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mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 (DL) 
I live in so cal ,I'm 36 yrs old. Got my kidney transplant May 6, 2013!! Waited 8 yrs 4 months. Disneyland is my escape from reality! I ❀DL & DCA. Instagram : deleted

Member Since: Dec 29, 2011
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1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 10-1-15 4:16PM
Lol so I've already pushed dlkenca and luxkitty into the ghosts hungry belly. Who is next!!??? Stay tuned to find out who ghosts next victim will be ....
I'm wondering if she pushed out the whole row behind her when riding with @luxkitty πŸ˜‚ - ribidib   1184.3 #143 10-1-15 4:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Bwahahaha u will never know!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 10-1-15 4:33PM
@@DLKenCA @luxkitty I'm hoping my next  victim will be @thatgirljenn we'll see if I can trick her into getting on with me  - mickeyat78   1874.9 #81 10-1-15 4:18PM Like  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜± help!!!!! - thatgirljenn  1610.5 #98 10-1-15 4:20PM
She will be easy. Tell her a certain green rabbit will be there. @thatgirljenn - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1259.4 #130 10-1-15 4:31PM
You are going to leave my kids without their daddy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¨ - pikarich   4744.9 #24 10-1-15 5:46PM Like  Reply
Lol don't worry they all love me it's ok  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 10-1-15 8:42PM
Ha!  - DarthFairy   247.5 #1341 10-2-15 12:48PM Like  Reply
Hehehe  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 10-2-15 2:27PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 9-21-15 9:30PM
Took this last Friday put things in perspective lol I felt so small! Don't forever to look up u always see new things in different ways
You can really see the texture on the figure. Nice shot - MisSingAlong   64.7 #0 9-21-15 9:32PM Like  Reply
Thanks my iPhone 4s still makes me proud lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 9-21-15 9:33PM
I have the same phone! Lol. I sometimes get great pic too - MisSingAlong  64.7 #0 9-21-15 9:38PM
Nice Picture - Quiweez   116.9 #3236 9-21-15 10:08PM Like  Reply
Thanks! - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 9-21-15 10:48PM
- dsnylvr1975   18.0 #7372 9-22-15 2:54PM Like  Reply
- minniemonika   174.1 #0 9-22-15 8:48PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 9-21-15 9:13PM
I just happened to snap it at the perfect moment two get all 3 pumpkin Angels pic from last week I can't post live pics with sprint lol
Sprint is the worst!!!! - DarthFairy   247.5 #1341 9-22-15 7:43AM Like(1)  Reply
- dsnylvr1975   18.0 #7372 9-21-15 9:15PM Like  Reply
- Plumiegirl   9514.2 #4 9-21-15 10:49PM Like  Reply
- chads018   225.9 #1608 9-22-15 2:43PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 9-16-15 8:46PM
UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT READ MY LAST COMMENT ON THIS POST! And please Bridget still doesn't know yet! ADMIN APPROVED POST: LONG POST ALERT: Hello everyone. As some of you may know our dear friend Bridget has recently suffered a terri  More...
If you can find a profile pic the ladies in the silhouette shop can make a beautiful keepsake.  - Plumiegirl   9514.2 #4 9-16-15 11:27PM Like(10)  Reply
Brilliant idea Miss Plumie!!! - Willierose  2299.1 #61 9-16-15 11:33PM
I will look for pics of a profile I just don't think there was one thanks for a great idea! - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 9-17-15 6:19AM
ANNOUNCEMENT: Thanks to everyone’s collective efforts, we have met Bridget’s AP goal!! Β Thank you to each of you who contributed. Β Anyone who is in the process of sending money or gift cards, the balance will be given Bridget’s husband’s military ticket for his trip, their food, spending money, and to the SIDs foundation in Bronson’s memory. Β If you are still interested in contributing and would like your contribution to go to a specific reason (Disney gift card, John’s ticket, SIDs foundation, etc.), please DM me and I will ensure that your contribution will be properly allocated. Β Bridget will be receiving a full list of those who generously contributed. - mickeyat78   1874.9 #81 9-20-15 10:01PM Like(2)  Reply
Thank u to all who have Donated so far we r almost to her AP !! The love and support has been such a humbling and overwhelming expierence thank u to all who reached out for my address to send actual gift cards . Just thank you! I am not surprised because this is an amazing community of people thank u for helping us make her come back to Disneyland a little easier for her. And her husband john .  - mickeyat78   1874.9 #81 9-18-15 9:20PM Like  Reply
Ok the newest announcement is now the 2nd comment not this one that u should be reading lol sorry  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 9-21-15 6:01AM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 9-9-15 7:05AM
Good morning I just wanted to share some pics from last Thursday! I saw sully and I showed him my custom Pixar converse with the Monsters Inc logo and u can see where he spots it he loved it! An I included an up close pic of the shoes so   More...
Can you post a close up of your shoe  - pikarich   4744.9 #24 9-9-15 7:18AM Like  Reply
- philliprocks  1199.0 #139 9-9-15 9:12AM
Lol I did!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 9-9-15 12:05PM
Cute shoos - DarthFairy   247.5 #1341 9-9-15 8:41AM Like  Reply
thanks!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 9-9-15 12:05PM
@ mickeyat78 Did you make them on the converse website?  - EVILQUEEN1   29.0 #5796 9-9-15 7:19PM Like  Reply
No I had them custom made by a friend who use to be on mw - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 9-14-15 12:00PM
REALLT CUTE! - TinyDancerTay   125.5 #3053 9-14-15 3:32PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 8-31-15 2:41PM
Checked in for the AP event tonight they give u a special map with character locations and 4 paint the night post cards!
soooooo what characters are going to be there - Dave   13313.8 #2 8-31-15 2:42PM Like  Reply
Chip and Dale in frontierland JAFAR in adventure land Donald and daisy in New Orleans square.   Stitch in tomorrow land and Pinocchio and gepetto in fantasyland  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-31-15 2:49PM
Also paint the night will show at 11pm and 80z all stars at 930 1130 and 1230 am tomorrow land terrace  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-31-15 2:51PM
Cute cards! - brodysmommy   414.9 #509 8-31-15 2:45PM Like  Reply
They are! I wonder if sets are different cause I want Mickey lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-31-15 2:50PM
left our cards on a trash can for someone else to enjoy. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - sawman911   1062.2 #164 8-31-15 10:00PM Like  Reply
What! I would have taken them!!! Arrrrgggghh! πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜ - secretagentangel  2422.2 #53 8-31-15 10:25PM
We just didn't want to carry them all day and night. - sawman911  1062.2 #164 8-31-15 10:29PM
nice!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1282.7 #127 8-31-15 10:14PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 8-21-15 6:32PM
Not the clearest pic but I got mater driving backwards lol
great catch! 😊 - Lilogirl1   123.5 #3096 8-21-15 6:40PM Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   247.5 #1341 8-21-15 7:40PM Like  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» - OhanaPhoto   4121.9 #30 8-22-15 12:13AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 8-20-15 6:51PM
Ok deleted the last pic this is the one I wanted to post! Lol chili peppers and Astro Orbitor did I spell that right I never rode it nor do I ever want to lol
 Great pic - chads018   225.9 #1608 8-20-15 6:59PM Like  Reply
Thanks  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-20-15 7:13PM
aye, es muy caliente!  - PumpkinweenieVelinee   2576.4 #47 8-20-15 7:00PM Like  Reply
Dork - philliprocks  1199.0 #139 8-20-15 9:13PM
- Bassplayerswife   426.0 #483 8-20-15 9:22PM Like  Reply
I would love too ride with you!! πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ - CinderellE-79   998.0 #178 8-20-15 10:13PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 8-20-15 6:48PM
Haven't rode this in a while there was a good size line for it today!
Some of the best AC in the park. πŸ˜‚ - PrincessAuroraMomma   581.4 #334 8-20-15 7:29PM Like(2)  Reply
Ahhhh ha! That's why there was a line!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-20-15 8:16PM
It's a small world after all!! - LorisMickeyEars60   52.8 #4509 8-20-15 9:17PM Like  Reply
Great place to cool off and my mini loves it! - disneymom1   255.4 #1254 8-21-15 8:01AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 8-20-15 6:42PM
Disney ducks are the greatest lol so entertaining! Duck butt!
Need this as sticker! - jacdanfan   9585.4 #3 8-20-15 8:53PM Like(1)  Reply
Aw, such a cute lil duck tushy! - DarthTinkerbell   569.8 #342 8-20-15 6:51PM Like  Reply
Ha! Most of my duck pictures end up like this! Lol those but have great timing!  - anaggarciam   371.7 #581 8-20-15 8:39PM Like  Reply
Lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-20-15 8:47PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 8-20-15 6:41PM
Haha spotted earlier today storm troopers trying to find babies to kidnap to take to the dark side
These are not the pacifiers you are looking for.... - BellesLibrary   410.7 #516 8-20-15 6:45PM Like(2)  Reply
Haha good one!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-20-15 6:46PM
Im not into the whole Star Wars thing-  but that's funny!!!   - GrumpyCheshire   47.2 #4717 8-20-15 6:43PM Like  Reply
😧 - FoolishMortal138  366.1 #592 8-20-15 7:07PM
Maybe he's the one that heisted the kettle corn from our stroller 8 years ago 😭 - Linzee   1141.3 #148 8-20-15 8:47PM Like  Reply
Lol it could be him!!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-20-15 8:48PM
Too funny - TiggerBelle   515.4 #390 8-20-15 10:30PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 8-18-15 2:03PM
Hello everyone! Just a friendly reminder that 54 days until the choc walk! Only 4 of us have raised enough money to actually walk! Don't forget u have to raise 65 to walk. Thanks! Thank u to the mwers who have donated to my page! I'm at   More...
I'd love to donate $65 to someone who wants to do this that Can't afford to. Maybe they can walk in Kenedy and Bleyn's honor- let me know😘 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1282.7 #127 8-18-15 3:46PM Like(2)  Reply
Omg ur amazing! If u go to choc walk website and search mousewaiters for choc u will see the list of people who have yet to raise the 65 to qualify to walk.  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-18-15 4:08PM
I will gladly do a donation RAK when we get a little closer.  Keep up the good work! - AKMouse   488.2 #411 8-18-15 2:53PM Like  Reply
Aww how sweet of u! And thanks!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-18-15 3:10PM
πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1259.4 #130 8-18-15 11:40PM Like  Reply
Thanks for the bump! It's so easy to forget about these things in today's busy world  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-19-15 6:25AM
My wife and I just signed up and Iwas looking at your page. It says you're walking on the 13th. I guess you'll be walking alone - philliprocks   1199.0 #139 9-2-15 11:59AM Like  Reply
Lol glad to see u signed up! And I dunno why it says that. Lol so weird but mine isn't the only one who says the 13th it's not my fault lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 9-3-15 5:56AM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 8-6-15 11:39PM
Sorry late post! Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of my return to Disneyland since I couldn't go due to a kidney transplant may 6 2013 I met so many amazing people that day quite a few life long friends that I am eternally gratef  More...
Very few people are faced with circumstances where they learn not to take life for granted. Glad you are doing well and are enjoying each moment. Congratulations on another year. I'ld like to take a moment and celebrate you. Your example of strength and love for others is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your milestones with us. 😘😘 - Bassplayerswife   426.0 #483 8-7-15 8:06AM Like(5)  Reply
So beautifully said! My sentiments exactly 😍😍😍 - DisneyGrandma  874.6 #202 8-7-15 8:20AM
Thank you! Hugs! - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 8-7-15 9:43PM
awesome that's so great your doing well ! Hope you at a wonderful time at !  - jmza4   287.7 #31532 8-6-15 11:42PM Like  Reply
Love ya lady!! 😘 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1282.7 #127 8-7-15 10:27PM Like  Reply
Nice to have finally met you & congrats! - ShariRenee   6441.9 #15 8-7-15 10:28PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-21-15 4:02PM
Anyone care to join me for the parade /flag retreat I am sitting on a bench surrounding the flag pole!
I wish I was there to join you.  - DisneyGrandma   874.6 #202 7-21-15 4:27PM Like  Reply
Wish I was there! Enjoy! 😘 - luxkitty   3123.3 #42 7-21-15 5:48PM Like  Reply
i wish...I haven't done a flag retreat since I was a CM - BombFrogFormerCM   899.4 #192 7-21-15 6:20PM Like  Reply
Oh u need to do flag retreat next time ur here it's mandatory!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-21-15 9:55PM
I'm kind of hesitant due to how emotional it might be... - BombFrogFormerCM  899.4 #192 7-21-15 10:50PM
Wish i was there with you :) - otilegna   2374.8 #59 7-21-15 8:56PM Like  Reply
I wish toooo  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-21-15 9:55PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-21-15 3:35PM
Thank you Disneyland for honoring the fallen properly by lowering your flags to half mast. In memory of the Chattanooga fallen.
- luxkitty   3123.3 #42 7-21-15 3:49PM Like  Reply
- Moog   89.8 #3669 7-21-15 3:54PM Like  Reply
So awesome! Thanks to those who made their voices heard.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1259.4 #130 7-21-15 11:57PM Like  Reply
- sewedna   550.7 #355 7-22-15 12:25AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 10:23PM
And finally for dessert warm monkey bread with old fashioned vanilla ice cream and candied pecan praline
- disneyland4me   248.3 #1332 7-18-15 10:33PM Like  Reply
- LuvsDisney4ever   76.7 #3905 7-18-15 10:49PM Like  Reply
mmm πŸ’πŸž - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5729.5 #18 7-19-15 8:30AM Like  Reply
Looks delicious! - DisneyVacationLover   470.9 #434 7-19-15 8:34AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 10:21PM
Entree was Parmesan gnocchi spring vegetables, morel mushrooms and fennel essence club 33 lunch
Tagged in: Food  Club 33  
- Plumiegirl   9514.2 #4 7-18-15 10:53PM Like  Reply
Hehehehe  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 11:39PM
Morel mushrooms are my favorite  - Dave   13313.8 #2 7-18-15 10:59PM Like  Reply
Jengwen gave me hers lol they were soooo good! - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 11:03PM
πŸ™… I have them a shot. πŸ‘ŽπŸ» - JenGwen323  1767.5 #89 7-18-15 11:42PM
- DisneyPiratePrincess   216.4 #1737 7-21-15 9:34PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 10:19PM
Lafayette garden salad with shaved radish cucumber and vinaigrette maison 2nd course club 33 lunch
- Plumiegirl   9514.2 #4 7-18-15 10:52PM Like  Reply
- DisLUVney   616.6 #312 7-18-15 10:54PM Like  Reply
It was yummy!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 11:39PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 10:17PM
SautΓ©ed asparagus with black truffle brown butter vinaigrette and fennel coulis from the appetizer menu at club 33
- Plumiegirl   9514.2 #4 7-18-15 10:52PM Like  Reply
Nice sticker use!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 10:59PM
Did I miss the invite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚- just kidding - Plumiegirl   9514.2 #4 7-18-15 11:42PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   thatgirljenn  DarthTinkerbell  SPandEvLover 
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 9:03PM
How to spot mousewaiters 101 huddled in a group on their phones lol we did have a good vantage point tho
@mickeyat78 I believe we were in the process of sending pictures of you looking down on us from Club - DebbyMouse7531   510.7 #16 7-20-15 9:18AM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5729.5 #18 7-20-15 10:21AM
Yesss u guys were u are awesome love u! - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-20-15 10:42AM
To funny - keepmovingforward   210.6 #1823 7-20-15 9:45AM Like  Reply
Ha ha classic MW! - Melody_CM   7607.9 #8 7-20-15 10:12AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 6:34PM
Thanks debby Lisa and DAve for the club 33 balcony pic u rock!
thank you to @@grumpyinphx @PracticallyPerfectLisa And @DebbyMouse7531 for haulin u know what from dca to take this pic for us! Love u guys!  - mickeyat78   1874.9 #81 7-18-15 8:49PM Like(1)  Reply
Yes! Thank you guys!!! - JenGwen323  1767.5 #89 7-18-15 11:51PM
It was our pleasure. - DebbyMouse7531  510.7 #16 7-20-15 9:21AM
Omg how was this possible? So lucky! This is on my bucket list 😩 - mandas1989   173.7 #2291 7-18-15 7:02PM Like  Reply
A little faith trust and pixie dust  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 8:39PM
Yay! I'm so glad you had a wonderfully awesome time πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– - mandas1989  173.7 #2291 7-19-15 1:35PM
great pix!   - MsTikiMermadam   552.2 #353 7-19-15 2:36PM Like  Reply
How fun for all of you. On our bucket list. Great picture - keepmovingforward   210.6 #1823 7-20-15 9:42AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 5:34PM
Anyone in nos wanna take a balcony pic of us at club 33 pleasseeeeeeeeee
Too bad you can't use an extra long selfie stick!  :) - leopardditz2000   794.1 #222 7-18-15 6:50PM Like(1)  Reply
Drones  aren't permit to fly in rain with lightning and thunder πŸ˜• - pikarich   4744.9 #24 7-18-15 5:38PM Like  Reply
You still there? - RobnHood   164.8 #2445 7-18-15 6:04PM Like  Reply
I would if I could! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1259.4 #130 7-18-15 6:23PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   pikarich  RadiatorSprings4Ever 
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 4:39PM
#club33 court of angels
Awesome. Congratulations.  - grumpyinphx   592.2 #328 7-18-15 4:47PM Like  Reply
Thanks grumpy  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 4:51PM
Aww...You look lovely! - MissAmericaSings   394.3 #544 7-18-15 5:02PM Like  Reply
Thank you - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 9:13PM
Beautiful! 😘 - nicealex77   711.1 #256 7-18-15 9:00PM Like  Reply
thanks love  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 9:05PM
Pretty... You're color coordinated with the stairs - HalfCaff   464.0 #444 7-18-15 9:18PM Like  Reply
Thank u and totally unplanned lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 9:21PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 9:00AM
Correct me if I'm wrong! But I believe this gentleman is one of the people who worked at DL since opening day.
He has the special medallion they had on yesterday!  - secretagentangel   2422.2 #53 7-18-15 1:04PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 8:58AM
He was walking out with the VIPs can anyone enlighten me to who this is? (I feel bad for not knowing) he was walking out with the original Mouseketeer's but looked them all up he didn't fit any pics of them thanks!
That looks like  Mike πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - pikarich   4744.9 #24 7-18-15 9:28AM Like  Reply
I was gonna say the same. Looks like @BeatleMike To me!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MeridaFan   3629.8 #37 7-18-15 9:42AM Like  Reply
You should have just yelled out, 'hey, you!  Are you anybody?'  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MeridaFan   3629.8 #37 7-18-15 9:43AM Like  Reply
Lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 10:42AM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 8:13AM
Another of the original Mouseketeer's Doreen Tracy! From yesterday's birthday celebration
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 7:51AM
More original Mouseketeer's here is Sharon Baird ! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday during the actual celebration phone kept over heating hope u all enjoy!
Wow! - irmouse   243.5 #1390 7-19-15 6:08PM Like  Reply
Awesome, thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€ - MadameLeota   3440.1 #39 7-19-15 6:09PM Like  Reply
Why? Bcs we like her! - Melody_CM   7607.9 #8 7-20-15 10:10AM Like  Reply
loved mmc! - MsTikiMermadam   552.2 #353 7-20-15 4:05PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 7:46AM
Another amazing Man Marty Sklar international ambassador for Walt disney imagineering.
@goofymom2boys recognized him and we got to chat with him outside of Market House (Starbucks) before the dedication yesterday. - DLKenCA   2501.2 #50 7-18-15 9:29AM Like  Reply
Awesome!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-18-15 10:41AM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 7:43AM
Disney parks president Michael Colglazier from yesterday's birthday celebration!
Thanked by:   hkpinay  Amanda Beth  Thumper13  jacdanfan  thatgirljenn 
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-18-15 7:40AM
Take 2 since the pic didn't post of Bobby Burgess original Mouseketeer ! Yesterday's birthday celebration!
That's great. Loved him when I was little - kskating   656.0 #287 7-18-15 11:06AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-17-15 11:50AM
Eeek got to meet Disney legend Bob Gurr
Yay, he's so awesome! - Sarafina   491.7 #407 7-17-15 12:20PM Like  Reply
Wow! - BombFrogFormerCM   899.4 #192 7-17-15 12:53PM Like  Reply
He is so humble he stopped for everyone who asked !  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-17-15 5:57PM
yippee - Dizkid   372.0 #579 7-17-15 5:59PM Like  Reply
What a gentleman. 😍 - MeridaFan   3629.8 #37 7-17-15 6:02PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-16-15 9:51AM
This was the madness that I waited 24 hours in line for. I did it I'm finally done with the set and home safe gonna rest up now! Although i did get 6-7 hours of sleep out there lol.
It was a tough journey but we did it!  - luxkitty   3123.3 #42 7-16-15 10:30AM Like(1)  Reply
Nice meeting you, so glad this is over! - jacdanfan   9585.4 #3 7-16-15 9:58AM Like  Reply
Yess nice to finally meet u too!!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-16-15 10:01AM
  mission accomplished!   you got more sleep in the field than I got at home.  good job soldier! - MsTikiMermadam   552.2 #353 7-16-15 2:32PM Like  Reply
Lol !! Thanks I can sleep anywhere if I'm tired Not the most comfy sleep but still slept  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-16-15 4:22PM
Beautiful pin! - wonderlandgirl   346.9 #646 7-16-15 4:35PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-16-15 6:35AM
Got my wristband ! Whohoooo been here for 21 1/2 hours in line By time I leave it will be 24 hours so glad it's over!
I'll give you $38  for that watch - pikarich   4744.9 #24 7-16-15 6:37AM Like(1)  Reply
You guys must be kid free! Way to go! Enjoy seeing the pics of people lined up!  - snappy   409.2 #520 7-16-15 7:31AM Like(1)  Reply
Lol some of us were  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-16-15 10:09AM
πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’Ž - luxkitty   3123.3 #42 7-16-15 6:39AM Like  Reply
i have that same watch! - MsTikiMermadam   552.2 #353 7-16-15 6:40AM Like  Reply
hehehe I love it! - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-16-15 10:11AM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-15-15 8:39PM
Cards are being handed out we got lucifer lol I love rooosifee
Still waiting for mine! - PrinceCorey   4457.0 #26 7-15-15 8:48PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-15-15 4:27PM
Dave and linzee lol look! I found jimmy Buffett and he's playing the banjo !
My husband's a banjo player, so I can ask this. What's the difference between a banjo and an onion? Nobody cries when you cut up a banjo. - debbiev   1069.0 #163 7-15-15 9:04PM Like(3)  Reply
Ba dum dum - grumpyinphx  592.2 #328 7-15-15 9:32PM
πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ@debbiev - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1259.4 #130 7-15-15 10:26PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this has turned into quite a day! - TinkerSchelle   1801.9 #86 7-15-15 9:47PM Like(1)  Reply
It sure has ! - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-16-15 10:11AM
Maybe Arlo Guthrie..... - debbiev   1069.0 #163 7-15-15 9:06PM Like  Reply
I thought it was Steve Martin.  - MikeyMouse   136.9 #2873 7-16-15 12:11PM Like  Reply
lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-16-15 4:22PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-14-15 8:29AM
Just wanted to throw this out there since identity theft is so prevalent with all the RAKS and such when I receive any rak or any thing shipped to me I tear off the name part and shred it to protect myself and the shipper I hope you all d  More...
We went and got a PO Box for ourselves after my wife's identity was stolen. This was suggested if you have a mailbox that is on the street that anyone can open. - DLKenCA   2501.2 #50 7-14-15 10:35AM Like(2)  Reply
oh good to know thanks ken sorry that happened to her it sucks!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-14-15 2:37PM
Thank you!!! And this is so ON topic! Remember the RAK I sent and my address was posted here because of how I did the packaging?!?!?! AND they didn't want to remove their post!!!!!!!!!!  - Cinderella_Schnooks   3235.8 #40 7-14-15 8:40AM Like(1)  Reply
Oh no way I didn't see that I'm sorry! That's bad  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-14-15 8:52AM
I went toe to toe with that chick, she would not budge!! - Linzee  1141.3 #148 7-14-15 9:40AM
I must  be very sheltered here in Australia. I haven't heard of that happening.  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   484.0 #415 7-14-15 8:15PM Like  Reply
Im glad I'm not the only one that does this. I take my name and address off everything before I recyle it.  - keepmovingforward   210.6 #1823 7-14-15 8:23PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-9-15 7:03AM
The line for pins this morning we were lined up by rainforest now they walked us to pin traders felt like I was in 1st grade in single file order lol! Very smooth release!
When is lunch & recess - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1736.8 #92 7-9-15 8:35AM Like(1)  Reply
You wanna throw rocks during recess?  - philliprocks  1199.0 #139 7-9-15 9:16AM
That's awesome. What did ha get? - mmddgp   751.1 #9 7-9-15 7:05AM Like  Reply
Did you get to be the line leader? πŸ˜‚ lol, glad it went smoothly πŸ‘ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   602.7 #322 7-9-15 8:42AM Like  Reply
Pics of pin please. - kimdis   51.6 #4551 7-9-15 10:24AM Like  Reply
I tagged you in @DLKenCA pin pic.  - Atora  2702.0 #44 7-9-15 1:07PM
Ty - kimdis  51.6 #4551 7-9-15 2:19PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 7-7-15 1:58PM
1hitchhikingghost I received ur rak! He's so cute! Thanks!
Yay! I'm glad you like him!! - 1HitchhikingGhost   242.0 #1413 7-7-15 2:43PM Like  Reply
I love him! He's so much cuter than the pic! Lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-7-15 3:38PM
lol he has a popcorn fro! Love him! - missariel33   2115.5 #68 7-7-15 3:51PM Like  Reply
Lol he does!!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-7-15 3:57PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-29-15 4:54PM
Marge her husband a world war 2 vet Charlie and I are waiting for the flag retreat! So amazing to hear his stories!
love flag retreat! Gives me goose bumps. Wonderful picture - mmddgp   751.1 #9 6-29-15 5:00PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks I go every time I'm here this late  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-29-15 7:51PM
- LorisMickeyEars60   52.8 #4509 6-29-15 5:03PM Like  Reply
OHMYGOODNESS!!😍😍 what a wonderful photo!! I would be crying- I am already tearing up. I would love to hear those stories. Thanks for sharing 😘 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5729.5 #18 7-1-15 9:14AM Like  Reply
Thanks churro he was tellin me how they were tryin to run away and how he caught up and got em! They couldn't get away from our ships he was so proud even with his dementia he remembered so clearly what happened. Just amazing  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 7-2-15 7:15AM
Fantastic!  I love to hear our veteran's stories.  - MikeyMouse   136.9 #2873 7-1-15 9:29AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-29-15 9:03AM
Mwers on thunder fun times!
Hi gang!! - erinten   539.9 #367 6-29-15 10:00AM Like  Reply
πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌ - Atora  2702.0 #44 6-29-15 10:47AM
miss you!!! - missmimi90  2002.9 #73 6-29-15 11:29AM
You guys going on Peter Pan?? - MommyandBash   277.3 #1036 6-29-15 10:21AM Like  Reply
We did! - Atora  2702.0 #44 6-29-15 10:24AM
Us, too!! - MommyandBash  277.3 #1036 6-29-15 10:27AM
      - evilemohand   852.9 #207 6-29-15 8:57PM Like  Reply
Fun! My family rode it 3 times in a row this morning!  - LookSomethingShiny   28.9 #5811 6-30-15 1:39PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-29-15 8:35AM
Thanks Disney it was awesome to do ap previews!
Come on errbuddy - Butterlina   1563.7 #99 6-29-15 8:36AM Like(1)  Reply
Keeping my fingers crossed I can get over there tomorrow. πŸ˜€ - ocmommy   378.9 #566 6-29-15 8:44AM Like  Reply
I'm going on round 2!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-29-15 9:41AM
Fingers crossed! - MommyandBash  277.3 #1036 6-29-15 10:02AM
How long has the line been? - MennisDiller   694.0 #265 6-29-15 9:56AM Like  Reply
We got here around 9am and it was 50 min.  - MommyandBash  277.3 #1036 6-29-15 10:02AM
I'm interested to see the changes! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1177.6 #4 6-29-15 8:04PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-26-15 1:33PM
For those of you who think my MW hunting skills are fading or lacking here's proof! Hunting Spiritofadventure via the monorail ! Lol *not live
Yeah...that looks like last year. - DLKenCA   2501.2 #50 6-26-15 1:37PM Like  Reply
Lol really ken! That was like two days ago!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-26-15 1:38PM
Just cuz you found him ... Don't touch him you don't know where he's been πŸ˜‚glad to see your mad ninja hunting skills are still sharp  - eviljules   1362.7 #115 6-26-15 1:38PM Like  Reply
Hehehehe thanks!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-26-15 1:42PM
Thanked by:   luxkitty  pikarich 
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-26-15 7:22AM
Good morning the winner of my and my sister in laws Mickey purse rak is anagarcia who was added by evilmohand ! Congrats Ana ! Now can u please keep ur amazing pics u draw safe in this! Dm me ur address.
Congrats! Amazing RAK, thank you. - jacdanfan   9585.4 #3 6-26-15 7:27AM Like  Reply
Nice penmanship. Congrats!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5729.5 #18 6-26-15 7:28AM Like  Reply
Lol I have the worst hand writing ever!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-26-15 7:33AM
Awesome ! Nice surprise to wake up to! Thanks @@evilemohand For adding for me!!! And everyone else who added me! This fore sure will make my draws secure at the parks! Thanks amy!! - anaggarciam   371.7 #581 6-26-15 11:34AM Like  Reply
- evilemohand  852.9 #207 6-26-15 12:19PM
Yay! Congrats!  - secretagentangel   2422.2 #53 6-26-15 11:38AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-24-15 10:01AM
Whohoo I finally got all the characters in their new 60th outfits! Awesome morning so far!
Yay! Glad you got to get all the pictures  - mandas1989   173.7 #2291 6-24-15 10:07AM Like  Reply
Thank you!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-24-15 10:10AM
- luxkitty   3123.3 #42 6-24-15 10:14AM Like  Reply
Sounds like a great day! - Thumper13   489.1 #410 6-24-15 2:02PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-24-15 8:36AM
Cause where else would I be for my birthday!? Live!!
 Have a  day!  - DisneyDavidEMT   2441.6 #52 6-24-15 8:44AM Like  Reply
 Hope it's a great day!  - MarshaMouse   4913.8 #22 6-24-15 8:46AM Like  Reply
- keepmovingforward   210.6 #1823 6-24-15 9:30PM Like  Reply
- carminaire   756.4 #237 6-24-15 9:33PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-15-15 7:29PM
Last nights Disney Magic n festivities were off the chart! I took my wand with me I couldn't wait to try it out! I got lucky enough to have a couple near me so I can mess with their ears I changed them to flashing blue and red lol! 2nd a   More...
Don't mess with myv ears *0* lol - pikarich   4744.9 #24 6-15-15 7:30PM Like  Reply
Sooooo much fun!!!!!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-15-15 7:38PM
Love it πŸ˜‚ - Linzee   1141.3 #148 6-15-15 7:42PM Like  Reply
I used to do day trips I see a lot more night time trips with my wand in my future lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-15-15 7:54PM
Agree. I love day trips but this magic brush is making do night trips  - MarshaMouse  4913.8 #22 6-15-15 8:52PM
Do you just aim them or do you press a button while aiming? Not sure how they work.... - carminaire   756.4 #237 6-16-15 9:14AM Like  Reply
Two buttons a palette button is what u use to scroll thro to find the color u want when ur ready u aim ur wand and press the wand button super simple! And oh so much fun!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-16-15 11:32AM
How much does the wand cost and how much does the paintbrush cost - PartridgeFam   35.2 #5286 6-16-15 4:22PM Like  Reply
I believe they are both the same price but I bought the wand it was 23.95 (I think) and I used my AP discount so it was approx 21 - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-17-15 5:16AM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-13-15 9:52AM
Me n Debby celebrating our birth month! We found luvstigger and kidnapped her for a bit!
Happy Birthday to you all! - breathe_in_the_happiness   763.7 #235 6-13-15 10:00AM Like  Reply
How fun. Happy birthday month - keepmovingforward   210.6 #1823 6-13-15 10:00AM Like  Reply
- MommyandBash   277.3 #1036 6-14-15 12:47PM Like  Reply
- CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1177.6 #4 6-14-15 2:27PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-4-15 8:43AM
Yayyy Mickey!
Cute! - DisneyVacationLover   470.9 #434 6-4-15 8:45AM Like  Reply
Awesome!!!!!! And you didn't have to ask Minnie to move huh?!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  - thatgirljenn   1610.5 #98 6-4-15 9:09AM Like  Reply're the only person I'm okay sharing Mickey with πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ not Minnie though (that hefer) πŸ˜‚ - thatgirljenn  1610.5 #98 6-4-15 9:10AM
Arhhh  I'm taking mickey  says pirate pika - pikarich  4744.9 #24 6-4-15 9:54AM
nice photo with da boss - Plumiegirl   9514.2 #4 6-4-15 1:19PM Like  Reply
hehehe thanks !  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-4-15 5:50PM
Yay! - missariel33   2115.5 #68 6-4-15 1:25PM Like  Reply
Thanks !  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 6-4-15 5:49PM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-4-15 7:25AM
Today's word of the day is skyway! Oh how I miss it! Stickers?
- thatgirljenn   1610.5 #98 6-4-15 9:13AM Like  Reply
- Lelundrial   591.4 #329 6-4-15 9:18AM Like  Reply
- DisneyPiratePrincess   216.4 #1737 6-4-15 7:56PM Like  Reply
- hkpinay   315.4 #782 6-4-15 10:20PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 6-2-15 2:32PM
RAK!! Me n my sis in law @stitchtrouble are teaming up to RAK this Mickey purse rules : U.S. Only , have at least 25 MW points, add for yourself or others, please please make a new comment when adding for others not on their comment it ge  More...
Please add me for @@thatgirljenn since she happens to love Mickey just a wee bit and would happily show off this adorable purse. Thanks! - DarthTinkerbell   569.8 #342 6-3-15 11:20AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you!!!! I do love him just a smidge πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - thatgirljenn  1610.5 #98 6-3-15 11:28AM
I hate to be first but please add me. I love this!! Thanks - katiesarahmommy   264.4 #1176 6-2-15 3:02PM Like  Reply
Please add me. Thnx - keli7516   224.2 #1635 6-13-15 4:13AM Like  Reply
   - mickeyat78   1874.9 #81 6-25-15 4:27PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-14-15 10:55AM
The big bad mean bird!
😑😑😑 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1259.4 #130 5-14-15 12:57PM Like  Reply
EEEEEEEEEEEK - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   238.2 #1447 5-14-15 1:59PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-14-15 7:18AM
Success !! man hardest pin release yet and two more to go ! I'm done with collecting special sets its not even fun anymore .
I want those gloves lol - pikarich   4744.9 #24 5-14-15 7:20AM Like  Reply
They are at Hot Topic.  - LuvsTigger  1523.5 #101 5-14-15 11:37AM
Yay!  - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   238.2 #1447 5-14-15 7:20AM Like  Reply
 On the wristband... you guys are dedicated!!!  - evilemohand   852.9 #207 5-14-15 7:44AM Like  Reply
Why was it the hardest? The weather? Or the crowd?  - BaseballMickey_CM   7257.2 #9 5-14-15 10:55AM Like  Reply
having to get there nearly 3 hours earlier than we did the previous times to make sure we secured a decent spot - luxkitty  3123.3 #42 5-14-15 11:13AM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-6-15 10:38AM
I know a lot of U know already but today marks my two year kidney transplant anniversary ( I call kidneyversary) lol I remember the call and every detail like it was yesterday. My doctors are optimistic that because this kidney was my per  More...
It is also a good opportunity to remind everyone to register for organ donation. Her beautiful smile says it all. Congrats! - Bobbierocha   12.7 #8958 5-7-15 11:53AM Like(2)  Reply
Happy Kidneyversary! I didn't know you then, but I sure as heckfire am glad I got to know you now. - BeatleMike   635.3 #300 5-6-15 11:54AM Like(1)  Reply
I remember getting goosebumps when you posted that you got your call! I am so happy and thankful that it has worked out so well for you, and I hope it continues to do so. 😘 - MeridaFan   3629.8 #37 5-7-15 1:31PM Like  Reply
Blessings on you! - pamntink   53.9 #4469 5-9-15 7:29AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 11:57AM
Lmao olaf seriously just wanted to keep hugging her it was the cutest thing he would pull away look at her and pull her back in for another hug.
How cute!! - katiesarahmommy   264.4 #1176 5-4-15 12:32PM Like  Reply
Thanks olaf and ariel had the most amazing interactions with her priceless  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 5-4-15 12:33PM
Tears of joy!!!! - BigCastle   31.4 #5583 5-4-15 12:34PM Like  Reply
So wonderful - carminaire   756.4 #237 5-4-15 5:19PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 11:55AM
Sigh I just love her so much! This trip is in my top 3 trips to DL .
what a beautiful pic, my scrapbooking heart just sings 🎢🎢🎢✨😊✨ - Lilogirl1   123.5 #3096 5-4-15 2:01PM Like(2)  Reply
😍😘 - luxkitty   3123.3 #42 5-4-15 12:02PM Like  Reply
Two inspiring women.  - sewedna   550.7 #355 5-4-15 10:55PM Like  Reply
cute picture - fab5   150.0 #2665 5-5-15 5:35AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 10:14AM
I have to say the most magical part of the day was when a cm named Natalie saw her button and asked if we wanted to watch fantasmic we say Ya sure she said ok follow me to my lead we met Cassie who also saw the button and just about teare  More...
Very cool of those CMs! - thatgirljenn   1610.5 #98 5-4-15 10:26AM Like  Reply
Yes I plan to give them compliments via email today  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 5-4-15 10:40AM
@@mickeyat78 could you please share with me how to leave a CM compliment online? Thank you so much! - eviljules  1362.7 #115 5-4-15 5:21PM
That's awesome!! - Bassplayerswife   426.0 #483 5-4-15 10:28AM Like  Reply
it was so cool!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 5-4-15 10:41AM
Disney Magic at it's best! - sokimouse   4.6 #19285 5-4-15 7:01PM Like  Reply
This is awesome. - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   48.7 #4667 5-4-15 7:09PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 9:21AM
Fun on thunder mountain
Great picture. Beautiful smile!! - Bassplayerswife   426.0 #483 5-4-15 10:51AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 8:46AM
Haha another amazing pic chip snuck a kiss and when Dale realized he wanted one too and chip (thanks Jenn) laughing at him such amazing magical memories yesterday I think more for me to see her expierence it . Teared up a few times she g  More...
Psst Amy, Chip is the one laughing in the bottom. I am loving all these pics!! Glad she had a blast! - thatgirljenn   1610.5 #98 5-4-15 9:20AM Like  Reply
Gahhh that's what I meant lol  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 5-4-15 9:34AM
im glad you shared these moments with us. It just makes me think about how not just at Disneyland but in life, wonderful and beautiful things are happening and being celebrated all around us and people just walk by without even noticing. Congratulations to your cousin on her victory against cancer. I hope her health remains solid.  - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy   86.3 #3725 5-4-15 9:29AM Like  Reply
Thanks  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 5-4-15 9:40AM
Love! ❀️ - PrincessAsh   264.9 #0 5-4-15 9:37AM Like  Reply
Just beautiful πŸ’— - bearlove   136.1 #2886 5-4-15 10:59AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 8:14AM
Haha I let her drive me around Disneyland she loved it! We were there from 9am -11pm shes a trooper!
you are both troopers!!!  That's a long day - Linzee   1141.3 #148 5-4-15 9:12AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 7:59AM
She loved California screamin this was her first time in DCA since she was 5 yrs old so it was all new tower of terror was a close second but she loved the loop expierence on screamin
- evilemohand   852.9 #207 5-4-15 8:02AM Like  Reply
- valj84DisneyDeppAddict   238.2 #1447 5-4-15 10:34AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 7:56AM
Here's the moment ariel noticed her I beat cancer button she didn't wanna let go either
:) - E-Ticket   1434.6 #106 5-4-15 8:02AM Like  Reply
That's so awesome , great pic ! - tracsant   1328.1 #2 5-4-15 8:02AM Like  Reply
thank you!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 5-4-15 8:16AM
😍😍 - LaPearleNoir   1639.6 #96 5-5-15 6:47AM Like  Reply
So awesome! I love these pics - BeatleMike   635.3 #300 5-5-15 9:42PM Like  Reply
Thanks mike!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 5-6-15 10:39AM
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 7:50AM
Yesterday I took my 12 year old cousin jasmine to Disneyland she was diagnosed oct 2012 with a rare sarcoma cancer in her face. Some of U know because I've posted about her before but she fought a battle like a true champ she's my hero an  More...
I'm gonna go ahead and break the rules here, but I have to say that its amazing to see Gods grace and life becomes so much more precious when he gives a second chance. God has given you both a second chance for a reason - philliprocks   1199.0 #139 5-4-15 6:15PM Like(25)  Reply
No rule against calling it like it is! - Melody_CM  7607.9 #8 5-4-15 8:25PM
πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» Truth!!!! - valj84DisneyDeppAddict  238.2 #1447 5-4-15 8:26PM
Such a brave girl, so happy to see this! Please post more! - ShariRenee   6441.9 #15 5-4-15 8:34AM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks Shari will do!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 5-4-15 8:47AM
This makes my heart SOO happyπŸ’– I'm so glad yall had such a magical day!😊  - CarmenINwonderlanD   265.0 #1166 5-4-15 9:59PM Like  Reply
Oh wow!!! That's just incredible 😍 - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   1031.1 #170 5-5-15 8:23AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 5-4-15 7:50AM
Yesterday I took my 12 year old cousin jasmine to Disneyland she was diagnosed oct 2012 with a rare sarcoma cancer in her face. Some of U know because I've posted about her before but she fought a battle like a true champ she's my hero an  More...
Thanked by:   valj84DisneyAddict  disneybob49 
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 4-16-15 4:14PM
My very first fried pickle from carnation cafe today and mmmmm they were so good! Photo credit missariel33
I have yet to try them! Wish I could've hung out with you guys today!  - luxkitty   3123.3 #42 4-16-15 4:38PM Like  Reply
They r as good as everyone says they are!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 4-16-15 5:37PM
- PixiePrincessPolly   66.2 #4144 4-16-15 4:49PM Like  Reply
- utahdisneygal   73.9 #3957 4-17-15 11:33AM Like  Reply
those are so delicious -glad you enjoyed them! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5729.5 #18 4-17-15 11:53AM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 4-15-15 9:56AM
#RAK I am almost pain free from my defibrillator replacement surgery on Monday, so I'd like to RAK this awesome new I support the Disneyland flag retreat button 60th Diamond edition! Rules have more than 300 MW points . Add for yourself o  More...
Add me please... I watched it a couple of times, and i do stand there to pay respect to our flag... Memorable experience was The Veterans day i saw. Many people, and it was heart warming......thank you for the rak, and HOOYAH NAVY!  - otilegna   2374.8 #59 4-15-15 10:05AM Like(1)  Reply
Added!  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 4-15-15 10:11AM
Please add me. I've watch it more times than I can count. It's important to me because my Dad, Uncle's and Grandparents all served. Its my way of saying thank you to them and everyone else that has served and still serving today! . Thank you!! - WhatTiggersDoBest   582.1 #333 4-15-15 10:15AM Like(1)  Reply
Added  - mickeyat78  1874.9 #81 4-15-15 10:29AM
 To @sewedna For winning the flag retreat button! @nicealex77 Helped by choosing a number 1-10 she choose 7 which was u! Dm me ur address so I can get this out thanksgiving! Sorry I forgot about the rak! Bad mickeyat78. Lol  - mickeyat78   1874.9 #81 5-13-15 2:41PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 4-10-15 6:44PM
MouseWaiters in line for haunted mansion
Lookin good everybody! - Melody_CM   7607.9 #8 4-10-15 6:45PM Like  Reply
So cool.. hi kids.. - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   48.7 #4667 4-10-15 6:47PM Like  Reply
How fun. Go MouseWaiters! Woohoo!  - Dizkid   372.0 #579 4-10-15 7:20PM Like  Reply
Looks like an amazing turn out as usual!!  - CourtyAstroBlisters   782.2 #227 4-10-15 7:27PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 4-10-15 5:58PM
Bryce and ken on alice
Hey guys! - evilemohand   852.9 #207 4-10-15 6:01PM Like  Reply
Hi! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1186.3 #142 4-10-15 6:35PM Like  Reply
great capture! - carminaire   756.4 #237 4-10-15 6:55PM Like  Reply
1874.9 #81 DL Qual #37 4-10-15 4:27PM
Flag retreat in 15 minutes come on down if ur here !!!
Thanked by:   MsTikiMermadam