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luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 (DL) 

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19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 5-19-13 3:46PM
1 FP for TOT. Just ate and there is no way I'm gettin on!!! I'm in front of the magic store in DL. Lt blue tank with flowers and grey shorts!!

19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 5-19-13 10:42AM
On my way to the parks! Would LOVE to meet some fellow MWer's. been on mouse wait 3 yrs and I couldn't have picked a better day to be in the parks solo!!! Any take overs today?
Tiki room meet up tonight at 6! Have fun today! - IDVandalSkipperCM  1895.6 #58 5-19-13 10:59AM Like(2)  Reply
Yes!! I'll make sure to be there!!! - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 5-19-13 11:20AM
Welcome to MW hope you enjoy. I'll be heading to the parks today to - Joeam918  11.3 #8000 5-19-13 10:44AM Like  Reply
I'm on the tram. Would love to meet up. - Zipadeedoodah  213.7 #1636 5-19-13 10:56AM Like  Reply
Have a great time! - madsdad  1748.0 #62 5-19-13 11:08AM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-19-13 8:14PM
Has anyone stated at the Jolly Roger? Is it fairly close to the parks? Cleanliness? TY
Sorry, thought this was the hub... Try to navigate this page, I'll get eventually..... - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-19-13 9:11PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-19-13 8:53AM
How can I get my ranking up? Can't find the trivia stuff
Oh, now that's a great idea. Have a box to check at the end of the FAQs to show you read them and you get your first 5 or 10 points. - CMBaloo  1007.9 #131 3-19-13 9:01AM Like(11)  Reply
I've always thought there should be a tutorial that walks new users through getting statrted, ie: how to upload a profile pic, how to comment, how to post pics, what QC is etc. - MightyWhitey  911.8 #145 3-19-13 9:05AM
Both fantastic ideas here! - MeridaFan  2818.2 #30 3-19-13 9:44AM
The prophecy tells of an all-powerful document hidden in plain sight... And whoever reads it will be endowed with the knowledge of MouseWait. It is called the FAQ page. - JRDrummer_CM  875.4 #153 3-19-13 9:41AM Like(4)  Reply
Wait times! After all this is Mousewait! Enjoy! - ShariRenee  3415.0 #24 3-19-13 10:33AM Like  Reply
The trivia is on Facebook, I go search on Facebook and type in mousewait trivia and it shows up. You have to have the same email as your mousewait and Facebook to have it work and you get 5 questions a day. It's the only way I have been able to increase my points since I've never been to DL. Planning my trip for summer! - emoji3  185.1 #1991 3-19-13 2:02PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-19-13 8:49AM
Sorry folks I was trying to add a photo...... - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-19-13 8:52AM Like  Reply
Are you trying to add a photo from your computer? Unfortunately the website doesn't have that capability. If you email it to yourself, you can upload the picture from your phone! - IDVandalSkipperCM  1895.6 #58 3-19-13 9:07AM Like  Reply
Thank you - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-19-13 9:28AM
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-18-13 10:10PM
I just want to say how excited I am to be back at the parks, since I can't take my whole family as often as I'd like, my mom and I will be there in May celebrating my birthday and mothers day! then to top it off, it'll be the same week as  More...
Make sure to get your tickets if there is any tickets to get. - HanLostLeia  1096.2 #113 3-18-13 10:24PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-18-13 1:38PM
Want to treat my mom to a lovely dinner. Would you choose napa rose or blue bayou? I've never been to it worth it?? Do you get a view of potc
The atmosphere of the Blue Bayou is AMAZING! I'm pretty sure its the most relaxing place to eat in the parks and its hooked me! You also get a great view of the ride, the sound of crickets, shooting star over head and its all dark and cool with beautiful lights!! : ) If you haven't done it, I would suggest doing Blue Bayou over Napa, for the Magical Disney experience alone. Napa is great, but you can find hundreds of great restaurants just like it in the world....BB is really unique and an experience I don't think ether of you will forget! And then when you go on the ride, it will be even more special. : ) - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3582.4 #22 3-18-13 1:43PM Like(6)  Reply
I agree with this! If you have never done Blue Bayou it is a great experience. It was a bucket list item for me. Now that I have done it I think I would choose something else. It really depends on what you are looking for. - AKMouse  410.5 #445 3-18-13 1:49PM
If you do this, when checking in for your reservation, ask for a table by the water. Whatever the extra time they tell you it will be, it's usually less. Oh, and worth it. - Tom  5691.7 #9 3-18-13 1:52PM
Chef's Counter at Napa Rose. Great food of Napa and truly unique experience of sitting in front of kitchen. Have your Chef design your dinner for you for a truly one of a kind dining experience. - Coaster  12815.6 #1 3-18-13 2:00PM Like(4)  Reply
I've done it with my.hubby and kids and had a great time - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-18-13 10:00PM
Blue Bayou for sure!!! - adisneyfamily  675.6 #213 3-18-13 3:24PM Like  Reply
I love the Blue Bayou. Its so magical. Definitely ask for a table by the water. - Sharkgrrl19  225.7 #1481 3-18-13 4:30PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-18-13 9:21AM
Haven't been to DCA since radiator springs, is this something I should ride first thing in the morning? Fast pass?
Definitely something you should get a FP for first thing if you don't want to wait in line for the ride. - KermitFan13  642.5 #226 3-18-13 9:25AM Like(1)  Reply
YES! do it first thing! Get a fast pass, you need to be there earier than the park opens to get in that like but it is worth it!You are going to love RS! Have fun! - utahdisneygal  24.3 #5522 3-18-13 9:53AM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-18-13 9:16AM
Heading to the parks for 4 days soon. Arriving 8 pm. Which park should I do first? FYI- I'm taking my mom for her 1st time!!!!! Love both parks but want it to be super special!!
Disneyland, especially since it's your mom's first time! Don't forget to get her a First Visit button! - IDVandalSkipperCM  1895.6 #58 3-18-13 9:26AM Like(1)  Reply
Disneyland should be first! - Armenda  1116.2 #107 3-18-13 9:20AM Like  Reply
Ooh, have a great time! I would personally recommend the classic for your mom's first time... But more importantly than that, don't rush it. Just take your time and see all that there is to see. If you're staying for 4 days, you'll have plenty of time to see everything. Have fun! :) - JRDrummer_CM  875.4 #153 3-18-13 9:24AM Like  Reply
Yep have fun enjoy the time with your loved one/ones - captainhooksm  4.5 #16364 3-18-13 9:38AM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-15-13 1:22AM
can anyone tell me what the parks In May? I'll be there the week after mothers day!!! please and thanks!!!
May's the best month to visit (but I'm biased because that's the month of my birthday!). There may not be as many Grad Night days as last year because it was quite the debacle, so be sure to check with the Resort (: - Jacqueline  580.0 #262 3-15-13 3:10AM Like(1)  Reply
well there's always the MW Reunion in May - toph  2416.6 #39 3-15-13 6:31AM Like(1)  Reply
May is pretty decent during the week except for Grad Night days. Students have access to the park during the day for that event, now. Other than that, based on my experience, you're good up until Memorial Day weekend, then it picks up. - JustCantWait  1108.9 #110 3-15-13 2:19AM Like  Reply
Its busy all days of the week, in 2012 I went three times a week during the week and it was hell ! - sgv626  6.5 #11577 3-15-13 3:26AM
I beg to differ with sgv. May during the week last year was not that busy. My son and I went several times last year during that time and the crowds were manageable and the park was as fun as ever. It will probably be a bit more crowded this year but I'm sure you will still have a blast. - aidensmama  340.1 #580 3-15-13 7:21AM
Delightful 😊🌷🌳🌻🌞 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3582.4 #22 3-15-13 2:21AM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-25-12 10:32AM
What does DL do with all the veggies grown in the park? Do they use them in the restaurants or are they donated
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-25-12 10:31AM
Looking for jack

Looking for a husband. - iFramedRogerRabbit  1957.2 #53 3-25-12 10:32AM Like(3)  Reply
Don't say that!! H3D is gonna see it and bump or post a certain pic!! Ahahaha lol - GreenLantern  746.4 #191 3-25-12 10:42AM
Hope she finds him! - iamdugsmaster  878.3 #151 3-25-12 10:33AM Like  Reply
Poor Sally, I hope she find him! - gigibunny2  242.8 #1275 3-25-12 10:44AM Like  Reply
******Hes with the Corpse Bride. - MadameLeota  1411.3 #78 3-25-12 10:45AM Like  Reply
NO! - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #280 3-25-12 10:52AM
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-22-12 10:10AM
My girls

Cute pic. They are adorable - calme2  5.9 #335 3-22-12 10:22AM Like  Reply
Very cute - Tealtownfan  851.6 #156 3-22-12 10:23AM Like  Reply
Cute! πŸ˜ƒ - FanOfJack  67.4 #3778 3-22-12 10:59AM Like  Reply
Double cute! - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #280 3-22-12 11:01AM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-22-12 4:35AM
Zoe and her new BFF

How cute! 😊 - grumpypapa  1222.5 #92 3-22-12 4:36AM Like  Reply
Adorable! ❀Sally! - Mermaidmommy  32.9 #4870 3-22-12 8:18AM Like  Reply
What a cutie!! - acesdisneygirl  123.2 #2907 3-22-12 8:28AM Like  Reply
Very cute - Tealtownfan  851.6 #156 3-22-12 8:32AM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-21-12 10:29PM
My hubby and my youngest on TOT!! She just passed 40' ' she rode it 3x. She def an adrenalin junkie, which frightens a bit. After her first ride, he looked at me and said "that was awesome mom"

Good times! Cant wait for my daughter to get on ToT she got on space mountain and start tours for the first time today - LoneRAYnger  3961.6 #20 3-21-12 10:52PM Like(1)  Reply
Yes!!! We did those yesterday and she loved each one!!! She was pissed she couldn't go on California screamin, she's braver than her older sisters! I hope your little one had a blast!!! - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-21-12 10:56PM
They're front and center - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-21-12 10:30PM Like  Reply
She's braver tgan me *smh* my TOT pictures almost always come out with a horrified look lol - nicealex77  444.4 #400 3-21-12 10:52PM Like  Reply
Young and fearless!!   - Willierose  1792.3 #61 3-21-12 10:56PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-20-12 11:18PM
From earlier today

love the effect! great picture! πŸ‘ - PrincessMacy  535.5 #295 3-20-12 11:19PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-20-12 7:38PM
@napa rose

Enjoy! - LaPearleNoir  1100.6 #112 3-20-12 7:41PM Like  Reply
Is it terrible that I get even more jealous of Napa Rose diners when they're children? - cynDOLEwhip  1175.4 #98 3-20-12 7:42PM Like  Reply
NO! I remember being a kid and asking my parents if we could eat in Blue Bayou and they would say that it was WAY too expensive. I was in my 30's before I ever got to eat there- and then I took my mom :) We can say we appreciate it, for sure. - MoonWillow  380.9 #483 3-20-12 7:56PM
@MoonWillow. I got the same spiel from my parents. I felt ripped off when I was older. - IMissDisney  1117.0 #106 3-20-12 8:02PM
Yay!  Looks awesome.  And the kids are all so well behaved.
- IMissDisney  1117.0 #106 3-20-12 7:44PM Like  Reply
My kiddos did amazing, we were there 3 hrs and they were so well behaved - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-20-12 8:59PM
Sweet! I say, ice cream all around!!! - IMissDisney  1117.0 #106 3-20-12 9:03PM
Nice looking family!  Hope you enjoyed your meal :)

I love taking my kids out to eat!  I suppose since we've always taken them out, they're used to it and always behave appropriately :) - AbbyDLfriend  233.2 #1387 3-20-12 10:49PM Like  Reply
Thanks - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-20-12 11:21PM
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-19-12 2:38PM
Do they sell lattes in any of the parks?? I need one !!!!
Try Market House or Jolly Holiday!
- Armenda  1116.2 #107 3-19-12 2:39PM Like(2)  Reply
I'm pretty sure the coffee shop on main street the one where u get free refills on coffee I don't know the name - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 3-19-12 2:39PM Like  Reply
Market House 😊 - KissDclown  1089.2 #115 3-19-12 2:42PM house rocks! - ohhhtoodles  365.2 #518 3-19-12 2:47PM
They do sell lattes :) - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #280 3-19-12 2:50PM Like  Reply
Market House CTLs - toph  2416.6 #39 3-19-12 2:55PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-18-12 10:40PM
Myself and my youngest!!

I hope that you both had a fun day! - Vegan7LuvsStitch  988.4 #133 3-18-12 10:42PM Like  Reply
Hope u guys had a blast :) - micky&minnie24  19.6 #6059 3-18-12 10:44PM Like  Reply
Yes, we had fun and Sophia(my youngest) was tall enough for Space Mountain, She's definitely the thrill seeker out of my kids!! She looked at me and said " that was so awesome" - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-18-12 10:49PM Like  Reply
That's one adorable toon! - MelodyMouse  2525.8 #36 3-18-12 11:11PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-18-12 10:02PM
They were my favorite part of the parade!!

Those guys are tight good drummers at Disneyland :p - micky&minnie24  19.6 #6059 3-18-12 10:30PM Like(1)  Reply
Mickey can drum too! He was giving it in the parade! - WonderfulthingaboutTiggers  244.0 #1252 3-18-12 11:06PM Like(1)  Reply
yup then i was right there to the right, almost got me and my brother in the pic. - chris.  2510.4 #37 3-18-12 11:07PM Like  Reply
Sweet, my hubby and I were sitting on the curb with our 3 girls - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-18-12 11:18PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-18-12 3:38PM
Is it me or does it seem like all the rides have closed at some Point today. Had to get walk off 4 lines today :( Now there is a helicopter flying around.....
Spooky😳 - Mouse4life  1150.1 #102 3-18-12 3:41PM Like  Reply
Lol I think it's just not your luck, keep enjoying the parks though  - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 3-18-12 3:45PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-17-12 12:28PM
What's the nearest supermarket to the parks. Here for 5 days and looking to stock up on snacks.. Thanks your all your help
There's a Walmart just up the 5 on Euclid ave...also a food 4 less down Katella a few blocks - BigDaddyGweedo  182.1 #2039 3-17-12 1:12PM Like(1)  Reply
if you just want snacks there's a target on Harbor. Where are you staying at?  - MayBie  1885.6 #59 3-17-12 12:52PM Like  Reply
its a pretty big Target. lol I got lost in there last time. :) - Armenda  1116.2 #107 3-17-12 1:06PM
its a pretty big Target. lol I got lost in there last time. :) - Armenda  1116.2 #107 3-17-12 1:06PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-16-12 9:24PM
Yay!!! I'll be there tomorrow morning sooo excited!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-14-12 7:23PM
my hubby and I are planning on taking the kiddos to Rainforest cafe Saturday night, is it worth it? Any other fun place to eat at for kids? Thanks for your help!!
I didn't think it was worth it at all the food wasn't all that great for the price - HanLostLeia  1096.2 #113 3-14-12 7:28PM Like(1)  Reply
Welcome! You may want to check out the MW Food section where many of your fellow MWers have written reviews for almost all of the restaurants in the resort - BaseballMickey_CM  5303.5 #12 3-14-12 7:26PM Like  Reply
sweet! Thanks!! - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-14-12 7:28PM
sweet! Thanks!! - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-14-12 7:28PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-11-12 1:41PM
So far it looks like rain for most days 17th-20th, and of course, those are the days we'll be there!! I hope it will keep some people home and won't be so packed being spring break and all :-/
Shorter lines (: - marinefubar  51.9 #4131 3-11-12 1:43PM Like(2)  Reply
Yes!!! I hope so!! - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-11-12 1:46PM
Put on a poncho and go. Most people stay away, which means shorter lines and beautiful photo opportunities. It's a whole different experience riding BTMR in the rain! Plus, you'll still be in the happiest place on earth. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Šβ˜”πŸ‘ - DisneyFanZoe  1106.9 #111 3-11-12 2:21PM Like(1)  Reply
Oh my, I thought you were mistaken until I looked at weather channel myself, we haven't had much rain and in one week possibility of so much, you'll enjoy the rain and sunshine during that week! - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 3-11-12 1:47PM Like  Reply
I love rain days at Disney! - ...9  14.6 #6997 3-11-12 2:03PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-10-12 11:17AM
6 days til we are there!!! I can't!!! I am ready to start packing....
Howdy - Mouse4life  1150.1 #102 3-10-12 11:19AM Like  Reply
Hi, welcome to MouseWait.  Hope you have fun on here and when you get to the parks!!
- secretagentangel  1159.9 #100 3-10-12 11:28AM Like  Reply
Yay!!! Thanks!!! - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-10-12 12:50PM
I'm so excited I can't sleep! Thats what I would be saying. Have a great time. - DisneyVacationLover  341.1 #578 3-10-12 7:08PM Like  Reply
Welcome!!! - Boundin  459.3 #373 3-10-12 7:11PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-5-12 3:03PM
Can I buy Disney dollars only at DL/DW/DTD ? What about Disney stores??
I too was wondering so I asked city hall. You can buy them at city hall and world of Disney in dtd in $1, $5, or $10 - MickeyMousefanatic  160.6 #2353 3-5-12 3:08PM Like(1)  Reply
you can buy them at city hall world of disney the disney stores in the mall in california only and if your staying at one of the disney hotels you can buy them there as well they have 1s 5s 10s and 50s i didnt see any 20s this is what the cm over the phone told me you can also look on ebay and find older more expensive collector ones  - disney_luv  131.6 #2784 3-6-12 3:54AM Like(1)  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 3-5-12 10:21AM
Thinking of ways to surprise my lil girls. We'll be there the 17th.... Any suggestions? I thought about buying balloons and a cake with" your going to Disneyland " , and wrapping their ear hats up in gift boxes. Kind like a mini surprise   More...
If you do go with the cake, make sure you spell "you're" correctly... ;-) - mrsdanaalvarez  279.1 #903 3-5-12 10:31AM Like(2)  Reply
😏 - DisneyFanZoe  1106.9 #111 3-5-12 10:32AM
Ha! Yes, thanks I get a bit lazy when typing/texting - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-5-12 10:33AM
Check out YouTube and see how they do it. There have been some really cool things done. I don't have any kids so I wouldn't know where to begin. lol
- Armenda  1116.2 #107 3-5-12 10:23AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks, I'll check it out - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-5-12 10:32AM
Ha! Yes, thanks I get a bit lazy when typing/texting - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 3-5-12 10:33AM Like  Reply
The TV part needs to have a special port to hook up your camera, buy on a computer, just download like you do for pix. If not, just record on the camera using the video part and just play it back for them. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #149 3-5-12 10:35AM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 2-27-12 2:15PM
Where would be the best place to eat in the parks as far as value? Any suggestions? Trying to plan ahead, thank you all
Well, that depends on the kind of food you like! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.2 #342 2-27-12 2:18PM Like(1)  Reply
you gotta also try the all you can eat BBQ ...alittle pricey but so worth the money!! - crazydaisy  221.3 #1539 2-27-12 3:19PM Like(1)  Reply
Hungry Bear's fried green tomato sandwich or Tomorrowland Terrace has a good grilled chicken and avocado sandwich. - Willierose  1792.3 #61 2-27-12 3:15PM Like  Reply
No. They have a chicken sandwich, burgers, fries, ect. But the food is really filling. - PiecesOf8  576.9 #263 2-27-12 3:16PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 2-1-12 10:24PM
We'll be there 2nd week of march. When does the spring break crowds start coming in??
The 2nd week of March. - DisneyFanZoe  1106.9 #111 2-1-12 10:28PM Like(2)  Reply
March 11 is the "official" start but could be the week before too - BaseballMickey_CM  5303.5 #12 2-1-12 10:31PM Like(1)  Reply
mooing! thats my was hoping that it wouldn't be so crowded! oh well still will be fun :) - SammyJo  348.7 #559 2-1-12 10:33PM
thats supposed to say noooo not mooing lol - SammyJo  348.7 #559 2-1-12 10:33PM
I'm leaving on the 11th driving from Utah. Crowded or not, its gonna be AWESOME! - Adam-The-Parts-Guy  136.3 #2727 2-2-12 5:50PM Like  Reply
We are from Utah too! Can't wait to leave the cold behind and enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth! - Geekery  401.4 #458 2-2-12 5:57PM
We are from Utah too! Can't wait to leave the cold behind and enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth! - Geekery  401.4 #458 2-2-12 5:57PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 1-30-12 10:37AM
Can I use a Disney gift card at any store in DTD? Trying to plan and give each of my kids gift cards
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 1-19-12 8:31PM
How/where do you get reservations for the lily belle?
Go to the main street station first thing. - Ricko19  818.1 #167 1-19-12 8:35PM Like(1)  Reply
The train station that is. - Ricko19  818.1 #167 1-19-12 8:36PM
I heard that you have to get to the parks really early and go straight to main street station and ask to ride the Lilly Bell - SarahJoshDisney  77.8 #3609 1-19-12 8:36PM Like  Reply
Also it may not be running on certain days depending on the weather, hope this helps! - SarahJoshDisney  77.8 #3609 1-19-12 8:37PM
Thanks! Hoping to get a ride when we are there!!! - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 1-19-12 9:57PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 1-17-12 1:34PM
For some reason I could not log in with my old acct or retrieve my password, so I made a new acct....
"whhhOOOO RRRRR UUUUU?" ~caterpillar - KissDclown  1089.2 #115 1-17-12 1:49PM Like(1)  Reply
Who are you? - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3582.4 #22 1-17-12 1:34PM Like  Reply
Oops. Meant, who were you? - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3582.4 #22 1-17-12 1:43PM
Oops. Meant, who were you? - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3582.4 #22 1-17-12 1:43PM Like  Reply
I was mommax3..... I have to fIgure out how to get a profile pic up.... - luverofdisney  19.0 #6143 1-17-12 1:45PM Like  Reply
19.0 #6143 DL Qual #0 1-17-12 1:32PM
Any chance the Matterhorn will be opened in march??
None whatsoever. Zilch, nada, no, nicht, ne, niet. Sorry. June 2012. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #149 1-17-12 1:36PM Like(3)  Reply
So your saying there's a chance.... - Mouse4life  1150.1 #102 1-17-12 1:40PM
LOL, aah yeah sure. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #149 1-17-12 2:40PM
Welcome to the family :) I don't think so... - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 1-17-12 1:33PM Like  Reply
Yes, welcome to the MW Ohana. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #149 1-17-12 1:40PM
More like one in a million - Spoonful_O_Sugar  492.2 #342 1-17-12 2:49PM Like  Reply