Mara was not in a good mood yesterday.  - IDVandalSkipperCM   2752.5 #63 7-15-16 7:15PM Like(1)  Reply
I know I was hoping to see u! - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 7-15-16 8:25PM
Wow. 45 min. Wonder how long it takes to completely evacuate all guests? - jacdanfan   15403.2 #5 7-15-16 11:03AM Like  Reply
Yes I think they evacuate wheelchair bound first because they asked us if any of us were in a wheel chair. We said no they said ok hang tight and moved onto the next car - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 7-15-16 1:55PM
- Plumiegirl   10886.0 #11 7-15-16 10:01PM Like  Reply
I've been walked off of this one too... about 2008.... My friend and I were spending a couple hours in the park kid free....decided to go on Indiana Jones first broke down. We had lots of fun waiting to get walked off (might as well make the best of it) but were sad to find the park was closed when we finally got out. I'm sure it was at least an hour and a half we were in there maybe more. They did give us fast passes for any ride in the park for our whole group to use the next day....but so much for mom's night lol πŸ˜‚ - disneymom1   282.1 #1180 7-15-16 11:12PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 7-12-16 9:00PM
So the past two days that I was at Disney I noticed an increased presence of police officers and me and my sis in law felt like I needed to do something nice to pay it forward to let them know there are people who stand behind them. As t  More...
Thank you for the kindness you have shown these deserving individuals. Last year I met a really nice Anaheim police officer. He was doing traffic duty for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. He let me stand in the middle of Ball Road with him so I could take pictures. We talked at length. He told me about his family, etc. They are all Disneyland AP pass holders and he takes his sons to Disneyland regularly. I’ve seen him since then and wave to him and smile, he remembers. My late brother-in-law was a career police officer. He had many assignments including undercover, narcotics, most days difficult and dangerous. He also got a cool assignment one time to be part of Elvis Presley’s police guard while on tour. He spent some serious time with him and when it was over Elvis gave him a nice gift. Sometimes we forget that those that protect us are just like you and me with families and bills to pay, but their jobs are stressful and dangerous. Thank you to all who serve and protect. - jacdanfan   15403.2 #5 7-13-16 7:41AM Like(7)  Reply
This is so true and such a great memory. I think our world was forever changed since 911 and I can remember it as though it was yesterday. It was a Wednesday and we walked into AAA as they were watching the broadcast and we flew out on Friday the 13th very Erie and scary but for some reason felt very safe. When we got to dw things were so different with the bag checks that changed the entrance to our magical place. Never noticed so many uniform officers in the parks befor this. I appreciate all that they do to keep us safe and do not get paid enough to do the job they do as do so many other service professions. It still amazes me how many complaints we hear as they are checking. This is such a great idea, I may have to borrow itπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ - mmddgp  1911.0 #3 7-14-16 5:33AM
 What an awesome idea, thanks for reminding us how we all have the ability to brighten other people's day.  - LiveLaughLoveDisney   377.2 #0 7-13-16 10:07AM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ‘ - dianaaa   871.3 #255 7-14-16 3:48AM Like  Reply
- kimdis   65.0 #4578 7-15-16 2:57PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 7-10-16 3:35PM
View from Casey Jr. Today
- Goofytom   5032.9 #34 7-10-16 3:36PM Like  Reply
     - DisneyHeidi09   442.1 #574 7-10-16 3:59PM Like  Reply
- dianaaa   871.3 #255 7-14-16 3:50AM Like  Reply
What a view! - jacdanfan   15403.2 #5 7-14-16 7:45AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 7-8-16 4:10PM
When u can't go to Disney cause ur at chemo with ur mom Disney comes to u via Pikarich and family! Thanks for the Nick and Judy bracelets ! So nice to see u guys! Thanks for making my morning that much more brighter !   More...
😘😘😘 love my mw family.  Glad to see and spend time with you.  You are family - pikaplaid   7827.1 #17 7-8-16 8:57PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks pika I ❀️ u guys too - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 7-9-16 5:35AM
That was darn nice! - misschurro   9649.1 #12 7-8-16 4:12PM Like  Reply
I know I love them! That Marcus is such a happy little one  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 7-8-16 4:34PM
 and blessings for you and mom. - teapotsandteacups   5163.0 #30 7-9-16 1:24AM Like  Reply
Hope your mom is well and all goes good... - evilemohand   1658.1 #120 7-9-16 7:13AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 7-1-16 12:07PM
Thank you Ana for the awesome custom paint job on my toms and the birthday hand painted Nick and Judy ears!! 😍😍😍😊
@@anaggarciam  - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 7-1-16 12:09PM Like  Reply
Those Toms are amazing! - TiggersAndTinks   203.7 #2103 7-1-16 12:11PM Like  Reply
Those are awesome  - keepmovingforward   275.5 #1242 7-1-16 9:47PM Like  Reply
Thank youuu  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 7-1-16 11:16PM
Beautiful 😍😍😍 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3486.8 #52 7-2-16 9:46PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 6-28-16 11:39AM
I love love love watching kids seeing Disneyland through their eyes is priceless. These are my friends girls on nemo they were in awe
Just one more reason I love Disneyland all the adorable little ones but you sure little to be in awe I still am at age 58 - mjpdisney67   94.9 #3882 6-28-16 12:13PM Like  Reply
Love this photo! - YoPirate   3250.6 #53 6-28-16 12:33PM Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   1415.7 #146 6-28-16 8:58PM Like  Reply
   - Dianat710   203.5 #2106 6-28-16 10:29PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 6-27-16 4:26PM
Heyyyyy everyone! Long time no post. Well today was my first time back to Disneyland since the Orlando shooting and I've noticed they are funneling EVERYONE thro the metal detectors. I noticed parents having to walk thro as security push  More...
They started everyone going through (except for  special cases) a week before Orlando. When busy things get backed up . People go through detectors, the stroller to the side after its searched, but it looks like they're working on what to do with the children, whether they go through it or not.  - secretagentangel   12688.7 #9 6-27-16 4:35PM Like  Reply
I was just here last Thursday and they were not funneling everyone thro today literally everyone except special cases like myself  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 6-27-16 4:40PM
I've been  a lot lately and it started about June 7 ? I remember it  for sure on  the 10 th as it made me late!πŸ™„ (I need to leave earlier)! But the CM told me if it's too backed up or not enough CMs they go to random. I like all to go through it but have a place for people with special restrictions to go through so  its not so confusing?  - secretagentangel  12688.7 #9 6-27-16 4:52PM
Oh and congrats on winning the credits for contributing to the lounge or wait times!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜ - secretagentangel   12688.7 #9 6-27-16 4:56PM Like  Reply
From what I understand still more changes are coming!! Disney is spending 500 million to upgrade Security at the Parks ... The check points will be like the TSA but feel like Disney... Oh by the way check points coming resort wide.. Including DTD!!  - Fantasmicfan1   5414.4 #28 6-28-16 7:57AM Like  Reply
They are still trying to figure out how to land where to implement the changes that's why the check points keep changing every day...Β  - Fantasmicfan1  5414.4 #28 6-28-16 8:00AM
Plus they hired 100 security officers, and as those numbers change, they're adding more. If anyone is  interested in a security CM position, ask to talk to one of their leads if it's not busy, or go look on the job openings section on the website. To be a security CM, they've always asked for prior law enforcement or military experience but they have been allowing CMs to transfer in from other areas so if you're interested, see  if they've changed requirements if you don't have that experience.  - secretagentangel  12688.7 #9 6-28-16 12:17PM
As far as kids it's up to the parents to decide if they want to go through or not. (Most of them do) Kids 14 and younger do not have to go through. - NightmareKaren   364.6 #719 6-30-16 11:44PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 6-12-16 8:31AM
Finding Dory AP preview with these peeps!
So much fun! {Off-off-off-off!} πŸ˜…πŸŸ - FrankenWeenieVelinee   4973.2 #35 6-12-16 8:39AM Like(2)  Reply
Just ruin he movie for everyone. Hehe. Loved those guys - DLKenCA  3553.5 #50 6-12-16 8:43AM
Lmao Yesss  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 6-12-16 9:01AM
@DLKenCA pic from yesterday I can't post in the park sigh* - mickeyat78   2278.7 #83 6-12-16 8:32AM Like  Reply
So... How was it???The Trailer looked adorable at the theater!! - sunvalgifts   183.1 #2371 6-13-16 10:25AM Like  Reply
I thought it was super cute  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 6-13-16 6:14PM
Times like these I wish I didn't have to work weekends! What a fun group!! 😍😘😘😘 and all smiles so early in the morning...πŸ˜„ - carminaire   1108.7 #201 6-13-16 11:06AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 5-9-16 9:02AM
I just signed up for my first 5k Eeep I'm excited and nervous! Anyone else doing it?!
When does this one happen? My sister in law just did the half marathon this weekend and my brother did the 10k. I'm not a runner but if I ever was to decide to, Disney would be the only place for me to do it lol - disneymom1   282.1 #1180 5-9-16 9:31AM Like(1)  Reply
5k I hear is relaxed people walk it and it happens November 11 sign ups are now  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-9-16 11:06AM
I would definitely be the one strolling at a casual pace haha!! But it would be a great experience for sure! - disneymom1  282.1 #1180 5-9-16 6:23PM
Good for you! When is it? - Quiweez   1305.6 #158 5-9-16 9:09AM Like  Reply
November 11!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-9-16 11:05AM
let's do it @@Quiweez - FrankenWeenieVelinee  4973.2 #35 5-9-16 11:45AM
 Events are . The wife and I will be doing the 10K on Saturday but since you and @DLKenCA are doing the 5K maybe I will come down Friday early. - CoachDisney   538.9 #442 5-9-16 8:11PM Like  Reply
I will be there during Nov 11th. I am thinking about doing it. But I am definitely not a runner, but it would be fun to try it once. - dsnylvr1975   752.7 #307 5-9-16 10:27PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 5-5-16 8:18PM
I tried to post earlier but today at 5:18 pm 3 years ago since I got the call that would forever change my life for the better the day I got the call that I was getting my kidney transplant after 8 years of waiting!
Happy Transplant Birthday!!! My daughter needs to meet you. She had a six organ transplant 10 years ago. - DisneyMakesMeSmile   1210.2 #175 5-6-16 4:22PM Like(1)  Reply
That is pretty awesome! - misschurro  9649.1 #12 5-6-16 4:33PM
Omg wow! That's amazing! I'd love to meet her!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-6-16 6:13PM
This is an amazing story !  - DisneylandDisneyland   489.2 #497 5-5-16 8:19PM Like  Reply
- AmouseMom   284.8 #1159 5-6-16 5:30PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 5-4-16 12:00PM
Hiddenmickeyfanatic aka Bridget asked me to place a Mickey for mickeys for Bronson in the park for his birthday so me and Mickey went and saw chewy took pics all over Star Wars related photos. Hope u enjoy the pics as much as I did taking  More...
Very sweet.  - Ilovegoofy   317.5 #925 5-4-16 12:07PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-4-16 12:08PM
Aww...that's so sweet!  - MissAmericaSings   470.5 #532 5-4-16 12:26PM Like  Reply
Thank u  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-4-16 1:44PM
You are so sweet!  @@HiddenMickeyFanatic You are all in my thoughts and prayers. - minniemonika   252.8 #0 5-4-16 9:16PM Like  Reply
- CentralCoastAuntVon   369.7 #707 5-4-16 9:26PM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 5-4-16 9:07AM
I'd like to wish baby Bronson a happy 1st birthday in heaven you are so missed by so many my thoughts and prayers are with ur mommy and daddy. I'm sure you are with them today and always. Love you chubba !   More...
πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ» - debbiev   1758.3 #115 5-4-16 9:20AM Like  Reply
- DisneyMom13   743.2 #316 5-4-16 9:21AM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday sweet boy! ❀️ - Bambim44   206.6 #0 5-4-16 11:22AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday little angel! - PrincessDaisy_FU2Rcm   367.5 #710 5-4-16 11:26AM Like  Reply
2278.7 #83 DL Qual #39 5-3-16 8:21PM
Lol when spider man is jealous of my neice napping and the way her hands r behind her head as she sleeps soundly he poses like her !
Adorable!  - LaPearleNoir   3137.5 #54 5-3-16 8:22PM Like  Reply
Thanks!  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-3-16 8:37PM
So cute! 😍 - luxkitty   5519.9 #27 5-3-16 8:28PM Like  Reply
Lol thanks it was comical all the cms and capt America all went crazy  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-3-16 8:36PM
Lol, that's so funny and cute!  She will thank you in the future for this picture!  - MadameLeota   4737.8 #38 5-3-16 8:40PM Like  Reply
Thanks I am the paparazzi of the family about 6000 pics on my phone lol  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-3-16 8:46PM
Oh my!  You can can make an amazing  book, and give it to her for birthday, or Christmas, or just because!😊 - MadameLeota  4737.8 #38 5-3-16 8:52PM
  - sunvalgifts   183.1 #2371 5-4-16 9:31AM Like  Reply
It sure was! I couldn't stop laughing  - mickeyat78  2278.7 #83 5-4-16 9:48AM