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December 11, 2015 3:41PM Get Admin's Updates Via Email
Earn 1000 Credits for staying at MouseWait Platinum Partner Hotels! Each night that you stay at the Hojo Anaheim 714-776-6120 or the brand new   More...
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@@Admin Can we please get a Courtyard Marriott sticker? - CoachDisney   572.4 #426 12-12-15 8:31AM Like(1)  Reply
 Thanks, @@Admin! - debbiev   1909.3 #108 12-11-15 5:06PM Like  Reply
I'm staying here in March for 4 nights! Is it nice? I'm looking forward to it - DisneyTonyFirefighterMedic   149.8 #0 1-7-16 12:01PM Like  Reply
We stayed there for 7 nights in December.  The rooms were huge and spectacular firework views. - HulaG  22.0 #0 1-13-16 6:46PM
Hi @@Admin,  I was wondering if you were able to look at my form yet, for staying at the Hojo on 2/28/16?  I sent a Support Ticket also and this is my 3rd Request.  Thanks @@Admin - Winnie111286   43500.5 #2 5-6-16 4:04PM Like  Reply
15433.0 #7 Qual #12 March 20, 2014 4:22PM
Got this email today, thanks HOJO!
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Bump for the night crowd, it's a great deal! - ShariRenee   15433.0 #7 3-20-14 7:33PM Like  Reply
Great deal... Especially for mickeys halloween party in Oct - pinkmonkeys   557.4 #442 3-20-14 10:50PM Like  Reply
Ooh yes! - ShariRenee  15433.0 #7 3-21-14 12:23PM
Thanked by:   nicealex77  Admin 
2761.4 #64 DL Qual #73 March 20, 2014 12:29PM
If any of you have a trip planned in the next year, sign up for emails from Howard Johnson Anaheim! I just got an email from them for some GREAT (like 50% off) rates on select dates September through December. You can only get the rates   More...
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266.4 #1348 DL Qual #409 January 26, 2014 7:22AM
Hello Mousewait! We wanted to invite you all to our first ever Food Truck Event this Saturday Feb 1 from 5pm to 9pm. Its gonna be held at the empty parking lot across the street from the front desk. There will be plenty of parking ther  More...
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Thank you! This sounds fun! - breathe_in_the_happiness   1260.7 #171 1-26-14 7:35AM Like(1)  Reply
I might be in town that weekend! I'll try and stop by :) - johnaleigh33   12.9 #10620 1-26-14 8:36AM Like(1)  Reply
Yum time - CptKirk   766.3 #310 2-1-14 9:02AM Like  Reply
Anyone know what price range these grilled cheese sandwiches are in? The website didn't say, and I am trying to figure out if I can afford to come out and eat one... - DisneyOnesie   621.2 #388 2-1-14 12:37PM Like  Reply
Each one ranges between $7 $8 depending on what you get. (Additional charges for Parmesan crust, extra cheeses etc) you can build your own as well and they charge you per topping starting at $6 I believe - missariel33  2115.9 #95 2-1-14 2:05PM
November 8, 2013 12:46PM Get Admin's Updates Via Email
Get 100 Credits for staying at the Hojo Anaheim! When you support our partners, you help make MouseWait better. Innovation costs a lot of money and supporting the largest mob  More...
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Does this apply to previous stays at the HoJo before this offer...we have stayed their twice during our joining the MW community :-) - uscdisneyteacher   9561.8 #13 11-8-13 6:04PM Like  Reply
Looks like if it was this calendar year, then the answer is yes! Yay!  so nice.  - MacaronMerida  4756.7 #39 11-8-13 9:13PM
What a great incentive to stay at the HoJo!  Thank you! - MacaronMerida   4756.7 #39 11-8-13 9:40PM Like  Reply
I was wondering, should I fill out another form? - Winnie111286   43500.5 #2 3-18-14 11:38PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much Admin. - Winnie111286  43500.5 #2 7-28-14 8:45PM
@Admin. Was wondering if you could check on our stay from 5/22. Should I fill out another form?  Thanks @Admin. - Winnie111286   43500.5 #2 6-29-15 11:57AM Like  Reply
266.4 #1348 DL Qual #409 August 28, 2013 5:01PM
#DapperDay will be here before you know it!  Book your Dapper Day Rate at the Hojo starting at $109 plus tax.  We have those rates available from 9/5, 9/6, and 9/7.  Don't be "fashionably late" when booking these rooms (see  More...
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Ughhhhh tempting. You guys rock! - ladylikesdisney   1019.6 #231 8-28-13 8:56PM Like  Reply
Dun dun dun.. - Jacqueline   580.0 #419 8-28-13 11:56PM Like  Reply
Already booked for CHOC Walk! I can only book for so many times or else I would live there. Hey wait... Not a bad idea! ! - Boundin   973.7 #238 8-30-13 1:19AM Like  Reply
Just stayed on Tuesday night for the first time. Absolutely love this place. Looking forward to going back!! - dboleman   12.5 #10817 8-30-13 11:17AM Like  Reply
266.4 #1348 DL Qual #409 August 26, 2013 9:11AM
Hello Mousewait!  We have a Mid-Week special going on right now for your last minute summer getaway!  For the dates of 8/27, 8/28, and 8/29  if you call our in-house reservations and mention Mousewait,  your will recei  More...
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Can you post the phone number?  - UndefinedEeyore   201.9 #2135 8-26-13 10:30AM Like  Reply
If you click on the username all the info will be there :) 714 776 6120 - djbreakdown  573.2 #424 8-26-13 10:51AM
Thank you! πŸ˜„ - UndefinedEeyore  201.9 #2135 8-26-13 10:54AM
Wow! Those are awesome rates!! - LilMissPixie84   309.5 #1002 8-26-13 2:39PM Like  Reply
Just called and got Thursday night for 79.95!  - minniemoomoo   241.6 #1623 8-27-13 9:58AM Like  Reply
Hmm.. Checking in Friday, maybe I should check I on Thursday.   - AZDisney   610.5 #395 8-27-13 2:29PM Like  Reply
266.4 #1348 DL Qual #409 July 25, 2013 7:20PM
Hello Mousewait!  If you or someone you know is looking a part time job, the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel is currently looking for a part-time reservations agent.  Interested candidates can drop by the Front Desk to fill out an ap  More...
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ooooh, go MouseWaiters!!! How fun and a great place with great people to work at!!! Thanks Hojo for thinking of MW for your employee needs!!:D - secretagentangel   16088.2 #5 7-25-13 7:22PM Like(2)  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘^this! Wish I lived closer! - Duchess_SMK  6635.5 #24 7-25-13 7:32PM
Possible hours would be Monday-Saturday with shifts starting as early as 7 am and ending as late as 6pm. - djbreakdown   573.2 #424 7-26-13 3:13PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you! - Cinderella_Schnooks  3511.8 #53 7-27-13 7:12AM
Hi dhbreakdown - E-Ticket  1801.8 #116 7-27-13 7:19AM
Is this still available? - youheartbrittx3   242.8 #1607 7-29-13 8:02PM Like  Reply
Would love to apply for this if I knew there was a set schedule? Considering I have a part time now, would love to do both! - oowllovee   225.0 #1832 7-30-13 7:36AM Like  Reply
266.4 #1348 DL Qual #409 May 23, 2013 11:23AM
Hello Mousewait! We have a special discount for you on May 31st and June 1st. If you book a room for those days, you will get a 50% off discount off our regular rates!!! Here are the rules as usual: 1)You must call our In House Reserv  More...
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Nice! Call people.. Lol - annamichelle   234.5 #1705 5-23-13 11:25AM Like  Reply
Awesome deal folks. Great place to stay. Very short walk to the park. Plenty of eating places around - disneygal   433.2 #603 5-23-13 11:27AM Like  Reply
me gusta la hojo - tronn   114.8 #3540 5-29-13 8:13PM Like  Reply
Booked a room for this Saturday with the 50% promo - Great deal! - dalefishtank   157.4 #2785 5-30-13 8:16AM Like  Reply
128.8 #3256 DL Qual #775 March 10, 2013 10:09AM
I noticed that there is a link to make reservations for Howard Johnson; however, I recall a MW discount code. Is there still a code, if so, what is it? Thank you!
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You just call in house reservations for HoJo Anaheim and mention MW. - KermitFan13   658.1 #367 3-10-13 10:18AM Like  Reply
Make sure you call in house reservations M-F 9-5 and Sat 10-2 (I think). - PrincessKristin  780.8 #301 3-10-13 10:20AM
They were doing daily "Random Acts of Savings", but that link is dead now. If you follow HoJoAnaheim here on MW, you can keep an eye out for new deals as they come up. - PrincessKristin   780.8 #301 3-10-13 10:19AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - BibbidiBobbidiBoo   128.8 #3256 3-10-13 11:29AM Like  Reply
266.4 #1348 DL Qual #409 January 30, 2013 3:03PM
Hello Mousewait! As you all may know, Dapper Day is coming up real soon and for those people who are looking for a place to stay that weekend, your friendly neighborhood hotel has some great rates for you all! Saturday Feb 23 and Sunday  More...
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Those are Awesome rates! - LilMissPixie84   309.5 #1002 1-30-13 3:09PM Like  Reply
We can always count on you HoJos - Poisen_Ivy   466.1 #557 1-30-13 3:11PM Like  Reply
Can someone tell me what dapper days means? I've seen several post on dapper days, but I was kind-a shy to ask... Didn't wanna seem like I was out of the loop. - rserrano1234   29.5 #6656 2-22-13 12:53AM Like  Reply
It's a day where people dress up to go to DL as people used to do when DL first opened. If you do a google search you can find the website for it and check out pics or search dapper day here in the lounge. - LilSterner  5828.4 #27 2-22-13 1:01AM
4412.1 #43 DL Qual #22 January 19, 2013 11:13AM
#24. MW101 w/SICπŸ€:: {Mattercam Land} I went into the Mattercam Land last night and it appears it's been a bit forgotten. Which is kinda sad. With BIG thanks to the HoJo and their webcam we have a live window to the parks whenever we wa  More...
Yes!!! Love the MattercamLand!!! BaseballMickey_CM and I use to host Trivia meetups! I plan on doing more in the upcoming weeks! - Armenda   1186.0 #191 1-22-13 9:43PM Like(2)  Reply - Armenda  1186.0 #191 1-22-13 9:43PM
^^Link for MCLand..just in case the drop down option isn't working for some people. - Armenda  1186.0 #191 1-22-13 9:44PM
We need more planned Mattercamland meet ups. - Mouse4life   1850.9 #114 1-19-13 11:27AM Like(1)  Reply
I agree! They can be really fun 😊 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4412.1 #43 1-19-13 11:28AM
THAT ^^^^ - misschurro  10245.7 #12 1-19-13 11:29AM
You can access the Matercam from your iPhone but not the chat. FYI  - Cinderella_Schnooks   3511.8 #53 8-28-13 7:55PM Like  Reply
That's too bad. I'm a long way from reaching the points I need to unlock but I only MW on my phone πŸ˜ͺ - sultan  581.6 #417 8-28-13 8:06PM
Me too.  - Cinderella_Schnooks  3511.8 #53 8-28-13 8:17PM
I love Matercam land.  It just won't support the video on my new Nook.  :(  I used to watch it all the time on my nook color. - DisneyVacationLover   623.8 #385 8-28-13 8:26PM Like  Reply
266.4 #1348 DL Qual #409 January 4, 2013 4:18PM
Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a new promo we have this month. You might be familiar with the name of the promotion πŸ˜‰ it's our Random Acts of Savings! Check out the link here http  More...
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Got my email today, thank you! - ShariRenee   15433.0 #7 1-4-13 4:27PM Like(1)  Reply
I got my email today too. If I get a good enough deal, I will sneak down before February. My non MW friends will think I'm crazy but I don't care. Fingers crossed. Oh and HoJo rocks! - LaPearleNoir   3200.3 #58 1-4-13 5:57PM Like(1)  Reply
Bump - Alicewhoareyou   2850.4 #62 1-7-13 1:56PM Like  Reply
Thanks! so much. I have a reservation with you for October with the mousewait discount. I just updated it to todays code and saved 25%. Every little bit helps. Cant wait until we are there we will be coming for my birthday, Halloween and our 20th anniversary. - keepmovingforward   276.4 #1250 1-8-13 10:31AM Like  Reply
424.0 #616 DL Qual #555 October 2, 2012 12:50PM
just checked into HOJO!
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Oooh I've always heard about the water park area but never saw it, thanks for sharing a pic! - Sarafina   491.7 #512 10-2-12 1:22PM Like  Reply
you can see it from the monorail coming in from DTD - Villescas8  607.0 #398 10-2-12 1:32PM
You're welcome. - CallMeFlower  424.0 #616 10-2-12 1:32PM
Cant wait to stay there. - chipanddalefan   733.4 #330 10-2-12 1:41PM Like  Reply
Me too!!! - Duchess_SMK  6635.5 #24 10-2-12 1:42PM
When we have a few extra bucks and a horsesitter we will stay. - chipanddalefan  733.4 #330 10-2-12 2:23PM
My kids loved the watermark a little too much and some days it was hard to drag them eto Disneyland lol - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   602.6 #404 10-2-12 3:23PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Admin  Duchess_SMK  CaliGWPKadie  mouse4life  JediJosh  GP1400 
266.4 #1348 DL Qual #409 September 12, 2012 10:04AM
Good Morning Mousewait! We have a nice weekday special for you all. For the dates of September 17, 18, and 19 room rates will be 50% off!!! No Annual Pass required. All you need to do is call In House Reservations and ask for the Mousew  More...
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If you could guarantee that rate everyday I would sign a five year contract and leave my one bedroom. lol. Would also give tours and pick up trash. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 9-15-12 12:39PM Like(3)  Reply
hmmm - djbreakdown  573.2 #424 9-16-12 6:40AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - bluefairy  643.8 #373 9-16-12 2:26PM
Booked for the 17th to the 20th. $69.50 for a standard room - jaysinAgaga   11.3 #11504 9-12-12 3:47PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks for doing this! - Admin   9-19-12 12:12AM Like  Reply
Is this still available? The website said they're booked for the weekend. - Banfam6   35.9 #6015 9-19-12 7:01PM Like  Reply
818.1 #282 DL Qual #521 June 11, 2012 8:02PM
The HOJO never disapoints! We have another great room with an amazing view of the park. Can't wait to watch fireworks from our balcony tonight. Thanks DJbreakdown!
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Great seeing you guys as usual!  - djbreakdown   573.2 #424 6-12-12 1:10PM Like  Reply
What kind of discount did u get? Price if you don't mind? Thanks - mmreyes4   382.2 #692 6-12-12 1:13PM Like  Reply
Mousewait gets a 15% discount off of the regular rate and APs get 20%. Some days qualify for our Retro Rate, where the rooms start as low as $59 for a standard room =) believe the link to our Retro Rates is available under the Resources tab. - djbreakdown  573.2 #424 6-12-12 1:17PM
You have to dial the direct 714 number - ScooterMike  1963.0 #103 6-12-12 1:20PM
Tfti - VfxGenie   1557.1 #140 6-12-12 1:19PM Like  Reply
Is that you Eddie?!? - Ricko19  818.1 #282 6-12-12 3:50PM
The real one?! I don't think he even knows what happened. Hahaha - ThatGuyWithNegativeMouseRank  535.3 #469 6-12-12 3:52PM
Does hojo's have a room that sleeps 6? - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   602.6 #404 6-12-12 11:40PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   ThatGuyFrom858 
June 11, 2012 1:59PM Get Admin's Updates Via Email
I just created a tag for the HOJO so you can get updated info on rates and see all the great things they do for our entire community in the Lounge. Thank you to everyone who stays at the HOJO, they are the official hotel of MouseWait and   More...
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We always stay there since thy became the Official MW hotel. Love it there staff is great and they remember me! I love signing the MW book and seeing all the MWers staying or just recently stayed there. Just remember to sign the book people!! - Cricket   224.4 #1841 6-11-12 9:15PM Like(2)  Reply
I signed the book. Took a quick peek and saw some familiar friendly names in there. - ScooterMike  1963.0 #103 6-11-12 10:01PM
Thanks for all the kind words everyone and thanks admin for deleting all the negative ones😜 - djbreakdown   573.2 #424 6-12-12 6:13PM Like(2)  Reply
Great place to stay! - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #195 6-14-12 7:08AM Like  Reply
Where is the tab? - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 6-14-12 7:40AM Like  Reply
Under resources. πŸ˜ƒ - Duchess_SMK  6635.5 #24 6-14-12 1:03PM
Thank you Duchess:-) - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 6-15-12 8:51AM
1044.2 #226 DL Qual #245 March 31, 2012 5:55PM
Thanks again HoJo for your hospitality, strawberryguy for your expertise and everyone else that showed up to the pin trading meet up today. We will have to do it again soon.
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Hooray! Looks like some good, friendly pin trading going on there! - MoonWillow   396.2 #667 3-31-12 7:07PM Like  Reply
Wish I could have been there. Glad it went great! - cynDOLEwhip   1175.7 #192 3-31-12 7:08PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   cyndelgrace 
1175.7 #192 DL Qual #164 May 14, 2012 9:27AM
We just booked our Hojo Retro Rate for our Disneyland trip later this month! I was excited to see our dates available! It's our first time staying there and I'm especially excited about the pool. What's your favorite thing about staying a  More...
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What days? - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 5-14-12 9:28AM Like  Reply
20,21,22 - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #192 5-14-12 9:29AM
We have reunion tickets and Fantasmic AP tickets for the 22nd! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #192 5-14-12 9:30AM
Sweet had no idea u were coming to the reunion. I'll save u a seat k - HanLostLeia   1098.3 #212 5-14-12 9:32AM Like  Reply
Yes! We JUST found out, as I was waiting for a client to go into labor and she had the baby early this morning! I have a blissful week and a half without any full-term mamas! So I'm going to Disneyland! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #192 5-14-12 9:34AM
Have an excellent trip! - Fanatic4Disney   268.5 #1334 5-14-12 10:05AM Like  Reply
Thanks! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #192 5-14-12 10:09AM
Have fun Cyndel! :) - PrincessMacy   536.5 #465 5-14-12 10:10AM Like  Reply
1291.5 #168 DL Qual #214 May 22, 2012 5:24PM
8 people at our table...8 raffle winners! ( Curmudgeon by default, and Moon willow missed the pic :( What a gorgeous and lucky group of ladies! :) thanks to everyone that donated for the raffle!! I won 2 nights at Hojo!!
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Beautiful people deserve great things! Lucky table, you should all go to Vegas lol - MarshaMouse   5058.4 #35 5-22-12 5:39PM Like(1)  Reply
we were talking about it!!! haha! - nicoleface  1753.2 #122 5-22-12 5:45PM
That's what I said! - fairyshley  479.8 #529 5-22-12 9:28PM
Whoop whoop! MW meet up at the hojo in Tuesday's room! 😁 - Miss_E_Mouse   1434.2 #152 5-22-12 5:43PM Like(1)  Reply
I wonder if hojo has a whoop whoop for the fire alarm... - tuesday737  1291.5 #168 5-22-12 6:07PM
Sweetness ! - PinkElephants   745.7 #325 5-22-12 9:30PM Like  Reply
We all have to sit together at the birthday bash! - fairyshley   479.8 #529 5-22-12 9:34PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   nicoleface  curmudgeon